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12 Authors. 12 Zodiac Signs. 1 Explosive Series. What seductive, contemporary romance will you find today? CANCERThe moment Presley Mackenzie walks into her kitchen only to find her boyfriend in a sweaty encounter with another woman on her kitchen counter, she vows to give up men forever. Between her testosterone-heavy day job in the gaming world, her broken heart, and her12 Authors. 12 Zodiac Signs. 1 Explosive Series. What seductive, contemporary romance will you find today? CANCERThe moment Presley Mackenzie walks into her kitchen only to find her boyfriend in a sweaty encounter with another woman on her kitchen counter, she vows to give up men forever. Between her testosterone-heavy day job in the gaming world, her broken heart, and her need to grow into her own shoes, dating just isn't important.Mason Sutton not only just got dumped by the woman he thought he'd spend the rest of his life with, but now he finds himself healing beside the woman his brother cheated on. He's spent his entire life living in his brother's shadow only to find himself wanting the one woman he can't have.As Presley and Mason soothe each other's hurts, they find themselves falling for each other even as they fight it. But as they learn to forgive and fall in love, their pasts come back to haunt them and the future they thought they could have starts to crumble before it can take hold....

Title : Finally Found You
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Finally Found You Reviews

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    2019-01-23 00:46

    Slick's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4.5 StarsThis is one of those romances that sneaks up on the couple which makes it all the more interesting. Both the hero and heroine are coming out of toxic relationships, both are having issues with their jobs, and both have vowed to not date but their friendship begins to cross boundaries they never intended to cross. This is one hot and sexy romance with just the right amount of conflict to make it interesting but not so much as to weigh the story down and I found myself completely enamored with both the main characters.When Presley Mackenzie finds her boyfriend screwing her friend on her kitchen counter she's hurt, pissed and decides she's giving up men. So when her ex-boyfriend's brother and her friend Mason Sutton shows up on her door she's surprised by how happy she is to see him and thankful for his friendship. I loved that these two were there for each through so much and that their friendship grew as did their bond. It really wasn't a surprise they moved into a physical relationship and while they had big ideas of how they would be able to keep their friendship separate from their sexy times, those lines blurred and they both found themselves experiencing more feelings than they expected.I loved that Presley was this geeky, smart woman whose talent was taken for granted by chauvinist men at her work place, but has no problem telling her love exactly what she wants in bed. Mason is a talented landscape artist who loves his work but spends far too much time working for his brother than he likes and is one hell of a dirty talker. These two were easy to like and fun to watch as they moved from friends, to best friends, to friends with benefits, to so much more.Finally Found You is completely engaging, fun and outrageously sexy from beginning to end.Review copy provided for an honest review.

  • Liz
    2018-12-26 01:59

    So many issues, I don't know where to start. Did I read the same book as the other reviewers?Presley comes home to find her long time boyfriend Trent shtuping some chick on her kitchen counters; promptly throws them out and bleaches her counters and throws out her bed.. ew. She's friends with Trent's brother, Mason, who was just dumped by his snotty girlfriend. Both hurting, they commiserate, exchange keys to each others' places, hangout, play video games and hangout, agreeing that they'll never date anyone again. Then flash forward in time and they're horny and agree to friends with benefits (ha!) but that turns emotional right quick and we have to witness the drama.First of all, I felt like this book started in the middle of the story. How could both of these fools be dating such a-holes... and how are both so unhappy in their jobs (which was really an unnecessary point here). Pres is essentially harassed because she's a woman and does nothing about it until she's fired. It's a lawsuit which she refused to pursue. Mason finally lands a dream job but it's out of state and before he can tell her, the d-bag brother steps in to ruin everything. What was the point of this?There were huge time jumps which moved the plot along, but what was missing was the development of their relationship past the point of friendship. One or two sexy scenes does not a relationship make.And this title, while referenced in the closing chapter, DOES NOT MAKE SENSE based on their relationship. They already knew each other and hadn't ever lost each other. WTF?Two generous stars because Mason's a dirty talker and I like that,

  • Sarah
    2019-01-07 21:56

    4.5 StarsWow! This book starts with a bang. (Ha! Pun intended.) Presley catches her friend and boyfriend in a compromising position on HER kitchen counter no less. Despite the heart ache both main characters go through early on, this was a great book! Mason and Presley were perfect for each other and I enjoyed watching them grow from friends, to lovers and then eventually a couple. The only reason this book is not receiving a 5 star rating is that I really wanted an epilogue that would have wrapped things up a bit tighter.

  • MaggieReadsRom
    2018-12-27 21:40

    I'm a contemporary romance addict so when an author writes in multiple subgenres, the contemporary romance books will always be the first ones I go to. This has also been the case with Carrie Ann Ryan. I love her Midnight Ink series and when I heard this Tempting Signs series novella she'd written was contemporary romance as well I grabbed it as soon as it released (June 2015) and then it just sat there...on my TBR. When I was looking for a quick read (in wait for a highly anticipated release —Kele Moon's THE ENFORCER) this novella jumped up and demanded to be read. I'm so happy I did because it was a gem of a story. I really love Carrie Ann Ryan's writing. FINALLY FOUND YOU fast-paced, emotional, witty and dirty sexy. It was paced so well it didn't even feel like I was reading a novella. I loved this novella from start to finish. It had humor, was fast-paced, had great characters, even the ones I wanted to hit in the face with a chair (you know who you are, exes and coworkers!), had a nice trope (ex's brother/brother's ex + friends to lovers) and was very romantic and sexy as all get out. My only minor point of criticism was that I missed some kind of epilogue to see how Presley and Mason were doing along the line. Of course I was intrigued by a secondary character, Presley's brother Ian. So I went in search of his story in the series and found it. It was meant to be because his book (written by new-to-me author Rebecca Royce) in the Tempting Signs series is for the Zodiac sign sign! Bought and on the TBR it is!

  • Crazy for Books (Stephanie)
    2019-01-12 03:57

    Audiobook provided by author for an honest review.2.5 BFF to Lovers StarsNarrated by Gregory Salinas.Presley McKenzie finds her boyfriend Trent having sex on her kitchen counter with, who she thought was her best friend, Stacy. As a video game programmer, she finds it necessary to dress like a teenage boy in baggy shirts and pants to blend in with her male counterparts. At the same time across town, Mason Sutton, Trent's younger brother, is in the process of being dumped by his social climbing girlfriend, Lorena. He's a landscape architect who is looked down on by his brother, Trent.In their shared misery, Presley and Mason vow to never get involved with anyone again. Spending most of their time together their friendship grows comfortable. So much so that they find themselves proposing they have a BFF with benefits, no emotions involved except maintaining their friendship, relationship.While a big project will require a move for one of them and the other looses their job, both Presley and Mason are scared to tell the other that their no-strings relationship now is covered.This story was very simple. I didn't dislike it, it just didn't hold many surprises, which I like. I didn't understand all the knots Presley twisted herself into, not only for her job, but also for Trent. How she could be with someone who subtle, put downs were. The sexual descriptions were crazy H.O.T. though.I did not like the narrator of the book. He had a tendency to over act some of the wording.

  • Eva Millien
    2019-01-25 00:07

    Presley and Mason have sworn off love but as they soothe each other's pain they find themselves falling for each other in this captivating contemporary romance.Losing the someone you thought you were going to spend your life with through no fault of your own can be devastating unless you have good friends to help through and the reader can't help but get caught up in the emotionally charged atmosphere of this captivating romance as Presley and Mason discover that life goes on and that they can take another chance at love with each other. The characters are strong and grab the reader's attention from the very beginning while the fast paced and smooth flowing plot keeps anticipation high with suspense and romance. Tensions and expectation build as the past comes back to throw a hurdle in the way of Mason and Presley's budding romance and the well written scenes capture the imagination and this quick romance grips the heart and bewitches readers until the very end.

  • Trish R.
    2019-01-24 01:56

    This is a friend turned lovers story, a simple and enjoyable short read even with the faults which I will get to later. First, what I love about this novella? Mason. Mason. Mason. He's such a sweetheart plus he's sexy as hell. He was attracted to Presley but made himself stop thinking about her sexually because she was his brother's girlfriend. A landscape architect, he was looked down by not only his brother Trent but also by his girlfriend Lorena. My guess is that Trent knew that Mason is the hotter, sexier brother so his jealousies and insecurities made him put Mason down all the time. I also like the interaction between Presley and Mason, they are both goofy and genuinely enjoyed each other's company. The sexy scenes were really burning hot but then again Carrie Ann Ryan never disappoints her readers when it comes to sexy scenes.Where it doesn't work for me is Presley's character as a whole. I find her to be quite weak, you'd think a woman working in the men's world will be more empowering but she's not. She stuck with her horrible ex-boyfriend Trent even when he wasn't treating her right. So personally for me, her character just doesn't do it. However, like I wrote above, I do like her with Mason.I also didn't like how there's so resolution .. not with her job situation and not with the "bad guys" in the story. I ended the book feeling shortchanged .. dissatisfied. I wished there's an epilogue to nicely tie up the story and due to this I cannot give it more than 3 Stars which kind of bummed me because I adore Carrie Ann Ryan.

  • Lexee Toste
    2019-01-13 21:54

    I really enjoyed this story! It was a fairly quick read but I absolutely loved it! Presley walks in on her friend and boyfriend having sex in her kitchen. She quickly throws them out and lets them know that she never wants to see them again. Mason, Presley's ex's brother, has his girlfriend publicly break up with him on the same night. Once Mason finds out what his brother has done he lets him have it and heads to Presley's. They become best friends that night and spend a lot of time together. Mason and Presley both start feeling a little something more, the attraction makes itself known and while neither wants to risk what they have, Mason steps up and says something. I loved how the story flowed and that we get to see Mason and Presley building their relationship. The pacing was great for the story. I loved the interactions with the characters and they pulled me in from the beginning. The sex is explicit and fits the story. I was rooting for these 2 to get their happy ending from the beginning. This was a feel good story for me and I really enjoyed reading it.I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

  • Iris
    2019-01-11 03:03

    I've read other Carrie Ann Ryan books and love them. This one was like it was thrown together. Presley comes home to find her d-bag boyfriend Trent doing her friend on the kitchen counter. Same day Trent's brother Mason breaks up with his stuck up girlfriend. Apparently in the year Presley and Trent were together she formed a close friendship with Mason. He finds out about her break up and knowing it had to be his brothers fault he rushes over to console Presley. Their friendship grows to the point they're best friends always hanging out. They decide to become friends with benefits no strings attached. Obviously that doesn't work and both fall in love and doesn't tell the other. The story just jumped around in time and you didn't see much of their relationship grow. Instead we have to see her dress like a grunge guy to fit in the place she works, where she's totally not respected. Mason gets a dream job offer and she doesn't even give him a chance to explain his plans or anything. She just storms off. This book was ok but her other longer books are much better.

  • Mandy Marant
    2018-12-26 03:00

    I was giving his book to read for an honest review. It's a best friends to lovers. It is a fast, good read. Mason was a sweetheart out of the bedroom and sexy, alpha man in the bedroom which was hot. The interaction between Presley and Mason was goofy and loving, you can tell they enjoyed each others company. After Presley found her boyfriend cheating on her and Mason girlfriend breaking up with him, they both sworn off love, so being good friends, they decide to do the whole friends with benefits thing, but as you know that never works and feelings start to happen. And plus in a way they were kinda of already in a relationship together but they didn't seem to notice, keys to each other house, spending time with each other after work everyday, they were just to close to not be in a relationship together. It was a good read for sure.

  • Titania
    2019-01-01 22:02

    I received a review copy of this book.Presley has hidden who she is for so long that she isn't quite sure who she is anymore. But finding her boyfriend boinking her best friend has taught her one isn't for her. Mason works in dirt and he loves it. But when his current girlfriend decides that his profession is beneath her and dumps him publicly...he decides love isn't for him. So what happens when two friends decide to take the love out of the sex? I enjoyed this friends to lovers story by Ms. Ryan. Mason and Presley are best friends who do everything together. They can be excused for not realizing their pride was hurt more than their hearts. I love the journey Ms. Ryan took them on as their hearts are snagged before they knew it. This is a nice quick read. One I thoroughly enjoyed.

  • Lyn
    2018-12-24 22:48

    This friends-to-lovers story was a likeable read that I felt I could have liked if I had more background. The author describes it as a 'stand-alone' on her website. While this is true in the sense that it doesn't tie into any of the series that Carrie Ann Ryan writes herself, in reading it, it is definitely obvious that it forms part of a multi-author series.It was a some-what quick read that had a distinctly different pacing to what I'm used to from this author. I also felt like the hero and heroine spent a lot of the book letting things happen to them rather than actively being in control of their lives.

  • Jill
    2018-12-29 04:41

    Such a good story of friends to lovers. Presley walks in on her jerk of a boyfriend cheating on her the same day that Mason's girlfriend breaks up with him. Mason happens to be brothers with the cheating jerk but he is nothing like him. however, he's always had a bit of a crush on Presley. They agree to a friends with benefits relationship but end up falling in love. They don't want to admit their feeling to each other because they are afraid. Mason keeps a secret from Presley that his jerk brother spills and ends up hurting her. Can they move on and find a way to get their HEA???Love Carrie Ann Ryan

  • Jes
    2019-01-02 01:47

    This short story is about two best friends that try to have a non-feeling sexual relationship and we all know that those don’t exist. Presley Mackenzie was dating her best friend Mason Sutton’s brother before she caught her boyfriend with someone she thought was a friend. Mason was ready to take the next step with his girlfriend, only to be dumped by her. With Presley hating the people she works with and Mason not wanting to work with his brother anymore, they turn to each other for some support. The climax of this book broke my heart. I loved this sweet, sexy story and want more of these two. Carrie Ann Ryan can write a short story and make me feel like I read 400 pages novel.

  • Ashley Speakman
    2019-01-15 23:09

    Mason and Presley's story is fantastic. I have a soft spot for books where friendship turns into happily ever after romance. I wanted Presley to stand up for herself though. I felt like she let people (not Mason) walk all over her. She didn't once stand up for herself with Trent or with her boss Stan. I thought the ending was a little rushed. Other than that, it was terrific and a great read. It will be a book I recommend to others.

  • Deja
    2019-01-03 05:57

    Normally I have only read Ms. Ryan's paranormal books so when I saw that she writes contemporary as well I figured why not. I loved her Montgomery Ink series so when I saw this book I just knew it would be good. I was very happy to be right Presley and Mason were one of her best couples, the fact that Mason was technically her ex's brother just made the fact that they fell for each other that much crazier and I love when crazy meets love.

  • K
    2018-12-27 02:56

    After Presley's boyfriend cheated on her, she finds comfort in the most unlikely place . . . with the brother of her ex who is also going through a breakup. I enjoyed the storyline of Presley and Mason falling into an unexpected and passionate relationship. I really liked Presley's character - a strong woman fighting to make her way in a male-dominated career.

  • Kristine (A Cozy Booknook)
    2018-12-26 01:51

    This is an enjoyable story. The story quickly grabbed my attention and had me glued to the pages until finished. The story was a blend of sweet, a little steamy, and romantic. I really liked the characters and wanted to see them happy. I look forward to reading more from this author. I received a copy of this manuscript from the author, my review has been voluntarily submitted.

  • Sommertime
    2018-12-29 01:50

    The premise sounded interesting and I believed all the 5 star reviews. I didn't care for the writing style and the story got tedious. So many things didn't make sense. Why were they with such obviously horrible people in the first place. It made them seem like idiots with terrible judgement.I didn't realize this was a "friends with benefits" book and I do not like that trope.I can't recommend this unless it's a freebie.

  • Selina Durio
    2019-01-05 04:45

    Fantastic!This was a fantastic read! I'm so used to reading books by this author that are part of a series I wasn't sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. Presley and Mason were the ideal friends to lovers couple.

  • Amy Ross
    2019-01-13 21:42

    I did enjoy this however I think I'm more of a paranormal fan than a fan of more everyday romance type novels. That said it was an enjoyable read and a very relatable storyline. I find all of of Carrie Ann Ryan's novels have a lot of relatable content.

  • Ginger
    2019-01-01 23:50

    Was an all right read. Not as interesting as most of this authors books

  • Tammy
    2019-01-01 02:56

    Sweet read! 💕

  • Ann
    2019-01-15 03:48

    A quick steamy read.

  • Passionpages50
    2019-01-07 01:40

    3.5 stars

  • Teon
    2019-01-22 05:06

    I enjoyed itI think I've found an author I want to read more from. Very easy read, fast. Really bonded w/ the characters. Wanted to punch one of them myself!

  • Sandi Ramirez
    2019-01-18 02:53

    Carrie Ann Ryan is one of my ONE CLICK Authors...I have yet to find a book that is not a 5 star book from her. This book meets that and more. First off let me begin by saying this is one of 12 books written by 12 different authors. One for each sign in the horoscope. Since this is Cancer now we have 2 Cancers who are meeting up and their story.I am never one to give the storyline away in a review so you will see me tell you bits and pieces so let me say this is one very hot and very good read. It left me wanting more and more and begging Carrie Ann to write us stories based on other characters mentioned that are not already being written in other Signs months. Did that make sense? So as the game says Picture Me this: In walks Presley to see a pasty white a## banging her soon to be best friend who had her shirt wide open with her fake tan and glaring red bra...ON HER KITCHEN COUNTER NO LESS! WHERE SHE HAD Morning coffee. I repeat HAD as she will never have it there again.Fast forward to MASON Sutton...Hot as sin, sexy as all get out and for some reason he has been dating a skinny snarky witchy gal by the name of Lorena. Here he is sitting in a well known and very full bar waiting on her rear to get there and she is later than normal. Of course she gets there and what does she do? Breaks it off with him (for some reason he was not surprised) and Slaps the heck out of him.Seems Mason and Presley's ex Trent are brothers and Mason has always had a thing for Presley but has hidden it because well she was dating his rat of an older brother. Mason and Presley have always been the best of friends and you know the saying the Best of Friends become the Best of Lovers.... well you need to grab this book and see IF That saying becomes true in this case.As with all Carrie Ann Ryan books she leaves you happy and horny LOL yes I repeat happy and horny. Grab this book and while you are at it go and grab the other 3 books in this series up to this point as well.Lust Actually By Heather LongForever Devoted by Virginia NelsonGemini Rising by Ranae Roseor just look for Tempting Signs

  • Yvonne Daniels
    2019-01-23 00:06

    I was given this book to read and review. I have enjoyed reading Carrie Ann Ryan books she is a exciting author, her writing reflexes her amazing talent, her characters description makes them believable and heartwarming.The story revolves around Mason and Presley they both had their hearts broken. They both then decided that they were through dating and falling in love. Mason girlfriend dumps him in a public bar so that she receives lots of male attention. Mason feels like things are finally going great now that he and Lorena has moved in together. Mason was ready for the forever but his girlfriend felt he wasn't good enough for her. Presley mean while walks in on her friend Stacy on top of her kitchen countertop with her skirt around her waist and her boyfriend Trent in between them. Presley first thought is she should have stop for milk or something and maybe they would have had time to leave before her. But what comes out her mouth is a scream for them to leave. Mason and Presley begins to spend more and more time together at Presley house. Becoming close friends first but as they continue to be together they began to falling in love with each other. There are twist, turns and Hot sizzling scenes.I enjoyed this book from beginning to end. I took an immediate liking to the two main characters. This contemporary romance engages the audience in several ways and I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a great read next to the fireplace. I loved it!

  • Beth
    2019-01-16 00:08

    Finally Found You, by Carrie Ann Ryan is an enjoyable contemporary romance book that incorporates heartbreak, friendship, and love.Despite being an amazing game designer, Presley Mackenzie is not taken seriously by her boss nor colleagues, and she's constantly forced to deal with annoying and demeaning work issues. However, Presley believes that her personal life is going well, until she arrives home to discover her boyfriend, Trent, cheating on her.The same evening, Mason Sutton is dumped by his girlfriend in a public and humiliating fashion. Yet Mason is even more frustrated with his brother, Trent, for cheating on Presley. Due to their recent break-ups, both Mason and Presley decide to never fall in love again, but they agree to become friends with benefits, which (of course) leads to more.Finally Found You is geared towards those who enjoy reading contemporary romances. As a stand-alone romance, it's not necessary read the series in order, even though it's the fourth book in the Tempting Signs series.Note: I received this book from the author, who provided reissued copies for bloggers to write book reviews in exchange for books, yet the opinions expressed in this review are my own.

  • Sultry Steamy Reading
    2019-01-22 03:08

    I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.This is a quick, light read. Yet another book from the friends-to-lovers trope, Finally Found You is every bit a sweet and easy story where the characters are both nice people who just happened to be betrayed by the people they loved.The hero was a good character. She wasn't extra special, but I think she was solid. The hero was a good man. He was simple, but damn if he wasn't a rock star during the sex scenes. And those scenes are hot. The secondary characters were okay. Annoying, but well-written nonetheless.I wish that more of the issues in the book we're covered. For example, the hero's brother who happens to be the heroine's cheating ex. There was no resolution there or karma. Also, I wish that the heroine's career did not end up with her being free to go with the hero anywhere.Anyway, my concerns are all minor. I enjoyed the book, and I was even almost sorry it ended. I have a feeling that if the book went longer and covered more topics, I still would have enjoyed it just as much. While my first book from this author didn't work out so well, this book definitely did.