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For a girl like Melody and a dog like Mo, life can be both sticky and sweet.   Melody has lived in Royal, Indiana, for as long as she can remember. It's been just her and her father, and she's been okay with that. But then she overhears him calling someone Honey -- and suddenly it feels like everyone in Royal has a secret. It's up to Melody and her best friend, Nick, to piFor a girl like Melody and a dog like Mo, life can be both sticky and sweet.   Melody has lived in Royal, Indiana, for as long as she can remember. It's been just her and her father, and she's been okay with that. But then she overhears him calling someone Honey -- and suddenly it feels like everyone in Royal has a secret. It's up to Melody and her best friend, Nick, to piece together the clues and discover why Honey is being hidden.   Meanwhile, a dog named Mo is new to Royal. He doesn't remember much from when he was a puppy . . . but he keeps having dreams of a girl he is bound to meet someday. This girl, he's sure, will change everything.   In HONEY, Sarah Weeks introduces two characters -- one a girl, one a dog-- who are reaching back further than their memories in order to figure out where they came from and where they're going. It's a total treat from beginning to end....

Title : Honey
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ISBN : 9780545465571
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Honey Reviews

  • Barb Middleton
    2019-06-04 05:05

    Melody lives in Royal, Indiana with her dad. Her mom died in childbirth and her dad is a high school teacher. When he starts burning dinners, singing "You are My Sunshine," and staring off into space, it is pretty obvious he's smitten with some mystery woman. Melody talks to chain-smoking Gramp-o who has emphysema and is tethered to an oxygen tank, but he doesn't think she's right. When Melody overhears a late night call where her dad uses the word, "honey," she is determined to investigate. Rather than ask him directly, she goes to the rumor source, The Bee Hive Beauty Salon. A place full of nail polish, people, and a dog named, "Mo," she learns more than just who her dad is in love with. All sorts of miscommunications happen before things get sorted out in the end.The character arc of Melody shows her dealing with the death of her mother and moving forward with her dad finding someone else. While she investigates she has the unsought-after help of Teeny, a six-year-old tutu-charging terror that adds humor to the plot. Nick helps Melody as well and it is through discussions with him that she reveals her fears of who she thinks her dad is marrying. When she thinks her fears come true, she gets emotional and lashes at the adults around her until the truth is revealed. The story unfolds from Melody and a dog named, "Mo's," point of view. Mo's chapters were cheesy, but I would be curious to get a kids point of view. They adore dogs and might like the sappy pooch pining for his one and only long-lost owner, Melody's mom. He has a vision of a girl, that happens to be Melody, hugging him and he knows they are meant to be together. The author uses Mo to give the backdrop on Melody's mom and how she died. It advances the plot but it felt forced to me and I found it boring compared to Melody's mystery. I skimmed those parts which is my usual tactic when the pace slows.Melody's mother is a prodigy that makes the cover of Time magazine. She gives up her amazing career to be a music teacher and live in a small town. Can you see my thick eyebrows raised to my hairline? I needed more of an explanation on that one. Miss Hogan is a one-dimensional villain and her story isn't wrapped up.Honey is a great title for this slightly sappy story. The family is loving and accepts each other. Gramp-o loves his son and granddaughter and helps out with watching Melody. Readers will feel good after reading this. Good for ages 8-10.

  • Jeff Raymond
    2019-06-20 09:54

    Sarah Weeks's Pie is one of my favorite books ever, so seeing a new follow-up of sorts was an exciting one for me. Honey is not a true follow-up or a sequel, but it is a similar story with a really different take. We have a lot of broken families in this small town, and broken families can breed fear and betrayal among the ranks. Without giving too much away, this book takes a while to get to where we know what's truly going on in terms of the point (a major flaw in a middle grade book clocking in at well under 200 pages), but once we truly understand the motivations and the trust begins to grow again, it becomes the same sort of beautiful message that existed in Pie throughout.The way this ends really worked for me on an emotional level personally, and it redeems the really slow start. If you were blown away by Pie, temper your expectations, but know that this is a really well done story about family (and the extended people who become family when you need them the most) that really belongs right next to Pie on everyone's shelves.

  • Jan
    2019-06-03 09:59

    It may be a short book page wise, but every word and every page were just perfection. I absolutely loved this little gem of a book.

  • Elizabeth
    2019-06-25 02:48

    I read this one over the weekend and it is just as charming as Pie! There are two stories in this book that merge at the end. Melody has some memories of her mom but it is hard to confirm them with her dad. Her dad gets sad talking about her mom since she died. Mo, a dog, has memories of a family.Melody overhears his dad calling someone "honey". She is excited for her dad but also very curious--who is this mysterious "honey"? Melody looks for answers at the Bee Hive which is the beauty shop in their town, Royal. It is the place where a lot of news gets passed and it is the home of Mo.How does everything get resolved? Read the book to find out! And when you are done reading you may have a hankering to get a manicure!

  • Barbsq
    2019-06-25 06:56

    My daughter ( age 10) read this and really enjoyed it and asked me to read it. I love that she was so excited by the story that she wanted to share. She kept asking what part are you at now. Great book for her age group .

  • Ms. Yingling
    2019-06-10 02:12

    Melody lives in a small town in Indiana with her father Henry, a high school humanities teacher. Her mother died when she was born, and her grandfather, who suffers from emphysema but who keeps smoking, occasionally visits. The annoying six-year-old next door, Teeny, has a divorced mother, and Melody's friend Nick's father is remarried. When Melody's father starts humming You Are My Sunshine around the house, and Teeny announces that she heard that "Henry was bitten by the love bug" down at the Bee Hive, Melody visits the new beauty salon in town to investigate. There, she fears that her father is going to marry a teacher that she doesn't like, but she also meets Bee Bee, who knew her mother when the two were younger, and shares long overdue information about her with Melody. After a bout of food poisoning, antics from Teeny, and more information about the past, Melody realizes that her father is not going to marry someone she hates, and she is reconnected with someone from her past. Strengths: On the bright side, this is somewhat less depressing than most of the other middle grade books that have come out recently. The small town is delightful, and Melody and her father are interesting characters. The Bee Hive is fun, and Bee Bee's nail polish will appeal to many middle grade readers. Weaknesses: I don't want to spoil the book, but I found the whole mystery of the deceased mother and the reconnection a bit... forced. I adore Weeks' My Guy series a lot, but I wish that she would go back to that sort of book rather than the more introspective, literary books like this one and Pie. There are plenty of authors who write books like that, and so few who can write a good humor book for boys.

  • ChelseaZ
    2019-06-03 01:52

    I read the book ''Honey'' by Sarah Weeks,the genre is realistic fiction. The publication date 2014.In my opinion I think this book was OK,because some parts of the book were boring to me. For example, at the end she found out that her dad was going to marry her favorite teacher. Also, she found out the dog Moe was her mom's dog before she died. Some characters in this book were Melody, Henry, Bee-Bee, and Moe. Melody is a girl who's mother died giving birth to her, Moe is a dog that was Melody's mom's dog until she died and then it became Bee-Bee's, Henry is Melody's father who she's really close to because that's the only parent shes ever known, and lastly Bee-Bee who is her mother and fathers really close friend that moved to Royal. The main conflict in this book is that melody doesn't want her dad to marry the teacher she doesn't like. The setting is Royal,Indiana. The main plot line is about a girl named Melody and she's trying to figure out who her dad is going to remarry, by asking people questions around Royal. I thought the theme of this story was don't assume. This book was predictable, because I guessed that her dad was gonna marry her favorite teacher and that he was gonna get Moe back. I would recommend this book to all ages because it's appropriate.

  • Karen B.
    2019-06-02 08:49

    This is a middle school book that this grandmother enjoyed immensely. I loved the characters of Melody and the dog Mo. I especially liked how the author included sections to allow us into the mind of the dog. The book is full of love and has some humor as well. (Melody's six-year-old neighbor is an annoying bratty kid who wants what she wants.)

  • Mahrysa York
    2019-05-26 07:04

    Melody's dad has been acting strange lately, he's been humming you're my sunshine all the time, and hasn't been telling Melody a lot like he usually does. One day she hears her dad say, "Honey", on the phone. It made her suspicious. She asks her friend if he will help her, they go to the beauty salon to find some answers. I would suggest reading honey it was a good book and I'd read it again.

  • Tracy Gowen
    2019-06-04 03:57

    This is a cute book, but Pie was much better.

  • (Evil) Erin 신애린 Shin
    2019-06-26 06:48

    Its pretty similar to Pie.

  • SusanDunn
    2019-06-13 09:05

    Melody's mother died shortly after she was born, so Melody has no memories of her at all. For all of her ten years, it's been just her and her dad - who's great. But lately her dad has been really spacey. He often seems distracted, her burns everything he cooks, and he keeps whistling "You Are My Sunshine" all the time. He's a teacher, so he tends to get distracted at the end of every school year - but this seems like something bigger than that. When Melody overhears her father talking on the phone late at night and then call the person on the other end "honey", she realizes that he's dating all these years after her mother's death. But who is "honey"? Melody is determined to find out. This funny and sweet book will appeal to readers in grades 4-6. And if you like it, check out Sarah Weeks' other titles. I particularly liked PIE.

  • Amy
    2019-06-22 03:53

    Root beer dum dums, wild berry Skittles, nail polish, a dog named Mo, and 10 year~old Melody, and honey! Sarah Weeks' storytelling is superb! She weaves mystery, loss of a mother, family history, friendship, and a dog into one heart~warming tale. The characters are a strong aspect in Honey. Such rich characteristics ~ I feel like I know them all personally. I also adore when the dog, Mo is telling parts of the story from his perspective. I smiled and had tears as I read this little gem! Can't wait to booktalk it (along with Pie, of course)!

  • Jenny
    2019-06-08 08:11

    Cute story of a girl named Melody who is sure her dad is dating someone...and she fears the worst. She is certain her dad is dating her teacher (who she strongly dislikes). There's a great best friend, an annoying younger neighbor girl, a wonderful grandpa, a sweet dog and a charming salon owner as characters. A fun read. My 3rd graders really liked it.

  • Rebecca McNutt
    2019-05-31 09:48

    This old-fashioned style middle grade novel was similar to books like Because of Winn-Dixie and To Kill a Mockingbird, and it's a very imaginative, nostalgic sort of story.

  • Andréa
    2019-06-26 03:09

    Honey is a short & sweet story featuring a well-behaved tomboy, her true-blue best friend, a meddling 6-year-old, a rebellious grandfather, and a dog who just wants to find the girl he dreams about. I wish I could make a visit to Royal so I could see the Bee Hive in all its black & yellow glory!Note: I received an ARC of this book from the publisher.

  • Linda George
    2019-05-29 07:03

    Cute little book about a little girl whose mom died when she was born. Her dad is acting goofy and she tries to figure out what is making him smile these days. I think 4th girls especially will enjoy this story.

  • Christina
    2019-06-20 02:52

    Sweet story. Wish it went further with the story, but I liked it.

  • Dawn Rutherford
    2019-06-04 05:56

    A sweet and poignant quick read with a little bit of a mystery to it. I really wanted more French Bulldog, though!

  • Teddi Eberly
    2019-05-30 07:07

    Why is Melody's dad whistling "You are My Sunshine" and calling someone "honey" on the phone? Read this sweet tale to find out.

  • Sarah Sammis
    2019-06-23 05:59

  • Elenola2003gmail.Com
    2019-05-30 02:53

    It was wonderful! A friend and I are assigned to write a homescool play for our coap. W'ere modeling it after this terrific book! FIVE STARS!

  • Erin Downing
    2019-06-02 08:05

    Really sweet. Listened to this one as an audio book. Kids loved it, too.

  • Rebecca
    2019-06-21 07:53

    5th grader Melody has a good life with her single father, Henry, but wishes she knew more about her mother, who died when she was born; her father finds it too painful to tell her anything. Then Melody hears her father call someone "Honey" on the phone, and knows that finally, he has found a romantic interest. But who is it? When Melody hears that someone has been talking about a Henry at her small town's new beauty salon (which has the most amazing nail polish colors ever), she and her best friend Nick decide to investigate. Meanwhile, a bulldog named Mo has just moved to town, and keeps having dreams about a girl he's never seen.This was cute and sweet, but the big mystery was not very mysterious if you're my age! It was kind of blindingly obvious, in fact, so I just hope that the kids who are the intended audience aren't as perspicacious. I did think the description and world building here were lovely and well done, and the characters were distinct, quirky without being over the top, and interesting. I did struggle with a few things, though. First, I thought the dog was kind of superfluous. Not sure why he was there. Second, when Melody and Nick ran into their classroom teacher at the beauty salon and she demanded to know what they were doing there, it just wicked me off--what right does a teacher have to question her students when they're out of school and doing nothing wrong, and the query is clearly not friendly? I just didn't find that believable, or maybe I didn't find it believable that Melody wouldn't question the teacher's right to question her. I need to ask a 5th grader if they would find that believable. Then, people kept pushing Melody--not a girly girl--to get her nails painted or try on a wig, even after she'd politely said no thank you. It felt disrespectful to me, and the book seemed to be pushing Melody to be more girly. Not cool.

  • Kevin
    2019-06-10 03:14

    THE MAIN VILLAIN REVIEWS:Adorable! That one word is one of the endless lists of words to describe how beautiful Sarah Weeks' novel Honey is. Two stories but one heart. One of the main characters is a girl named Melody. She is happy with the way her life is, but after she finds her father calling someone "Honey" on the phone, she longs for her biological mother even more. The other character is Mo, a French Bulldog who is the runt of the litter. His siblings are strong and playful, but he is the one who gets adopted first into a beautiful, loving family. But when a tragedy happens to his family, he finds himself alone. There are many nights where Mo dreams of a girl who will change everything. Two different stories, but one heart. (view spoiler)[As the two stories collide, Melody and Mo will realize that real family will always find a way to reunite. (hide spoiler)]I just love how adorable this story is. It's full of simplicity and heart. You will find characters that will make you see love in different ways-- a father looking for another chance at love, a young girl who wants to feel the love of her mother even though she was gone, a dog who hopes to find the girl that keeps appearing in his dreams. It doesn't matter what you always look for in a contemporary novel because you will see everything in Honey by Sarah Weeks.

  • NebraskaIcebergs
    2019-06-24 06:16

    Humor, mystery, and romance abound in two titles by Sarah Weeks: Pie and Honey. The titles are also unified by themes of family, death, and pets. In Pie, Alice’s Aunt Polly takes her world-famous pie crust recipe to her grave. Or does she? The search for the lost recipe leads one person to ransack Polly’s shop, another person to steal her cat, and another to question residents. In Honey, Melody doesn’t mind not having a mother until she overhears her dad call someone ‘Honey’. Has her dad fallen in love with someone? Who could it be? No one will answer these questions. Nor will they talk about her mom. Melody’s story alternates with a story of a dog that has concerns of his own. When secrets are revealed in both titles, lives are forever changed.

  • Julie Kirchner
    2019-06-07 10:03

    This book is nominated for our state book award for 2018: Maud Hart Lovelace Award. It's a sweet realistic fiction story about a girl, Melody, whose mother died when she was an infant and her desire to have her dad find a new love. When she overhears him talking to "honey" on the phone, she wonders if her wish is coming true! Her father claims the call was a wrong number, so Melody decides she needs to find out for herself if her father has been dating someone on the sly! Great story with fun secondary characters and setting, the BeeHive Salon, which I would love to visit!

  • Kata Conway
    2019-06-10 06:03

    A funny and heartwarming story about a young girl, Melody, who is without a mother. The characters were very impressionable and I enjoyed their journeys. Melody's friend Teeny added a lot to the humor! It was written well, easy to read and any intellectual language was well placed. I loved how she picked dandelions for money to buy candy. The ending made me happy and my favorite nail polish color was Rootbeer Dum Dum! :) I read this with my 9-year-old son Chance, I made him read most of it out loud for practice.

  • Maddy Chiddix
    2019-06-06 03:48

    This book is amazing! If you are looking for a short book that will touch heart than you should give a try. Honey is about a girl who lost her mother very young and doesn't really know who she was or what she was. The girl is tomboy on like max level and her best friend is a boy too. She is suspecting that her dad is secretly dating someone and her and her friend go on a mission to find out who this mystery women is. -Maddy Weaver

  • Willow Lausier
    2019-06-15 04:48

    I liked this book. It was a quick read about a girl Melody who lives with just her dad. She over hears her dad talking to a girl on the phone and Melody assumes he has a girlfriend. Melody and her best friend Nick try and figure out who Melody's dad's girlfriend is. I enjoyed reading this book. I like how the plot builds up and the mystery that is in this book. I'd probably read it again. I recommend this book especially if you want a quick read.