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A Wall Street Journal bestseller After a congressman’s tortured body is found dangling from a Portland bridge, the FBI joins the Oregon State Police to investigate the case—and FBI Special Agent Ava McLane, still recovering from a bullet wound, hunts the twisted killer alongside the man who captured her heart, police detective Mason Callahan.But once a third body appearsA Wall Street Journal bestsellerAfter a congressman’s tortured body is found dangling from a Portland bridge, the FBI joins the Oregon State Police to investigate the case—and FBI Special Agent Ava McLane, still recovering from a bullet wound, hunts the twisted killer alongside the man who captured her heart, police detective Mason Callahan.But once a third body appears and all evidence points to a serial killer, the public furiously clamors for answers—and the couple’s relationship grows fractured under the pressure. Ava and Mason search in the past for clues that predict the future. And when Ava’s mentally ill twin spins out of control, the FBI agent who battles monsters every day wonders if she shares her sister’s self-destructive streak…In the latest thrilling romantic suspense novel from award-winning author Kendra Elliot, the past and the present violently collide…and the fallout can be deadly....

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Bridged Reviews

  • ♥Sharon♥
    2019-05-26 00:14

    I'm really not sure what is wrong with me these days but I am lacking in writing reviews upon finishing my books. I'm disappointed in myself because this series is rather good and deserves a proper review. I enjoyed Mason and Ava even more in Bridged than I did in Vanished which is book #1 in the series. Mason is such a lovable guy. He is sweet and endearing yet he has a bit of a badassery going on too. In a mild kind of way. :) And Ava is a great heroine who is easy to enjoy. There is a slow burn to their relationship which I always love in a book. You won't find any "hot sex" in this series (at least not so far) but there is something about Mason and Ava's relationship that it doesn't matter. If you are looking for a new author within the Romantic Suspense Genre please give this author a try. I think you'll really enjoy her!!

  • Mo
    2019-06-10 03:20

    Another engaging read. Liked both main characters, Ava and Mason. Ava didn't wear much jewellery. Mainly conservative earrings ... but she often wore a silver ring with scrolling thistle design ... She'd told him it was a copy of a ring from a favourite novel. Something Scottish. It must be Outlander She'd exposed the most damaged part of her heart to him ... did she remember? I will definitely read more of this series.

  • Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey)
    2019-06-01 20:10

    I really like this series. It's good. The mystery is solid. The characters believable and lovable. I like the pair and can't wait for their next adventure.

  • Julie
    2019-06-18 02:17

    Bridged by Kendra Elliot is a 2015 Montlake publication. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This is the second book in the Callahan and McLane series. I was thrilled that Ava and Mason's relationship is deepening because they really do compliment each other. But, they are still dedicated to their jobs and so when men are being murdered and tossed off the Portland Bridge stark naked, Ava has her hands full trying to determine who “The Bridge Killer” is. But, that's not all she has going on in her life. In the first book in this series, I was a little puzzled by the storyline that involved Ava's sister, Jayne. Now, I understand that the author was laying the groundwork for a bigger story line and we will most likely deal with Jayne's character again in the future. In this second book, Jayne has really outdone herself by stealing from her own sister and it appears she has a very dangerous new boyfriend, prompting Ava to try to locate her, despite the fact she has given up on Jayne ever getting better or changing and can't afford to have her bogging down her own life. I liked this second book in the series better than the first one, actually. The characters are familiar to me now and I understand them a little better. I was given a little more insight into Ava and Jayne's childhood and it's so thought provoking. Ava is such a stand up person, but suffered as much abuse and neglect, if not more, as Jayne did, but Jayne turned into a wild child. Interesting psychology there and maybe the series will delve into that in more detail later on.I thought the plot was imaginative and it was interesting to have men as the victims and not women or children, which is so often the case in romantic suspense novels. I thought this made the motives more complex because with three murders in rapid succession, it becomes clear a serial killer is out there, but the victims are so diverse it's hard to find a commonality between them. There were a few heart stopping moments and the suspense builds to an action packed climax that had me glued to the pages. Overall, this is a solid thriller, the type I really like reading most of all. I'm still warming up to this series, but I think it might become a fast favorite. 4 stars

  • Anita
    2019-06-03 02:28

    ARC provided by the Publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewThe Mason Callahan series started with Vanished. Bridged is the second book in the series. I always try to read a series in order and advise my friends to do the same. Bridged is a taunt romantic suspense plot, with it's emphasis on the suspense, not the romance. It is a well constructed plot that keeps you turning the pages. At times you have no idea where it is headed and that just adds to the tension. My only real problem is that I didn't like the ending. I wish things could have turned out differently, but it will make for a great topic in the discussion groups.Bridged starts some months after Vanished ends. We find Ava and Mason have moved in together and are very much in love. Ava has returned to the FBI, but on limited duty due to her injuries. A Congressman has been discovered hanging from a prominent bridge in Portland, OR. Mason, as an OSP officer, is called to the scene. The body is nude and staged for maximum shock value. Due to the high profile nature of the case the FBI, Ava, is called in. A task force team is assembled but not much progress is made when a 2nd body is dropped, then a 3rd. With increasing violence to each body, the task force team is scrambling to find the link between the victims. During all this Ava's unstable twin, Jayne, makes contact and Ava's focus is distracted from the case at just the wrong time which sends Mason and the team on a desperate search for her.

  • Luli
    2019-06-20 02:26

    You can find this review in English below.4.5 stars.Me encanta esta autora. Me encantan sus suspenses. Puedo confiar en que van a ser especiales, originales y muy interesantes. Casi nunca me decepciona y en este caso no ha sido diferente.A pesar de no ser muy fan de las series en general, estos protagonistas hicieron mella en mí y tenía ganas de ver cómo les iba, pero tengo que advertir algo: aquí el romance es casi inexistente. Un par de líneas aquí y allá que nos dejan ver qué es de esa relación pero poco más. Lo importante es el suspense. Y como ya he dicho antes, es buenísimo.Estas es una de esas historias en las que a pesar de que el lector tiene todos los datos y los puntos de vista, eso no le resta incertidumbre ni interés a la historia. Durante todo el suspense acompañamos a los protagonistas y al malo en su viaje y todo, absolutamente todo, es realista, interesante e intrigante. Ava y Mason tienen una relación simple pero complicada. Y el estrés que conlleva su trabajo se refleja en su vida diaria. A veces es asfixiante ver como luchan por sobrevivir todas las situaciones tan extremas que su trabajo les ocasiona. Pero todo tiene un tinte muy realista que hace que la historia fluya.Si tuviese que ponerle alguna pega es que creo que a esta autora se le va un poco la mano con el melodrama familiar. En este caso el trasfondo familiar ha sido demasiado enrevesado y poco creíble. A ver, ojalá todas las relaciones familiares complicadas fuesen tan maduras, aunque a mí, que soy un poco cínica, me han sonado irrealistas. Pero esto no me ha hecho disfrutar menos de la historia.***4.5 stars.I love this author. I love her suspense. I can trust that they will be special, original and so interesting. She almost never disappoints me and in this case, it has not been different.Although I´m not very fond of series, these protagonists made a dent in me and I wanted to see how they were doing, but I have to warn you: here the romance is hardly present. A couple of lines here and there that let us see how that relationship is going on but little else. The important thing is the suspense. And as I said before, it's great.This is one of those stories in which, despite the fact that the reader has all the facts and points of view, that does not diminish its level of uncertainty or interest. During all the suspense we accompany the protagonists and the bad guy in their trip and everything, absolutely everything is realistic, interesting and intriguing.Ava and Mason have a simple but complicated relationship. And the stress that comes with their line of work is reflected in their daily life. Sometimes it is suffocating to see how they struggle to survive all the extreme situations their work put them throughout. But everything has a very realistic tint that makes the story flows.If I had to find a fault, I think that would be that this author gets out of hand with the relationships melodrama. In this case, the family background has been too convoluted and unreliable. I wish all complicated family relationships were so mature, although the cynic in me keeps struggling to believe it. But this has not made me enjoy the story less.

  • ShoSho
    2019-06-03 00:33

    3.5 stars

  • Alima Livzletlivz
    2019-06-13 23:33

    In my world of reading and authors, there are very few that I hold on a pedestal for their writing prowess and ingenuity. In my book, if an author/writer can progress on her prowess from one to the next, a winner for me. Especially in a series where the stories revolve around the protagonists, it’s very important to evolve their relationship, create layers of depth to their characters, only to be peeled to expose their strengths and weaknesses, and the connection that they have with the readers, as they bridge their own insecurities and fears for a future. It’s not easy. It’s hard work and requires immense passion to be able to get into these characters to make them as believable as the next human being. The second book in the Callahan/McLane Series, “Bridged” by Kendra Elliot, is a brilliant narration of a past that haunts one person into killing, and a present that is burdened with guilt and the vulnerability of family and relationships.FBI Agent Ava McLean and OSO Agent Mason Callahan are knee deep into investigating the murders that seem to be caught hanging at various bridges in the City Of Portland; Murders that leave no clues, or evidence. As Mason, Ava and their team of experts and agents, try to connect the pieces of the puzzle, Ava is drawn into a nightmare of a twin who is the power to bring Ava down single-handedly and test her sanity.As the team goes into the past to dig through secrets, the present gets more and more ominous taking Ava closer to danger and death. What I most treasured about this book and my utter adoration to the writer is her technique of developing the story, piece by piece, detail by detail and character by character, be it the primary or the secondary. She delves into the pain and guilt haunting the killer as much she infuses strength and trust into the relationship between Ava and Mason. Ava’s twin Jayne is just another catalyst that tear opens Ava to the core, with Mason being her voice of love and reason. Dripping with emotions of love and trust, tied up with frustration and fear, reeling in pangs of guilt and hatred, drowning in depths of despair and darkness, Bridged takes us over and under to the people who have made a choice to follow a path of evil and those who have chosen to protect until their last breath. Received an ARC from Montlake Romance via NetGalley for an honest review.

  • Kathy Martin
    2019-06-07 22:32

    In this second book in a series, FBI Agent Ava McLane and Oregon State Police detective Mason Callahan are living together, more or less. Ava hasn't sold her home but she's leaning that way. Both of them fit together like they were made for each other. Mason is a little concerned about their age difference and Ava is still plagued by her irresponsible drug addict of a sister. But both are happier than they can ever remember being.This time they both get called in on the death of a congressman. He was found hanging from a bridge. Ava and Mason are busy investigating when two more men are found hanging from bridges. With thoughts of a serial killer, the press is clamoring for details. Ava, Mason and the Task Force are trying to find something that connects these seemingly very different men. And, somehow, Ava's sister Jayne is caught up in the case since her current, shady boyfriend seems to be on the killer's radar.The story is very suspenseful. I also liked the relationship that Ava and Mason are building. Sections from the killer's point of view add an extra creepiness to the story too. Fans of romantic suspense will enjoy this story.

  • Lauren
    2019-05-27 21:29

    Bridged2 StarsDetective Mason Callahan and FBI Agent Eva McLane team up again to investigate a series of murders in which the victims are tortured and hung from bridges across Washington state. Something is missing from this spin-off. Perhaps it is the fact that Mason and Ava's relationship developed so quickly in the first book that there is no longer any real tension or chemistry… Perhaps it is their angsty and repetitive internal musings…. Maybe it's Ava's annoying obsession with her twin … Or Elliot's tendency toward making her villains too sympathetic. Regardless, the series simply isn't grabbing me in the same way as Bone Secrets did.In terms of the plot, the romance is overshadowed by the mystery, which isn't very well written. The motive is obvious early on and it takes the police far too long to figure it out. The climax is contrived and convenient, and the resolution is unnecessarily drawn out. In addition, the writing is plagued with grammatical errors, especially the consistent misuse of the Past Perfect tense. As an ESL teacher, it could be that I'm overly sensitive to this, but it detracts from the overall reading experience. The book is in dire need of an editor!In sum, this is the weakest of Elliot's books, and to be honest, I need to take a break before I lose interest completely.

  • Linda ~ chock full of hoot, just a little bit of nanny ~
    2019-06-06 19:39

    3.5 starsCW (because I forgot for the first one): drug addiction of a side character (family member of an MC)So as with the first book, this is dual narration, which is still not my favorite. But also as with the first one, each narrator does a great job with their individual parts. It's a catch-22 any time this situation comes up. *shrugs*The author is also continuing with the villain POV, though I thought it was better integrated here and the reveals as to why he was doing what he was doing and how he was connected to the victims was handled better. Still don't really care for villain POV in mysteries like this, but she does it better than most.There was one thought that kept niggling at the back of my mind while listening to this: how much time exactly had passed since the previous book. If they mentioned it, I didn't catch it, but it didn't seem like a whole heck of a lot of time had passed. Yet already Mason and Ava are practically living together and act like they've been a couple for years instead of still getting to know each other. I'm not sure I really buy that level of synchronicity so soon into a relationship. Also, Ava was shot in the shoulder at the end of the previous book and she's still going to physical therapy for the injury - but she's already cleared for field duty? Um...if you say so. She should either still be on desk duty (and did she even do a psyche eval?) or there should have been a lot more time between books. There was really no need for this book to pick up so soon after the previous one. (view spoiler)[And given all the injuries poor Ava sustains again at the end of this book, there really better be adequate time between books - and psyche evals better actually happen for both her and Mason. Jeez.Really, is Ava going to be severely injured at the end of every book? Can she not? Surely it's Mason's turn next. :D (hide spoiler)]The mystery itself was interesting up to a point. (view spoiler)[It kind of stretches believability that every single one of the victims still lived in the Seattle area after nearly two decades. The congressman and Derrick I can see staying put, and even Joe since he was a slacker. But the other two could have just as easily moved out of state and realistically probably would have given what happened all those years ago.Also, it was rather convenient that Jane was date one of the potential victims. Because of course she was.(hide spoiler)]Still, it was better paced than the previous book, as I mentioned before, and it was odd enough to keep my attention even after I figured out what was going on. The lead up to the climax looked like we were headed toward Silly Town but the author was mostly able avoid it. And I like how Mason and Ava were able to remain professional (fancy that!) and keep their cool under pressure. I'm starting to get annoyed with Jane. Ava reminds me of those parents who constantly bail their kids out of trouble so they don't have to face the consequences of their actions and then are amazed when said kids have no moral compass or impulse control. Ava, you're doing sisterhood wrong.

  • Shauni
    2019-05-29 21:22

    Originally Reviewed For: Tea and BookYou ever go wandering through a bookstore, library, Amazon and see a book that looks ok. You think, I don't have anything to read so I'll just get that one. Then you begin it and realize that you have found a pot of gold? That's how I felt about Kendra Elliot's Bridged. I don't think I have ever read a Kendra Elliot book before and boy have I missed out. Bridged is book two of her Callahan and McLane Series and you bet I am going back to read book 1.Callhan and McLane are the Hero and Heroine of this series and yes, all three books focus around these two and while it is a series each book has it's own story and can stand alone. Bridged was an excellent Romantic Suspense book and I can be very picky..FBI Special Agent Ava McLane is just recovering from injuries received on her last case. A case where she met the amazing detective Mason Callahan. Things are moving smoothly in the relationship department and ok at work. But when a US Congressman is found hanging from a local bridge. Once again work and romance run smack dab into each other. Detective Mason Callahan is just wonderful. He's something of a throwback in law enforcement. Solid, town sheriff kind of guy. Only he works in Portland and is part of the State's special cases unit. After years of being alone, Mason has a woman in his life who gets him. He just can't figure out why.. And now once again they have to work together. Should be interesting. It's bad enough that some sicko murdered a congressman and literally hung him out to dry but now he's done it again. To someone totally different.. and then he does it again. Does he have a reason? A plan? Or does he just like bridges? Callahan and McLane have both been assigned to the task force that has been created and have to once again figure out a way to work together but now they are not just meeting and connecting, now they have an existing relationship, can they figure out a way to make it all work? This is a slow build.. yes the murders happen fairly soon into the book (like really soon) and the relationship between Ava and Mason already exists but Ms. Elliot does puts the story on simmer and lets the flavors meld together until suddenly it's tense and powerful.. Oooo this was good. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and yes people you can start here.. I did.. ShauniThis review is based on the ARC of Bridged, provided by netgalley.

  • Dee
    2019-06-04 20:29

    Two-haiku review:Congressman murderedFound hanging naked from bridgeThen another oneReally like seriesBelievable charactersJust enough romance

  • Andrea Corley
    2019-05-29 22:10

    Kendra Elliot has quickly become one of my favorite go-to authors lately! I think that she does an excellent job of writing superb mysteries that get straight to the point! She doesn't need a lot of pages to get her story across!Vanished was probably one of my least favorite titles from Elliot, however, in saying that, I still must say that I wouldn't rate it any lower than a 3.5 and by no means does that indicate that I didn't like it! Bridged made up for that!I was able to soak up this book in less than 24 hours! I actually would have finished it within a few hours if I wouldn't have kept getting interrupted by my husband and kids! I definitely want to continue with the Callahan & McLane series to see where Elliot takes us next!

  • ⚜️Trea
    2019-06-19 03:17

    I thought that this book was actually much better than the previous book in the series! The story was well done, and kept me guessing as to motive until the end! I liked seeing the progression with Ava and Mason, and the cameos from the Bone Secrets cast of characters. I also liked that we got to see more of what was happening with Jayne, because I felt that she was a good contrast for Ava. However, the "final showdown" felt a bit too rushed and fantastical, especially since we never really know what happens to the final victim, only broad strokes of what happens to him. Overall, it was hard for me to put the book down and I can't wait for the next book in the series!

  • Tiffany
    2019-05-26 20:27

    This is essentially a direct continuation of the first book in the series, though I did notice that it stands well on its own as well. It does have the same flaws as the first book, but the same strengths too. This time around, rather than pursuing a kidnapper, the two are in pursuit of a suspected serial killer. As the story unfolds, things gradually come together and begin to truly make sense, leading to a gripping conclusion. It also helps that the two main characters are simply highly likable. I'll definitely be reading the next two books right away.

  • Lise
    2019-05-26 00:32

    This one was better then the first,,really good story line

  • Debby
    2019-06-07 20:20

    Feeling my way through romantic thrillers. However I can say that I enjoyed this second book in the series. A lot of twists and turns in my brain. 4 stars on this on.

  • Viz
    2019-06-01 00:24

    Love the crime solving couple! Its a good suspense but not thriller enough that 'you can't put the book down'.

  • Tina
    2019-06-06 22:09

    You know, when you want the bad guy to win that kinda says something about the book. Or maybe it just says something about me?The suspense and the case in this book were actually pretty good. There is a killer who is killing people by hanging them off of bridges publicly (after a little bit of torture). The killer is smart and knows how to use (or not use) public cameras so that the police never get a good look at his face. Knows how to camouflage vehicles. Basically he's done a lot of research to make sure he doesn't get caught.Until he does. Which pissed me off. Not that he got caught, because let's face it, he is a killer. But that he got caught only because he manages to put the main character, FBI agent Ava McLane, in a 'woman in jeopardy' scenario. Truthfully, by the time we understand his motives for what he is doing I was kinda hoping he'd succeed before he got caught. His victims were rather foul. Well, I was sorry for one of them. The rest I ended up happily cheering about their murders.Ok, so maybe it does say more about me.Anyway, The suspense and crime parts were the best parts of the book. I do roll my eyes at one coincidental connection that linked the crime part of the book to the more personal part of the book. There was no organic reason to make the two sides connect in this way, so as result it felt clumsy. But what are you gonna do? Somehow that seems to be something romantic suspense writers need to happen.Which brings me to the personal side. The romance between FBI agent Ava McLane and police detective Mason Callahan is moving along. They are in love and largely living together. They end up working the case together through serendipity. I actually liked their relationship and how it is portrayed in the story. It is just enough romance for my romance side to like, but not too much to make it feel overpowering so that the suspense gets short shrift.What I hated with the heat of 1000 suns, though, was Ava's stupid sister drama. She has a twin sister who is a cracked out mess. There is a lot of page time given to Ava's sister, her drug use, her mental issues, how she has been a total manipulator all her life, stealing Ava's identity, messing up her credit, ruining her reputation going back as far as when they were in high school. She is a toxic person who is a user. And yet Ava is all 'I will never give up on my sister!' except for the time when she is all, 'Oh God, I am her twin I am destined to end up JUST LIKE HER!!!!' Girl, Whut? Ugh. That whole subplot was such a drag on the story. And it doesn't help that instead of making Ava look like this awesome, selfless person (which is what I guess is supposed to me my takeaway) it just made her seem pathetic. I was tired of her and her sister. Man I wanted her sister to die in the end.So, yeah, probably says a lot about me. LOL.I am not sure if I want to continue in the series if we get more sister-drama mess. I like the suspense, but, man, I hate the sister.

  • Cathy Ryan
    2019-06-20 01:34

    4.5 starsMason Callahan, a detective with the Oregon State Police, and Ava McLane, an FBI agent, are in an evolving relationship that began in the first book of the series (Vanished), and are effectively living together. Ava is recovering from the serious injury she sustained during her last case and is on temporary assignment to the Violent Crimes division. Her twin sister, Jayne, is still causing distress with her self-destructive, addictive behaviours and although it’s nothing new and Ava has tried countless times to help without success, she can’t give up on her sister.Mason and his partner, Ray Lusco, are called out to a homicide victim hanging from the Fremont Bridge. The victim is Congressman Carson Scott. The murder of a federal official comes under the jurisdiction of the FBI so Ava and her colleague Zander Wells are called in and a task force is convened. When two more murders at local bridges follow in quick succession, the race is on to find the connection between the victims and the killer before he has the chance to strike again. Ava and Mason are not making much progress when Jayne makes contact with Ava, frightened for the safety of her unsavoury boyfriend. Trying to help her sister, Ava is caught up in an extremely dangerous situation. As Mason and the team desperately dig into the victims’ pasts and begin to uncover the terrible truth, the extent of the killer’s story slowly emerges. Time is running out for Ava unless Mason and the team can fit all the pieces together and reach her in time. With a steadily built up and tension filled storyline, believable and engaging characters and a lovely romantic relationship, this is a great follow-up to Vanished. Mason intrigued me from the start, with his credible personality, cowboy hat and boots, the total opposite of his partner’s outfits. He initially kept his emotions well under control but having Ava in his life has made his world a better place.Several passages, written extremely well, from the perspective of the killer influenced, and changed, my perception of both victims and killer. I have to admit to slight feelings of sympathy and pity towards the murderer. Terrible memories, feelings of guilt and remorse have played on his mind until, in a twisted way, he believes he’s making amends for the past. The villain isn’t stereotypical, he has a story and a reason, which makes perfect sense to him, if nobody else.I like the growing relationship between Mason and Ava and the way the characters are developing. The narrative is a well written tale of mystery and suspense and, although I’m not always a fan of dual narrations, this worked well and both Amy McFadden and Nick Podehl give solid performances. I enjoy Kendra Elliot’s writing very much and I’ll be looking out for book three.

  • Debbie Oxier
    2019-06-14 22:25

    Kendra Elliot gets better with each new book she puts out. I fell in love with Mason Callahan and Ava McLane in Vanished and was eagerly looking forward to reading more about them in the next book in the series. I wasn't disappointed. Bridged is everything I'd hoped for and more. When the book opens, Ava is still recovering from the gunshot wound suffered at the end of Vanished. She's currently been assigned a desk job in Violent Crimes. In addition, her relationship with Mason is progressing nicely. They're, for all intents and purposes, living together at his place. Both are head over heels for one another and while intending on taking things slowly, are totally committed to something long term. When a dead body is found hanging from a bridge, Mason and his partner, Ray, are called in to handle the case. They are stunned to discover the man is a U. S. Congressman. As such, of course the FBI is going to get involved and Ava and her partner , Zander, are told to take the lead. Once again Mason and Ava are working closely together to solve a case and it soon becomes evident they are dealing with a serial killer. Two more bodies show up, both hanging from different bridges than the first yet in spite of that fact there seems to be no clear pattern emerging with the victims. They're hard pressed to find a connection and with each new killing, the person doing it adds something new to the body post-mortum. It doesn't make sense. Then Ava' s twin sister calls and changes everything. A drug addict, Jayne has caused no end of trouble for Ava, her latest escapade, breaking into Mason' s home and stealing his TV to sell for drug money. While Ava has tried to distance herself from Jayne, after repeatedly trying to help her to no avail, each time Jayne calls Ava feels the need to try again. Now, however, it appears Jayne has ties to this latest case and before Ava knows it her own life is on the line in trying to protect her sister. Excellent story, the personal aspect and witnessing Ava' s torment over her twin, added to the book's appeal. The author did a good job of tying everything together and the suspense was top-notch. We get a glimpse inside the killer's head as his motivation is slowly revealed in the telling of the story. We also get an even better feel for the characters as their feelings and emotions come into play. So glad I invested my time in this series. Can't wait for the next book to come out.

  • Cindy ~ SnS Reviews
    2019-06-09 21:15

    As a lover of romantic suspense I always find it’s a sign of good writing when I find myself feeling sympathy for the killer. Now that doesn’t always happen as some are just too sick and twisted to relate to but the killer in Bridged is one I found myself understanding his reasoning’s behind what he was doing. This second book in the series picks up a few months after the firsts one. Mason and Ava are now practically living together and making their relationship work even with the stresses of their two jobs. His as a detective with the Oregon State Police and she is a FBI agent. The work collides with the death of a man found hanging naked on a bridge. I liked how the author writes about the equal balance of home and work between these two. Mason and Ava have always been dedicated to their jobs but balancing a relationship between that is new to both of them and I thought they did a great job of it. No ego’s got in the way between them as it was clear they respected the other and the work each does. This was a good mystery as to why the killer was doing what he was doing and the reveal slow as to what the main motive was. As the book went along your thoughts on the victims certainly changed. I always enjoy the stories Kendra has to tell and this was no exception. I’m looking forward to what’s next in this series from Mason and Ava..

  • Michelle
    2019-06-21 00:37

    4.5 StarsBridged is the 2nd book in the Callahan & McLane series which is a spin-off of the Bone Secrets series and although they can be read as stand alone novels I highly recommend reading them all, especially if you love a well written suspense with a dash of romance. FBI Special Agent Ava McLane finds herself working with her Police Detective boyfriend, Mason Callahan, when their agencies team up to find the identity of a Senator's killer. When they start digging into the case they realise there might be more going on than they initially suspected. With the body count rising and Ava's sister Jayne causing problems can Mason and Ava get through this together or will they return to their more solitary ways? Ok, let me start by saying I truly did enjoy this book. Some books however have certain triggers that make it hard for some people to read and this book hit some of mine. So where I would usually read Kendra's work in one sitting, this took three. I stuck with it and I am so glad I did. I absolutely loved the way the story went. Kendra never fails to have me on the edge of my seat and mentally screaming at my kindle. I can't wait for the next one!

  • Lynda Kelly
    2019-06-09 21:13

    Another winner from this author. I do enjoy her stories but this series especially so far. Looking forward to episode 3 as I do like both Mason and Ava a great deal. The whole story is pretty page-turning and held my interest the whole way through.Once again, and well worth a mention and big thumbs up are the lack of any errors !! So rare these days which is pretty grim. This sentence should rightfully read the other way around but it's not the case with e-books at all. So it's gratifying to see it CAN be done and just exacerbates the sloppiness I've experienced with other authors. My only slight criticism is the way the criminal investigation was tackled. The direction it finally took was one I'd have tackled almost straightaway.So well done, Ms Elliot and keep them coming along with the terrific presentation.

  • Steph's Rom Book Talk
    2019-06-13 02:10

    Second book in the series and it somewhat picks up where the last book left off in the relationship of Ava and Mason. The last book didn't end in a cliffhanger for the thriller/mystery of the story but it did leave off that Ava and Mason would be starting off into a new relationship. So Ava was injured on the last case and Mason is helping her recover while they get comfortable with each other. I love them together despite the age difference and the crazy twin sister. In this book they catch another case together, drama ensues like only the two of them can handle and battle through. This specific video review: other video book reviews check out my YouTube Channel: Stephanie Uncensored

  • Mr_mck
    2019-05-23 03:34

    I read "Callahan & McLane, #1" and thought it was pretty good, so I gave #2 a shot. It was "okay," but not really a good read. Maybe if you're at the beach and are looking for something that doesn't require much thinking... I was doing okay for the first 65% or so till the scene at the convenience store. Too much "convenience." The story takes place in and around Portland, Oregon. If there are maybe 200 people living in Portland, this story might work. It just all fell apart there. Sorry, Kendra! I really liked the other book, but you took too many shortcuts with this one. As much as I enjoy the whole "twin" thing you've got going on, this one just fell apart.

  • Vicki
    2019-06-01 00:19

    What a great start to my New Year of reading with another fantastic book from Kendra Elliot! I've read all of Kendra's books and have yet to encounter a bad one, not even a mediocre one. That's a very unusual track record, from my point of view anyway. I love the team of Mason and Ava. Something about them touches a place in me in a way that other characters haven't so needless to say, I'll be waiting impatiently for June and No. 3 in the series. Thanks Kendra for yet another awesome read!!

  • RachelW (BamaGal)
    2019-05-28 01:24

    3.5 Stars. Not a bad little suspense story at all. Kendra Elliot first came to my attention as the co-author of the 'Rogue River' RS series, which I enjoyed reading. 'Bridged' reminded me a bit of the 'In Death' series, except both leads were cops here. It was a litte too detailed in some places, and a little slow in others. Plus, I like cops to solve the case and not become part of it, that is unrealistic. Overall it was an enjoyable read, though; and I do know I'll read more by this author.

  • Diane
    2019-05-23 02:24

    Really liking this author. Fast paced with twists and turns makes for a very good read.Twins are known to have their own communications and some same likes and dislikes, then there's always the twin from hell.FBI Agent Ava McLane has a twin that is totally the opposite - Jayne runs against the law and Ava runs with the law.Bodies start showing up hanging from the local bridges, are they related somehow, what is the connection, and how many will there be.2 thumbs up and 5 stars :)