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Grieving for the untimely and tragic loss of her husband. That all changes when her twin daughters bring their best friend Luc home. He’s young, hot and sexy – Rachel’s new guilty pleasure who literally entices her back to the land of the living. But with her husband’s work commitments to be attended to and the intimidating new CEO Joe Mason to contend with – Rachel’s lifeGrieving for the untimely and tragic loss of her husband. That all changes when her twin daughters bring their best friend Luc home. He’s young, hot and sexy – Rachel’s new guilty pleasure who literally entices her back to the land of the living. But with her husband’s work commitments to be attended to and the intimidating new CEO Joe Mason to contend with – Rachel’s life twists and turns in ways she could never have imagined…..or fantasised….or begged for....

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Mrs R Reviews

  • Lisa Cullinan
    2019-03-18 15:02

    From the moment I started this book I knew that I was going to love it.....I get so happy when I find a great read that has a tad "more mature" heroine whom I can relate to a little more closely.Forty-two year old Rachel has lost her husband in an accident....the mother of two, college-aged, twin daughters, she finds herself lost and in a deep, self consuming depression....oh, but how things can change...! Rachel's daughter's bring home their friend, Luc, for a holiday visit, and Rachel, uh ahem, finds herself coming (wink) out of her days of dread, thanks to the man-boy-god with blond hair and starry blue eyes....ok, call it sex therapy, or how about even an awakening if you will, but I think I'll call it an "OMG, the heavens have sent me an Adonis to make me a really, really happy woman!!!" Oh, it gets real hot....remember when your guy was twenty-two? Yeah, I thought so!!! The thing is, Luc is a really great, warm, mischievous and caring guy....he's not oblivious to Mrs. R's grief and vulerability. But, like most affairs, if you will, they come to an end....for no other reason than they're just not what each needs in a long term sense... As Rachel moves along, feeling quite a lot better about life in general, she heads back to her late husbands law firm to finish a project that the two of them found passionate. Enter.....Joe Mason....the American CEO of this firm. Joe is built like a brick shithouse...longish dark hair, grey eyes, 100% alpha, type A, hot-headed, mid-age Adonis...sparks flying aren't really the correct amount of voltage I would use in describing Joe and Rachel....yes, the attraction is off the charts but, the sex is smokin (I've been looking at my husbands Harley a lot differently lately!) and I love this, the annoyance factor is too!!! I just loved how Rachel put big Joe in his place while he was doing the same thing to her...this is exactly what the doctor ordered for the both of them... The relationships in this story feel real...I cried in the beginning, I fanned myself and put a cold water bottle to my forehead, and I laughed heartily (a lot!). In the end, for Luc, for Joe, and especially, for Rachel, lessons were learned, hearts were broken and mended to the best that it could be, and commitments and trust were forged....really a fabulous read....I highly recommend it!!! Can't wait for the next installment in this series.....Mr. V!!!!! Superb writing by two, very talented, best friend/authors!!!!!!!!

  • Michele McMullen
    2019-03-04 12:10

    This is Jessie Courts debut novel. This is the joint venture of two friends that have embarked on a writing career. I feel that I must stand up and applaud them on a job well done!Mrs. "R" is Rachel Renton, she has found herself a widow at the young age of 42. She falls into a depression and has lost her way. She is unsure how to proceed without her love & partner Nate. She has devoted herself to being a wife and mother for 21 years and has raised a beautiful set of twin girls. They have grown into two beautiful, caring woman and they have decided that they need to pull their mum out of this rut. They have come home for Easter holiday ready for the battle . This eight month funk of our lovely Rachel is about to come to a screeching halt. The girls have decided to bring home an old friend . Luc has known Mrs.R since he was a boy. He is not a boy anymore and Rachel comes face to face with a handsome, brooding, confident , sexy,man. He has always had a crush on Rachel and decides to start to reveal his true intentions for her. This may certainly be the cure for that nasty funk she is in!!!Rachel begins to flourish again and decides that she has left her husband's unattended affairs at work neglected long enough. She decides that she should attempt to pick up and continue where he left off. She knows that she will need to prove herself and gain the respect of his former employees if she is to succeed . She has run into just one problem, the new CEO Joe Mason. He is arrogant, bossy, smart as a whip and oh did I mention deliciously sexy. It becomes a battle of power, wits and temptation and they can't seem to keep the sexual tension out of the room!Rachel could have never imagined the amazing journey that she is about to embark on or the crazy turn of events that will eventually take place! It will be oh so surprising and rewarding!I am enthralled by these two lovely writers I can not wait to see where they and their characters take us next!I was gifted this by the authors for an honest review.~~Michele McMullen~~

  • Louisa Mae
    2019-03-21 12:18

    Wow.. Where do I start with this book? Hot, steamy and OMG HOT AND STEAMY! Rachel is reeling after the loss of the man she considered her soul mate, grieving and lost she is dragged back to reality when her twin daughters bring home their best friend Luc Vincent. What no-one expects is that Luc has a little bit of a crush on his best friends mum. Well, when I say crush I mean she is the star of his fantasies, ones that very soon come true. She becomes his very own Mrs Robinson, and he brings to an end her self imposed period of mourning for the man she lost.Luc brings her to life, making her see that she is still alive and needs to be herself. The only problem is, what started out as ‘fun’ takes a slightly more serious turn for both of them when feelings get involved.Rachel knows this affair cannot continue and ends it, knowing full well if Luc was to turn up on her doorstep she wouldn’t turn him away. That is until she meets The Mighty Joe Mason, the man who’s taken over her husbands place in the law firm he worked at. Rachel literally knocks Joe off his feet (giggles) and both their worlds are turned upside down.Luc ignited a fire inside Rachel, now Joe gets to fan those flames, turning it into a raging inferno as they fight the mutual attraction between them. They both want control, neither willing to give a millimetre let alone an inch. Well, Joe is willing to give Rachel as many inches as she wants, but he wants to make her beg for it.What Rachel and Joe make the perfect couple, and Joe is determined not to let her go. The only issue here is Luc and Joe’s insane jealousy where the young pretender is concerned.The sex is off the scale, and I honestly thought my poor Kindle was going to melt at some points. The British humour from this writing duo shines through, and you honestly cannot tell that this is a duo, the chapters flow seamlessly which is not an easy task for the most experienced of authors, so to accomplish this with a debut novel is amazing.I won’t reveal any more, other than to say this is one book that you need to experience for yourself.Bravo ladies, and I am ready to dive headlong into Mr V.

  • Royal Lioness
    2019-03-06 13:57

    4.5 stars! Sexy, funny, touching midlife romanceMrs. R is Rachel; she is grieving for her husband, Nate. She is avoiding life, except for her college aged twins. They bring home the super sexy Luc. Luv was so hot and a good, young guy that I wasn't freaked out by his attraction to Mrs. R, as he liked to call her. The sexy, romantic scenes sizzles and Rachel is feisty. She's a mature woman and knows what she wants.Her avoidance of her husband's firm is understandable. Luv's attention brings her back to life and ready to face Joe Mason, American CEO of her husband's firm. He's sexy, mature, and alpha. Rachel is one gutsy British who is his match. How they almost meet is hilarious. This works on a lot of levels. I appreciated that her grief was not brushed aside, and there was room for her to shine in a courtroom. She was a kick asks or arse heroine, who had her own crazy side. Both Luc and Joe were hot lovers!!I'm ready for the Mr. V story.

  • Sheri Hurbough
    2019-03-05 10:11

    Unexpected delight!I found this book by friend recommendations on Facebook. I am delighted to find this wonderful author duo. Rachel has suffered the devastating loss of her husband. Now she has to pick up the pieces of her life with the help of her twin daughters and her best friend. I loved how she picks up the pieces of her life in unexpected ways! I highly recommend this story and can't wait for the next installment.

  • Hayley
    2019-03-11 16:11

    Wow hot book alertThe story is based on a widowed 40 year old women who has twin girls and is at rock bottom since her husband was killed.When I say hot book alert we are presented with two fine specimen of men one in the form of a 22 year old Luc and the other being a 40 year old Mr Mason they turn Rachel's world upside down for the better.This book contains a lot of HOT scenes so be prepared but I loved it

  • Debbie Choe
    2019-03-17 15:55

    Great debut novel! I'm looking forward to the next book in this series.

  • Saunders
    2019-03-01 12:50

    Unfortunately not for me.