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Limits were made to be pushed.Abby West has everything she wanted: a family, a skyrocketing new career, and a sexy, Dominant husband who fulfills her every need. Only, as her life outside the bedroom becomes hectic, her Master’s sexual requirements inside become more extreme. Abby doesn’t understand Nathaniel’s increased need for control, but she can’t deny the delicious wLimits were made to be pushed.Abby West has everything she wanted: a family, a skyrocketing new career, and a sexy, Dominant husband who fulfills her every need. Only, as her life outside the bedroom becomes hectic, her Master’s sexual requirements inside become more extreme. Abby doesn’t understand Nathaniel’s increased need for control, but she can’t deny the delicious way her body reacts to his tantalizing demands…Between Abby’s reluctance and Nathaniel’s unyielding commands, the delicate balance of power between the Dominant and his submissive threatens to shift. And as the underlying tension and desire between them heats up, so does the struggle to keep everything they value from falling apart …...

Title : The Enticement
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The Enticement Reviews

  • Jacqueline's Reads
    2019-05-30 03:47

    5 Pleasing StarsThe Enticement is book four of The Submissive Trilogy. You are probably scratching your head wondering if you read that right. Yes, Trilogy means three, but not this series! I am so happy this series is not over!!!!I love Abby and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mr. West. You must read book one, The Submissive and book three The Training prior to reading The Enticement, but you do not need to read book two, The Dominant. The Dominant is an alternative POV book and is from Nathaniel’s POV.The Enticement picks up a few years later. Abby and Nathaniel have two kids. Abby is not a new submissive anymore, but with two kids the couple find it hard to find time for just themselves. I just had a baby eight months ago. I completely relate to this. Abby and Nathaniel can only play once a month. Again I can relate, I have a date night with my husband once a month. Can you see why I enjoyed this book so much? It mirrors my life (minus the rich husband, but you know).Abby and Nathaniel crave a little more in their relationship. Abby wants the collar more and Nathaniel wants to control more. They try the collar for a week straight with no breaks.Abby wants her boundaries pushed and suggest more kink. Nathaniel agrees and this is where the fun stuff happens. There are blind folds, touching, men watching and lots of taboo stuff. I gobbled this stuff up and I wanted more! Well, it was enough, but I wouldn’t have been opposed to reading more.I found it very very hot.I really enjoyed The Enticement because it’s so realistic. Now, before you tell me I am being silly, I am being completely honest. Abby writes on a blog now and I confess, I do read BDSM and submissive blogs from time to time. It’s very addicting. I am not sure which ones are real or fictional, heck most of it could be fictional, but a part of me believes some of it could be very real.So I compared this story to a lot of the stuff I’ve read on-line and Abby and Nathaniel just felt real to me.I love reading about a couple dealing with real issues and working through them. The Enticement isn’t very angsty, so don’t think it’s about miscommunication and ridiculous stuff. The issues Nathaniel and Abby deals with are very real and very relatable, hence why I connected with the characters so much. A little tension comes out towards the end and I welcome the mini-shift. It makes Abby more human and you feel for her. The book is completely in Abby’s POV and I kind of wished I got bits of Nathaniel, but overall I was very happy.I love this series and I’m glad it’s not over. I can’t wait for The Collar. The Collar will be about Dena and Jeff.An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review REVIEW | AMAZONREVIEW | AMAZONREVIEW | AMAZONAMAZON < --- NOW LIVE

  • AH
    2019-06-11 07:45

    I'm pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. I disliked The Dominant and I thought that The Enticement was a new book in a new series. It's not. The Enticement is book 4 in The Submissive series. Now a little disclaimer - I had read books 1-3 in their original online form years back and enjoyed them immensely. I don't know why The Dominant annoyed me so much when I read it last summer but I feel that The Enticement was a spicy hot read and I loved watching the main characters Abby and Nathaniel adjust to life as parents of young children. It's something that most parents can relate to - the lack of personal time when those little people rule the roost, and generally wake up earlier than the roosters. It can really put a crimp in your "couple time."I liked how Abby and Nathaniel's relationship was in a state of negotiation. With Abby's new responsibilities as a mother and Nathaniel's busy work schedule, the couple struggle with finding some balance in their sex lives. It really surprised me that they did not have a nanny to pawn the children off to, however they did have a doting relative that jumped at the chance to babysit the little ones. Abby and Nathaniel's play time just wasn't working for them. And therein begins the negotiations. Abby decides that she will try a 7 day/24 hour schedule with Nathaniel on a trip to Delaware. With all relationships comes that moment of doubt. Abby doubts Nathaniel's fidelity and it affects her deeply. I think that this was quite realistic, especially since the children were taking up so much of Abby's time. It didn't help that another woman was making a play for Nathaniel. Because of her lifestyle, Abby is presented with an intriguing job offer. Abby's Submissive Wife blog received a lot of attention and she was offered a job. Abby takes on the job and I feel that this allowed her character to shine. Nathaniel seems to have mellowed out. Either I am getting used to him, or he has definitely relaxed around Abby. He still has a little sadist within him, but you can see how much he loves Abby.The sex scenes are spicy hot and well written. Enough said. Read the book. The Enticement contains scenes of BDSM and is intended for an adult audience.Thank you to NetGalley and Penguin Group Berkeley/NAL for a review copy of this book.

  • Barbara ♥~Lindt Ninja~♥ (Careerist Gangster™)
    2019-05-31 06:09

    This series is a trilogy. TRILOGY. From, plural trilogies.1.a series or group of three plays, novels, operas, etc., that, although individually complete, are closely related in theme, sequence, or the like.2.(in ancient Greek drama) a series of three complete and usually related tragedies performed at the festival of Dionysus and forming a tetralogy with the satyr play.3.a group of three related things.Not 4 things, which it already is with the novella. For sure not 5 things which is what it will be with this, the 4th full-length novel in the series which will make it a quartet.Ri. Di. Cu. Lous.Since I can't trust that the series is finished, it's getting deleted off of my Kindle.Edit April 2015: Shocker, it's now simply the Submissive series.

  • The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog
    2019-05-30 04:47

    Review-Jo Facebook: http://thehopelessromanticsbookblog.b...I was bound not only by rope, but with bonds of love and trust and a promise that would last forever.Well, this book has left me feeling completely confused! I began the story excited and happy to be reunited with Abby and Nathaniel but as I reached the final page, I was left feeling exactly the opposite. I am not saying that I didn't enjoy the story because I did. It was another brilliant instalment to the series and I hardly put my kindle down once I began reading, however I just didn't enjoy how the story ended and how things were left between Abby and Nathaniel. The forth visit to Abby and Nathaniel's world began so beautifully. Abby and Nathan had been together for seven years and they were happily married with two young children. Life was good. I have always been fascinated with the couple's BDSM world and I couldn't wait to find out how the they were incorporating the lifestyle into their lives now that they had young children and all of the challenges that brought. I loved how Abby and Nathaniel were able to do this. For the majority of the story everything was going perfectly for the couple. I loved discovering the ways in which they made their relationship work and how in love they remained. Abby and Nathaniel were still hugely attracted to one another and their spark remained fully lit. When he looked at me the way he currently was, with love and desire and passion so evident in his expression, I'd walk across oceans for him.I have to say that I found this book to be the sexiest of the series so far. Now that Abby and Nathaniel had been together for many years, they were so comfortable with one another and as such were able to explore every sexual fantasy that they had together. Nothing was taboo for this couple. As Abby and Nathaniel acted out their kinky desires together, my kindle was on fire. It made for some red hot reading. Get those oven gloves ready because you will need them to hold your kindle. It is that hot!! One look at you and all anyone is going to think is dirty fucking sex. Depending on how this evening goes, maybe I'll show you just how dirty I can be.Once I had reached the half way point of the story, I began to think how well everything was going for Abby and Nathaniel. I was enjoying everything that I read and I was delighted to see that the couple's relationship was working. They were truly living a blissful life. Just as I was having these thoughts something happened that I was not expecting and caused my stomach to drop and my palms to sweat. Suddenly, things were not so perfect and this made me sad. This was when my feelings for the couple began to change. I felt angry and frustrated with how the couple handled their situation. I thought that Abby was beginning to be a bit of a doormat for Nathaniel to walk all over. She was allowing Nathaniel so much control over her life and it made me angry that she was allowing this to happen. I was once again questioning the BDSM lifestyle and although I continue to be intrigued by all things BDSM, I know that I could not be a submissive. My reaction to what happened in this book, made me realise this. I would have dealt with everything in a entirely different way. "Damn you, Abby. Damn you for what you do to me. You are everything to me and part of me dies when I think you don't trust me. I'd never do anything to hurt you." Going back to the story, although I enjoyed it, I can't help but feel that Abby and Nathaniel's world was not as perfect as it was in the beginning and I wondered if there was still something going on. Maybe I am a little too suspicious but there was something about Nathaniel that I could no longer trust. My feelings for him have changed considerably during this story and I am a little apprehensive as to what lies ahead for the couple in "The Collar" . As this story was written completely from Abby's POV it was impossible for me to know exactly what Nathaniel's true thoughts and feelings were. I so wish that the author had added a few chapters from Nathaniel's perspective. Maybe this would have eased my concerns about him. "You think I don't know what you want? What you need? You're due for a sound thrashing and a long hard fuck." "The Enticement" gets ❤️❤️❤️❤️.5 from me!

  • Paige
    2019-06-26 01:54

    3.5 StarsThis was a great addition to the series. I love Abby and Nathaniel. This book took place after several years together and a couple kids. Life is busy and their D/s relationship has suffered for it. They try to make purposeful attempts at connecting more. I loved this aspect of the book. I already love books with married couples so seeing their relationship now and watching them totally devoted to each other was awesome. For most of the book, this one came very close to becoming my favorite. (The Dominate which is by far my favorite of this series.) The thing that got to me though was the conflict towards the end. Abby has an issue and brings it up to Nathaniel and he just blows her off and gets angry. He never took her opinion as valid. They do make up but the end is rushed and Abby is made to look like an idiot and Nathaniel looks like he can do no wrong. Being married myself this struck close to home I guess. Maybe for others this wasn't such a big deal, but we all come in reading a book with our own bias and this is mine. And it affected my enjoyment of the story. I am going to read the next one even though it seems to be about another couple more than Abby and Nathaniel. I still love these two and can't wait to see more of their story.

  • Pete
    2019-06-22 03:58

    The Enticementis book 5 in the Submissive series book byTara Sue Me. Being an staunch equalist (Everyone is equal across, gender, race, wealth, genealogy, color, or religious conviction or lack of.) I was coerced into reading a book by a Goodreads friend about male gender supremacy and master/slave lifestyles because of the Steamy parts and not to pay any attention to the torture/pain elements. To each their own, fits my observation of BSDM stories, but having had to deal with physical trauma to those who engage in sexual brutality in my medical practice has weighed on me.In this story, I get the relationship, and apparent love and concern for their partner and kids of Abby and Nathaniel. Their struggle is exacerbated by self-doubt and jealousy. I truly enjoy partners and sometimes friends are exploring ways to enhance their erotic adventures to the highest level with unique trial and error roles and techniques. The roles of Who’s on Top should alternate between genders equally.I like erotica to be an equal bilateral satisfaction scenario. The steam factor in this book was great, but the anguish/pain/punishment angle reduced, for me, the enjoyment of the story.

  • Anna's Herding Cats
    2019-06-04 05:03

    Quickie: I enjoyed it. It's hot and intriguing seeing a married couple struggling with their BDSM relationship. Not loving the cover. And book four of a trilogy? Um... But a solid read with some hot sex scenes.Full review to come.

  • Suzi
    2019-06-21 09:08

    samo cu reci hot hot hot i da od ove knjige imam sasvim drugaciji pogled na djumbir :)

  • Under the Covers Book Blog
    2019-06-10 09:11

    I don't know what rock I was living under as an erotic BDSM junkie, but I managed to have my first introduction to Tara Sue Me's Submissive series just a few months ago. The initial trilogy is actually one of the originals in the billionaire Dom subgenre, but I worried a bit that the flood of books in this vein might have hampered my enjoyment of it. I was suprisingly very wrong. Abigail is my type of submissive and Nathaniel is absolutely my type of Dom. I found these three books very refreshing in their psychological exploration of a loving D/s relationship, but I thought it ended there. I was excited to hear that the trilogy was being extended and we'd get to explore Abby and Nathaniel's relationship as it grows and changes over time. Although it could theoretically stand in its own, I wouldn't read The Enticement as a standalone, as the joy of this one is in seeing how these characters have grown and changed over time.The Enticement takes place a few years down the road from The Training, when Nathaniel and Abby have settled into their marriage with two children. While D/s is still a scheduled part of their marriage, it's become a back focus. Abby has been blogging online anonymously about her life as a submissive wife, catching some media attention, leading to a job offer. Abby and Nathaniel are still deeply in love, but both have started to feel the strain, and a renewed focus on their roles as Dominant and submissive seems like just what they need. Both are sure that a 24/7 relationship is not what they're looking for, but Abby wants to try a week straight when the go away for a conference week together. There are so many fantasies that Abby hasn't fulfilled and Nathaniel wants to give her what she's always craved. But like any change in a relationship, doubts and questions creep in, leading Abby to struggle with her submission.It goes without saying that the sex between Abby and Nathaniel is flaming hot. I always find their scenes unique and Tara Sue Me throws in some fantasy and role play scenarios that had me panting. They don't shy away from punishment and pain, despite being in a loving relationship. For those that apprehensive, there aren't any needles or knives, but just enough edge to keep seasoned BDSM readers on their toes. Abby and Nathaniel are my type of fantasy D/s couple, which goes a long way for me. Nathaniel is firm and doesn't give in. He demands that Abby work through her feelings and her doubts at each step. He anticipates what she needs before she realizes it herself. Sigh :).I think what I love most about these characters though, and in this installment especially, is the realness to it all. Abby's self doubt, her discomfort with letting go, and her jealousy of Nathaniel's female business associates is only natural in a marriage, and even more pronounced in a D/s one. Abby is a strong woman who won't be cowed when she feels betrayed and I loved seeing her stand up to Nathaniel, reminding the readers that submission is a gift that can easily be taken away. There are lots of good messages and psychological exploration of roles, which is something I love about good D/s erotic romance. I highly recommend this one to lovers of the series and if you haven't started, then I would jump right in.*ARC provided by publisher❤ ♡ Don't want to miss any of our posts? Subscribe to our blog by email! ♡ ❤

  • Teresa Mary Rose
    2019-06-16 09:56

    More Reviews Here: Readers Live A Thousand LivesWhen I heard we were getting more to Abby and Nathaniel’s story I was so excited. But then I got worried. If we are getting another book, that means that we are getting some more trouble and I was nervous for them. I didn’t want to see them in pain. But in the end I am so happy we got this book, because it was a great addition to the series.I love Abby and Nathaniel together. Their dynamic and their chemistry is off the charts. They work well together and have built this great life. I really liked seeing into their happily ever after. But just like anything in life, the happily ever after isn’t easy and it doesn’t happen without work. Abby and Nathaniel have to work at their relationship and balance their marriage with their D/s relationship. I liked seeing the dynamics and how those dynamics were stretched to the breaking point.In The Enticement, we see Abby pushed outside her comfort zone and the same held true for me. While Nathaniel is pushing Abby, he is also pushing the reader. I loved that I could feel these things alongside Abby. I’m not going to lie and say I was completely on board with everything Nathaniel did, because I wasn’t (and I want to clarify he never hurt her or did anything Abby was not okay with). He pushed her limits and sometimes as a reader I wanted to push back. The difference is while Abby might initially balk or want to push back, in the end she didn’t because she didn’t want to. Nathaniel knows Abby and he knows just how far to go and knows what will work for them. Also, they communicate so well and I love that. They have their arguments but in the end they always come back to each other and discuss what they are feeling and what they want. I know for a fact I would never be able to deal with Nathaniel but that is the beauty of getting lost in a book, I don’t have to but Abby does and for Abby it works.I also LOVED seeing Daniel and Julie again (from Seduced By Fire). Those two are my favorite and I didn’t realize how much I missed them. It was also great seeing Jeff again and I cannot wait for The Collar now! I’m excited for his and Dena’s story and I’m hoping to get some more Daniel and Julie time.All in all, The Enticement is a great read and the steam is off the charts. It’s the perfect blend of romance, heart, steam, and it is a fantastic time.

  • Cassandra Caress
    2019-05-28 07:53

    Oh Nathaniel! You have my heart again!It's no secret that I love this series very much. Why? Well, Tara Sue Me has the ability to not only capture you from page one with emotions and anxious nervousness as what will happen next.She also captures the BDSM lifestyle very good and how hard it is to deal with it in every day life situations. Let's be honest, work and kids can make you go nuts. Add in the need to be dominated or dominate and things get complicated.Thankfully, Tara Sue Me doesn't reduce her characters on a HEA, but continues to let them grow and finds a way to describe their needs very realistic. Her writing is superb and addictive.There might be a situation you don't feel comfortable with and think the edge is exceeded. But please keep reading! We are talking Nathaniel and Abby here!Those two are happily married with kids. Or so it seems. They settled in their every-day-routine and scratch their itches when theirs time and when they aren't too tired. A situation both find more and more unsatisfying and their needs get more and more urgent. So as the time presents a perfect opportunity for them, it's now or never.As always, open communication and trust are the key to their relationship. But both are shaken when the mind has time to wonder.Next to the deep understanding for the lifestyle, their sensual kinky encounter are hotter than hot! Add in Jeff and some others? OH HELL, there went my panties!I'm so glad that Tara Sue Me decided to continue this series!

  • Noel
    2019-06-21 04:07

    I truly love Nathaniel & Abby's story & this book is no exception. While I found myself very pissed at Nathaniel's actions a couple times during this tale, upon understanding his POV, I was able to fall back in love with him. He is a stern dom, but I believe he loves Abby with his entire soul & who could ask for anything more. I can't wait for the next installment!

  • G.
    2019-06-22 09:05

    DNF- I really couldn't get into this book. It was hard for me to connect with Abby. & Nathanial.

  • Angy Potter - Collector of Book Boyfriends
    2019-06-11 02:48

    BOOK REVIEW: 4.5 STARSDo you often wonder about what happens to the characters of a book (or series) that you love after the characters get their happily ever after? I always do. I love books that have epilogues that gives readers a glimpse of the characters’ future. Not many books goes the extent into the future. This is what The Enticement has. Abigail and Nathaniel has been married for 6 years. They have two beautiful kids and have a perfect marriage. Sadly the routine of life interferes with their D/s relationship and they can't play as often as they did at the beginning of their relationship. How will they sort this up? How will they find a balance between family, kids, work and their BDSM lifestyle? I loved this book so much. I was so excited last year when I found out Tara had decided to write more about Abigail and Nathaniel’s story. I loved the first 3 books and the novella about their honeymoon and I couldn't wait to read this new book of the series. I was so excited when I got the email from Amazon telling me the book was available on my kindle. It didn't matter that it was midnight and that I was exhausted from working and studying (on a monday, of all days), I had to start reading it right away. This book was worth the wait. It was amazing. I loved reading how their relationship has changed after all those years. There were moments in this book that I was so afraid for their relationship because things weren’t perfect. Life outside of their marriage were affecting their relationship as husband and wife and making an impact on their relationship as Dominant and submissive. I loved reading how they handle their problems. I loved how much Nathaniel knew Abigail so very well and knew how to push her limits and get her back to the right state of mind. The sex scenes were scorchingly hot. Nathaniel is a sexy dominant. He knows what he’s doing especially if it’s about fulfilling Abigail’s fantasies. I love their exhibitionist side. That was my favorite thing in this book. Love The Enticement. 100% Recommended. Bring me The Collar now. AUDIOBOOK REVIEW: 5 STARSI simply love Angelica Lee’s narration. Her voice is perfect for Abigail, especially when she’s wearing Nathaniel’s collar. When she’s reading as Abby the wife, she’s has one attitude, and when she’s reading as Abigail the submissive, it’s another so different. Her narrations of the scenes when they are playing are just perfect. I have to mention that her voice for Nathaniel was deep and sexy, also stern and commanding, transmitting very well his personality.

  • Nikki Brandyberry
    2019-06-04 09:45

    I love everything about this series and I’m so glad it’s continued on past the original three book story arc! Abby and Nathaniel have an amazing relationship built on trust, values and some out of this world sex. For serious, these books are so incredibly hot that I wanted to jump my husband after reading them. For me to say that…yup, you know it’s 100% true.The Enticement takes place a few years into the future from the last book. Abby and Nathaniel have two kids and the picture perfect life. Yet Abby feels stressed to the max while juggling motherhood, marriage, the bdsm aspects of their relationship, her successful blog and a new found job offer with a major tv network. On top of everything else Nathaniel springs on her the idea of wearing his collar for an entire week away from home instead of their normal weekend foray.I really enjoyed the added responsibility Abby was handling in relation to her budding writing career. So often I feel like the heroines career is thrown to the wayside after the story is over. Yet the opposite has happened here. As their relationship has grown so has Abby as an individual. The journal she had started in the beginning of her relationship with Nathaniel has grown into an online blog and has caught the eye of a prominent tv station looking to diversify their viewership. Nathaniel is nothing but supportive of her ambitions and really, ugg, I just loved him for it.Nathaniel always seems to know exactly what Abby needs even when she doesn’t acknowledge or realize it. When she’s floundering in their lifestyle and unsure, he’s always right there to reaffirm his love and their connection. The D/s relationship these two have seem much more real to me than in other books of the same topic. I feel like these two characters could actually be people in the real world. The problems they face are so much more down to earth and relatable. I can’t even get into the sex other to say, damn, now that’s how it’s done!Excited isn’t a big enough word for what I feel about getting another full length book featuring a new couple who were introduced in this book. SO. EXCITED. In fact I hope we get a dozen more books!I give The Enticement by Tara Sue Me 4.50 stars!

  • Margareth
    2019-06-14 02:04

    I want to be Abby/Abigail minus the children.For me personally, them having kids and the great number of mentioning them (+/-170 times), is a huge turn off. Anything that's being mentioned that has anything to do with children, shouldn't be in this book. I simply don't like it and it varies from Abby mentioning her pregnancy to their children's names and preschool to simply the word 'kids'.'He pressed against me, his cock teasing my entrance. The clock in the hallway chimed. Nap time was almost over. "The kids will be up soon," I warned. "They'll be fine. I'm so hard (......)"'.Honestly.... why? If I'd want to read about interrupting children, I'd read a book with the regular romance story line. I would have totally loved this book..... if they didn't have children. It could have been a 5* read for me.

  • Erin
    2019-05-30 07:48

    sometimes a series just isn't a good fit for every reader. I tried to enjoy this book, I really did. I think a lot of people would enjoy it. personally, my favorite part was when it was finally over. I don't care much for this couple, yet because I liked the first book, I continued to read this series in hopes I would enjoy it more. I didn't. I did like the fact that it told the story of what their life is like now that they have been married several years and have two kids. overall, I just had a hard time with this book holding my interest. I had to force myself to finish it.

  • Romy
    2019-05-28 04:56

    Abby and Nathaniel have to be my all time favourite BDSM couple. I love seeing how much Abby has grown both as a woman and a submissive and how attuned Nathaniel is to her, even if his reasoning comes off as arsehole-y a bunch of times. The only reason I'm not giving this brilliant book five stars is because I felt the resolution was a tad rushed. We had a lot of building up on Nathaniel's behaviour and a rather too-quick answer. Tara Sue me never disappoints, you won't turpentine this book ;)- though I personally haven't forgiven her april's fool day joke completely!

  • Jaime
    2019-06-04 05:13

    AwesomeAnother great addition to this series! Love Nathaniel and Abigail -- can't wait for more books in their story! Must read series!

  • Paula
    2019-06-11 08:45

    This novel takes us back into the lives of Nathaniel and Abby. Six years later, and with kids, they are desperately trying to figure how to balance parenthood with their bedroom behaviors. This novel includes lots of moments with the immediate family, friends and other relatives. Yet, there are a couple of moments that take Nathaniel and Abby into new situations within the BDSM world. The writing in the first 180 pages of the book felt forced and flat. The 2D or bland characters of Nathaniel and Abby, most recently experienced in the Chalet, return. Sue Me feels as though she doing tons of world building since we've skipped six years in their life. We have lots of moments with the kids, family gatherings and a couple of glimpses of Felicia/Jackson's with their new passel of kids. During these passages, everything feels forced, flat, and over explained. It was in serious need of some edits. Even their intimate scenes are lacking. The scenes were thrown in I guess to fit the genre, but they lacked the love and care we witnessed in the first three books. Their scenes seem unsophisticated and forced. Nathaniel's prose is immature, crude and uses the f-word much too often for a man his age. Abby bounces between overly giving by requirement and angry.At that point, I was ready to give this book 2 stars. The last 100 pages of the book saved it (for me). Nathaniel and Abby start to behave like the characters that I fell in love with during the first book. They start to communicate and Sue Me's writing becomes engaging and succinct. Nathaniel finds his sophistication and insight. We get a little world building for the next book and we see other characters from other books in the series. I would give the last 100 pages of the book 4 stars. After taking an average of both, I gave the novel 3 stars. I will be picking up the next story in the Nathaniel & Abby stories. Trigger warning: There are a few scenes that could be disturbing for rape/abuse victims.

  • Cristi
    2019-06-09 07:54

    I really liked this book in this series. We got to see the life of a couple that is in a D/s relationship with kids and, though i don't have personal experience in their situation, I felt that it was very real. I really liked the dominance in it. I am going to move on with the series.

  • Breanna Eichhorn
    2019-06-17 05:47

    This book is another amazing read by Tara Sue Me and one that I known I will be able to read again and again. It's very well written and drew me in from the first page.

  • Jeanine Celentano
    2019-06-15 05:48

    Didn't finish itIt didn't hold my interest

  • Sandra
    2019-06-04 08:15


  • LaRhonda
    2019-06-06 09:47

    Still have my interest.

  • Jamilynn
    2019-06-07 06:47

    I absolutely love that she has extended this series and continued to carry along the original two

  • Stuart Pope
    2019-06-02 06:13

    Again enjoyed this book.

  • Sandy S
    2019-06-07 06:57

    3.5 stars--ABOUT THE BOOK: Release Date April 7, 2015Limits were made to be pushed.Abby West has everything she wanted: a family, a skyrocketing new career, and a sexy, Dominant husband who fulfills her every need. Only, as her life outside the bedroom becomes hectic, her Master’s sexual requirements inside become more extreme. Abby doesn’t understand Nathaniel’s increased need for control, but she can’t deny the delicious way her body reacts to his tantalizing demands…Between Abby’s reluctance and Nathaniel’s unyielding commands, the delicate balance of power between the Dominant and his submissive threatens to shift. And as the underlying tension and desire between them heats up, so does the struggle to keep everything they value from falling apart …~~~~REVIEW: 3.5 stars--THE ENTICEMENT is the fourth full length installment in Tara Sue Me’s adult, contemporary The Submissive erotic, romance series focusing on billionaire Dominant Nathaniel West, and his wife and submissive Abby King-West. The Submissive Series follows our couple from their first meeting where Abigail King offers herself up as the submissive to Nathaniel West-CEO of West Industries and a Dom looking for a new submissive.Told from first person point of view (Abby West) THE ENTICEMENT fast forwards the series several years. Nathaniel and Abby are now married, with two young children, under the age of four. In the ensuing time, our couple has pushed aside their BDSM weekend role play to focus on raising a family but the time has come for Nathaniel to reassert his Dominance and control over his submissive. When an opportunity presents itself, Nathaniel requests of Abby one week, 24/7, of submission-something never before endeavored in their marriage or BDSM relationship. The dynamics of Nathaniel and Abby’s relationship are changing. From D/s to husband and wife, and parents, Nathaniel struggles with his wife’s recent online success- his need to dominate is all encompassing. Knowing his wife needs to submit to her Dom, Nathaniel pushes the boundaries of their BDSM relationship making all of Abby’s fantasies and wishes come true. The BDSM scenes are sexually graphic; Abby is an exhibitionist whose need to perform finds Nathaniel introducing several voyeurs into their BDSM role play. With the introduction, there is a cross-over between Tara Sue Me’s PARTNERS IN PLAY erotic BDSM series and The Submissive Trilogy. We will become reacquainted with Abby’s very pregnant best friend Felicia and her husband (Nathaniel’s cousin) Jackson; as well as Julie and Daniel (Seduced by Fire); and Dominant Jeff whose specialty is bondage and rope play. The cross-over appears to be in preparation for the continuation of Partners in Play, as well as the future appearances of Abby and Nathaniel in the aforementioned series. The world building continues to focus on the BDSM lifestyle; the rules, the roleplaying, and the participants. Nathaniel’s need to control his submissive straddles a thin line; a grey area where, at times, the consent is questionable especially as it pertained to The Master’s anger, and his need to punish and control. Through it all, there is no question that Nathaniel is in love with Abby King-West.I did have a few problems with this particular storyline including dubious consent, issues of honesty and trust, and raising a young family while participating in the BDSM lifestyle both in and out of the home. The 24/7 Dom/sub lifestyle is not conducive to a couple with a young family and in this, the children were constantly shipped off to family and friends. Abby and Nathaniel are BDSM mentors and as such, demonstrate role play to newbies but their latest mentoring is a little more aggressive and demonstrative than perhaps is necessary as an introduction into the lifestyle and role play. I think any new submissive would have be frightened with the graphic demonstration by our leading couple.THE ENTICEMENT is an interesting and passionate read that focuses on the struggling issues within a marriage built upon a foundation of Dominance and submission. At some point, the façade will begin to crack, withdrawal and desire begin to blur, and in this ‘sub drop’ overwhelms the senses. The highs and lows may be too much to handle. There are moments of betrayal and trust; seduction and need; intimacy and love. Tara Sue Me continues to invite the reader into the BDSM lifestyle –one Dominant and submissive couple-at a time.Copy supplied by the

  • Sandra Shipman ~ Two Book Pushers
    2019-05-29 06:02

    I have read the whole Submission Series and have loved Abby and Nathaniel's journey from the minute they met throughout their honeymoon in the Chalet. I was excited that there was going to be more to their story after marriage... Nathaniel and Abby have been married for seven years and have two children under 4 years old. Abby has since having her last baby has been home and has become a blogger about being a submissive wife. She started a journal early in their relationship and now has an outlet to help others in the lifestyle. They also still mentor couples once in awhile. The blog has picked up many followers and now Abby has been contacted to write for a website that is nationwide. She has to keep her identity a secret and still make time for her other responsibilities at home. She also needs to balance her time with Nathaniel. They decided after the birth of their children to only "play" once or twice a month. But when Nathaniel has to go to a conference out of state he would like to collar Abby for the week...let the fun begin. Now that Abby is now collared, she will be known as Abigail and Nathaniel and Master. During this week Nathaniel will push Abigail's limits in and out of the bedroom with her own fantasies in the mix. Their trust for each other will be tested and boundaries will be on the line. Will Nathaniel go too far? Will they make it a week straight with the collar on? What will happen when they get home? Abby and Nathaniel have to find a new balance in their lives between family, careers and their play time. Is only 1-2 days a month of "playtime" enough for them? They still sneak in sex of course but Nathaniel needs to unleash his commanding side that Abby loves because she is not in control and lets go. I thought this was a great continuation of their story. It's awesome to see what happens after the honeymoon and into more of real life responsibilities and concerns. It's not always easy for Abby but you have to be strong to be a submissive and she is that. She is also in touch with her feelings and writes everything down. Nathaniel is very understanding and wants to talk her about her feelings after the collar comes off. Even through he is a bit demanding at times, you can still tells he is thinking about Abigail and loves her so much. They have a very powerful connection. I can't wait to read The Collar! P.S. I won't look at zinger the same ever again. Quotes: "The things we appreciate the most are the things we have to work for. Wait for. If it's handed to us, we don't value it as much." "You look so hot like this, naked and spread like a sacrifice." He'd been so demanding lately. It really wasn't like him. I could still see him though, the essence of who he was and how he felt for me, even when he was being unmovable in his dominance.

  • Ilana
    2019-06-18 09:49

    Title: The EnticementAuthor: Tara Sue Me Publisher/Year: Penguin Publishing 4/7/15Length: 304 pagesSeries: Submissive #4OverviewLimits were made to be pushed.Abby West has everything she wanted: a family, a skyrocketing new career, and a sexy, Dominant husband who fulfills her every need. Only, as her life outside the bedroom becomes hectic, her Master’s sexual requirements inside become more extreme. Abby doesn’t understand Nathaniel’s increased need for control, but she can’t deny the delicious way her body reacts to his tantalizing demands…Between Abby’s reluctance and Nathaniel’s unyielding commands, the delicate balance of power between the Dominant and his submissive threatens to shift. And as the underlying tension and desire between them heats up, so does the struggle to keep everything they value from falling apart …My ThoughtsI had forgotten that there would be a continuation of the story with these folks and i'm so glad that i got the reminder that there was a new installment out this week. Even better since i was on vacation and needed something to read while laying out by the pool. (i know - tough life right?)so we're back in the life of Abby and Nathaniel, and while married life seems to be something great for them, although it seems to have made things a bit stagnant for the couple and i think that it's a bad road for them to be going down. To add to that, we see that Abby's been offered an amazing opportunity that coincides with Nathaniel's desire to take things to the next level in their relationship and it's a wonder of what they will decide and what it will mean to their future.There are a few interesting twists that i think were great teases into what's next for the series. We know that Nathaniel wants to have someone take over part of his non-profit and the woman that comes along to do it rubs Abby the wrong way that you know it's going to be a problem in this and future installments. There's also Megan, Abby's maybe new boss and well, we learn that she's a Switch and not a good one (in the sense of watching out for Abby) which leads us to meeting Jeff who's going to be a great addition to the crew i think. I've always wondered in this series how invested Abby was in being a sub or if it was Nathaniel given the circumstances on how they met. I think that one of the great things that our author does here is take us into her mind a bit - into the process for what she's doing and it's via a Q&A that she does it which makes you process it even more. I hope that we get to see more of where this is all going, and i'm happy to assume that it's not the end of the Submissive series.