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The second in the exciting Pretender series of novels, Saving Luke is an edge-of-your-seat mystery thriller about Jarod, a child prodigy, stolen and raised by a clandestine organization that exploited his gift for their nefarious activities. After his escape, this ‘ingenious Jason Bourne,’ a human chameleon that can literally become anyone he wants to be, rejoins the worldThe second in the exciting Pretender series of novels, Saving Luke is an edge-of-your-seat mystery thriller about Jarod, a child prodigy, stolen and raised by a clandestine organization that exploited his gift for their nefarious activities. After his escape, this ‘ingenious Jason Bourne,’ a human chameleon that can literally become anyone he wants to be, rejoins the world denied to him for 30 years. While attempting to find his own family, Jarod uses his brilliance to save a young boy kidnapped by terrorists and return him safely to his parents. Jarod does this while staying one step ahead of his nemesis, Miss Parker,the sexiest woman on the planet who is hell-bent on tracking him down and returning him to her masters. Their multifaceted, love-hate relationship,driven by the emotional secrets they share, continues to fuel a heated chase, pitting a cunning predator against her brilliant prey.Saving Luke is an intricate, suspenseful, and enthralling mystery about one man’s exploration of life, love, and the truth that captures and reignites the hit TV series for both loyal fans and new readers alike. There are Pretenders among us......

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Saving Luke Reviews

  • David
    2018-11-28 14:53

    A steaming pile of shit.

  • KeithPatton
    2018-11-27 19:30

    Once-loyal lifetime fans of the Pretender television series were lied to about what would be in the both Saving Luke and its predecessor Rebirth. The series is not "reborn". The series has been rebooted. There is a difference. One being that there is a time gap "problem" that everyone is talking about, probably because a reboot means the time line, the characters and original story line have been given the boot. The fans, too, have been given the boot, by the creators of The Pretender. The writing, editing, and cover design are all badly done, sloppy, amateurish. I can't recognize the characters in the novels (because it's a reboot!). Everyone is way out of character, so much that aren't even the same people (because it's a reboot!). I'm with the majority who believe the reboot is the biggest mistake yet to occur in this fandom, and if you are familiar with the Inner Sense and IOTH and the lack of quality and continuity during the first four seasons of the tv series, you know how bad that must be. I'd give this farce less than one star if I could. Don't waste your time or money on reboot. I'd like an apology for being lied to. A refund would be nice too. I have voted this in the "trees died for this", "most boring book ever", and "how original...not" lists, among others. I am done with this fandom and the never ending promises and lies.

  • Joy
    2018-12-06 19:50

    Abandoned. Boring as hell, and it was one dirty-old-man barb after another. The authors spin back and forth between juvenile jokes that are bereft of humor and dirty old man jargon. It's what happens when boys don't grow up. The characters were out of character. The typos were the least of my complaints. This isn't my show. The Pretender hasn't been my show since season two back when it aired on television, but at least was sort of interesting. Now it's boring and dull. The cliff hangers and the wait and the promises were old back then (in the 90s) and now, wouldn't you know it, they went and rebooted/started all over again from the beginning. Living through it once was agony enough. Rebirth was the nail in the coffin of The Pretender. Saving Luke, the sequel novel, is an extra unnecessary nail. A wasted. The only way these Pretender novels could be worse is if I'd spent money on them. The Pretender novels were given to me by someone else who didn't want them. The novels are that bad! RIP The Pretender. I can't even say I'll miss it.

  • Lissy
    2018-12-03 17:56

    I hate the "ingenious Jason Bourne" comparisons. That's so far fetched that it isn't even funny. I know there are life long fans that really really want these pretender books to make it so the sales will fund a third movie but come on! All star ratings when the book hasn't been released or read yet? That's like lying. It's stupid! I'm not going to lie!Rebirth and Saving Luke are NOTHING nothing at all like the Bourne novels. These Pretender books are no where near the league of the Bourne Novels. NOT even close. It's a disgrace to Ludlum. Jason Bourne kicks serious ass, exposes the wrong, gets the girl! He has killer moves, bare hands. He doesn't dick around with every woman he meets. (like Jarod does and Jarod the second tv season there should have a been a last name... is a wus compared to Jason Bourne)!Jarod cries about the wrong. Jarod can't take life even if doing so betters the world. Jarod is a little boy. Jarod is a wimp. The creators of the pretender say Jarod is a sociopath (proves how little they know the characters they created). Jarod doesn't get to see the world.....EXCEPT in the best fanfiction (where he goes to Cambodia, Venezuela, Istanbul, Conjo, Khovd, etc. OMG the fanfiction is BETTER than the novels in this fandom lol!) Jason Bourne travels the world, spans the entire world. Jason Bourne is awesome. Jason Bourne would kick every bastard's ass, deal with Miss Parker once and for all and end IT. It should end before I'm too ashamed to admit I was ever a fan of The Pretender. Wait. Too late. These stupid, poorly written and edited books (with crappy covers) will never be what the Bourne novels are and that's obvious. I'm sure Mitchell would like to aspire to Ludlum's greatness. I'm glad I didn't waste my money on the Pretender books. I feel sorry for my friend who spent the money and now passes the books to the displeased fans so they don't have to milk this cash cow enterprise. What a joke. To say I'm disappointed is a understatement.

  • Michael
    2018-11-20 15:43

    Lies. Cliffhangers. Bad writing. Bad editing. Bad cover design. Rebotch. That sums it up I think. I didn't finish reading...and that seems fitting for a fandom where we wait 19 years and counting for an ending.

  • Jana Nelson
    2018-12-10 14:31

    Didn't buy this one. I was fooled once. I won't be fooled again. Poorly written, edited, designed. Juvenile. Stupid. Hideous. The word "Pretender" printed on the book is the only similarity these novels bear to The Pretender television series. The characters were completely OOC, unrecognizable, cheap caricatures. Because it's a reboot. I wish I'd known that before I purchased the first novel. New questions, new cliffhangers, juvenile dialog, cheap jokes. I thought the writers were grown men. Meanwhile loyal fans are waiting for answers to the old questions. We were promised answers to the original television series by the writers/creators. We thought we were buying those answers. Wrong. The creators didn't think to give us a heads up. Judging by the contents of both novels (and the cover, editing) the writers didn't think period. Unless you just want to line your hamster cage with stupidity, save your money. Words just can't describe what I feel about this rebotch. It's not worth a penny, but a picture's worth a thousand words.

  • Savannah Mae
    2018-11-14 20:35

    “The Pretender – Saving Luke” picks up moving right along with Jarods mission to find the missing boy and discover who his parents really are. Previously in “The Pretender – Rebirth,” Jarod had escaped The Centre and the beautiful Miss Parker and her crew on hard on the chase to find Jarod. Stopping at nothing to find him, Jarod must stay five steps ahead and keep them guessing.The Pretender has a heart of gold and fights for the “little guy” who can’t fight for himself in all of his missions. This mission of saving Luke is no different. Luke is a young boy who mysteriously disappeared and Jarod is dead set on saving him or die trying. With being taken from his own parents so many years ago, Jarod feels compelled to find out the truth behind the disappearance of Luke and help bring the boy home to his family before it’s too late. “Saving Luke” is action packed and a super fast paced page turner that, once again, I was not able to put down. Points of views are switched seamlessly giving the reader information and the back-story as needed. With Jarod’s brilliant mind, I was amazed over and over again with his clever ways to escaping his hunters. Leaving his physiatrist, Sydney, clues along the way, there isn’t any telling what is going to happen from chapter to chapter. “The Pretender – Saving Luke” is filled with elements of fear, rage, guilt, emotion, lies, deceit, cover-ups and of course the very colorful characters all come together perfectly for an edge-of-your-seat read. “Saving Luke” has the depth and quality required to make it as a best seller. Steven Long Mitchell & Craig W. Van Sickle make one hell of a story come to life on these pages and without their brilliant minds, Jarod’s mind would be nothing. “Saving Luke,” being the second volume in this series, has proved to be better than the first. Keep it coming fellas, I am excited to see what is next for The Pretender! 5 Stars!

  • Joel Gomes
    2018-11-17 16:45

    Following right after the events portrayed in The Pretender: Rebirth, The Pretender: Saving Luke is the reason why oxygen masks were invented. It's intense, frantic, emotional and funny. When I read The Pretender: Rebirth I thought it had set the bar pretty high. And it did. Nevertheless, The Pretender: Saving Luke manages to set the bar even higher. The main reason for this is that, while the previous book was inevitably compared to what we used to know from the TV show, The Pretender: Saving Luke has its own identity.Story-wise, The Pretender: Saving Luke it's a page-turner filled with Easter eggs (even though the story takes place in October). Unlike The Pretender: Rebirth, it reads like a novel written by two novelists, instead of a novel written by two screenwriters. (Being both myself, I understand how hard it can be to switch from one writing technique to the other.)The characters are even more believable, and the appearance of fan-favorite characters like Broots and Mr. Raines was a very nice surprise. Was it Angelo the "friend" who helped Jarod with his first escape attempt shown in chapter 1? Perhaps we'll find it out in the next book. I sense it will set the bar even higher.

  • Rossella Tozzi
    2018-12-10 14:43

    Seven months after the release of Rebirth, the first chapter that enchanted and catapulted us into a new adventure undertaken by the authors Steven Long Mitchell and Craig W. Van Sickle, Saving Luke, the second awaited book of The Pretender world is finally here.The story follows from what was narrated in Rebirth. Jarod is looking for answers about an imminent terrorist attack and he must thwart it without endangering young Luke’s life, whose father is being threatened to cooperate with the abductors if he wants to see his son ever again. The chameleon is also willing to help his fascinating companion Skylar to detox after the forced permanence at Dr. Bilson’s clinic, where Jarod had been pretending to be a doctor to interrogate Kaj, Luke’s kidnapper. In addition, the runaway pretender is more than ever longing to have answers about his identity, and to find them he doesn’t hesitate to stay in touch with his former protector Sydney who is struggling with a crisis of conscience after Jarod’s escape and yearning to help his protégé to pay off debt for his past mistakes. If that isn’t enough, Miss Parker is always hot on the heels of Jarod, helped by a team composed by the sweet Daphne, whose idol is the Ice Princess herself, and the creepy Cornelius, narcissist and ambitious young genius, selfish lover of his own intelligence to the limits of excess. In an extraordinary succession of events, Jarod finds himself in a rush to manage all the aspects of his existence. The pretender takes a long road that leads him to face his past, present and future, finding fear, anguish and sufferance on his way, but also friendship, love and new discoveries. The adult Jarod approaches life as a young boy experimenting the world for the first time, is it to taste cotton candy or loving a woman. But Jarod’s distinctive feature is always his superior intellect that puts him in the condition to face the bad guys and try to save Luke – and hundreds of people with him.Meanwhile, Miss Parker is more and more tormented by the memories of a young girl who doesn’t exist anymore. She’s back to do one job: Chase Jarod and return him to the Centre. But this assignment puts her vis-à-vis with an agonizing challenge: Defying her emotions and all the feelings she has for him. During the pursuit, specially at those moments when the huntress is in very close contact with her prey, those feelings come to the surface, described in a whole new way, filled with tension and unresolved emotional conflicts. Perhaps the bond between Jarod and Miss Parker is more obvious in Saving Luke than it ever was during the show, also thanks to new revelations on their shared childhood.Not to alarm all the fans of the couple, it must be said that the presence of another woman in Jarod’s life might annoy all of us waiting for a happy ending to this UST, but at the same time it’s finding out about Skylar that exasperate Miss Parker to the point of becoming jealous. So it’s also because of the ‘other woman’ if emotions resurface and Miss Parker feels something for the fleeing ‘monster’, something she didn’t think she still had inside her. To all the fans of the show still waiting for a reconciliation of this wonderful couple, I say: Read Saving Luke in one breath, and you’ll realize it was worth it. The book is nice and writing is fluid. Reading Saving Luke was easy and satisfying.The form was improved compared with the first book, and the authors were certainly aided by the fact that a group of trusty ‘proofreaders’ (many of which recognizable among the fans of the show) helped with the final editing. To express their total devotion to those fans who clung on to The Pretender world even when the fandom was falling into oblivion, the authors included a large group of secondary characters named precisely like those fans. By doing so, Steven and Craig are pushing the concept of relationship between authors and end-users of a fandom to an integration and cooperation levels never seen before.If the plot in Rebirth was basically a reinterpretation of the Pilot of the tv show, Saving Luke is a completely different story. After reading the book it’s pretty obvious that scenes coming directly from episodes of the show are missing, and if there are any references to specific moments of the first season they have been totally revised, even the dialogues – to the delight of the fans, who are finally able to read fresh Parkerisms and Jarodisms.This choice allows Saving Luke to be much more interesting and addictive than Rebirth.Rebirth bad habit to combine the TV past and the literary present would annoy the long-standing fans and confuse the new readers. With the second chapter a whole different way forward is recognizable: Laying the foundations, then departing from the original TV show. The result is a path that will probably lead towards the same direction, but by following a different route. As a first hour fan, I can say that I’m really satisfied with the breath of fresh hair provided by Saving Luke, with the new scenes and the new characters, always very well detailed.Following the rule that a good team shouldn’t change, Steven and Craig maintained all the main characters alike, with their traumas, physical description, behavior and personal life. What changes, are the means to reach the main goal. Jarod is still looking for his family, but he gets information about his past in a different way. Miss Parker still wants to know the truth about her mother’s death, but Jarod gives it to her differently. Sydney is still in pain for the pretender’s escape and feels responsible for stealing his life, but he’s also struggling with the guilt for his wife and son’s death (characters never mentioned during the show). The lack of some main characters (Broots, Lyle, Angelo and Raines) is much evident and undeniable. You must be patient though, and be careful while reading, because among those lines you may find Easter eggs aimed to tell us that their absence might be only temporary… Saving Luke is a perfect union of what the TV show lovers appreciated the most in the series and something wonderfully new that modernized not only the characters, but also the narrated themes. In the show, Jarod is kidnapped in 1963 and runs from the Centre in 1996, he is 36/37 (his birth date is still unknown). In the “new” pretender, Jarod is abducted in 1983 and escapes in 2013, so the characters are still the same age, but they are suddenly thrown into a more contemporary era, at least for what concerns technologies. If in the show Jarod used red notebooks, today he has a tablet; if he used a huge medicine textbook to learn how to pretend to be a doctor, today it is enough to watch videos on YouTube, let alone the continuous mentioning of Google, Wikipedia, actual singers…All that goes pretty well with a character that became more shrewd and aware of his own potential. While the TV-Jarod was definitely timid and almost clumsy in his attitude, the written-Jarod is much more violent and determined, even cruel at times. With his omnipresent weird sense of justice, employed in an exquisitely arbitrary way, Jarod reminds us of Michael Westen in Burn Notice (whose main features certainly retraced the pretender’s one), a ‘Robin Hood of our times’ helping the little guy to outwit the bad guys. But if in the show Jarod did it in a more theatrical way, in Saving Luke his method of persuasion reaches more exasperated levels of physical and psychological torture.At the same time, we are dealing with a more dynamic Jarod, using advanced technological gadgets to accomplish amazing and almost unrealistic missions, like Sydney Bristow used to do in Alias. Whether it is jumping off a plane to ‘catch a train’ or putting electro-magnets in his gloves and boots to lock on the train roof, this Jarod seems to have acquired also a tactical mind that has nothing to envy to Ethan Hunt’s (Mission: Impossible). Take the TV-Jarod, add a little bit of Michael Westen’s determination, a bunch of Ethan Hunt’s unbelievable action sequences, a handful of Sydney Bristow’s disguising techniques, mix them up and the result is a brand new Jarod. A swirling cocktail of unprecedented adrenaline that doesn’t divert attention from the main news: the TV show becomes a book, reinventing itself – and it does it pretty well. Now the authors have the difficult task to continue Jarod’s saga in the best possible way, maybe also by providing the lifetime fans with a series of answers to still unresolved issues, without omitting the narrative necessity to keep them waiting with bated breath until the very end of the race.

  • Mallory
    2018-11-20 14:40

    Saving Luke is a captivating combination of elements- mystery, suspense, intrigue, and, of course, love- that make the second Pretender novel a true page-turner. Following the exploits of our favorite characters, The Pretender: Saving Luke is an intellectual adventure true to the core dynamics of the TV series complete with twists and turns, as well as answers and new questions that will satisfy old and news fans alike!

  • Tintinrulz
    2018-11-19 18:27

    "Saving Luke" by Steven Long Mitchell and Craig W. Van Sickle, is the second novel in "The Pretender" rebirth series and as such contains the second half of the story that first began in "Book 1: Rebirth". Before beginning, I reread Book 1 to find my bearings, this time the 2nd edition. Therein, I discovered a more polished product but it still contained some spelling and grammatical errors.In "Rebirth", we were introduced to the protagonist Jarod and his mission: to find and return a kidnapped boy to his parents. This story served as a highly appropriate starting point to introduce "The Pretender" premise, since Jarod himself was stolen from his family as a young boy.I’m pleased to say that "Saving Luke" is a far more polished product than "Rebirth", with one caveat: "Saving Luke" is both much better and also, in some ways, worse. Generally, it’s a better-written book and reads more like a novel. Book 1 seemed to have an identity crisis of sorts. It wasn’t sure if it wanted to be a script or a novel, which created a serious lack of flow and cohesion at times. There are still some growing pains to be found in the rebirth as it's both more gritty and realistic than the TV series (makes sense) and more cartoony (um, why?)."Saving Luke" features a mostly new adventure with numerous nods to Pretender episodes, particularly those involving kidnapped children. There are also several nods to other areas of The Centre Universe – the CI Employee Newsletter, the upcoming Centre Chronicles graphic novels, the YA Miss Parker novels, the spin-off thrillers and even some mysteries that will be revealed soon on the official website: ThePretenderLives.comThe rebirth reboots the series bringing it into the present day. For a time this frustrated me, as I felt the Cold War elements of the TV series really added to the corporate conspiracy atmosphere of the story. Now I've come to terms with the fact that the rebirth is a slightly different beast. The new timeline reflects this change and it works well. Present day issues and references bring the series up to date. So do the ever present advances in science and technology featured throughout.I feel the story could’ve been more tightly-written at times, as together both "Rebirth" and "Saving Luke" amount to almost 600 pages and yet tell a fairly straightforward story. The books probably equate to six TV episodes – that’s a lot of time dedicated to a single story about a kidnapped boy! Just saying. Maybe future novels can tell self-contained stories featuring Jarod’s Pretends, while continuing the serial nature of The Centre mysteries (maybe a ratio of 2 parts A story - Jarod, to 1 part B story - The Centre). Either way, the stories should only be as long as required and more time spent unearthing Centre mysteries would be awesome.While there’s little new material here for old Pretender fans, there are some tasty flashbacks and new mysteries dotted throughout. We discover some interesting clues towards uncovering Miss Parker’s Christian name. Also, Sydney’s name is finally revealed. Characters are better developed here than in "Rebirth". Case in point, Miss Parker and Sydney, and of course, the new characters: those found in Jarod’s world and those in Miss Parker’s, not all of whom are a welcome sight – Cornelius (NO!), Daphne (fine in "Rebirth", now she’s starting to grate). Happily Mr Parker makes another appearance and he’s as formidable as ever.Book 2 features stronger language than Book 1, language that just doesn’t suit "The Pretender" universe. Also, there’s more graphic violence and sexual references than one would find in the TV series and TV movies. At times I thought I was reading a novelization of "Breaking Bad", the content was that strong.Now for the first real sin "Saving Luke" commits. I’m not sure I like the new Jarod. In "Rebirth" he had some of his innocent child-likeness and heartfelt empathy for others that was reminiscent of the TV series and TV movies. For the most part though, "Saving Luke" shafts that version of Jarod and turns him into a disturbing mo’fo, more akin to Walter White or even, at times, Dexter. This isn’t the Jarod I grew up with. This Jarod needs more heart. I want the old Jarod back. Please! Also, there are strange, little moments where our favourite characters act out of character eg. Miss Parker listens to Pink and sings along? NO! I would like to see that sort of thing rectified in future stories.Now we come to "Saving Luke"’s second greatest sin – the shout-outs to fans dotted throughout the narrative. They’re both a blessing (good fan service) and a real curse. In Book 1, there were several shout-outs to fans and they didn’t disturb the story. In Book 2, Steve and Craig have included far too many shout-outs to fans and some of them have several appearances. A few of these ‘fan’ characters are well-written and integrated naturally into the story (eg. Nathalie, Pedro), but the vast majority are jarring (eg. Kris) and really ruin the flow. Many fan references are so ‘on-the-nose’ that they read like poor fan fiction additions rather than canon story. My advice? Either limit the number of shout-outs in the next novels, or ditch them entirely. It’s not worth bringing down a quality story with bad fan service. And for goodness sakes, please make sure they’re integral to the story and don’t mess up the flow.Towards the end of Book 2, some old favourites return. They provide a most welcome addition but as good as those appearances are it’s a case of too little, too late. The Centre story really needs to pick up. And fast. Fans are champing at the bit for answers to decade(+) old mysteries. I suggest that a good portion of the next novel be dedicated to The Centre happenings and all things related to Jarod and Miss Parker.All in all, despite its flaws, in "Saving Luke" there’s a damn good mystery thriller to be found, one fighting to break free from some small traces of mud.Bring on Book 3, the graphic novels, the Miss Parker novels and the spin-off novels.The foundations have been laid for the rebirth. Now it’s time for answers!"Rebirth", 2nd edition: 7.5/10"Saving Luke": 8/10

  • Pretender Centre
    2018-11-14 14:53

    A thrill ride from first page till last, Saving Luke reminds me of all the things I loved about the Pretender, leaving me greedy for more. Much more!Everything is there that I have come to expect from the series and so much more. The story is non-stop fun and excitement with amazing twist, unexpected turns and surprises too numerous to list.We see deeper into the characters than ever before, and Saving Luke offers insights, especially into Miss Parker, that provide whole new understanding, and appreciation of her character, far beyond what we have previously seen.Jarod’s joy and enthusiasm, his hope and belief in humanity as he battles the darkness around him, his past, speaks to the desire to look for the best in ourselves. This is a darker, grittier Jarod, for darker times, and the takedown is just amazing!Another big surprise were some long–awaited answers to questions that were wonderful to see, as were some old friends and other familiar faces that are making their way into the ongoing saga. As this new Pretender evolves it is giving us new adventures and at the same time enriching the mythos we all know and love.Am extremely excited to see where it all goes and what is to be revealed in Shattered Doll. Cannot wait for more!

  • Bridget Pogson
    2018-11-10 21:40

    Loved this book! Could not put it down -- really! Having found the first book in the series (Rebirth) enjoyable, I was further impressed with this one ... an adrenaline-fuelled ride, it left me breathless at the end, and wanting more .. Gritty in parts, funny in others, it takes the reader on a wonderful journey, scattered with colourful characters (and language) en route .. leading up to a heart-thumping conclusion and the promise of new adventures in the future ...I can't wait for the continuation of Jarod's travels and discoveries For those who may have been put off by unfavourable reviews of Rebirth -- please, do yourself a favour and give both of these books a chance -- lay aside previous expectations, go in with an open mind, and ENJOY!

  • Vicky
    2018-11-28 21:54

    If I could give it more than five stars, I would. The sequel of "Rebirth" is even better than the first book. The story picked up right where it left off, and we embark on a race against time to save not only Luke but the lives of thousands. It was difficult for me to put down the book once I started reading. It was always one more chapter, one more chapter. I just didn't want to stop reading.It's a real pleasure to have Jarod, Parker, Sydney and the others back. I missed them after the show came to an end, and this book series is a great way to have them back.I'm looking forward to the next book in this series, and other series they have planned around these characters.The Pretender Lives!

  • Quincey Hunter
    2018-11-16 18:33

    I loved "The Pretender - Rebirth" and was blown away by how well the creators did on their first novel. But this second novel has far surpassed even the highest of my expectations. This novel could and should be a best seller. Talk about a wild and interesting ride. The authors had be on the edge of my seat and guessing up until the last chapter. Well done! Read this novel. Run don't walk.

  • Joel Gomes
    2018-11-20 14:34

    Following right after the events portrayed in The Pretender: Rebirth, The Pretender: Saving Luke is the reason why oxygen masks were invented. It's intense, frantic, emotional and funny. When I read The Pretender: Rebirth I thought it had set the bar pretty high. And it did. Nevertheless, The Pretender: Saving Luke manages to set the bar even higher. The main reason for this is that, while the previous book was inevitably compared to what we used to know from the TV show, The Pretender: Saving Luke has its own identity.Story-wise, The Pretender: Saving Luke it's a page-turner filled with Easter eggs (even though the story takes place in October). Unlike The Pretender: Rebirth, it reads like a novel written by two novelists, instead of a novel written by two screenwriters. (Being both myself, I understand how hard it can be to switch from one writing technique to the other.)The characters are even more believable, and the appearance of fan-favorite characters like Broots and Mr. Raines was a very nice surprise. Was it Angelo the "friend" who helped Jarod with his first escape attempt shown in chapter 1? Perhaps we'll find it out in the next book. I sense it will set the bar even higher.

  • Sun
    2018-11-21 16:27

    So who else remembers the TV series "T he Pretender"? It got cancelled but the die-hard fan-base meant the creators couldn't resist respawning the series as books. The first is Rebirth, continued it the double "episode" Saving Luke. It's a fun but confusing read for someone who followed the series, because it's not clear if the writers have rebooted the series or are trying to continue on from where the series left off. I wasn't such a die-hard follower that I can recall the details of where that was. There are some scenes that I know I've seen before, but is that making fans comfortable by providing some familiarity or the writers simply writing similar scenes in more or less the same way?The books alternate between street smart action and B-grade fan fiction and the writers' acknowledgements actually suggest that much of it IS, sadly, derived from fanfic. The writing is obvious and over-the top and it makes me realise that I miss the actors, like Patrick Bauchau and Andrea Parker, who gave the characters subtlety. It was good not knowing what they were thinking, now that I know what the writers were!The TV series never did quite make for critical viewing but the plots were always fun and this continues in the books.

  • Emily
    2018-12-11 17:45

    Still not the best read, but it was definitely better than Rebirth.

  • Kelly
    2018-11-19 15:44

    Everyone can imagine a fan's surprise when they learn the series they loved so dearly is returning. It was a hyped return only to learn the return would be a novel, not film. I was disappointed...many of us were, but it didn't lower my expectations. I've now read both novels in the series and have given up on the series as it's been four years since the second novel.The primary grievance is the reboot itself. Instead of staying the course, they tried to fix something that wasn't broken when all we wanted was the continuance or ending we were promised. I don't like being lied to.I wanted to be like the others, be enthusiastic and keep buying the hype, keep being a team player and give these novels 5 star ratings. I wanted to buy into the Pretender fanmily myth but I wanted potential buyers and hopeful fans alike to beware and that means being honest. I would have given the tv series a solid 4 back in the day... knocking off a star for dragging us along, for wasting time with the story, for the intro that reminds us that Jarod is a genius, for unnecessary repetition and IOTH...terribly edited... and The Pretender 2001... it was the beginning of the inner sense and a flaw in the story line that was never SciFi and then all of sudden was.Both Rebirth and Saving Luke were awful. They were poorly written, constructed. The characters I've come to love were not themselves, were flat stick figures. They didn't emote, they didn't express. I don't "see" them, I don't empathize with them and can't identify with them.The writing itself, in addition to many grammatical errors, is juvenile at best but also is chock full of filth and potty and middle school humor inappropriate for young readers who, if you look at the writing, seem to be the target audience because this doesn't appeal to any adult I know...and to think that this was once called a family show.I was expecting to be riveted or at least interested. I was neither. I felt nothing. I still feel nothing about these books and have even lost love for the tv series itself now. I don't care if another novel is never published and I don't care if the promise to fans is never kept.There are superior shows, superior books. The only thing that really burns is the betrayal. A promise was made to fans. We waited. We were patient. The authors and series creators got our hopes up and then dashed them. These novels are easily the worst books I've ever read.

  • Michael
    2018-11-25 14:46

    RIP Pretender's bookshelf: read13 membersVoice your grievances about Rebirth and Saving Luke, brainstorm solutions, discuss the lies we we...Books we've readRebirth by Steven Long Mitchell Saving Luke by Steven Long MitchellView this group on Goodreads »Share book reviews and ratings with RIP Pretender, and even join a book club on Goodreads.

  • Karen Phillips
    2018-11-13 18:26

    I was hooked on the 90's TV Show "The Pretender" from the very first episode. I didn't know much about the program at its inception other than my all-time favorite actor, Michael T. Weiss, had the male lead. At the time, that's really all I cared about. Michael was back on TV and it didn't matter if the show was good or bad I was gonna watch it just to see him, but it quickly turned into more than that for me.Jarod's search for his family, identity and desire to help others touched me in a way no other story ever has before, and it really hit home. My mother always taught me life wasn't worth living if you couldn't help someone. It didn't matter that his captors were always on his heels attempting to return him to the Centre, if he knew someone had escaped justice and wronged another, he made every effort to correct it.Watching Jarod, who'd been held captive for thirty years, experience the small joys in life for the very first time was simply magical; he was like a kid in a candy store. Michael brought Jarod to life in such a way that made you feel his pain, his loss and his joy, and he made you believe anything was possible as long as the Pretender was on the job.I was compelled to follow Jarod's journey every week, wondering who he would help next, would he be captured and returned to the Centre, but most of all if he would find his family. Then the rug was pulled out from under me and NBC, in their infinite wisdom, cancelled the best show ever on TV after four incredible seasons.Fast Forward thirteen years, and the creators of the 90's cult classic have brought it back in a BIG way in novel form. The first novel, "The Pretender: Rebirth," was a fantastic read, and it was such a joy to finally have "The Pretender" back in my life again.The second novel, "The Pretender: Saving Luke" is finally here and what a roller coaster ride it is! Jarod is in fine form as he aids the unfortunate souls he encounters as well as making the bad guys pay along his journey to discovering the whereabouts of a young boy (Luke) who he's desperately trying to locate and rescue from a terrorist before time runs out. From brain surgery to free-falling 6000 feet to the roof of a fast-moving train, Jarod proves over and over again if you put your mind to something you can accomplish anything."Saving Luke" is a well-written, fast-paced and fantastic read that doesn't disappoint! I highly recommend it.

  • Vania
    2018-11-30 16:49

    With a fast paced storytelling, Saving Luke tells the extraordinary adventure of Jarod, a genius who will do anything it takes to save a little boy.As a long time fan, I was thrilled to find more about these characters as the action unfolds, as well as a few easter eggs. But if you're new to the saga, don't let this discourage you - you can pick it up.However, I would recommend starting with Rebirth, because the second Pretender novel follow that storyline - if you enjoyed reading the first novel, you can't miss the follow up.

  • Dunelady
    2018-12-02 19:46

    The finish to The Pretender: Rebirth. Nice, true to the characters. Adds some new people that I find intriguing, and near the end we see some familiar faces we may (or may not) have missed. I'm eager to read more about Jared.

  • Deanna
    2018-11-28 21:44

    I really loved The Pretender series and miss it. But this book and the first one helped fill that void. The story is riveting, easy to follow and a bit of behind the scenes which is always interesting.Thanks to the authors and please continue writing Jarod's stories.

  • Kristen Gontarz
    2018-11-18 17:51

    Loved it!As a huge fan of the show, this book was just as great! Staying true to the characters that you remember and throwing new ones in made for a great story. Can't wait to read more!

  • Christian Bradley
    2018-12-07 20:51

    I liked it. Is it a departure from the show? yeah. But it's got its own merit. Besides, I'm a character in it, so I'm kinda a big deal now... ;)

  • Garrick
    2018-12-10 21:45

    Review to come…