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The stakes climb higher in this second book in the No Weddings Series for Hannah Martin, a woman restrained by her past, and Cade Michaelson, the man who could help set her free.I’m drawn to Cade as he charms his way into more of my life and offers me something I truly haven’t ever had: a friend. Yet his humor, patience, and drop-dead sexiness take my breath away, and I k The stakes climb higher in this second book in the No Weddings Series for Hannah Martin, a woman restrained by her past, and Cade Michaelson, the man who could help set her free.I’m drawn to Cade as he charms his way into more of my life and offers me something I truly haven’t ever had: a friend. Yet his humor, patience, and drop-dead sexiness take my breath away, and I know my heart is at risk. I want to move forward but am terrified I can’t.Cade seems to have it together from his own devastating heartache. His subtle actions, however, suggest a different story. And even though he says he wants more, I wonder if he’s able to trust in our developing relationship.As we navigate through our tangled feelings, we vow to take it slow. Yet no matter how careful we try to be, things between us intensify—and there’s nothing we can do, or want to do, to stop it.But the biggest question remains: Is chemistry enough to move beyond the past and toward a future together?...

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One Funeral Reviews

  • Shurrn
    2018-11-23 09:07

    A sweet romance with just the right amount of heat..."You're the best thing I ever waited for." What a fabulous sequel!This is 'Flip POV' done right. Book one was written from Cade's POV & this book was written from Hannah's. I can only assume that the authors will continue alternating POVs as the series continues. This is a HUGE risk to take, and I know of more than one series which has tanked (though I won't mention any names) after the POV was taken from a dynamic character and surrendered to a character who was too dull to carry the book... Not the case with the No Weddings series. Hannah was every bit as quirky and amusing as Cade.This series balances humor and angst in a very intriguing way - both characters are dealing with broken hearts and serious trust issues, but the banter and inner-monologue remains light-hearted. Doing so keeps the reader from becoming too overwhelmed either direction - nobody likes a mopey MC. Once again, this is a difficult balance to pull off, and I'm delighted to see it here.If you read my review for the first book, No Weddings, you know I was surprised to find it was sex free. *ghasp* the level of UST was reaching unbearable levels between these two - they both have a gift for teasing and dirty-talk - so I am pleased to announce that the relationship is consummated in this book!!!Look Hannah, we made you a cake!"I told you I had a massive cock."I laughed, then kissed the soft skin covering the tip, cradling the rigid length in my hand. "Yes you did.""Great. Let's agree: it's huge, amazing work of art." His slow words came out between shuddering breaths. "Now can you please make me the luckiest man on Earth and suck it deep into your mouth?" ...and it was well worth the wait. As I've said before - I'll always prefer a romance where the main characters have an emotional connection before a physical one. Hence the 'Romance' tag. Cade MichaelsonThe air between us sizzled with so much sensual heat, I risked spontaneous combustion every time he stepped into the room. Cade is steadily working his way into my harem of Book Boyfriends. He was lovely in No Weddings, but seeing him through Hannah's eyes added a layer of adorable sweetness to his character.Also, Cade has a delightfully filthy mouth! I might have drooled a little bit on my Kindle ;)Hannah Martin"No girl on Earth will ever hold a candle to you, Hannah. You draw me in with real beauty. I'm blind to anyone else." Hannah took the lead with this book. Her POV solidified my opinion of her character - she's honest, open, and has an admirable courage in the midst of her vulnerability.She's going to therapy, meeting new people, and running her business like a champ!They've gone public with their relationship - introducing Hannah as Cade's girlfriend when she attended his graduation. All the sisters seem to be on board with Cade breaking his rule about keeping it in his pants. Cade's buddies were already head-over-heels for Hannah & her mad culinary skills.I wonder what will happen next... Now that they've gone public with their relationship status, an awful lot hangs in the balance: - Their event planning company - Invitation Only - Their shared set of friends - Most importantly, the friendship they worked so hard to cultivate...I guess we'll have to wait for Book Three: Two Bar Mitzvahs to find out more!Check out my other reviews in the No Weddings Series:1 - No Weddings - My Review2 - One Funeral - You're Reading it!3 - Two Bar Mitzvahs - My Review4 - Three Christmases - My Review4.5 - For Valentine's - My Review***I was provided a copy of this book & an imaginary fire extinguisher in exchange for my honest review***

  • Dali
    2018-11-21 10:00

    For Amazon -> fabulous story of a non-dating but committed relationship between two delightful characters set to a simmering slow burn that constantly threatens to boils over. This wonderfully sweet and patient courtship is a breath of fresh air in today’s world of instant gratification.One funeral starts right where No Weddings left off when Cade and Hannah decide to take their friendship further. But there is a lot at stake and their past still has its ugly claws in a tight hold, especially Hannah’s.But even when emotionally handicapped, they certainly make up for it in imagination, resourcefulness and most of all, determination and the knowledge that anything worth having is worth the effort. Cade and Hannah decide to forego the pressures of dating and just get to know one another more in their own non-dating fashion. And even they weren’t exactly dating, it certainly didn’t mean they pushed aside their attraction. “...for things to progress from non-dating to non-sex we have to increase the rate of exposure until vibration occurs.”Though at times it seemed they went at a snail’s pace, I enjoyed the unhurried nature of their developing connection. There was no drama, no angst, only a fun, easy and certainly a flirty back and forth between them. The anticipation only helped “ratchet up the building tension.” The pull between them almost visible and taut as a bow string, and Cade and Hannah were not shy about it. “So to clarify the details, if I have to lift and hold your petticoats while you pee, will you lift and hold something when it’s my turn?” “I am not holding… there’s no way I’m touching…” “My massive… That’s right, Hannah. We both know you want to, now. I hope it’s the only thing you think about all night… To adventures together no matter where we go. Most especially in the bathroom.”Even though we didn’t get a peek at Cade’s inner musings, we did get a sampling of all his complex layers. From his vulnerable heart “Let’s promise not to non-date anyone else.”My lips twitched. “So we’re exclusively non-dating.”To his savvy academic and business persona, his inner caveman made an appearance or two, to the incredibly sweet man that seemed to know exactly what Hannah needed and was willing to give anything and everything to her in order to get her to the right frame of mind where they could be completely together. “The longer I know you, the more I want everything you want. Your dream became my dream, and I wanted to make it happen for you.”I also admired Hannah’s strength and courage. I was a bit worried about this part. Having such a great time in Cade’s head in the last book, I wasn’t sure if Hannah would be able to carry the complete story as well Cade had. But Kat and Bastion develop this tale brilliantly showing us not just how Hannah dealt with her issues, but her open and honest communication, her wit and the way she appreciated Cade. The later giving her a golden heroine star in my book. Because seeing him through her eyes was even more swoon worthy than just having him say beautiful words, which he also did.“The amazing man who had gone from acquaintance to best friend to… so much more… was real and true and in my arms. Confident and determined, he’d seen my weaknesses and embraced them. He’d taken note of my obstacles and seized the opportunity to help me overcome them.” ~ Hannah“The only woman I see, the only woman I want, is you.” ~ CadeOf course there were also the great dinners, event planning and social gatherings with the rest of gang that rounded out and completed the story.“I have a way with the ladies. Always show up with at least a foot, wide and firm.” ~ Ben, talking about bread.I also got lost in the sensory echoes and diverse imagery that the beautifully rich descriptions provided. And before I finish this review, I’m going spoil you a bit. For those of you who were worried that the waiting thing was overrated and Cade and Hannah would never reach their boiling point? They do. And it was worth it.“You’re the best thing I’ve ever waited for.”~ CadeI adore this couple and how they decided to take a leap of faith together. “We’re like kindergarten buddies. We’re not allowed to cross the street unless we’re holding hands. Only ours isn’t a busy intersection. It’s more like an emotional obstacle course.”Cade Michelson has now officially become part of my book boyfriends. And if you can’t tell I highlighted this book like crazy. I wish I could share all the great quotes and moments that touched me. The good news is you don’t have to wait long and I can’t wait to read the next book in Kat and Stone Bastion’s No Wedding series.I recommend this series (it must be read in order though) to anyone who enjoys romance in the form of an unstoppable flow of magma that alters foundations with its slow, “devastating and all consuming” course. * I was given an ARC of this book for an honest review by Netgalley. The excerpts are from that copy. *This is officially my longest review ever. If you want more of my reviews and those of my best book buds, and updates Visit our blogStalk us on FaceBookAs well as Twitter

  • Crazy for Books (Stephanie)
    2018-12-14 05:56

    ARC provided through NetGalley for an honest review.4 Maestro StarsThe second book in the No Weddings series is told from Hannah Martin's POV. Hannah is struggling with taking her relations with Cade Michaelson to the next level. She doesn't trust her instincts after the disastrous ending to her relationship two years ago. If she didn't see what was going on back then, how can she trust her choices now. Cade Michaelson is determined to be patient with Hannah. He not only wants to be her friend, but he wants to be the new man in her life. He is willing to wait, suggesting therapy for them both to deal with their pasts and move forward with each other. Cade likes to find every opportunity to spend more time with Hannah, declaring them "non-dating," which will lead to "non-sex." Giving Hannah the ability to relax into their relationship and taking the pressure off, letting things just evolve. He doesn't make it easy for her to resist where things are going. As they spend more and more time together, Hannah finds Cade's increasing intimate moments harder to resist. Does she really want to resist them?They have a few hiccups when it comes to how Cade treats her in front of his friends versus in private. Also how he gets very territorial over her in the face of interest from another man.I like this one much more. It was funnier in a lot of places. I liked how Hannah learned to make friends on her own. Cade had sought her out making her is friend, but she had to learn to do that for herself and with others. I thought Daniel, one of her employees, being very protective her her so sweet. When Ryan, who I wanted more of, came to enquire about doing business with her and Daniel along with Cade got all caveman, it was very funny. I liked how Cade would loosen Hannah's inhibitions and open her up to things she wouldn't have done on her own in the past. Cade was the perfect guy. Once he knew what he wanted, he was very patient with Hannah. He continued to be her friend first and a protector of her emotions. At the same time he went after what he wanted, letting Hannah know all the way what his end goal was. And the sweetest thing of all was the beautiful "date" at the end of the book.I'm looking forward to the next installment.

  • Robin (Bridge Four)
    2018-12-03 13:16

    3.5 Stars”We’re caught in each other’s gravity.”No Weddings was told exclusively from Cade’s PoV and now in One Funeral we get a glimpse into Hannah’s mind as the next section of the story is exclusively from her PoV picking up right at that incredible kiss from the first book.Cade and Hannah definitely have smoldering chemistry between them, they also have trust issues the size of an elephant that they need to deal with. In another novel the status quo would be to create emotion angst through misunderstandings and lack of communication thank you Kat and Stone Bastion for writing a book that built a relationship by dealing with said issues without needless misunderstandings and they did it in a way I still enjoyed and I loved all the sexual innuendo and teasing between the two.My only problem with this story is I really wanted back inside Cade’s head…but that should be remedied in the next installment. I really like the build-up that this story is taking. The first installment is all about meeting someone and getting to know them, this story is more about the early stages of falling in love with someone. It takes time, it doesn’t happen right away and I appreciate the journey I’m taking with the couple until the explosive build up to their first time together, which Cade might have gone a little over the top on but….it’s fiction and I loved it so I’ll take it. Again I liked the side characters that are Cade’s family and friends. The relationship that he had with his sisters is funny and this time around we get to see his parents too. They add dimension to the story and some humor. ”You’re goin’ down Ben. See all the solids on the table? That’s you. Your balls aren’t cooperating with your stick.Ben snorted. “Sounds like the story of my life.“ He stalked the table , hunting his next shot.I’m loving my time with Cade and Hannah and can’t wait to get into Cade’s head again in the next installment Two Bar MitzvahsThank you to Kat and Stone Bastion via Netgalley for the ARC. All quotes are taken from an uncorrected proof and may not be in the final book.

  • Dirty Dayna
    2018-12-05 13:00

    4.5 Nondating Stars *book given by author for honest review* One Funeral is from Hannah’s POV. And eek it was just sweet as candy! And ATTENTION!! WE HAVE SEX. I REPEAT. WE HAVE SEX! This book ventures into their relationship becoming stronger. I have to say having most issues be refered to therapy dragged it on and I thought more would be revealed from the therapy sessions. In this book Hannah is officially the girlfriend and my love of Kincaid must not be so verbalized id hate to see Hannah angry :P This book is adorable! All Hannah wanted to do was make a dragon cake and CADE literally created a party for her to debut the cake without telling Hannah it was all his plan and there wasn’t a party after all. Okay so if I say this book one more time im sure I will be stabbed buttttt one last time for good measure. Cade wants to be with Hannah however she will take him and adopts a concept of NonDating and NonSex and Nonkissing its so sweet.“...for things to progress from non-dating to non-sex we have to increase the rate of exposure until vibration occurs.”“Let’s promise not to non-date anyone else.”My lips twitched. “So we’re exclusively non-dating.” and you know there was a … I love their conversation without words, their teasing, their banter and just them goodness!In this book Cade graduates with his Master’s degree and contemplates his next move. And his first move is to fall madly in love with Hannah <3 Next book totally downloading right nowIm not sure if anyone reads the acknowledgements besides me but this ends adorable Kat…Wait, what? Is this like wedding vows? You know what you mean to me. The journey. The love. The laughter. squirrel

  • Elle the ClosetRomanceReader aka Leftie aka Shoebelle
    2018-12-10 05:11

    What can I say, this is one long foreplay of a story, and an extremely long one at that, if you count the first book. In all honesty, this would've frustrated the crap out of me under normal circumstances, when the whole book is pure build-up to the sexy time, which literally happened in the last 5% (ok, plus a bit of a teaser somewhere in the mid-80% mark). It's totally character-driven, and that perhaps became the saving grace of this book for me. It's the h's voice this time, and I'm completely in her head. And it's about her giving their relationship a chance, with the large help of the H, while muddling thru her emotions brought on by her past. There's a realism to it that feels familiar. Her thoughts & emotions, their conversations, they came across as genuine. And I couldn't have ask for a better H, esp if you think of the story in real life. But then, I think that also became my tiny gripe with this one, if you can call it that. It seems like I felt every nuance of their relationship too realistically when what I'm looking for is escapism. I would've been happy with montages every now and then.Needless to say, my take on this is highly subjective. I may have had a different expectation, for starter, ignorantly assuming (is there any other kind?) that Kat & Stone would ramp up the heat since we already got that build-up in the first book or add some angst-y conflict (sign that I've been reading way too many NA perhaps?). But as far as seeing how this couple fared after the first book, then yes, I'm quite happy how it went, and in the end it was a nice, light, easy, cute read.*Complimentary ARC received via Netgalley*

  • Kjen
    2018-11-29 05:17

    4.5 Stars...Cade and Hannah are so adorable in this! Cade is the most patient man in the world, I believe. As Cade and Hannah...mainly Hannah in this one...heal from their disaster-laced past relationships, I was amazed at how close two people could become without having sex. It makes the intimacy at the end all the more worth it. Warning: witty banter abounds:) On to the next in the series...

  • Linda
    2018-12-08 06:22

    Loving this series! It just keeps getting better, this book as written in Hannah's point of view and we continue with a slow build up!Given Hannah's history and her fear of opening her heart to another the ever elusive first date is still elusive, but these two just spend more and more time together. The sexual tension continues to build between Cade and Hannah are quite witty when it comes to flirting and teasing each other! The author's have interspersed humor throughout that does not take away from story but adds to it!But moving foward is stalled! Both Cade and Hannah's broken hearts and desire not to be hurt ever again prevents them from moving forward , Cade sees it more as Hannah's issue. after all , he moved on he had sex after his break up ! Since not being with Hannah has become so not the option ,,Cade's continues with the no date dating, their dinners in exchange for advise,a win win for both of them. Cade wants to move foward with Hannah and he suggests therapy which she agrees to and then proceeds to set appointments for him too, since he may of been sexually active but he still not ready to let anyone in his heart yet , which is partly what hold Hannah back.When therapy ends , Cade can wait no longer and this very sexy sweet man, plans a very romantic first dinner date to be followed by a romantic interlude back at Hannah's . The yard has been set up with a beautiful tent , chairs champagne , candles right down to a mattress and pillows in the tent! Ok so can you guess these two finally have sex and the scence is wonderfully written and well worth the wait . The dynamic between these two is wonderful, do looking foward to see it move along even more!

  • Autumn
    2018-12-01 11:22

    One Funeral was a marathon of simmering sexual tension! Cade and Hannah are trying to take their time to figure out exactly what they want their relationship to be. The physical attraction between them is tangible, but they both refuse to repeat the mistakes of the past. So they take it very slow and in the process deal with the lovable craziness of Cade’s family. Kat and Stone even made me look at a supply closet in a whole new light!

  • loves 2 read romance
    2018-11-22 12:04

    I received a copy of this book from Netgalley.I love these books the first is told from Cade's point of you which was a change I really liked. This one is told from Hannah's and I enjoyed it but not as much as Cade's. I absolutely love that these characters are trying so hard for each other and that they are willing to do what it takes to make things work. This is a terrific series and I am anxious for the next book.

  • Jen
    2018-12-03 11:05

    Hannah and CadeThis one is told from Hannah's pov. Very slow moving and sweet relationship. I'm ready for the next one!btw, I review for FV and the ads this couple submitted were what made me buy these books.

  • Laura Greenwood
    2018-11-30 10:10

    Review forthcoming on http://a-reader-lives-a-thousand-live...I received a copy of One Funeral from Netgalley in exchange for my review.Having decided to take things as slowly as she needs, Cade and Hannah have still shared scorching kisses, and Hannah can't wait for more. In between dinners with Cade and his friends, working for Invitation Only and her cupcake business, Hannah finds that she and Cade are becoming used to each others company, and has no problem with that. Visiting a therapist, she explores the problems that she has in life, including why she clammed up on their first date, Hannah starts to realise that nothing is actually holding her back, and she lets things progress at a steady pace...Link to GoodreadsLink to amazonI have no idea how to even start this review and get across the awesomeness of this book. Yep I just used awesomeness. I knew I'd be reading One Funeral fairly soon because of how much I loved No Weddings, though I didn't expect it to be only a couple of days until I cracked. But I am glad that I did, One Funeral was just as good and I can feel myself falling hook, line and sinker for the series.At first I was thinking that I wanted a man like Cade, sweet, sexy, patient, loving, but then I decided it would be much easier to just want to be Hannah, she has a successful business (much like the one I want to own one day!) and has a great man...why not be her! That's how much the characters have drawn me into their world, ok they're not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but that is what makes them so real to me and the book so enjoyable.I loved the pace of Hannah and Cade's relationship. They didn't jump into bed (though their chemistry was off the charts) and they spent their time together as friends, but Cade was sweet and attentive and they both did little things for each other that really helped their relationship grow. I felt I could believe it, and when they did finally come together properly it felt right, for the characters and the story.The flirting between Cade and Hannah was also great, in the first book there were a lot of one liners, particularly from Hannah, and these carried on, some of which were both funny and flirty, and their exchanges had me smiling, and sometimes laughing, at the pair of them. Some of their text exchanges were particularly flirty as well, and I could almost hear the tone in which thye meant to sound, and that is something that I think takes skill.I also really loved the fact that the pair of them had in jokes, both the burlap sack and the elipses (for anyone that doesn't know that is the three little dots ... ). The jokes gave another level and support to their friendship and made them seem like a normal couple (as in actually they're a bit weird) and I loved that!One Funeral (the funeral in which was not what I expected at all!) also had a focus on Hannah making friends, which she'd found difficult before, and saw her bonding with one of Cade's three sisters, Kiki, which has added another interesting dimension to the story.I can't wait to read Two Barmitzvahs (hope I've spelt that right) and something tells me it won't be that long until I cave again!

  • JB's Book Obsession - Jennifer
    2018-12-07 04:53

    This is book two in the No Weddings series by Kat and Stone Bastion. We fell in love with Cade Michaelson and his charming ways in No Weddings. Now we get to read the continuing journey of this emotionally damaged couple from Hannah’s POV. One Funeral is a slow burn that leads up to an explosive climax that is well worth the wait.Hannah is drawn to Cade Michaelson like she has never been drawn to anyone before. He makes her want to forget her past mistakes and heart break and dive head first into a fairy tale romance with him. Cade promises they will take it as slow as she needs, while still doing everything he can to win here affections. Cade is willing to wait for Hannah to be ready to commit to a relationship. But can she trust him? Does Cade trust in the future that they could have? Their chemistry is undeniable, will it prove to be enough to move forward into a new beginning for them both. “We’re caught in each other’s gravity”This series has surprised me once again. When I read Cade’s POV in No Weddings I fell in love with him from the start. He flirted and cajoled Hannah into becoming his friend and then when he realized he wanted more from a woman for the first time in a long time he made his intentions known. I love Cade, he is such a gentleman, but a hot alpha male, who goes after what he wants all at the same time. I felt this from him in book one and it came through in book two but through Hannah’s eyes. “The man destroyed me and saved me, all at once.”When I realized One Funeral was from Hannah’s POV I wondered if I would like it. I didn’t think I would like Hannah’s side of things as much as I adored Cade’s. I was so wrong! This book made me care about Hannah. I liked her before, I felt bad for her bad breakup. But I didn’t feel like I wanted to be her friend. Then Hannah starts to grow and change to better her life realizing her self-worth.She starts to take risks like putting herself out there in an effort to make some friends. Also coming to terms with her abandonment issues from having a distant mother and losing her grandparents. Very touching moments in therapy. I love how honest, these two people are with each other, it’s refreshing. No game playing. The banter between them is just as fun as it was in the first book. “Think you can take a leap of faith with me”Book two is a natural progression of a real relationship that will stand the test of time. This series is not your usual boy meets girl, they fall into bed and then fall in love in a day. This series is a real account of how two damaged souls can come together and heal each other. Very enjoyable and I am excited for the next installment. I am addicted to this series.“You are the best thing I’ve ever waited for”RECEIVED AN ARC FROM NETGALLEY IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW.

  • Susi
    2018-11-29 08:13

    I am thrilled to share this next review! I recently finished reading One Funeral (No Weddings #2) by the dynamic duo Kat and Stone Bastion. I absolutely floved this book!One Funeral picks up right where No Weddings ends. I love it when authors continue their stories this way. I couldn’t wait to read more about Hannah and Cade. In One Funeral, Hannah and Cade are still working out their previous relationship woes. Both have been heartbroken in the past and are slowly learning to trust and love again. Their attraction and slow courtship in this book steamed up my tablet for sure.Their chemistry is evident in No Weddings and as you will read, becomes combustible in One Funeral. I think this is what I loved the most about this book. You see, I have enjoyed the pace. Kat and Stone have done a brilliant job of keeping the reader hooked on their story. This slow progression of Hannah and Cade’s relationship was exceptionally written.No Weddings was written in Cades POV and it was perfect. Now, we get to read Hannah’s POV, which I found to be quite refreshing. I guess you could say that I was reading/living vicariously through Hannah in this book. I was also her greatest cheerleader.Additionally, I love how Hannah and Cade’s routine, established in No Weddings continues. It was an important part of that story for Hannah and continues in this book as well. The moments at Cade’s house for dinner with his friends, time at his sisters’ home, as well as those early moments in the bake shop play a significant part in their slow courting.Their party planning continues and you will enjoy reading about their latest events in One Funeral. Just wait until you attend the funeral with Hannah and Cade, it is quite a funeral.Cade… what can I say? I absolutely love him! He is sexy, has a witty and dirty mouth and well… has other important assets you will discover once you read. All of those qualities make him an awesome character in this series. I loved their “non-dating” in this story as well as how Cade slowly revealed and demonstrated his feelings for Hannah. He continues to mentor Hannah with his business skills and earns his MBA too.Cade’s sisters and his friends continue to nourish their “non-dating” in this book. And, even Cade’s parents make their appearance as well.I was thrilled to read that Hannah got to make her famous cake she was experimenting with in No Weddings. Look out for the dragon cake.Are there any love scenes in this book? Ahhh…. yeah! And, all I can say is you will totally love Cade even more. Whoa…..One Funeral was an exceptional read and one that I highly recommend. I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series, Two Bar Mitzvahs. I am hooked!I gave this book 5 brilliant stars!I received and ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Jeannie Zelos
    2018-12-08 09:59

    One Funeral, Kat Bastion with Stone Bastionreview from jeannie zelos book reviewsSo, the first book, great fun, sensual and interesting and I was keen to get on to part two. I was pretty sure that as it took til the end of the first book before Cade and Hannah got to actually kiss, and what a kiss that was.....( should that be just three dots?) that there wasn’t going to be steamy sex right from the off in this one. I was right, but what I really enjoyed is how Kat and Stone have made a sexy and sensuous story without it happening early. Each touch, each look, each gesture between them is laden with sensuality, and its more erotic that those books which have wall to wall ( well, page to page ) sex that’s so overblown it becomes dull and boring. You know the ones, where you find yourself skipping yet Another sex scene to try to find the story. Sometimes less really is more, and the best things worth waiting for, and so it was here. Once again the cakes take pride of place, and I was eagerly awaiting the descriptions – I could envision them – but chocolate and bacon cupcakes – not for me! Its based around the same small group of family and friends with a few new additions. I was a bit worried about Ryan when he was introduced. Loved Lila. Enjoyed how Daniel and Chloe had grown along with the responsibility they’d been given. They were a great team with Hannah.  I like the small grouping of characters – it means we can really focus on Hannah and Cade without too many distractions of what’s happening to others. When we do see anyone else its in connection with one or the other of them. . we see how though they think they are moving on, that there’s still things in the past that affect both of them, and they take steps to get past that. I love the Non Date idea – Cade really is a gem, and once again I can help feeling he’s such a mature man for his age. He seems to have thought of everything, whether it business or friendship, nothing seems to catch him out.Stars: Four and a half. Its another great read, a gentle romance but no less sensual and sexy for that.ARC supplied from Netgalley and publishers.

  • Aly
    2018-11-24 08:12

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.In One Funeral, you can find the descriptions of people and places will get really detailed. However instead of getting to the point of boredom with these descriptions, the authors add some kind of spin to them that makes them interesting or just the way Hannah sees things is interesting. I really enjoyed all of the descriptions and felt that I could see everything in my head. One Funeral, instead of being in Cade's perspective was from Hannah's. I was a little leery at first because I really enjoyed Cade's perspective and while I do enjoy Hannah's character I wasn't sure how I'd feel about being in her head. But I had no reason to worry. Hannah's personality was clear to see and still as great as it had been throughout her thought processes. And we were able to get a new perspective on a situation which also adds depth to it. Although I am going to say that I still love Cade even if we weren't in his head.We also see extended metaphors at least once in One Funeral. While they were metaphors that are used quite a lot, Kat Bastion and Stone Bastion went into more depth and really created a metaphor that didn't sound overused and really sounded much more interesting, using Hannah's voice.Throughout the book, readers are also given a look at texts between Hannah and Cade. While these can sometimes get confusing about who's sending what, both authors made sure that the reader could easily tell who was sending what. It kept things light and did not make the readers frustrated.One Funerals is a great addition to the No Weddings Series, and I can't wait to see more! One Funeral is set to release September 29th, and I definitely think you should grab a copy!Find this review and many more at Reading Shy With Aly

  • Rin ♔
    2018-12-10 09:20

    ★★★☆☆“You’re the best thing I’ve ever waited for.”I got a copy from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.One Funeral continues where No Weddings left off. This time, it was told in Hannah's POV.This time, Cade and Hannah decided to 'non-date,' they were together but not officially since they're not yet prepared to take the relationship step yet. Hannah and Cade face their demons with professional help while they're also knowing more about each other.I admired them that they actually went for a therapist for that. It just showed how determined they were to make their future relationship work.I have to admit though that the pace of this book was slower than the first one and at some point, it got hard to finish because it was dragged. And I didn't feel that connected with Hannah probably because she felt distant to me or the progress was just slow. Not really sure.Also, I would've loved to know what happened with Cade's sessions with the therapist though.I also found that funeral celebration really bizarre, like people really do that kind of stuff? And when Cade talked like a sports commentator during their first time, what the heck.This book would've been perfect for me if the pace was set a little faster because I found myself bored halfway. And I found the cliffhanger really annoying but clever. Good thing I had the next book in queue or I would've lost my mind.This review is also posted in my blog:

  • NikkiPeterson
    2018-12-10 04:57

    **Originally Posted on my blog Skeleton Key Reviews**One Funeral is the second installment to Kat and Stone’s series No Weddings. I must say I really am enjoying the series so far. No twitchy peen in this book. I was kinda looking forward to it, LOL! Where things were from Cade’s point of view in No Weddings, Hannah’s is in One Funeral. Where Cade had a twitchy peen Hannah seems to have a problem with her melting panties/thong. Not that one would blame her with being faced with Cade five days a week!In One Funeral Hannah and Cade decide to “non-date”. That way they could spend time together and not have the burden of dating jitters. Hannah also takes Cade’s advice to see someone for therapy. She however one ups him and makes an appointment for him the day after her session, love it! There is several parties and Hannah branches out her business a little more to surrounding eateries and a club in the area. She learns to make friends due to her therapy and things are getting more intimate between her and Cade. And they finally seal the deal!!!! Thank god! I don’t know how much more I could have handled! I won’t tell you how or when however. I want my own personal Cade though. What a romantic!I can not wait for book three, Two Bar Mitzvahs. It comes out three days after my birthday! A bunch of horror flicks, American Horror Story’s new season, my favorite holiday, good things happen in October!

  • Karen's Book Haven
    2018-12-09 08:19

    One funeral by Kat and Stone BastionI really enjoyed No Weddings which was told from Cade’s point of view, One Funeral is told from Hannah’s and continues on their time line. The story continues with their flirty ways but just how damaged they are from their previous relationships really becomes clear. Hannah is still working on getting her business off the ground while trying to brave herself to take the leap of faith that a romance with Cade would work. Cade’s confident reassures Hannah and with the help of therapy, the chemistry between the two is electric and things really heat up. Lovers of romantic happily ever afters will be rejoicing when this moves from sweet to scorching hot! You might need a Bex and a lie down when you are finished with this one.I love Kat and Stone’s style of writing. The right amount of character attitude, sexiness, gruffness and romance and it makes for wonderful reading. Found myself putting off jobs that needed to be done so I could finish it. Super excited about the next two instalments in the series and thankfully they are not too far apart. Have already preordered them.I was kindly provided with a free copy of this book from Net Galley to provide an honest review. Receiving this book for free did not influence my opinion nor review. Karen @karensbookhaven

  • Teri Beth
    2018-12-08 11:07

    ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley.I am so enjoying this series! It's fun and flirty and sweet and sexy. We're getting to see a relationship from the beginning grow and change as the couple handles hurdles together and their relationship progresses. One Funeral picks right up where No Weddings left us. And we soon see Cade and Hannah go from their first date to therapy to non-dating and more. While No Weddings was told from Cade's POV, Bastion switched it up this time giving us Hannah's instead. At first I missed being inside Cade's head but I ending up loving getting her side of the story. She’s just as entertaining and lovable as Cade and it also allowed me to better understand her past. These two have such a great friendship and I love the way they are slowly taking things further. Another thing I enjoy about this series is how important their careers are, well mainly Hannah’s. Her bakery means the world to her and it’s nice to see how driven she is to succeed. Cade helps runs several businesses but I can’t to see what his focus will be now that he has finished his degree. It was great to catch up with the rest of the characters in One Funeral, as well as meet a few new ones. Now that things with Cade and Hannah are official I’m anxious to see where things go for the two of them in Two Bar Mitzvahs!

  • Rachel Regina
    2018-11-19 09:07

    Overall rating: 4.5 stars!Triggers:Cheating: (view spoiler)[ no(hide spoiler)]Love triangle: (view spoiler)[ no(hide spoiler)]Sex with om/ow: (view spoiler)[ no(hide spoiler)]HEA: (view spoiler)[ HFN continues into the next book(hide spoiler)]My review: This is a continuation to Hannah and Cade's love story from No Weddings. In this next installment, both Cade and Hannah are trying to overcome their fears from previous heartbreak to embark on a non-dating to "going steady" status in their relationship. I would say most of the fear comes from Hannah. Cade really stepped up to the plate in this book. He is SO patient and supports her like no other. I will tell you that if you read the first book and know there is no steam, this book is steamier, but the one and only sex scene doesn't occur until the VERY end. This book wasn't about sex. It was about their developing relationship. For someone like Cade who is used to getting sex whenever he felt like it, to just be so damn patient with not ONE complaint was just amazing. He wants their time to be special whenever that should happen because he knows SHE is different. And of course, between Cade's romantic gestures and their adorable banter, you will definitely be entertained! :)

  • Carra
    2018-11-23 10:54

    Okay, if there was an overload of sexual tension in No Weddings, One Funeral blew that overload right through the a very...good...way. You can feel everything continue to build between Cade and Hannah, taking everything to an unbelievable high until you know there's nothing else that can happen except combustion. And no matter how frustrated you might get along the way, take my word for it-it is SO worth it.We get to see more and more into both Cade and Hannah's characters, and this time from Hannah's point of view. I did miss getting everything from Cade's POV this time around, but the change does not detract at all from the enjoyment of the story.Fantastic descriptive writing sucks you in again, enveloping you in their world to the point that you don't want to put the book down. Plenty of tension-not just the sexual tension between Cade and Hannah, but also in dealing with Hannah's past (as well as Cade's, but this story is more focused on Hannah's).The characters just keep getting stronger, resulting in another excellent read, and another 5-star rating from me. This is one series that I can't get enough of...and I sure can't get enough of Cade ;-)

  • Anima
    2018-11-28 10:03

    Cade and Hannah start right off where No Weddings ends however we hear Hannah's voice this time. No Weddings was Cade and it was a wonderful refreshing voice. Now it's all about Hannah which was necessary to understand her relationship issues. Before you go further you need to read these books in order, sure you could jump in but you're missing the tension and feelings. Through Hannah we can see how she's learning to trust her decisions while having Cade as a best friend. They are easing into this relationship thing while their sexual banter is at an all time high. They seem closer than any couple could ever be, friends first and something else later but they are certainly enjoying the ride. We ran into her ex earlier but I'm waiting for the ball drop and we get to meet Cade's ex, I'm sure it will be explosive. This was a laugh out loud funny story with many memorable moments, enough the funeral scene because it's not your average funeral. I received a copy from Netgalley for an honest review.

  • Heather andrews
    2018-12-03 08:07

    I loved Cade he was just so sexy, "that bike is a custom-built chopper, which I happen to love." He leaned down, his voice dropping lower. "But not nearly as much as I love having you wrapped around me on it." Oh Hannah always the blunt one, "I smiled, pushing at his arms with no real effort behind the gentle shove. "You're just horny with all the ti*s and a** on display." Cade when it comes to his girl nothing and no one stands in his way, "tonight, when I saw another guy interested in my girl, something primal came to the surface, and I needed to show him you were mine." Cade isn't bashful not one bit, "he smirked. "I told you I had a massive c****." I laughed, then kissed the soft skin covering the tip, cradling the rigid length in my hand." I know I'm going to love the rest of the series.

  • Tammy
    2018-11-30 05:11

    Cade and Hannah's relationship just keeps getting better and better!I so love how we saw Cade as the womanizing, playboy in the first book UNTIL he met Hannah. He knew that she was the one and was willing to wait for her until she was ready OR more precisely, until "THEY" were ready. "And if we need to slow things down while we're figuring things out, I'm good with that. But I have a feeling we're already better than we think we are." - CadeI LOVED how their relationship grew at a natural pace and loved how excited Cade got when he finally got to introduce Hannah as his girlfriend."To the naked man rolling around in a meadow of my cupcakes." - Hannah. I laughed out loud at her picturing Cade in the meadow.I can't wait to see how their relationship develops in the next book, Two Bar Mitzvahs.**ARC provided by Kat Bastion and Netgalley for an honest review**

  • HeatherTX
    2018-12-10 07:03

    Sweet satisfaction!!!I absolutely love the chemistry Hannah & Cade have together, they're both fun, witty and master flirts! Cade is turning out to be one helluva standup sexy guy and Hannah's an extremely passionate individual!Both have made great gains in their personal lives, both have been able to move beyond their pasts (for the most part anyway) and have finally decided it's time to move forward together. What will their future have in store for them? I'm sure the Bastions will give them plenty of hiccups and distractions along the way to keep everyone on their toes! Let me tell you now, that "the" one funeral was unlike any I've ever attended! Very clever! You'll need to read it to understand! Another delightful installment to the "No Weddings" series. ***Copy kindly provided by author/publisher via NetGalley for an honest review***

  • Leslie
    2018-12-07 05:08

    No Weddings was the first in the series and was told from Cade's POV. This story is told from Hannah's POV! It's a interesting switch off and I loved it! This is a continuation of Hannah and Cade's story from No Weddings. In the end we left our favorite couple at a crossroads of sorts with tons of sexual tension just spilling off the pages! In this book we see the relationship from Hannah's side and how she is struggling to accept her demons so she can be in a healthy relationship with Cade. While the focus in more Hannah based, just like No Weddings was more Cade based, you still get to see the developing relationship. I loved how Hannah and Cade work so perfectly as a couple and the sexual banter, and tension finally have an explosive outcome! I can't wait for the next book in the series!

  • Monique
    2018-12-17 10:11

    I received this book as an e-ARC free from Netgalley. Below is my review.The second book in the No Weddings series is told from Hannah's POV. Her voice is a bit different from Cade's. For me, Hannah's POV wasn't as compelling as Cade's, but it was interesting the see things from her perspective and to see her vulnerabilities put on display. As Hannah and Cade continue to struggle to come together without all the baggage from past mistakes, the find themselves needing a lot of help, a lot of patience, and a lot of humor. The book isn't as "fun" as Cade's POV, but it has a deeper emotional element to it.I do prefer Cade's POV, but I enjoyed seeing them move a bit closer to a real and full loving relationship.

  • Keri
    2018-11-27 08:14

    So, I have to admit I didn't enjoy Hannah's POV as much as I did Cade's but this was still amazing. I am hooked on watching the slow progression of this relationship. And whew.....that ending HOT HOT HOT!! So, if you haven't gathered this picks up exactly from where the first left off. Hannah and Cade still have amazing chemistry and it was nice to read about a couple moving at a more relatable pace. Cade is truly amazing and we do get more of the Michaelson 3 but not near as much as I'd hoped. You will definitely enjoy this if you liked its predecessor, and I for one cannot wait for the next, and hopefully it will be in Cade's POV. This was a complimentary e-copy provided by the authors and Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.

  • Angelspearl
    2018-12-08 12:08

    This book was absolutely wow. This is one of the best romance books i have read in a while. It just kept me wanting more. So Hannah finally decides to face some of her demons so she can be with Cade. And so she seeks help to try and understand her feelings and she also takes Cade along for the ride. The book flowed through at a great pace and i just kept going back for more. The book made me smile and all the little bits of affection Cade showed were moving and made me wish I could be wooed by a man in that way. The book shows how you really court a woman you choose to love burlap bag and all.... Definitely one for chicklit lovers.