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"Big Hero 6" features brilliant robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada, who finds himself in the grips of a criminal plot that threatens to destroy the fast-paced, high-tech city of San Fransokyo. With the help of his closest companion--a robot named Baymax--Hiro joins forces with a reluctant team of first-time crime fighters on a mission to save their city. "Big Hero 6: The Junior"Big Hero 6" features brilliant robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada, who finds himself in the grips of a criminal plot that threatens to destroy the fast-paced, high-tech city of San Fransokyo. With the help of his closest companion--a robot named Baymax--Hiro joins forces with a reluctant team of first-time crime fighters on a mission to save their city. "Big Hero 6: The Junior Novelization" retells the whole exciting story in 128 action-packed pages and features eight full-color pages of detailed information about the world's most awesome new team of super heroes!!...

Title : Big Hero 6 Junior Novelization (Disney Big Hero 6)
Author :
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ISBN : 9780736431880
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 119 Pages
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Big Hero 6 Junior Novelization (Disney Big Hero 6) Reviews

  • Tiara
    2019-03-24 13:09

    Listened to with my kids. A fun, fast read that they enjoyed. :-)

  • Adam Graham
    2019-03-15 14:19

    A very enjoyable retelling of the film. Big Hero 6 follows the story of Hiro, whose brother Tadashi prods him into entering a science expo in order to attend university. Hiro wins the contest with his microbots but a subsequent fire destroys his invention and kills Tadashi. Hiro discovers Baymax, a cuddly marshmallow robot invented by his brother to provide health care. When Hiro finds that some of his microbots survived and are being used by an evil villain, he wants answers, and to do that, he adds armor and fighting moves to Baymax's programming and gets a little help from his brother's friends.Overall, Big Hero 6 is a far deeper story than it's plot suggests. It's a great juvenile adventure story, but like all the best Disney movies, it's a type of film that speaks to audiences whatever their age as it deals with themes such as revenge, grief, loss, and love.The only problem with this book is that it's practically a description of everything that happened on film with no changes. This isn't a problem for most of the book. However, certain scenes of action and training on film should have been fleshed out in the book. Instead, they're described with brief expeditionary sentences. Still, it was an enjoyable adaptation that reminded me of what made this movie so special

  • Jorge Reyes
    2019-03-14 13:22

    Los valores familiares, el salir adelante después de las dificultades, el afrontar las circunstancias adversas, la instrospección de las personas en la búsqueda para superar el dolor de una pérdida, amistad y cariño, lazos afectivos, comedia y más podrás encontrar en Big Hero 6. Uno de los libros favoritos de mis hijos y mío. Ampliamente recomendado para todas las edades.

  • Nari
    2019-03-15 07:14

    A wonderfully narrated audiobook. We haven't watched the movie, but my 4.5 year old loves this book. The characters are well balanced and realistic, for the futuristic settings. Its a 2 hour listen, great for long road-trips or lengthy commutes to and from school.

  • Simon
    2019-02-27 13:15

    Another junior novel of a Disney Movie, I read it to get it over with. Regarding the movie: the plot is sweet and nice, though I never really enjoyed it fully because I found that this story was too predictable and the the abomination that was Fredzilla was such a disappointment from the original comics and design.

  • tmy
    2019-03-10 08:27

    are you satisfied with your care?

  • Septia Murniati
    2019-03-07 14:05

    Good Novel

  • Dale
    2019-03-17 14:30

    A Review of the AudiobookPublished by Disney and Blackstone Audio in October of 2014Read by MacLeod AndrewsDuration: 2 hours, 18 minutesUnabridgedBig Hero 6 is, in my mind, one of the best superhero movies that has been made in this time of the renaissance of the superhero movie. It is fun and colorful, but it also has loss and shows the power of friendship and love. It also demonstrates how love can be twisted into something evil.Hiro Hamada is a teenaged robot-building prodigy who competes in robot fighting contests. His brother attends the local university in the future city of San Fransokyo and also builds robots in a high-tech lab in the school with several other talented young engineers. When his brother dies in a horrible explosion at the lab, Hiro is thrown into a profound depression.He re-discovers Baymax, a health care robot built by his brother, and he and Baymax discover clues that his brother wasn't killed in an accident, but was murdered instead. Baymax, Hiro and his brother's friends from the laboratory use their skills to create the tools they need to confront the villain.This book closely follows the movie. It does add a few lines and take away a few lines here and there to make the book format work smoothly but it is very faithful to the movie. It perfectly captures the relationship between Baymax and Hiro and the narrator. MacLeod Andrews, absolutely nails the voice of Baymax, which I think was essential to the success of the audiobook.

  • Tiffany Fox
    2019-02-25 14:07

    Title: Big Hero 6Author: Disney PressNarrator: MacLeod AndrewsPublisher/Date: Blackstone Audio/ 11/01/2014Length: 2.3 hrsUnabridgedBig Hero 6 features brilliant robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada, who finds himself in the grips of a criminal plot that threatens to destroy the fast-paced, high-tech city of San Fransokyo. With the help of his closest companion - a robot named Baymax - Hiro joins forces with a reluctant team of first-time crime fighters on a mission to save their city.Big Hero 6 novelization is a retelling of the movie by the same name. For any fan of the movie, Big Hero 6 will be a great revisit. MacLeod Andrews brought each character to life and gave each a unique voice of their own. At a little over 2 hrs, this audio book gives children the ideas of what the future can hold. Big Hero 6, also, helps teach children that even though they experience loss they should never give up on their own dreams and experiences.

  • Storm Arashi
    2019-03-09 11:17

    Cute little read to go with the film. Simple writing style BUT... The author was not afraid to take some creative liberties such as adding scenes and extending them or shortening ones that could've lead to some boring or repetitive storytelling. As a fan of the film I admit... I just wanted it for the sake of curiosity. Glad I took the time. Very fast read, simple but the additional scenes, almost the entire script was changed and deleted scenes were put back in. It's worth it just for those little extra bits including seeing more of the characters personalities where at times they were just silent background fixtures meant to showcase the animation. Nothing ground breaking or incredibly detailed but if your a fan of the film or know someone who's a fan of the film... It's a good one. Not quite five stars (that goes to the manga) but fun and fast paced.

  • Julia
    2019-03-08 11:05

    I got this as a daily deal from audible, and overall I am impressed even though I probably won’t be finishing it. If I was a kid I would love this because it is pretty much exactly like the movie. They really capture the essence of it well. It is boiled down in time so it’s not super overwhelming for a kid. However, as an adult, it didn’t really offer anything extra and I found that I was thinking about other audio books I could be listening too. In the end GREAT for kids, but not much to capture an adults fancy.

  • Orlando
    2019-03-12 12:10

    My 7-year-old daughter got this book for Christmas and I read it to her every night before bed. She loved the story, and I loved "acting" out the different characters. It's only 119 pages, but the editors still manage to keep most of the wit, comedy and drama that you'll find in the movie. If you have kids that love reading or being read to, then grab this one!

  • Karla
    2019-03-18 12:21

    Our family listened to this audio book in the car while driving to and from school. The kids loved it and so did I. A great novelization of a fun movie the whole family loved. This is going to be a great road trip audio book too.

  • Connie Hall
    2019-03-11 09:25

    I love reading with the kids and I love reading a book before I see the movie this gave me a chance to share that with my kids. we read the book together and hopefully will get to see the movie this weekend. we all enjoyed the story.

  • Chengjie Lin
    2019-02-22 11:16

    The book are pretty awesome even though his brother died because of the fire

  • Julianna
    2019-02-22 14:17

    Good Book, excactly like the movie! 5 star rating but don't read it if you haven't seen the movie :P

  • Sherri Anderson
    2019-03-05 10:28

    I read the book because a friends son wanted me to read it. It is exactly the story of the movie and it is good but not great.

  • Olivia
    2019-03-09 11:12

    If you were smart you would just watch the movie and not read this book. :(

  • Seema ♥Nerdgirl♥
    2019-03-11 07:09

    Love Big Hero 6! After I watched the movie, really wanted to read this novelization to relive it in my head. I loved it! Loved Hiro's geniusesness and smartness. Also, I loved the teamwork.

  • Nika Drnovsek
    2019-03-15 10:24

    Like I re-lived the movie, it was great.:)

  • Jodie
    2019-03-19 13:29

    A Disney story that my readers will enjoy especially since it is a movie as well.

  • Abi
    2019-02-24 13:21

    My 10-year-old nephew and I enjoyed this together. He even managed to say, "Only 4 more chapters, let's do it!"

  • Barefoot Danger
    2019-03-13 13:25

    Would get 4 stars but judging from the ads for the movie, the book is missing a lot of the humor.

  • Savage
    2019-03-05 14:29

    it is cool

  • Amy
    2019-03-01 08:12

    Yeah, I felt like I've just rewatched the movie again! Cool book and easy to read, recommend it to kids, since it's a junior novelization! 5 stars!!!

  • Aiden Pernick
    2019-03-21 09:21

    I rated this 4 because of the sad parts. I just love Tadashi. Im glad Baymax gets his ? back for ?. I did this because not everyone saw the movie yet

  • Missy
    2019-03-07 07:15

    read with Zach

  • Deb Yarbrough
    2019-03-11 13:31

    Uncharacteristically I liked the movie better!

  • Ariana V
    2019-03-11 13:07

    i would think is the best book ever and the book is doing the movie alover again its cool 10/10

  • osoordinary
    2019-03-19 13:28

    The kids I babysit really enjoyed this! Very similar to the movie. I enjoyed the narrator. I know my niece and nephew would enjoy it, too. Will have them listen in 2016!