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A research laboratory opens on the outskirts of the West Country town of Abbeyford, bringing with it new people, jobs, prosperity and publicity to the area – as well as a mob of protestors and animal rights activists. The team at Abbeyford police station take this new level of civil disorder in their stride – until a fatal car bombing of one of the laboratory’s head scientA research laboratory opens on the outskirts of the West Country town of Abbeyford, bringing with it new people, jobs, prosperity and publicity to the area – as well as a mob of protestors and animal rights activists. The team at Abbeyford police station take this new level of civil disorder in their stride – until a fatal car bombing of one of the laboratory’s head scientists means more drastic measures must be taken… Detective Sergeant Kate Redman is struggling to come to terms with being back at work after a long period of absence on sick leave; not to mention the fact that her erstwhile partner Mark Olbeck has now been promoted above her. The stakes get even higher as a multiple murder scene is discovered and a violent activist is implicated in the crime. Kate and the team must put their lives on the line to expose the murderer and untangle the snarl of accusations, suspicions and motives....

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Snarl Reviews

  • Lynda Kelly
    2018-11-15 19:50

    Another terrific story in this series and it was easily a 5* read BUT a few mistakes I believe should've been noticed in the proofreading exercise (it WAS done as the author thanked her in the acknowledgements) cost it the perfectly-presented star. What a real shame. If it had been only grammar or punctuation I'd have let it slide but a couple were obvious howlers !!This is still a tremendous series I really enjoy and I am looking forward to book 5 which I've already got downloaded. I did make note that the title ought to have been "I'm fine" as it was repeated ad nauseum throughout by Kate. Yes, she'd been on sick leave some months and she herself tired of everyone asking if she was alright. Perhaps if she'd altered her response they might have !! I wondered why her colleagues had to keep picking her up for work, too. She had no problem driving so I found that pretty peculiar. Another oddity was Stuart's observation about Angie's hair that "hugged the contours of her perfectly shaped head". I have to say I've never bothered checking the shape of someone's head out before !! There were some funny remarks in it that made me giggle, though.The story started straight in with an explosion which was well described.....especially the million little birds analogy. It especially interested me since I live near Porton Down, a village VERY similar to Polton Winter. I've been for interviews at the facility there and they ask your opinion of animal testing and also trawl your social media accounts during clearance enquiries !!Those errors....set-up needs a hyphen (it reads totally differently without) there was quite a bit of repetition with beech trees and as I said, the "I'm fine" thing. This sentence doesn't need that in it twice-"...Olbeck said, a remark that from him that was quite remarkable." Hearth is not spelt heath, either. However, the worst mistake for me was changing a character's name from Madeline to Madeleine. I've seen a few authors make this mistake and it's not one I'd ever overlook. These are their characters who they've created, the least they can afford them is the attention to the names THEY gave them !! Right at the end, going through the descriptions of the next books she has featuring Kate (Sanctuary) it's written that 'Kate and her colleagues are to about realise...'. Hope that's fixed before I get to number 8 !!This said, it was another super tale by this author. Other reviewers refer to them being too short and I'd agree. I would prefer them longer but I'll manage with them being quick reads as long as they are good reads. I really enjoy them.

  • Molly
    2018-11-11 00:02

    This woman is so incredibly talented that I can see her being talked about in the same breath as Mary Higgins Clark, Elizabeth George, Lynda La Plante and other giants of the Mystery genre. It’s a shame that she isn’t able to get her books published by a main stream publishing company and has to self publish. Her books and, more importantly, her TALENT, deserve a much wider audience. Read this book. You won't regret it. Then read all of her other books. You won't regret doing that either.

  • Carlin
    2018-11-26 01:00

    I just can't get enough of Celina Grace's Kate Redman mystery series. This is the 8th one I've read, in no particular order, and is every bit as good as the others. In this book, #4, Kate is returning to work after a serious job-related injury. She is a detective on the Abbeyford Police Homicide Squad somewhere in southwest England. One of the partners in a medical research facility is murdered, along with his bodyguard, and his wife is seriously injured in the assault; and suspicion immediately falls on a ragtag group protesting animal cruelty by the company. An undercover officer infiltrates the group. (N.B., some of the story is told from his POV, generally Kate is the main POV). This officer becomes romantically involved with someone in the group, clearly not police protocol and an offence that could get him fired. Meanwhile Kate's romantic relationship appears to be faltering. The other members of the squad have their stories too. The author does a superb job of character development in addition to weaving an intriguing mystery. The book kept me up late to finish and makes me want to jump right into other books in the series.

  • Clint Dyches
    2018-12-10 18:46

    I really can't believe that I have no read all six of the current Celina Grace Kate Redman series. It's hard to understand how, as much as I loathed the first book in the series that I even chose to read the second. The grammar, punctuation and plot flow of the first novel were atrocious. But things did improve by "Snarl" although there were still a plethora of nits to pick. Throughout the series, though diminished in number in this sixth Redman novel, Kate is far too often making "mental notes" and "mentally filing," etc. Certainly, at least, once in every 2-3 pages in the first book. By this sixth in the series, that cliche has been reduced to, perhaps, once per chapter. There are repetitive similar mistakes throughout the series, but to just call out a few in this novel:* There is confusion between which British or American spellings to use: on one page there are tyres and on the next, tires. Likewise with kerb and curb.* There are still problems with punctuation: misuse of commas throughout and it seems as if American punctuation is used most widely and yet British punctuation will sometimes be used.* There are some "duh?" moments in continuity. Just one that really stops one reading: a witness can only recall the first name of a suspect, yet on the very next page (with no one having filled in this gap) the witness speaks of the suspect using only his surname – twice in one paragraph at that.* And, finally, having reached the sixth book in the series, there is still no description of the protagonist herself: what does she look like? Other characters are fully fleshed out, and yet we're given no idea if Kate is short or tall, has a nice smile or no teeth at all, etc. She seems to date attractive men... does that imply that she is attractive as well?None of the books in this series have any great plots or conclusions that are unforeseen, and if you can live with the many anomalies in the books, they are, in general, decent lightweight reading. "Snarl," although better in respect to punctuation and grammar, has one of the worst plots in the series. An element – pedophilia – that has been worked to death in British crime writing over the past decade or so. And this simply follows a formula done to death: pedophilia at a girls care home, high ranking officials having been involved, a cover-up, and on and on.I hope that Ms. Grace will continue to write and hone her skills. I hope that she will make acquaintances with good proofreaders who may be able to mark-up electronic copy so that the changes in text will be explained (Abobe Acrobat is a terrific tool for collaboration). If Ms. Grace enjoys writing as much as she claims, she should endeavor to write well, making writing that much more enjoyable.

  • Ingo
    2018-11-27 21:11

    The best so far in this series. Also feels like in the UK most of the time, only very little romance and I think the book is better that way, some sex mentioned, but no explicit or long scenes, also rather tame, nothing kinky. Would have liked a deeper look or more meat around the story of the main baddy. The twist with the crime as revealed in the end could not be guessed, and I was rather sad to see the story ending there. Would have liked more of that, and the nearly always unanswered question what happens after the crime is solved? While the storyline as presented was so far the best of all the Kate Redman books (some I read out of order), the ending left me unsatisfied. Given that, I normally like it, that the books in the series are short novels, and a fast read, but this could have been longerfor me. Highly recommended, with 4 stars, would have been 5 one or more of my problems would have been adressed. Just to be sure, I state it again: for me so far the best in the series.

  • Grammar*Kitten
    2018-11-14 17:59

    This was the first book of Celina Grace's I have read, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The author has a unique voice, and I particularly enjoyed the fact that it was a well-written British crime mystery; we don't seem to get as many of those as I'd like!The plot was well thought out and the sub-plots wove nicely around the main action - which was plentiful - against the backdrop of a seemingly rurarl landscape (I it seemed quite 'Midsummer Murders' - but that is a compliment rather than a slight!) I enjoyed the characters and the relationships between them - which seem to be in flux in this particular novel, though I've no prior knowledge of them.Would love to read the first few of these stories to find out how the characters have developed - seeing them do so in this novel alone seems to be a good indicator - and I will look forward to reading more by this author.

  • Kimberly
    2018-12-04 20:09

    Another good mystery and fast read. There are 8 in series so far. Can't help thinking it should be half that. They could be combined for longer books. Good writing and characters but mistakes in all the books on little things- a wrong name or day and timeline seems off due to bad or no editing. Still going to continue on to see what happens with Kate and the others next.

  • Farshana
    2018-11-23 17:48

    I had read Hushabye and remember feeling surprised at the suspenseful ending. Snarl is also in the same vein, Kate's character has developed well and the supporting characters are also interesting.. The climax was good but felt it ended a bit abruptly, would have loved to know more about Stuart.

  • Susan Lee Thuener
    2018-12-09 22:43

    Snarl is book 4 of the Kate Redman series.I felt a bit lost since I had not read the previous book that explains the reason for her apparent loss of status within the department and also nothing is really decided in the current case either.

  • Ana Menendez-tuckman
    2018-12-04 19:09

    Good plot and characters but wish that her books were not so short

  • joan caryl jewitt
    2018-12-02 19:00

    Another good thriller!This is the 4th book I have now read by this author and once again it didn't disappoint.I look forward to reading the next in this series!

  • LooseBoots
    2018-12-11 23:11

    Celina, I so enjoyed this book. For some reason I omitted reading this so have read out of sequence. But it was good in a way as it proved to me that each book is a standalone, as well as part of a series. Cracking story. I felt for Kate, struggling as she was after 6 months off work due to a knife attach . She was soon firing on all cylinders. Again , enjoyed the interaction between office colleagues. Looking forward to the latest book in the series. I know o won't be disappointed. Haven't been so far.

  • T. Certain
    2018-11-18 18:05

    Kate Redman Series is Great SeriesI have read several Celina Grace books and she has become one in my Fav Author collection. Redman is a detective who was gravely wounded in the last book. She has come back to work and finds her desk taken by another cop. Ok. Things have changed. Her old partner is now her boss. Her new partner is lacking. Everyone is tiptoeing around her like she is gonna fall apart. Her hubby is estranged and things are not looking good. And this is only her first week back. And she comes back to a case that is going to test all her limits and skills.

  • Jillian Higham
    2018-11-30 19:51

    GoodKate is back after recuperating from her knife wound and lots of things have changed. Olbeck is now her DI, Theo is a DS the same as her and worst of all someone is sitting at her desk. Her discomfort is very believable, especially with the very keen boyfriend who is not quite right. The action is fast paced as usual.

  • Brad
    2018-12-02 20:04

    Getting Back in the Saddle is HardThis was another great page turner. We get to watch Kate find her way back to her "normal" life with a few too many complications. The case has many interesting twists and turns. Can't wait to see how Kate's life evolves.

  • Bonny Millard
    2018-11-29 22:42

    Detective Stories Are For MeI love trying to figure out who did it! Means, Motive and Opportunity, I call it "MOM". This is a fun who did it.

  • Anna
    2018-11-23 18:59

    Another great murder mystery with twists and turns that keep the pages turning.Thoroughly enjoyable. A great series.

  • Pam
    2018-12-08 23:08

    A really good story, Celina Grace has a way of making her characters feel alive, and you feel as if you know them personally.

  • Mary Bare
    2018-12-11 22:59

    Good bookI enjoy reading about the characters in the Kate Redman Mysteries. They are all very interesting characters. The storylines are ways good as well.

  • Mary
    2018-11-11 17:04

    Another winner from Celina Grace. Kate Redman grows as a character with each book. Love this series.

  • David
    2018-11-23 20:53

    Didn't want to put it down, still wondering where the title came from though.

  • Rizello
    2018-12-08 16:51

    I do enjoy this series, although this book seemed to move too quickly.There is a car bombing of one of the execs at a research lab, and soon there are other twists and turns as they try to figure out whether it was an inside job or an animal rights activist group.Sometimes I grow weary of the female characters who always have to act tough, that they don't need a man. It grows old because it is so stereotypical.

  • Fiona
    2018-11-14 23:49

    It beats me how Celina Grace hasn't been picked up and promoted by a major publisher. Her writing is more assured, and her books just all-round better than many of the hyped authors out there.Fortunately for her readers, she's been very good at the self-publishing game.I've become tired of many of today's formulaic crime novels. The Kate Redman series is different, and seems to get better and better (this is the third I've read).In many respects it's classic crime, but it is more realistic than most. I won't say "gritty", because that's become shorthand for "hard-nosed [usually male, usually alcoholic] detective, who gets beaten up at least once, dealing with criminals who are scary-rough to the point of psychopathy, if not actual psychopaths."Kate Redman is gritty in the sense of being brave and persistent, facing up to harsh realities. I like that about her. I like that Celina Grace does not overplay the "tortured detective" card. If I didn't have a mountain of other books to get through, I'd be reading Celina Grace non stop!

  • Jeanetta Lee
    2018-11-17 17:56

    Very good readI enjoyed this book very much. The author is great at making the plot complex enough that you can't figure out who the killer is. Most mysteries I read I know who did it halfway through the book.

  • Denise Zendel
    2018-11-24 22:53

    Detective Seargeant Kate Redman is struggling to get back in the swing of things after a long stretch of sick leave from an on-the-job injury. Everyone is treating her like a delicate flower, and her partner and best friend Mark Olbeck, has been promoted above her, so it’s just awkwardness all the way around.A research laboratory opens on the outskirts of the West Country town of Abbeyford, bringing jobs, prosperity, publicity and new people. Good for the area, but the “research” involves animals, which is not good. There are lots of protests, which the police take in stride, but then a car bomb explodes, killing one of the principal researchers. Throw in a couple of gruesome deaths which may or may not be related to the lab and Kate is in her element. Are the acts domestic terrorism? Or something less straightforward? Kate, who is relieved to have something to focus on other than her physical misery and longing for her supervisor, Inspector Anderton, has to figure out the snarl of motives to solve the case.I thoroughly enjoy this series, and this fourth entry did not disappoint. At first I was afraid to continue reading once I hit the lab-rats-in-cages scene, but thankfully the animal research portion wasn’t explored in depth. Kate has moved on from a one-night-stand with Anderton, to a new relationship with Andrew, but part of her is still enmeshed with her boss. Watching her figure out her feelings for the two men, while simultaneously working a complicated case and likely suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder was interesting. Kate is a complex character with an interesting back story and a strong desire for justice. She’s not perfect, but she keeps trying, and I appreciate that in a character. I find her very easy to relate to. And the supporting characters are all fleshed out, not just props to move the plot along.I do recommend reading this series in order. I ended up reading Book 4 after Book 5, so it left me a little disoriented. It was a good story, mind you, but I felt a little out of the loop, trying to figure out where these events fit in the overall storyline. The endings are always abrupt, which normally annoys me, but I am so attached to Kate that I don’t care. Plus, after the first time, you know what to expect – and each book draws you into the next one. Yes it’s a hook to entice you to buy the next book, but the stories are so good, I don’t mind.

  • Cheryl Earle
    2018-12-03 22:51

    Scintillating reading yet again from Celina Grace - I am quite enamored with her character DS Kate Redman, & as an Australian find I can relate to U.K. crime novels much more than I do U.S. ones.Snarl, Book 4 in the series, started out rather slowly with Kate returning after extended time off from the job due to wounding. The writing is so vivid that you can actually feel Kate's anguish at being "on the outside looking in" when she finds herself thrust in the deep end of a huge case on her first day back at work.Pace quickens thereafter & you're back in the gripping throws of another Kate Redman case! Superbly written - I can't wait for the next in the exciting series.

  • Leslie
    2018-11-30 23:50

    This is the fourth book in the Kate Redman series. This one is set as DS Redman returns to work following a six month recovery from a stabbing. The author does a wonderful job of showing how Kate is awkward and uncomfortable and feels like her job has passed her by. As well as how exhausted and somewhat overwhelmed she feels.But it leaves the reader feeling the same way, like we are always playing catch up and wondering if the right questions were asked. The plot is quite convoluted with the motives changing frequently as new information is discovered.

  • Ronda
    2018-11-17 17:07

    Another good Kate Redman book. I figured out what I like about this character. She seems more human than most characters in other series. She will be in the middle of questioning a witness then go off on a tangent in her head then snap back realizing that she missed what was being said. She also sometimes has bad thoughts about people then berates herself for having that thought - cracks me up. These two points remind me of myself sometimes.

  • Ginney Etherton
    2018-12-11 18:58

    This had a so-so mystery plot, which might make a good TV cop drama. The characters are interesting, which is a good thing for a series, books or TV. The problem I had was with the writer's hangups with favorite devices she can't seem to drop. For instance, there were way too many instances of momentary flashes of "looks" that the protagonist thought she saw. Show, don't tell.I'm not entertained enough to read more.

  • Bob
    2018-12-05 01:07

    I have read another book in this series, and in my review i called in forgettable. I should have taken that as a clue not to read any more. This book was less than memorable as well, and on top of that it was poorly thought out and executed. The ending was surprising only in that it ended so abruptly. Kate Redman, the lead character in these books, will have to solve the rest of her mysteries without me.