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In the year 1464, the Kingdom is engulfed by civil war as the renowned houses of Lancaster and York fight to the death for the crown of England. Richard, Duke of Gloucester, the future Richard III, arrives, aged twelve, for the safety of Middleham Castle to begin his training for knighthood. His new companions discover he can change from kindness to cold rage within the wiIn the year 1464, the Kingdom is engulfed by civil war as the renowned houses of Lancaster and York fight to the death for the crown of England. Richard, Duke of Gloucester, the future Richard III, arrives, aged twelve, for the safety of Middleham Castle to begin his training for knighthood. His new companions discover he can change from kindness to cold rage within the wink of an eye. Men, it was said, watched him with wary eyes, for they knew when the young pup found his teeth, he would make a dangerous enemy. Far in the north, Margaret of Anjou, warrior Queen to Henry VI, prepares to fight against the advancing armies of Edward IV. Why does she abandon her husband, and flee to France vowing never to return? Who blackmails her, seven years later, to join forces with her most hated enemy, to return and fight once again for the crown of England? King Edward IV, tall, handsome, and clever, is a brilliant warrior, whose Achilles' heel is women; he loves them all. What dark forces drive him into a secret marriage that rips his kingdom apart? He is forced to fight Louis XI of France, and the mighty Earl of Warwick, not only for his crown but also his life. From the courts of Edward IV, Louis XI, and Margaret of Anjou, comes intrigue, betrayal, witchcraft, and love. The Dreams of Kings weaves plots and characters together to make a roller-coaster read of the period they call the WAR of the ROSES....

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The Dreams of Kings Reviews

  • Marquise
    2019-02-28 11:24

    Can’t read one single line more from this book, and am quitting at 30%. My reasons: Weak characterisation, poor treatment of history, questionable choices in original plot points, and bad romance involving Marguerite d'Anjou that's damaging and irresponsible, and bland writing. It's rather disappointing that this book should have such a high average rating given its deficiencies, because it creates expectations it won't meet as happened in my case.

  • Dianne
    2019-03-05 09:28

    Step back in time, to the days when knights were fierce, battles were brutal and personal and the prize was wealth, control and power. It’s the fifteenth century, and the battle to rule England is being waged on many fronts, including under the political machinations of the French. Power and Kings change hands with the slice of a blade and only by mighty allegiances or vile threats will there be forces large enough for battle. The pawns are the men forced to fight, over-taxed to raise the funds for campaigns and no one can be sure who is their friend or foe.The women of the era are mere property to be married off for political gain, physically used and abused for male pleasure. Queens are in exile, heirs to thrones are unaware of what their birthright entails and murder, heartless torture and unmerciful deaths are used as deterrents to being disloyal. From the moment I began reading, this century faded away and I watching the betrayals, the shattered dreams and the treachery that all played a part in histories wars and battles all in the name of power. David K. Saunders has filled each page with brutal frankness and vivid details as he unfolds his version of the great battles fought for the English crown and a title could buy loyalty. The clanging of swords, the ease with which lives were taken and the outrageous beliefs that all was done in the name of God’s wishes, is a rude awakening to what life was like long ago.With rich and elegant descriptions provided by David K. Saunders, one would believe he had been there and was funneling his knowledge back through each page. Love, loss, vengeance and death are all splayed out in its most stark form. Battles were strategized by mental prowess, not a computer mock up in sight to predict the outcome. The Dreams of Kings showcases David K. Saunders attention to detail, no matter how gruesome as he writes of days long ago with the ability to bring everything to life from each emotion to each action and reaction. No one is completely evil, no one is completely without faults or ghosts in their closets, but the breed of human that endured this life is far tougher than I could ever be and Mr. Saunders portrayal of this era is brilliant, basing his tale on a little fiction and a lot of fact.I received this copy from David K. Saunders in exchange for my honest review.Publication Date: June 14, 2014Publisher: Shadenet PublishingGenre: Historical FictionPrint Length: 486 pagesAvailable from: Amazon |  Barnes & NobleReviewed for:

  • Catherine Putsche
    2019-02-22 10:17

    The Dreams of Kings is set in Medieval England during the late 15th century and cleverly manages to mix an exact timeline of events that match up with the fight for the throne between the people who were involved in the thirty years of civil unrest historians refer to as, “The War of the Roses”The battles that took place were perhaps some of the most bewildering periods in history for England and Europe as it involved a timely power struggle between the Lancastrians and the Yorkists, in their fight for the crown.David K Saunders skilfully steers the reader through the complexities and controversies that occurred in this period of history by bringing to life a number of authentic historical characters’. Each character has their own thoughts, theories and strategies including, treason, adultery, murder, blackmail, torture, kidnapping, theft of land and even witchcraft while cousin fights cousin and brother fights against brother in this savage conflict.Out the many characters’ in this book, I found I was intrigued with was Simon Langford, who continued with his father’s service to restore King Henry to his rightful throne by acting as a spy at Middleham Castle in an attempt to get information on Warwick’s strategies, troop movements and anything else that would aid the Lancastrians in their victory to retrieve the crown. Although the author did admit in his closing notes that the love affair between Simon and Margret of Anjou was purely fictitious, it was still highly engaging and a stroke of genius to add this slant as Margret did seem to have a sexless marriage to Henry.The torture scenes are not for the faint hearted, especially with John de Bothall, as he was sentenced to a traitors death, which included many of his body parts being cut off and burnt in a brazier in front of his eyes, his arms and legs hacked off and then finally his head. All of which leaves me to close, that David K Saunders knows his subject very well and writes with considerable insight into the power struggle and battles fought by the clashing fractions for the reigns of kings in the 15th century.My Ranking: 5 Stars My Review Sites:

  • Bob Rich
    2019-03-09 06:11

    This story transports you back to the 15th century. The behaviour, thoughts, customs... everything about the period is vivid and immediate.History is like archaeology. From a few bones, we must reconstruct the lifelike animal. Historical fiction is the same. David Saunders has done a fine job of doing so, and filled the empty periods in the record with real emotion, personalities, tension. The events described may or may not have happened -- but they are certainly real within the story.One fun feature is that we follow the lives of two decent, very likeable young men who are on opposite sides of the conflict. We want both to win, but of course they can’t. And knowing the historical facts gives a bittersweet tang to reading about their struggles. I won’t give away the outcome of course.If you want to read about the savage times of the War of the Roses, you can’t do better than this book.

  • Nikki Bywater
    2019-02-22 06:29

    The War of the Roses the popular name given to the civil conflict that dominated the late fifteenth century is the setting for this historic novel. Back then the future King Richard III was the Duke of Gloucester and the story begins in the year 1464, when the kingdom is engulfed in a bitter battle between the houses of Lancaster and York to who will claim the Crown of England.The author cleverly uses a mixture of historical events and figures with fiction to create an epic adventure of a story where vengeance, murder, hatred, witchcraft, betrayal, and deceit are all used in order to obtain power and control over a country bloody and on its knees from battle. In a land where all hope seems to be gone for most love seems to find a way through, and at the heart of this story there is a softer side to the harsh realities of war. The blend and battle of love and war will keep the reader intrigued to find out which will conquer all and be victorious right to the end.

  • Samie Sands
    2019-03-15 07:27

    I really enjoyed this complex, in-depth novel set which combines fact with fiction in a gripping, exciting way. Horror reign as a terrible time rips through the country and the realistic portrayal is gory and terrifying. 5 stars easily earned!

  • Krista C
    2019-03-17 09:14

    Love/HateThis was a much different take on the Wars than I usually read. I loved some of the newer (to me) characters but hated the way others were portrayed. The witchcraft issue nearly made me put it down but I kept going. It was nice to see Margaret of Anjou in a more sympathetic characterization. The Anne storyline also had an interesting twist I didn’t expect.

  • Lauralee
    2019-03-18 08:15

    A Dream of Kings is a fictional retelling of The War of The Roses. The main characters are Richard, Duke of Gloucester, Margaret of Anjou, and Edward IV. Each of them fight for the crown of England in what they believe is rightfully theirs. This epic retelling is full of battles, political intrigue, and romance. This story is filled with a full cast of characters. Each of them are very complex, and the reader is allowed to get into their heads. Yet the main characters whom all the other characters revolve around are Richard, Edward, and Margaret. Margaret is a strong queen. In the novel, she has the makings of a king. She rules for her mad husband, and it is she who is fighting for England, not her husband. She falls in love with Simon, and it is with him that she finds happiness and peace during her difficult time. One thing that I liked about Margaret is that she does not wish to be born a woman but a man. I found it quite fitting because she is very strong. I liked how the author humanized Margaret of Anjou because in most books I have read of her, she is usually not portrayed as a likable historical figure. Because this work is purely fiction, the author does take a few liberties in his work. Some of the liberties are rumors and gossip at the time that they believe is true. One example is that Elizabeth Woodville and Jacquetta used witchcraft to seduce Edward IV. While this is preposterous, I still found it an interesting plot device. Another plot device is that Margaret’s child, Prince Edward of Wales is illegitimate. I found this really creative and unique. Overall, this is an in-depth look into the psyche of the characters involved in The War of The Roses. While these characters are filled with vice, they have some redeeming qualities. I liked the love story not only between Margaret of Anjou, but also of the servants, Rose and John, which is simple and sweet. The story is very fast-past. It is full of drama, scandal, political intrigue, danger, and battles. The characters are very complex, and it is clear that the author has done his research. I felt that the era came alive, and I was glad to be immersed in it. I recommend this book to anyone interested in The War of The Roses and Philippa Gregory.(Note: This book was given to me by Publishing Push in exchange for an honest review.)

  • Kelly Smith Reviews
    2019-03-18 06:40

    I have always loved this era of England and France. I recently read a book about Richard III, and have always known a little about the War of Roses (funny, my school didn't teach me much about it). Of course, everyone is getting into the olden days because of shows like Poldark, Outlander and the CW show Reign, and I think this book is perfect for fans of those types of shows.As with any fact-to-fiction volume, things have been changed, but they are not glaring errors, rather they are modifications and embellishments to make this story work as fiction.Some scenes were surprisingly violent, and I loved it. A good bloodbath is always a plus for me when I'm reading. Richard, as a child, is given the same eerie and dark description as some of the other children in horror fiction have. He is unsettling to read about, and for me, he was my favorite thing here. Murderous children are like bloodbaths: great enhancers to any stories.This book is not for the faint of heart, as it contains violence and witchcraft, but it is a wonderful book, fun to read and definitely not what I expected when I was asked to review this.I will definitely be rereading this!