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Little do they know their captive holds a deadly secret.Jess is taken hostage and incarcerated in an upstairs room by three thugs demanding a huge ransom from her rich father.In a bid to escape, she cuts a hole in the bedroom floor with a cutlery knife. From there, Jess observes the three of them going about their everyday business.That’s when she starts playing games withLittle do they know their captive holds a deadly secret.Jess is taken hostage and incarcerated in an upstairs room by three thugs demanding a huge ransom from her rich father.In a bid to escape, she cuts a hole in the bedroom floor with a cutlery knife. From there, Jess observes the three of them going about their everyday business.That’s when she starts playing games with them. That’s when her spying pulls her into a treacherous psychological game with her abductors.If only they knew what their captive was up to. What would they do to her?A disturbing psychological thriller that will take you into the darkest recesses of the human psyche....

Title : The Shuttered Room
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ISBN : 9781460979204
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The Shuttered Room Reviews

  • Sean
    2018-10-03 05:53

    I was lucky enough to win a signed copy through Goodreads First Reads. I liked the book - the writing style is easy going and I enjoyed the way the story changed from present to past without warning. It sounds odd but it works, and for me it helped intensify the feeling of oppression and frustration within Jess as she remains hostage. I didn't expect the outcome but approve - it gets you thinking. I read another review that did not like the visions aspect; I was unsure at first, but think it helps tie the story together at the end and is an interesting take on why some people act the way they do. Definitely worth a read.

  • Vivienne
    2018-09-21 02:53

    Certainly quite an interesting novel which started off strong and struggled a bit in the middle.I was asked to give feedback on this novel by one of our librarians as the author is local and a former member of our library reading group. I did find it something of a mixed bag in that the focus on Jess' incarceration did became somewhat repetitive in the middle section of the novel though did quite effectively create a claustrophobic atmosphere. Personally I find kidnapping and hostage themes in novels and other media uncomfortable and so a plot where the focus is upon the victim's situation was going to have limited appeal. However, I did feel Harwood took risks in terms of the novel's resolution and the final part was very startling and quite satisfying.There was a sub-plot involving Jessica's visions of what she describes as people's 'inner toads' but I felt this was somewhat of a distraction as it was not really developed in terms of whether this was a symptom of a psychological promblem or whether she had some kind of psychic ability. Still while I have nothing against frogs and toads it did seem a strange type of visionary gift.

  • Laura
    2018-09-22 07:55

    I really loved this book!Demons that live inside of us, Jess is held hostage in an upstairs room and she can see her kidnappers damaged egos through a hole in the floor. She plays games with them to try to escape, but things don’t go to plan. I had no idea what would happen next. An absolute must read!I won this through the goodreads first reads giveaway. Thanks!!

  • Susan
    2018-10-15 10:54

    Jessica has made an escape attempt and it fell short. Jake managed to catch her in the orchard and haul her back to the house. There, Jake and his two fellow kidnappers (Justin and Kia) keep Jess for several weeks as they demand a sizable ransom from her rich parents. As Jess languishes in this attic room, the reader becomes privy to her life, both present and past. But soon the stress of the situation brings about a condition that has laid dormant for years and this slightly unhinges Jess, making her bold enough to try a few things she might not otherwise have done.Early on, we learn that Jess as a kid believed she could see things living inside people and that those things (often weird, distended frogs) partially controlled the human they inhabited. Jess could hear their inner voice. Of course, she often spoke whatever that inner voice was saying and eventually it drew enough attention that she had to see a psychologist and was put on medication. Essentially, she became a bit of an outcast and I can see how that childhood experience shaped the adult Jess.She marries, eventually, an older man who already has two daughters by his ex-wife and he doesn’t want any more children. At first, Jess is OK with this but eventually the longing to have a child becomes too much and she seeks ways to become pregnant by Henry. If you’ve read the description of the book, then you know if she was successful or not. Whether she was or not, you can easily see how her relationship with her husband became strained over the years. So by the time she is kidnapped, her life is rather messy anyway.About half way through the novel, Jess finds a peep hole in the attic floor and spying on the goings-on below becomes her chief past time. She does gain some knowledge about her captors that she then uses in subtle ways. Sometimes, Jess uses this knowledge in a calculated manner. Sometimes it is hit or miss. After all, she hasn’t been kidnapped before and, in general with the exception of her husband, she doesn’t go around manipulating people. While I liked that this was true to the character, it did make some parts drag on a bit as Jess tried to work out how to use the knowledge she had.Several times throughout the story, we have Jess mouthing the words the inner beasties say and several times this became almost stream of consciousness type of thing and it was hard to follow which beastie was saying what and also the relevance of it. Sometimes it was humorous and sometimes it was just obvious character traits. Sometimes it added to the story and sometimes it dragged the story out and I was just looking forward to the next scene.I did enjoy several things about Jess. She is not a whiner. She knows this is a bad situation but she rarely looses it and is always thinking of a way to get out of the situation. She’s very practical in that sense. I enjoyed most of the flashbacks of her life up to this point as it gave me a strong sense of who she was. She’s a pretty uncreative person, but that might be to counterbalance the inner beasties she sees when she is having an episode. I wanted Jess to come out on top.Her captors were somewhat interchangeable until the last third of the book. I kept getting Justin and Jake mixed up and Kia was window dressing. Towards the end, the personalities of Justin and Jake crystallized for me, mostly because I developed strong feelings towards one of them. I wish I had kept them straight from the beginning.The ending drug on a bit and things got messy again for Jess. I’m not sure why she and one of the captors made the decisions they did. On one hand, it fits with Jess’s messy life. On the other hand, it was a less than satisfying ending for me as the reader. I wanted Jess to have some closure over the event and I don’t feel she really got that. Honestly, it felt like there needs to be a Book 2 set like 10 years later to wrap up some of this stuff.I received a copy of this book from the narrator at no cost in exchange for an honest review.The Narration: Rachel Shirley was a great fit for Jessica. She had a steady voice that fit Jess’s practical character. Shirley also performed regional accents for the various characters. They were each distinct and her male voices were believable. I especially liked her character voices when Jess was speaking for the inner beasties.

  • Alannah
    2018-09-21 09:51

    I was lucky enough to win a signed copy of this book on Goodreads Giveaways.The books itself is about a woman who is abducted by 'hoodies' and kept in their home for a ransom, but there are some twists in the tale.I like the fact that it is written in past and present tense, flipping between each within chapters. It kept me hooked on the book.The story itself is good, but sometimes a little 'samey' and repetative.All in all i enjoyed it, but it's not a book a woud read again.I would, however, give the authors other books a shot.

  • Emma2
    2018-10-06 07:17

    OMG I didn't know how to categorize this book at first. It's weird, it's dark and didn't know how it was going to end. Jess is kidnapped by 3 hoodies and held in a bedroom. She spies upon them through a little hole in the floor and goes into a sort of trance where she imagines she can see their hang-ups (neurosis?). Kia is jealous and possessive of her boyfriends, Justin is, well, just a pervy creep, and Jake, we don't really know, but would seem to be a psychopath. A weird thriller about human behavior. Not what I would call a 'light read.'

  • Linda Jh
    2018-10-06 11:16

    I won a copy of The Shuttered Room by Charles J Harwood through Goodreads! The Shuttered Room takes Jess from the past to the present and back again, or is she dreaming ?As Jess is being held in a room alone she teases with her captors emotions using her own (sick) secret that will leave Jess doubting her own emotional stability.And then there is the ending. Will it take you by surprise or did you see it coming? While parts are a bit slow, I found the ending was worth reading.

  • Marsha
    2018-10-07 08:17

    Clever writing. Reminds me of "Room" by Emma Donoghue; one of my favorites. The main character is both clever and determined. Finding herself in an impossible situations, she somehow manages to captivate the captors, and make the best of the worst situation. Cheering her on the sidelines, the reader is swept along for the ride!