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Some mistakes are worth making...Lauren Layne's Best Mistake series continues with MADE FOR YOU.When the Wrong Guy is Oh-So-RightWill Thatcher is exactly the type of sexy playboy good girls like Brynn have always avoided. And yet there was still something about him she just couldn't resist. When Will moved across the country three years ago, Brynn vowed it was time to putSome mistakes are worth making...Lauren Layne's Best Mistake series continues with MADE FOR YOU.When the Wrong Guy is Oh-So-RightWill Thatcher is exactly the type of sexy playboy good girls like Brynn have always avoided. And yet there was still something about him she just couldn't resist. When Will moved across the country three years ago, Brynn vowed it was time to put him behind her. She never thought Will might have other plans . . .Back in town, Will intends to get what he's always wanted-gorgeous, unforgettable Brynn. For years, he tormented the untouchable ice princess in a desperate bid for her attention. Now he has a new plan, and he'll do anything to rewrite their stormy past. This time, he's out to show Brynn that the imperfect man might be the best mistake of her life . . ....

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Made for You Reviews

  • Lisa Jayne
    2019-06-02 05:35

    FIVE LOVE TO HATE YOU STARS."he would hurt her and she had already hurt him ..."Nothing makes me fall in love more than a Lauren Layne novel. After reading all there is to read by this author I imagined that I would find some fault or disappointment but happily for me once again I've been completely won over by an author that I can say with confidence is by far one of my all time favourites. Any time I hear of an up and coming release for Lauren Layne I'm always excited to see what this author will bring to my reading time and if there was such a thing as my 'top ten authors to provide the perfect reading escape' then Mrs Layne would top the charts. 'Made for you' is the second book in the 'The best mistake' series. The first book of the series follows a different couple but introduces the reader to Will and Brynn a couple that are like chalk and cheese and sworn enemies. unknown to each other there are true feelings bubbling under the surface and as an avid romance reader I was sucked in by the delicious love hate relationship that Lauren created. I doubt that there will be a time that I won't adore getting lost in a sexy romance story and like always with this authors books I was left with a huge desire to turn right back to page one and re read this book all over again. If you are looking for a sweet, sexy romance filled with heaps of sexual tension then this is going to be just your cup of tea.What's it all about?Brynn and Will have been sworn enemies since a childish misunderstanding from their high school days. As opposite as they can be they both work hard to ignore the real feelings that are hiding just below the surface of their heated hate towards one another. But as the years go by failed relationships and a continued want for each other may just lead them both to a life of love with each other but before that can happen Brynn and Will have to work their way through misunderstandings, a shaky past and insecurities that keep getting in the way.What did I love?Firstly I don't know about you but the most important ingredient for a successful romance story is the build up, relationship development and sexual tension. For me if those things are all working well in a novel then it's going to make me one happy reader. 'Made for you' has all of those traits and more in abundance. There was no easy ride here, and absolutely no trace of instant love confessions. In fact this book had me guessing of the outcome right until the end. Of course it had it's predicable moments but that just all added to it's romantic charm. The female lead may ruffle a few feathers or two but for me she had some realistic issues to work through and she won me over with her serious, quirky ways. As for the man in the spotlight he was everything I could have wanted in a hero, he swayed on the side of mean at times but that has never put me off loving a hero before and underneath all his bravado and quick wit was a man waiting to be noticed by the love of his life. Great story telling, characters that I cheered for straight off the bat and an ending that had me swooning and smiling, 'Made for you' is a novel that I'm sure I'll revisit at some time in the future and as always Lauren Layne has hit a home run with her fabulously romantic talents.Final thoughts ...I can't help but start my final thoughts with a plea to those romance addicts who haven't read a Lauren Layne novel to go and grab one of (if not all of) this authors books. I love her ability to wrap me up into her stories of love and nothing makes me happier than when I see other like minded readers enjoy her work as much as I do. If you are looking for something to challenge your brain cells or give you something overwhelmingly original then you are not going to find it here, but if like me you love a romance that sweeps you off your feet then you need to find some time to fall in love with this book. From start to finish I had trouble putting down my kindle whilst reading this book but on the flip side I desperately wanted to savour every moment. Will and Brynn were a couple that I fell madly in love with but they also had me laughing, shouting at my kindle and smiling like a crazed loon. I'll always be a cheerleader for this author her work has given me simple enjoyment and as always I'm now waiting oh so patiently for her next release. Go grab it on release day readers ... Enjoy, kisses.*ARC generously received by grand central publishing via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*

  • Catarina
    2019-05-28 01:26

    4 Life Changing Stars. Brynn has her life her planned out. Seriously, she has a whole bunch of lists about literally anything that her future can embrace. When something unexpected happens she realizes that maybe sheer perfection isn’t the best way to live and decides to take a break… for herself. Helping her is Will, her sister-best friend whom she had an affair a few years ago… and the man that has absolutely anything in common with her, so it’s safe to say he has no place in her lists. But when her affair with Will, who is determined to make her forget about his past and be a permanent fixture in her life, starts to make much more sense than Brynn ever expected, she starts to realize that maybe perfection isn’t all what it’s cracked up to be. I really love Lauren Layne’s books. When I want to read a great and sweet love story that will make me feel butterflies in my stomach she is always a safe bet. Lauren clearly loves to write about love and she does it brilliantly. This book was no exception. But at the same time I also have a bone to pick with her, and that bone it’s the reason I rarely give her 5 starts rating and always stays in the 4. Her couples are always too stubborn or too blind to realize they should be together and they always understand that near the end… which don’t give us much time to enjoy them as a couple. The fact that Lauren doesn’t do extended epilogues, doesn’t help either. And his book was no expecting of that rule, also. Ending, if you’re in the mood for a sweet, light and sexy romance, this book is a great choice. Rating:4 Stars. Characters Development:Will was simply amazing, I loved him!! He was sweet sexy and he go after what he wanted, even when sometimes his methods were questionable. A great hero. Brynn… she was annoying and stubborn as hell. But I guess that what’s happens when you live your life only based on what’s good look on paper. She ended up redeeming herself and it was very good to se. Steam:Some hot moments. Sensible Subjects:(view spoiler)[No. (hide spoiler)]Love Triangle:(view spoiler)[No. (hide spoiler)]Cheating:(view spoiler)[No. (hide spoiler)]HEA: (view spoiler)[Yes. (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • [~Ami~]♥Sexy Dexy♥
    2019-05-22 04:40

    4 stars Will was a lovely book boyfriend. When he was happy I was happy. When his heart broke mine did too. As for Brynn she started off fine but as the story progressed I found her a snob, always thinking poor Will wasn't good enough for her. Despite the frustrating heroine she sort of redeemed herself in the end, I did end the book feeling happy and it was just one of those romantic heart flutter books with great banter. I'm definitely still a LL fan!ARC provided by NetGalley

  • Alp
    2019-06-17 23:47

    The readers who used to read Only With You, the first book in The Best Mistake series, have already known that Will and Brynn obviously had a huge history together. Whatever you've been curious about them will be revealed in this book.Will and Brynn first met in high school and he instantly fell in love with her. Will was a sophomore and Brynn was just a freshman. Both of them should be high school sweethearts but some misunderstanding turned them into enemies.During Brynn’s childhood, boys were not nice to her so when Will tried to make a move on her, she had gone into Ice Princess mode just to protect herself. Meanwhile, Will was just 16 years old boy who didn't know how to handle his feelings after being rejected by a girl. Instead of trying to pursue her, he managed to bully her in order to get her attention. Their war began and they never got along since then.Later, Will became a best friend of Brynn's little sister and her parents loved him like their own son. He was welcomed by everyone in her family except Brynn. Every time they met, they kept bickering at each other.Brynn'd always wanted everything in her life to be perfect and Will seemed like a very wrong guy for her, everything from his job to his behavior and his love life. And it was ridiculous that he never tried to explain himself to her, never even wanted to correct her misapprehension. Besides, she truly believed that he hated her. She’d never known that he’d been still in love with her all these years because she’d never spotted any signs of affection from him. So who was to blame?!The first 40% of the story was so good that I couldn't put it down but I found that the rest of it dragged a bit toward the end. I was disappointed with the drama near the end of the book. The way Brynn ended up chasing after Will across the country to find him and to beg him for a second chance wasn’t work for me.‘Will’ was the reason why I couldn’t give this book more than 3 stars. He acted like a coward. As soon as he told Brynn the truth that he loved her, he expected her to say those words back to him immediately. Seriously?! She just knew everything at that moment! She asked for more time and space to think about it, but he said she’d already had the whole life to think and she’d never thought. He assumed she would understand that he acted so mean to her since high school because he loved her! Sorry buddy, I don’t think so. Actually, he had to man up and tell her his feelings a very long time ago! Grrr!!!However, I enjoyed the story for the most part so I gave 3 Stars for the first 40% of the book and for Lauren Layne’s writing style.

  • Tamara
    2019-05-25 22:46

    EDIT: The Full Review aka 'How To Woo A Girl And Make Her Fall In Love With You -Will Thatcher Style'IMAO, so bad it's good :DShort review: I laughed at the book, not with the book thanks to the whole ridiculous rom-com tropes it had. But since this is a Lauren Layne book I also kinda liked it. Now, if you excuse me I'm gonna write a full review to poke fun at it ^_^***How To Woo A Girl And Make Her Fall In Love With You -Will Thatcher Style-- Run her bra up the flagpole in her freshman year- Show your interest by insulting and bullying (not hardcore stuff though)- Date her younger sister (and then become BFFs with that sister) to get a rise out of her- Insult her job, her boyfriends and pretty much every other choice she makes- Make her think you hate her- Act like you are the antagonist to nearly every single item on her life list. Such as; dont believe in commitment. Dont believe in settling down. Act like you dont have a job. Dont keep the same car for more than 6 months. Act like you’re just all about short-term gratification of sex and dont have a clue how to build something lasting or matters. Dont have a serious girlfriend and dont be faithful to a woman more than couple weeks. ‘Cause hey it’s not like the girl you are in love with is all about life plans (ring, marriage, babies and a white picket fence etc.) and stability, right? Just continue to make fun of her.- Wait for 12 years to make a move and make sure that ‘move’ only stays as one night stand and one lame 'excuse for a 'house visit'. - Move out from the city when she wants some time off from you (who wouldnt the way you were acting)- Wait 3 more years (which you spend not seeing or calling her. At all.)- Then move back to the city with a plan to finally win her heart- Make moves on her even though she has a boyfriend (they arent into to each other that much anyway. SHOCKER RIGHT? PERFECT TIMING.)- Play games (move next door, flat her tire, use an innocent woman to make her jealous etc.)- Accept her suggestion to have a fling with her so that she can take a vacation from herself (because of her mid-life crisis. Which you may or may not played a part.)- Act like a perfect boyfriend to suprise her - Then whine and whine when she ends the fling (even though she set an end date from the very the beginning. How dare she doesnt see you’ve been in love with her all this time even though you were acting like a jerk and never hinted any deep feelings whatsoever, right? I love your logic, my friend.)- Shock her with a love confession and then give her an ultimatum (5 seconds to accept she returns your feelings) or else- Run away from the city. Again. To lick your wounds. Like a dog.- Give up on love…until she comes find you.- Make sure to act like a jerk and make her do a public love confession and then have a public kiss. - Enjoy your HEAOverall; Waste away 15 fucking years making both of your lives miserable by being at each other’s throats and dripping with sexual tension because you just couldnt be nice to the girl you love.You think I’d clap you on the back? Think again.Welcome, welcome to the annual rom-com festival where you’ll come across to every damn rom-com tropes out there. Here are some of the big ones:- Hardcore Career Woman Whose Heart Melts: Pity the loveless, career-driven shrew — that is, until the right man comes along. Best-laid plans, etc. - The Reformed Bad Boy: first, caddish masculinity and assurance that our hero is a guy's guy, then, the right woman to come along and transform him, fort his one willingly, into a softy. - Opposites Attract: watch two people who apparently have nothing in common is often more interesting so see if they'll overcome their differences to get together. - Unresolved Sexual Tension:...that lasts 15 years. I’m lost of words and out of gifs. - Race for Your Love situation:...where the main character desperately has to chase after the person she loves before he walks out of her life forever...which ends with a very public declaration of love followed by a very public kiss ''Ohhh.. Give me a chance ,Will. Let me try to be the the woman for you....'' GAG. Be that woman for yourself!!(Hey, at least there wasnt the We're-pretending-to-be-a-couple-and-what-do-you-know-we-fall-in-love-for-real! plotline.) Some other random thoughts:- Was I the only one cringed every time Lauren Layne copy pasted some of important Will/Brynn scenes from the previous book?- Was I the only one cringed when we found out Brynn become who she is aka the snub and control plus list freak because she couldnt past that she was bullied and she only decided to change her lifestyle and leave her 'boring' job because the hot guy she thinks she hates said so? - What kind of a name Brynn is anyway? Hey at least she doesnt have purple eyes. Or gray. She has the blond hair, though. You’re shocked, I know.Overall My Expression;:I expected more from Lauren Layne.

  • Angie - Angie's Dreamy Reads
    2019-05-22 05:29

    Made for you by Lauren Layne took me by surprise. I wasn't expecting to LOVE it the way that I did. The story was sweet, heart tugging and left me feeling so fulfilled. The characters were easy to love, incredibly witty and captured me on the first page. Add in the seamless writing, a plot line that keeps you glued to your seat, and you have a FANTASTIC read. All in all it was a complete breath of fresh air that I didn't even know I needed. Will and Brynn have pretty much hated each other since they were 15 years old and let me tell you the insults they trade made me both wince and giggle, murmuring, "ohhhh, that flipping stings" several times. These two do not hold back and it makes for one heck of a read. "How did you know I wasn't having copious amounts of sex before you barged in here?"Brynn leaned her forearms on the counter and studied him. "Lucky guess. You haven't had any woman over since moving in."He arched a brow at her. "Spying?""Observant. So what gives? You haven't been celibate since the womb. Waiting for some STD medication to kick in?" Hahahahaha ^^^ They had me laughing so hard! And this one...."You went from country-club prude to inked-up hooker so fast I'm getting whiplash."Anyway... Will has been MIA from Brynn's life for several years and shows up at her 31st Birthday Party with insults and a plan in hand. Brynn see's him and is none to pleased. Her life is already off kilter. She's 31! She should be married or at the very least getting married. Her long time boyfriend isn't following her plan and things are just not working out. Now out of the blue, Will is in town and that upsets her. They have a past. One filled with pain, heat and something else that takes her awhile to grasp.Brynn is what I would consider to be a complete control freak. She loves lists. Lists are her life. They help her get through the days and make her feel as though nothing will go wrong as long as she sticks to the outlined plan. Will happens to be the complete opposite of Brynn in almost every way that counts (in her eyes, that is). He travels a lot, barely works (LOL! Oh Brynn! She's something else), has a rotating circle of woman in his life, and just goes with the flow.He is, simply put, Brynn's opposite. However they share an undeniable, unequivocal, explosive chemistry that they can't seem to deny. The nasty insults they trade are a weird kind of foreplay. It's literally something that both hurts and turns them on at the same time.And now with Will back in town, well, it throws everything off once again. Is Will back to ruin her life? Is he there to cause her more misery? What is his plan? All these things trouble Brynn and have her spinning a little out of control ... The story is really fabulous. I'm telling you I was soooooo invested in this book. So captured and in love with both Will and Brynn. It's the first novel I had read by this author and immediately upon finishing I went to Amazon to see if she had other books. I was happily surprised to see that this is actually the second book in the series and can be read as a standalone. The first book features Brynn's sister Sophie. Overall, I really recommend Made For You if you're looking for a book that is going to leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. If you're looking for a complete reading escape, a couple laughs, a tear or two, and just a great reading experience then this is the book for you. I know I loved it and this author has earned herself a HUGE fan!

  • Jo ★The Book Sloth★
    2019-06-12 06:40

    3,5 LL Never Gets Old StarsNot my favorite by the author but I still enjoyed it a lot! Review may come...

  • Chelsea ❤Peril Please❤
    2019-06-13 00:34

    Sophie couldn't have been more wrong about Brynn not making mistakes.Because not so long ago, she'd made the most elementary of all mistakes.And he was staring right at her.Eeeeeeeep!!! Did I mention....that I love Lauren Layne?? I have? Fifty times, you say? Yeah, well. I. Don't. Care. Never has an author been able to make me smile more, laugh more, swoon more (that's up for debate, but I'm talking big picture here, people), and tear up all in one book. It's just not possible! But, this woman. She has that special touch. Hmmm...what's it called? Oh, yes, that's right-WRITING A CONTEMPORARY THAT ISN'T TRASHY. Literally. All her books have sex in them (Thank God) but not one of her 'just a fling' stories has an ounce of depravity in them. I don't know how she does it, but one thing is for sure: Like Brynn Dalton, Lauren Layne is sophisticated and shows class, and I admire the hell out of that.***I want to note that I had an abundance of quotes (MY FAVORITE PART OF MY REVIEWING) and my app malfunctioned and deleted them ALL. I feel a little sad because they were great. See, I hate monotony in my reviews-I like breaking up each paragraph with a quote...I'll try to find some, but for now, here it is as is***When this book was released last week, I almost cried. I've been waiting sooo long. Sophie and Gray are up there with my favorite of favorite LL couples (Hmmm, or maybe Gray is just one of my top guys she's written that I drool over....) and Will was one of my favorite characters in the first book. So, naturally, when a book featuring all my favorite people was released, there was reason to celebrate (Or cry out of sheer excitement). LL is on my auto-buy list no matter the content she chooses to conquer. Her latest conquest? The quintessential Brynn Dalton-the face of rules and everything neat and organized. She literally has a list of rules for everything so she can lead an exemplary life. It was actually so so fun to be in an uptight, in a loving way, woman's head as opposed to the loosey-goosey type. I find it so funny, and ironic, that Brynn is the female version of Gray and they both ended up with crazy, zaney opposites. Also, that's hardly a spoiler seeing as Lauren Layne is the queen of HEAs.....Did I mention I love Lauren Layne?Insert fun quote here...Will. William. William Thatcher. Sophie Dalton's best friend, ladies' man extraordinaire...and Brynn Dalton's worst enemy. But what if he doesn't want to be? Ever since they met in high school, Brynn put off an heir of confidence and, well, snootiness, so as to push Will away-Why would the most popular boy in their school be interested in Dumpy Dalton? There's no way he could have feelings for her, so why would he hang around? But he has other ideas. You can tell in book one that through all the bullshit, Will was (and is) in love with Brynn. He's funny, charismatic, intelligent, spontaneous....he's the polar opposite of her. But she's always been the one for him, and he is dead set on proving her wrong-that they were made for each other. The lengths he went to in this story made my heart break and swell all at the same time. The efforts he put in had my heart stuttering and fluttering and contracting. He was is well and truly in love with her and more than once I lost my breath when she would reject him, in one way or another. Oh, and did I mention I love Lauren Layne?Woulda inserted sweet or swoony quote here...These books are funny, light as air, angsty....and they almost always channel something inside of me I wouldn't admit to the outside world. Like, I don't know, the jealous me, the out-of-control me, the flustered me, the wounded me. It's like, no matter how different I am from these fictional women, I always can relate in some way. These girls' feelings? They feel real. They don't seem fabricated or forced or unlike people I know-These women are, for lack of a better word, relatable. I noticed several times that Brynn would put up a wall, but then when even a sign of another woman appeared on Will's doorstep (Guess where he lives? Muahahaha), Brynn would lose her shit, that calm, cool, collected veneer she puts up, and drop everything to show her face next door. This flustered, not put-together Brynn? Yeah, I can totally get behind that. Hell, I even support it! You get your psycho on, Brynny! Did I mention...Nah, I think you get it.One thing: that tattoo (view spoiler)[Awww William. You're so sweet...One step closer... (hide spoiler)]And another here....So, you know, here I am pushing another LL in all your faces, but I just don't care. This has so many things that I love in a book: the haughty attitude vs the 'I'm guna win you over' attitude. The love-hate relationship, even if he really is just in love with her. The flashbacks showing just how much he has always cared. Her little rules at the beginning of each chapter (I loved seeing her quirkiness). I rooted for these two-hard. I loved their characterizations and the fact that this story felt so different from all her others. I loved how different Brynn was compared to the other girls in all her other books and/or series. No matter how many LL books I have read (Cough, all of them, cough) or she has written, I've never felt like I was reading a repeat or something she didn't think of herself. They all have a chick-flick kind of feel, and she makes it clear that's what she's trying to do. She wants you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. And that is totally what I did. And did I mention-I adore Lauren Layne?For more of my reviews, please visit:["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Robin (Bridge Four)
    2019-06-10 06:27

    3.5 Cotton Candy StarsThere are a few things that I require from my contemporary romances. There needs to be a few likable characters, some hot chemistry and I NEED that cutesy HEA. I got all three in Made for You. This is an easy to read romance that has you pulling for the uptight smart chick who has her entire life planned out but isn’t really living. Even though this is The Best Mistake #2 it can easily be read as a stand-alone since all pertinent information from The Best Mistake is rehashed.Brynn was an awkward kid but she hit her stride lost some weight, got braces, changed schools and voila she left the remnants of unpopular childhood behind, but not the scars from it. To keep her life in check she has lists upon lists. She tracks what she eats to know how much to exercise to remain the same weight, she knows exactly what she is looking for in a potential husband and has already bought the house to start that future in. It just seems that the man she has picked out to be there with her had other plans.…just know that everyone thinks you’re better off without him.” “Everyone?” Brynn prompted with a knowing smile.A beat of silence. “Well, okay, just me. Mom and Dad loved James. And Gray says he’s ‘upstanding,’ although if that’s not a condemnation, then I don’t know what is.”Will on the other hand flies by the seat of his pants and even though he has had some success in business Brynn is the girl he always wanted but could never have. They have been Nemeses for years but Will has loved Brynn since High School and has finally formulated a plan to win her for good. Brynn might think she is taking a vacation from her very regimented life but Will has a plans to keep her.“I told you I wanted a fling. I don’t know what more you want.” “It’s easy after two glasses of wine, the thrill from a new look, and a fucking hot kiss.” “It’s not easy when it’s you! We’re like Harry Potter and Voldemort. We’re nemeses.”Will shook his head as he got off the freeway. “I’m talking sex and she’s talking Harry Potter.” “I thought you’d appreciate it. You like black-magic movies and stuff.” “I like horror movies, Brynn. Harry Potter does not qualify.”The chemistry between Will and Brynn was great. I love stories where the very controlled, intelligent woman takes a break to try and branch out a little from a monotonous life and try new things. Even though Brynn was very OCD with her lifestyle and lists I found her easy to like and I totally rooted for Will to break through that icy façade and give Brynn what she needed instead of what she wanted.Definitely a good cotton-candy curl up on the couch on a rainy day romance.

  • Srikari
    2019-06-17 01:52

    ARC provided via netgalley!3.5 stars!! XPU know what Lauren Layne did? DO you? She made me feel something for Brynn. And for those of you who don't know, I hate Brynn more than any person in the world, more than Justin Bieber to be precise.This is the magic in her writing! This is why I go nuts when I see her books! The plot just made me want to do the macarena!So we meet Brynn and will in Only with You. We know that Will loves her and Brynn just looks at him as a one night stand. WhIle I just grew to LOVE Will I just hated Brynn so much in the book... I did so in this book as well but Lauren Layne added so much of emotion that it made me change my mind a little bit! It made it hard to hate her as much as I did. This is not an easy thing to do as an author. Writing a contemporary romance without making it too obvious or boring is pretty hard. But this book successfully seemed to break the same stupid trend of its kind! It actually made me "ooh!" And "ahh!"! She was Ice and order and calm. He was fire and instinct and chaos! Just give this line an Oscar already! (<--That made no sense but nevertheless ) I love this line! It made me feel like ... I don't know eating a cookie !Oh and wait.... this needs drum rolls!I can't believe that I am still alive after this line *swoons*Well saying all this I also hated that Will, my sweet lovely Will, is always taken advantage of! And yes, it made me mad. I would have probably liked to see a little more of regret and realization from Brynn the bitch, and a little more of "hard to get" attitude from Will the wonder boy! A really nice book. Duh, it's Lauren Layne. I enjoyed the first book way better though. But that's just me loving Sophie more. A must try for all the lovers of Only With You!!My review of Only With You (The Best Mistake #1)

  • Rhea Dsouza
    2019-06-16 03:37

    All these enemy-to-lover thingies? They’re my thing! Totally my trope. I love them to death. And Lauren Layne is pretty fucking good at them. Look at her history of writing books where the characters can’t stand each other and then over the course of time, they fall in love with each other. There’s Broken , Isn’t She Lovely, Only With You and now there’s Made For You.Made for You is the story of Brynn and Will, both of whom we meet in Only With You. Brynn Dalton, Sophie’s older sister is locked up in the washroom on her thirty-first birthday, trying to forget the fact that her boyfriend still hasn’t proposed and she doesn’t have a kid on the way. Basically, she’s lamenting the fact that her life hasn’t gone according to her list, Brynn Dalton’s Rules For An Exemplary Life. No seriously, it’s her thing.And then there’s Will. Will Thatcher is Sophie’s best friend and once upon a time, three years ago he slept with Brynn. And then he left town. Now, he’s back to get her back.I am a huge fan of Lauren Layne’s work and her books never fail to make me feel like I’m shitting rainbows and farting sparkles. I love the setting of her books; they’re all unique and she makes it work, so what’s not to love? I love her characters—they’re all flaw-ridden, but they rise up above that and maybe find true love in the process.And she writes awesome smut. But just this one time, with Made For You, I couldn’t connect with the female lead even after I’d finished reading the book. In fact, I couldn’t find a connection to anything in this book. There was romance and swoon and sex but nope. Nada feels. And that sucks donkey balls.So. Why the lack of feels, you say?Brynn was the one and only reason. For one, she was cold THROUGHOUT the book. Man, this woman puts your ordinary ice queen to shame. Not only that, she was also stubborn as hell. In Only With You, we see enough of Will and Brynn to know that Will loves Brynn and while she’s not completely unaffected by him, she also does not seem to be as enamored by him as he seemed to be by her.And Brynn just seemed to hate Will because of the simple reason that they’d slept together. It made no sense. They were rude to each other—way up to the point of cruelty. While Brynn had made it very clear that she would not entertain Will’s advances, she got downright violently possessive when he had female guests over. Like, make up your mind already, woman!Will, too, was not really a character I really rooted for. He seemed so, so desperate for approval from Brynn, it was pathetic. She clearly didn’t deserve him and he was trying so hard and I don’t know why.I love Lauren Layne’s writing on normal days, but when I say Made For You didn’t do it for me at all, I meant it. The book felt like it was written in a hurry and it was filled with clichés and underdeveloped characters with a hollow romance. Not a bad read per se, but not Lauren Layne’s best. From an author who’s written some of my favorites of 2014, I really, really expect better.

  • Nadia
    2019-06-02 00:31

    First of all, I am a huge fan of Lauren Layne and I am a huge fan of enemies to lovers story, but this book didn't work for me at all.The romance was bad. Not Gaga bad because that song makes zero sense, but just very wrong. What Will and Brynn had was not healthy. They were constantly arguing and throwing insults, they weren't honest, weren't respectful to each other. Will was downright cruel with Brynn, not to mention unfair. He was never open about his feelings, yet he somehow expected Brynn to read his mind and know what he wants. Not to mention that it totally pissed me off how he was mocking her career and trying to change her.Never mind that he’d stepped back and put all of his companies on autopilot so that he could help her with her life. To let you in on this story, Brynn and Will were "enemies" who hooked up, a misunderstanding later Will leaves everything behind and moves to a different city for three years. Three years forward, he crashes Brynn's birthday party, throws a couple of insults, moves next to her. And makes her life living hell. Then this quote comes in. What. The. Hell. He already "left" her and her family, she moved on, had a long-term relationship, a great career and the perfect house. Nobody pleaded him to come back. So I'll ask again. What the hell?! And Brynn... well there were instances where she could loosen up a bit, but it wasn't like she was a prude or something. And fine, the lists she made the 35 before 35 and 40 before 40 and whatnot were lame, so I'm on the same page with Will on that. But I can't forgive her for quitting her job, giving up on her career so she could appease Will. That was my turning point. Because that's not romantic, that is manipulation on Will's part and lack of backbone on Brynn's. Even though they were totally wrong for each other, I liked the intensity their fling had. Very wild, passionate, free of any restraints, reckless. That's how it made me feel. Of course, when they could get over themselves and let go, which was so rare. Ending on an honest note, I don't know if it would've been better if they hadn't ended up together or not, that's what I'm confused about. Because while Brynn needed some spontaneity in her life, I felt like she was bullied into it by Will and his insults and mocking. And that just doesn't seem right.

  • Lyndy Ann ♫
    2019-06-18 22:26

    Lauren Layne never disappoints we are guaranteed a romance that has more ups and downs that a roller coaster.Brynn and Will have been enemies since high school but Brynn cannot escape Will as Will is her younger sister Sophie's best friend he's always there at family gatherings and Sunday lunches. Fifteen years down the line when Brynn has moved to the suburbs she goes next door with a plate of cookies to welcome her new neighbour who turns out to be Will.After a break up Brynn take's time out from her life, time off work, new hair, new clothes and she decides to have a fling with Will. This brings all sorts of feelings to the surface for both Brynn and Will but Will has a secret and a plan to get "the one" he always wanted. This has plenty of flirty banter, hot sex and TWO stubborn people that sometimes made me feel like throwing my kindle against the wall.

  • Michelle
    2019-06-07 22:30

    5 Stars!Another enemies to lovers by LL that's become a favorite of mine. Loved Will and even though Brynn was a snotty bitch at times I still loved her too! Her and Will cracked me up with their banter. Loved this one! Can't wait for more of this series:))

  • Samadrita
    2019-06-21 02:52

    Nuh uh!This had so much potential of becoming a well-written romance between rounded characters. But instead the plot just degenerated into an incoherent, contrived mess in which almost none of the things that Will and Brynn do (for two adults in their 30s) made any sense to me.Lauren Layne was on the verge of becoming my new favorite go-to author for romances (especially after her Isn't She Lovely - a Pygmalion adaptation) but after this one, I am not sure. It seems like she wrote this in a hurry because I don't know how else to explain the abundance of cliches, flimsy nature of the logic presented and the overall sloppiness of the writing. You can do better, Lauren!

  • Alienor ✘ French Frowner ✘
    2019-06-12 06:34

    4 What's happening to me? starsLauren Layne has really a way to move my heart even when I don't expect it. She almost always manages to blow my mind and to make me forget all my previous thoughts. That author? She found the exact amount of angst, snark, sweet, hot to suit my tastes in contemporary romance. Such a revolution. Seriously. I mean, hey, sometimes when I read a romance I'm like that -Or - did he say "I love you" here?I know, that sucks. But, again, here I am, reading the last sentence -I went all girly girly. Again. There's totally a pattern here, right?Yet I wasn't ready to root for that couple. Okay, Will is a perfect snarky-hot-wounded-funny-male-lead (yes, that's a word) so well, WillHe won me over pretty quickly. I mean, the guy manages to make me laugh with such lame inner comments, like : "Thatcher, you coming, or what?" Brynn snapped from up head.Oh, I wish."Yes I laughed at that. Damn me.But take Brynn. Oh, Brynn Brynn BrynnActually, I have. Ouuuups, sorry. But that girl who makes lists and tries to be perfect all the time? God, she annoyed me. So much. I stuck becausea) That's Lauren Layneb) There was Will in itc) Do I have to say more? Naaaaah.So when I say my heart ached for Brynn in the end, trust me, that's huge. I finally understood why she behaved like an Ice Queen and I loved the fact she was able to change and to overtake her fears to fulfill the dreams she didn't even know she had in the first place."There were three from her mother, each with an accompanying We still love you, but are you doing drugs? voicemail."Want to see my trip into Lauren Layne's book? Here we go! Until 60%And then, 65 %After I passed different stages. That was awkward.But now that I think about it...Oh, and I lived an awkward coach moment. That was frightening. Trust me.GO Brynn! GO!Scary right?And of course, do I need to remember, that last I'm in love with the world feeling.You got me Lauren Layne. Well done."... OH WHAT FUN, IT IS TO RIDE..."PS: I just lowered a little bit my first rating because I remembered something I didn't like so much in the beginning : Dude, you're hot but stop jumping on Brynn all the time. But hey, you're great anyway. Think about it though.

  • The Reading's Love Blog
    2019-06-05 03:47

    LA RECENSIONE COMPLETA QUI: amato Brynn tanto quanto ho amato Will, ma partiamo dal principio!Come sempre il libro inizia in modo divertente, così da farti amare il libro già da subito.Troviamo Brynn alla festa del suo 30esimo compleanno, chiusa in bagno a crogiolarsi nella sua ‘vecchiaia’. A quella festa rivede Will, il suo peggior nemico. Brynn e Will si odiano dai tempi del liceo, Will ha iniziato a prenderla in giro e farle scherzi di ogni tipo. Quest’odio si trasporta con il tempo, almeno fino a quando, a 28 anni Brynn e Will fanno sesso e poi… lui sparisce.Dopo 3 anni, alla sua festa di compleanno lui torna, torna con il suo odio e con i suoi occhi che sanno vederle dentro.Brynn prende quell’episodio come un incidente di percorso, lei è perfetta, la sua vita è perfetta e Will non ne deve far parte, o almeno così pensa.Ho amato questo libro perchè è scritto anche dal punto di vista di Will e, fidatevi, non la odia nemmeno un po’. Più leggevo e più sentivo la gelosia di Will, l’odio verso Brynn che non ha mai capito nulla e l’amore verso quella stessa persona che si crede superiore a chiunque.Brynn dal canto suo più che sentirsi superiore a qualcuno, cerca in tutti i modi di rendere la sua vita perfetta, con un ragazzo di plastica e un lavoro che non la rende felice.Will tornerà nella sua vita e la sconvolgerà, magari questa volte oltre all’odio ci può essere altro. Il detto non dice forse ‘tra l’odio e l’amore c’è la distanza di un bacio?LA RECENSIONE COMPLETA SUL BLOG. VENITE A TROVARCI

  • Marla Mei
    2019-06-03 01:27

    3.5 starsUsually, I enjoy a love-hate relationship or two. All that dripping sexual tension between two people disguised as supposed hate for each other. And the banters! Gosh, those are what I love the most! I did enjoy that in Made For You. Lauren Layne's one of my go-to authors after all. What I didn't enjoy was how the antagonistic relationship between the two main characters became way too extreme for my liking. The words they threw to each other's faces got way too hurtful that I was almost sure I'd cry my eyes out if I was at the receiving end of those insults (not in front of the nemesis, no, we wouldn't wanna let him think he got to me). There's also the constant push-and-pull interactions that I suffered reading for most part of the book. I still think this had a potential for becoming a well-written romance. Maybe a little tinkering on the characters's personalities and actions. Make them a bit more rounded and sound and act like the adults they already are. Rarely did the two characters acted their age. I know Lauren Layne could've done so much better than this. Fingers crossed that her next novels wouldn't look like she wrote them on a whim. I still have hope in her that her forthcoming novels wouldn't be a contrived mess that Made For You nearly was.To cut this review short, three stars with an extra half because Lauren Layne. Duh! 'Nuff said.

  • Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    2019-06-17 22:45

    MADE FOR YOU is my very first book by Lauren Layne. This is the second book in the Best Mistake series and revolves around the enemies to lovers trope.Brynn has just turned thirty-one and at her own birthday party, we find her hiding in the toilets, trying to come to grips with how her life ended this way. Immediately I could feel for this character. But as I continued to read and I learned that she has a stable job that she loves, a boyfriend whom she hopes to marry one day and a sister who adores her, I wondered what Brynn had to really complain about. There are far worse things than not being engaged at thirty-one.Will Thatcher, Brynn’s arch nemesis is at the party and it’s no surprise when they begin to insult it each other nonstop. And when I say nonstop, I really mean NONSTOP. Throughout the entire book, even at the end where they are supposedly falling in love, they bicker. And I didn’t see it as amusing or entertaining. Most of the time, I found it annoying with the few odd laughs here and there. The reason I felt this way was because from the start point and the end point, Will and Brynn do nothing to insult each other. There’s no natural progression to the romance at all. I understand that Will has loved Brynn from the very beginning of the book, but he has a bad way of showing it. For the entire book, I felt that Will and Brynn stayed exactly the same, the only difference being that they are having sex with each other by the end of the book. There’s nothing to indicate love or passion or even friendliness between the two. I was pretty disappointed because I really wanted to love this book.The author infuses some flashback scenes to where Brynn and Will were a little bit younger and how their lives begin to intertwine. Again, it’s just them arguing with each other. What makes this different to the rest of the book? What do the flashbacks offer to the story?Brynn goes on to have a “midlife crisis” as they call it. For her to go through that, it kind of made me disappointed in her because she had to change who she was in order to find happiness. Her break up with James may have triggered it, but the fact that she felt she needed to be “wild” in order to be happy kind of sends the wrong message I think. I wanted Brynn to remain her “boring old self” and still find her true happiness that way. As a result, I never really connected with Brynn’s character.*ARC provided by publisher

  • Leigh
    2019-06-16 04:31

    I received this from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Made for You is book two in The Best Mistake series. What a follow up to Only with You! Lauren Layne continues to deliver with a fun, heart-warming romance.Brynn prides herself on being the perfect daughter, sister and career woman. Her to-do-lists have made her what she is today so why isn't Brynn happy. Maybe her perfectly planned life isn't what she needs? Will Thatcher has been part of Brynn's family since their high school years as her sister's best friend, but he has always been a thorn in her side. He has made it his mission to chip at the walls Byrnn has built up. Can Brynn throw aside her lists and need for perfection to give spontaneity and Will a chance?The chemistry between Byrnn and Will sizzles through the pages of this book. The sexual tension is a slow burn that comes to a blazing fire only to be doused with a cold wet blanket. Why? Evidently it is to torment me! The ups and downs of their relationship had me laughing, screaming and crying. I enjoyed the wild ride and look forward to the next adventure.

  • Keertana
    2019-05-25 23:33

    Eh. I love these types of antagonistic love stories but I found the protagonist, Brynn, to be far too selfish and stubborn to truly enjoy this. We met both Will and Brynn in the previous novel in this series but only briefly--enough to know that Will loved Brynn and Brynn simply saw him as a one-night stand. Now, three years later, Will is back in Brynn's life after unexpectedly moving to Boston and, this time, he has plans to win Brynn over once and for all. Brynn, however, refuses to change her opinion of Will despite the efforts he takes to present his true self to her, not the antagonistic rudeness they've grown comfortable with. Unfortunately, I felt as if Brynn takes advantage of Will a bit too much and wasn't a fan of her character the same way I was of her younger sister, Sophie. Not a bad read, just not Layne's best. :/

  • Nakeesha
    2019-06-03 05:47

    I love Lauren Layne's voice. I'd happily read her grocery list if she published it. I finished this book, enjoying her snarky, witty dialogue and insights, but I do not believe in these two characters. Brynn and Will were kind to each other for only about 5% of this book. The rest of the time they were horrible to each other. Mean bullies that truly hurt one another. I did not believe in the HEA. I'm certain they'll get divorced in three years.ARC received by Netgalley

  • Zizz
    2019-06-02 06:49

    Not the best I've read from her but still very good. Perhaps my biggest complaint was the lack of character development for the hero. He was just someone who was in love with her for a long time period and gave her trouble all the time to be noticed.

  • Beth
    2019-05-24 04:46

    No no no no no. No.

  • Sharon L
    2019-05-22 22:25

    3.5 RTC

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-28 01:40

    *A review copy was provided by the publisher/author via Netgalley for the Blog Tour* Amazon Link---->> Made for You (The Best Mistake) ~~ 5 Fire and Ice Stars ~~ If you're looking for that friends to lovers story that has great banter and sexual tension then this is the story for you. Made For You is the second book in Lauren Layne's Best Mistake series. Now with saying that, this book can totally be read as a standalone. You don't have to read book 1 to understand what is going on in this book. Now I always recommend reading a series in order just because then you get the full feel of the characters, but it isn't necessary. I will say that Will and Brynn's story does kind of start in the first book. Lauren did a great job setting up their story in that book, but if you don't read it you won't be lost because she also does an amazing job filling in all the blanks in this book. I have to say that this book is by far my FAVORITE of Lauren Layne's books. I have truly enjoyed all of her books and she is an author that I will always read because her stories tend to leave a big smile on my face in the end and aren't filled with a lot of excess drama. This one was no different….but for some reason I really LOVED Will and Brynn as characters. I liked them a lot in book 1 and knew their story was going to be a good one and I am happy to say I wasn't disappointed. The snarky banter that these two characters had between each other had me giggling throughout the whole book. I also felt that this book was a bit steamier then her other books that I have read….and really who is going to complain about more steam??? Not me :) I really liked how Lauren wrote this book. Her writing style has always been one that I have liked, but she did something a little different with this one, in that she gave us both past and present timeframes. We got to learn all about Will and Brynn's past through thoughts or dreams of Brynn's as to what happen when her and Will first met. We also learn a lot about Brynn this way and why she is the way she is now at 31 years old.This story is truly all about how opposites attract and even when you don't think two people should be together sometimes they are the best match. This book wasn't overloaded with a lot of drama and what drama was created, it was created by Brynn. She was her own worst enemy. What she went through in her high school years really affected her as an adult and she tried her hardest to fit into this mold she felt she needed to fit into to have a happy and fulfilling life. I was glad to see her grow as a person by the end of the story. Will was just amazing to me!!! I loved his character. He was funny and witty and sassy. He also knows how to melt a girls panties ;) There was a spot that I thought he was just cruel and Brynn didn't deserve what he did, but she could dish it just as well as he could. I liked getting to know their history through flashbacks of the last 15 years. I would 100% recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of Lauren Layne's and a friends to lovers story. This book will have you giggling, smiling, blushing, cursing, and will leave you with a huge smile on your face in the end. This is definitely one I will read again in the future.Follow Us at :: Book Bitches Blog | Facebook | Twitter

  • Dali
    2019-06-21 03:33

    :: HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY ::Two enemies face each other for the ultimate prize: love. For Will and Brynn, love really was a battlefield in a fifteen year long war. Will fell in love with Brynn from the moment he laid eyes on her in high school but was pushed away by a seemingly prissy princess who was really an insecure and shy teenager. Will being of persistent character became best friends with her younger sister Sophie, attached himself to her family and became a constant tormentor. “All the bickering was just foreplay”Until she knocks on his door, giving him hope but then almost immediately crushing it and pushing him away once again. But now Will is back to get what his heart has always demanded once and for all. Brynn’s childhood suffering has shaped and determined her life. It’s had such a strong hold on her that without her carefully structured plans and lists she wouldn’t be able to function. When she realizes all the planning in the world won’t bring her happiness she decides to take a break from herself and seeks out her nemesis. Ever since I read about Brynn and Will in Only With You, the previous book in the series, I was eager read their story. It seemed like they would have a great frenemies adventure. At first it really was. Their banter and antics were hilarious, and I thought the chemistry and sexual tension between them would be enough to make Brynn take the necessary steps in the right direction. “You look like you just done with a wrestling playdate with Hercules and Achilles.”“Is that your way of saying I look like a Greek god?”But it wasn’t and she didn’t. I was truly disappointed in Brynn. The more I read the more obnoxious she sounded even though I tried to find her redeeming qualities. Mostly I saw the shallow, self-absorbed person she’d become that couldn’t see past her long past woes to realize she was looking for all the wrong things in the wrong people and hurting the one person that could give her everything. I got very frustrated with her and their story. “He wanted her to learn how to come to him and to learn to ask for what she wanted. But perhaps he was expecting too much from a woman who didn’t even know what she wanted.”Even though Will was partly at fault, I really wanted to see him get to be happy. I loved his resolve and how he quietly loved Brynn from a far. Always present in her life, taking care of her, knowing what she wanted and needed even when she didn’t know it herself and even when most of the time he appeared to be a crass jerk. But he’s a sexy, caring, romantic just waiting for his chance. “I would have done anything to get you to notice me.”In the end Lauren gives us a sweet, swoony love story that made me smile. Her stories are fun and sexy with heart. I’m keen to know who she’ll write about next in this series. If you’re looking for “true love hiding behind the squabbling couple” this is a choice. Even if it’s part of a series, it can be read as standalone. * I was given an ARC of this book for an honest review from Netgalley. The excerpts are from that copy. *For more of my reviews and those of my best book buds, and updates Visit our blogStalk us on FaceBookAs well as Twitter

  • Lisa
    2019-05-24 06:23

    Well, well, well. Hmmmmm. I don't know where to start! You know that line "boys are mean to you because they like you"? Such a problematic line, tbh. I hate it, because sometimes bullies are just bullies. But this story is literally that. Will Thatcher is the mean boy who keeps pulling Brynn Dalton's hair because he likes her a lot and wants her to notice him. This book might annoy some people who expects adults in their 30s to, well, behave like adults in their 30s, but it didn't annoy me because I love the characters.I like Brynn a lot. I can relate to her pursuit of perfection. It stems from the things she has faced in middle school, where she was just this pudgy kid who was bullied and outcasted when she just wanted to fit in. Self esteem issue is a serious thing, and just because things are better now doesn't mean the fear isn't there. So I understand her insecurities and her wanting everything to be perfect and stay perfect, and why she is so determined not to fall for Will, who she sees as the slacker playboy who doesn't fit in her checklist. And he is dangerously sexy. Brynn doesn't do dangerous. Brynn has problems, sure. She's judgmental in a way that she perceives things (or Will, in this case) the way she wants to and doesn't really give herself the benefit of the doubt. It's entertaining to see how she's changed by the end of the story.I really enjoyed the exchanged barbs between the two characters, although I have to admit, Will can be very, very cruel. No wonder Brynn really thought he hated her guts and had no idea whatsoever that he had real feelings for her. Will had a sharp tongue, and in self defense Brynn gave back as good as she got. These two know where to hit each other to make it really painful. He'd been sixteen, and he'd simply known. Known that she was the one. Even when she was busy tearing his heart out.TBH I didn't expect that at all.Overall, it's a really entertaining read and I cried a few times because Lauren Layne really knows how to write pain (ooh that kinda rhymed).

  • Alison
    2019-06-02 22:30

    This is the story of Will and Brynn. We last left them at each other's throats, having a one night stand and then Will leaving town - for good.Told partially through flashbacks (which is quite annoying when you only read the previous book the day before) and partly unfolding this tells the story of what happens when Will comes back.If you've read the first book (and why wouldn't you) you will know that Will is desperately in love with Brynn but she thinks he's a manwhore. Will has come home for one last attempt to show Brynn how he feels, then she offers him a 'friends with benefits' arrangement.This was another enjoyable, engaging story from Ms Layne. Yes, it was predictable but romances often are. It definitely had that moment when I felt Will's pain and it was like a knife in my chest. My only quibble is that Will's actions at the end felt out-of-character.2016 re-read. Funnily enough I reread both books on consecutive days in 2016 and have to say I didn't find the flashbacks at all irritating this time. Also, I'm bumping this up to four and a half stars - what was I thinking giving it three stars? On the reread I still cried (or sniffed a lot on public transport) on at least three occasions, the last time big honking tears. But I have to say I still think Will's actions at the end were wrong. (view spoiler)[If you have been in love with a woman since you were a teenager why would you refuse to give her a chance to process when you finally declare your love? And his passive aggressive argument that she'd "had enough time" to think when she didn't even know didn't cut it with me.(hide spoiler)] But that's like saying I had to wait for my third helping of dessert - heck, it's still dessert, right?Anyway, I loved it even more than I did the first time.

  • Ornella Calcagnile
    2019-05-21 05:53

    Recensione completa si ama e un romanzo che segue dinamiche piuttosto usuali nei romance, in questo caso i due protagonisti si odiano (o così pare), e io adoro il loro odio perché è la parte frizzante e divertente di questa lettura.La storia non posso dire mi abbia stravolto, colpito, fatto rimanere di stucco, ma ciò che mi è piaciuto maggiormente è proprio la costruzione dei personaggi e il loro rapporto conflittuale. Per una volta, inoltre, è lui infatuato di lei.Insomma, una lettura molto carina e godibile. La scrittura è fluida, chiara, spigliata. La narrazione è in terza persona, i capitoli sono quindi tutti legati e non vi è alternanza di POV.***Made for You is a novel following quite usual dynamics in romance, in this case the two main characters hate each other (or so it seems), and I love their hatred because it is the bubbly and fun part of this reading.The history can not be said to have overturned, hit me, did remain dumb, but what I liked most is precisely the construction of the characters and their troubled relationship. For a time, moreover, he is infatuated with her.In short, a very nice and enjoyable read. The writing is fluid, clear, self-possessed. The narrative is in the third person, the chapters are therefore all related and there is alternation of POV.It's a good romance. Recommended!