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Amish quilt shop owner Angie Braddock has a lot on her plate this Christmas. But things only get worse after someone develops a taste for murder… Angie’s parents are visiting Rolling Brook for Christmas—but unfortunately, her ex is joining them. Luckily, Angie has no time to dwell on her romantic troubles as she prepares her store, Running Stitch, for the town’s traditionaAmish quilt shop owner Angie Braddock has a lot on her plate this Christmas. But things only get worse after someone develops a taste for murder… Angie’s parents are visiting Rolling Brook for Christmas—but unfortunately, her ex is joining them. Luckily, Angie has no time to dwell on her romantic troubles as she prepares her store, Running Stitch, for the town’s traditional progressive dinner, featuring a sleigh ride stopping at each shop for a different course of the meal. The meal ends with an Amish-themed Christmas play at the Swiss Valley Hotel and Barn. But the performance is cut short when an actress falls from the scaffolding to her death. After the sheriff suspects foul play, tensions between the Amish and Englisch heat up, as do rivalries among the acting troupe. Now Angie and her quilting circle must stitch together clues before they’re the ones running for cover… INCLUDES QUILTING TIPS!...

Title : Murder, Served Simply
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Murder, Served Simply Reviews

  • ❂ Jennifer
    2018-09-01 03:28

    Nope, I just can't continue with this series. The MC runs around interrogating her neighbors and I prefer my amateur sleuths to be more subtle. Add to this some very glaring story continuity errors and an obvious murderer; ultimately I was disappointed by the whole thing.Full review:

  • Sharon
    2018-08-23 01:22

    2.5 stars-disappointing. I looked forward to a return visit to Amish country but unfortunately, this will be my last. I need a little more plausibility in my cozy mystery and this had none. Angie Braddock runs the local quilt store, The Running Stitch, in Holmes County, Ohio. She is also on the board of trustees for her small town. The story takes place during Christmas. The local inn is hosting a quilt show, progressive dinner and an Amish themed Christmas musical. The play stars a former Amish girl named Eve who is killed during the performance. Because Angie sat next to Eve during the progressive dinner and thought she was extremely nice and special, she is off and running to catch a killer. I had a hard time suspending belief that Angie would out there obsessed and alienating people during interrogations for someone she had known for an hour while also running a quilt show, her shop, participating in the progressive dinner all at Christmas with family visiting. Then there are the added complications of Angie's parents visiting from Texas with the ex-fiancé in tow for the requisite love triangle as well as secrets about her friend, Rachel's parentage. The character of Ryan was rather superfluous except possibly for closure. Any scene between Ryan and the sheriff bordered on silly. Angie's mother came across almost as cartoonish and annoying. I missed the quilt store being a larger part. I missed the Amish community. I figured the murderer's identity fairly early and laughed at the resolution of it. Mostly I missed the charming visit to Amish country from the previous two entries.

  • Amy
    2018-09-17 02:41

    I love this series, love the setting, love the Amish theme and really love Angie and her French bulldog, Oliver :)

  • Suzanne
    2018-09-06 03:42

    This was not my favorite Amish Mystery by Isabella Alan . I couldn't wait to read it because it was set at Christmas, and those are always fun books.Her parents are arriving from Texas and bringing her ex-fiance. And you know her mother just hoped for a reconciliation and Angie's return to Dallas. And all of that was perfect, well written and funny. What fell flat or should I say what I didn't make a lot of sense to me was Angie's total involvement in the murder investigation. She only sat by the victim during the progressive dinner and yet she totally forgets about the quilt show and meetings that should be a priority and goes off causing confusion in the storyline, in my opinion. I did understand the author's reasoning for Angie's involvement, it just seemed a little far fetched that at the business time of year the murder of someone she didn't know was more important than her store. I can understand why she wanted to avoid her mother and ex-fiance, after all a mom knows what's best right? And all I will say about the dog, not my favorite character, is red boots? PLEASE! The character of her father is so well developed and again the setting in Ohio, I could close my eyes and I was there.I did love the motive and the ending which I figured out early on but I still had different endings after meeting all the characters which shows that the story was never locked into a set ending. That kept me doubting my solution to the very end. Now I am all caught up with the series and I am waiting for the next book.

  • Janice Aitkens
    2018-08-29 03:44

    I read this on the KindleI enjoy yet another in this series, this time you had an actress who was Amish & left coming back to her home town & is murderedTo add to the mix you have Angie who was there when Eve falls to her death on stage, her parents plus her ex fiancee there for Christmas so her mother trying to get her & ex Ryan back together then new boyfriend sheriff James Mitchell there so all interesting stuff with Angie trying to solve the murder my only complaint about this series while i love her dog she takes in to restaurants I would have thought that in this day & age you can't i know only guide dogs can go in now bu apart from that i really enjoy the series

  • Debbie Lester
    2018-09-14 00:46

    Isabella Alan's Amish Quilt Shop Mystery series continues with the third book, Murder Served Simply. Set during the Christmas season, this novel, has everything from a progressive dinner, to a theatre production, all set to daily life in the Amish town of Rolling Brook. Alan's knack for writing about the simple lifestyle of the Amish imbued with a little bit of murder is both light and entertaining. Readers who love a good mystery, have a few pets, love quilting or just plain and simply enjoy reading, will love it.What I liked:One of the things I have always liked about this series is the way that Isabella Alan makes her Amish characters so real. When I think of the Amish, I have a lot of respect for their culture and beliefs, but I don't really see them as people who might be like me or as people I might find something in common with. But Alan does a fantastic job of making the Amish seem more accessible, more realistic and in some ways just as flawed and human as I am.Angie from the Running Stitch Quilt Shop is very busy with the holiday season in, Murder Served Simple. She is taking part in what is called a progressive dinner. I had never heard of that before reading this book, but found it a really interesting idea. Each of the local shop owners contributed a part of the meal and tourists went from shop to shop ending up at a local hotel for the final course. What a cool way to celebrate the season! I admit I want to steal the idea and create my own progressive dinner among friends, but it was certainly a great idea for this mystery. Alan uses it to get the mystery started so to speak, along with a Broadway production that has the Amish all in a stir.Not only does Angie have her parents and her ex-boyfriend in town for Christmas she ends up with a murdered actress on her plate as well. When a former Amish woman, turned actress dies in the middle of the first night of the play, it's up to Angie to figure out whodunit and why. Many of the Amish characters in the book, were not in favor of the play because they felt it cast the Amish in a bad light and made fun of their culture and beliefs. That certainly added to the suspect list, along with the actors and actresses from the play and a crazy Amish relative of the victim. Bottom Line:Alan does a great job of balancing the mystery in this book against Angie's personal dynamics with her matchmaking parents and her new and old boyfriends. The mystery aspects were fun to read and try to figure out, while Angie's life continued to get in the way of her sleuthing. Pet lovers will love scenes with Oliver and Dodger and the Christmas theme was well included in the mystery. An all around great addition to this wonderful Amish mystery series.

  • Grey853
    2018-09-14 19:20

    I should've loved this book. It's Christmas and there are all kinds of activities all related to the Amish community. There's a progressive sleigh, a quilt show, and a play. In addition to all that, Angie's parents are coming for the holiday. Unfortunately, they've brought her ex Ryan along for the visit.And there's the problem. The vast majority of this book deals with Angie's discomfort with her ex now that she's dating the sheriff. Ryan is obviously there to win her back, but she keeps avoiding him as well as her parents. This kind of romantic triangle angst is a huge turn off to me. It makes the lead character come across as not conflicted, but juvenile. Why doesn't she just tell her parents she's got a new boyfriend and tell Ryan it's over, no chance, donesky, move along? Probably because half the book would be gone.The actual mystery is interesting and I do like some of the Amish background. I just hate the wishy-washy way Angie acts through most of the book. She spends nearly all her time with Ryan and doesn't tell her parents Mitchell is her new man. It's all very disappointing and intrusive on the story.

  • Kate
    2018-09-12 01:49

    I really enjoy the Amish setting and all the cuteness from the main character's dog Oliver. The only thing that bothers me with this series is that the English characters seem to also talk like they are Amish, with very few conjunctives which makes them sound very formal. It's almost like the author forgets to differentiate when writing the dialogue. Anyhow, I do like this series and the Christmas setting was great too!

  • Cindy
    2018-09-08 20:25

    A very enjoyable read. I enjoy reading about Angie and all of her friends but her detecting is not very believable. Course that applies to just all main characters for any cozy. Just sometimes they seem flakier than usual. Absolutely love Oliver! One of the best characters in the series. Will be looking forward to the next in the series.

  • Dawn
    2018-09-13 22:28

    Of all the three books I have read from this series so far, this one is my favorite. I enjoyed this story and the whole group of characters. The next book cannot come out soon enough. A solid 4 star read.

  • Dawn Frazier
    2018-08-23 01:33

    Absolutely one of my favorite series, each book gets better and better! I cant wait for the next one!

  • Laurie
    2018-09-19 02:23

    This one dragged a bit, and I had a hard time believing the heroine wasn't resented for all her prying.

  • Ruby
    2018-09-16 21:30

    A perfect cozy mystery... Can't wait for the next one

  • Chloe
    2018-09-17 00:44

    3 1/2 stars. I haven't read any of the other books in this series but I think that was okay. This is a cozy mystery about a girl who is the lead actress in a play and on opening night she falls on set and dies. Angie owns a quilt store, but she becomes amateur sleuth and tries to find out what happened. She lives in an Amish town in Ohio (I think) because her aunt lived there and gave her the quilting store when she died. She is originally from the Dallas area and is not Amish. Her parents and her ex boyfriend (whom her parents love) are in town for Christmas and there is drama as she decides between the ex who still wants her (but wants her to go back to Dallas) and the sheriff that she is dating in the Amish town. In the end, she stays and picks the sheriff and we find out that the actress' sister killed her out of sibling rivalry. Cute story but it wasn't good enough to make me want to read the whole series.

  • Catherine
    2018-09-19 02:44

    I do like the series. I am surprised how easy it is for Angie to get people to tell her things that is none of her business. And she always gets into trouble. The other characters are the true essence, or backbone of the story.

  • Linda
    2018-08-26 19:24

    A nice comfy cozy mystery.

  • Lisa
    2018-08-23 23:34

    Good read that cleared up some family issues and set up future reads. Looking forward to the next volume.

  • Sherry Schwabacher
    2018-09-01 23:38

    If you have ever seen a Hallmark Christmas movie, you don't need to bother reading this!

  • Sheryl Sato
    2018-09-15 00:31

    Cozy mystery.

  • Mary K.
    2018-09-21 22:31

    I am enjoying this series as I sew my own quilt.

  • Sarah Adamson
    2018-09-07 01:23

    Book 3 in the series. Gentle cozy murder mystery complete with ménage-a-trois as the ex fiancé returns. Martha became an irritating character to me in this book but otherwise nice easy read with some fun plot twists.

  • Kathie
    2018-09-12 01:19

    Very entertaining book. As I have said before look to the relatives if you want to solve the mystery.

    2018-09-04 02:22 to you by OBS Reviewer JeanieIsabella Alan writes the most captivating, fun mysteries in her Amish Quilt Shop mystery series! Murder, Served Simply is the third book in this delightful series and is everything and more that I anticipate with her novels. From cover art that includes the adorable French Bulldog, Oliver, to the very last page, it is an adventure for which the pages seem to turn themselves. As the third book in the series, there is consistency with prior ones, yet this can be read as a stand-alone mystery, as can the others. Personally, I feel this series is so good that I wouldn’t want to miss even one of them!Angie Braddock is the owner of her late Amish Aunt Eleanor’s quilt shop, Running Stitch. She is owned by her French Bulldog, Oliver, and “his” kitten, Dodger. This is her first Christmas as a resident of Holmes County, Ohio, where she has been welcomed by most of the townspeople of Rolling Brook whether or not they knew her aunt. She has also recently become a town Trustee and is frequently volunteered to help with local functions.As Christmas approaches, Angie’s calendar is full. Her parents have come for Christmas with Angie’s former fiance, power-suited Ryan Dickinson, a highly successful attorney in Dallas in tow.. Angie is dating someone special who knows that Ryan is coming – can we spell awkward?The Amish progressive holiday dinner has been joined by Angie’s parents and Ryan, and culminates at the Swiss Valley Hotel for the main course. Immediately following is a play, “An Amish Christmas”, by the first Broadway theater group to perform in the huge converted barn at the Hotel. Eve Shetler is the female lead; she was born and raised Amish, yet dreamt of a career in theater, hoping to be on Broadway. She left Holmes County during her Rumspringa, or running around years, before taking her final vows to the church.Angie was seated next to Eve during the dinner and liked the lovely young woman. Angie settled in to watch the play, and watched in horror with the rest of the audience as the swing prop that Eve rode in the second act broke, sending the sweet young woman to her death. And upon further examination, it was discovered that the rigging had been tampered with.There is no shortage of suspects, Angie finds, in spite of Sheriff James Mitchell’s warnings to her to not investigate the crime. The cast and crew includes people who seem less than saddened by her death. Eve still has family in the area, one of whom is a bit unbalanced and angry that the Englischers are putting on a production that many feel mocks the Amish. Can the sheriff, or Angie, find the culprit before the upcoming progressive dinners and performances are cancelled, or anyone else is harmed by the murderer?Character developments are excellent, with a depth of emotions and actions that only improve with each novel in the series. The people who are introduced for the first time in this mystery are also well-defined. If I were to go to Holmes County, I would almost expect to see Angie with Oliver and Dodger in the Rolling Stitch with her friends, both Amish and Englisch. The personalities of Isabella Alan’s regular and short-term characters shine!Murder, Served Simply is fast-paced and includes scenes that are, in turn, funny, sweet, frightening, warm and friendly, or even dark and brooding. Overall, the plot is thoroughly executed with twists and surprises that this reader did not anticipate. I appreciate a mystery in which the culprit is not obvious. Isabella Alan exceeded my hope in that I was blindsided by who the real killer was – while I was looking behind doors numbered 1, 2, and 3, up pops door #4, and she has outsmarted me again! And that’s a good thing, one of the many things that will have me in line for the next book in the series.I highly recommend Murder, Served Simply to young adults and adults of any age who appreciate Amish fiction that includes mystery, culture, humor, and a touch of romance. Pet lovers will also enjoy the prominent place that Dodger and Oliver have in the novel. Those who have an interest in quilting will find a pattern for a quilt piece that is great for Christmas gifting or to be enjoyed throughout the winter. The only disappointing moment for this reader is when the last page has turned and I await Ms. Alan’s next book.*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title as part of their ongoing blog tour*

    2018-09-20 00:32

    Dollycas’s ThoughtsI love this series more with each new story.Angie’s parents arriving to spend the holidays was great even though they brought her ex with them and that her mother still expected them to patch things up and have Angie move back to Texas. But Angie has gotten stronger and made a home and friends in Ohio. One very special friend but will their new relationship be tested by Ryan’s arrival?Several years ago I was part of a progressive dinner so I loved that part of the story. Sadly were didn’t travel to each stop by sleigh, that would have been so awesome. In the story it was a great way for Angie’s parents and Ryan to meet the people of Rolling Brook.The Amish-themed Christmas play was the catalyst in this story because the actress in the leading role had been Amish and left for the Englisch way of life to follow her dream in New York only to return to star in this play. Could someone from her Amish life have something to do with her death or was it someone from the troupe? Alan takes us down some cold and slippery slopes as we follow the clues with Angie.The characters a very fleshed out. You can tell the author has taking a lot of time researching and developing them and their personalities. Amish people generally keep to themselves and their orders. We only get to meet them if we visit their shops and farms. Isabella Alan shares their way of life with us in a very identifiable and engaging way. She only brings the Englisch folks to life in a way that the interactions between themselves and with the Amish feel very real and true. Angie goes between both worlds and because of her aunt’s influence she seems very comfortable doing so.The story had a more serious tone than Murder, Simply Stitched but it was such a fantastic read. I had a very hard time putting it down even to eat dinner. Trying to relate to a mother whose child leaves a way of life behind. A way of life that basically demands that child be forgotten. Then to have them be so close only to have them die before any chance of communication was possible just ripped my heart apart. It made me want to hug my kids and call them just to tell them I loved them.There are lighter moments like the way the pets play with each other. The Christmas theme runs throughout the entire story. Angie’s mother takes on the project of decorating Angie’s house for the holidays. You won’t believe what she does but that entire part of the story will have you giggling. There is also a major announcement that sets the readers up for the next installment to this wonderful series.I am so looking forward to my next visit to Holmes County!

  • Pappy
    2018-08-22 19:32

    I enjoyed the previous two books. I liked the descriptions of Ohio in the winter and the small town. I like the Amish characters and the quilt shop. Honestly, the whole reason I started the series was because I saw this book's cover. I thought "French bulldog? Awesome. Quaint quilt shop in the winter time? I've got to read this book!"Shallow, sure, but I read the first book and enjoyed it enough to buy the next two only to be insanely frustrated by this one - the one that motivated me to get into the series in the first place.In the first two books Ryan is a fading light and it makes sense as she moves away from Dallas both with time and emotionally as she settles into her new life. Her mom, who is so "overprotective" that she doesn't even listen to her daughter, brings Ryan to Ohio and hijinks ensue as Angie just can't possibly make up her mind about who to end up with. Every single time she dodged a conversation or changed the subject was a matter of agony for me because almost all conflicts in these books (and most books in general) could be fixed if the characters just communicated openly and honestly. And while Angie may have said time and again that she was investigating the murder because Eve was special, I read it as merely a ploy to get away from being an adult and making a decision about which guy she actually liked. The murder investigation struck me as a means to the wrong end. And it made me dislike Angie a little because of that. And the quilt shop seemed to only be a place that she can run out of when she thinks of something or gets a tip, often leaving her employee alone. She talks about how she puts everything she has into the shop, but leaves it every chance she can to accomplish this investigation.*sigh*But, now that Ryan is gone and Dallas seems to be in the past for good now, maybe we can get back to murders and genuine reasons to investigate them. Although if there are many more murders, surely Angie will be looked at as a jinx? I've read that people are so unsatisfied with this book that they're leaving the series, but I'll give it one more book and then make up my mind.

  • Denise Zendel
    2018-08-31 20:22

    Angie Braddock is not looking forward to Christmas. Her overbearing, meddlesome mother, and her laid-back father are coming to visit, and they are bringing her ex-fiancé along for the ride. Angie’s mom is not-so-subtly trying to trying to force Angie and her cheating ex back together. After all, he’s seen the error of his ways and has reformed. Angie, however, has moved on and is worried about having her ex and her sort-of-boyfriend, Sheriff James Mitchell, in the same place.Her Amish quilt shop, located in the fictional town of Rolling Brook, Ohio, is participating in the town’s traditional progressive dinner, featuring a sleigh ride stopping at each shop for a different course of the meal, and capped off with the performance of a controversial Amish-themed Christmas play at the local hotel. During the play, one of the actors, a former Amish, falls to her death, increasing the tension between the Amish and the Englischers (non-Amish), already troubled because of the divide the play is causing. Angie sat next to the dead actor at the dinner, and feels compelled to investigate to honor the girl’s life.I thoroughly enjoyed this second entry in what I hope is a long-running series. (I consider this the second book, although I have seen it referred to as the third. Amazon lists this as the second. There is a prequel novella to the first in the series, available in e-book format. I haven’t read it, but I’m going to.) The characters are likeable, the dialogue well-written, and the locales well-described. I like how the author portrays the Amish (they are three-dimensional and human, rather than some sanctified plot device), and the interplay between the Amish and the Englischers. I also like the relationship between Angie and Mitchell, Angie and her Amish BFF, and the ladies of her quilting circle. Angie’s French bulldog, Oliver, is a trip. He has his own kitten, Dodger, and a crippling fear of birds. I find the mother kind of annoying, but by the end, she and Angie reach a rapport. The author also writes other series under the name Amanda Flower, and those are equally entertaining.

  • Once Upon a Romance Reviews
    2018-08-30 22:36

    Angie is quite a go-getter. She may be Englisch in Amish country, but she does know her way around a quilt. After her aunt’s passing, Angie took over the quilt shop her aunt had owned. She’s doing an excellent job of keeping her aunt’s store, Running Stitch, going and going strong. She has a mixture of both Amish and Englisch friends and her boyfriend is the handsome sheriff. I loved it the moment her parents swooped into her shop as she was preparing for the progressive dinner that evening. She turns to welcome them with open arms and about falls flat on her face. Who would have thought they would bring her ex-fiance with them? But things only get crazier from here. After the progressive dinner is an Amish-themed Christmas play. When one of the actresses falls to her death in front of the crowd, all of the goodwill relations between the Amish and Englisch may be over. Everyone is pointing a finger at someone else, yet there is still a girl who is dead and who needs someone to solve her murder. The sheriff warns Angie to stay out of it, but when has that stopped her before? She’s rapidly in the thick of things. I loved Angie and her can-do attitude. She knows her own mind and isn’t going to let anything get in her way. She was a lot of fun to get to know and I laughed every time she got into trouble. She never goes looking for trouble because she doesn’t have to—trouble seems to find her just fine. She does have an eye for detail and with her friends in both worlds, she can cover a log of ground quickly and put her sharp mind to work. Her parents (and ex) provide some true comic relief during the story. Christmas might never be viewed the same after Angie’s mom gets done preparing. A delightful read that keeps you trying to figure out who done it until the very last pages. Enough comic relief to make it more interesting and enough murder to last a long while. I look forward to reading more of the Amish Quilt Shop Mysteries in the future. -- ROBYN

  • Julie Graves
    2018-08-31 20:45

    Angie's parents arrive in Holmes County for Christmas. Unfortunately Ryan, the man Angie was going to marry, arrives with them. Ryan is hoping to get back together with Angie and Angie's mother would like nothing better for her daughter!One of the stops on a progressive dinner is at a hotel where a troupe of actors will be performing a controversial play portraying the Amish. Not everyone is happy that this acting troupe is in Holmes County and they are especially not happy that one of their former Amish young women is in the play. When the actress falls to her death during the performance of course Angie is hot on the spot to help solve the murder.Putting her sleuthing skills to work Angie is off to interview potential suspects while avoiding spending any time with Ryan. Sheriff Mitchell is not too happy about Angie snooping around, and he is especially not happy about Ryan trying to win Angie back.And of course it wouldn't be an Amish Quilt Shop Mystery without the antics of Angie's pets Oliver and Dodger. Oliver has a knack for understanding what his human wants and for getting into tight spots. Plus he is totally adorable with his reindeer sweater and red boots! And who could not fall in love with a pug that has appointed himself official caretaker of Dodger the kitten? Mystery and cute animals, what more could a reader ask for?I believe this is the 3rd book in the series which I have read totally out of order! I read the 4th book first and then went back and got the first 3, plus I just saw that there looks to be a prequel which I just ordered. The last book of the series comes out in June 2016. I've really enjoyed reading about Angie and her fur babies, the goings on of Holmes County and especially Angie's relationship with the sheriff. I am looking forward to the last book coming out, but will definitely be sad to say good-bye to all of these characters.

  • Amy Aelleah
    2018-09-20 02:35

    Maybe, without the addition of a forced love triangle, an old lover she had more chemistry with than the new - majorly absent - one, and a main character that could seem to make up her mind about what she wanted, I could have actually enjoyed this story.While I didn't love the way everyone knew the amateur sleuth was sleuthing, or how she decided she just had to be involved after knowing the victim for an hour, the story does have a performance murder, which is one type I really like. (Though I do prefer dancing over acting.) Also, I like Oliver and think he was a wonderful addition to the story.But Angie was so insufferable every time Ryan (her old lover) and Mitchell (her new 'boyfriend') were brought up. Her decision was a forgone conclusion and there was no need for this horrible subplot. (And her mom was really unpleasant the entire time culminating in that.) (And, honestly, I am so tired of these mysteries that seem to want to focus more on the romantic life and times of the main character than any mystery they're solving.)The mystery itself…honestly, while I did suspect someone else, the culprit really didn't surprise me - I just was hoping for a happier ending and this…wasn't. I tried to ignore them as a suspect for the same reason I wanted to ignore the killer in the last book I read. Because I didn't think the author would be that cruel. (And the way Angie figured it all out - based on one unconnected thing someone said to her…felt like a copout and liked it belonged more on a TV show.)

  • Pam Pavkov
    2018-09-15 19:32

    Murder Served Simply is another wonderful murder mystery written by Isabella Alan in her Amish Quilt Shop Mystery series. I enjoyed reuniting with Angie, the Sheriff, and of course all the Amish characters. I loved the interaction not only between the characters but also new characters for this story.I enjoyed how there was so much going on in this story. After all it is Christmas and that is when alot of things are taking place because of the season. I was able to figure out who responsible for this murder fairly quick but I also enjoyed how the author had several mini stories going at the same time as she leads us to the conclusion. Not every mystery has be nail biting right to the end. I think alot of thought was put into her characters as she plans to bring them into the next book. I was not given a complimentary copy of this book for review. All opinions and statements are strictly my own. I have rated this book with five stars because it was a great addition to the series. I highly recommend this book to all those who love the Amish genre but also love a good mystery too.Congratulations to Isabella Alan on another wonderful book and I will be watching for her next book to be released in this series. I enjoy this author and I hope she keeps writing her mysteries.