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Imagine the worst day of your life. Immerse yourself in the details. How did you feel? Who were you with? What were the consequences? Recalling my darkest day is as simple as typing a few search terms into a web browser. It only took thirty minutes for me to become the center of a media frenzy that caught the attention of an entire country.So I hid.Nine months later and I'Imagine the worst day of your life. Immerse yourself in the details. How did you feel? Who were you with? What were the consequences? Recalling my darkest day is as simple as typing a few search terms into a web browser. It only took thirty minutes for me to become the center of a media frenzy that caught the attention of an entire country.So I hid.Nine months later and I'm getting better. Moved two hours from home, landed my dream job, and met a delicious new guy.Healing is that simple, right? Wrong.Note: New Point is the start of a standalone series with connected characters, but independent story lines....

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New Point Reviews

  • Ilze
    2018-11-23 05:05

    I don't know what is wrong with me, but I just wasn't impressed by this book. At first I was intrigued by the premises of the book, and I couldn't wait to start it. I did like the first part of the book, but after 50% it just went downhill for me.Nine months ago Zoe experienced a tragic event that changed her life. From young women who enjoyed life, Zoe changed into somebody who suffers from panic attacks, anxiety and paranoia. Zoe decided to move to the New Point, to start fresh. She starts working in a public library and soon she meets her sexy neighbor who takes an interest in her. Zoe expects honesty from her partner, but she isn't willing to share her secrets with Miles.The truth is I just couldn't deal with somebody who is such a hypocrite. She annoyed me to no end. She was insecure, weak and kind of pathetic. She expects and values honesty and forthrightness, but she refused to share the reason she moved to New Point with Miles. Although she claims that she loves and trust him, her actions really show otherwise.Also, the 'tragic' event that happened, in my eyes, wasn't so tragic. Sure, it was terrible and I would not want to experience it, but nobody got killed and nobody harmed her. So why the panic attacks and 9 months isolation? I did start to think that maybe she was unstable before the event. (view spoiler)[ The reason why she went into 9 months isolation is somebody pointed a gun at her and loudly hit it against the desk. Pffff (hide spoiler)]People who have to earn a living every day don't have the luxury to do nothing for 9 months. Thus, I just could not find sympathy for her. Her brother should not have baby sited her for nine months till she 'heals' instead he should have given her a month to find another job or kick her out, I bet result would have been better. I did like Miles, he was very refreshing hero. Fun, honest, loving and he was so sweet with kids. I think he was the only character I actually liked in this book. I liked the idea of the story, but I did not enjoy the execution or the direction plot took. Also, author was trying to convince us that leaving children with somebody who is obviously unstable is okay. I couldn’t get over it. To conclude, even though I had few problems in the first part of the book, I did like it. However, the second part of the book was killing me and I couldn’t wait to be done with it. I am glad it was only 200 pages. *ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Julie
    2018-11-25 08:50

    Check out my other reviews at Little Miss Bookmark!New Point. Oh, New Point. I actually started writing this review several hours ago and I had to step away from it because I don't really know what to say ... there are so many things but then again, there's nothing at all. That doesn't make sense, I know. Okay ... let's see ... first, I didn't NOT like the book. I did like it. It kept me entertained for the most part. So keep that in mind as you peruse the rest of my review ...I just found it ... cheesy in places. The things that some of the characters would say or what they would do ... it was just eye-roll worthy. That wasn't all the time, just sometimes. Well ... enough times for it to warrant a comment in my review. The characters were well written ... mostly. I enjoy a more full background on each character. I would have liked to have heard just ... more. I'm being so incredibly vague, I know. But I don't want to give things away about the plot because it is something that you might want to pick up and how much fun is it if you're told the ending or something pivotal?!? Yeah, it's not. My mom is forever spoiling television shows for me, so I know how that is.The same issues I had with the characters, I had with the plot at times. I just wanted MORE. There is a thunderstorm scene that I wish was dug into a little bit more because it is a super important part of the story (in my opinion, that is). There were just quite a few times that I felt like it wasn't enough. Scare me! Make me feel the characters emotions! Make me cry or get pissed or terrified or elated ... just make me feel SOMETHING. I think that those kind of heightened emotions connected with a character can help the reader connect with the situation, the character and in turn, the plot. Like that damn Nicholas Sparks. That infuriating man can make me cry in every single novel! I will even pick up one of his novels and think "NOT THIS TIME!!" but it still happens. Every damn time. Anyway ... I just felt like this novel had that potential. It could have been really amazing and it just felt short. The ending was even meh ... totally anticlimactic and a bit of a disappointment. Again, I just wanted more. Don't get me all excited about something and then try to wet-noodle it for me. It's not gonna cut it! You know, I would be interested in reading something else by Olivia Luck in the future because I think that an amazing novel is on the horizon for her. (In my opinion) She's on this cusp of something super amazing and I want to get my hands on that when it happens. That isn't something that I say lightly ... usually, if a book falls short for me, it's dead to me and the author won't get a second chance but this time, I think an exception is in order. I hope she doesn't disappoint in the future.

  • Michelle
    2018-11-23 09:49

    ARC provided by author in exchange of honest review ☆☆☆☆☆ 4.5 New Beginnings Stars☆☆☆☆☆Shattered. Broken. What is left when the life and world you once knew comes crashing down when a tragic event leaves you traumatized? For Zoe Baker, nine months ago she was a happy carefree woman living without fear but in an instant her world changed. The safety and comfort she once knew was stolen. Fast forward to the present, Zoe tries to begin anew. A new life. A new beginning. A second chance to start over. A NEW POINT. When Zoe Baker moved to New Point, it was her fresh start. Goodbye old life, hello new beginnings. The comfort of knowing that no one knew her past and secrets is what Zoe craved. She doesn’t want pity and recognition. She just wants to be normal. So when she meets sexy new neighbor, Miles Wilson, Zoe finally begins to feel. New feelings begins to emerge. Slowly Miles was able to breathe life into Zoe. Happiness begins to surface. Miles was Zoe’s fresh new start and hope. She found comfort and safety in Miles. As the couple begins to get serious, will Zoe be fully able to let go and let Miles in? Will she finally able to reveal her secrets and past? Or will Zoe’s fears push Miles away? Or will they reach a NEW POINT in their relationship?Olivia Luck did an amazing job in New Point. She took her readers on a journey of a woman rediscovering her strength that she once thought she lost. It is a story of rebuilding your life and picking up the broken pieces. The journey may not be easy but with the help from family and friends, it can be done. Ms. Luck reminds her readers to not be afraid to get help even if it means getting therapy. A fresh new start begins taking the first step and for Zoe Baker, she did just that. So if you are looking for book that incorporates romance and second chances, then go read NEW POINT. Olivia Luck

  • ✿
    2018-12-11 06:03

    ☆ I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you SO MUCH lovely!! ☆Olivia Luck is one of those rising new adult readers who knows how to grab your attention and deliver an well crafted and stimulating honest read.In the story, main protagonist, Zoe goes through a load of misfortune of what I like to call, "a series of unfortunate events" that progress her into the person she is today: broken.Fast forward to present day... and we see how Zoe tries to make a new life for herself while still struggling to confront her past and insecurities and heal from them.Will Zoe be able to rise from the ashes and forge a future for herself? Or will she allow the darkness to succumb her and take away all that she's fighting so hard to overcome?Read and you will find out!#A simply brilliant read that will entice readers from the very beginning! It has everything from love, friendship, hardships and triumphs, as well as cultivates a beautiful set of secondary characters that will make you want to learn their stories in addition to Zoe's!!Beautifully written Ms. Luck!!

  • Michelle Pickett
    2018-12-04 11:01

    “New Point” by Olivia Luck was a great read. It was the first title of Ms. Luck’s I’ve read, and I enjoyed it. I thought the plot was different than most of the New Adult books on the market today. Although, it did have the requisite “girl with a secret” in it, the secret and, especially how it affected her life afterward, were different than anything I’ve read. Of course I’m not going to tell you what it is…read the book! The writing was clean, and the pacing was good. There was an area in the middle that it slowed, but it picked up again toward the end, even so, it did keep my attention.The plot was, like I mentioned, unique, and well thought out. The character development was good. I was able to connect with each of them, understand their worries and fears. Especially, Zoe. The reader really sees her grow throughout the book.Bottom Line: I enjoyed he book. I would recommend it for a light, fun read. It was well written and had a different premise than most new adult books on the market, although it did have a tiny bit of the “insta-love” plaque. I found the ending satisfying. It was good. Not great. It was a little cliché and I saw it coming long before I reached the end of the book. However, the story kept me interested enough that I wanted to see how it all played out. And it played out nicely. This is labeled as a series. I will most likely stick with it.

  • Vanessa
    2018-11-24 07:50

    Review to come with my tour post on 9/10...**FULL REVIEW**“Since the moment I unpacked, it’s like I’ve been released from the shackles of prison. Not all, but some of the things worrying me are smaller hills for me to conquer. What I mean is, before I got here, I worried that being around kids would send me into flashback mode. In a way I did have a flashback, but it was positive. I was the version of myself who loved being in a school environment. I remembered what it was that drew me into this line of work in the first place, aside from a love of research and literature.”Zoe Baker, the new girl in New Point. Starting over in a place where she was told she could heal from a past that has completely rocked her world, changing the way she thinks, acts, the person she is. The only way to move forward is to feel safe again…and she has a long way to go, even if she doesn’t realize it yet.“Dr. Greene may not be easily convinced, but I’m a believer—recovery is so close I can spot it in the horizon. And with that comes a little piece of serenity in my normally tense emotional armor.”With a home on Lake Michigan, a new job at the local library and having caught the eye of a very sexy Miles Wilson, Zoe can only remain positive in the fact that the pieces of her life are coming back together. Even her over-protective brother, much to his dislike for the situation, has tried to back off a little and let Zoe make her own decisions. Never did she think that in all that has happened that she would be thrown back into the nightmare of her previous life…or that unexpected people would be there to help her find peace.This was one of those books where I lost sight a little; I couldn’t determine what the actual point was until near the end and it discouraged me. It was longer than I felt it needed to be, and there wasn’t something to completely make my heart jerk from my chest, even if it still flowed and felt good. I do feel it fell short with the content because it could have definitely pulled more emotion out of me…but in the story’s defense, the main plot is a very (and I mean very) sensitive subject matter, even if it was mostly skirted around. Anyone with kids in school can definitely see where the conflict lies. And for that reason alone, I gave it the rating I did. A love story is a love story is a love story, it’s the extra that makes New Point different. I look forward to the next book.**3.75 Anxious Doesn’t Cover It, Stars**

  • Jessica Brandon
    2018-11-17 09:52

    New Point Olivia LuckI give this book 4 stars......This ARC was given by Olivia Luck via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.New Point is literally Zoe Baker's last hope of starting at a new point in her life. After being the victim of a crazy gunman that showed up at the school she used to work at, Zoe is ready to return to work and start a new life at the home that her parents left behind. One would think the day she lost her parents in a car accident (at the age of 10) would have been the worse day of her life. However, her older half brother became her guardian and she has lived a very happy and content life with Blake filling in as her father. No, the day a gun was directly pointed at her, was the day that ruined her. She could no longer leave her house, return to work, or handle loud banging noises. Finally, after months and months of therapy, Zoe is ready to return to her mother's beach house on Lake Michigan. She has a new job as a librarian in the small town of New Point. She is ready to face her fears and be the one to take the final steps towards completely healing herself. She is ready to find peace and life again, however she does not expect to find love with the gorgeous neighbor.Miles is very good looking and can have any woman he wants. He is fully aware of his charming good looks, but is not arrogant nor does he take advantage of his looks. He thought he had found the woman he would settle down with, but found out she cheated on him while he was away at school. Now, he is happy with dating and hooking up with pretty women. The moment he sees Zoe Baker trying to break into her own house, is the moment he begins imaging a future with a white pocket fence again. He can't explain the instant attraction his body feels towards hers, but suddenly he finds himself wanting to be near her all the time. His past relationship has made honesty the number one rule in any relationship he has. He knows that Zoe is hiding secrets and knows there is more to her then beauty, intelligence, and a passion for kids. Can he wait around long enough for Zoe to open up to her past and share all of her dark secrets?

  • books are love
    2018-11-24 04:55

    The characters are very likeable and easy to read and enjoy. Most are quite down to earth and ones we as readers can relate too.Miles for example is not made out to be a Greek good but a average everyday working guy. He has flaws and admits to them. He does believe in honesty and trusting his partner with everything about himself. He puts himself out there and expects the same so when it isn't given in return it is understandable that he would feel hurt, angry and betrayed. That doesn't mean he won't and doesn't understand or will walk away it just means he will need time to grasp it all and come to terms with it. He does make mistakes but the bottom line is he is a sweet kind adorable and great guy. So fun and easy to read about. Zoe. what to say about Zoe. She can be irritating at times. She leaves Chicago because she no longer feels safe and has lost her sense of self. Feeling that words her mother said to her years ago are her guide she goes to a home left to her. This is where she meets Miles and starts to have sparks fly. The fun easy relationship they have makes reading her struggles so much easier because you see light in the tunnel for her and Miles helps her to heal. Unfortunately she doesn't feel comfortable telling Miles things that he deserves to know and this does always blow up in our faces. Zoe's brother comes off as overprotective and overbearing but when you read their situation you realize that it is with best intentions and that he has been in the role of protector for so long its hard to shed that skin. He is a great guy though.The plot is twisted at the end to have a little bit of drama added in. It helps wake Miles up faster out of his hurt and anger. A good way to break up the story line though not sure how something like that can happen but it does make for a good intense situation.A story about love, forgiveness of others and yourself. About finding your safety net and beginning to live again. A wonderful book to sit down and read in one sitting for it skips right off the pages. Look forward to the next in the series.

  • Sigal Ehrlich
    2018-11-29 07:49

    Sweet gem of a story. I knew I was going to love this book (truly loved the blurb), and it did not disappoint! Alternatingly emotional, exciting, sweet and witty, this novel invokes constant emotions. Ms. Luck is a powerfully moving writer. New Point has a special place on my bookshelves now (okay, Kindle…) and in my heart. It was truly a pleasure reading this beautiful and heartfelt story, I warmly recommend it!

  • Ava Guinto
    2018-12-12 10:45

    ***ARC provided by the Author for an honest ReviewI've finally come to myself and finished the book that I've neglected for two weeks!Sorry for the late review. I was soo occupied with work and stuff. Anyway, as promised, here's my review of the latest read provided by Ms. Olivia for an honest and true to self review.Let me tell you about the first pages of the read. This was actually my very first Olivia Luck read and I don't regret it when she offered the advanced readers copy of New Point.This is a story of love, family, of love and finding inner strenght. The first few pages were so special. I mean, the story did not start with violence or any harsh series of events, which I found really good. i need to take a fresh air and a break from gore details :) though Miles did not surprise me cause I know there should be some serious hot guy on the book, believe me. Ugh. I want him, God knows I really do.I liked the human interactions in the story. There came a point where I realized that I have been reading some overrated books and romance. New Point changed my taste somehow. All the characters are so natural, I mean they are well written and I felt the connection with. The story however, has some cliches on it. Like a very handsome guy falling in love with a damaged woman. But I am telling you right now. The heroine doesn't need saving. I liked the fact the she saved her own from her past and her issues. Go girl!!!This book has some violence on it but it spiced up the story. It was a light read though, it made me damn relaxed myself. Before I even conclude this review, I would like to commend the author for addressing one of the underlying issues in the society. She addressed violence on this book and solved it by showing the readers how importance life is, how important the role of Family is to one's life. Ms. Olivia, though not blatantly pointed out, had portrayed the significance of family in the outcome of an individual. For example, Clinton(I won't really tell you who he is), who felt so neglected and jaded because of how he felt growing up. Look at him right now. The lack of human interaction, or so to say, human love has made him the way he is. Communication and understanding should start in the circle of family. Believe me, it will change the future.Ms. Olivia like I said, presented a problem with solving the issue at the end. This rarely happens in books that I read, especially when there are tons of New Adult books sprouting like mushrooms everywhere offering the same theme.I wouldn't even tell you the romance on the book. It friggin depresses me cause I really would like to have someone like Miles. Even though I kinda think he's a coward.Zoe Baker, I adore you for finding your own courage and strenght. You are one in a million! I'm not gonna say more cause I might spoil you guys. The reading experience that I had with this book is unforgettable. I am hoping that I can share Zoe's story to other people, most importantly to people who are afraid, scared and needing to search for their inner light. I want them to find the courage to face their fears. Thank you Ms Olivia Luck for sharing this to me. I really did enjoy the book and am waiting for another story from this author. Therefore, let me give this book a 4.5 shining stars! ****You rock Girl!

  • preppea
    2018-11-30 06:37

    A soulful story, a beautiful romance, and a riveting plot combine for a fantastic 5 star read in NEW POINT.It only took one terrifying day to transform Zoe from a driven, confident woman into a shell of the woman she once was. She leaves Chicago for a small town called New Point in the hopes of a fresh start. Within days, she literally falls into the arms of a man worth overcoming her fears for, but she’s not sure any guy would be willing to stick around for her degree of baggage. She decides to hide her past from Miles in the hopes that she can overcome her fears and forget what happened that fateful day. But changing cities doesn’t change Zoe and before she knows it she’s overcome with terror and losing Miles because she refuses to open up to him. Did she miss her chance at a new love and a new start? Will she even get the chance to find out?I found NEW POINT to be captivating all around—from the original story to the fantastic dialogue to the absolutely breathtaking romance. I cried for Zoe, for the emotions I could feel through Blake and Miles, for the pain, fear and love I found completely believable. I loved how passionate and expressive Miles was and how Zoe said what she was thinking, sometimes to her own detriment. “New Point isn’t known for much breaking and entering, but I have to admit, this looks mighty suspicious,” an unmistakably Midwestern accent drawls from behind me, effectively scaring the sweat off my bare shoulders.“I didn’t realize this needed to be said explicitly after I practically threw down with your brother.”…“But for the record, I’m not seeing anyone else, and neither are you.”I stroll down the staircase like the king of the fucking castle. Hell if I’m not prouder than a guy who just won the Super Bowl. It’s impossible to wipe the grin off my face. I loved that even though Miles was clearly head over heels for Zoe, he didn’t just let her get away with everything. He expected her to give him every part of herself, and he wouldn’t settle for less. What’s more, Miles and Zoe’s love story has a beginning, middle and end in NEW POINT so there’s no frustrating cliffhangers to worry over. NEW POINT is a refreshing love story that you don’t want to miss. This is the first book I’ve read by Olivia Luck but I can guarantee it won’t be my last. I can’t wait to read Blake’s story in PRESSURE POINT. **Complimentary copy provided by the author/publisher for an honest review.**Reviewed by preppea on I ♥ Bookie Nookie Reviews.

  • Bianca
    2018-12-12 08:44

    I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.To put it simply, this book is brilliant. It fully captures the darkest day of a woman's life and life thereafter. There is always light in darkness. New Point? It tells that story. Effortlessly and beautifully. We meet Zoe, who has come to New Point, Michigan. Months ago an event has caused her life to shrouded by constant darkness when a stranger stole her sense of freedom. Despite her past, she is now in a new place ready to work towards gaining her life back. The details of her tragedy? In all fairness to the reader, it is one you must read about. It would be a disservice to discuss her past. This is not your average broken girl story. There is so much more. The depth of her pain comes from a place that many of us will likely never experience. But Zoe?“He’s my missing piece.”So when she meets Miles? He’s the light in her darkness. He storms in to her life, completely unplanned. It just takes Zoe sometime to realize this. Her falling for him? One of my favorite parts. Miles falling for Zoe? Absolutely breathtaking. The talks, the notes in the sand. Just everything. This sexy bar owner will steal your heart. Oh. And you may never get it back. But how can she fully give herself to Miles when her past continues to haunt her? Opening herself to those memories will hurt, but she believes running away from love is her only option. Until that day happens. Again. He will watch her relive the darkest day of her life. But what does Miles do? He loves her harder. With his entire being. She soon learns that sometimes you go through things in life to get to where you’re supposed to be. And her past, it brought her to Miles. Once she learns to embrace her past, she accepts her present and future. “Because I want all of you, damnit!”“The best you have to offer and the worst. I want to pull you up the days you can't get out of bed. When you're smiling, I want to be the cause, and when you're crying, I want to take away the sadness.”Why aren’t more people talking about this author? About this book? The synopsis in no way demonstrates the depth of this story. While it pulls you in, the story itself will resonate with you. No matter what life has thrown at you, this book will touch you. You will LIVE this story. The beauty of it lies within the characters and how they deal with circumstances. They are real, genuine, and relatable. New Point is one of those stories that allow you as a reader to completely immerse yourself in and not stop until the very last page. It is a flawlessly written book in that every word is heart felt. Every. Word

  • Shera Layn ~ Book Lovers Obsession
    2018-11-24 10:47

    Zoe Baker hasn’t had an easy life. She moves to the small town of New Point to get away and try to find some calm. Caught up in a media frenzy she needed to go where no one knew her, knew what she has been through or her past. Her parents passed away when she was young and her brother Blake has always looked out for Zoe and tried to protect her anyway he could. She goes to New Point alone in hopes of healing, forgetting and trying to move on the calm beach in New Point. She lands her dream job, one that truly makes her happy again but she’s still holding on to her secret….“The funny thing about secrets is that in your mind they seem small. They are tiny pieces of information that maintain a speck in a lifetime of memories. Only when the secret is released in the wild does it become obvious the mammoth weight of what you hid”Miles is a sexy as sin bartender, or so Zoe thinks. He actually owns the Bar and the house right down the beach from her. He is sweet, caring and is instantly drawn to Zoe the minute he meets her. He is extremely patient with Zoe knowing that she is holding back and is hiding something. He does get frustrated and has a hard head and sometimes him running away is what he thinks is best. We all know that’s not the answer and it takes running away to sometimes see exactly what your running away from.“I never lay my cars on the table like this, Zoe. There’s a depth that I can’t resist. I want to uncover your secrets”The connection between these two is undeniable. It’s been evident since day one, they both felt it but does it turn into something more? Can Zoe ever let herself trust Miles and let him in? Will he push too much and drive her away? Can she ever get over what happened in the past and move forward or does the past come back to haunt her once again?“Miles is so sure of himself, strong. He knows what he wants out of life, and I’m still trying to put myself back together”I really enjoyed this book. It takes you on a journey of pain, acceptance and finding life again. I read this book in one sitting and couldn’t put it down. Once the story starts you get sucked in! I look forward to delving more into some of the secondary characters, especially Zoe’s brother Blake. I know his story is going to be amazing. A Football Star, always in the spotlight, can he ever find love? I give this book 4 of 5 stars. I look forward to reading the next book in the series and hope it’s about Blake !Copy provided for honest review

  • 1-Click Addict Support Group
    2018-12-01 06:38

    What can I say except Olivia Luck has gone and stolen my heart once again? Miles is the first one to befriend Zoe Baker in New Point and he zones in on her, set on making her his in every way possible. But Zoe has not had an easy life. She suffered a traumatic event, one that has scarred her indefinitely. Miles knows there is something that Zoe is hiding and he is determined to find out what it is. He really is such a sweetheart, trying his hardest to get Zoe to open up, and he has been officially added to my list of hot book boyfriends. He does everything in his power to woo Zoe and it seems it’s working, until her ex comes back into the picture. Then, let me just say, DRAMA…I didn’t just love Miles. I also loved his family, and Zoe's brother, Blake; they added their own pizzazz to the story.New Point is a beautiful story of learning how to live life to the fullest, and how to love and be loved again. I can't wait to see what Olivia Luck has up her sleeve for us next! ~ Kara, 5 Breathtaking Stars~~~I have to say that this was a really surprising read. I didn’t know what to expect going into it and honestly, the first couple of chapters were slow. Once the story got going though, it was an excellent book. The plot was not like anything I have read previously or have personally experienced. Ms. Luck made me connect with the characters and story in a wonderful way. The story was all at once heart-wrenching, sweet and touching. It played on every one of my emotions and I went happily along for the ride.The heroine, Zoe, is beautiful inside and out. She is strong, smart and completely relatable. I experienced fear and anxiety alongside her, and I loved seeing her growth throughout the book. The resident heartthrob, Miles, is a good counter to Zoe, but not my favorite book boyfriend. Zoe’s brother, Blake, however? He is totally my man. Blake is rich, famous, a bit of a mystery and, to top it all off, a protective alpha male – what’s not to love? All of the secondary characters were fantastic and really helped to make the story.Overall, I really enjoyed New Point, although for personal reasons I didn't love it. I thought the plot was new and exciting, and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes sweet stories about finding yourself after a life-changing incident. ~ Alicia, 3.5 stars

  • Susi
    2018-12-13 06:49

    This is my favorite book by the talented Olivia Luck. I couldn't get enough of Zoe and Miles. Olivia, you’ve done it again! This time, you have crafted a brilliant New Adult read. New Point is an intriguing story with well written characters, secrets, suspense, passion and romance. Cleverly written, New Point captured my interest from the very beginning, from the moment Miles appeared at Zoe’s door. Your two main characters became two of my favorites. Each character is unique and special in their own way. Zoe, the young librarian turns out to be more than I expected and for that, I loved this story. Your story line = perfect! Zoe moves back to her family home looking for a new start on her life after a traumatic event. New Point becomes the ideal place for her and her personal as well as professional new beginnings. You did an amazing job on a story that was not predictable at all. I was kept on my toes and pleasantly surprised with the series of events as they unfolded.I loved how you brought Zoe to a place her mother considered to be “healing.” Healing is exactly what Zoe needed. Healing doesn’t happen easily as you will discover in this book.I am a big fan of Miles. I wish I had a sexy neighbor like that. Wow! He appears in Zoe’s life from the very beginning and plays a significant role in her healing. Their journey from friendship to family moments and on, kept me hooked and made this such an enjoyable book.Zoe’s older brother and father figure Blake is another important character. The responsible father in him finds it difficult to let Zoe move on and become independent, something needed in the healing process. While Blake wasn’t my favorite character, I do look forward to more of him in the next book. I think he may actually grow on me.I cannot forget to mention that you cleverly included the interior decorator from Chicago, a character (Edith) from your previous series in this book. Olivia Luck fan’s will enjoy this simple added detail sprinkled into this fantastic read.Your love scenes were simple, tastefully written and perfect for the New Adult genre.All of the new people, friends, the job, the children, and the new beginnings in this book make it a book I highly recommend.I am an Olivia Luck fan and I am looking forward to the next book with more Blake and Stella (Zoe’s friend).New Point is a 5 star read.I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  • Breanna Eichhorn
    2018-12-17 05:49

    It took one day to alter Zoe's life completely, it took 30 minutes to be morphed into a victim. She wouldn't leave her brothers house for a long time, Blake finally got her to go to a therapist. It took three months for Doctor Greene to get Zoe to believe that Clinton can't hurt her. Nine months later, she is trying to find the key to get into the house that her family owns and that she is moving into. When a man scares her and tells her that his sister is the property manager and he know where the spare key is. She starts work at the New Point Community Library, she didn't tell her employer about what happened to her. Part of her therapy process is taking the time and energy to appreciate beauty in the outside world. She is excited at the prospect of meeting new people and enacting the summer literacy camp. While at the library she sees her neighbor Miles with his nephew, he asks her out. On the anniversary of her parents death she goes to the Blue Green and she gets surprised by her brother. Blake gives Zoe their mothers wedding ring, when Miles sees that he gets mad and stands her up for the date and then she later sees them partying on the beach. Zoe Baker moved to New Point to get a fresh start, she is 25 and she gets called cupcake by her family because of her love of the snack. Miles is Zoe's neighbor, owns Blue in Green he is 29 years old and he promised his brother in law that he would look after Etta and Duke while he was over seas. Blake is Zoe's older brother by 11 years, he became Zoe's guardian after her parents were killed. He is the son of Stewart Campbell. Duke is Miles nephew and he would rather be at baseball practice then be at the library. Etta is Dukes mom, Therapist, Husband is over seas. Alexa is very timid, has a nanny and is part of Zoe's camp. Lacey is Alexa's nanny, she is mean and she wants to get together with Miles. Clinton Smith held a gun to Zoe's head. He is also in a psychiatric facility. While reading this book I fell in love with the characters. I loved the storyline. I loved how well developed the characters are. I loved Olivia Luck's style of writing. This is my first book by Olivia Luck and it most definitely will not be my last. I wish I could give this story more then 5 stars.

  • Jill
    2018-12-05 09:02

    I really enjoyed New Point. I was in a bit of a funk, and New Point pulled me right out of it. I wasn't too sure what the story was about because the synopsis didn't give anything away AT ALL. Yes, usually I like to read synopsis's to get a feel for the book, so I basically went into New Point blind, and seriously, I'm happy I did. I was hooked from page 1, and read the whole book in one sitting. Zoe Baker is one of my favorite characters! She is the girl all guys want, but not because she's "hot", because Zoe has brains, and she isn't one of those girls who just want a guy to have one. Zoe isn't the same as other girls, she's actually all about working as a librarian, and getting back on track. The only thing missing in Zoe, is the girl she used to be. Something traumatic happened to Zoe that changed her. Made her a cautious person, someone with extreme anxiety. Zoe is afraid to let anyone in, she basically pushed everyone, except for her older brother, out of her life.New point is the story of learning to heal on your own. Zoe had to overcome a horrid experience, something that could have taken her life. That would traumatize anyone. Zoe knew that she needed to heal, and learn to move passed everything, but at her own pace. That's when she decided she needed out of the big city, and made a move to New Point. New Point is also where Zoe meets Miles, her delicious neighbor. Miles brings feelings out of Zoe that she thought she'd never feel again. The thing is, Zoe doesn't want to let anyone in, because she doesn't want anyone to have to deal with her baggage. Both Zoe and Miles are just amazing. They belong together, but sometimes life gets in the way. They both need to find a way to make it work, and the most important factor being communication. Both Zoe and Miles need to work hard together, if they have a chance at making any type of relationship work. New Point is a beautifully written story. A 5 bold stars for me! Olivia, this is my first book of yours, but it certainly wont be my last.If you want to find out what happens in Zoe's life, and to find out if she was able to heal from her past, one click New Point. You won't be disappointed!<3 JMAC

  • Stephanie Marshall
    2018-11-28 04:55

    This is a story about love, loss and the ability to overcome tragedy and to find the strength to forgive and move forward in life. Zoe was just beginning her life when an awful tragedy occurs that renders her unable to feel safe outside of her home. The world might see her as a heroine, but that is not what she sees. Moving to New Point was Zoe fresh start. She was ready to move forward and hoping to move past the nightmares. Zoe has a loving brother who has been her guardian, protector and father figure. She is not sure what is going to come her way, but she is ready to start her new position and begin working with the children at her library camp. Last thing she expected is to be rendered speechless by a guy. But that is exactly what happens when she meets Miles. Miles as described by Zoe’s first impression: “He’s perfect. Thick arms with nicely defined muscles that don’t bulge too aggressively beneath his white t-shirt, a broad smile. Thick, dark brown curly hair begs to have fingers run through it, and he has coffee-colored eyes framed by long lashes that most girls envy. He’s a combination of sultry sex appeal and mischievous intentions as displayed by the twist of his lips. Less than one minute in his presence and I’m practically swooning.”How could you not fall head over heels for a guy like that? Not only is he swoon worthy, he is also a business owner, great brother and amazing with kids, especially his nephew.Zoe’s life is far from smooth sailing after moving to New Point. She still has many demons to overcome, while finding her way. This book was a great read. I enjoyed the characters Zoe, Miles, Duke, Etta and Blake. There are so many factors that affect the dynamic of the story throughout the book. Some of the events that occurred caught me totally by surprise. The most amazing parts of this story is the strength shown by Zoe in her battles, the unconditional love shown between Zoe and her brother, the connection and attraction that Zoe and Miles have from their first meeting, and Zoe’s ability to conquer her fears and begin to rebuild her life and finally discover her own inner strength.I can’t wait to see what is next in this series.

  • *P
    2018-11-24 08:44

    Solid 4 Star ReviewZoe is a young lady who endured a traumatic event and after 9 months of being tucked away in the safety of her brother's home she is trying to start living again, as a whole person rather than an empty, frightened individual. No better place to go then her parents' beach house. Zoe had lost her parents many years before in a somewhat tragic manner and she was raised by her half brother Blake. They kept the house and now Zoe is hoping the safe haven will be a balm to her broken self.Zoe meets Miles when he helps her get in her home as she had locked herself out. Miles is totally in to Zoe and he makes it no secret as he openly pursues her. Despite her concerns, Zoe decides to pursue something with Miles, though she has no intention of telling him about how messed up she sees herself.This book, overall, was really enjoyable. There are moments that are tender, those that are a sweet and then, as typical with many NA books, there are the angsty moments where you just want to chuck your e-reader. My one point deduction for this book is due to my ambivalent feelings I have for the hero and heroine. Miles, for the most part seems like the perfect guy, but seriously, the dude needs to stick around. He seems to impulsive to me and some of his behavior was really upsetting to me. Likewise, Zoe obviously has her own issues with trust and sharing herself with Miles. That was bothersome to me. You can't go in to a relationship with someone if they have no idea about such a major part of your life. I did love Blake. In my mind he will make an awesome alpha male with a tender heart and I so cannot wait for his book to come out. It may be a little odd that the heroine is Zoe's ex-best friend, but I think it will still work. Overall, I think this book made for an enjoyable read and is a good first book in this series.Thanks to NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  • Meghna Jain
    2018-12-04 12:39

    You can also find this review on my blogI don’t know what is wrong with me.The whole time reading this, I had goofy smile on my face and I swear I was drooling a little (Yes, Miles is that cute.) Though awesome and swoon worthy, there were things I didn’t like about Miles and even Zoe. Miles was too impulsive and Zoe was too stubborn and as much as these two people were broken to look at individually, they make a great pair!The chemistry was really nice but, I have to say that this book was somewhat cliché. Pretty soon into this book I knew how it was going to end and after knowing some details I pretty much figured out what was going to happen, so there wasn’t any ground breaking revelation or anything but nonetheless the story was nice.I loved the characters (no matter how flawed), the story and the writing style. The way Olivia writes is really nice, easy flowing and real. The conversations that happened between all the characters seemed real and not appear to be made up. Zoe was really strong and smart and really stubborn. She gave me inspiration and in some sorts, she became my role model (weird right? Of everyone in this world, I chose a fictional character to be my role model.) But, fictional or not, I admired her. And as for Miles, I wished he would leave Zoe and just come find me and we could live happily ever after.In the end, I want to say that it really nice even though everything was predictable. I was smiling all the way and this story really made me wish that I had freckles. Yes, freckles. You want to know why? Well, for that you will have to pick up a copy of the book. So, what are you waiting for?To know more about Olivia and her other books, click here.

  • Anna
    2018-11-25 11:57

    Zoe has experienced a traumatic event that changed the course of her life. She has moved from the city to a small lake town where her parents owned a house that was left to her when they died. Zoe attempted to heal at home with the support of her brother and friends, but it wasn't going well and she felt like she needed to go away to get herself back in good working order. She starts a job that she loves, and meets her neighbor Miles who has her feeling things she hasn't experienced in a long time and starting to feel some of her former self returning the more time she spends time with him and in the town of New Point. I actually read the second book in this series first (Pressure Point. Either can be read as a stand alone, but having read the second book first, I knew some of this story from a different perspective and was eager to read this and find out what things looked like from a different angle. I wasn't disappointed. Getting to know Zoe and Miles better was a good experience. Zoe is an easy character to care about. She has been through a lot, but rather than let it make her bitter, she has tried to be a better person because of what she has been through. Miles is a pretty great guy, but I like that in spite of how hot and wonderful he is, he also has flaws. Minor ones, but it is nice to see him make some mistakes and then deal with them in a healthy way. The peripheral characters are great too, and I like spending time in this series. I would recommend both this (and Pressure Point) in whatever order. I have enjoyed other books by this author as well, and I'll continue to read her work in the future. *An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review

  • Tara Bryant
    2018-11-22 06:02

    ***Read as an ARC for***New PointBy Olivia LuckMy heart belongs to Olivia Luck!!! From the moment I read the sneak peek of New Point, I knew I'd be hooked!! Well, Olivia did not disappoint!! New Point is riveting, powerful!!"Dr. Greene and I came up with the idea to move out of the city after any rigorous months of treatment following the incident. The city triggered my anxiety to frequently and as I struggle to manage the aftereffects of my trauma, I decided to put physical distance between me and the haunting memories. "Zoe, desperate to make it on her own, moves to New Point to restart her life. But Zoe is hiding something, and battling demons. Miles is the handsome guy every girl wants to be with and every guy want to be. When he meets Zoe he is drawn to her instantly. But can Miles break down Zoe's walls? And will Zoe let him?"We stood there, kissing under the spotlight of the moon for only a few more minutes until I insisted on calling it a night. It's not that he frightened me. No, it was the exact opposite. I scared me. In those moments together, I found myself. The girl who was once comfortable in her own skin, who counted her blessings and lived each day as though it was a gift, was the one fingering the hair at nape of Miles' neck and pressing goodnight kisses to his cheek. "What I love the most about New Point is how real the characters are! I could relate to Zoe and her struggles, and I cheered her on the whole time I read the book!Miles is not the typical bad boy looking for someone to turn him around. He is a guy...and my god...he is a SEXY, HOT guy! (Thank you Olivia)No need to say that I CANNOT wait to read more of Olivia's books!!!Tara

  • Tash
    2018-11-16 09:38

    Zoe & Miles story really does dive into the incandescent veil of a glimpse of light after a storm of black and it was a pure illumination of brilliant weaves of a character stripped bare and created. New Point by Olivia Luck was a pure gem of a read.The simple sweet book really captured my heart and was a pure joy to read. New Point follows Zoe as she struggles to move forward from a dark the seeps from a traumatic event by moving to her holiday house in New Point, Michigan away from the city. I was pleasantly surprised reading this narrative and all the right ways. The depth of the narrative and how Olivia portrayed characters through turmoil and love really did expose a true gem that I read page after page. The tragedy serves a reminder throughout the book, and I’m not going to spoil it for it but the service of acknowledging and the experience that the raw characters experience is pure gold.Miles is the kind of guys that is believable, the storm of fire and play of charm when he meets Zoe really did send shivers down my spine. This is a true love story of how parts of the past can scar you but not break you, but only heal in time. Miles is the sexy bar own and he is a charmer, so prepare yourself because he swoops in and leaves your heart racing. Miles and Zoe create this electricity and throughout the novel Zoe’s shadow of pain really is a building block to opening your heart up and that is a perfect concept that was pure whole.A starlight gleam of brilliance is all I can summarize as Zoe & Miles story. It was the torch in a flame of raw growth and that sometimes life’s scares fade and it really resonated with me. The beauty in the novel is real and honest and I was submerged to reading till the end. Absolutely loved it.

  • PaulaPhillips
    2018-12-07 08:46

    One of my favourite things about reviewing is that you have the chance to discover new authors and hidden gems in the indie world and one of those hidden gems is New Point by Olivia Luck. This book was awesome and I loved it so much. Ever since I was younger, I have enjoyed reading books where almost like the witness protection programme , the characters go somewhere to start new and hide the secrets of their past and of course it all comes back in full-force which does tell us that no matter what we cannot run from our pasts, we must always confront them. In New Point, we meet Zoe who nine months ago was a survivor in a school shooting when Clinton Smith came into the school library she was working at and held a gun to her. She talked him out of it and he was arrested , now nine months later Zoe is still on track to get her life back and has just moved to the small beach community of New Point where her family owned a summer house. She has also just got a job as a Children's librarian at the local library and is loving it and it seems that life is starting to shine as she is falling in love with next door neighbour Miles Wilson. What will happen though, when Zoe's past comes heading back to New Point and it starts to affect the life she is trying to build and the relationships with the people all around her ? Can Zoe let them into her heart and tell them what she went through ? Will they still look at her the same or will they turn their backs on her and walk away ?New Point was a fast and enjoyable read that kept me captivated and I am looking forward to seeing what could happen next. Also if you loved the Nicholas Sparks's movie Safe Haven, then you will enjoy New Point by Olivia Luck.

  • Margaux Espinosa
    2018-11-20 06:45

    This was a cute romance with a dark undertone. I loved the writing and the story Olivia Luck wove, the characters were complex and realistic, and the story line is original, fresh and unique. Luck created a genuine and intriguing story with secrets, suspense, passion and romance. This story made me realize that everything is just a matter of how you perceive it, and Zoe doesn't realize she has bravery, heart and courage in abundance. Zoe is a sweet librarian, that loves children and couldn't imagine her life not working and helping children learn. But she has a lot of fear and anxiety problems and is working her way through it all slowly, with therapy and with the support of her half brother and guardian, Blake. Zoe takes up residence in her late mother's house on a beach in New Point to get away, try to relax and work through her problems, her first day at the house she meet Miles. Miles is a really nice guy, he owns his own bar and has a few insecurities of his own because of a past failed relationship. Miles has an amazing family and is instantly smitten with Zoe. They start off slow with their relationship and the hit a few rough spots along the way but the real story isn't the romance, although it's there is spades, it's about a past traumatic event that has made Zoe doubt herself and everything she is. But with Miles' love and the help of a great psychologist, and a twist she makes it through. This is a wonderful story that touch my heart, and I would love to see the next in the series. Olivia Luck you are a great writer and I plan to read more of your work.

  • M.B.
    2018-12-08 12:57

    ***review to follow as part of blog tour***I read this book without having looked at the blurb or other reviews on Amazon or Goodreads, so I knew nothing about the story. I'm actually glad I did, because I didn't have any preconceived notions about the story, considering some of the subject matter.Zoe's background is released to us in pieces via flashback, which prolongued the mystey and intrigue as to why she was suffering anxiety. I read the full 'reveal' through my fingers and holding my breath. Luck manages to create an atmosphere, in both the flashbacks and the main story, which suck you in from the very first page. When Zoe thinks back to her experiences, her fear and pain absolutely radiate off the page.From Blake's interview, right through until the end of the book, I held my breath while reading through my fingers or with my hand in front of my mouth in shock. A book hasn't kept me guessing right until the end for a very long time.Another thing Luck does extremely well is creating visuals in the reader's minds. Her descriptions of landscapes and her characters. I really felt as if I were there in New Point with Zoe. The only character I didn't enjoy reading was Lacey, who I felt was a bit too cliche compared to all the others.The entire book is exetremely well written (bar a few minor editing errors), which deals with a subject many would be wary of dealing with, but it is does in such a sympathetic and classy way. I will most certainly be reading more in this series.

  • Alison
    2018-11-18 07:03

    5 Stars!!!I was given this book to read in turn for an honest review!!!Nine months ago Zoe became the centre of a media-frenzy. She was happy and had the perfect job. Then suddenly one day, all too soon, it was ripped away from her. Having hid for nine months Zoe decides she needs to get better and to re-start her life, so she moves to New Point.Zoe moves two hours away from the city she once called home. She has her dream job and has met Miles, a seriously hot local bar owner. Zoe is finally healing or at least she thinks….Zoe has never felt for any man the way she does for Miles, but Zoe has a secret. She doesn’t want to lose the one person she knows is healing her, but something triggers Zoe to relive that day nine months ago, thinking things can’t get any worse the media find her hiding place and now her secret is out.You can feel the terror that Zoe has been living and just how broken she feels, you really want to hug Zoe and tell her how amazing she is, something she does not realize herself. Miles is HOT and he’s a kind, funny, loyal and an all-round loveable guy. The characters in this book are portrayed really well and you will love all of them except one, this particular character you will want to slap repeatedly. Olivia Luck likes her suspense because this book will take you on a journey of where the hell is this going? You think you have an idea of what is to come and instead of that something bigger happens.If you love romance and suspense you will not be disappointed because Olivia Luck delivers all that and keeps you hooked.

  • Heather
    2018-11-29 10:06

    New Point starts out with Zoe making a new start in her life. She went through something absolutely horrible 9 months before and has taken a lot of work to get to the point where she is now.As she is moving in, she meets Miles, the sexy bartender who lives next door.And so the story goes.I really adored this book. Zoe is a great heroine as she is marching on, despite what happened to her, she is living again, back doing a job she loves, and making new friends (Miles, his family, her boss). She was very real to me. Had emotions that we all might have after going through something like she did, the same fears and frustrations, and the same hopes. She just was a really neat character.I enjoyed Miles as our hero in New Point also. Sexy man next door, has a little of his own baggage that follows him around, and great chemistry with Zoe.One thing I really liked is that I wasn’t pulled toward one or the other when they had their fights. Typically, I will feel frustration or anger towards the one that I think is wrong, but in this book, during arguments, I understood what both were feeling, and I just hoped they would make it through.I cannot wait to see the next book in this series. This reads as a stand alone, but I felt the build up for other characters to have their own turns to tell their stories. I really want to know more behind Lacey as well.Great book! Thank you so much for my copy!

  • Laura
    2018-12-06 10:42

    A series of tragic events in Zoe's life have left her broken. The most devastating event occurring 9 months ago. Zoe retreats to her family's beach house to try to recover and regroup. Excited about her new life away from the events of 9 months ago, she is hired to be a librarian in the small town's library. This job gives her life meaning and purpose. What she didn't plan on happening was meeting Miles. Through a series of events, these two souls find hope and comfort in each other. This is a book about healing and redemption, love and hate. Ms. Luck gives us a great insight to Zoe. We get to know her hopes, fears and dreams. There were a few snippets of Miles' POV and while I wish there were more, I loved what we did get from Miles. The story line is well developed with the supporting characters Blake (Zoe's Brother), Etta (Miles' sister) and her son Duke and the crew of small town gossips that we all love so much. While this book is a stand alone, there will be a follow up to this book with Blake and a long lost friend of Zoe's named Stella. Ms. Luck does a great job with describing the events in Zoe's life that make her who she is today. Zoe's character is strong and while she thinks she's weak, her reactions to the events in life show she is anything but. She shows bravery and tenactiy when confronted with her fears. All in all while this book may feel like it's lighter than some of the other books that are in this genre, this is a great read. The subject matter is timely and Ms. Luck does a great job making all of it believable.

  • DawnMarieCarpintero
    2018-12-14 12:39

    I received this book for my honest review.Zoe-a hero in her own right, librarianMiles-the hottie hot, bar ownerBlake-the brother, the protector, football starEtta-Blake’s sister, the therapistCome meet the character’s of New Point with me in finding forgiveness, calmness, security, and love. Zoe was the woman that saved the school that she previously worked for by her braveness and calmness. Though she does not feel like the hero but as the victim she comes to her childhood get away. Her parents died when she was a young girl and her brother (Blake) has always protected her but never taking time to live for himself. New Point is a new start for Zoe scary as it may be and little does she know that it is a place beyond that. Her healing depends on it and just maybe love will be in store as well.Miles is the guy that has a sweet talking tongue but is confident to a point. Him and Zoe have an automatic electrified connection that neither can deny. But does this connection turn into love? Can he put trust in the Zoe when he knows that she is hiding something from him that even though it might be for her best? Demanding and running away when Zoe is scared is not the answer this he knows but still runs. A wise man (his dad) takes him fishing and what is said on the lake stays on the lake. The author brings a sense of calmness in this great read. She gives Miles patience and nurturing which I found refreshing in itself. This book would make a great anytime read. Go and get this great read you won’t be disappointed.Happy Reading