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**Throttled is now available in the back of the Hook Me ebook & paperback**It's no longer available as a separate novella.She’s about to become his – Mrs. Joseph Gallo. All she wants is to be his, but his possessiveness days before the wedding has her questioning the reality of a happily ever after. He’s not easy. He’s territorial and doesn’t share well with others. Ci**Throttled is now available in the back of the Hook Me ebook & paperback**It's no longer available as a separate novella.She’s about to become his – Mrs. Joseph Gallo. All she wants is to be his, but his possessiveness days before the wedding has her questioning the reality of a happily ever after. He’s not easy. He’s territorial and doesn’t share well with others. City’s staking his claim, making Suzy his forever. Their future teeters precariously on the cliff of matrimonial bliss. Will their love survive his alpha nature or will it all unravel before she can say ‘I do’?...

Title : Throttled
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Throttled Reviews

  • ~ Stéphanie ~ Tied up in Romance ~
    2019-06-01 23:06

    Beautiful short novella!!^^ it was good to see all Gallos brothers together expect Thomas. I can't wait to read Antony's book! He's for sure an italian man!! It was also a nice introduction for Izzy and James's story =DMeet City: Meet Michael: Meet Izzy: Meet Thomas:not date yetMeet Anthony:not date yet

  • Laura Johnson
    2019-06-10 23:24

    Enjoyed City and Suzy's short novella. I liked the build up between the two and the growth (if small) in Suzy's character. The ending was just what I needed. Definitely a feel good ending. I absolutely will be continuing the series.

  • Book-Lover Book Blog
    2019-05-31 19:19

    Every time I think about reading this, I burst out laughing, honestly, I can not help it! The witty banter and humour are completely faultless and I read it in a matter of hours. Absolutely fan-fucking-tastic! As well as the humour, there was drama, there was passion....and there was Izzy lol.Everyone know's what Izzy's like, so I don't need to say much more! :)The writing was flawless, the jokes were hilarious, the drama was wall punching and the passion made you blush!I LOVE CITY! And I LOVE SUZY! Match made in heaven! They're perfect for one another....(I'm still laughing...)7% in I was laughing really loud, maybe a bit too loud :P Chelle really pulled this off! The novella was amazing and I will probably be reading this again! I love it, like I love ALL of Chelle's books! <3

  • Petra Gleason
    2019-06-03 00:29

    Why does anyone still go to bachelor and bachelorette parties? They're just an excuse to behave badly and expect to get a pass! Suzy is completely wrong in this one. Joe had total right to be pissed off. Yes, they went to a strip club, but there was no mention that the woman, or any woman came anywhere near him. He didn't come home with glitter herpies, he didn't smell of some other woman's perfume. Suzy not only allowed a man to sit on her lap and get very close to her, she allowed another man to put his hands on her, and she smelled of another man's cologne. If that had been Joe and he had allowed some woman to put her hands on him, she'd have had a fucking cow. The idea that he had to grovel to get back into her good graces... nope. This one was a total miss for me.

  • Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog)
    2019-06-19 23:28

    The power is in the snuggle...Chelle Bliss, what have you done to us? Us women readers, who used to be so powerful, have turned into a pile of goo, our hearts ripped out by these big bad dirty-talkin' Gallo brothers. They fight so hard and love so soft, taking care of their women in every way, ruining them and us. How are other men supposed to live up to our new expectations? City just keeps getting better and better, his mouth is his best feature, he makes me laugh and blush. This series is raising the bar, where can you go when you are already at the top? I can't wait for more, I'm smiling just thinking about what is in store for Anthony, Thomas, and Izzy...

  • Vieira
    2019-06-19 01:32

    This was so good I loved City and Suzy!! Looking forward to more of this family!

  • BadDirtyBooks
    2019-06-20 01:16

    Throttled is the follow up to Throttle Me The first book in the Men of Inked Series.  It picks up where TM left off.  If you fucking loved TM like I did,  Throttled is even better because you get more of Everything and you really get more interaction with the whole Gallo family.  The best thing is you get more of City! More of his COMMANDINGSEXYDO WHAT THE FUCK I WANT  WHEN I WANTATTITUDE  Let's not forget his ability to pull out a SCREAMING O like it ain't nobody's business Okaaaayyy! Chelle did a kick as job with the dual POV. The banter between the boys, girls and the family will you laughing your ass off.  It's sarcastic,  snarky and the smartass comments are hilarious!  I love that the author pulls in the characters from the previous books and gives you a little taste every now and then.  I always want more of the characters after a book ends, so it's a good way to get just a little bit more of a good thing! 5 BadassDownandDirtyStarsEnter to Win an Amazon Gift Card or Signed Paperback!

  • Rustys
    2019-06-20 22:23

    What a perfect ending to City and Suzy’s story. I adored them both and the Gallo family… don’t even get me started. First, City, pure alpha male with a dirty mouth, tattoos’ and a strategically placed piercing. He fell for Suzy the first night they met in “Throttle Me”and has been giving her raging orgasms that left me craving release.Suzy, the good girl who had a temptress inside waiting to escape and City was the one to set her free. Such a dirty mouth, thanks to Cityand man is it a turn on for him.City is the cook but that sly Suzy will say anything to get her hands on his goods!I had to laugh at her organizational skills for the wedding remembering in “Throttle Me” how she was a list maker.The Gallo family is one of my favorite book families. If you read, “Hook Me” then you’re familiar with Michael another alpha male and still smoking hot.Anthony is a playboy, a manwhore and I’m anxious to meet the woman or man who will claim his heart.I loved Ma Gallo from the very beginning and that has not changed. She is a strong and loving woman who raised one helluva family. You can feel the bond they share during Thanksgiving dinner.Izzy has always intrigued me, the only Gallo sister, tough as nails growing up with four brothers. She met her match, James and I can’t wait to read her story.Thomas is still just a memory amongst the Gallo’s; he’s yet to make an appearance, I can only imagine how macho he must be, a tough and hard undercover agent, yikes! Wedding planning, bachelor/bachelorette parties and hot steamy sexis the best ending a reader could ask for. Yep…I’m doing a happy dance![arc received]

  • Cassie
    2019-05-31 23:13

    ARC REVIEW from ABIBLIOPHOBIA ANONYMOUS BOOK REVIEWS BLOGCity and SuzyWe came to know and love this couple in Throttle Me, now we get to read about them becoming man and wife. Can I get a hell yeah!!Throttled follows both City and Suzy for a few weeks before their big day. "Always yours, City."- SuzyLife can't be smooth, both City and Suzy have get over the huge bumps in the road, before they say I do. "You consume me and became a part of me. Your love is as vital to me as the air I breathe.-"-City They're just trying to get to the alter, together. But like every couple there is some stuff that tries to derail them. Can they fix it, or will Suzy and City never see the day they become man and wife to each other?Throttled... Chelle Bliss, girl, those first few pages I was like "wth? OMG!" You little tricker. Lol. I loved being able to read about the upcoming wedding. So glad we got to read it from their pov and not from another book and character. Thank you for giving us that. City is still hot as hell. Damn, that mouth on him. I think he is still my #1 Gallo brother... But that could change, I'm such a book whore. Suzy, she's such a great character and has grown so much and evolved. Once the girl who couldn't say a dirty word, is now the girl who loves it dirty. Those two are the perfect combo. We get to read about the other Gallo's. Izzy's beau is introduced to us, poor guy. What wouldn't be a wedding without drama? We get it. Chelle Bliss gives us everything we need in this novella and a shocker too ;)

  • Heather
    2019-05-31 23:29

    I love City and Suzy so much. I’m so glad Chelle Bliss gave them their own book for their wedding! We get more of the Gallo family together, which is always one of my favorites parts in the Men Of Inked series, especially Ma Gallo. I want to be Ma Gallow to my children. We get to go through the bachelorette party, courtesy of Izzy, who doesn’t love Izzy? I love Izzy. Cannot wait for that girl’s book to come out!I loved Throttled just as much as I have loved the rest of the series. There are some seriously hot moments between City and Suzy, what Men Of Inked book would be complete without the fire that goes on between our hero and heroine? That’s one of the things I love about this series, the women don’t roll over and play dead. They say it how it is and tell the man exactly where they done messed up.I have to mention the cover. I have loved those shoes ever since I saw that cover and I can’t even see the whole shoe, I just know I must have them someday. Those are gorgeous!Thank you so much for my copy of Throttled! I adored it just as much as every other book in the series and I cannot wait to read the next book!

  • Desirae (Dee)
    2019-06-04 22:27

    Chelle nailed it with this novella. It's the perfect temporary ending to the City/Suzy story. Chelle continues in writing stories that suck you in and leave you wanting more. We get to see all the characters we love make an appearance in the continuation of the C/S story. And of course, we still get that humor aspect too. Thanksgiving was hilarious. The wedding was beautiful. The after was hot. Everything with city is usually hot, and he sure doesn't disappoint now. Well done chelle, well done.

  • SB Morales
    2019-05-23 22:22

    This was a great installment. Suzy loves City so much, but still getting use to his Alpha ways. This story was surprising, loving, and as always hotter than ever! I enjoy reading Bliss's work. She gives you the story in two different point of views. I get to see what is going on inside the characters and it gives me a deeper understand as well as makes me totally invested in their lives. This is a great couple and I can't wait to find out what happens next!

  • Teiamarie
    2019-05-26 22:06

    I love everything in the Men of Inked series so far and Throttled is no different. The best part was revisiting characters that I previously fell for and getting some answers to questions that were left unresolved at the end of book 1. Suzy is slowly becoming more of a potty mouth, City has a possessive meathead moment but his deliciousness is off the scales, and then there's the amazing, boisterous Gallo family which is the icing on the cake. I will say that I wanted to smack Izzy several times for being a driving force behind several of the issues between Suzy and City but it was unintentional. It's Izzy. Of course she's going to encourage a night of harmless, drunken, debauchery. I guess I can't be angry at her. She's a Gallo...

  • Lauren
    2019-06-20 21:30

    3.5 stars

  • Riz
    2019-06-09 02:29

    2.5 Stars

  • Karen Mc
    2019-06-20 22:35

    Mr. Sex in the City and his Hot Angel are back and the addicting Gallo family sucked me up again! It was hard to top Throttled, but its follow-up, Throttle Me, does a bang up job...and the banging is on fire too! Suzy and City's passion sizzles as it did when they first met on the side of the road where the chemistry was instant and oh-so-hot. "He looked like an angel with the glowing sunlight behind him. His body was just as divine as it was the night I met him over a year ago. He had a chiseled jaw covered in short, dark hair, his fierce blue eyes shining as bright as the sun, his dark brown hair a mess. I wanted him just as much as I did the first time we touched."For this couple, it was nearly love at first sight and their passion is strong--smoking--in this sequel to Throttled. Like Suzy, City still feels as hot for his sunshine as he did when they first met though it's a year later. It is entertaining to hear Suzy throw down curse words in this book like a sailor--showing just how much City has rubbed off on her--figuratively and literally. "Suzy was a vision. Skin slightly pink and pale, blonde hair flowing down her back with her knee-length white sundress. She looked like an angel, but I knew the truth. The girl came off as sweet in innocent, but she was a tiger and had developed quite a liking for curse words. I rubbed off on her. To say I was proud to call her mine was a complete understatement."City's amazing and loved Mama Gallo has a big role in this story--the matriarch is the much-needed glue to the family--and she's a spitfire herself. She cooks meals that would make Italian restaurants jealous and gives advice like she should have her own newspaper column. To the ladies before the wedding: "Always remember to make them [men] think they're in charge. That's the key. Don't ever make them think otherwise. Love them hard, ladies. Smother them with your love. Be fierce when necessary and never back down. Once you give in, they'll expect it always. When they won't give you what you want, well, that's when you deny them the think they want most."Suzy ditched her 'life plan' in the first book and gave in to the chemistry and warm feeling of being around the sexy as sin tattooed and pierced alpha man who affected her like no other...stirring up emotions along with lovemaking that was 'off the charts' hot that didn't even know was possible. A tragedy almost takes City from Suzy's life, and that really shows how much she would be lost without her handsome hunk of pure alpha and all heart. She loves this big brute of a guy, who is 100 percent pure sexy alpha ,as he is her everything. He is hers forever."What the man didn't understand is that he had already ruined one would ever compare to him. As hard and sexy as he was, the soft and loving side of city was what ultimately stole my heart. The man loved me so fiercely that no one else could ever come close."City may look all bad-arse biker boy, but he is a gentle giant when it comes to his angel, who wears his heart on his sleeve. Fate often has a way of entering life--quickly like the wind and with a force just as strong."Sometimes when we least expect it and stop looking, fate has a way of playing its hand. Mine came in the form of a drop-dead gorgeous girl broken down on a deserted street. I thanked my lucky stars each damn day that her car was a piece of [junk]."It's so easy to fall in love with City, Suzy, and the whole damn Gallo clan! 5 sinfully sexy stars!

  • booklover4life
    2019-05-24 20:11

    ***I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review!***The Book: Throttled (Men of Inked Book 2.5)Author:Chelle BlissPublished:July 28, 2014; 129 pagesThe Rating:***** (5 Stars)Steam Factor: ***** (5 Stars)Genre:Romance, EroticaThe Blurb:She’s about to become his – Mrs. Joseph Gallo.All she wants is to be his, but his possessiveness days before the wedding has her questioning the reality of a happily ever after.He’s not easy. He’s territorial and doesn’t share well with others.City’s staking his claim, making Suzy his forever.Their future teeters precariously on the cliff of matrimonial bliss.Will their love survive his alpha nature or will it all unravel before she can say ‘I do’?***Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable.This is the third book in the Men of Inked Series, though it's listed as 2.5 since it's a novella!The Review: Ah, yes. More City and Suzy! I was so happy to read this short novella about their wedding and the events leading up to it. I love when authors give you another glimpse into a couple that you have come to know and love. Because this is a novella, my review won't be done as I would typically do it. There won't be a lot of information given just because the blurb tells the main gist of the story. I can tell you that this is a crazy time in City and Suzy's lives. They are going through the typical angst preparing for the wedding, hoping to get things done right and on time. There's the rehearsal dinner and bachelor/bachelorette parties to attend as well. You know what that means. DRAMA! Hey, it was planned by Izzy, so what can you really expect? There are more laughs, crazy moments, and sweet little scenes to enjoy. There is also some big news announced, and we catch a glimpse of Izzy's love interest for the next book.The things that I didn't like about this novella so much was that the bachelor/bachelorette party scene has been done before. Although, with these characters, it's easy to see why this was included as it was, but I would have liked to see something a little different. The big conflict wasn't something really new either, but it ended just as soon. Granted, this is a novella, so that makes sense. There was a bit of a double standard here, which was addressed, but I got ticked off at City a bit here. I almost lowered my rating a bit here, but I enjoyed the ending so much that it brought it right back up.I love City and Suzy. I love the progression of the characters, and the things that stay the same. After all, certain character traits are what we love most about books, right? I can only imagine the drama that will abound with Izzy's story, and I loved the way this ended with the big reveal. I am certainly excited to see what is in store for the future, and as always, I do recommend this story along with the series!

  • Rough Draft Book Blog
    2019-05-25 02:24

    Throttled by Chelle BlissJoey (City) & SuzyA LITTLE SLICE OF HEAVEN!!!!5 stars cause 10 is not an option!This. Is. So. Damn. Good!!! It's one of the cutest, funniest, and hottest novellas I've read in a long time! I mean, seriously, this modest treasure has it all! Of course Joey and Suzy are the perfect duo, and you'd know that if you read Throttle Me, but Chelle manages to add more hilarity, more sexy-time, and more excitement to their romance! I just can't get enough of these Gallo peeps. For real people... if you haven't read any of these yet, you NEED to get your asses on them now! Holy hell!Joey (City) of course... is MINE! So, you hookers out there that think he's yours... suck it up buttercup, cause he's mine and so are the rest of these Gallo hotties, even Izzy, I'd switch teams for that bitch! In this little novella addition on City and Suzy I'd have to say City added so much to this story with his hot headed ways and his tenancy to claim what is his at all costs! I loved the angst that he gave to the story. It may have killed me a little, but that's what I live for in books, something to break me and put me back together. Now, Suzy... well, she's changed a bit since we first met her in Throttle Me. She seems to have developed a lot more. She's more centered and grounded to the point where she can tell City what she wants and how she feels in a manner that he'll understand! I love the fact that she can't really cook, but City can and it's like he's taking care of his woman is a barbaric sort of way! (*bangs chest). After the shit City put her through, I was shocked to see the way she handled it, in a good way. She's definitely come full circle in this one!Great supporting characters in all the Gallos. I love Ma and Pa Gallo... they make me want to organize a family reunion like yesterday! Oh boy, and that Izzy, holy fucking hell... that girl is like the girl version of the American Gigolo. She fucks, she swears, and she doesn't give a shit who the fuck hears, sees, or judges her! My kinda whore! All in all, this is one of the best little novellas I've read is quite some time!! The dialogue flows, the pacing is perfect, and the tension and angst leading up to the climax is flawless! It's 127 (Kindle version) pages long and for me (fast reader) I read it in about an hour! An hour filled with so much emotion, so much funniness, and so much content that my brain and heart are exploding! I think I'll have to buy Chelle a few Jack and Cokes to pay her back for such an awesome book! Muah, love you hooker!

  • Linda Jaejoong
    2019-05-27 01:15

    Wir bekommen ein bisschen mehr aus dem Leben von City und Suzy zu sehen. Die große Hochzeit steht vor der Tür und eigentlich könnte alles doch so schön sein, aber wie immer ist das nur Wunschdenken. Ein dummes, sehr dummes Missverständnis führt dazu das City sich wie ein Idiot benimmt und beide plötzlich ihre gemeinsame Zukunft anzweifeln. Ist ihr gemeinsames Glück noch zu retten oder fällt alles in sich zusammen??Ich fand die kleine extra Geschichte über die beiden sehr schön und gelungen. Wir erfahren wie ihr Alltag, jetzt wo sie zusammen Leben, aussieht und natürlich darf die Liebe Familie auch nicht fehlen. Natürlich ist die Geschichte sehr kurz und man darf auch nicht zu viel erwarten, aber für mich war die Geschichte sehr zufriedenstellend.Den kleine Höhepunkt im Buch fand ich sehr interessant und ich finde ihn nicht aus der Luft gegriffen. City ist nun mal ein Alphatier und daher war sein Verhalten nachvollziehbar. Das soll keine Entschuldigung für sein Verhalten sein, aber er war nun mal nervös wegen der Hochzeit, hatte eine Menge Alkohol getrunken und Suzy ist nun mal sein Ein und Alles. Trotzdem war er ein Trottel, aber er hat sich auch dafür entschuldigt und man hat gemerkt wie mies er sich gefühlt hat.Fazit: Die Handlung war kurz, intensiv und sehr emotional. Sie ist nicht für jeden etwas und man muss sie nicht gelesen haben, aber ich mag solche kleinen zwischen Handlungen. Das Cover sagt eigentlich schon alles. Das Englisch war leicht verständlich und ließ sich sehr flüssig lesen.

  • Kim
    2019-06-09 21:35

    I would have given this a much higher rating if it weren't for how much I loathed Izzy and Suzy in this novella. I really liked Izzy until this book, but I have no tolerance for someone who calls themselves a friend forcing things on you that you flat out didn't want and makes you uncomfortable. (view spoiler)[I found it funny that when it all blew up in Suzy's face Izzy was nowhere to be found, says a lot about the type of person she is and what kind of "sister" she will be. Because of all that happened at that party Suzy and Izzy should be the ones doing the groveling not City. I am sure if it were Suzy that caught all that happening to City she would have been livid so I fail to see where he was in the wrong.(hide spoiler)] Other than this part the story was a nice addition to the series too bad that crap ruined the fun of it..

  • 1-Click Addict Support Group
    2019-06-10 20:32

    This series is about the Gallo Family children. They are all alpha males (except Izzy), who are hardworking, focused, and tend to get what they want. Izzy, who after growing up with a bunch of boys learns a thing or two, is tough as nails.City and Suzy! Yes, they are back, and I love this couple! They bring the passion, the drama, the heat, the humor, and Izzy in this novella. This is the story of City and Suzy getting married! What a crazy wild ride! And be prepared to look like a fool when you are reading, because you will be laughing and squirming quite a bit. If you like Throttle Me, you NEED to read this one too. Perfect! ~ 5 stars

  • Angie Sakai
    2019-06-04 03:35

    phew! I don't know why I waited so long to read this considering I love me some City and well, Chelle didn't hold out! I love the fact that the characters are ever growing, you can 'see' it and feel it. City is just as raw and brutal as he has always been and Suzy... well, Suzy is adapting to the world around her. I just absolutely love this book. Chelle, you knocked it out of the park again! can't wait to meet Izzy next!

  • Cath Erine
    2019-05-26 19:09

    I loved this. The insight to Izzy and Thomas. Is Izzy's friend Sam a good guy or is he spying on the family. Who is James and will he and Izzy become more. When is Anthony going to find "the one"!! And the ending. Can't wait for more on that development.

  • Carla Krissinger
    2019-05-21 21:07

    City and Suzy get married...but...Of course there is a bit of fun before they tie the knot, but City and Suzy couldn't get through one event without a little drama, a lot of testosterone and added stress. Love the Gallo family!!!!!

  • April ♥
    2019-05-31 23:28

    It was nice to see City and Suzy get a little more attention, even if it's only a novella. I can't wait for!

  • Lani ⚔⚔the Destroyer ⚔⚔
    2019-05-22 01:24

    2.5 starsI liked catching up with Suzy and City but the big fight at the bachelor party all seemed very juvenile and it ruined the novella for me. Izzy has to be the most annoying character I have read in a long time so I am unsure if I will read the next one in the series.

  • Steffi De Ceuster♥
    2019-06-03 21:28

    I liked it but not loved.It's a good read and hot & steamy!I would still recommend this book to everyone, it's not because I didn't love it that you don't love it.

  • Alyson Powell
    2019-06-12 19:26

    4.5 stars

  • Tate
    2019-05-26 19:19


  • Sarah Robinson
    2019-06-21 02:09

    Sweet wrap up of their story! I liked it a lot! These two definitely need to learn to communicate better haha! I hope we get to see more of them!