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Rebecca is the good girl. She doesn’t have time to think about a normal social life—let alone, her nonexistent love life. Fresh out of college, she moves into her very first apartment. Her safe world explodes when she meets her new neighbor, Alec. Tattooed, pierced, and with a body to kill, he’s every woman’s wet dream. Too bad he’s arrogant beyond belief. Rebecca instantlRebecca is the good girl. She doesn’t have time to think about a normal social life—let alone, her nonexistent love life. Fresh out of college, she moves into her very first apartment. Her safe world explodes when she meets her new neighbor, Alec. Tattooed, pierced, and with a body to kill, he’s every woman’s wet dream. Too bad he’s arrogant beyond belief. Rebecca instantly hates him. Unfortunately, her body doesn’t agree. When Rebecca’s best friend, Arie, comes up with a plan to put Alec in his place, Rebecca jumps at the chance. Their plan is perfect—except neither of them counted on Rebecca falling for Alec when she sees another side to him.Caught somewhere between lust and hate, Alec and Rebecca each fight against their own emotions. Will Rebecca walk away? Or will she be able to tame Alec and his wild ways?...

Title : Taming Alec
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ISBN : 22588873
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Number of Pages : 100 Pages
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Taming Alec Reviews

  • нυgѕαи∂¢σσкιєѕ
    2019-02-06 20:37

    ummm I kind of don't know how to say this but I thought this book (cover got me wanting to read this so bad) was too fast paced. Everything about it just kind of didn't connect. Rebecca and Alec's chemistry wasn't all that convincing for me. Alec wasn't sure what he wanted really cause at the end of the chapter I was annoyed at them both saying "No going back" like seriously. You're together or you ain't and if you ain't ready why stay, unless you mean your ready. So yeah, I had a lot of mixed and confusing moments about their hookup. Maybe there is another book to them but will see if I'm going to read the next.

  • Raj
    2019-02-07 17:24

    2 starsThis is a novella, so it's short. not enough. :(To be honest, the plot ain't that exciting. Rebecca is a teacher, Alec owns a bar and he's a manwhore, bleh! I mean, there's nothing exciting or something to look forward to, I would have found it much better if it's a teacher and a bad boy student. :) Seriously, it was boring for me. The story was flat. I skipped. a lot. and not just words or sentences but PAGES!

  • Niobe
    2019-02-16 21:43

    When the title of a book is "Taming Alec" and Alec is a typical bad boy I expect the heroine to be pretty badass herself. When he decided to be a dick and blast loud music at 3 am while having sex with the door open I thought she would call his bluf, say something like "carry on" or "don't mind me", walk in, turn the volume down and walk back out. Unfortunately it didn't go down like that but it was their second encounter so I wanted to give Rebecca the benefit of the doubt, maybe she'd grow into it. Then Arie was introduced. This woman has got to be the worst best friend ever. She starts with "make him squirm" and "Beat him at his own game, and knock him down a few notches" and ends with “I’m not telling you to flirt with him. I’m telling you to throw yourself at him like a cheap hooker”. If you advise your virginal best friend to escalate the sexual tension with her neighbour (who could be a serial rapist for all you know) because you think she's too squeaky clean, you fail at friendship. At that point I realised that this book would be about stupid people doing stupid things so I quit.

  • Elisabeth Cole
    2019-01-28 16:28

    Even though this book was only 100 pages I still bought it. Sometimes a short book packs a really big punch but alas, not in this case. 100 pages? Why does my Kindle say the book is done at 59%? Ahh, because there's a long-ass excerpt from another book after this one! Wish I'd known that before I paid $1.50.Still, the story could STILL be good! Or... not. This had to be one of the most uninspiring, boring books I've ever read. There was absolutely no feeling, not even the tiniest hint of drama going on. The characters were completely one-dimensional and couldn't have been less interesting. What a waste of my time and money.

  • Anna
    2019-02-10 22:27

    Great book it was teaser and made you wanting more . Rebecca and Alec have just meet and you can tell they have this connected that neither one can keep there minds or heart from finding out what could be there. Rebecca and Alec want things to go futher, but neither want it to be just a one nightstand .

  • JenniferWeeks
    2019-02-05 23:34

    Absolutely loved Rebecca's and Alec's story. For k.A. first novella i think she did an amazing job on this one.Her books Never disappoint and this surely didnt. I hope she makes this into a novella series that'll be cool. Highly recommend this to anyone

  • Erin
    2019-02-12 21:52

    I enjoyed reading it, but the ending came so soon. Felt like just as I was getting into it it was over.

  • J. Nathan
    2019-02-16 16:24

    Short and sweet. Just what I was looking for. With that being said, I wish the ending didn't happen so quickly. It was just getting good! But definitely a fun read.

  • Julianna
    2019-02-01 23:38

    so, i'm half way done with this book. and can i say that this book is so fricken weird. like the girl, it's so difficult to remember her name because she's just so... irrelevant. Is that rude to say? Well, whatever. And the guy, uhm Alec (duh, his name is in the title) is one of those "I can't be with you, you're too good for me" type of guys. AND GOD, CAN I JUST SAY THAT I REALLY HATE THOSE TYPE OF GUYS. Anyway, I'm at this one part where... you know what, I'll just copy and paste it right now: “I’m taking you to your room to fuck you senseless.”“Finally!” I said as he carried me back to my room.” LIKE WHAT DID I JUST READ. So, the girl is a virgin and she's pretty much throwing herself at this guy, like damn, have some self respect. But yeah, that parked got me all weird... Ok, I shall finish this short book and get back to you with a rating. Unless, there's something else that would make me feel uncomfortable before i finish the book... ok well, I'll keep this review updated. Ok, so I just finished the book. Uhm... I don't even know what I read to be honest??? She fell for him after meeting him ONCE and like she didn't even play any game with him, that part was EXTREMELY irrelevant. I felt like K.A Robinson just tried to mash a bunch of other book excerpts together and voila, she made Taming Alec. Did that make sense? Ok, probably not. Oh and by the way, Alec was described really badly and so was Rebecca (I learned her name, points for me). Also, Alec's dirty talk was so off for me. Uhm, it wasn't hot at all. It just sounded really distorted and rushed. HA, SO YEAH... I guess 1.5 stars... because i'm not fond of giving 1 stars. Totally not judging K.A Robinson's writing, because she wrote Shattered Ties, which was one of the books i really enjoyed reading. It's just this book wasn't my cup of tea...

  • Amie Morgado- We Stole Your Book Boyfriend
    2019-02-19 22:49

    SUCH A TEASE !!This is a quick novella by KA and it is the first time I am reading something like this from her but I love it just as much as her full length stories !! The one thing about her men that always keeps me interested is that they are pierced and tats and BAD !! OMG he has this one certain piercing that I just would love to get to know !!Rebecca is the typical quiet and innocent type. Fresh out of college and living on her own for the first time. Of course she ends up with the BAD BOY , wild bartender neighbor !! He is super hot and super cocky , nothing she should be involved with but everything her eager innocent mind wants to get a piece of !! Alec is a bartender in town so the women are flocking to him and he has no reason to turn them down. A few awkward run ins with the new neighbor and a few hot run ins with her leaves him intrigued and wanting more. Knowing this is a bad idea they both try to fight the attraction but it is undeniable. He warns her and she swears him off but being friends isn't that easy when you have all that yummy sexual tension. They have an emotional connection as well when Alec needs a friend Becca tries to be that for him. Things between them get crazy before they get happy but it is hot ,frustrating and all those things that make you crazy about a book !! Although it goes by too fast I loved their little journey to each other. My only wish is that they will carry on and have another chance to tell of their future !!

  • Becca
    2019-02-12 17:30

    4.5 Stars - Taming Alec is a quick, fun, sexy read that will leave you wishing it was a full-length novel. Alec is everything you could want in a bad boy. He’s hot, mysterious and cocky. He lives by his own rules and isn’t ready for sweet and innocent Rebecca to make him question that. I loved watching Alec push Rebecca’s buttons almost as much as I enjoyed watching Rebecca unknowingly causing Alec to come undone. I always enjoy the neighbor storyline. There’s so much added tension when the object of your lust lives right next door and K.A. Robinson does not disappoint. The sparks fly between these two almost immediately and K.A. makes sure you can feel the friction in the air. I was just waiting for the moment when things would combust.I hate that this is only a novella. I’m so intrigued by Alec and Rebecca’s dynamic. Both characters have so much more maturing to do and plenty of insecurities to overcome. K.A. left a lot of room for personal growth with these characters and I would love to get to experience that with them. I definitely need more of Arie, Rebecca’s best friend. She is a firecracker and I couldn’t help laughing at her ridiculous antics. Her tough love attitude was the perfect balance to Rebecca’s people pleasing and I was really hoping to see her take Alec down a peg. If you want a quick taste of the fabulous K.A. Robinson, Taming Alec will definitely deliver.

  • Alexia Purdy
    2019-01-19 23:31

    An entertaining & steamy short novella. I really enjoyed reading this story. It follows Rebecca as she's starts a new job with a new apartment. But who's the tattooed handsome hunk across the way?I found Rebecca to be terribly naive for being 23, but extremely likable. As a newbie teacher, and starting her life basically right out of college. I'm surprised she got so far in life without doing some things most 23yr olds have done. A bit sheltered I think. I don't usually care for the rich kid/trust fund kid stories, but this one was pretty engaging. Her friend Arie was super cool and I found her even more interesting than the MC and would love to hear more about her. Alec was hot. He definitely seemed to have more layers to him than he wanted to show. Lovely interactions between characters and even some humor that kept it very interesting.Easy to devour. My only complaint is that the story ends at 60% on the kindle. So it's not long. I love short stories, but I did expect it to be a bit longer. If you don't like short stories, this isn't for you. You get a great preview at the end of another of the author's books.Why no voting buttons

  • Chrissy
    2019-01-21 17:35

    I really, really enjoyed this quick read from K.A. Robinson. We meet good girl Rebecca who is moving in to her own apartment and about to start her new job as a teacher, when she runs in to the next door neighbor Alec, and is instantly attracted to him, but he's kind of a jerk (not kind of, he's a complete jerk) and she doesn't know what to do with it. She finds herself in a few awkward situations with Alec and they will make you laugh and blush all at once.You can tell Alec is interested, but he keeps pushing her away and you're just like "c'mon get with it!!!" Once things escalate, and I was so proud of Rebecca for handling things the way she did and forcing Alec to speak to her, things are amazing between these two.I loved the characters in this book, and the story will have you wanting more, and by this I mean you'll be like WTH it's over?! I really hope one day we can get a follow up to their story, because I felt that it was left a little too short and the story didn't truly end.If you're looking for a hot steamy quick read, get your copy of Taming Alec today!

  • Jennifer Guffey
    2019-02-03 16:28

    Taming Alec: A NovellaBy: K.A. Robinson4/5 starsThis is a short, fast paced hot little number.Rebecca is the quintessential good girl. During high school, she was extremely active in not only sports, but clubs and student organizations all the while pulling straight A’s. She went to college and became a school teacher, all the while pulling straight A’s. Now she has graduated and is ready to begin her first job.Alec is Rebecca’s hottie playboy neighbor, who just so happens to own, run and work at his bar. But he is also somewhat rude and obnoxious and tries to get under Rebecca’s skin…in a variety of ways. Something happens and/or is witnessed.Rebecca’s best friend Arie comes up with a plan designed to put Alec in his place. But quickly, the plan starts to fall apart. Now, both who are somewhat inexperienced with relationships find themselves deeply attracted to one another.But skeletons will rear their ugly head, and Rebecca & Alec will have to work to get through it all…or decide if they even want to try.

  • Tracey Cramer-Kelly
    2019-01-25 21:32

    Novellas are tricky – I tend to like the character development that is possible in a longer work – but as novellas go this is one of the better. However, the first scene when Rebecca oversees more detail than she wants with her neighbor and his “friend” is a bit much. It sets Alec’s character up in a certain way that is going to be hard to change in a novella, because people just don’t change overnight. Rebecca’s character is a little too stereotypical and naïve good girl at 23 – I needed something more, a dark quirk or something. What works: the action takes place over weeks, not just days (which would not have been believable). Alec has a life-changing event that causes him to re-think some of his choices. I also found the portrayal of sex when they got together more realistic than most (considering she was a virgin). I’d give it a 3.5 if I could.

  • Jan
    2019-01-27 22:28

    Very short read hot little read.Rebecca was a sheltered woman at 23 studied hard, lived with her mother, never dated & always put studies first hence still a virgin.Alec was a play boy brought owned a bar and slept with different women on a nightly basis he was brought up by nannies who came and went so his lifestyle mirrored that, women came and went briefly he never wanted to settle down and didnt know what a relationship was. Rebecca moved in to the same apartment which is when things changed. I thought this story would of taken you through Rebeccas transformation and a journey but it didn't it finished were it could of started to get interesting. It sertainly leaves you wanting more from this couple but hey it wasn't a cliffhanger and I suppose some books do drag on to fill pages. Its a good read to keep you entertained for a few hours.

  • Michele A.
    2019-01-31 22:43

    Rebecca and Alec meet when they become neighbors. They live across the hall from each other and Alec acts like an arrogant man whore when they meet. Rebecca finds herself drawn to him. Alec goes out of his way to fight his attraction and hurts Rebecca's feelings throughout this book. Rebecca keeps pushing him and tries to see the best in Alec. It was a short story and Rebecca spends most of the book waiting on Alec to decide if he wants to pursue a relationship or not. For being an innocent teacher, Rebecca looks past a lot of things that most people would have not been able to. Overall a decent read, just not enough of a glimpse into their relationship world for me at the end. If you like K.A. Robinson's other books, this one should be right up your alley.

  • Book
    2019-02-17 18:39

    Not and have never been a fan of the 20 something virgin angle... There were a quite a few lines in the book that made me shake my head...Even I, Miss Priss, had been affected by him.With all that being said this was still an ok read. I read it over break and lunch at work today, super quick easy read. It made me smile a couple times and generally kept me entertained. There was steamy sex and it was a cute storyline. I really wasn't looking for much more, and so for that this book gets three stars. Bonus this was the best cover on a Robinson book yet!

  • Missy Harton
    2019-01-25 22:30

    SWEET ROMANCE!!Just out on her own, Rebecca is starting her life. A college graduate ready to start her teaching career. Her world changes when she meets her neighbor Alec. Rebecca is the innocent girl; Alec is the womanizing bad boy! Total opposites, yet neither one can stop thinking of the other. Which one will give in? Will they find their happily ever after together? Very well written love story. This is a stand alone book, No cliffhanger! I hope in the future K.A Robinson will add to the story of Becca and Alec!

  • Shannon Cole
    2019-02-09 17:44

    I wanted to give this 5 stars but a few things fell flat for me.I think Rebecca was a little too naive and seemed like she was very pushy towards Alec instead of making him really want her. Then just as things seemed like they were getting good...BAM! They lived happily ever after! I just wanted more. I know it's a novella but I felt like it was warming you up to a full length novel then it just ends. I still really enjoyed it though and love all of K.A. Robinson's books! I just need more of Alec & Rebecca now.

  • Kelly Hawkins Solomon
    2019-02-10 22:42

    "No going back" is right. Rebecca is your classic good girl out on her own and runs into her new neighbor, Alec . Rebecca sees and instantly feels a connection to him. As they continue to run into each other, mostly when random women are leaving his apartment, they start to get to know one another. One thing leads to an other but he pushes himself away thinking he is not good enough for this good girl. Rebecca puts her foot down and makes him talk to her. This is a romantically frustrating, steamy, short read. Very good start to an amazing journey with Rebecca and Alec.

  • Annie
    2019-01-19 23:25

    Reads like a prequel, but I can't see any follow up bookWow, this was even shorter than I suspected. I found the bad boy really not that bad and the good girl was a little too haughty for my tastes. Then there wasn't any time for the relationship to develop or my opinion to change. Unfortunately, it ended right at the upswing of the relationship. If this was a teaser prequel to get readers invested in a story, I might understand better. However, I can't see any existing or planned novel, so I'm ending on a bit of a sour note.

  • Amanda
    2019-01-27 22:42

    Did I miss something? I don't get all the 4 and 5 star reviews. I know it was a short story, I mean it was only 100 pages but it was boring. What was so fantastic about Rebecca that this hot-ass, pierced cock bad boy just had to have her? I really enjoy the rest of Robinson's books but this one was just eh. The sex wasn't even all that hot. The hottest part to me was when she walked in on him banging some random. Just ugh.

  • H.
    2019-01-27 23:43

    Enjoyable short read. Rebecca and Alec meet when she becomes his new neighbor. Alec is gorgeous and very arrogant to the point of being cocky. Rebecca is entranced by him and can't stop thinking about him. He tries to keep his distance from her until Rebecca takes matters into her own hands. I hear there maybe another book in the way off future. I hope there is. I would love to see what happens between them.

  • Suja
    2019-02-09 17:45

    It's a good story, but WAYYYY too short and the plot doesn't even suit the title! "Taming Alex"? I thought the heroine would have more spunk! And there wasn't much depth to the characters. Alex simply TELLS her his life story and she cries a little, they have sex, and now she has tamed Alex? What even?! As I said, it's SO short, there isn't even much to their relationship... :/ a bit of a letdown because there was such a good start and great writing...

  • Sue Czarnomski
    2019-01-28 20:52

    Why? I love reading a good novella. Usually they follow a book or the end of a series when there's a little more to be told or when introducing a new character for an upcoming book. This story had the makings for a great book but I felt robbed because I turned the page and the story just ended. K.A. Robinson is an excellent author but sold herself short on this one. I for one want more of Alec.

  • Staphysagria
    2019-01-22 23:49

    Absolutely brilliant- especially hilarious scenes in the beginning when goody two shoes clashes with the sleazy neighbor…. I loved the way the young lady is secretly fascinated by the bad boy. And the development how those opposites slowly get to know each other is endearing. Only the end is a bit half-hearted. It sort of ends with me feeling: and now what????

  • Courtney
    2019-02-10 17:51

    Taming Alec definitely is very fast paced novella. However, I felt that there could be more for this book in the future (personal opinion).Rebecca moves in next door to Alec. He owns a bar and she is a teacher. Opposites attract. Short. Sweet. To the point.Sorry this review is vague but it's a novella and if I say anymore, I will pretty much give the whole story away.

  • Laura Rendler
    2019-02-17 20:53

    Really good book like all of her books, but I must admit I don't feel like it's over! I have this thing where when an author says the stories just beginning that it should go on and not just stop there! Yes it's a stand alone Novella I know, but I didn't want it to end lol... The characters were too cute and had such a great chemistry and Alec damn he was sexy!

  • Mischelle Andrade
    2019-01-30 16:26

    Wholesome, innocent Rebecca meets bad boy neighbor Alec. What happens when these two get together. Some hot sex and new territory for both. I thought the story was okay. I could definitely feel the passion between the two characters. It just felt like there was something missing that we were not told.