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In the time of the Han Dynasty in ancient China, a young orphan prepares for a difficult journey. Ping has grown to become a skilled Dragon Keeper, but her greatest challenge is yet to come. After rescuing the baby dragon, Kai, from the evil Emperor, she brings him to a safe haven near the border of the Empire. Now, as Kai grows into a restless young dragon, Ping faces a tIn the time of the Han Dynasty in ancient China, a young orphan prepares for a difficult journey. Ping has grown to become a skilled Dragon Keeper, but her greatest challenge is yet to come. After rescuing the baby dragon, Kai, from the evil Emperor, she brings him to a safe haven near the border of the Empire. Now, as Kai grows into a restless young dragon, Ping faces a tough decision. She must find a way to take Kai to the ancient haven of the dragons. Following cryptic clues left by the wise dragon, Danzi, Ping and Kai set off on a long and dangerous journey filled with old friends and new enemies. But the biggest surprise awaits them at the end of their travels, when Ping quickly learns that the hardest part of being a Dragon Keeper may be realizing when it's time to let go. With this story of tender friendships and heroic adventure, Carole Wilkinson brings her epic trilogy about dragons in ancient China to a thrilling and satisfying end....

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Dragon Moon Reviews

  • Ash
    2019-06-14 06:47

    I can't say I "really-liked" this one, how I wanted to, so badly yet it did not seem to live up to the same level as the previous books. I absoloutelty loved the previous books and I felt that the series was going somewhere exicting and I was hoping that the ending was going to be a little more - well (dare I say it?) dramatic than this. It's hard to explain but I felt the ending just didn't do the rest of the series justice as they were spectacular and I was recomending them to all my friends and family, just the ending left me, well sort of dissapointed I guess. But perhaps that isn't the end, I'd hope so, the writer certainly has talent and I love her work and I would be looking forward to reading any more books by her based around this time.Read this if you have read the rest of the series, it certainly draws many plot points into a neat little bundle, yet I thought it was missing some of the previous "flair" that the other books contained.Overall an interesting read, but not the best in the series.3 Stars.

  • Sara
    2019-05-18 10:42

    5/5He finalizado una trilogía tierna, llena de aventuras y con un final demasiado agridulce. Estos libros se han ganado un huequito muy especial en mi corazón, y ya son de mis libros favoritos.

  • Jennifer
    2019-06-17 03:59

    Soon after escaping neck deep in a situation, this one last sequel brings chills up and down the spine. Not only learning that the person who helped them escape from a life or death situation, their savior soon becomes the traitor and hands their butts to the one who was after them from the very beginning. With twists and turns of the story, it is only sad to know that not everything good in life lasts forever.I thought this book was quite interesting. It captured the essence of adventure as well as perseverance. In most cases, if one were to put themselves in the shoes of the main character, they would most likely throw in the towel after the first event. This book taught me some things about taking on new challenges in life. I know before I read this book I would give up or not even try something outside of my comfort zone, but through the main character and words of her wise friend it motivated me to do something great in life. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who needs a little motivation and confidence.

  • Shakthi Singh
    2019-06-03 07:59

    Response to Dragon moon, by Carole Wilkinson.This is by far the most sad and deeply and in sighting book I have read in a long time.The unusual aspect of this book was that the author made the story personal and very captivating to read. What this book made me realise is that we are very fortunate and that knowingly and unknowingly we may be taking advantage of the things we say to be aspects of everyday life.In this the main protagonist has lost all of her enjoyments of life. this made me feel helpless of other people's situations.I would strongly recommend everyone to read this book, it is extremely inviting to people who want a good read or just want another person's aspect on life.

  • Elise P
    2019-05-27 10:51

    This third and unbelievably awesome sequel to Dragon Keeper starts off with Ping and Kai temporarily lodging at Beibai palace, home to Princess Yangxin and her husband the Duke of Yan. Determined not to become too lethargic Ping and Kai decide not to prolong their comfortable stay and leave, on their epic quest to find a safe place for Kai to live out his years in peace away from humans. With only cryptic clues left behind from Kai's father Long Danzi.Liu Che, is invading Beibai palace because he knows that Ping and Kai are hiding there. Duke Yan makes a treaty with the northern barbarians known as the Xiong Nu and they team up and fight the imperial guards away.So Ping and Kai leave on good terms with the Duke. Not very far down the road Kai spots something with his super awesome dragon vision. Turns out the Emperor Liu Che has been severely wounded in battle and left for dead. Ping finds it in herself to help him and learns that Liu Che being left for dead has finally come to his senses and realises that the quest for immortality is a waste of time and resources. He offers Ping his heart, she however declines although she did love him once. She sends him to Beibai palace with the guards the Duke gave to escort her.Finally alone together Ping and Kai journey west along the Great Wall of China. They are then captured by some imperial guards. She is then kidnapped by the barbarians, although at the time she does not realise they are rescuing her.She then renames the barbarians the Ma Ren (horse people) because she thinks they aren’t really barbarians after all. They give her a horse and tell her how to find a way back into the empire through a hole in the wall.Ping and Kai get lost in a dust storm and end up entering the empire via a big gateway into a market place. Ping has an urge to follow some pretty lady to a jewellery stand and after conversation learns that she needs to go to a place called Tinkling Village.Drama ensues in the market place, and then some stranger says that he is Pings master and she his slave and he’ll take care of it. It turns out the stranger is Jun and he has grown up completely unrecognisable as the weedy kid who was appointed imperial dragon keeper over Ping.So Ping and Kai accept Jun into their travelling party and head further west to find Tinkling Village.Before they reach Tinkling Village they notice a white dragon circling above. Much excitement and hopes are now building that Kai may not be the last dragon after all.When they reach Tinkling Village they pretend to be imperial officers wishing to purchase Jade Ornaments and Jewellery for the Emperor. They eventually find a very old man name Lao Longzi who was for a time Long Danzi’s dragon keeper. He had to retire though because he went partially deaf.Lao Longzi travels with them to show them where the dragon haven is. He dies within in sight of the Serpents Tail.At the serpents tail Ping and Kai must leave Jun behind, because it is not Jun’s destiny. They together climb this ridiculously terrifying cliff face behind a waterfall. At the top is the Dragon Haven Plateau. All they find here are piles of bones.Just moments after arriving at their much awaited destination a Yellow dragon swoops down out of the sky and takes Kai away. Ping is devastated and in a half dead state trudges along follow the invisible thread that binds her to Kai.Eventually in her half dead state a dragon swoops down and takes her to Kai.They are now in the real Dragon Haven and it is filled with eight other dragons – Kai makes it nine, which happens to be an auspicious number.While at the dragon haven the other dragons teach Kai how to be a wild dragon. He eventually challenges this rogue black dragon named Hei Lei to honour his father. He beats Hei Lei and after having the blood of his first battle it changes his scales from green to 5 colours. Kai is a five coloured dragon – he was born to lead the cluster.Before winter they come to the conclusion that Ping must now leave the Dragon Haven. For she has completed her task, and really isn’t required anymore. She leaves on good terms with all the dragons.She embarks on a solo adventure with no idea or purpose now. She ends up in a half dead state yet again, with barely the will to care because she feels she has no purpose. The black dragon Hei Lei who has made peace with his inner demons finally saves her and takes her to a hill closer to people and leaves her.Ping doesn’t understand why this hill. Eventually she trudges on and into a village – she fortunately ‘bumps’ in to Jun again and they live happily ever after on his mulberry farm eating mulberries for all eternity.This series was unbelievably well written, I’d even put it in my top 5 best series ever written which so far consists of Harry Potter. Carole Wilkinson’s writing has so much depth, which literally takes you on Ping’s adventure across China in search of her own destiny.I love it, it made me laugh, it made me cry – I’ll remember it for many years to come and if I have children I’ll read it to them.Thank you Carole Wilkinson, for creating such powerful characters and such a wonderful adventure.

  • Carrie
    2019-06-15 03:44

    Carole Wilkinson's writing style feels somewhat stilted. Her sentences usually run pretty short and aren't very complex syntactically. This may be because she's writing for a younger target audience, but it couldn't be too young because she certainly isn't afraid to write about gore.While the sentences don't flow together very well, she knows how to convey ideas and emotions well. The nature of the writing made it hard for me to get into the story at first, but soon enough I was really into it. She has strong ideas that carry throughout the novel. The climax was brilliant, and I couldn't put the book down."Dragon Moon" doesn't have quite as much action as its prequels. The only real battle happens at the end. I did feel kind of bored at the beginning of the book, even though Wilkinson wrote about Ping's journey well and in very good detail. I was also expecting it to be a simpler story, though I'm not entirely sure why. The plot we are given was surprisingly complex, and there were a great number of twists I didn't see. Something would happen, and I thought "Oh, that must be this!" I would gawk at this realization, and then something else would happen instead. It made me immensely happy.A very good conclusion to a very good trilogy. It left me wishing there were more. Oh well.On the side, I wish the cover to this one felt more like the others. It just doesn't feel as... pleasing. I like the mist and detailed backgrounds of the other covers. But that's just me.(The scene on the cover, though, is a very good scene in the book.)

  • Lisa Dyer
    2019-06-07 06:02

    As a fan of all things Chinese, but not necessarily mythological, this trilogy blew hot and cold for me.The first book drew me into the adventures of Ping and her dragons Danzi and Kai, the second book did not seem to take the story much further however this, the final book, was thoroughly enjoyable.I appreciated Carole Wilkinson's research and her dedication to setting the Han dynasty scene realistically. I was particularly interested in the interpretations of the clues to the dragon haven.At times, I found her writing style a little too 'junior fiction' for me - the repetition of key points, the simple sentences and the references to peeing and pooing!!I am looking forward to reading the pre-quel now - Dragon Dawn.

  • Book Elf
    2019-05-25 03:00

    Although the story spent mostly on travelling in finding the unknown Dragon Haven, I was inspired and elated at the protagonist's tenacity as a Dragon Keeper. She was young and inexperienced, the odds were always on their way but she never gave up. She persevere in fulfilling her duty to her ward and sticking to her destiny though there were offers of comfort and security in the palace should she chose to stay. I also liked the conference of Dragons when they reached the haven. Dragons. Wow. Ping was the last dragon keeper. After reading it, I was happy how it ended and I reckon it was an honor to read the story of the last dragon keeper.

  • Jazii
    2019-06-02 06:59

    I just loved this book and i want everyone to read it :)It is a third book in a trilogy so i reccomend u 2 read the first 2 books first.It is about a girl called Ping, and she lives in ancient china, han dynasty. Ping and the baby dragon are desperately trying to find the dragon Haven so that Pings dragon wont feel lonely anymore. Sounds pretty boring but youve got to read all 3 books ;D they are my favourites ..

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-20 05:57

    The third book in the Dragonkeeper series. I continue to be impressed by the ability of the author to maintain the integrity of a Chinese Fable type story through each book of her series. In this story, Ping has to prove to wild dragons that she is the true dragon keeper. This takes her on a long and difficult journey to her destiny, but what her true destiny is will not be clear until the very end.

  • Jo
    2019-06-04 07:34

    It's kind of sad saying goodbye to this wonderful character. I've learned a lot from Ping. But like her, one door closes and another one goes on.I suggest you find the "Lost Letter of Ping". It made me cry. It tied up loose ends before a new story begins. The story of Ping's descendant, the next dragon keeper..."Blood Brothers".

  • BookwormJayde
    2019-06-17 05:43

    This is really, really, really good. It was great, and it tied up a lot of knots. However, I thought the ending was... *bleep* It was horrible! It felt rushed, like the author wanted to end it as soon as possible, and the editor decided to just be lazy and not get her to write a better one. Later, I found out in the Acknowledgements that "there were some tight deadlines," so maybe that's why.

  • Emma
    2019-06-13 02:41

    The part where (view spoiler)[ Ping has to leave Kai behind (hide spoiler)] made me cry! The author has a writing style that leaves me hanging onto every word of the book.

  • Trini
    2019-05-21 05:55

    I know, I know. I labeled this book as action-adventure... so how could it also be on my the-insomniacs-list shelf?Well, that's simple. This book wavers between action and then just boring filler things. One time you get an awesome action scene, and then after that you get heavy descriptions of Ping... walking. Travelling. Oh, yay. Am I supposed to throw a party over that? The action scenes aren't that great, too, to be perfectly honest with you. I thought I would never say that, but here I am, saying it.I'm still trying to figure out how a book like Garden of the Purple Dragon, a book I rated 4 stars simply because of the ending, received a sequel like Dragon Moon that I rated 1 star, also causing the Dragon Keeper trilogy to deteriorate into a mess. Believe me, I would have probably rated Dragon Moon 2 stars if the ending was different, but the ending is not different, and it's just... ew. I could come up with thousands of nasty words to describe the ending. Hurried. Rushed. Disgusting. Confusing, and not in the good way. Uncertain. Always wavering, always changing, like the author's melding together different ideas that she has for endings. And trust me, that isn't good. It's like trying to weld together the Disney ending of The Little Mermaid and the original The Little Mermaid's ending that Hans Christian Andersen wrote.I could say so many bad things about this book. It's just... so... annoying. But, believe it or not, I liked the set-up. Aka, the first 60 pages. After that, it goes crazy. I hate it. After the first 60 pages passes, I hate the book. If the book was as good as the set-up was, it would've been an easy 4 stars, maybe even a 5 stars if it was good enough. But noooo, of course not. The book is terrible after the set-up.But first, let me address this issue.In the Author's Note -- and yes, I read the Author's Note, even though I wanted to be removed from this blasphemy as soon as humanly possible -- Carole Wilkinson talks about the "Chinese" language, how difficult the "Chinese" language is, because the "Chinese" language has four tones and all the research she put into the "Chinese" language for this book, etc. Now, I'm not meaning this as a personal attack on the author. But if you want to sound so educated about China and its cultures, if you want to sound like you know a lot by talking about the four tones, then refer to Chinese as Mandarin! There is no such thing as a "Chinese language"; it is Mandarin. It's a mistake that people often make and it's driving me insane. Every time there's a Chinese character in a story, or a story contains some Chinese elements, they always mess this up somehow.On the subject of Mandarin and Cantonese and the fact that people keep getting it wrong, I'm surprised in this book that Ping could speak with literally anybody she met. This whole trilogy, in fact. How come she never met somebody who spoke Cantonese, but magically, she kept meeting people who spoke Mandarin? Sure, Mandarin is popular, and almost everybody knows it now... but now is now, and back then is back then. I'm shocked this problem never occurred, actually.But enough about the language. I guess I can excuse it, because the author doesn't have several accurate information sources that have hands-on experience at her disposal any second of her life (read: my family, more specifically my parents, who I can always ask about Chinese culture at any moment in my life), but what I can't excuse is the fact that the characters are annoying as hell. I see no character development. Ping, the main character, is just as dry as ever. She's devoted to dragons and won't leave Kai's side ever, but just as soon, she quickly abandons the dragons of her own free will, because she thinks she should. She's narrow-minded, not caring to review all of the options out there. As I mentioned in my review of Dragon Keeper, she only decides on one option and thinks, "Yes, that must be it!" Then that option is, surprise surprise, the one that's correct. Maybe it's her "second sight", but I'm not buying it. I'm more open-minded than her, and my mom has always said I'm picky and narrow-minded about everything.Kai is said to have matured... but I see no sign of this whatsoever. He's still the most annoying dragon in literature that I have ever met in the record of annoying dragons, and I'm not taking any excuses for it. "He's not fully grown yet", everybody says, but he ought to have matured for SOME time, right??? I mean, it's been like, two years since Garden of the Purple Dragon. Shouldn't Kai have gotten some character development in-between? It doesn't help that my Chinese name is Kaiyao, which basically translates to "victory over want/need". Even though I share Kai's name, I'm not connected to him in the slightest.In fact, instead of Kai maturing between a book, Jun's the one who got a growth spurt! Jun's been studying up on dragons, disguises, and the art of seduction since we last left him. He might have also grown a little bit... by a little bit, I mean a lot. He's my favorite character out of the bunch, but he's still as dry as sandpaper. He's just there to serve as a love interest for Ping (creating a semi-love triangle between Ping, Liu Che, and Jun??? It's an obscure love triangle, and a really stupid one), and also a friend. Yippee.Then we have all the dragons that you can't really keep track of.White dragons, red dragons, little green dragon of fluff. And the yellow ones! And the black one. Finally, the biggest issue of this book. We got here quickly, only because I had to condense a bunch of the issues or else A) I would've run out of characters, B) I would've run out of time, C) I would've lost my train of thought, D) I would have lost the few cares I give to write a review for this abomination of a book, or E) all of the above!Toward the ending of the book, attitudes shift. Too often to be true, actually. Too unrealistic. Relationships keep wavering and shifting, just to create drama, but this doesn't work, and it just seems even more unrealistic. Actually, this book suffers from what I'd like to call Tryhard Book Disorder (TBD). Symptoms of this include trying too hard to pull the rug out from under the audience that it loses all logic, making the characters seem so badass that they either don't seem badass or come off as Mary Sues, trying to make the action scenes exciting so much that they end up being incredibly predictable, or trying to raise the stakes so much that it seems like a whole other story. These symptoms make the book seem incredibly unrealistic, when it's intended to make the story exciting/amazing (but it's really not). This book has Symptoms A, a little bit of C, and then D. Throughout the book, Wilkinson tries too hard to create a surprise factor that it loses total sense. A previous enemy of Ping's, almost immediately showing remorse in such an extreme way as soon as Ping finds him? Yep, let's try to unrealistically patch up as many plots as we can! Guards of the Great Wall capturing Ping even though they were perfectly fine with her passing before? I guess so! Bandits swooping in to capture Ping even though they were helping her before, even though they look like rocks??? Sure, whatever! Then (view spoiler)[revealed that they're aiding Ping, even though it seems like they're capturing her (hide spoiler)]? Seems legit! Somebody else -- who looks like a grown man, mind you -- trying to play Ping off as his "slave", then revealing himself as a close friend of Ping's who's around the same age as her, not even older than 18? Fine, take it!Also, the action scenes are incredibly drawn out and really don't need to be drawn out so much. I can predict everything that's going to happen in the action scenes without needing to fully read them. People/dragons get wounded, the "good" people or the ones aiding the protagonist get healed or saved, it's so dramatic but ends up being anticlimactic, some other faction dives in to support anticlimactic ending. There, I just saved you the pain of reading pages upon pages of several of the battle scenes in this book.And the stakes are trying to be raised so much that it comes off as unrealistic. Dragons were welcoming of Ping, even befriending her, then suddenly don't want her to be around anymore? Even though she helped cause something good for them? Huh? Ping losing her second sight as soon as she jumps off a dragon's back, riding away from a paradise for dragons? Even though she ends up in contact with another dragon soon enough? Conveniently coming to her friend's village, and conveniently (this is implied) falling in love with said friend even though it's never been shown before? It's like this plot wasn't even planned.Do not read this book. Don't. It's not worth it.NOTE: I'm sorry for the longest review that I've ever written, but I need to get the sour taste of this book out of my mouth.EDIT: I just realized that this series has more books. No. Let's not go there, because I ain't reading those books anymore. Not after this disaster.

  • Evan G
    2019-05-22 02:51

    Dragon Keeper Dragon Moon is about a girl named Ping and a Dragon named Kai who have to find a place for Kai to live so he's not hunted down by the emperor. In the beginning, the emperor gets mad at a city that has dragons that bring them good luck and fortune. He is upset because he wants that and so he demands that the dragon be brought to the palace. He has his army attack the city because they wouldn't send the dragon. Kai and Ping are the main characters in this book. Kai is an imperial dragon and Ping is a Chinese girl. Ping tries to help Kai by waking him up from hibernation so he can escape. Throughout this book their friendship and loyalty to one another becomes stronger. I liked this book. It has a good plot and there's never a dull scene. The author keeps throwing twists into every chapter. The book was a little difficult to read because it had some different words that we don't usually use that are not English. It was still a good book though.

  • Evelyn Fletcher
    2019-05-31 09:00

    I have always adored books and book series involving dragons. This particular adaptation of the idea is not one I see often, because authors tend to write dragon stories taking place in Europe, despite the fact that there are so many different versions of this fictional creature. The characters are very complex, and never fail to surprise you at every turn. Overall, the series in general is wonderful, and I would definitely recommend it to any one who enjoys dragon stories as much as I do.

  • Nancy Hanson
    2019-06-08 08:58

    I really liked this series. This book is the third and last. I had to read fast because it is due back at the library. And I'm supposed to be reading Breathing Room with Lexi for our book club this weekend.It deals with Ping taking Kai full circle to his freedom with other dragons in secret places where they live. Like a dragon coming of age novel.First she has to find the dragon home with very vague clues, avoiding danger along the way. Then Kai and Ping have to overcome the animosity the dragons have towards humans and a new dragon. Kai in this book would be comparable to a young man. I thought the writing was consistent. The story line went along well. There was forgiveness, resolution, love between Kai and Ping and both found a happy place in their perspective worlds.

  • Amy Gordon
    2019-05-26 08:53

    Not as good as the previous two but I still enjoyed it.

  • Jakob
    2019-05-26 03:34

    The ending was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to sad

  • cindy
    2019-05-18 11:01

    "Sekarang kau menyesal, setelah terbaring di sini, dalam kegelapan, jauh dari para pelayanmu, dekat dengan maut yang masih siap menjemputmu. Kau tidak akan semenyesal ini setelah nanti kembali ke istanamu!"Gooooo.... Ping!!!Puas sekali mendengar (eh membaca maksudnya) Ping mengomeli Kaisar seperti itu. Dan aku merasa kata-kata itu pas sekali. Memang penyesalan selalu datang terlambat. *eh jadi alay jablay gini ripiunya* ;p Kebawa mood-nya Sang Kaisar siihh... "Aku juga bukannya menawarkan pekerjaan padamu. Aku.... menawarkan hatiku." *Gubraaaaks...* *HAALAAH!!*Hehehe.... Ya, tapi ini masih cerita Ping dan Kai, si naga kecil. Meski sedikit beralay-alay di awalnya, Ping tetap pada keputusannya untuk membawa Kai ke surga naga. Berbekal peta berteka-teki dari Danzi, Ping menelusuri wilayah kekaisaran dari Beibai terus ke barat, melewati Tembok Besar, menyeberang ke wilayah-wilayah padang rumput, kembali ke wilayah kekaisaran, dan terus mengurai petunjuk arah Dataran Tinggi Naga. Dalam perjalannya Ping kembali dipertemukan dengan Jun, yang sekarang sudah tumbuh tinggi besar dan menjadi saudagar sutra kaya, namun tetap masih merasa bersalah dan berhutang budi padanya. Dengan pertolongan Jun, Ping dan Kai berhasil menemui 8 naga yang masih tersisa. Namun Kai ternyata tidak dengan mudah dapat diterima oleh para naga tersebut, mengingat ia lahir di kandang Kaisar dan memiliki pengasuh seorang perempuan. Mirip dengan buku pertamanya, buku ini lebih mengkisahkan tentang perjalanan Ping dan seekor naga asuhannya. Jika di Dragon Keeper ada Danzi, maka di buku ini ada Kai, anak Danzi. Bedanya di buku pertama, Ping dan Danzi menemui beberapa musuh yang mengejar-ngejar mereka, sedangkan di buku ketiga ini Ping dan Kai malah bertemu beberapa teman lama dan beberapa teman baru yang membantu perjalanan mereka. Cerita juga lebih difokuskan pada bagaimana Kai mendapatkan tempat di antara para naga, bagaimana Ping juga membantu Hei Lei si naga Halilintar Hitam meninggalkan kepedihannya terhadap manusia dan bagimana Ping merelakan perpisahan yang harus terjadi. Mengharukan memang, tapi tetap harus terjadi dan meninggalkan kenangan indah. *alay lagi* Aku suka bagian Ping di Istana Beibai di bawah perlindungan Bangsawan Yan yang berakal sehat. Aku suka bagian Ping menemukan Kaisar yang terluka. Aku suka bagian Ping diselamatkan Hou Yi dan bangsa Ma Ren. Aku suka saat Jun membantu Ping dan Kai. Dan aku suka saat Ping membela Hei Lei dengan mengatakan bahwa lebih baik ia yang mati daripada melihat seekor naga lagi menemui ajalnya. Tapi yang paling aku suka adalah bagian di mana kisah ditutup dengan percakapan tentang masa depan antara Ping dan Jun. Tentang rumah yang nyaman dan daun-daun mulberry yang tumbuh subur dalam hujan yang turun. Dibandingkan "lamaran" sang Kaisar yang rada alay, tawaran Jun sederhana dan sungguh-sungguh terdengar tulus."Kai sudah berada di tempat yang seharusnya-di dunia para naga. Sekarang sudah waktunya bagimu untuk mengambil tempatmu si dunia manusia.""Aku tidak pernah punya tempat di dunia manusia. aku sudah mengurus naga-naga sejak umurku empat tahun."...."Kau suka mulberry?"Dan Ping-pun menemukan tempatnya di dunia walau masih bermimpi tentang seekor naga yang berpendar lima warna. TAMAT. #sigh nb: sayang ya, cover dari terbitan Matahati ini tidak seperti dua buku sebelumnya, yang didominasi ukiran gambar timbul naga berwarna emas dan perak. Meski font judulnya masih sama dan image naganya juga serupa dengan buku-buku sebelumnya, tapi tetap tidak serasi jika dijajarkan seperti ini :p

  • Kalika Fortin
    2019-06-01 02:54

    My 7 year old loved this book.

  • Elketw
    2019-05-27 10:56

    Category: Books Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy Author: Carole Wilkinson Dragon Moon merupakan buku terakhir dari trilogi Dragon Keeper. Dua buku sebelumnya adalah Dragon Keeper dan Garden Of the Purple Dragon.Buku yang telah memenangkan beberapa penghargaan ini menceritakan mengenai seorang gadis yang ditakdirkan menjadi pengurus naga. Latar belakang cerita ini diceritakan saat masa pemerintahan dinasti Han. Bila di buku 1 menceritakan tentang persahabatan Ping dan Danzi sang Naga, dibuku kedua menceritakan kisah petualangan Ping saat membesarkan Kai seorang diri, maka di buku ke tiga ini menceritakan tentang tugas Ping yang memperoleh wasiat dari Danzi untuk mengantarkan Kai putra Danzi ke surga naga demi memperoleh hidup yang aman.Ping kini tinggal di istana Beibai dimana Kai dianggap sebagai pembawa berkah dan dipuja setiap orang. Namun tatkala istana tersebut diserang oleh pasukan kaisar yang menginginkan Kai membuat gadis ini semakin tidak tenang.Meskipun saat itu penyerbuan tentara tidak berhasil menembus pertahanan istana Beibai, Ping tidak merasa cukup tenang untuk tetap tinggal di perlindungan istana tersebut. Ia kemudian membuka wasiat Danzi yang pernah dititipkan melalui Hua. Isi wasiat tersebut merupakan peta menuju surga naga dimana Kai dapat hidup tenang hingga ratusan bahkan ribuan tahun tanpa perlu diburu oleh para pemburu naga.Berbekalkan wasiat tersebut Ping dan Kai yang kini berusia dua tahun meninggalkan istana Beibai yang nyaman. Meskipun tanpa arah yang jelas karena peta Danzi masih penuh teka teki.Beberapa kesulitan ditemui Ping dan Kai namun saat akhirnya berhasil menemukan tempat yang dimaksud Danzi, bukan kebahagiaan yg diperdengarkan oleh Kai melainkan kedukaan luar biasa saat yang ditemukan mereka hanya tulang belulang sisa naga yang terbunuh. Dua hari Kai kehilangan semangat hidup saat suatu kali tiba-tiba Kai direngut dari Ping oleh seekor naga Kuning. Meskipun berusaha maksimal Ping tidak dapat mengejar Kai yang dibawa pergi oleh naga terbang tersebut. Tanpa Kai, Ping seolah kehilangan tujuan hidup. Seumur hidupnya ia hanya tau cara menjadi pengurus naga tanpa Kai ia merasa tersesat. Kelaparan dan terabaikan di hutan rimba Ping merelakan dirinya untuk mati saja. Sampai tiba-tiba matanya dibutakan oleh ludah naga dan dibawa ke persembunyian naga yang baru. Disana Ia akhirnya bertemu dengan Kai dan 8 naga terakhir yang hidup. Bagaimana akhir kisah Ping dan Kai ?? Sebaiknya dibaca sendiri. Mengungkap terlalu banyak spoiler akan mengurangi keasikan membaca yang semestinya. Meski buku terakhir, saya melihat, Carole tidak ingin menuliskan cerita ini dengan terburu-buru.Alur yang lambat sedikit banyak membuat ceritanya monoton meskipun tetep menyenangkan mengingat tingkah polah Kai masih lucu seperti biasa.

  • Tanner
    2019-05-26 08:35

    This book is about a girl named Ping and a dragon named Kai. They are the two main characters in this book. The city they were living in was having a battle. After the city burnt down they went on an adventure to a place called the Dragon Haven. Kai is from Dragon Haven and wanted to return to see the other dragons. They run into a few problems on their way to Dragon Haven. Since Kai is a dragon he attracts a lot of attention. This makes it difficult to travel because he is always getting stopped by the villagers and is being asked to make it rain, but he is unable to do that. They also had to be aware and watch out for dragon hunters. They continue their journey to Dragon Haven through different villages and places like the Great Wall of China.This book talks about different adventures they experienced as they went through each village and city, on there way to Dragon Haven. The best adventure was when Kai discovered he could turn his scales into the color of the background and become invisible, like a chameleon.The best character in the book is Kai. He has a sense of humor, he is cool and has special powers. I could relate to Kai in this book cause he likes to amuse people. He is always joking around and is always looking for new friends. He loves meeting new and friendly people. I have done some of the things that the character's has done in my life. One adventure I had with my family was when we took a trip to Mesa Verde, Colorado to see the Indian Ruins. In order to get to these awesome villages we had to go on several long hikes. It was well worth the time and effort it took to get to the different villages. I loved this book cause it was funny, adventurous, and I could relate to it. My favorite part of the book was when they were arrested in one of the villages. The guards placed them in a barn while some of the guards were sleeping they snuck out. They dressed up to disguise their identity. Ping dressed up like a boy and Kai used his chameleon power.They went up to another security guard and asked if they could pass through. The disguises worked and they where told they could pass through. I don't have a least favorite part of the book cause all of it was entertaining, and the book was fun to read. If I could change any part of the book it would be that Kai's father would be alive to meet him when he arrived in Dragon Haven.

  • Kira
    2019-06-10 08:49

    it was amazing it can really make you read more.

  • shanah
    2019-06-10 05:53

    After stay for at moment on castle Beibei, Ping and Kai decide to continue or their journey. Which follow the clues-map from Danzi (Dragon, is father's Kai).This time, they face long and dangerous journey. Step by step, Ping was can translated of what Danzi said on those map..and follow it to the final place, Heaven of Dragon. With help ex-Dragon Keeper that was kept Danzi for long time ago, Ping and Kai found that place, was high, is a mountain.But when they, reached it they just found bones of the dragon. What's going with of those Dragon, Pink guest, that seems causes by Hunter Dragon.And one day, Ping and Kai saw on the sky, something flying, moved to near and closed with them. It's Dragon, yellow dragon and took Kai flying with him and leaved Ping alone. But on next several weeks, Ping decided to looking Kai, whatever he was. And, finally, with like miracle, they finally met with Kai. And she realize that there are lot Dragon living on that place, 8 dragons.Finally, Ping already leaved Kai with happiness on that place with another Dragon and Kai will become Leader on that pack. And Ping will took her own way, she will be miss a lot of Kai.Nice ending of the trilogy....or maybe the writer planning the next sequel?!?!

  • Ell Eastwood
    2019-05-25 02:42

    Books continues to be cute. It was nice to see people actually like the dragon and treat him well in this book, even though they sometimes didn't really know how to do it. We saw a bit more magic, which is almost never foreshadowed well, but on the other hand it is a book for children and it wasn't terribly done either so I'm not complaining.I kinda liked the ending, thought it was more bitter than sweet. I mean, I want dragons in the world, even if it's just a fictional world, I really do. And thinking that Ping is gonna spend the rest of her life without dragons is sad, because we've known her for like ... two years or so? Two years that were full of adventures and dragons and then she'll spend the rest of her life without them. It's kinda sad.But a good series, that I'm happy that I read. Would probably have adored them as a child, but they were enjoyable as an adult as well. ^^

  • Liana
    2019-05-26 10:32

    Aww... the ending to this book was so sad. Well, bittersweet more like, but somehow I expected it to be that way. It makes me wonder how this series will continue on (view spoiler)[without Kai. (Ping had to leave him behind with all the other dragons.) (hide spoiler)]My favorite part was def the whole dragon fighting scene just before the boo-hooy ending. Kai can really kick butt despite his small size! I never expected him to be like that, so it was a new treat to see. :)Even though Dragon Moon is about 320 pages, it felt like the longest book in the series. It's a good relaxing read compared to the other two, which were more action packed... Reader's who like their stories bustling with action may not enjoy Dragon Moon as much, but an easy going reader might. :)

  • Sol González
    2019-06-14 05:34

    Después de varios sucesos, Ping ha comprendido que no hay un lugar seguro para Kai en el mundo del hombre, por lo que deberá llevarlo con los suyos, empleando el mapa encontrado, así como las predicciones del dragón como única guía.Para ello deberá abandonar por enésima vez el refugio encontrado, despidiéndose de Yangxin y el duque de Yan, quienes son renuentes a que se marche, debido a la abundancia que el dragón ha traído a su reino, sin embargo la desgracia vuelve a alcanzarlos en cuanto el emperador se entera de dónde se encuentra su ansiado dragón y comienza una guerra con el objeto de obtenerlo. Es ahí en donde Ping comienza la búsqueda de los dragones.Este es el último libro de la serie, dando a Ping un final feliz

  • Caleb Blake
    2019-05-22 04:36

    This was an impressive little trilogy. The reading was simple and clear as you would expect from a young adult story, but the story remained interesting.In some ways this was a coming of age story for the main character as much as it was an adventurous story about dragons in China. As Ping travels through the empire we see her develop in the role of dragon keeper as she learns about survival, deception, attraction and attachment, loss and finally wisdom.Meanwhile the plight of the empire's dragons provides a sufficiently adventurous vehicle for Ping's journey - and everyone likes a good dragon story.

  • Wendy
    2019-05-27 04:50

    So much more than just another children's fantasy series... I thought that this was a great ending to a wonderful trilogy. Although designed and marketed as a children's book, only the most avid child readers will finish the books because of their long portions of description. That is unfortunate as I think that the trilogy has a lot to teach the reader about finding a purpose, being yourself, perseverance, the difficulty in discerning true friends from others, and how to avoid letting life's many pleasures and comforts distract you from what you should/must do. I'm sure there are even more lessons here that I have failed to list. Highly recommended.