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'The British-born narrator of this remarkable fiction debut has come far--with a high-paying job in the City of London, a happy marriage, and two children he's sending to private school. He is also black, and about to discover that his smooth progress in an overwhelmingly white man's world may be coming to an end... '...

Title : The Last Black Man
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ISBN : 21899300
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The Last Black Man Reviews

  • Amberle Husbands
    2018-08-21 17:12

    Just how many emotions and thoughts can you pack into a short story? Apparently the number is infinite, if you’re M.B. Munroe. His story The Last Black Man is introspective and moving, and also much more intricate than I was expecting, back when I was glancing at the cover and judging a book by its length. It is a story of race relations, family history, and personal crisis, all at once. The Last Black Man paints a brilliantly-hued painting of life for a black man struggling to support his family and simultaneously create identity for them in London society. With the voice of a defiant prisoner, the narrator walks us through three generations and a broad sweep of history, all without distancing us from the crucial moment he has found himself in.I found myself most impressed by the amount of character-backstory and even world history that the author was able to skilfully slip into so few words, without ever creating a ripple of disharmony within the narrative. It lends his narrator more than just an introspective attitude, and makes the reader really feel what it would be like to live with such an intense and personal connection to history. And the character’s relations to his family members – especially to his wife and son – came through with equal clarity and strength. There are no wasted words, here, to be sure, but every line serves to open another window into a very compelling human psyche. My one regret is that this work isn’t longer – I would gladly have read a full-length novel based around the three generations this narrator spreads out and analyses for us. Thoreau said that “most men lead lives of quiet desperation …” Munroe’s ‘last black man’ is a man leading a life of quiet insurgency, and I’m very glad I got this brief chance to meet him.

  • Donna Sawyer
    2018-08-30 19:07

    There is so much in this short story - it resonates and reverberates. You will either learn from it or relive it. The immigrant experience, across two generations, laid bare.

  • Mitchell Jacobs
    2018-09-17 20:49

    "The Last Black Man" tells the story of a black man living in London as he ponders his position as a minority in a white world, and how he must cope with all that implies. Makes for a dry read, right? No, and that's due to the fact that M.B. Monroe writes excellent prose. There is very little dialogue in the "The Last Black Man", which means the story must be held up by its prose, and the author pulls this off with aplomb. There is a distinct voice to the writing, and it's evident throughout the work. Several times I could envision the protagonist clenching his fists as he talked, the frustration evident in his voice."The Last Black Man" is an excellent read. It explores the alienating effects of being a minority in a white dominated world, and delivers it with sharp, engaging prose. I highly recommend it.

  • Maria Bradley
    2018-08-21 16:43

    A Powerful & Thought Provoking Insight Into The Drive to Succeed & The Disillusionment That Sometimes Accompanies The Success.Last Black Man By M B MunroeReview By Maria Bradley (Author)Title: A Powerful & Thought Provoking Insight Into The Drive to Succeed & The Disillusionment That Sometimes Accompanies The Success.At kindergarten we are taught simplicity, acceptance, truth, caring & love. It's a mystery to me that we are then launched into a world of adults, some of which make it their business to behave the exact opposite of that. The world isn't colour-blind, but if it were, we wouldn't be constantly teetering on the edge of nucleur oblivion. This is a short story that examines the difficulties involved in being black in a place where you are an ethnic minority, and are surrounded by white faces. It explores the history of a man whose father believed that most black boys were predestined to fail. His father was Guyanese, and his people were descendants of black slaves who had escaped and hidden in the bush until the nineteenth century. On arriving in England, after fighting the Nazis for said country, this man's father's worst fear was that his son would become another statistic – that he would slide into a world of abject poverty or criminal success. He told him that a black man had to work twice as hard, be twice as clever, twice as smart and twice as dedicated, just to achieve the success that a white man would take for granted.The last black man did what was expected, while both hating and loving the man who was pushing him to do it. In the story, the last black man is at a pivotal point in his life; he is attending a polo match where he is opening his eyes and taking in the jewel covered plastic of the rich people around him. I don't want to tell you the heart of the whole story, but suffice to say is that I'm impressed enough to want to do that. This is a story that is so much more than a story – it will make you think about so many aspects of the divisive world we live in, and, if you are like me, you will certainly want to know more. When the next book appears on Amazon, there you will find me.

  • Bianca Larose
    2018-09-09 13:00


  • Auhmanduh
    2018-09-07 12:58

    Interesting...Read about growing up in a different class of life, over coming and wanting more for your children. A quick read.

  • Ray
    2018-09-07 19:03

    Short read.It was ok. The author doesn't say if he loves his wife or marry her because she's white. Do he likes himself?

  • M.B. Munroe
    2018-09-16 14:59