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Shiro finally introduces Kenji to his parents, and when a major case forced him to work long hours, he fails to come home for dinner for days on end....

Title : What Did You Eat Yesterday?, Volume 7
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ISBN : 9781941220221
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 160 Pages
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What Did You Eat Yesterday?, Volume 7 Reviews

  • Rachel (TheShadesofOrange)
    2018-09-25 09:19

    4.0 StarsAnother super cute volume in the manga series. I particularly loved the chapter involving the cafe.

  • Sho
    2018-10-18 07:14

    This is a monumental volume in that Kenji is introduced to Shiro's parents finally! It was funny, hartwarming and sad. Great stuff!

  • Katherine
    2018-09-22 10:56

    The best volume yet. I cried as I read the first two stories in my favorite restaurant. Apologies to anyone who I unnerved at Sipz the other day! ;)

  • Lara
    2018-09-20 07:07

    Man, with this volume there's so much more depth all of a sudden! There are a number of super sweet moments (the café!), and the rivalry between Kenji and Wataru is kind of funny (although I don't totally get it?), but there are also some serious things that happen. Shiro takes Kenji home to meet his parents for New Years and I really love how that went. And afterwards is probably the most painful thing in this whole series so far, as Shiro and Kenji are walking along and get some nasty comments from strangers about their relationship. You can really see how much Shiro has grown over the course of the series from his response! So good.

  • Nina
    2018-10-04 10:56

    Yay for Kenji winning I guess? Ha. But really, loved the sweet (and ugly) moments in this one and glad the parent visit went so well. Also, glad we got to see Kenji cook again. I love how his emotions are always involved.

  • Ruth
    2018-09-20 07:05

    This series is book "comfort food" for me. Of course there is the element of drooling over the food prepared (and the cooking inspiration they provide). But there's also the story of Shiro and Kenji. Slowly but surely we as readers get a better sense of how Shiro feels about Kenji. He comes of as cold early on, but it's not that he doesn't love Kenji, he just expresses it differently. In volume 7, he finally takes Kenji with him on a visit to his parents' home, which is a big step (and one that they themselves had requested in an earlier volume). Yoshinagi also tackles the idea of inheritances and the complications of those without families who pass on, and how both Shiro and Kenji have thought about thos complications (although both having quite difficult solutions)!One thing that was a bit new to the series was a brief homophobic scene at the end of the first chapter. While Yoshinaga will often talk about the challenges of being homosexual in abstract terms or in carefully constructed situations where Shiro/Kenji are not at a disadvantage, this scene does remind readers that the Japanese public, including youngsters, are not necessarily accepting of homosexuality, and in many cases are blatantly, horrifically opposed. While harsh to see in a series that generally is pretty gentle, it added a little extra something to the series as a whole.

  • Patrice Sartor
    2018-10-08 09:14

    4.5 stars!While I liked each volume in this series, this was my favorite since #1. Kenji and Shiro's relationship deepens even further. I found all of their interactions so charming and sweet. At the end of chapter #55, even the recipe charms me by reminding the reader not to forget to throw out their frozen bag of fish guts. *swoon* The only part I didn't like is some of the expressed homophobia, but perhaps that is indicative of where the characters live? I hope not. Smiles, warm fuzzies, and graphic novel food porn await you.

  • Ken Yuen
    2018-10-13 03:08

    There's a moment in this book that's both very touching for the main characters, and punctuated with drive by homophobia. It's a friendly reminder that society still has a ways to go. It just grounds the work in the real world, since overt discrimination hasn't really popped up in this story so far.

  • Miss
    2018-10-10 03:08

    this series is just so niceyou get the slow quiet character development of shiro and kenji where it's all these tiny insights into how their relationship works and how they're good for each otherand of course there's the food porn. it is delicious! and it's grounding, like if there were ever a story dedicated to the food is love themeanyways. liked this alot. 4 stars

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    2018-10-18 06:51


  • Basht
    2018-09-28 05:14


  • Lara
    2018-09-26 03:00

    Some of the dishes in this volume sound really good! If only I had the time and the skill to prepare them.

  • Kathleen
    2018-09-22 07:55

    This title has finally inspired me to learn how to julienne carrots and ginger!

  • Shaundra
    2018-10-02 11:13

    It started growing on me, love the recipe's.

  • Lori
    2018-10-01 09:14

    Reviewed for Manga Xanadu:

  • Brian
    2018-09-29 03:19

    This particular volume was a bit more plot heavy than some of the other volumes, making it a 3 not a 2 star. As always, it has a ton of recipes that I most likely would never eat.

  • Gillian Dawson
    2018-10-04 05:06

    Some good movement on character development here. Also, I really want some of the Milky Tea Sorbet.

  • Veronica
    2018-10-06 06:58

    Did I read five straight volumes of this series today? Heck yeah I did.

  • Russell Grant
    2018-09-29 06:53

    Still good.