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~Editor's Pick~ Ally Watson struggles to live with the choices she made, the worst of which resulted in her soul mate's death. Michael’s sacrifice to save the girl he loved may have reversed the Apocalypse, but not the permanent damage inflicted by living with his loss. Ally begins a journey where she soon discovers that death is not always the end, but sometimes the very~Editor's Pick~ Ally Watson struggles to live with the choices she made, the worst of which resulted in her soul mate's death. Michael’s sacrifice to save the girl he loved may have reversed the Apocalypse, but not the permanent damage inflicted by living with his loss. Ally begins a journey where she soon discovers that death is not always the end, but sometimes the very beginning. With old friends, she journeys to the Nosferatu Nation where she meets with new alliances willing to help her in her quest to defeat the Devourer. At every turn, Ally unearths secrets that threaten to destroy those she loves. The second installment of The Vulcan Legacies series will put Ally to the ultimate test, forcing her to face her fears and the true destiny she will fulfill as Azrael, the Seraph of Death....

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Black Abaddon Reviews

  • Aberdean Blackwell
    2018-12-06 15:49

    Dear Lord! This second novel in the Vulcan Legacies Series was unbelievable! The first book was amazing and I truly was curious at how the author would follow up and how the second book was going to compare to the first one (Black Amaranth). Well, let me tell you...Black Abaddon did not disappoint. This new author delivered in a BIG way. Black Abaddon starts pretty much where Black Amaranth left off. The characters were easy to relate to, especially as Ally truly feels the repercussions of her choices in the first book. From the very first chapter, twists and turns resume (something I loved about the first book)making nearly each chapter a cliffhanger and impossible to put Black Abaddon down. Old evils surface, but things are not as they appear. I cannot go into too much detail, but if you thought the ending of Black Amaranth was shocking, just wait until you get to the end of Black Abaddon! I'm still in euphoric shock! There were some very tender moments in this novel, touching, and some parts that brought tears to my eyes. Just when I thought I had things figured out and could see where the author was taking me...surprise! Again, this series is unlike anything I have ever read. The pacing is wonderful, the description just right and the cliffhangers are over the top in the best possible way. Do yourself a favor and snatch this one up. Excellent!

  • Melanie
    2018-11-12 17:30

    4.5*sreview posted here... Black Abaddon we see Ally quite broken, everyone is dealing with the aftermath of book one in which her soul mate Michael was killed but Ally is struggling because she is now the Angel of Death and failed her test, therefore she failed everyone including Michael. The Devourer is still on the loose and everyone must come together to save the world from the evil that is coming. When Mariah, the Princess of the Nosferatu turns up looking for her brother Marik & long lost brother Michael, a surprising alliance is on the horizon and it looks like Ally will have to unite everyone for the battle to come. It soon becomes clear that whilst everyone is scrambling to build alliances, the Devourer is also building an army and some of our favourites are in for a shock when we find out who he has sided with… be prepared for anything as nothing and no one is safe!As I mentioned above, Ally is a sad figure in this, she seems to have lost hope as she struggles with guilt, grief and the knowledge that everyone around her is at risk. Her powers are evolving and seemingly bestowed from up high but she’s struggling and finding it hard to deal with things. Her feelings are put to the test again but I’m hoping the gutsy, determined fighter will be back soon, we get a glimpse toward the ending but we need more!This book was very sombre and had a very sad feel because of the ending of book one. The threat is still very palpable & urgent but the beginning very much focussed on the aftermath of book one, it was still filled with a lot of information and all of the characters dealing with their own feelings about what happened though. Things begin to look up as the start of some alliances are forged and the group is pulled together by mystical forces but don’t expect things to get any better, get the tissues ready because there will be tears and heartbreak which is going to change a LOT of lives. I mentioned in my review of book one that the secondary characters are just as important and their stories are just as interesting, this doesn’t change here because not only is Ally going through turmoil but everyone else is too and there is no let-up in the pain & sacrifice department because everyone will lose something in this but that just makes you route for them all the more, I want them to succeed, I want them to band together, I want them all to find their soul mate and I need them all to get a HEA. Further into the book Ally seems to take charge of herself, making a few realisations and coming to some conclusions which leads the story to take on a run and chase feel as Ally starts to flee from her troubles and it seems like the devourer will never stop hunting her which definitely adds to the excitement of the book and leads to an absolutely amazing ending that really has the wow factor and leaves me desperate for book 3… just brilliant!

  • Kimber Wheaton
    2018-11-26 22:53

    I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewI really enjoyed Black Amaranth and have been anxiously awaiting a chance to read Black Abaddon. Ms. Hibbs did not disappoint in this great second book in the Vulcan Legacies series. There was never a dull moment in this twisty roller-coaster ride. Sometimes book two in a series tends to be dull or fall flat. That is not the case with this one. I actually enjoyed it more than the first book! This will be a rather short review because I don't want to give away any of the plot.The story picks up right from the rather explosive ending of the first book. Ally is in a bad place emotionally in the aftermath of her failed test. She's ridden with guilt and has lost hope which creates a rather somber tone. One thing I really liked was how Ally grew emotionally throughout the story. She's a much stronger character by the end than she was at the beginning.The secondary characters were also amazing and all very important to the story line. I just love all of the characters! So, I cried at times while reading--keep tissues nearby just in case. I really lost track of time while reading this book. The action was nonstop so there was no good place to stop reading. When the phone rang, I cursed the caller for pulling me from the story. Don't expect too many answers in this second book. In fact I think I have more questions now than I did when I started reading. The ending was amazing, surprising, and left me clamoring for the third book. I hope you're writing fast Ms. Hibbs!I highly recommend Black Abaddon to everyone high school and up who enjoys an immersive paranormal read. This is not a standalone novel, so be sure to pick up Black Amaranth and read it first. I'm adding this one to my Goodreads favorites list.

  • Bridie Hall
    2018-11-29 19:36

    Epic comes to mind. Heart-breaking, too. Memorable... I could go on, but my words will tell you little about the wonderful book that is Black Abaddon. You simply need to read it.The story picks up where Black Amaranth left it, and jumps right into the beginnings of an apocalypse. All the wonderful characters are back, and the pace of this second book is perhaps even more intense than in the first one. Ally's heartbreak was palpable, which made her decisions and her journey that much braver and selfless. It was nice to see old characters in a new light, but I'd love to read more about Eli and Jessica and Brandi. I can't wait for the next book in the series after such a surprise ending.

  • Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten)
    2018-11-30 20:27

    Thank you to YA Bound Book Tours and author Sasha Hibbs for providing me with a copy of this in exchange for an honest review!Find this review and more on my blog The Rest Is Still Unwritten!Black Abaddon is the second book in the Vulcan Legacies series by Sasha Hibbs and is in my opinion even better than the first! Rife in danger and darkness, Black Abaddon is an addictive and heart pounding story with more shocking twists than you’ll know what to do with!I have to say, Black Abaddon blew me away and I thoroughly enjoyed this book; more so than even the first instalment! Black Amaranth was a lot about learning about the world and meeting the characters. Hibbs focused a lot about introducing her beings and the histories of the characters, whereas in Black Abaddon, we’re forced to witness the evolution of some of the characters as the storyline steadily progressed.At this point in time I really feel like I know the characters and Hibbs only enhances this as she writes some big developments into her storyline involving our main character Ally and those around her. Personally I really like all the characters in this book, admittedly some more than others, but regardless I think each brings something very different but intense to the character dynamic within the story.The differences between all the characters, from their species to their personalities, to their relationships, are something I find very interesting in this series. Everyone from our main character Ally to Jessica, Dave, Eli, Lucy, Brandi, Uncle Argyle, Parthenia, Elizabeth, the gypsies, the Nashoba and especially Marik in Black Abaddon all managed to have an effect on me; I’m invested in all their relationships and lives. Even those we’re just meeting, like Mariah and the Nosforatu Nation intrigue me and those who aren’t what we first thought like Marik have me needing to know more.At the end of Black Amaranth, Ally suffered a tremendous loss and is still reeling from this in Black Abaddon. She’s in pain and we see a great deal of agony from Ally in this book. Heartbroken and struggling to go on, Ally really struggles with her self belief in this book. Hibbs still continues to keep us on our toes, as Ally’s destiny is still unknown and revelation after revelation changing what we know about her and what she’s meant to do.Relationships between some characters change, including the one between Ally and Marik. He may have been the big evil in the previous book, but Sasha Hibbs pulls a rabbit out of her hat with him and manages to explore him with some shocking revelations that will change the way Ally, and we see him in Black Abaddon. Honestly, this guy just breaks my heart! I’m so head over heels for him and completely absorbed in his own story. Marik is a very layered character. He’s made mistakes, but everything he ever did was for his family and those he loves; he was used by a great evil, and is now unable to move on.I’m going to be honest here…I never felt Ally and Michael’s relationship in the first book. I wanted to, but I didn’t. I feel for Marik though and the way he feels for Ally. He truly cares about her and it saddens me that she doesn’t quite feel the same. She loves him, but not as deeply as he cares for her. I do wonder what Hibbs has in store for their relationship. I’m not really a fan of any love triangles, especially when a heroine seems set on one person, but I do actually love Marik. I think he deserves some happiness!Black Abaddon races towards a jaw-dropping conclusion that is in no way expected. Honestly, I’m shell shocked by how the novel has concluded. Hibbs throws in some unexpected developments, but none more so than the final chapter! Believe me—Black Abaddon will have you begging for more!

  • Marcus Damanda
    2018-11-20 18:52

    It can be tricky, reviewing the second book of what is (currently) a trilogy. I have to be careful here. When I was last reading Sasha Hibbs, I found myself pulverized by a brutal and powerful ending that I don’t want to spoil in the review of its sequel. However, this much can be said from the get-go: the first book, BLACK AMARANTH, left our hero Ally in a very difficult place. Apart from the threat that she believes she represents to the world—and who can blame her?—she now has to deal with heartbreak, hatred, remorse, guilt, and the seeming loss of the her own powers, powers which she only recently began to understand.But because this IS Ally we’re talking about, we keep reading.And so we come to BLACK ABADDON, Book 2 of the Vulcan Legacies. And the bad news, if none of the above qualifies as such, is that the Devourer is far from done with his wicked machinations. In a dark fantasy by Sasha Hibbs, the reader can expect that the action will not slow down for the emotional havoc previous catastrophes have wrought. No, the story steams forward with the inexorable lack of pity of a train without brakes, even as we experience the trauma with Ally. To do this and make a reader believe it, especially with a young protagonist, is a nice trick, and a hallmark of Hibbs’s talent.We can be encouraged by her “God” character, represented here in Ally’s interview with “The Authority,” but it’s a short respite. All too soon (in a literal sense; dramatically, it’s lots of fun), we have to stand alongside Ally for a vampiric blood trial, where the accused’s actions are revealed in a public and potentially fatal ritual. The revelations draw sympathy towards a character neither Ally nor the reader would have expected to empathize with …More revelations follow. Remember Dave and Jessica from the first book? Quite often, they seemed like they were hanging on the coattails of other characters—mostly along for the ride, and to develop the rapport between young characters that was, and remains, a story about kids who are far, far over their own heads. But no—they’re embroiled in it far more directly than they ever expected.See how careful I’m being? I can’t give this stuff away …I stand by what I said in the first review. If there’s anything difficult in the midst of all this pathos and adventure, it’s that you’ll sometimes have to review your notes to keep up. The story is relentless, and although Sasha Hibbs has a clear handle on the reigns, some of us have to work a little to keep up.It’s worth it, though. Very, very worth it. BLACK ABADDON, by Sasha Hibbs, is more than a dark, swirling cauldron of nightmare fantasy. It’s a character study on survivors’ guilt, and the continuation of a multi-layered epic that sometimes unfolds like a flower—and other times spirals out ahead of you like a vine racing out to strangle a loved one.

  • M. Kircher
    2018-11-12 15:44

    This is a solid Book 2! We're first introduced to Ally in Black Amaranth, and she's taken quite a journey since then. Black Abaddon continues the story after Marik has killed Michael, but only because he was possessed, and Ally has lost her Seraph of Death powers. The apocalypse is coming and the entire cast of characters are scrambling to figure out how to deal with it. It soon becomes clear that new alliances will be formed and old ones broken. And then you have Ally and Marik striking out on their own after Marik's blood trial. This is where the story really started to sing for me. The connection and growth that you see between these two is wonderful—it keeps you turning those pages!I did have a difficult time following all of the plot twists, as there were quite a few. Perhaps scaling back on the number of characters would be helpful in the third installment of this series. The ending however, is one of the best I've read in a long time. And I read a lot! I was totally taken by surprise and it was so very enjoyable. You'll find yourself sighing because Book 3 isn't out yet. I don't want to give anything away, but I'm super intrigued to see where Ms. Hibbs takes this story. Dark and Light battle it out for sure, but she's crafted a unique take on an age-old story that you don't want to miss.

  • Sasheena
    2018-11-17 20:35

    I read Black Abaddon in one day. The first one, Black Amaranth, was great, the second book in the "Black" series was even better! The story goes in all kinds of crazy directions, twists and turns making it impossible to stop! I LOVE this series! Waiting on the third....

  • Naturalbri (Bri Wignall)
    2018-11-14 18:35

    The StoryAlly has learned a few lessons, first of which was - love hurts. Her love hurts more than most, as she didn't realise she even had him and already he was gone. After Michael sacrificed himself for her, Ally was thrust into another of her mother's memories. She believed this was in order for her to change the past, to start back at the beginning. She was wrong. The beginning she thought she was fixing was not at all what was needed, and now her mother has forced her back into present day, having taken all of her away - immortality, powers, wings and all. Now, she truly must start back at the beginning, the beginning of her Angel of Death transformation. She soon learns that her journey has cycles, she must weather the storm in this unforgiving winter of her life before she can start anew, with any hope of saving the world from evil and darkness. However, there is a catch. Love. Ally finds herself in a world of turmoil, trouble and new emotions. She runs off with the one man she thought never possible and soon finds herself falling for him, completely. But all is not what it seems. Soon a message starts to appear, one that is reflected on the one who is coming for her...and it is not the man she thinks. Can Ally get through this desperate time? Will she still save the world? Can love help her through her winter? And just what or who is Abaddon?What I ThoughtWow. I knew, after reading the first book, Black Amaranth, that Sasha Hibbs was a fantastic author. The story that was woven together was both addicting and exciting. I couldn't wait to pick up the second book and get as absorbed in the extension of Ally's world. I was not let down. The second installment is fantastic. Rather than just a sense of urgency and coming of age, we find ourselves deep in a story of sorrow, reconciliation and the search for ones self. Ally has become a beacon of strength, while those around her fight amongst themselves. Yes, she is broken and full of sorrow for losing the love of her life. Yes, she is filled with fear and regret, having made the wrong decision and having lost her abilities. However, she has and unrivalled inner strength, and makes the choice to forge ahead, aiming for what she sees as the best option for saving the world. I love the characters in this second book. They hold true to their original characters, except for those who are 'new' to this book. They have increased depth and emotion, and we find ourselves bonding even more with them. I like the twists and turns in the story, be it unexpected love or the return of something to Ally never saw coming. All of these surprises are unexpected, but easily fit in the story, and become something you want for Ally. The pace of the second book is perfect. It still moves quickly, to keep that sense of urgency, fear and turmoil, but still moves slowly enough to develop the next steps in this 'game.' OVERALL: I am highly impressed with this book. It has depth, great characters and pace and is a truly gripping book. I cannot wait to read the third book Black Atonement, and find myself hoping it is not the final book, as I don't know what I'll do when I don't have anymore Ally to read about. I would highly recommend this book from YA/Teen to Adults, as it has something for all ages. It is a book that you truly cannot put down.

  • Tiffany Oharriz
    2018-11-18 21:44

    I am without a doubt absolutely speechless. The book was just that good!FIRST, before I go on... let me say that this review was a loooonnggg time coming but due to a series of unforeseen events and an ever growing list of reviews that needed to be posted by a certain date and lots of paperbacks that were sent my way before this novel, I was left with no other option but to bid my time. I've been anxious to read it and it along with one other book has been sitting on the dresser right next to my desk for months. And I do mean months. So I apologize to not only you guys who read my reviews but to the ever talented Ms. Hibbs.Now without further ado by review. The story picks up literally right where the last one ended. With a heartbroken Ally and thrusts you right back into to the tearful and unfair world that this ensemble has to endure. Its an emotional roller coaster full of surprises and couple of unfortunate mishaps and a lots of tugging at the heart strings... but this book is GOLDEN. Its a relatively short read and didn't take me as long (even tho they are roughly the same length) as the first to get through. But I believe that had more to do with my unwillingness to put the book down.The cover is as you can see very similar to the first but a hell of a lot darker which fits the mood of this book, and from what I gather a reoccurring theme to the series. I happen to love when a series does that so kudos!Also, its worth noting that while the first book is packed with details and a bit on the slow side this books was mostly fast paced and in your face. (rhyme not intended) there was a lot of I knew it moments but the were woven into the story so beautifully. I especially enjoyed the importance of the name of this book and it was a foreshadowing of whats to come.Read the full review here --->

  • Tracy Ehlers
    2018-12-05 14:36

    I received this book in exchange for an honest review.This second book in the Vulcan Legacies Series was fantastic, after reading and reviewing the first book Black Amaranth which I thought was awesome, I was hoping the author continue Black Abaddon where the first instalment ended... The author did not disappoint in fact, it got better! with having already been introduced to the characters the storyline progressed with lots of action and suspense, Ms Hibbs' ability to end each chapter leaving the reader wanting more, made for a captivating and thrilling read that I found hard to put down. Ally aka Azrael, feeling guilty and that all is lost, having failed her test, and the loss of her soul mate, Ally sets out to fix what she thinks she has destroyed. During this journey we see familiar characters and how their stories are so wonderfully entwined with Ally's. I would love to read more about Brandi and I so hope the author delves more into the relationship of Eli and Jessica!!!There is so much more I could say but refuse to give spoilers. Will leave that discovery to the reader.I will say that the story continues with twist and turns and even some emotional moments that left me close to tears. This does not detract in anyway from the storyline but helps to build a brilliant story that I thinks has surpassed the first... Eagerly waiting for the next book in this amazing series.....If wanting to read this book I suggest you first read Black Amaranth so you can really enjoy the story from its beginning. Definitely recommend this YA / Paranormal novel to all fans of the genre.

  • Deb
    2018-11-19 16:40

    Black Abaddon is the second book in the Vulcan Legacies series. Ms. Hibbs blew me away with this second book, so much action, intrigue as well as some enlightening moments. I have so many question now more than ever, so please Ms. Hibbs write faster. *grins*Ally is coming out of her shell as the Angel of Death, broken unsure of her direction now. After losing Michael, can Ally continue the fight? Will she get her revenge on Micheal’s killer?Ms. Hibbs created such an emotional roller coaster inside Ally, sadness, guilt, grief along the knowledge that everyone that she cares for is at risk.Marik is diffidently becoming more of a mystery with every book. I want to see what Ms. Hibbs has in-store for him. Is there a HEA with Ally? Will they ever be anything between them?The secondary characters played important roles as they did in book one, for me they get top billing. The whole gang, joins in with new some new additions. Mariah, the Princess of the Nosferatu has my interest peaked as does her entourage. She turns up looking for her brother Marik & long lost brother Michael, a surprising alliance is on the horizon. The battle is coming what side will she be on?

  • Loren Weaver
    2018-11-16 20:54

    Black Amaranth is book one of the Vulcan Legacies covering the beginning of Ally's journey into a world she never would have believed existed.Ally just wanted to graduate high school and leave for college with her best friends, twins Dave and Jessica. She didn't want to come home to find her uncle in a life-or-death battle with a creature that shouldn't exist and end up running for her life with the twins and Michael into a world of shapeshifters, blood drinkers, gypsies, and seraphs. Oh, and she's actually a part of that world, her heritage from her dead parents.That's when they tell her the prophecy. She'll face an unknown test. If she fails, the Apocalypse begins. That's when Ally finds out that love is the most powerful force left in her world, but she doesn't even know what choice she'll have to make to save the people she loves.

  • Johnnie-Marie Howard
    2018-11-16 20:36

    This is a 1person POV and was told with a lot of passion for the character and character's feelings. This was/has been an amazing journey that the author has taken me on which I really enjoyed rather well in fact. I'm left with the story in my mind still on how things might turn out and thinking of what has happened in the story so far; let me tell you that this is a must read but you have to read book 1 first that or you'll be extremely lost on what in the hell(void) is going on.***I received this story for free in exchange for an honest review, see more of my review @ ***

  • Claudette Harris
    2018-11-11 16:51

    Eagerly awaited this second installment and it most certainly did not disappoint!! A real page turner, one of the books that is too hard to put down before it is completely devoured. Hmm, I have to wait how long before the next one?

  • Tami
    2018-11-18 22:37

    OMG this author does not let you down. I was lucky enough to get one and two to review. I was BAWLING when they killed her beloved off. Black Abaddon by Sasha Hibbs is a must read for the young adult reader. This author is soooo talented.

  • Tabbatha
    2018-11-11 22:26

    Amazing!this book was just too short! I hated for it to end. now to wait as patiently as possible for the next book!

  • Mikky (Nocturnal Predators Reviews)
    2018-12-08 22:53

    Originally posted at:*I was provided a free eCopy by the author in exchange of an honest review.This book was awesome! It was a very nice continuation compared to the first book in this series. It doesn't pick up RIGHT where book 1 left off, but a little while after it. Ally still has more questions then answers. Because of that, the first half of this book dragged on and on. I was being slapped upside the head with plot twists left and right. They weren't revolutionary plot twists. No, these were really annoying little problems that just kept popping up. Every. Single. Page. It got annoying VERY fast. After the first 50% passed, the book started going somewhere. Answers came slow, but steadily. Though, by the end I still had more questions then answers. I just don't know if I liked either "hero". I just have mixed feelings when referring to Marik. Sure, what happened in Book 1 got resolved this time around. BUT, I still don't know if I can really trust him after he proved to be so easily persuaded because of a "magical" vision.Michael this time around, just proved my point. He was the wholesome, all around, cute guy. The key word in that last sentence is WAS. He proved that he could also be manipulated VERY easily. I just think Ally deserves more from a guy. Ally's mother/sprit/suspicious-person-numero-uno, was just there to complicate the story. Until now, no one even knows what she's up to or which side she's on. I don't know how the character's even trust her. Just because she's Ally's mom, it doesn't mean she's on the "lesser evil" side.The ending had a MAJOR plot twist. I was SO surprised. The whole novel was building up to that EXACT moment. Now that was a revolutionary plot twist. Because of that ending I will be rocking in a corner awaiting the release of Book 3.Favorite Quotes:"Love does not destroy. Love has many faces to it. Love heals and comes in the most unexpected places and when you are in your darkest hour, that same love will find you and life you back up.""They were all robbed. All of her tomorrows were gone. She could see a world stretching out before her, one filled with chaos, with fire, with death and destruction.""After moving heaven and earth he finally found her."

  • Boundless Book Reviews
    2018-11-24 15:30

    We pick up in Black Abaddon right where Black Amaranth left off. Ally chose wrong and because of that Michael is dead and the Devourer has been unleashed on earth. However, the Devourer can't reign down full Armageddon without Seraph of Death, Ally.Her soul mate is dead, the weight of the world is literally on her shoulders and she doesn't know where to begin. This book was a very emotional journey for Ally. Ally is in mourning throughout Black Abaddon and ready to give up even though she may still be able to save the world. Just like in Black Amaranth there is no clear direction in what she is supposed to do to stop the pending Armageddon. She is in a very bleak and dark place full of self-loathing and pity but takes comfort in a very unlikely source. The ending was a unbelievable twist! WOW, did not see that coming at all. I'm will be reading Black Atonement ASAP.The only reason this book didn't get a 5 is the dialog was bothering me. There were pages of conversations with just Ally and one other person. I found it unnecessary for he said, she said, to be constantly put at the end of each sentence. It really disrupted the flow of the story for me...Sarahttp://www.boundlessbookreviews.com

  • Nicky Peacock
    2018-11-24 21:44

    So this is a 2nd book in the series and you really do need to read the first one (fortunately I was kindly given both to review) I loved the idea behind this book, although a little YA cliche in places (to be honest it’s expected troupes that readers want: love triangle, best friends, secret powers etc.) it still felt like an effortless read that kept you hooked.From a writer’s perspective, it took a while to get the plot moving and this might lose the less patient reader, which would be a shame as it climaxed in the 2nd book to a real twist that I didn’t see coming. I didn’t warm to Ally straight away and felt the opening a little weak compared to the rest of the book, so would have preferred the first chapter to jump straight into the action (but that’s just me!)The front covers of both books are very evocative and really give you an impression of what you’ll be getting when you buy them – so two thumbs up to the designer.I’m going to give both books a combined rating, as they really do need to be read together – so 4 out 5 stars – a really intriguing teen read that bridges the gap nicely to adult readers too.

  • Julia
    2018-12-04 20:54

    I do not know why, but I did not like this book as much as the first.The first part is full of excitement and emotions, and new characters that lift the story, but when the book is getting good, Ally and Marik go together to the forest and then I lost interest in the story, Ally continues disoriented and full of questions and Marik it's too good to be real.I must confess that I went ahead without reading several pages, until the last chapter returned my interest in the book, and now I can not wait to read the third !!

  • Reviewer King
    2018-12-04 17:44

    OMG the covers of these books!! So beautiful. How??This book was the perfect sequel and so completely intense. I was rooted to my seat because I had to know what was going to happen.From the ending of the first book, I was mourning with Ally. I felt my heart break just like hers did.This one did not disappoint and I can't wait to read about what happens next and where the author takes her characters.