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Hazel never set out to be a wedding planner. She was just helping her stressed sister Lila with cakes and décor for her big day. But when Lila and Ollie's summer ceremony is a runaway success, with guests raving about the food and styling at the pretty venue, word about Hazel's expertise soon spreads. But Hazel's clients expect the very best - she's promised lawyers GemmaHazel never set out to be a wedding planner. She was just helping her stressed sister Lila with cakes and décor for her big day. But when Lila and Ollie's summer ceremony is a runaway success, with guests raving about the food and styling at the pretty venue, word about Hazel's expertise soon spreads. But Hazel's clients expect the very best - she's promised lawyers Gemma and Eliot a snow-covered castle in the Scottish Highlands, and laidback couple Josh and Sarah a bohemian beach wedding in a Caribbean paradise. But as weather, in-laws and wilful brides conspire against her, can Hazel get two very different couples to walk up two very different aisles to say 'I do'? And will she find her own happy ending if she does?...

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The Winter Wedding Reviews

  • Laura
    2019-06-19 01:35

    Reviewed on The Winter Wedding by Abby Clements is the first of her novels I've read; I didn't know what exactly to expect but I really enjoyed it! It felt in some ways like a typical chick-lit novel but this isn't a bad thing; it's well written, uplifting and Christmassy- perfect for this time of year!The story's narrator and protagonist, Hazel, is a really likeable character. She seems really independent and, although stuck in a bit of a tricky situation at work and having suffered an embarassing rejection from her best friend (and crush) Sam, she seems to remain quite upbeat considering. I liked her and enjoyed reading about her and was rooting for her to be happy at the end!There were plenty of uplifting parts, and funny moments which made me laugh. The storyline was in some ways predictable but it was never dull; I cared about the characters and loved reading about Hazel's wedding planning!I'd definitely recommend this novel if you fancy something light-hearted, easy to read and heart warming. A fun 'Christmas cracker'!** Many thanks to the publisher for providing a copy of this novel in return for an honest review **

  • Jana
    2019-05-28 23:44

    Ano, není fér dávat lehkým knihám s milým obsahem pět hvězdiček. Tenhle kousek byl však milý tak pěkně, že si to zaslouží. Nehledejte žádné velké čtení, žádné velké přemýšlení. Očekávejte milé nutkání chtít vědět, jak příběh dopadne. Hrdinové byli fajn, vlastně i ti nepříjemní nakonec prozřeli. Milá kusovka do vlaku. Doporučuji.

  • Shanoe
    2019-06-05 02:30

    Ich weiß nicht, ob man die Geschichte jetzt unbedingt als Weihnachtsgeschichte labeln hätte müssen, weil ein Großteil der Geschichte nicht unbedingt in dieser Zeit angesiedelt ist, aber zum Schluss ist dann doch ein bisschen weihnachtliche Romantik (Kitsch?) aufgekommen. Für mich ganz gute Chick Lit, obwohl mir ein bisschen was gefehlt hat, sowohl bei der Charakterentwicklung als auch beim Erzählstil.

  • Tracey
    2019-05-20 22:35

    A really good read , enjoyable plot that had me laughing out loud . I liked the characters , I liked where the plot took them. Abby Clements has done it again.

  • Babs
    2019-06-04 05:42

    Interessanter Roman, wobei er den Titel "Winterroman" nur bedingt verdient hat.

  • Agi
    2019-05-21 04:53

    It's not a secret that I'm a huge fan of Abby Clements' books and she couldn't have a better surprise this year as she had two novels published this year - I really can't have enough of her writing and storytelling. She can write beautiful stories that are fast - paced but without the unnecessary drama, and she makes them so true to life. They make me laugh and smile in such a natural way, and I am always buying into the stories, as they really feel so close to reality, especially the characters and the way they are in their worlds.The Winter Wedding has a great cast of characters and I truly loved Hazel. I loved how Abby described her unconditional love to her twin sister Lila - this feeling was truly palpable through the pages, it was just jumping off of the story. Abby has also in a great way described how Hazel was coping with Lila starting her own life, which was for Hazel like being separated from her best friend, not only from her sister, and it was so touching and lovely, as this feeling between the sisters was so real and so strong. Hazel was also so very independent and I kept my fingers crossed for her, especially as she often found herself in a lot of tricky situations, either at work, where she was a little stuck, or with Sam, her best friend from at home that she also had a crush on.Hazel and Lila couldn't be more different, even though they were twins, but they had one thing in common - they were both so very talented. The descriptions of Lila's love to ballet were wonderful and I had a feeling that any moment she's going to dance off of the pages! Hazel was incredibly creative and I would do anything to see one of her sets or creations in flesh - even though they were described so vividly that I could see them in my mind. The way Hazel thought about organizing weddings was also refreshing and I enjoyed those twists and turns about the nuptials, as we really didn't know how they are going to end - or if they are going to take place at all, with all the problems!Of course it is not only a story about Hazel and her love life or work - related complications. This time there is also the small problem of Lila and her health, which the author tackles with a lot of gentleness and subtlety, and if you had any doubts about Hazel, at the latest you'll start to love her seeing how she wanted to help her sister, how tender and understanding she was - to have such a sister is a real treasure!Sure, the story was not too complicated and was a tad predictable, but in this case it didn't bother me at all, as altogether it has made for a brilliant, uplifting read with some twists and turns as well as funny and touching moments - so yes, the book has it all! It is written in this lovely, warm and easy to follow writing style that I so love, the story flows and the characters were to die for. And there are cakes in this story as well, and what for cakes! Yes, the last part of the book seemed a little too rushed and suddenly Josh became one of the most important characters on the scenes which was very useful for the plot, but bothered me a little, as it felt a little too forced, but it's my only "but". What I liked was that I wasn't at all sure where the story is going to take us regarding Hazel's love life - there were two men on the scenes, but was she going to end up with one or them? Was she going to find someone at all? The Winter Wedding is a perfect example of Abby Clements' talent to write a cosy, lovely story. It is a great book to curl up on the couch on these cold, wet winter evenings, as it's for sure going to warm you inside and make you feel better. If you are still looking for Christmas presents then you should go and buy this book - it's going to bring a lot of joy! Recommended!Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for a review.

  • julianne
    2019-06-03 05:26

    A quick read that was ok, very predictable though.

  • Sonya Alford
    2019-05-26 23:45

    I was sent a copy of this book by the publisher in return for an honest review.When Lila and Ollie's wedding planner lets them down, Hazel steps in and helps her stressed out sister. The wedding is a total success and word soon spreads about Hazel’s expertise. Soon Hazel finds herself with two more weddings to plan, something she never expected to be doing. Her clients want the very best for their big day; Gemma and Ollie’s dream is to get married in a snow-covered castle in the Scottish Highlands, whereas Josh and Sarah want a beach wedding in a Caribbean paradise. As Hazel soon finds though things aren’t that easy. Will Hazel be able to deliver what her clients want and will she find some magic in her own life? The first thing I want to comment about is the cover of this book. I thought it was absolutely gorgeous and very inviting indeed. It shouted out “Read Me”! Well done to the designer.I thoroughly enjoyed reading 'The Winter Wedding' and I really liked the writing style. This really is the ideal book to snuggle down with on the sofa or in bed on long winter nights. It’s a fast paced, magical and light-hearted read which is bound to keep you up for ages. They say everything happens for a reason and I think in Hazel's case that was definitely true. Okay, so she didn’t get the promotion at work which she wanted and truly deserved, but this led to other opportunities for her and she was finally given the chance to use her talents elsewhere and to also find herself. I thought Hazel was really gutsy to go it alone. I’d say that the majority of characters were really likeable, but my favourites were Hazel, Lila, Amber and Josh. Hazel and Lila, being twins, had that special bond which was so nice.I am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to read 'The Winter Wedding' and am so pleased that I have discovered yet another author. I am looking forward to seeing what Abby Clements comes up with next, though I personally think it would be great if there was a sequel to ‘The Winter Wedding’. I would love to see what happens next with Hazel and Lila. I am also definitely planning to read Abby’s previous novels too. Thanks for a great read.

  • Suze Lavender
    2019-06-05 22:35

    Hazel has a creative job at a TV production company and is being promised a promotion. She needs the money, because her sister Lila has just moved out of their apartment and she can't afford to stay there on her own. Hazel and Lila are twins, they have always been close, but their personalities are very different. Lila is a ballet dancer who's still waiting for her big break. She has found the love of her life and she and Ollie want to get married as soon as possible. When their wedding planner cancels Lila asks Hazel if she wants to plan her wedding. Hazel loves doing something this meaningful for her sister and she does it well, so well that she's being asked to plan another wedding. And another one... She's great at looking after other couples, but what about Hazel's own love life?The Winter Wedding is such a wonderful story. It's perfect to read on a cold winter evening. This book has everything I love; sisters, cake, creative main characters, romance, weddings and friendship. I started reading as soon as it landed in my mailbox and I read it in one sitting. The story enchanted me and I couldn't put it away. I love the way Abby Clements writes her novels, they're sweet and vivid with main characters the readers will love immediately.There's always a lot going on and the stories are fast-paced, but they also have a dreamy quality which makes them soft and smooth at the same time. Abby Clements writes books I really love. I've read all of her books and highly recommend each of them. The Winter Wedding is another great one. I enjoyed reading this story very much. I especially loved how Abby Clements manages to make Hazel's creations come to life and how Lila is almost dancing off the pages. It was like I could see them and it's clear there's a lot of vision behind those scenes, that's why I enjoyed that aspect of the story the most. I'm definitely going to read this book again, it's already one of my all-time winter favorites.

  • Rachel Gilbey
    2019-05-22 05:28

    The Winter Wedding is the latest fabulous book from Abby Clements. It certainly features both Winter and Weddings, as well as romance, but mainly for the other characters and not Hazel. From the prologue I have the feeling The Winter Wedding had been written as a sort of adult fairy tale, with a great narrative style. It draws you in and gives you a lot of the key information about Hazel and Lily, her twin sister. They used to be very close but since Lily met Ollie, Hazel has felt like part of her is being torn apart. This is the story of how Hazel copes with not only Lily moving further apart from her, but also Hazel's struggles at work, and how she sets up a new business. The book flows really well and is a pleasure to read. Its a very gentle story that will ease you into your winter reading. I loved the idea of Hazel's set designs, and how similar in some respects set designing and putting together elements of wedding to make it look fabulous are . Just from Hazel helping out planning her sisters wedding she has two other friends ask if she will help on theirs. And so we see elements of three very different weddings. However it felt as though I just didn't have the emotional connection to any of the characters that I would have expected to make this an amazing book for me. I really enjoyed reading it and its a lovely story, with lots of nice moments, but it isn't my favourite of Abby Clements. That's not to say its not good, it is a good book, but she has done better. Overall a lovely story, great voice to the book and was a fast read, but just lacking a bit in depth. Thanks to Hayley McMullan at Simon & Schuster for this review copy. This was my honest opinion.

  • Margaret Madden
    2019-06-19 05:30

    4.5 stars.Hazel's twin sister, Lila, is getting married and asks Lila to be her wedding planner. Hazel was always the tomboy while her sister was into sparkles and ballet, but Hazel has a talent for picking just the right venue, food and extras. Lila's wedding is perfect and Hazel finds herself in demand. With a new flatmate and new career option, all is well in Hazel's world. There is one thing missing though. Her best friend, Sam. They grew up together and were like two peas in a pod, until last Christmas, when Hazel tried to kiss him. Since then, contact has been lost and she misses his presence. Watching all her clients, loved-up and ready to embark on their married lives, she feels a bit lonely. Is is case of always the wedding planner, never the bride? Abby Clements has written a novel full of festiveness. Hazel is a sweetheart, who would do anything for anyone and makes the perfect wedding planner. Calm, concise and enthusiastic, without being brash or bossy. Her love of food wafts of the pages and similarly, the Christmas season is brought to life as the book approaches its end. The couples planning their wedding couldn't be more different yet Hazel deals with them all in a general way. There's no need for drama or meltdowns when Hazel is around. She misses her twin sister when she moves out to get married but new flatmate, Amber, more than makes up it. She is a whiz in the kitchen and is always there to brighten up Hazel's day. The only thing is, she has started dating Sam...This is a wonderful, easy read. You can tell the author adores all things Christmassy and all the reader needs to do is sit back, relax and picture the cakes, the dresses and the atmosphere. No invitation required. An ideal read for over the holidays.

  • Julija
    2019-06-11 04:34

    I feel like this book had quite a few good things going on, but none of them were explored deep enough to make the book great as a whole. For example, any of the romances were almost not... there. Each got maybe one (very sudden) chapter and that was it. Same with the sibling stories. (Although, the unconditional twin love was one thing that was always present and beautiful.) In short, too fast paced but also too short for all the things it wanted to deliver. Which is a shame, because I really liked the characters.

  • Hannah Symonds
    2019-05-29 00:27

    I treated myself to this book as I really love Abby Clements books. This one was just a fantastic read and I loved every minute of it. The plot may have been predictable but I still wanted to read on. I loved everything about this book, the characters were brilliant and I really warmed to Hazel. I loved Amber as I am a bit of a baker myself and I just loved how the story came together. I look forward to reading more of Abby Clements books in the future.

  • Laura
    2019-06-09 00:39

    review to follow :)

  • Amber Grenville-Smith
    2019-06-11 23:34

    A warm lovely read.

  • Alison Stewart
    2019-06-07 01:42

    I like a nice easy read in the run up to Christmas, This fitted the bill. It was a bit predictable but just what I wanted.

  • Sheena
    2019-06-06 01:27

    3.5 out of 5.

  • Paula Jayne
    2019-05-25 06:47

    Another fab book from Abby, I enjoy her books. xxx

  • Terča Nováková
    2019-06-13 02:45

    Nemám slov, když jsem začla číst tuhle knížku říkala jsem si že mě bude určitě bavit. Kniha mi hodně přirostla k srdci. Chtěla jsem jí zprvu dám 4 hvězdičky, ale potom co jsem četla dál už jsem musela za sebe dát 5. Kniha byla hodně čtivá a po dočtení jsem cítila krásný pocit ve svém nitru. Chtělo se mi plakat , ale zároveň jsem nemohla. Asi se to nedá pochopit. Každopádně, tento příběh se stal nejlepší knihou co jsem zatím od autorky četla. Ty charaktery tam sice nejsou tak popsány, ale ve výsledku až pohádková láska dvou sester byla prostě zřejmá. Nebyla postava, kterou bych neměla ráda. Musím knížku doporučit a Abby se stala jednou z mých nejoblíbenějších autorek pohádkových románů.

  • Book is always the answer
    2019-05-22 23:37

    Kdybych nejela v autě a netěšila se k moři, asi bych to četla fakt dlouho. Nějak mě nic extra nezaujalo. Jako ano bylo to milé, ale já té romantiky potřebuju prostě víc.

  • Mary
    2019-05-29 01:50

    Very easy to read.

  • Angharad
    2019-06-05 05:48

    Sweet easy christmassy read 🌞 (but with a few too many typos)

  • Shallowreader VaVeros
    2019-06-01 05:28

    Oh, chicklit. So much story. So few feelz.

  • Buvenes
    2019-06-08 02:27

    I just.. I didn't like it. The characters were bland and the romance is cringy af.... Sorry :(

  • Zarina
    2019-05-29 22:37 works as a designer and while she loves creating things with her hands, she has been promised a promotion at work for a long time now and she has finally come to realise it's just not happening. Instead she's working crazy hours doing all the odd jobs, which her boss takes credit for, yet not even making enough money to pay her expensive London rent after her sister has moved out to live with her fiance. Something needs to change, and quickly.So Hazel places an ad for a roommate and when people hear what a great job she is doing planning her sister's wedding, the exciting opportunity arises to move on from being under-appreciated at work and instead take a risk on her own business, one where she does get the credit for her hard work and praise from her clients. Of course starting a brand-new business from scratch and without any professional wedding background isn't easy, but Hazel is hard-working and passionate, two skills that prove to be key for the new direction in her life.The Winter Wedding and Hazel's journey throughout will resonate with many 20 and 30-somethings living in London or another big city; working long hours for a company which doesn't appreciate them and still not being able to make rent for their tiny flat. Welcome to the 21st century. It certainly felt familiar to me, and Abby Clements depicted this very realistically without glorifying the ongoing struggle of finding a healthy work-life balance.So often in women's fiction books (although I have noticed a shift in the past few years) the main character works in their dream job already, or even when working as an assistant somewhere they can still afford to buy tons of amazing clothes and live in a nice place in the centre of London. Needless to say, having the opportunity to identify with Hazel's far more realistic work life was a very welcome change. And, reading about how she took a leap of faith and worked hard towards her dream career has spurted me into action to do the same. I know she's a fictional character, but that doesn't make her any less inspirational!While her work and the inability to pay her bills consume Hazel's life at times, it doesn't consume the pages of the book as we also get a glimpse inside her relationships with her twin sister Lila, brother Ben, friend Sam and even clients such as Gemma, Eliot, Josh and Sarah. And of course there is a romance, or two, thrown in as well. I loved it, even though I saw a new love blossoming long before those in question did. That didn't matter, however, as the joy in reading about relationships isn't always in the who, but rather in the how and the journey they follow to get there.I hugely enjoy returning to a favourite author as you know that you will be rewarded with a great read. Even though the characters and setting might be an entirely new one, there is always the sense of familiarity at the edges of the book as the author's voice tells the story – and I love Abby Clements'. Filled with real characters facing the same ups and downs in life as you and me, the story is one of hopeful inspiration, mixed with a healthy dose of heartwarming charm.

  • Hayley
    2019-06-08 01:32

    I’m a huge fan of Abby Clements and always look forward to a new novel from her. I especially loved her Christmas novel, Meet Me Under the Mistletoe, so when I was offered a chance to read this novel, I jumped at the chance.Hazel feels lost when her sister moves out of the flat they share. She struggles with the idea of a new flat mate and she’s not getting the chances she deserves at work. Her life seems to be standing still while those around her are moving on at great pace. Lila asks Hazel to help plan her wedding and a sideline job is born for Hazel as guests at Lila’s wedding ask her to help plan their big day. She enjoys helping these couples out but her heart is really in the miniature sets she’s been creating in secret.Hazel’s love life is at something of a standstill too ever since she made a pass at her best friend Sam the previous Christmas. With terrible timing she begins to realise she has fluttery feelings for her work colleague Josh just at the time he asks her to plan his wedding to Sarah.I loved Hazel and was willing her on to find happiness throughout this novel. She was such a likeable character who I warmed to straight away, she is such a well-rounded character that she felt like someone I actually knew. I loved seeing her friendship with Amber grow.I enjoyed how the novel kept taking me in different directions with regards to not only who Hazel might end up with but also if she’d end up with someone at all. I so wanted her to find her Mr Right and didn’t want her to either settle for steady or to be responsible for breaking up someone else’s relationship. I felt all warm and fuzzy when the right man saw Hazel’s miniature set designs and encouraged her to follow her dreams.I loved the descriptions of the miniature sets that Hazel created, I could picture them so vividly. I wish these sets really existed, I’d love to see them and be able to buy them as gifts. How lovely it would be to have a miniature set of your wedding day!This book is a warm and cosy read, perfect for curling up with on a cold winter night. It’s not a festive read but it still has a sense of the festive because it is mainly set in the winter and in the run up to a Christmas wedding.I rate this book 4.5 out of 5.I received this book from Simon and Schuster in exchange for an honest review.The Winter Wedding is out now and available from Amazon.

  • Jody
    2019-05-31 02:27

    Review first posted on my blog 'A Spoonful of Happy Endings': http://spoonfulofhappyendings.blogspo...Hazel works at a TV production company and she knows a promotion must be coming her way soon, especially after all her hard work. Now her twin sister Lila has moved out of their London apartment, Hazel can definitely use the money. But when the promotion is unexpectedly given to someone else, Hazel realises she needs to find another way to pay the rent, next to finding a new roommate. When her sister Lila and her fiancee Ollie ask Hazel to plan their wedding, Hazel ends up enjoying it so much, she decides to become a wedding planner. But dealing with couples about to get married is not as easy as it seems, especially not when your own love life suddenly starts to take its own surprising course as well...Another simply amazing read by Abby Clements and one that brings together so many topics I love: from sisterly bonds to friendship to baking to Christmas to weddings to romance... 'The Winter Wedding' is a fantastic read which I enjoyed from start to finish and can't recommend enough to any chick lit fans out there. I'm a big of Abby Clements' writing; it almost felt like I was flying through the pages. I loved the relatively short chapters and didn't at one point feel like putting the novel down. It held my attention throughout and I just wanted to finish it, seeing what would happen to the different characters and how the various storylines would eventually be brought to a close.I really liked Hazel, the main character in the book. She was easy to like, just like all the great secondary characters, such as Hazel's twin sister Lila, her colleague Josh, and her new roommate Amber, who each had something to bring to the story. If I have to think of one thing I would change about this novel, I would add a bit more Christmas and festive cheer, but that's the only thing. I am sad I finished the book so quickly and would love to have a new Abby Clements novel waiting for me, so hopefully her next release will be upon us soon. Overall, 'The Christmas Wedding' is an uplifting, heartwarming, well-written chick lit read; perfect to curl up with on a cold winter day (or any other day of the year, really)!

  • Janet Emson
    2019-06-15 01:54

    Hazel is at a cross roads in her life. She is estranged from her best friend, Sam. Her twin sister, Lila, has moved out of the flat they have shared for 10 years. She is holding out for promotion to Set Designer at work, hoping that all the covering she does for her boss will pay off. When Lila announces her engagement the moment is bitter sweet for Hazel. However she is eager to step in and help organise the wedding when Lila's wedding planner lets her down. The success of the event leads to opportunities to plan more weddings. But with bumps in the road will they go ahead?It's been a long time since I've read a complete novel in just a few hours, but that's what happened with this book. It was lovely to get lost in the story and I soon found myself racing through the book eager to find out what happened.I don't want to get too much into the story as that would spoil it but there are moments of frustration and romance. There are also times when you want to shout at Hazel so that she can see what is evident to us as the reader. All of these things pull the story together and make you read on.I'll be honest, I didn't warm to Hazel at first. I couldn't quite put my finger on it but there was something that put me off her. But she grew on me and I soon got wrapped up in her tale. There are a whole host of characters in this book, some who are easy to love, others who are easy to loathe. I particularly liked the friendship that developed between Hazel and Amber and between Josh and Hazel. There are of course those characters you aren't supposed to like, such as Emma, Hazel's boss and a question mark arises over the intentions of Sam, Hazel's childhood best friend, and her first love.This is a great book to curl up with on a dark winter evening. I look forward to reading more of Abby Clements' books and I'll be reading her earlier novels soon.

  • Amanda
    2019-06-10 06:42

    The winter wedding by Abby Clement I love this book the cover is very nice too makes you want to pick up to read such warm winter colours  Abby  writing style it's so easy to read it  got a nice flow to it I enjoyed all the characters in  this book they soon became my friends they were very friendly and fun Abby's cakes sounded amazing I could eat them all I could also a picture of them in my mindI love the Bake Off her and  hazle going head to head I could see them both setting up their tables making the cake it sounded great fun I wanted to be there with them it will put a smile on your face and you'll be laughing too I was Hazel is a great character I love her so much she just made me smile her creativity is wonderful to read about  I also love the job that she had I love the sets she made but I also enjoyed when she decided to become a wedding planner how did she  get that job you may well ask but I want you to read to see for you selfShe  did not seem to have much luck with men it could all that change very soon with Sam  and Josh on the scene I was not sure who she would pick but I just wanted her to be happy i love another book about all the characters I find them  so interesting and wanted to know more about them what  happen next?   I'm not going to tell you about this story as I want you to read the winter wedding is such a romantic  book with such wonderfull characters you will see all the plans for the wedding that Hazel was planning how did Hazel end up helping her sister   out it is such a lovely read  by very talented author a great book to pick up on a very cold winter evening to  sit down with and  enjoy with a nice hot chocolate I would recommend you all read a lovely book4 dolls

  • Simona
    2019-06-08 03:40

    *Book provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*The Winter Wedding is the second book by Abby Clements I have read and I enjoyed every single second of it, I was hooked!It follows the story of Hazel, who suddenly sees herself plan her twin sister Lila’s wedding. After it being a big success, she gets busy planning more weddings and it changes something in her. She realiszes what she enjoyes in life and what she really wants, that has an impact of course on her current job. Her boss there is terrible! The only upside there is her colleague Josh, they spend a lot of time together.Through planning Lila’s wedding we learn a lot about their childhood and their past, also about their relationship and of course the relationship to their parents and brother Ben. Ben gets his story covere das well and it brings and extra mystery into it all.Then there is Hazel’s own love life. Is she interested in Josh and what about her best friend Sam?! I was eagerly following that part oft he story, because I just felt that she had a special connection to one oft he man. Abby kept us guessing quiet long.The characters are all just great and Hazel ist he perfect main chracter in my eyes. I loved following her story and it all came across so true and authentic. I also really adored the way they all interacted with each other, a great group of characters, all oft hem unique and special.This wonderful story has it all: amazing characters, a beautiful storyline, love, family, passion, romance and friendship. Abby’s writing is vivid, fresh and it makes you dive into the story immediately.