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Will detective Marty Keal and Jean Whitley be able to find out the identity of a little boy before it’s too late?In the riveting mystery novel Stolen, detective Marty Keal is on leave handling personal business when he is drawn back into a case with all of the makings of a sinister event. His partner, detective Jean Whitley, is first on the scene of a horrible crime that tWill detective Marty Keal and Jean Whitley be able to find out the identity of a little boy before it’s too late?In the riveting mystery novel Stolen, detective Marty Keal is on leave handling personal business when he is drawn back into a case with all of the makings of a sinister event. His partner, detective Jean Whitley, is first on the scene of a horrible crime that took place in a cabin in the woods. She arrives to find an older man dead, a younger man seriously wounded and a half naked child in the back of the cabin who’s apparently been missing for 3 months. Then, the detective finds a little boy running through the woods with little clothes and barely able to communicate. The police have a lot on their plate as they race to find out who the nameless men in the cabin are, who is the distressed little boy and what is the possibly frightening connection between them all?Highly reviewed author Dawn Kopman Whidden has penned yet another disturbingly memorable mystery that lovers of Patricia Cornwell and James Patterson will be clamoring to read. From beginning to end, Stolen is a fast paced murder mystery with a twist around every turn!Stolen is a standalone novel that features two intriguing detectives from Dawn Kopman Whidden’s previous mystery novels A Child Torn & Faceless: A Mystery....

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Stolen Reviews

  • Sue
    2018-11-16 00:26

    I won a copy of "Stolen" by Dawn Kopman Whidden, though the Goodreads Giveaway Contest, in exchange for an honest review. This is the third and last novel in this psychological mystery thriller series. and by my opinion...the Best! I must say I was blown away with another gripping murder story. I was happy to see the return of characters from her first novel, "A Child is Torn: Innocence Lost", and her second novel, "Faceless A Mystery". Once again we find homicide detective Jean Whitley and her partner Marty Keal together again on the trail of a murder. Jean, Marty, Marty's dad "The Captain" and Hope are back, along with a few of the other characters, to solve what turns out to be a 25 year old mystery.This is a fast-paced novel that deals with some very disturbing issues of society: child abduction, sexual abuse and pedophilia. I give the author credit for first attempting to deal with these issues in a novel as well as treating these issues with utmost respect, and while bringing these issues to the forefront, show the consequences of missing and exploited children. The setting for this novel, is the small town of Fallsburg, New York, where numerous 911 calls were received by a group of local hunters in the woods. They recently witnessed a small child, a boy, shirtless and shoe-less, running and screaming through the woods, multiple gunshots fired, a cabin with a gunshot victim, and another victim who is deceased.When police arrived they found another young child, a girl around the age of 4 or five, Michaelah, in the small cabin in a back room... a child shaking on a in a room with a video camera on a tripod. I don't want to imagine what this child endured!The body of the deceased man was later identified as Archie Blakely, convicted of molestation of a seven year old boy and had served a short term in prison. But there was another gunshot victim, identified as Troy Blakley, Archie's son. But WHO was the shooter? WHERE is the weapon? Is anyone else involved? This story grabs a hold of you right from the beginning and grips you until you know the truth. Hold on to your are in for a great treat! Thank you Dawn for allowing me to read your three novels...and I will be waiting for your next novel.

  • Neja
    2018-11-15 22:18

    Stolen is my second book from this author and because this book is a part of the series (No.3) , I was already familiar with main characters. I love Jean and Marty! The second book (Faceless) is more focused on Jean's life and this one is more focused on Marty's life. This book series gives you that feeling of TV crime series, you know, you get detectives, murder (or murders) and and then you sit back and enjoy the ride of figuring it all out. No worries, I won't reveal too much, I don't want to ruin that excitement you get, when you read a book and you have no clue what will happen so you hurry with reading and turning pages. I still like how easy it is to follow the story and how you never get confused. Maybe the only thing I missed was some extra pages. I wish the story wasn't so short and could develop a little bit more.

  • Philomena Callan Cheekypee
    2018-11-20 23:19

    This is an amazing read. I started this book this afternoon on a car journey and got completely lost in the words. This author certainly knows how to grab your attention. This is a thriller read that will have you on the edge of your seats from the first page. The storyline is heartbreaking, a parents worse nightmare. A stolen child. Unfortunately in the real world it does occur and I do think its good to get it out there. The author has twists in the story that I certainly didn't expect and I certainly gasped a few times. It's a beautifully written flawless story. After reading this book I'm gonna go give my three kiddies a kiss!!!

  • Pat
    2018-11-16 19:38

    I think this is the author's best book by far. Reports of shots fired at a rural cabin have police scrambling to the scene. They find one man dead and another clinging to life. A young boy runs frantically from the scene and a young girl is found in one of the rooms, traumatised and terrified.Kopman Whidden deals sensitively wth these horrific issues as police and a child psychiatrist sort through the fallout. There is another man at large who also seems to be somehow involved. It all comes together quite beautifully as decades old cases are found to have some bearing on current events. One man's evil need to abuse children has been brought to light in a sickening twist. This had a cracking pace and characters that you could really feel for, particularly the children. A solid four star read.

  • Dawn Whidden
    2018-12-01 18:20


  • March Shoggoth Madness The Haunted Reading Room
    2018-11-27 23:38

    Review: STOLEN by Dawn Kopman WhiddenWow--what a gritty, realistic, story this is: author Dawn Kopman Whidden is unafraid to.focus on some of the most serious and disturbing issues of contemporary society: health issues like cancer and brain.tumours; crime issues of brutal murder, child abduction and sexual abuse, pedophilia, adolescent runaways. Despite the horrible situations presented, both past and present, confirmed or uncertain, the novel is compelling and The story practically turned its own pages.

  • Daniela Ark
    2018-11-10 16:21

    Don’t missDawn’s interview and the excerpt from “Keeping Hope Alive”Stolen is a very good read with its touching all-too-real premise, well-weaved story and engaging tension. My page-turner check marks go to ✓premise ✓plot and ✓character development. 3.8 starts.Even though Stolen is about child abduction and sexual abuse it focuses on crime investigation and not on the victims’ experience. There is no graphic or disturbing content, therefore I would recommend it for readers 14 and up.I’ve learned that the “show don’t tell” rule is one of the most important elements of a writing style. All books need both, showing and telling, and how much of each is always a matter of personal taste. For me, the more showing and the less telling, the better. Crime books tend to “tell” more, usually in the form of backstory, which is why I don’t usually read this genre.Though I skimmed through much of the backstories, Stolen is definitely compelling and kept me interested. Dawn’s storytelling is seasoned, intelligent, well structure and engaging from page one. A shirtless, shoe-less, small child running and screaming through the woods, another child rescued from a filthy room where there is a video camera, a serial pedophile, a murdered victim and another in coma. You just have to read it, put the pieces of together and find out what happened!Dawn definitely knows how to write crime and mystery and knows her way around police work and investigation.The best part of Stolen is the characterization. Dawn puts a lot of work into developing characters that feel authentic, each with a complex personal story. The interactions between them and the plot are very well crafted. Congrats Dawn!

  • Karen B.
    2018-11-17 20:25

    Stolen is the third book in the Whitley and Keal series and although it can be read as a stand-alone, I strongly suggest reading the other two first. (A Child is Torn and Faceless). This one was the best of the three as far as I was concerned. It had a great storyline and great characterization. The author has the gift of a real story teller. The story line is about child abduction and abuse. The author makes you care not only about the two children in the opening of the story, but also two adult men who had been kidnapped as children. What I love is Whidden's ability to portray such horrific things (in all three books) without being graphic. I think that would be hard to do, especially in presenting a child who was sexually abused. This talent comes through in all three of her books. But the book is not just about the investigation, but the investigators, Jean Whitley and Mary Keal. Over the course of the three books we have gotten to known Jean and Whitley and their family members and she made them as real people to me. I was invested in Jean's relationship with her daughter and Martin's relationship with Hope and with his father, the Captain. Yet the background stories never take away from the plot. I found this book almost impossible to put down and even found myself awakening in the middle of the night and needing to read "just a little bit more". In an afterward, Whidden discusses child abduction and exploitation. This isn't just a story, it's an issue the author really cares about and draws the reader in as well. This is probably the best book I have read in the last 6 months!

  • Lauren (My Expanding Bookshelf)
    2018-12-10 22:25

    I really enjoyed Stolen. I wasn't sure if I would as I haven't read any mysteries/thrillers before (that I can remember). But I can definitely see myself reading more in the future now. Dawn Kopman Whidden handled the tricky subjects of child abduction and abuse very well. The story didn't go into too much harrowing detail and in my opinion it was written quite sensitively.As I haven't read any mysteries/thrillers before I don't really have anything to compare it to. I felt it was quite fast paced but I think this is quite appropriate for a thriller. The setting felt quite real - being a hospital and a police station both are common locations for a police investigation to occur.The characters were also fairly likeable. Especially Marty. I like how Marty is portrayed as a very caring man. He seems to genuinely care for the victims and their families and isn't just interested in closing a case. I felt that Marty dealt with the case fairly well given his personal ties to a past kidnappee. I also think he handled the case well considering his father was in hospital at the same time.I was about 50-60% through Stolen when I worked out where the plot was leading to. I felt it was somewhat predictable, however I found the last 5 or so chapters to be quite climatic/dramatic and the story tied up nicely.I look forward to reading more from Dawn Kopman Whidden and I would definitely recommend Stolen to adults (and mature teenagers) who are fans of the mystery and thriller genres.

  • Fiona (Titch) Hunt
    2018-12-07 22:31

    I was asked to review this book by the author. Well I can honestly say I have loved all the twists and turns of this story. It's given me an in depth look at the characters. It makes me feel as if I am watching the story via a tv programme like Bones/Criminal Minds lol.This starts off with a murder (like all good thrillers) that has some suspicious characters and why is a child screaming their head off in the woods I wouldn't know. Also carries on with The Captain (Marty's dad) on how he is and what happened with him in the previous book. I've still got reservations on Detective Jean Whitley as I think she can sometimes be a bit stuck up. But I have loved the way Dawn winds her characters around situations that is beyond anyone's control. She has shown us how Marty's family are involved in this book more from the past. The twists you do not see coming and the way things go with this story, I think it will be another Best Seller for Ms Whidden.

  • Patty
    2018-11-23 22:28

    Ok. So far this has been the best book in the series, I think. I didn't want it to end. So before I finished it I bought the fourth one. I hope this series continue as I am definitely hooked. Jean and Marty are working so well together solving different kinds of homicides, and Hope has her hands full with children at the hospital she works at and trying to plan a wedding she is not sure about. In this book two men have come back that may have been kidnapped when they were three. This story has it all: mystery, suspense, romance, and insecurities about love. Great read,

  • ReadAlong With Sue
    2018-11-27 16:28

    I just love this authors books. When I read her very first book, I was hooked and it went into my top 10 thrillers of last year [and I reads loads as a reviewer!]Reading her second one, we met some of the characters from her first book.STOLEN is intense, this author is an author you really should look out for as she really can relate a tale. It keeps your attention, you want to just sit and read it from cover to cover and do nothing else until you have finished it. I know I stayed up very late to finish this book. I love the cover, it depicts the story inside very well. I love a good mystery/thriller.Although all of Dawn Kopman Whidden books are not a series, you will find her main character popping up in each, but you do not have to read them in order. I adored it. This is another ebook that I will definitely be buying in paperback to keep.Thanks to the author for allowing me to beta read this before the final version.

  • Barbara
    2018-11-28 22:17

    What an awesome read! This was my first book by this author and I was blown away. It was a great thriller/mystery with twist and turns that fully kept my attention that I didn’t want to put it down. The characters were fully developed and so interesting. The story line was so true to life and I certainly shed a few tears due to the nature of the plot. The story is a mystery about hunters who find a man dead, another person wounded and two children traumatized in a cabin. The story goes through the twist and turns of Detective Marty Keal and his partner Detective Jean Whitley trying to find out what actually happened. The story flows smoothly between different characters. This is certainly a must read if you like mysteries. If author Dawn Kopman Whidden’s books are all this great, I’ll be sure to read them all!

  • Ann
    2018-11-19 21:38

    I rank this up as one of my top five favorite books. There is something of interest of every page in this book. A family of most all cops involved in solving this story. Missing and abused children , who are they really and where did the come from. Very interesting . The only thing is at the end I wish they could have told a little bit more about the other boy and what happened to him after he got out of jail. I liked how they gave so much more info at the end of the story how to help locate missing children and what we can do to help find them.

  • Freya Barrington
    2018-11-27 17:36

    I have reviewed this book in the group read under the spoilers thread as I have talked about the plot - find my review at the following link, but be aware there are spoilers in it.In a nutshell, I loved it and recommend it to anyone; well done Dawn

  • Black Butterfly
    2018-11-22 19:28


  • Patricia Gligor
    2018-12-04 16:42

    I enjoyed reading "Stolen" by Dawn Kopman Whidden. The intricate plot and the cast of likeable and well-developed characters kept me turning the pages. As with any mystery, I wanted to see the puzzle solved but I also came to care about what would happen to the characters. A good read!

  • Lori
    2018-11-11 17:26

    As much as the topic is horrifying, this was a well written book about child abduction. There was no graphic details, which I appreciated. My imagination was enough to feel uncomfortable.

  • Joann TRAVIS
    2018-11-12 18:46

    this was an amazing book to read I barrowed it from my grandmother who barrowed it from my mom....

  • Sarah L. Minnich
    2018-12-06 23:29

    PerfectI loved this book! I simply could not put it down and read it within a day! Not all books have such a perfect story line and ending.

  • Cheryl Strock-davis
    2018-11-28 16:45

    Excellent. Couldn't put it down.

  • gloria hobson
    2018-12-09 21:18

    Great read!I could hardly put the book down. Very well written and edited. The storyline was captivating. I want to know more....

  • Steven C
    2018-12-05 16:41

    Excellent series

  • Trish at Between My Lines
    2018-11-29 21:33

    This review was originally posted on Between My LinesAre you looking at the cover and thinking no, just no?!  If so I agree with you on that basis however despite my reservations over the cover, I really enjoyed the latest instalment in this murder mystery series.  First Line of Stolen by Dawn Kopman Whidden: “The first of the nine-one-one calls came in at 8.14 a.m.” My Thoughts on Stolen by Dawn Kopman Whidden: This series is little bit like CSI meets Murder She Wrote.  I love the community spirited small-town feel that this book embraces you in.  Stolen is book 3 in the series but each book can be read as a standalone.  You will miss out on some of this history between the characters but I don’t think it will spoil your enjoyment in any way.  If you want to read them in order, check out my previous reviews for A Child is Torn: Innocence Lost and Faceless.With this mystery series, you are kept guessing at the beginning of the book to see how it all fits together but you aren’t left guessing too long as you are let in on points-of-view that show you exactly what’s happening.  And what is different about this series;  it’s not whodunit that is important, it’s all about why they are doing it and how it’s impacting on the characters around them.I love the setting of the books; it’s small town, with recurring characters and you get invested in the personal lives of the various characters.  It’s a setting where you not only know your neighbours but your neighbours play a pivot role in your life.  It feels cosy and comfortable.  Until the body count rises!The main characters are Holly (a child psychiatrist) and Marty (a homicide detective) and they are both well rounded out figures that you can’t help but like.  They are so genuine and they are both passionate about their jobs but also about each other.  The romance doesn’t overtake the mystery part of the book but it does add a warm flavour to balance out the darker murder plots.I had a slight issue in this book as a child victim ends up in their temporary care in their own home.  I know they are both working in related areas to the case but I really don’t think red tape would allow this.  I do stand open to correction on this.  I know in Ireland though, there is no way this would ever happen, every i would dotted, every t crossed and a civil servant would have to go through the same channels as everyone else.  Even when there is difficulty finding the child a place (as in this book), an alternative solution would be found using the rules laid down by social services.That sounds like nitpicking but it did distract me a little from the storyline as it just felt ‘off’ to me.  That issue aside, I did really enjoy the book.  Towards the end of the book, there was a very dramatic scene that got my adrenaline pumping as I was so scared about might happen.Overall an entertaining read that walks the middle of the road between mystery and romance.  There is minimum gore but still lots of creepiness in the villain.  And even though you know early on who the murderer is there is enough unpredictability for what will happen next to keep you reading anxiously to its conclusion. Who should read Stolen by Dawn Kopman Whidden: I’d recommend this to fans of detective style mystery books.  Also to those who like small town settings and characters they can get emotionally attached to.  I find the books capture the feel of Mary Higgins Clark’s books so if you are a fan; then I think you’d appreciate this one also.Thanks to Dawn for giving me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

  • Diane Coto
    2018-11-25 19:46

    What is stolen? Children, innocence, and identities. At the opening, we have a cabin in the woods and a man who has been fatally shot; another man who is shot and transported to the hospital; and two children. One child is a little girl who is fairly quickly identified and returned to her parents after months with a pedophile. The other is a young boy with secrets because he either can’t or won’t talk. He does have vocal cords as he ran through the woods hollering something rather unintelligible. He continues to be a runner when they take him to the hospital and he runs smack dab into Detective Marty Keal. He’s also a biter; just ask Marty. Dr. Hope Rubin, child psychiatrist, gets pulled back into this book of the series to work with the child while Marty and Detective Jean Moran try to put the pieces together of who is who, and find the shooter who is still missing. When the shooter reappears, he’s holding hostages and has some rather odd demands.Stolen is the third in the series (known as Marty Keal series per Goodreads). It follows A Child is Torn and Faceless. All three books have focused on disturbing issues of children in trouble. They have all been provocative reads. The first two give us Detectives Marty Keal, Jean Whitley, Joe Moran, and Dr. Hope Rubin. Detective Joe Moran has been effectively written out of the series this time. Each book could be read as a standalone, but if you like to watch the character development from one to the next, you’d probably want to read them in order. One thing: The child develops a closeness to Marty and Hope and they take him into their home on a temporary basis. I didn’t think social services would allow that and so it was a bit unrealistic. I rated Stolen at 4 out of 5.

  • Terry
    2018-11-11 20:46

    Amazing book.......well written story of child abduction, abuse and the unfortunate repercussions of living through such tragedies. When the story starts you are introduced to 2 young children. A little girl and a young boy. The little girl, frightened and unable to speak due to the trauma that she has been through. The young boy wild and crazy running thru the woods yelling out what the police assume to be some sort of gibberish at the time. As the story progresses you learn about what has happened to both children and those there are connected to them. The little girls part in the story comes to fruition pretty quickly and you are left with the story surrounding this young boy. Along the path of this young boys story he slowly builds relationships with those who end up working on trying to find out who this boy is and why he was running around in the woods. It was one of these relationships that I would say was my favorite. He builds a trust and a bond between himself and the partner of the officer that was on the scene when the children were found. It's this bond the most that I think made the biggest impact on this little boy throughout the story. Now these 2 children are not the only victims in this story. It is found that there are 2 more people surrounding this little boy who were also the victim of childhood abduction and their story ties in to the little boys......but you will have to read to find out more about that!!I highly recommend this book. It was an excellent read.

  • Karen
    2018-11-13 16:30

    This book has a good first chapter and plot. But it needs serious editing. There are incorrect words: woofed instead of wolfed, contribution instead of attribution, wondered instead of wandered, voracious instead of vigorous. The point of view changes so frequently, it makes the reader's head spin. There is far too much internal monologue and it is all very repetitive, causing the story to drag. Repetition is a huge issue. Phrases are repeated in the same paragraph; descriptions are repeated every time a name is mentioned (Mary, Marty's sister...); backstory details come up again and again. Every character has a personal crisis going on: Marty's father is having brain surgery; Jean is beginning menopause and apparently completely surprised by that; and so on. Some of this is okay but like the internal monologue, way overdone. The dialogue is artificial and stilted in many places. There are some implausible details. The biggest is that the police have a dead body, an injured man, and a missing suspect. They receive photos of the three from authorities in Oregon but don't bother to circulate the one of the missing man? And this man can then easily travel around town in and out of stores and into the hospital with no one looking at him twice.

  • Cheryl (Collier)
    2018-11-18 00:23

    I must thank Dawn Kopman Whidden for asking me to read her newest book and write an honest review. I have read her first two books and truly enjoyed each of them. Stolen is no different. From the very first page I was drawn into what is an all-too-real scenario. Once again Dawn tackled a difficult topic and one which may not be more prevalent in today's society but is most assuredly more recognized. Abuse, pedophilia, kidnapping - all are realistically dealt with in this third novel. Her characters are so believable that I found myself feeling as if I knew many of them as friends, co-workers, neighbors, and found myself fearing the main protagonist even though I knew that he couldn't hurt me or anyone else. Dawn's plots have become increasingly well drawn and this one kept me reading when I should have been doing other things. One of the brilliant parts of Dawn's successive books is that while each book stands alone, characters and some pieces of story line carry forth into the next novel. If you need a book to take on vacation or staycation or simply to lose yourself in, this is the one.

  • Lorraine Carey
    2018-11-18 20:27

    Stolen was my third book from Dawn Kopman Whidden. I have to say this was an epic read! This story hit all of my emotions. I cried for the tortured and abused children and other victims that fell prey to such a horrific psychopath living in a cabin hiding so many secrets for years. When hikers find a dead body, an injured young man and two young children in the woods in Fallsburg, New York Detective Jean Whitley and her partner Marty Keal are on the scene once again. And there is Marty’s fiancee Hope who is having some issues of her own. They try to identify two young children who were lucky enough to come out of this alive. The youngest child was soon to be identified but would be scarred for life at the hands of one evil Fred Blakely. The other little boy remained a mystery as he appears to be a wild child who does not speak. The pieces of this murder mystery all come together to find out all is not as it seems. This story is woven so well as secrets will come to be revealed and weakened relationships mended.There is a surprise twist that left me shocked! I am just waiting for the movie to be made. This is one, not to be missed!

  • Sophie Bristow Harris
    2018-12-07 21:21

    Stolen ~ Dawn Kopman Whidden.I would like to begin by Thanking the author for gifting me a copy of her latest Psychological Thriller, in exchange for a fair and honest review."Stolen" is the author's third novel and like her previous novels it is filled with suspense and excitement.The main characters are portrayed again here, it's like catching up with old friends. I really enjoyed following them and was rooting for them all throughout the three books. I discovered new characters too in "Stolen" which was great!I enjoyed this one so much on my Kindle that I will definately buy a paperback version when it's available to keep on my "special" shelf on my bedroom bookcase. It's a keeper!I cannot wait to see what happens with the characters in Dawn's next book, I'm really hoping I won't have to wait too long!Dawn Kopman Whidden is one of my favourite authors and I highly recommend her books to all that love a superb thriller.