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"“Dependent!!?” Mythili has just moved to the Philippines to be with the love of her life and new husband, Siddharth. From being a hard-as-nails reporter who covered crime stories of the goriest kind, Mythili is now just a ‘dependent’. On top of that, unemployment, encounters with expat-wives and culture shock leave her feeling like she has fallen down a rabbit hole. Mythi"“Dependent!!?” Mythili has just moved to the Philippines to be with the love of her life and new husband, Siddharth. From being a hard-as-nails reporter who covered crime stories of the goriest kind, Mythili is now just a ‘dependent’. On top of that, unemployment, encounters with expat-wives and culture shock leave her feeling like she has fallen down a rabbit hole. Mythili and Siddharth slowly come to realize that being newlywed in a foreign country is very different from being passionately in love, long-distance. Will this real life Alice find her way out of her own little Wonderland, or will the Red Queen take her head?" ...

Title : A Newlywed's Adventures in Married Land
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A Newlywed's Adventures in Married Land Reviews

  • Priya Narayanan
    2018-12-04 13:02

    A Newlywed’s Adventures in Married Land is one of those books that gradually pulls you into the rabbit-hole a-la Alice, who has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the author’s psyche and the book itself. That the rabbit-hole leads to a world full of happily and not-so-happily married expats only makes it more interesting. When the author asked me to review the book, I was vary – only because I’d never read an e-book before. I wondered if I could endure staring at the screen for the length of the book. But although I must admit I’m still not a fan of e-books, A Newlywed’s Adventures in Married Land was such a breezy read, I finished reading the book before my eyes even thought of protesting!The book is about Mythili, who finds herself in a dilemma after marrying the love of her life. When she follows her husband to Manila, not only does she have to leave her country and live the life of an expat, she also has to leave work as she knew it (that of a crime reporter) and settle down into a more complacent life. Amidst all the apprehensions, compromises and frustrations of being a 'dependent' and 'unemployed', she manages to retain her sanity and her love for Siddharth, although at one point in the book, Mythili wonders - ‘Is it really love when all I feel like doing is bashing my husband’s head in when he doesn’t get how frustrating it is to be unemployed, as he waltzes off to work every day?’The author’s portrayal of Mythili’s concerns and frustrations are sure to ring a bell with most modern-day working women who are forced into a sabbatical due to various reasons, though I wish this was played down a bit in the book. Also, although her reluctant mingling with stay-at-home wives who have nothing better to do than arranging dinner parties reminded me of scenes from ‘The Help’, I also felt they were a bit too stereotypical. The author’s vivid description of Manila was a big plus for me – I could almost imagine myself in the middle of a Manila street where as the author puts it ‘There were Maruti Suzuki cars without the Maruti. There were Clinic All Clear Shampoo hoardings without the Clinic. There were no familiar old Ambassadors. But there were jeepneys.’ Also, the curious traveler in me was glad to lap up the tit-bits about Tanduay and yayas, Maganda and Kwek-Kwek.The author also deftly draws parallels between situations in the protagonist’s life with Alice’s experiences in wonderland. The quotes that begin each chapter make them all the more intriguing to read. One such quote says - ‘It was much pleasanter at home,’ thought poor Alice, when one wasn’t always growing larger and smaller, and being ordered about by mice and rabbits. I almost wish I hadn’t gone down that rabbit-hole.’ Oh, don’t we all wish at some point in time that we hadn’t slipped down the rabbit-hole that marriage is! Finally the author has cleverly ended the book at a point which lends itself to a sequel. And I’m eagerly looking forward to what that might be.

  • Vicki
    2018-11-26 05:51

    This is a wonderful take on the lives of expats in all its gore and glory. Learning to be true to who you are rather than just fitting in is one of the overarching themes. Kumar also captures the ugliness of those who choose not to embrace the culture they are living in. I have been an expat in Asia and I think this is a pretty close to the truth for some!

  • Roopa Raveendran Menon
    2018-11-18 12:51

    The title ‘A Newlywed’s Adventures in Married Land’ is unique and promising. And so is the book. The metaphor of Alice in wonderland is effortlessly and suitably woven into the narrative. With a charming and naturally effusive writing tone that adds to the book immensely, Shweta Ganesh Kumar takes you down the ‘rabbit hole’ with Mythili, the protagonist, like a seasoned storyteller. In Mythili’s Wonderland, the reader meets a motley bunch, etched in the reader’s mind. And with them the reader goes through a gamut of emotions- from side splitting laughter to annoyance, anger, disappointment. And then there is the theme of being plucked away from one’s comfort zone to a foreign land far far away without the healthy trappings of job, life and identity in the book – this will truly resonate with a lot of young expat women. Also, adding to the story line is the relationship between Mythili and Siddharth – there is a natural cuteness and coziness to the relationship that is refreshing. Overall a definite don’t miss book!

  • Jigar Doshi
    2018-11-21 10:51

    This is author's adaptation of Alice In Wonderland where Mythili (Shweta's Alice) has just married and settled in Manila, Phillipines (wonderland). The adventures that she undergoes makes for a nice read.whole review here :

  • Smitha
    2018-12-03 13:06

    Mythili is a newly wed. She has just got married to the love of her life, Siddarth(Sid). Mythili has been an independent young woman, working as a crime reporter, covering crimes of the most gruesome kind. Nothing fazed her. Sid and Mythili had a passionate long distance relationship and were yearning to start living together after getting married. Mythili quits her job and joins Sid in Philippines. For the first time in her life, she realises that she is a ‘dependent’, something she finds difficult to stomach. Already finding it hard to come to terms with her new status, she also realises that there is hardly anybody among the expats that she meets who is of her wavelength. Life as an expat is a whole new ball game , and one that Mythili doesn’t know the rules of. And she isn’t quite sure she wants to either. She finds completely herself out of place in her new environment, be it the people she meets or the city that she lives in. To add to her discomfort, all her efforts of finding a job seem to fall flat as well. Her unhappiness and dissatisfaction starts to have a bearing on her life with Sid. She wonders if she would end up joining others around her as a dissatisfied housewife.It is a charming, often hilarious, very real narrative of Mythili’s new life. I could relate to Mythili’s situation quite a bit, even though I haven’t been in a similar place myself. It is a situation that very common these days. Shweta writes with eloquence about Mythili’s experience of uprooting herself, to follow her heart and then wondering if it if was all wrong, wondering where things started to unravel, and how she picks it back up and puts her life back on track. Relocating yourself to a different place and starting a new life might sound romantic and exciting, it comes with its own challenges and issues.The author also captures the insulated lives that expats sometimes end up leading. A life centred around themselves and their communities rather than making an effort to integrate themselves with the land that is their home now. It is a fast paced, absorbing read which keeps you hooked and you find yourself cheering for Mythili. The characters were real, and some of the expats described, they are oh so familiar! I thought Sid was a sweetheart, and the relationship that Sid and Mythili shared was very sweet and heartwarming. I particularly liked the way each chapter opens with a quote from Alice in Wonderland. Every quote was relevant to what Mythili was going through and I thought it was a brilliant idea by the author. In so many ways Mythili was like Alice falling into a rabbit hole with no control over her circumstances. Would I recommend it, yes of course! It is a 4/5 from me, and a book that I think a lot of us would identify with and enjoy.

  • Vinny
    2018-12-15 09:45

    This was an ARC that I thought would be fun reading. My prediction wasn’t quite correct but the book wasn’t a disappointment either. It was a fast-paced, light read and a mixture of lots of emotions involving little bit of fun as well. One of the prime reasons for my choosing this book was the similarities that the author have drawn with “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”- I was curious about how she had connected the two completely different phenomenon, and while reading the book, I found the metaphor was woven wittily and meaningfully. After marrying Siddharth, Mythili finds herself landing in Manila, detached from his own world, friends and relatives. Back in India she was a passionate crime reporter but after reaching the foreign country with Siddharth she is tagged as a merely ‘dependent’ person. The ‘Desi Gang’, comprised of NRIs living out there was no help at all. The story is about how Mythili adopts herself there against all odds.From the very beginning I liked Mythili’s character. One can easily understand her state of mind after leaving her country and being in a whole new world, surrounded by bunch of new and different people who were nothing like her. She could hardly be herself with them. After working passionately all her life, being jobless and the dependent status totally sucked! But the series of events somehow made her discover herself better and her bond with Siddharth strengthen even more. Siddharth was very supportive of her and tried his best to make her feel comfortable. The relationship the two shared was beautiful and really sweet. To cut things short, Shweta has done a pretty good job with the book. The narration is lucid and captivating. All in all, it was an interesting and enjoyable reading experience for me.

  • Alina Borger
    2018-12-08 05:49

    Mythili marries her long distance sweetheart Siddarth and then moves to the Phillipines, where he works. But in order to make the move, she gives up a thriving career as a crime reporter and embraces life on a "dependent visa." Despite her speedy introduction to the rest of the "Desi Gang" (a group of Indian ex-pats), Mythili struggles to find a home in her marriage, in her new country, and in herself.The thing that sticks with me about the book is the way that Mythili and Siddarth assemble their marriage. It's clear that both of them are IN it and committed to it, despite the fact that they're bickering their way through the really difficult identity issues that Mythili is facing. I found it so refreshingly different from the ways marriages are constructed by US writers, where the sovereignty of the individual is unquestionable and most marriages are broken in some fundamental way, on the verge of breaking, or have a bittersweet undertone that signals breaking is possible.What didn't work as well for me was the chapter-by-chapter allusions to Alice in Wonderland, and the frame story of Mythili's return to India for her sister's wedding three years after the events of the novel took place. The first felt overwrought or over-exerted somehow, and the latter felt underdeveloped, even for a novella.

  • Mayank Kashyap
    2018-11-29 14:12

    THE FIRST E-BOOK...I FINISHED :PNewlywed's adventure... is a book written by Shweta G Kumar, who is the best selling author of Coming Up On The Show and Between the Headlines. The author has done a great job with this book. The sequences from Alice in the wonderland reminded me of my childhood.The story gyrates around Mythili, who is married to her love of life, Sid. In order to stay with him she quits her job in India and moves to Philippines. Every thing looked like a dream until their honeymoon period gets over. Soon she realized that from a self dependent woman she has turned into a dependent woman. Thereby begins her quest to find her lost identity.The book has a hidden message of knowing who you actually are rather than being carried away or adapting the environment. The character to Mythili is very much real. Ladies of the desi gang were ...well typical rich Indian aunties. The relationship, bonding and understanding between the lead characters are nice. Some sequences of the desi gang were hilarious.

  • Laila Zafar
    2018-11-25 14:06

    There is not a book that is much loved than 'Alice in Wonderland', i loved its somewhat namesake too, 'A Newlywed’s Adventures in Married Land', It is a story that perfectly captures a newly wed bride boredom, apprehensions espicially when in a new country, i espicially loved the stereotypical group of her husbands friends that she meets, Mythili's reactions 'What to wear' 'What to say'..etc are all such well known fears, the author has nailed it at the crux.When i was reading the book, i felt that the authoress :), really was able to transport me to where Mythili was and what she was going through. I wish and hope this is a trilogy atleast with Mythili's adventure moving across borders, i would love to see the character as it copes, growns and lives. Beautiful writing. I read it on a flight and i read it again at home, in bed. Fits everywhere.Thank you Shweta.

  • Arti
    2018-12-08 11:50

    I loved the way the book starts with a prologue, the wedding of Kirti, Mythili’s sister and now, worldly wise Mythili advising her, “Kirti, it’s the start of a journey and…”. After the wedding is over, Mythili comes to her room, picks up her favourite book, Alice in Wonderland, and goes back three years, when she was a newlywed. The author has related the aspects of Mythili’s life to parts in Alice in Wonderland. I actually read Alice after this. The author has started the chapters with lines from the book. The chapters have names like ‘Paint the roses red’.The book is hilarious at times and sad at times especially when Mythili is upset and Siddharth empathises with her but does not want her to know that he is upset because he is her pillar of strength.I am eagerly waiting for a sequel to this more at

  • Sabahat Muhammad
    2018-12-12 10:50

    If you've ever wondered what it might be like to pick up and move to another country, then this book is for you. Besides the alien customs and strange language that you have to get used to, the biggest challenge is undoubtedly finding friends (for someone like me, a challenge even at home). Perhaps because Alice was a childhood favorite of mine, I empathized tremendously with the book's main character, Mythili. The parallels between the two universes isn't obvious, but half way through the book, I began to make the connection. After that, I couldn't put it down. This is fun to read, and I recommend digging out your old copy of Alice after you're done, to compare Wonderland's characters with those of Married Land.

  • Shuchi Kalra
    2018-11-27 11:03

    Alice in Wonderland has been one of my favorite books and I just couldn’t wait to see how an Indian author would interpret it and weave it into a love story. Shweta’s rendition of Alice is beautifully done and there is never a dull moment in the life of newlywed Mythili (Shweta’s Alice), who has recently moved to Manila with her husband, only to find herself among strange people and a whole lot of things that will take time getting used to. Expat or not, I believe every woman who has stepped into the rabbit hole called matrimony will identify with Mythili’s predicament. Intelligent humor, memorable characters and an engaging narrative make this book a winner.

  • Jaya Siva
    2018-12-09 13:51

    Truly a grown-up’s wonderland, Shweta has put together a simple yet poignant story of the magical and sometimes trying first year of married life. Yes, the first year does not come with a rule-book of what’s right and what’s not, and as this story puts the message across, it’s an adventure of a kind for each one of us.Enjoyed the book thoroughly, the parallels with Alice; and at many places it took me back to the memories of that special first-year in my wonderland!

  • Neelima Vinod
    2018-12-13 06:50

    The dependent's point of view from an Alice in wonderland perspective...that's what Shweta talks about in this novella. I enjoyed reading about how an independent woman continues to make compromises but is anything but doormat. I loved seeing the Philippines through Mythili's eyes, and marriage as well.

  • Samarpita
    2018-12-10 12:58

  • Sonal
    2018-12-08 08:07

    Review- A Newlywed’s Adventures in Married LandAfter long time, I got my hands on something which made just say ‘wow’. “A Newlywed’s adventures in Married Land” by Shweta Ganesh Kumar is really a wonderful novel,’ A must read for every couple who are already married or in a queue.’ Really pleasing work, this work will seem an autobiography to every girl as this novel presents the experiences of newly married couple, especially wife’s experiences. As its title suggests, title is based on one famous fairy tale. It is a strange reality that most of the fairy tales contains life’s deeper meaning in them, which we understand just after growing up. The name of chapters are really eye catching , in the beginning of every chapter there is description of a famous fairy tale which has essence of the chapter as well as condition of Mythili in that chapter.Mythili, a crime reporter, has transferred from Bangalore to Manila, Philippines after her marriage with Siddharth. The whole novel is about her experiences about getting adjusted in new life, new atmosphere. Her experiences of being jobless, try to interact with totally different housewives. Mythili in each and every line presents condition and emotions of newly married girl. Both Siddharth and Mythili marries after long distance relationship, still, in some situations both of them thinks over their decision. Each and every incident of this novel can be transformed into article. Shweta is really wonderful at describing a girl’s world after she has changed in to woman. The crisis of losing one’s identity is reflected through Mythili’s words,” Dependent-the word echoed in her ears. After being a fairly successful reporter who broke crime stories of the goriest kind for a newspaper that thrived on being number one in breaking stories, she was now just a dependent.” These words of Mythili seems core of every married girl’s life. Apart from these all the other characters of the stories presents the realities of social life where everyone has disguised in order to cheat society. Fake smiles, praise and fake relationships and fake celebrations to present a false pomp to society. Author has not revealed names of minor characters, but has used names which presents a unique characteristic of that character like Fakeena, Mother Hen and so on. It is a common trait of human’s life. We name each and other with any uniqueness of that person. The inner conflict of Mythili shows the realty that every love marriage suffers through because both of them expect the other to be the same as they were before marriage.Overall a wonderful experience to read such a nice work.

  • Sreejitha Sasikumar
    2018-12-11 08:47

    The book beautifully combines the story of Mythili's quest for independance with Alice in Wonderland, and had me re-reading the book for at least two times along with a re-read of Alice in Wonderland. And all I have to say is that you have a great book there. I fell in love with “dependent” Mythili and her mission to become “independent” in "married land". Totally loved it.The story speaks about Mythili an independent woman, and she being dragged into a rabbit hole and how she comes out of it triumphantly."Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?""That depends a good deal on where you want to get to," said the Cat."I don't much care where –" said Alice."Then it doesn't matter which way you go," said the Cat."– so long as I get somewhere," Alice added as an explanation."Oh, you're sure to do that," said the Cat, "if you only walk long enough." "This story not only fits in married land but also everywhere, say a new job, new environment and everywhere. Loved those small candid talks of mythili, and conquering sagada.“Different was good! She was the person she used to read about. The person who traveled on the unbeaten path, leaving the nine-to-five existence behind. From the grimy lanes where she had sniffed out the next story for her newspaper, to soaking in destinations that not many ever got to visit. Life was good. It was time to reach out and embrace it in a bear hug and never let go.”The thing that attracted me more, most of the time are the chapter headings and the nonchalant usage of quotes from “Alice in Wonderland".I have always been a fan of Shweta’s writing and this is just great as usual. Only regret is that it’s an e-book. Next time please do go for printing.4.5 starsThanks a lot for sending across the copy :)A must read and can't wait for the sequel

  • Prity Malhotra
    2018-12-01 10:56

    For Mithili being a dependent is equal to suffering from Cancer. The Same Mithili who was a Crime Reporter, whose daily life consisted of dogding bullets or covering dangerous scandals. Suddenly she felt amputated after she got married to Siddharth & had to fly off to Philippines, a foreign country where she couldnt find employment due to language constaints. How will she fill the void created in her soul ?? Kudos to the Author who brilliantly potrayed the dilemma of Indian women settling abroad. Personally I know many friends of mine who settled abroad who faced the same problems as Mythili. The Metaphor to Alice is every well weaved into the Story. The Author brilliantly renders the characters by seeping into their SKins especially the way she descibed Mythili as being a Morale Police under the disguise of Humanity. I have finished this book in a Single sitting, having the Characters etched in my heart yet I cant fathom why I loved this book so much ? Was it because it was funny ? Or coz it touched a raw nerve ? I don't know. Hope I read more such books in the future which stump me like this book has.

  • Sweta Lal
    2018-11-21 10:57

    The novella is an interesting and inspiring work by author Shweta Ganesh Kumar. Any newlywed, working woman, trying to relocate to join her soul mate, would be able to relate to this story so easily. Sometimes the reader would feel as if they are reading their own stories as the plots and situations are so genuine and because the author has poured her heart out.The conflict of the newly wedded wife to get comfortable in the new surroundings and the challenges in her way of connecting to her self-image are elaborately written. The longing to be with the love of her life is candid. There are fun moments too where the reader gets to chuckle at the mischiefs and witty humor. The reader would not only sympathize with the protagonist but be inspired by her at one point of time because actions speaks louder than words.A very good read, one you could carry on your E-reader the next time you are travelling. The choice of words and simplicity of language makes the novella eloquent and coherent.To see the book review on the blog page follow the URL-

  • Zeenat Mahal
    2018-11-29 07:55

    Shweta’s referencing of Alice’s wonderland is really well-done and she’s got Alice’s childlike and simple way of looking at life down pat in Mithli. She’s self-righteous, she knows it and we love her! She is so very human; laughing and criticizing others to her heart’s content and taking offence the moment she’s at the receiving end. Mythili’s intelligent and cutting remarks aimed at others, even as she lists her own redeeming qualities is both hilarious and endearing. Sidharat makes a fabulous sidekick to this whirlwind of contradictions, and from her Carrie Bradshaw complex, to her holier-than-thou attitude, Mythili captures the reader’s interest till the very last page.This story is about a woman who doesn’t entertain self-doubts for long, and is absolutely certain that her way is the right way. And when she finally recognizes towards the end that everyone has their own way of making use of the ‘lemons life hands them’ the reader can't help smiling affectionately.A most interesting read.

  • Priyanka Batra Harjai
    2018-11-26 08:57

    This novella (beautifully packed in ten chapters) takes the reader plummeting down the matrimonial rabbit-hole as Mythili (the main character) lands in Manila, Philippines with her newlywed husband - Siddarth (metaphor the White Rabbit).It is then essentially a series of bizarre encounters with eccentric people (Sid’s social friends) under strange circumstances. Throughout this adventure trip she encounters strange characters each surpassing another and outlandish as the next. Any idea about - what all strange and amazing creatures will Mythili stumble on in the new land. What amazing things are waiting to happen next with her?All these facets collectively make it an appealing read, promising its success, yet again. A must read for (expat and Indian women) to understand - how to hold on to your love even after marriage without losing your identity.

  • Toby
    2018-11-24 14:01

    A short novella but every page an interesting read. Both, poignant and funny, the ebook dives into the head of a newly married, newly expat-ed woman coming to terms with a new life in a new country with a new social circle. The challenges and loneliness of being at home without the cushy, fun job she had in her country before tying the knot. Insights into the main lead's social circle comprising her husband's colleagues' wives are satirically described. The book will strike a cord with all newly married wives (and husbands), newly expat-ed or otherwise. It is a story for everywoman/man. Recommended read. The only drawback, if one could call it that, is that the book seems too short and ends abruptly. No doubt, part two is in the offing. And I, for one, am game to read that as well.

  • Sumeetha Manikandan
    2018-11-25 13:07

    Mythili a self confessed workaholic moves to Manila to start her married life with Sidharth. While marriage is a game of adjustment, she finds herself tumbling down the rabbit hole much like Alice.A workaholic cannot become a domestic goddess overnight. But Mythili valiantly tries to get her act together. She tries to make friends but Sidharth’s colleagues are a weird bunch and their wives even weirder. She tries to find a job but the only HR Manager who is willing to talk to her turns out to have temporary amnesia!Hilarious to the core, I think many women abroad would identify with Mythili.This was the first book that I read from Indireads and I enjoyed it immensely!

  • Ninitha (Niko)
    2018-11-30 13:14

    It's a rather interesting experience, reading a book written by a friend. For starters, even though it is you who is reading the words, in your head you can hear the 16 year old (our age when we met) version of the author narrating it to you. Also, you cannot help putting Shweta's face to Mythili which makes the character a little bit more endearing to you. Add to it the fact that as an expat wife, you've also jumped through the many hoops that comes with moving countries and you automatically give A Newlywed's Adventure a double thumbs up.

  • Ria George
    2018-11-26 07:09

    From the cringing transition to "dependent" status to the need for barkadas to dreading Mahilasamajam( my version of desi gang ) meetings to the desperate search for people with common topics to discuss to The book club phase to the return of the blogger and the deep thoughts on " how judgemental is too judgemental" I could so relate to this book. Thank you Shweta for this marvellous work of expressing all of it in words. And as Alice would say and I have noticed " It's no use going back to yesterday ,because I was a different person then ". And you have described the transition so well.

  • Nalini
    2018-12-06 11:53

    A quick read. Mythili was finally married to her long distance love. After moving to Manila she quickly realized no one ever talks of what happens after the happily ever after. I particularly enjoyed this book for precisely that reason. It showed the upside and downside to being a newly wed, a new immigrant and overall, an independent woman. The writing style was not boring nor drawn out and I found myself snorting with laughter at the witty comebacks of Mythili. Excellent read!

  • Komal
    2018-12-15 06:52

    'A Newlywed’s Adventures in Married Land' is a very candid account of how Mythili's life takes a turn when she leaves her Journalism to move to a new country as a 'dependent' wife. The story walks you through her self-discovery while she juggles her insecurity of being an outsider and desperate attempts to fit in the new community. Interesting and captivating read. Loved the fluidity and simplicity.

  • Shaina D'cunha
    2018-12-12 07:07

    A reality for those who move away from their homeland. The story weaves a beautiful tale of a strong & independent woman in todays day & age who moves overseas only to find it alien but quickly adapts with the help of her husband. Sometimes it really takes something small for us to realise how inconsequential our daily worries are. A must read.

  • Liji
    2018-11-23 13:50

    A fun, witty and a quick read. Something which I can relate to being an expat. The book explores how the protagonist is trying to get adjusted to her surroundings and how she tries to connects to people she barely feels connection to and finally how she gets to meet the people with the same mindset as hers.

  • Poonam
    2018-12-17 13:47

    I picked up this book ages after it was sent to me - perhaps the only eBook I have read in past two years. Here is complete review of the book on my blog: