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Right fairy tale. Wrong guy.Happily Ever After only happens with the right guy. It's a tiny but important detail most fairy tales choose to leave out. But what happens when the princess rides off into the sunset with Prince Charming, only to discover he's not so charming, after all?Bianca Sullivan thinks she's a pretty average girl. Sure, her brother may be the super-studRight fairy tale. Wrong guy.Happily Ever After only happens with the right guy. It's a tiny but important detail most fairy tales choose to leave out. But what happens when the princess rides off into the sunset with Prince Charming, only to discover he's not so charming, after all?Bianca Sullivan thinks she's a pretty average girl. Sure, her brother may be the super-stud captain of the football team, but that's her only claim to fame –- until her friends' social experiment turns her into the new It girl of the Sophomore class, and she captures the attention of the most popular guy in her grade. Ecstatic to introduce the world to her first boyfriend, she's trying to enjoy being wooed by the ultimate heartthrob. But no one's ever told her what to do when her friends hate her boyfriend and Prince Charming starts acting like a control-freaky misogynist. And as if deciding whether to trust Prince Charming, her friends, or her own instincts wasn't hard enough, being around her brother's best friend is making her head all fuzzy, too. Oh, if only love was as simple as fairy tales make it out to be.......

Title : Will the Real Prince Charming Please Stand Up?
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Will the Real Prince Charming Please Stand Up? Reviews

  • Mehsi
    2019-06-01 15:32

    4.5 stars.Wow, this was a wonderful book. However, I must say that people shouldn't be fooled by the cover. The cover makes it seem like a cutesy/fluffy read, and that isn't this. This book deals with some serious problems and while it is packed in a finding-your-Prince-Charming-package it is still all real.Our main character is a wonderful girl, and while at times I was shaking my head, I was also so darn proud of her. Her boyfriend is abusive/possessive and some other bad things, but she isn't scared off by this (at least not for his words). On the contrary, she clearly says no when she doesn't want something, or tries to get her boyfriend and her friends together to do something. She makes compromises and tries her best to have her friends, her boyfriend and her life balanced. However... it doesn't always work out.I could really see why she stayed with the guy. Sure he is possessive and stalkerish, but until that one hit, he never harmed her. So I can imagine that she forgives him and tries again. Of course, it isn't good, and I would have preferred her to kick him to the curb, but I can imagine why she tried again.I loved how normal she stayed, even when she won certain events. Normally girls would change or act strangely, but our main girl just stays the same as she always is. Doesn't care about dances or dresses or fancy things.Also sorry, what is so wrong with dating a guy just because he is cute and pays attention to you? I have read enough books and seen enough real life situations that the couple in the end really loved each other. Sometimes love takes time to grow. Sometimes you just don't know if you really like a person.Her friends were awesome, though I got really tired of one of her friends attitude. Yes, we know you don't like the guy, yes we know you hate him. But come on, that attitude of total bitchiness has to go. For quite a bit of the time she took the top spot on most disliked character in the book. Yeah, you read that right, I didn't dislike the boyfriend that much. At least he was interesting. The only thing I saw of that friend was anger and a bad attitude and nothing else. Every time she came up in the story, I would sigh and roll my eyes.Then we have the boyfriend. Wow, what a dick. That is all I will say, and I also hope, for all that is good, that he won't do this to more girls... though considering the ending and what happens there, I am sure there will be others, and I feel for them. I hope they will get out of the relationship safely.All in all, this book is awesome. It is about finding your prince Charming, about relationships, about abuse and about a whole lot more, and I would really recommend this book.Review first posted at

  • Nancy
    2019-05-31 18:10

    The Plot: Life’s going great for Westgate Prep sophomore Bianca Sullivan: she’s a homecoming princess, smoldering hot Dante Schwartz is interested in her, and between Bond movie nights, Halloween parties, and drama auditions with her friends, her social schedule is packed with fun. But Bianca soon discovers that Dante’s not charming—and he’s definitely no prince. How will she deal with a troubled relationship with a guy her brother and friends can’t stand?The Verdict: Not only is Will the Real Prince Charming Please Stand Up cute and intensely enjoyable, it features some well-rounded characters and an unhealthy relationship that—wait for it—is actually written as unhealthy and a bad thing for our protagonist to be in (a refreshing change from a lot of YA/NA novels).Rating: 9/10The Meh The first 5% of the novel is a bit heavy on exposition. Although the story’s quick pace and 1st person POV make each character’s introductions zip by, the fact that all of Bianca’s friends are introduced right after the other in the first several pages comes off a little clunky, and the way they are introduced lack a little originality. The pace of the first 10-15% of the novel is a little wobbly. However, Martin quickly finds her sea legs, and the rest of the story flows by.The Good Bianca. Like a lot of YA heroines, Bianca is a likeable but flawed adolescent, but unlike many others she actually comes off acting like a real girl. Although the romance is front and center, it isn’t the entirety of Bianca’s existence; she goes to drama auditions and watches her brother and his friends try out for basketball; she and her friends are close, and they have more things to talk about besides Bianca’s love life (though, like teenagers, they do plenty of that). Bianca, like lots of real human beings, has to carpool with her brother because she doesn’t have a driver’s license. She expects her first kiss and first date to be magical, and she spends inordinate amounts of time squeeing with her bffs. She has a good relationship with her parents, but she doesn’t always do what they think is best. She has no idea what she wants to do when she grows up, but she knows she’s got time to figure it out—and she’s too busy to worry about it now. She gets into a bad situation and does need her friends’ help to get out of it, but she’s far from weak or helpless. Bianca’s one of the best portrayals of a teenaged girl I’ve seen in YA, and I really enjoyed reading about her. Supporting characters (in every sense of the word). Bianca’s friends, her brother, and her brother’s friends, though not drawn as deeply as Bianca, are also well-rounded characters with their own goals and hopes and interests. However, when they realize Bianca’s in a bad relationship they flock around her to help however they can. They don’t all necessarily react in the best way, and the situation spirals a bit out of their control, but they deal with it as well as can be expected of a group of teenagers who don’t have any experience in this, sort of thing, and their care and affection for Bianca is palpable. Bad romance: in other YA novels, Dante would be the bad boy who needs love to reform him. Here, though, his controlling, emotionally-manipulative behavior is not romanticized, and his attempts to monopolize Bianca and separate her from her friends and family are not glossed over. Martin really handles the subject of domestic violence carefully, and it works. It’s not a heavy-handed morality play, but the story makes no bones about the fact that the relationship was unhealthy and no one should be treated like Bianca was. Good romance: I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for sappy love stories with happy endings, so the romance between Bianca and the person who isn’t Dante (who I won’t spoil) is one of the cutest things ever. This dude is supportive and tries to protect Bianca from danger, but he doesn’t infantilize her or assume she’s incapable of standing up for herself. He is a friend long before he’s anything more, and watching his and Bianca’s relationship blossom from platonic to romantic was so much fun I wish I had a sequel in my hands so I could read more about them already. Bonus diversity: It’s not made a huge thing of, but I believe there was a mention of Bianca’s mom (and thus Bianca) being Hispanic, which is just really cool and awesome and makes my Mexican-American heart feel all warm and happy on the inside.The Rec: This is an awesome contemporary and everyone should pick it up, but fans of My Life Next Door might really dig a protagonist with various interests and a genuinely sweet love interest. See more of my reviews (and other book news) at my blog!

  • Gail Nall
    2019-06-17 17:21

    Fifteen-year-old Bianca is perfectly happy being an unknown at Westgate Prep. In fact, she’s planning to spend the night of the Homecoming Dance enjoying a James Bond movie marathon with her best friends. But when the results of two of her friends’ popularity experiment—using Bianca as the guinea pig—turn out to be more successful than any of them could have though, Bianca finds herself…popular. Not only is she elected to the homecoming court, but she also draws the attention of another sophomore named Dante. Bianca struggles to balance her friendships with her new relationship, and when Dante turns out to be not-so-Prince-Charming-like, she must decide how she wants her fairy tale to end.This book was a fun read. In fact, it starts out so light and happy that it took me by surprise when the story turned a little more serious---and I mean surprised in a good way. It’s fairly obvious from the beginning who the real Prince Charming is in this book, but that doesn’t make it any less fun to watch the story unfold and Bianca finally realize who’s been there for her all along. The book is smart and well-written, and I definitely have a crush on the real Prince Charming!

  • Katherine
    2019-06-04 15:08

    This book was SO MUCH FUN. From page one to the very last page, I just had so much fun reading the entire thing. Bianca is such a fun, lovable character. I really liked her. She is so easily relatable and feels like a real high school sophomore. She wants to have a boyfriend, and is so desperate to as every girl is at this age, that she takes the first boy that express outward interest in her. And this relationship isn’t a very healthy one. I really liked the way that this was depicted. It wasn’t made light of and wasn’t totally scared, but Bianca made a good role model for girls going through this situation to stand up for themselves and tell people they trust what was happening. All in all, she handled it well. Not incredibly well, but what any fifteen year old would do in this situation. My favorite part of the book was the real romance going on with Bianca. This relationship (no spoilers here!) was just so adorable! I loved all the subtle details dropped throughout the book to build up to their big, happy ending. It was such a cute relationship they formed throughout the course of the book, and even before then. I felt like they had great chemistry that really made it all the better. And it wasn’t just that their relationship was adorable – it also made sense. They had a lot of respect for each other and they started as just friends which gave them a better foundation to build from. It was great. I really liked the writing. It gave life to all of the different characters. My favorite character was Ally, one of Bianca’s friends. She’s so funny and kind of a crazy, fun girl. All of Bianca’s friends were really cool. I loved how involved her brother also was in Bianca’s life. He didn’t just stay out of it. He wasn’t mean, annoying, or barely seen as in other stories. He was an actual character that served a purpose. In young adult, we don’t normally get to see too many family relationships, but this one felt real and normal, and really refreshing. All of the characters talked like teenagers and lived their life like real teenagers would. They had clubs and homecoming and dances and social lives (although not crazy ones like the Pretty Little Liars girls) and it just felt so good to read a book that wasn’t over dramatized. It was just normal and it was AMAZING. I also would really like a Prince Charming like in the book. Seriously, would my real prince charming please stand up? That would be spectacular.

  • Alisa
    2019-06-20 17:08

    4.5 stars - Clean, fun read!This was a fun book - once I started reading it, I didn't want to put it down!Bianca Sullivan is part of a social experiment for two of her friends, Jake and Finn. They campaigned for her to win Homecoming Princess and she won for the Sophomore class, becoming the only non-cheerleader on the court! The win raises her PQ (popularity quotient) considerably and she becomes the target for the very popular Dante Schwartz. At first the attention is flattering, but she quickly realizes that Dante is not the kind of person she thought he was.And so her older brother, Brady (the senior quarterback), and his best friend, Tim (the wide receiver who catches all of Brady's passes and has been his best friend for years), become Bianca's personal body guards at school - making sure Dante can't hurt her.Bianca has known Tim practically her whole life, and has spent most of that lifetime crushing on him. With him spending so much time with her, rumors are now flying about them. But he is definitely sending her mixed signals...I loved Bianca, and I loved her support group! She has a great group of friends who are more interested in friendship than popularity, and they will do anything to help her get her Happily Ever After! She has a very protective older brother (I have an 11-year-old daughter who has two older brothers and I often wonder how it's going to be for her:) and his best friend, too!I thought it was obvious from the beginning who Prince Charming was, but it was a fun ride to get to HEA! I would definitely read more books from this author in the future, and I hope she writes more books about Westgate Prep!Content: Clean, no swearing

  • Rebecca
    2019-06-15 11:23

    I got my hands on an early copy and found this book was completely adorable! Perfect for every girl to read because I know I went through some of the same things the MC, Bianca, goes through: the roller coaster of high school drama, school dances, all the he-said-she-said drama that was perfectly conveyed in this book. The friendships and relationships between the characters were believable and at times, had me laughing out loud! Loved her brother, Brady, and Dante was a piece of work!But, really, can we talk about Tim? Because *swoons* that boy… well, I'll let you find out for yourself. ;)I know I would have devoured this when I was a teen. Really cute and a fun read!!!!

  • Anita
    2019-06-09 12:15

    There is just something that draws me to these ‘brother’s best friend’ novels, I love the kind of taboo, ‘I’m not supposed to like you,’ scenario, and usually it’s mixed with having known said best friend for many years. They are always pretty sweet. The cover of Will the Real Prince Charming Please Stand Up is also eye catching – so it’s no wonder I decided it was a good use of an Audible credit.What I Loved: Honestly, I really loved the relationship between Bianca, and her brother. They were the perfect mix of that annoying relationship most siblings have, and family who love and support one another. Even though there were hints of it, there wasn’t really a lot of “I’m big brother, stay away from sister” kind of thing going on, until it became apparently necessary. Bianca’s friends were pretty awesome too, they were a great group of friends who knew each other inside and out, the kind of friends I dreamed of having when I was in High School myself.Bianca was actually a solid character, with the normal flaws you would find with a typical 15 year old High Schooler. She had her own mind, and knew what things in her life were important. As she was dating Dante, she would often say things like, “you expect me to choose you over my friends of xx years?” Though she was trapped in the idea of having her first boyfriend, someone whom girls fell over themselves to date – she did have some reasoning skills. I do think that this book did a good job of showing how just a few words or actions can open you up to manipulation, and worse, how easily girls can be manipulated. Especially when it comes to things like self esteem, just a few words can cause many girls to doubt themselves. I think this is real, and the book does serve as a good warning against that.Not So Much: I really didn’t care for the narrator of this story. Bianca and her friends were typical high schoolers, and used slang that is popular now, however while I was listening to the book, they (Bianca especially) came off as extremely whiney. As I think back on the book, I’m really not sure that this was the author’s intention…and as a mother, I CAN.NOT.STAND the whining voice! It took me an extra long time to listen to this book, and I nearly gave up on it because of the narration. That would have been unfortunate, because I did love how this story wrapped up.The Verdict: I do not recommend the Audiobook of Will the Real Prince Charming Please Stand Up, however I do recommend reading it. This is very age appropriate, and can actually help empower girls who might find themselves stuck in a manipulative relationship see things from a different perspective. Maybe. The book is clean.

  • Karen
    2019-05-30 11:33

    3.5 starsI want to APPLAUD - throw confetti - hug & kiss Ella Martin for showing what really happens when you date a controlling boy! Hallelujah for not having yet another YA where the guy is controlling and abusive but misunderstood saved by a girl that just hangs in there long enough to save him with her love.She did a great job of hitting all the points where a girl might be taken in by it all and even cover/lie for him but ultimately Bianca made the difficult but right choice. This actually reads a little young for YA - Bianca is 15 years old but I think that's great. She's a great example for young girls who are just starting to date and faced with choosing boys over friends. It's a lighter kind of story even taken in to account the subject matter but it will help get the message across without banging someone over the head with it. I think the secondary romance wasn't written quite as well (hence the 3.5 stars) but this was a great positive read about dating, growing up, friendships and first love.

  • JB
    2019-06-18 18:28

    Was able to read an early copy and LOVED IT. I was really able to connect with Bianca. Full review to come!

  • Jenna
    2019-06-07 14:12

    I received Will the Real Prince Charming Please Stand Up? from the author in exchange for an honest review.It usually takes me days to read a book — even books I love — because I don’t just sit down and read. I sit down and read and then remember that I have laundry to put in the dryer or that I want to check my garden before it gets dark or that I was going to play Cookie Jam or that I haven’t eaten lunch. I read pretty fast (especially on my Kindle) when I’m reading, but I lack the concentration to just Sit. And. Read. I’m too easily distracted. That’s one reason I always have more than one book going at a time. (Current total? Eight. Not even kidding.)But I had told Ella Martin that I would post my review today so I sat down around noon yesterday to read. I was a little worried about the time crunch, and I considered emailing her and telling her that I wouldn’t be posting until Tuesday or Thursday. I thought about giving myself a little wiggle room. And I did check my garden and put the laundry in the dryer and play Cookie Jam before I finished it. I’m never going to be that person who finishes a book in one sitting, but I didn’t make excuses to stay away from the book either. I wanted to get back to it and find out what was going on in Bianca’s life and how she was dealing with everything. I finished Will the Real Prince Charming Please Stand Up? in what seemed like no time at all.What girl wouldn’t want the most popular guy in the sophomore class to notice her? Of course Bianca is flattered when Dante starts hanging around, but when he starts making demands on her time and telling her that she needs to be spending time with him, not her friends, she stands up for herself right away. I love that she tells him straight out that it’s not fair for her to ditch her friends just because he wants to see her. Smart girl! She makes mistakes and gives him too many chances, but she’s only fifteen and this isn’t a situation she’s ever had to deal with personally before.Bianca’s a great character: fun, independent, and stronger than she knows. She feels like a real girl, not just a fictional character. She has a good relationship with her family and a whole group of friends, and never once does she let her life revolve around Dante. She has interests (drama club) and traditions (Halloween with her friends, movie marathons on school dance nights) and she’s not about to drop them for a boy. Even her friends are well-developed characters with their own interests: Ally runs a gossip blog, Finn is an academic star, Jake’s in a band, and Talia’s a bit of a rebel in their straight-laced prep school.All of these characters, plus Bianca’s older brother Brady and his best friend Tim (and they have outside interests too!), make up an excellent support system for Bianca. I especially love the relationship Bianca has with Brady. He’s brotherly, but he doesn’t go overboard in trying to protect her and end up controlling her just as much as Dante wants to. And Tim, who is very sweet, is like a second brother to her, but there is that long-standing crush Bianca has had on him…I don’t really do the “book boyfriend” thing because I’m an adult and that would be creepy, but if I did, Tim would definitely be a contender.Will the Real Prince Charming Please Stand Up? is the first book in the Westgate Prep series. I suspect that the whole cast of characters is so well-rounded because they’re all running around living their lives in author Ella Martin’s head just as much as Bianca did. I can’t wait to read the next book! (I hope it’s about Ally.)Will The Real Prince Charming Please Stand Up? will be released on July 1.

  • Caitlin
    2019-05-26 19:10

    This book veers into Degrassi territory, and I mean that in the best way possible. It's got a menagerie of characters, you immediately choose an OTP, and then you watch, in horror, while the main character makes bad decisions, but everything ends relatively happily, if not scarred.So expect drama (maybe even melodrama), a romance you root for, and a really valuable lesson in dating.I dated a guy a lot like Dante in high school. In fact, I won this ARC in a Twitter contest called #NotPrinceCharming in which I entered not one, but several examples of terrible dating experiences I had as a teen. Why do girls date guys like that? It seems so obvious it's a bad choice when it's written out for you on the page, but in real life, when a hot guy shows you a lot of attention, it's an easy decision to say yes.The book itself I'd give a four, knocked down to a three just for some annoyances. Parts of the text are repetitive. I think one chapter has "squealed" and its forms about fifty times. "Palpable" shows up more than once. Maybe I wouldn't have noticed as much if I didn't devour the majority of this novel in one night. I couldn't put it down! But what annoyed me more were stereotypical portrayals of minor characters. One is described as having milk-chocolate skin, the math nerd is a redheaded guy (but hey, he plays basketball at least), and the Asian character is high-strung, gets great grades, is a control-freak, and has a sassy side. But then I add another half point because I'll be recommending this book in hopes that girls can learn secondhand from this as a cautionary tale.3.5/5P.S. This was a clean book suitable for young teens, and I'd say preteens as well. There are a couple things older teens and adults might pick up on that Bianca is oblivious to (rear-view mirror adjustments...Dante getting tossed something from a friend...) which add to her naïveté, but also help in her portrayal as an innocent 15-year-old.

  • Tonja Drecker
    2019-05-28 18:24

    After seeing the cover and title, I couldn't wait to get my hands on this one. Although the story wasn't exactly what I was thinking it might be (I was expecting something more elegant and princess), it was still sweet and an enjoyable read.Bianca hits her Sophomore year, and thanks to her friend's experiment on social behavior, ends up as Homecoming Princess. But there's an odd side-effect to the hoped for (and calculated) rise in popularity. Suddenly, the cutest guy is interested in Bianca and her first experience with boyfriends begins.Bianca is a sweet character, who is a little naïve and gets caught in over her head. Her reactions and decisions aren't always well thought through - which makes her more realistic. She has wonderful friends with very different personalities and opinions. And although they all mean her well, it was fun to watch them make incorrect decisions of their own. The plot has several unexpected twists and turns, and runs through at a nice pace making it no problem to read in one sitting. A few things weren't too hard to guess, which made some of Bianca's decisions (and blindness) frustrating at times. Several harder topics were addressed and well handled, a nice way to deliver some messages without feeling preachy.All in all, this is a nice, sweet, easy read, perfect for high school romance fans. I'm looking forward to reading book 2 in the series.

  • Kris Mehigan
    2019-05-31 19:25

    First, this is NOT a 4-star rating, but 4.5. The half point off is completely subjective, but I would have preferred a richer description of the the Westgate Prep setting (indulging my non-YA real estate envy!).Now, to the book review. WILL THE REAL PRINCE CHARMING PLEASE STAND UP should be required reading for all girls who are kicking off their dating experience. Like many of them, Bianca is naive and trusting, but learns the hard way that she needs to be very careful in the dating world. I'm having my 13yo daughter read it next, and it should set the stage for some healthy dating dialog. Ms. Martin crafted a vibrant, compelling story a la EMMA with a colorful cast of endearing characters (especially one, but I don't want to give away any spoilers). Am looking forward to reading more of her YA "Westgate Prep" series. Don't forget to follow her on twitter @WestgatePrep .

  • Lisa(Bookworm Lisa)
    2019-05-29 17:27

    Bianca's friends experiment with the PQ (popularity quotient) by campaigning for her to win as the sophomore princess in the homecoming royalty. The experiment has unexpected results that put Bianca into a hard learning curve.Bianca has not had a boyfriend and is not familiar with romantic relationship. Her unexpected popularity has helped her gain the interest of a popular and good looking boy, Dante. He swept in and took her by surprise. The book dealt with issues that many teenagers experience. The dangers of an obsessive and jealous boyfriend. Balancing friends and boyfriends. It even addresses the qualities that you want in a boyfriend.For the most part the book was a fun read. I did like that serious issues were a theme in the book. As a caution, there is a little physical abuse.

  • Carey O
    2019-06-25 11:29

    Aptly titled, this novel shows what lurks beneath the surface of the teenage fairy tale.A social experiment propels sophomore Bianca into the limelight at her prep school. As a member of the homecoming court, she attracts attention from Dante, a previously unattainable guy. The inexperienced Bianca soon finds herself sucked into a dark relationship that isolates her from friends and threatens her safety.Not only is this book a fun read, it addresses critical social issues without a heavy-handed tone. The characters were developed, the relationships and high school roller coaster were believable, and the pacing was impeccable. In short, it was well-written. I can't wait to read the next book in the Westgate Prep Series!**Spoiler Alert**Count on an ending that will leave you smiling. I may have clapped a little.

  • Be
    2019-06-08 11:26

    Wow, I definitely opened this book thinking I was signing myself up for a fun and light read. And sure, I did get that- Bianca is hilarious and her dynamic with all her friends was great. More surprisingly, though, was Ella Martin's portrayal of an abusive relationship. It's such an important issue that is sadly common among teens today, and props to Martin for addressing it. (view spoiler)[ Oh, and did I mention Tim? Because ...Tim Dorscher, you fictional character, you. You have ruined me and caused me to have ridiculously high expectations of real boysand I'll expect them to still love me even when I barf all over them(hide spoiler)]

  • Jenny Koch
    2019-06-02 11:35

    Cute albeit generic story. Excluding the abusive first boyfriend, this was a standard YA contemporary filled with all the classic cracktastic tropes: in love with older brother's friend, dates the wrong guy first, turns out main love interest was in love with her the entire time. Heroine was kind of annoying but I guess I shouldn't be surprised since she was a 15 year old girl. Overall not bad, just not very memorable. Low re-read potential for me as well.

  • Donna
    2019-06-09 11:22

    This has that typical teenage angst of "does he/she like me"? I am glad that the whole liking someone just because they like you and covering up their flaws with excuses was shown in this story. People don't realize how the wrong person can effect your own happiness changing you into a shell of who you used to be. The characters were endearing and made me want to know their story too. Thank you.

  • Leah
    2019-06-02 15:14

    I'd been wanting to read this book for so long and now that I have, no regrets at all. Work has been killing me so it's taken me a few days to actually get through the book itself, but I've enjoyed every moment of it regardless. I know I'm going to edit this later with a more substantial review and how it affected me after reading, but for now - let's be content with the fact that this book was adorable and awesome and was just an enjoyable freaking read!

  • A.N. Jackson
    2019-05-30 15:30

    EEEEK...I'm so excited for this book to be out soon. I had the fortuate oppurtinuty to get an early peek and I loved it. Looooovvvveeed it I tell you. I connected with Bianca and sympathize with her plight (mainly because I think I went through something simliar as a teenager, I think... so long ago), and the lesson learned was authentic and real. I couldn't put it down.

  • Megan M Fallon
    2019-06-12 19:13

    LOVED IToh my it was soon good! I could not put my kindle down! I'm sad it's over now, I want more!

  • Patricia
    2019-06-05 16:15

    This is a cute teen romance that stresses the point that we should be able to be ourselves around people who love us and around those whom we love.

  • Mandie Baxter
    2019-06-13 11:07

    10/1/14-10/7/14: Such a sweet, clean read. Not what I usually go for in a book (I like edgier YA contemporary) but I really loved this one!

  • Courtney
    2019-06-09 11:09

    AwesomeI loved this book I couldn't put it down I'm gonna read the whole series it was that good I hope the series is the good

  • Robin Thomas
    2019-06-25 17:11

    An entertaining, rags to riches story (socially speaking) about a sophomore, Biana, skyrocketing to popularity as part of a social experiment by her friends. This story deals with a very real issue of abuse in relationships. A great story to dialog with girls about what they "should" be treated like in a relationship.

  • Kelsey
    2019-06-07 16:12

    a cute read. it was really just okay though, hence two stars. I promise all teenage girls are not that dense, though the author makes it seem as though they are.

  • C.L. Ogilvie
    2019-06-10 17:13

    When her friends’ social experiment turns Bianca into the It Girl of Westgate Prep, she captures the attention of the most popular guy in her grade. She’s eager to introduce the world to her first boyfriend, but it quickly becomes obvious that her friends are not fans of her new relationship and things only get worse when Prince Charming starts acting like a control-freaky nightmare. WTRPCPSU was my first foray into YA novels and I must say, this book set the bar pretty high. It tackled difficult subject matter without losing its sense of fun. I loved the main character, Bianca. She was popular without being incredibly beautiful or a Mean Girl. She was smart without being a brainy bookworm. She was just a normal teenager. And I loved that the author didn’t reduce her supporting characters to stereotypes. All of her friends were well-developed, fully-formed characters. Finn, who was always studying, was also a skilled athlete. Ally wrote a gossip blog, but she wasn’t mean-spirited about it. And Talia was the rebel of the group, but never came across as overly defiant or grating. (In fact, she was my favorite supporting character.) They actually behaved like real teenagers. They spent their nights hosting movie marathons and just hanging out together. Most importantly, though, I appreciated the care and detail that went into the development of Bianca and Dante’s relationship, especially with respect to the impact it had on Bianca and her friends. Many times in YA novels, warning signs of abuse (controlling behaviour, jealousy, etc) are usually ignored or brushed aside by the MCs social circle. Bianca’s friends did not do that. They voiced their concerns and refused to let her make excuses for him. I also loved that her parents were involved in her life and astute enough to question some of Dante’s actions, i.e picking up her daughter in a sports car he should not have been driving. It was painfully obvious who Bianca’s REAL Prince Charming was, but it was only painful because I was dying for Bianca to realize his true feelings. But the conflict didn’t feel dragged out, either; her true romance happened when it was ready to happen. WILL THE REAL PRINCE CHARMING PLEASE STAND UP is an insightful novel that deals with a serious issue among teenage in a very real and honest way. I will definitely be continuing with the series.

  • Kim
    2019-06-01 12:29

    Find this review and more at kimberlyfaye reads.Will the Real Prince Charming Please Stand Up? was a cute and fun young adult read. I breezed through it in a couple short hours and enjoyed it. I can't say it's a story or characters that will stick with me for a long time, but I did enjoy it while I was in the moment. The main character, Bianca was likable and real. She was a little on the naive side, but she was young so that's not entirely unexpected. After becoming the It Girl of her sophomore class, she's suddenly dealing with pressure and some unexpected attention from one of the most popular guys in school. Dante wasn't the nice guy he seemed to be at first, however. He was controlling and somewhat abusive. He's not a very nice guy and Bianca has a hard time dealing with him, but then doesn't tell her brother or friends what's going on either, even once they've voiced their distrust of him. I think the author did a good job handling the Dante storyline in a way younger adults can relate to and learn from. One of my favorite things about this book was the Bianca's group of friends. I loved the dynamic between them and the characters were all standout in their own ways. I particularly liked Bianca's brother Brady and his best friend, Tim. They were popular athletes, but they didn't play into the stereotypes and I appreciated that. Overall this was a fun, light read. I would consider it on the younger side of YA, which may be why I didn't necessarily connect fully with it. But, the characters were real and believable, the story hit on a hard subject without being too overly-dramatic or angsty and there was a good message in the end. I would definitely recommend this one to an upper middle grade, younger YA audience.I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • BlondeBookWorm
    2019-06-01 15:20

    You know how they say "Don't judge a book by it's cover?" Well, seriously, don't judge this book by it's cover. I was really hesitant to read it after seeing the princess-y cover and title. But it got great reviews, so I gave it a shot. I am SO glad I did.This book shows the real affects and consequences of being in a controlling and abusive relationship. Most young adult authors show being controlled as something sexy and mysterious. The controlling boyfriend with anger issues is celebrated as someone that is just misunderstood and needs love. Hats off to Ella Martin for showing that that is not true. The crazy controlling boyfriend is someone to RUN from, before you end up in the hospital or worse. SERIOUSLY, ELLA MARTIN, THANK YOU!!Bianca is an amazing girl. I am SO PROUD of her (yes, I'm proud of a fictional character) for not changing for controlling psycho boy Dante. She refuses to give up her friends and what is important to her for a guy. Can I also get a round of applause for Brady, the super adorable and protective big brother? Also, is he taking applications for little sisters, because I will totally adopt him to big brother status. And finally, Tim, if you're out there, will you marry me? Because anyone who doesn't flinch when you puke on his shoes is totally husband worthy.

  • Tarah
    2019-05-28 18:16

    This was a quick cute YA coming of age read. I don't always understand the Prep school dynamics, but I find it fun to read about. The things that I really love about this story are Bianca's relationship's with her brother and her friends. My kids are super close in age, and I can only hope that when they get to high school together they will not only look out for each other, but they will enjoy each others company. I hope that they have a group of good friends that they will be loyal to, and I hope that when they start dating (ahhh! super scary) they will pick people who will treat them like the children of God they are.I was really interested in all of Bianca's justifications for her boyfriend. Even after he screwed up royally. Even though I was in agreement with her friends about him, I could understand her thought processes and rationalizations, and that scares me.This was a well written story that covers some difficult topics, in a way that is still appropriate. Kudo's to the author there. The content didn't bother me, but I'm not sure I want my teen (when I have one) reading about kissing someone like she did...especially when she's only 15. I'd still consider it a clean read, but some people might want to know.