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In the chaos of the ER, functioning without sleep is a prized skill. But even Dr. Angela Rossi will admit that five months is far too long, especially when accompanied by other worrisome symptoms: night sweats, tremors, muscle spasms, fevers. Then a dead nun speaks to her while Angela is holding the nun’s heart in her hand. “Find the girl,” the nun commands—although no oneIn the chaos of the ER, functioning without sleep is a prized skill. But even Dr. Angela Rossi will admit that five months is far too long, especially when accompanied by other worrisome symptoms: night sweats, tremors, muscle spasms, fevers. Then a dead nun speaks to her while Angela is holding the nun’s heart in her hand. “Find the girl,” the nun commands—although no one else in the trauma room can hear, the words drilling directly into Angela’s brain. “Save the girl.”Falling into catatonic states where she freezes in the middle of a resuscitation and hears dead nuns talking to her? Not good. Maybe she should check herself into her own hospital…except a lost girl’s life depends on Angela.Because the girl IS real. The threat to her is deadly.Aided by a police detective fallen from grace, Angela searches the midnight catacombs beneath the city, facing down a ruthless gangleader and stumbling onto a serial killer’s lair. Her desperate quest to save the girl leads her to the one thing she least expected to find: a last chance for love.As her symptoms escalate in bizarre and disturbing ways, Angie realizes exactly how serious her illness is. She might be dying, but she’s finally choosing how to live…...

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Farewell to Dreams Reviews

  • John W.
    2018-11-16 22:26

    If you are a fan of C.J. Lyons, you will not be disappointed, nor surprised at the fast pace of FAREWELL TO DREAMS: A novel of FATAL INSOMNIA. From page one all the way to the end. I gave this story a 5 star ranking because C.J. earned it one word at a time. Being an ER doctor turned author, no one can tell a story of what goes on in an ER better than C.J. Lyons. She uses her knowledge of the stress of life and death decisions and helps us understand the life of an ER doctor. Lyons story of an ER doctor, Angela Rossi and strange happenings in her ER room. She meets Detective Matthew Ryder as a patient. Ryder is the new detective assigned to work with the Advocacy Center. The ER and the Advocacy Center is dealing with attacks of young women who have all been tortured and seem to have mental issues. That is part of Angela's stress. The next area of her stress is the strained relationship with her family. Angela feels the center of her stress is all symptom's loss of sleep, loss of appetite, and strange feelings in her hands arm. Angela is ignoring the symptoms for now.We find even the best laid plans sometimes take on a life of their own. ER Doc, Angela Rossi, meets Detective Matthew Ryder, and while she is treating him and talking about the advocacy centers work, an emergency patient arrives on the ER drive entrance. She has multiple gunshots and is not doing well. C.J uses the arrival of the gunshot victim to insert the first major twist in the story. Lyons explains how Angela has to use her skills and knowledge to save a dying patient. Rossi cracks the patient's chest and reaches into her chest and is holding the patient's heart in her hand. As she lifts the heart all of Angela's symptoms take over, everything seems to stop, Rossi hears the patient talking to her. In addition to telling Rossi, she forgives her for not saving her life, but the patient gives her a message telling Rossi about the crime and what needs to be done. The message (you will have to read the book) stuns Rossi. Rossi comes back to action finding the Detective Ryder helping her with what needs to be done to keep her breathing. Ryder tells Rossi the patient is a nun at the neighborhood Catholic church just three blocks away. When the crash crew arrives, Rossi gets to work. Ryder starts interviewing the EMT and guards to gather details of how the patient arrived at the hospital ER.Now all of this action takes place in the first couple of chapters of FAREWELL TO DREAMS. C.J. has always kept us on pins and needles, but this story is going to be the talk of the genre of romantic/mystery/thrillers, because it has something for all of us. This murdered nun becomes the stimulus of the investigation. Suspense builds something is not right at the church, the area around the church, the owners of the businesses, the politicians, two major crime families, and designer drugs. Rossi comes in contact with unsavory people; Ryder effort to understand her, and her ex-husband and her estranged family are suddenly being inserted into Rossi's life. Lyons does an excellent job of weaving each of Rossi's strained family relationships into an important part of the story. Everyone that matters to Rossi seems to expect her to fix things. Ryder is not sure where Rossi is getting her information (Maybe Rossi does not know) but so far she has not been wrong. When he finds out what is going on with Rossi, he is stunned. While all of these symptoms getting worse, Rossi finally decides to find out what is going on with her health. Lyons does a great job of describing what is going through Rossi's mind as she goes to see her neurologist. Whatever is causing the problem could be the end of her ER career or not. Her neurologist is a close friend and Rossi knows she will tell her what she needs to know. Rossi's neurologist explains how Fatal Insomnia might affect her life. Rossi does not like the tentative answers. Here is where Lyons shows us her writing skills as she takes Angela through much of the drama of bad news but helps her she what she needs to do. You have to read FAREWELL TO DREAMS to know how this fast roller coaster takes the turns, twists, and provides a great surprise ending.As I have said at the beginning of my review, FAREWELL TO DREAMS is a fast paced medical, romantic, suspense, thriller, a unique fatal illness surfacing, crime families fighting each other, and is true Lyons story of struggle and hope with a great ending. If you are not a fan, you are in for a treat, and I think you will be joining the Lyons fan club. Everything starts in the ER, and it ends in the ER. I recommend C.J. Lyons, FAREWELL TO DREAMS: A novel of FATAL INSOMNIA, as a must read and give it 5 stars.

  • Lisa Meinhart
    2018-11-29 01:07

    I do NOT post reviews to further book sales, but merely provide impartial information (from my point of view) that may assist people in selecting reading material they will enjoy and hopefully gain personal insight or knowledge. So, when I say this book is well worth the read, you can believe me. This novel is fast paced while still developing the characters sufficiently that you understand them and their motivation; well plotted, and not overly so as some authors tend towards (you know where you are constantly going back and forth to remember what you read 100 pages ago); not dependent upon a variety of settings, but just enough to keep you interested and able to actually see them in your mind’s eye. Basically this book is like the third of everything in “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” – just right!!The main character is an ER doctor living in a fictitious town (the town will resonate with anyone having ever lived in the rust belt.) Our heroine, yes the ER doc is a female, has a paranormal experience that opens her up to possibilities that no scientist worth their salt generally entertain, thus the tension mounts from an emotional point of view almost from the onset. As readers we have the unique opportunity to experience her inward debate, rejecting while still availing herself of her newly required albeit not well understood paranormal skills. The dichotomy between her scientific and clinical background being paired with newly acquired other worldly abilities is quite the dilemma for her. However, this does not preclude her use of them to gain information regarding the death of a neighborhood nun whose heart she literally held in her hands. And, all this happens mere minutes into the book!!I’ll not ruin the book by going into more detail about the characters, plot or setting, but suffice to say, you will have difficulty putting this one down until you reach that sought after place driven by a well designed plot. And let me say one other thing, CJ Lyons does not disappoint. Yet again, she is able to develop a world where the reader is completely engrossed and feeling just the least bit dejected when the story comes to a close; not because one is let down by the story, but because one tends to become a part of it. The reader may actually feel a sense of loss when the last page is turned. In my book, and definitely pun intended, this is the true determinant of a good story; that sense of having lost something when it’s over.

  • Kathy
    2018-11-17 01:07

    This wonderful thriller keeps the reader engaged from beginning to end. The characters draw you into their lives and keep you there through the finale. I found it almost impossible to put down before finishing. One of CJ Lyons best so far!

  • Heather
    2018-12-09 02:13

    This latest book by C.J. Lyons is a return to her roots of sorts, back in the ER where Lyons once worked. Once again C.J. has written a compelling medical thriller that you will have trouble putting down until the book is finished. I don't want to give away anything, so I'll just say if you are looking for a good mystery, with a hint of a romance, and plenty of action, be sure to pick up Farewell to Dreams. You'll never think of insomnia in the same way again!

  • Sandy Duncan
    2018-11-29 02:18

    I loved loved loved this book.  What a great romantic medical thriller.  And the way CJ weaves the characters relationships in the book.  The romance, the disease, the thrills.  I could not put the book down.  CJ is an amazing writer and the stories she creates leaves you wanting more stories.  Each one different, each one so real it could happen in real life.  A definite must read.

  • Heather Griffin
    2018-12-07 20:58

    I really enjoyed reading this book. A little bit of something for everybody who enjoys reading everything from mysteries, romance, even a little paranormal. I'm looking forward to finding out what comes next for Angela! You had better make sure you got lots of time to read when you sit down with this book because you won't be able to put it down!

  • Gail
    2018-11-23 23:15

    I have enjoyed reading C.J. Lyons books, and this one will not disappoint you either. From the very beginning you will not want to put this book down until you have read the very last page. What makes her books so great is the way that she gets you so involved with her characters, and their relationships. You feel like you know these people. The story starts with Angela Rossi, who is an ER doctor; she feels that there are strange things that are happenings in her ER room. She meets Detective Matthew Ryder, who is a patient who is also assigned to work with the Advocacy Center.The ER and the Advocacy Center has been dealing with attacks on young women whom have all been tortured and they all seem to have some type of mental issues. Angela's is having problem with her family which has bought on more stress in her life. As time goes on things get more compounded because she hasn't been sleeping or eating. As time goes on her symptoms are getting worse. Angela finally decides to find out what is going on with her health. C J Lyons, she has done a great job in describing what is going through Angela mind as she goes to see her neurologist. Whatever is causing the problem could be the end of her ER career or not. Her neurologist is a very close friend and Angela knows that her friend will tell her the truth on what she needs to know. Angela neurologist explains how fatal insomnia can be and how it can affect her life… If you are looking for a book that has a lot of medical scenes, that has some elements of being romantic, suspense, and a thriller. Than this book is for you, and if you haven’t read any of C J Lyons books. Now is the time, because she has a unique way of taking you on a roller coaster ride, that has a lot of twists and turn that will leave with wanting more….!

  • Brenda Foreman
    2018-11-30 21:00

    This is a book that has everything a reader wants. Mystery, medical drama, life and death situations and romance. Angela Rossi is a doctor in an Emergency Room. She is dedicated to her job and tries to seek the best for her patients. Unfortunately, she is having her own health issues. She starts having weird reactions to people who are dying. This book takes you into the undergound tunnels of the city and is terrifing hearing about the sights down there. I couldn't put this book down until the last page! CJ Lyons is a very gifted author and I can't wait until her next book! A must read for everyone!!

  • Deanna
    2018-11-25 21:18

    This was another wonderful novel by CJ Lyons. The story is fast paced and keeps twisting and turning until the very end. The character development is superb and you find yourself sympathizing with characters who walk the line between good and bad (of course the true "bad guy" is evil enough that there are no doubts there!). I couldn't put this down and found myself sad at the end of the story simply because there was no more to read! I highly encourage others to read CJ Lyons. She's fantastic!

  • Toni
    2018-12-11 02:00

    Another must read from author C.J. Lyons. Fast paced,gripping, and keeps you guessing. Interesting characters. ER Dr. Rossi, Ryder the cop, Devon the boy that leaves the old hood, but is drawn back by an old love & unfinished business with the leader of the notorious gang leader Tyree. Lots of twists and turns, literally! Explosive revelations! Money, power, the evil both of those can bring, secrets,and betrayal. Romance in bloom. This book has everything. Rossi & Ryder are as addictive as Hart & Drake (C.J. Lyon's Hart & Drake series)Love, Love, Love this book! You will too!

  • DeeAnn Garner Williams
    2018-12-02 00:15

    FAREWELL TO DREAMS: A Novel of Fatal InsomniaBy C. J. LyonsEver had trouble sleeping? What if you had Fatal Insomnia and there is no cure? Dr. Angela Rossi, an ER doctor at Cambria City Good Sumaritan Hospital (the only trauma center still standing in the corner of Pennsylvania’s Allegheny Mountains) and Director of Cambria Advocacy Center of forensic evaluations of victims of violence has this illness. She has tremors and seems to go into a trance where she can lose time. She isn’t going to be able to work on patients much longer with this illness progressing. To top it off, she has a patient, a nun, Sister Patrice dying in front of her from a gunshot wound and she think she hears this nun speak to her as she is dying telling to go find the girl. A wounded police detective, Matthew Ryder a Sex Crime Detective was brought into the ER earlier and he knows Sister Patrice but didn’t seem to hear her speaking to Angela. Then Angela’s ex-husband Jacob Voorsanger an attorney with the DA’s office stops by to check on her. Without Angela being able to divulge many details of what the nun had told her Matthew Ryder takes a chance and goes with her to investigate. Have you ever wanted to wander down in tunnels built below cities? Now, they need to go into the undergroud tunnels that are booby trapped with who knows what and who is living down there when they go to find the young girl who the nun was worried about. The more people that become involved makes you wonder which one is involved in this or how many of them. These are dangerous gangs who have staked this area as theirs. Will they cooperate to find one of their own missing or do they want the secrets kept hidden, or will what they find be worse than finding a young girl.I enjoyed this story very much and the different characters that were introduced. They were different and interesting. Even the characters you think are not your upstanding members of the community may surprise you and care deeply.When I see that C.J. Lyons has released a new book I purchase it and if possible I preorder it so I can get it quickly. The characters she introduces into the stories are interesting and have a history instead of just popping into the story. I can’t say enough about this book and C.J. Lyons as an author. She is one of my favorite and I think that after you read her books you’ll be hooked too.

  • Jay Williams
    2018-12-05 01:06

    WARNING! Do not start this book unless you have time to finish it. You will not be able to put It down. CJ Lyons is one of the finest authors in the “Thrillers with a Heart” genre, and I think this is her best work to date. Within 15 pages you are emotionally involved, and you stay hooked through the story. When you think it cannot get more suspenseful or exciting, it does. When you think you know what is going to happen, you don’t. I tried to analyze why I got so involved with these characters. I think it is because they are real people with strengths and weaknesses. Every character in this book is someone you might know, from the good to the bad. Every development is a logical and reasonable follow on to the story. You feel a part of a real life drama, and react as though you were there. Lyons is not effusive with descriptions, yet paints images in the reader’s mind that support the narrative. I have recommended this book to our local discussion group because it has much to say and will stimulate discussion and analysis. I plan to read it again and again.

  • D.A. Bale
    2018-12-15 04:06

    Dr. Angela Rossi is an ER doctor and leads Good Samaritan’s victim’s advocacy unit with a steadfast commitment to her patients – but she carries a secret that could end her career in a heartbeat.The fugue states, as she calls them, recently started with the death of a nun at nearby St. Timothy’s. In a desperate attempt to save the saintly woman, Dr. Rossi slices through the sternum to access the heart – and suddenly she is frozen in a moment of time as Rossi relives the nun’s final moments and hears a voice swimming through her skull with a dire message: Save the girl!Detective Matthew Ryder has been demoted for standing up for what’s right, which makes him a perfect liaison with the Good Samaritan’s advocacy center. He just didn’t imagine his first meeting with Dr. Rossi would be as her patient. But good thing they’re together when all hell rains down on the neighborhood. The need for each other’s strength is the only chance they have of finding the little girl who holds a key to the terrors surrounding the Tower.The Tower holds secrets. Too many secrets. And no one is talking. Once a high-rise dream of real estate mogul Daniel Kingston, the Tower has devolved into a haven of poor families and single mothers with their children under the watchful control of Tyree’s gang. But Kingston continues to control Tyree’s strings and those of the Tower’s residents while warming his hands in the pockets of city government and it’s infrastructure – all to soon pass on the legacy to his psychopath son. That is, until Dr. Rossi and Detective Ryder’s interference threatens his carefully constructed kingdom. And Devon Price returns to town.Old rivalries and ghosts of the past collide in the catacombs beneath the Tower – and no life is sacred.I stayed up far too late into the morning hours to read Farewell to Dreams. It was riveting, heartbreaking, and redemptive all wrapped in a shroud of impending death. Dr. Rossi was highly relatable in her quest to right wrongs and save lives, while the fugue states and tremors filled her with the fear her career is at an end. Ryder initially had a bit of a chip on his shoulder, but soon I realized it was a refreshing manner where he calls the world as he sees it – regardless of the consequences to himself. Even though he’s seen the worst sides of humanity, Ryder still retains a tenuous faith in man and God. Rossi lost faith in everything years before when her father died – and carries the weight of self-condemnation as well as the condemnation of her family as a result. Through her involvement with Ryder she begins to see a light in the midst of the surrounding darkness.And comes to accept the fact that she cannot escape encroaching death.Writing structure was clean with good point-of-view usage and characters with depth to their past, providing motivation for their present actions. As a reader, I experienced the action and story as it happened, with explosive pacing that propelled the story like an out-of-control freight train at times. Loved that!!! Solid editing left nothing to be questioned.I was glad the budding chemistry between Rossi and Ryder didn’t devolve into sappy, drippy romance. A deeper romantic element would not have fit with the gritty nature of this novel. The hint of their mutual attraction remained realistic and controlled, only coming up for a periodic breath like a long-distance swimmer – and I really, really appreciated that.There were only a couple of characters and situations where I’d have liked just a bit more, namely Father Marcus, the former Tower gang member turned St. Timothy’s priest, and interaction with Dr. Rossi’s extended family. The blame the family laid at her feet didn’t come through and needed more exploration in my mind. Certain aspects of the turf war didn’t feel fully explained either – or maybe it’s just that I don’t have a firm enough grasp of the gang mentality. If this is planned as a series, perhaps these explorations and explanations will come in subsequent releases. I would definitely read more! My fingers are crossed.Farewell to Dreams was a fabulous read. My only cautions would be to be aware of rough language (though it fits the story's nature and isn't gratuitous) and the kidnapping and abuse of children (mainly alluded to). I give this novel four-and-a-half bright and shining stars.

  • My Book Addiction and More MBA
    2018-11-24 23:58

    FAREWELL TO DREAMS by C.J. Lyons is an exciting Thriller/Suspense/Mystery. #1 in her new series, "Fatal Insomnia", and what a beginning. With her usual aplomb into the world of Medical Thrillers, Ms. Lyons has written a tale that is fascinating as well as action packed and thrilling.Farewell To Dreams is an emotional, intense, medical driven, ghostly adventurous and that is just the beginning. Dr. Angela Rossi finds her life suddenly very chaotic, not only due to her work, but she is being haunted by a nun, a dead nun about finding a missing girl. She is in serious danger in more ways than one. A very disgraced police detective will come to her aid and what follows if danger, romance, suspense, hope, evil, despair, and finding your own mortality. A thrilling tale from beginning to the very last page. The characters are engaging, as well as compelling and realistic. I love how the characters come to life, and how they respond to each other, their circumstances, and their situation. If you have ever worked in the Medical field you will find this tale engaging, realistic and believable. If you have not, well, you are in for a real treat!You do not want to miss a moment of Farewell To Dreams!I can't wait to see what is next in this intriguing series. Well done!! All I can say is WOW!! Another hit for this author. Received for an honest review from the author.RATING: 4.5HEAT RATING: MILDREVIEWED BY: AprilR, courtesy of My Book Addiction and More

  • Roberta Winnick
    2018-11-17 23:09

    A delightful good read for a thriller. Found myself wanting to learn what was happening next. Even started wondering what was happening when I wasn't reading.Part of the book is written in the first person voice and helped me relate the main character better. So much happens so quickly in the lives of the characters. Strong bonds are formed immediately. Several of the characters do not have an ideal moral base but one can see how they developed their lifestyles.Very strong theme of good vs. evil.I still want to know what happens to the main character next... will there be a sequel??

  • Michelle
    2018-12-16 04:12

    In Farewell to Dreams, Ms. Lyons takes you on quite the ride. Dr. Angela Rossi starts having unexplained episodes of relating to dead and nearly dead patients and feels compelled to act on them in order to help them. What is causing them? And does she dare confide in anyone about them? One of the patients is a Nun that begs her to save the girl, which starts the adventure on trying to find who the girl is and try to save her. It is an edge of your seat read that you will have a hard time putting down until you finish it. You won't be sorry to read another great book by CJ Lyons!

  • Mariluz
    2018-12-13 05:22

    I'm not a fan of medical thriller's but I was amazed by Farewell to Dreams. The story had action,mystery and romance. I purchased the book because I'm in love with the Lucy and Caitlyn series but I just found another book to add to my favorites. Angela and Ryder are two characters that have everything I look for on s good book. I only hope a follow up is in the making ( no pressure CJ) because I would like to read how everything really ended. Marcus is a character that I was very interested in and would love to read more about him. Very pleased with this book.

  • Claire
    2018-12-01 20:57

    I love CJ Lyons and have read all her Lucy Guardino books. This had a completely different approach. While there is a strong female character I like the way others were being developed also. We got more of the insights on the other players. As per all first books in a new series everything is new and you need to get familiar with the surroundings, characters and personalities. I liked the story line based on a doctor that cant cure herself and her troubling gift/curse. The plot had the great CJ Lyons twists and turns and I am currently reading the second book in this series.

  • Sarah
    2018-11-30 00:05

    All I can say is darn. This is one of those books it is hard to wrap your mind around but it is so good it leaves you speechless. I do wish there would have Bern more closure in the ending but I am a closure kind of girl but I will take what I got.I loved the book and would highly recommend it for those who love books with strange twists and some good suspense.

  • Jo Ann Reinhold
    2018-11-22 00:26

    Wow, this book really did not disappoint! Fast paced, this story grips you from the start! Three unlikely people, a cop, an ER doctor and a gangster, come together in a desperate race to save a child's life, each with their own daemons and secrets chasing them. This book is well written with a great story and characters.I sure hope there is more to come!

  • Wanda
    2018-12-07 00:58

    Gripping story about characters I came to care about. evil men I wanted to punish personally, and good guys (male and female) I wanted to reward. I suffered with Angela, and unloved the ending..But i do want to know what happens next in her saga.

  • E Sano
    2018-12-11 04:01

    A very interesting concept, well written, easy to read. Fine characters with appropriate developement. The conversations and inner dialog can sometimes be stilted, overall well worth reading. I'm deep into the second book, and it maintains the suspense with some great twists.

  • NanceryQueen
    2018-11-30 04:58

    I love this author. An ER dr. is the main character, written by an ER dr. A little slice of the movie "Phenomenon" can be found.

  • Faye Mathews
    2018-12-06 01:19

    Truly a can't put it down bookI really enjoyed this book. The characters are real to life with purpose and hopes. You will love this book as much as I did.

  • Kristeen Hughes
    2018-12-08 04:01

    round up to 4.5 stars.

  • Donna Davis
    2018-11-30 00:00

    A little wordy but good.

  • Zara West
    2018-11-22 21:14

    A dark suspenseful book with lots of twists and turns. Fascinating setting.

    2018-11-18 21:21

    LebewohlDie Notärztin Angela Rossi ist voll im Einsatz. Allerdings fühlt sie sich seit längerem nicht wohl. Sie schläft schlecht, manchmal zittern ihre Hände. Und in dieser Nacht hat sie zwei Patienten. Einer ist der Polizist Ryder, dem sie helfen kann. Bei der anderen handelt es sich um die Nonne Schwester Patrice, für die, obwohl Rossi wirklich alles versucht, jede Hilfe zu spät kommt. Im Moment des Todes der Nonne hat Angela eine seltsame Erscheinung als erlebte sie die letzten Stunden der Versterbenden nach. Schwester Patrice hat eine Nachricht für Angela Rossi: Rette das Mädchen!Tatsächlich war die Autorin lange Jahre als Notärztin in der Pädiatrie tätig und sie schreibt selbst, sie suche seltene Krankheiten, die sie in die Handlung ihrer Bücher einbaut. Und so leidet Dr. Angela Rossi an einer beginnenden letalen familiären Schlaflosigkeit, einer Prionenkrankheit, wie Wikipedia erläutert, die wenige Jahre nach den ersten Symptomen tödlich endet. Keine schönen Aussichten für die Ärztin, die zwar vermutet, dass etwas mit ihr nicht stimmt, die aber erst im Laufe der Handlung von der vermutlichen Diagnose erfährt. Ein Leser mit entsprechenden Kenntnissen erfährt von der Krankheit allerdings schon durch das Titelbild des Romans. Doch so wie die Krankheit Angelas Leben verkürzt, bringt sie ihr auch die Gabe, in die Seele der Sterbenden einzutauchen, wenn sie sie berührt. Mit dieser Fähigkeit ist es ihr möglich dem Cop Ryder bei seinen Ermittlungen hilfreich zur Seite zu stehen. Die Autorin kombiniert hier einen ausgesprochen fiesen Fall über die Tyrannei Einzelner über einen Wohnkomplex, während derer es im Laufe der Jahre zu grausamen Tötungen kam, mit dem Schicksal der Ärztin Angela Rossi, die ihrem nahenden Tod entgegensehen muss. Und so wie die perfiden Handlungen der Täter mit den kaputten Seelen einfach etwas zu viel sind, ist auch das entsetzliche Schicksal Dr. Rossis etwas zu viel. Die einzige Hoffnung, die bleibt, ist jene, dass Angela Rossi ihre Krankheit annehmen kann und die ihr verbleibende Zeit so weit es geht genießt. Möge sie dereinst eines schnellen Todes sterben und möge dies ein Einzelband bleiben.

  • Lori Wiberg
    2018-11-29 02:57

    A new series a new twist by an exceptional writer. A whole new look on life and death and inner strength. How can Dr. Angela Rossi walk away from her profession as a trauma doctor and victim advocate. A child she doesn't even know is missing and in danger from evil people Burt who is after her at only 10 years old why would someone want her dead. Or Sister Patrice who died protecting her. Worried about her inability to sleep, stumbling and strange things happening in her mind or was it just in her head? These all kept running through her mind as she helps search underground tunnels for a 10 year old child. Stumbling upon a sadistic serial killers work but no little girl. In a world of drugs, killers and diseases that kill, Angela draws strength to keep going.Her recent encounter with Ryder a detective assigned to her victim advocates group and patient himself just a few hours earlier gives her an ally in her search and maybe more? Page turner and thought provoking story of courage not just in helping others but courage to look at death and still be positive about the short future. Highly recommend getting involved in the world of Dr. Angela Rossi not only will you be ingrossed you will see strength and fear with determination!

  • ~ Becky
    2018-11-19 23:23

    First off if ya know anything about CJ Lyons she is a former pediatric ER doctor as well as a Fantastic Writer! I started out with her Angels of Mercy Series,(my personal favs),BUT I love all her books.I read this book in a day,I couldn't put it down, seriously! 'FAREWELL TO DREAMS: A Novel of Fatal Insomnia' is a great thriller from beginning to... it's not over.. ya have to move on to book 2... 'A RAGING DAWN: A Novel of Fatal Insomnia'.OMGosh ~ there's intrigue, suspense, drama, nail biting, tears, and some dry humor. CJ has ya turning the pages eagerly to see what Dr. Angela Rossi {an ER doctor at Good Sam's Hospital}, is going to have to overcome NEXT.I'm not one who gives away spoilers... I just honestly tell ya if a book is worth reading or not and this IS!!! ✶✶After purchasing the 'FAREWELL TO DREAMS: A Novel of Fatal Insomnia' ebook, I was given a FREE Advance copy of Book #2 'A RAGING DAWN: A Novel of Fatal Insomnia' to read and review before the rest of the world! That in NO way affected my opinion in this review at all!✶✶~Happy Reading Y'all