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From the popular mommy blogger and seasoned author of Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay and Naptime Is the New Happy Hour comes this hilarious book of honest, no-holds-barred musings on motherhood.Stefanie Wilder-Taylor is officially fed up with the endless mommy fads, trends, studies, findings, and facts about how to raise children. Tiger Mom or Cool Mom? Organic or veganFrom the popular mommy blogger and seasoned author of Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay and Naptime Is the New Happy Hour comes this hilarious book of honest, no-holds-barred musings on motherhood.Stefanie Wilder-Taylor is officially fed up with the endless mommy fads, trends, studies, findings, and facts about how to raise children. Tiger Mom or Cool Mom? Organic or vegan? TV is the devil or TV is a godsend?The mother of three young girls, Stefanie has finally decided to hell with Google she's going to find out how to be a mom all on her own. In this latest mommy book from the popular blogger, author, and TV personality, Stefanie will share her secrets for achieving a balance in motherhood between being protective and caring, and downright batshit crazy. She'll debunk some of the looniest parenting myths and reinforce others; she'll describe how, through as simple a process as good old trial-and-error, she's learned to pick and choose what works for her and her family, and tune out the rest.Filled with sage advice, laugh-out-loud stories, and Stefanie's signature wit, Gummi Bears Should Not Be Organic is sure to appeal to any and every renegade mom who's forged her own path to childrearing....

Title : Gummi Bears Should Not Be Organic: And Other Opinions I Can't Back Up With Facts
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Gummi Bears Should Not Be Organic: And Other Opinions I Can't Back Up With Facts Reviews

  • Elyse
    2019-03-06 06:15

    I've never heard of Stefanie Wilder-Taylor until this book. A few friends and I laughed together when we saw this book was available to request-to-read on Netgalley. I was looking forward to fun laughs.Maybe more jokes of why not to leave a dog on life support for a year either -- Or a time when she sends her husband to buy some shampoo for her (and he comes back overwhelmed -exhausted -having not bought any --as you didn't tell him what kind: too many to choose from). Pick one --any one! Silly things...[but no --I found nothing like these type of of jokes]. It was her opinion on what to feed kids - sugar in moderation is ok with her.Family dinner time is over rated -- eating in the car is fine with her --she gets quality time with them other places..Going to the beach is over rated --The park over rated -- Its a lot of what she doesn't like -- including mothers who do too much or not enough.She claims to be an over-protected mother --(but working on trying to correct her problem), by letting her child spread their own cream cheese on their own bagel. She mentions a park in Australia --where the idea is to create -"the exploring-feeling-of-freedom", like children in the 70's had. The area is safe --with a few supervisors --but no parents are allowed. I thought it was a 'cool' idea. She didn't think it was horrible -- but its not the real world. So which is it? Real world she wants? or not? I thought she wanted a 'little' independence for her children. Cream cheese spreading is more creative independence? This book is about the authors "Opinions" (I forgot to read that part on the title of the book). Its also all about raising kids! (I didn't see that part). My favorite line in the entire book is on the cover: "Organic Gummi Bears?" Does sound like an oxymoron, doesn't it? Quite funny! As for the rest of this book....not for me! I really do agree with the author when she says...."She's neurotic, not stupid". If I want to read 'parenting opinions' (with a little healthy advice) -- I'd read "NutureShock" by Po Bronson & Ashley Merryman or "Bringing Up Bebe" by Pamela Druckerman and if I want a visual experience....(a reminder)of what we 'AS AMERICANS are doing in raising our BABIES (an indicator as to how we are raising our kids) --- compared to other places in the world -- I would watch the film "BABIES" In the film: ONLY the American baby was surrounded by devices to entertain them, serve them, shelter them, protect them, help them grow big and strong.... maybe??? ADHA can be explained right here...(kidding)...But in the film.....we look a little neurotic in the way we are raising kids. A little 'too' in kids faces.So--When I read THIS book.... I didn't find a lot funny. Nothing I had not heard before. I felt like this book might have been better as an article in a magazine --rather than a book...(cut it down to about 1 page) --or..keep all this as a personal diary --or talk to your friends or husband...but some of the things she says --are just immature -- nothing to feel proud about. A few more examples: Stephanie says she wears yoga pants, --- but has never done yoga. Why do we need to know this? Why does she even need to justify what she wears -or does or doesn't do. Frankly --I thought she might benefit from yoga. She has three it my fault? It started to sound like it. It started to sound like the mothers who spent time making healthy creative lunches for their kids were in HER WAY. (some type of invalidation to her personally) She also made a joke about Gwyneth Paltrow being at fault for us now our counttry now having a 'new' eating disorder in this called "healthy eating disorder". I know it was a joke --but I don't think its funny --because in in truth --we DO HAVE a serious problem with eating in this country. So --if people are TRYING to make corrections --and YOU are not on board --the least you can do --is keep quiet. You might support a healthy balance 'more'. For yourself included! My GOD.... Leave Gwyneth alone....and all the other movie stars to boot. Its not necessary to attack them either -as to what type of crib they have. WE are being nasty mainstream people when we do that. Its ugly!Eat what YOU want to eat. If Stephanie wants to write a cook book with Lucky charms for breakfast -and it sells --its a free country. This is a 1 star book to me. ...However, I'm clear I might even be the exception... Its ok. Its not that I care to take others enjoyment away --I just didn't enjoy the overall tone of this book.Others may love it! Even get value from it. Maybe my low rating will be be as much of a service as a 5 star. (might help increase sales)....We are curious beings!I wish no harm to the 'author -personally'.... "Sorry Stephanie ....(your book was not my cup of tea)! Thank you to the publishing company and Netgalley for the opportunity they provide.

  • Jennifer
    2019-03-05 10:01

    Gummi Bears Should Not Be Organic: And Other Opinions I Can't Back Up With Facts is a nonfiction, humor book about parenting written by blogger Stefanie Wilder-Taylor. Take a look at this e-card...This perfectly represents the tone of this book. It was pretty funny, but it is also what moms need to hear sometimes. We need an un-guilt trip. Parenting is a huge responsibility - I think we all know that, but the added pressure to be perfect is just too much sometimes. All the research studies and judgmental mothers who think everyone should follow their lead is enough to cause even the most centered person to feel crazy anxiety and guilt. But Ms. Wilder-Taylor uses her opinionated and blunt comedy to put things in perspective. She also shares her personal parenting style, and while it may seem unnecessary or TMI to some readers, I felt she was using this as way to again let readers know that you don't have to be perfect to find success at this parenting thing. Some days we will feel like superstars and some days we will feel like failures...but life goes on and we continue to learn. I could relate to so many topics in this book which helped me feel incredibly invested. Her story never really made me laugh out loud but I did find it quite humorous much of the time. Most importantly, I felt encouraged. I would recommend Gummi Bears Should Not Be Organic to any mother who isn't easily offended by jabs at trending parenting opinions. Mothers won't ever be perfect but we can be good if we just trust our instincts and ensure that our children feel safe and loved. Let's just say this book is exactly what I needed today :)My favorite quote:"You just need to put it in perspective. You aren't that pageant mom who allegedly gave her eight-year-old daughter botox so she wouldn't get wrinkles. Feel better about your parenting now? Or what about the human barbie lady who gifted her seven year old with a voucher for a boob job that she can use when she turns sixteen. Or how about the drunkie dad who made an eight year old drive on the freeway so he could sleep it off while his four year old was unbelted in the backseat. Look those people up and then throw yourself a parade. Compared to these people, you are doing fantastic. OK, at least you aren't newsworthy. And some days, you just gotta take not newsworthy as a win."

  • Dana
    2019-02-28 06:06

    I am normally a big fan of “bad mom” books, but this narrative just didn't vibe with me. I found the protagonist to be annoying and crass. I can totally understand the “not-giving-a-shit strategy”, but she just came off a little too condescending for me. Buy, Borrow or Bin Verdict: BinNote: I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

  • Esil
    2019-02-23 13:09

    Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for an opportunity to read Gummy Bears Should Not Be Organic. I thought this book was at times funny and entertaining, and I quite liked Wilder-Taylor's basic message: parents should be balanced in their approach to raising children. We shouldn't get overwrought about what they eat, how they do in school, talking to them about sex at just the right age, etc... But I don't really identify with the target audience -- or at least any more -- because my kids are in their teenage years, so I still strive for a balanced approach to raising them but the issues I deal with are different. I thought based on the title that I was going to be reading a book about the food industry but I seem to have got that wrong. But - it's funny -- this book did make me think about being a parent from a different perspective, and in particular about another book I read recently -- Our Kids -- and its basic message. Our Kids by Robert Putnam is about the different factors that are limiting class mobility today as compared to 40 or 50 years ago, with a particular focus on the differences in the environment in which kids grow up now compared to a few decades ago. According to the author, one of the predictors for educational and financial mobility is parents' availability to be present in their kids' lives. Economic stress really interferes with that availability. So in reading Wilder-Taylor's book, I was reminded of Putnam's comment that parents in higher socio economic brackets are getting too caught up in the debate about whether it's good or bad to be a helicopter parent. Attention is good, period -- and certainly better than being in an environment where parents are absent, or too stressed and financially strained to be present in their kids' lives. Which brings me to the thought I had about Gummy Bears Should Not Be Organic: while parents who have the privilege to be attentive to their kids debate the minutia of just how much and what kind of attention is good, it ends up detracting from more pressing social and political problems like those identified by Putnam. So while Wilder-Taylor's book is entertaining I highly recommend Putnam's book as a reminder of more pressing issues. Again, I wasn't really part of the target audience for Gummy Bears Should Not Be Organic so reading it sent my thoughts on a meandering path...

  • Liz Barnsley
    2019-02-25 12:26

    So being a parent is absolutely one of the most idiotic things you can decide to do with your life, thats a given. Anyone who is a parent will know the feeling of absolute terror all mixed up with the absolute joy of it, and whilst I stand by my “idiotic” comment, it is also one of the most wonderful experiences you can have.But then there is this. One day your child should eat this, the next that. Having baby sleep in with you is bad/good/doesnt matter. Put them on solid food at a year, no hold on six months, hang on a second that parent over there is shovelling apple puree into their childs mouth and THAT baby can’t be more than three months old. Oh what to do WHAT TO DO!!! And so on and so forth, it only gets harder as they get older, not easier no matter what anyone says. Wait until they can move around under their own steam…So I was interested in what Stefanie Wilder-Taylor would make of it all to be sure. And she is hilarious, very insightful, ironically intuitive and very down to earth about it all. Whilst I did not agree with everything she says in “Gummi Bears” not at all, and it is a VERY opinionated book, where often she may wind you up, the bottom line of it, the underlying message for me was spot on. When it comes to parenting NOBODY knows what they are doing and all the self help books in the world will not help you at 3am when you have a toddler who won’t sleep or an 8 year old throwing up because just for today for a special occasion you let their sugar intake go insane.Ultimately I really enjoyed this book, not because it was a book that definitively told me the best way to raise children but because that was what it absolutely did NOT do. The author decided she was going to muddle through this quagmire we call parenting by simply doing the best she could, gives her opinions and what works for her whilst saying very clearly that she is no better nor worse than the rest of us (although she allows herself to be smug on occasion and also to feel incapable on others) and that in reality there are no hard and fast rules.It will make you smile, it may make you grind your teeth a little, but ultimately it tells you the truth. When it comes to our children we are all in this together – no amount of preparation can get you ready for that tiny person who takes over your whole life.Interesting and thought provoking read.Happy Reading Folks!

  • Jillyn
    2019-03-06 12:59

    I really wanted to like this book. The blurb sounded great, the title is hilarious, and who doesn't want to read a book with a big red gummi bear on the cover? Unfortunately, I think this book is another example of "just wasn't for me".I don't have kids, but I can enjoy a book about parenting if it's well done and if I connect to it. I didn't have that connection to this book. I had never heard of the author before, so I was unfamiliar with her type of humor. She's funny, no getting around that. But I didn't laugh as much as I was meant to, I don't think. There were quite a few places where it was trying way too hard to be funny, which had the opposite effect of laughter. Other times (and I had this issue not that long ago with Jim Gaffigan's parenting book), the humor just comes off as smug. Actually, that's kind of how I felt about this book. That "here's an example of all the things I do with my kids and I support your own systems, but mine is better and I'm judging you a bit". I know that no two parents agree on every method of raising a kid, but this book serves as a reminder of how judgy the parent pool can be. I also didn't really learn anything from this book. There were no moments where I thought "Wow, that's such a great idea, I'll have to remember that for my kids!" That's not to say that the author gives bad advice: she doesn't. It's very reasonable advice that in general just has to do with finding balance- not too much, not too little. I agree that this is a good approach to parenting. There just wasn't anything new to me.Despite my issues with this book, I think people will like it more than I did. Like I said, I think this is an example of it's not you, book, it's me. Maybe it's funnier and more relatable if you're a parent, or if you're older than I am. Or maybe you just need a different sense of humor than I have. This isn't a bad book, but it's one I was disconnected to. I received a copy in exchange for my honest review. This review can also be found on my blog, Bitches n Prose.

  • Jenn McRobbie
    2019-03-20 07:04

    This book was hilarious. And annoying. I don't know what it is, but it felt a little mean girls or something. A little, "well, I'm cool and people that do it another way are still cool ... but not as cool as me." I liked it, but I found myself not wanting to finish the book ... I had to force myself to finish. So with that, I'm rating 3 stars because of a feeling that I just can't put my finger on...

  • Siouxshawn
    2019-03-16 06:16

    Is it ok that I gave it 5⭐️ solely because I pre-ordered it today? ( and that cover's just so gosh-darned tasty).I'll come back and edit my rating after I've read it. Of course I fully expect to need to edit it to 5 1/2⭐️'s and completely F*Up the entire Goodreads rating scale.... Way to go Stefanie, ruining the bell curve for everyone

  • Badseedgirl
    2019-03-13 14:11

    Funny and realistic. Where was this book when "Little Man" and "The Princess" were babies?

  • Pamela Huxtable
    2019-03-05 08:28

    Unfunny snark with no fresh insight. The best thing about this book is the title- with which I am in total agreement.

  • Hilary
    2019-03-12 08:17

    3.5 starsParenthood is all about balance: your needs or theirs (anyone who's ever had to leave a screaming child to run to the bathroom), protect them from everything or get out of their way and let them figure it out. To this end, Stefanie wields what she terms a parenting non-style, a "whatever works" approach which tries to limit overparenting and keep one's feet firmly on the ground (rather than comparing to other overparenters or Pinterest gurus).She writes those honest thoughts that everyone has had, resulting in many read-out-loud lines and chuckles of acknowledgement from both my husband and myself. Parenting is indeed not as it's normally presented in books, and she strives for balance in expectations too: you're allowed to shop at a regular grocery store rather than Whole Foods, your kids should sometimes eat sugar-infested cereal, there are times you should allow them to quit activities and ...She shoots straight from the hip, addressing those awkward issues that no-one wants to deal with but everyone gets (lying, cheating, The Talk, The Five Stages of Toddler Bedtime) and these pearls of parenting truth are only slightly exaggerated for comic effect.Any parent who's taken small children to the zoo or park will fully recognize and appreciate those sections, and I feel duly warned about the perils of volunteering at school, however by the time I was about two-thirds through it felt like wading through flailing (especially the part about Babar). Luckily soon after came something more serious, but then the ranting resumed. At least it was near the end.Probably best read a chapter at a time, so you don't get overloaded by the wallowing style, but the last chapter reinforces all the humorous lessons: we're all doing our best, don't expect perfection from yourself and here's how to fix things if you mess up.I should also warn of the strong language sprinkled throughout. Not a huge amount, and certainly not every other page, but enough to make me feel a little uncomfortable at times.Disclaimer: I received a free ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Katherine P
    2019-03-21 09:13

    Having teenagers and a preschooler there's not many sections of parenting that I haven't been involved in. Well except maybe dance because as a family we're not particularly graceful but I had friends in dance so I heard their stories. We did our share plus more of sports and other organized activities and I've spent plenty of time on PTA boards, as chair of something or other for various schools and sitting in parks listening to mothers like the ones Stefanie rants about. Needless to say I could relate to a lot of these stories! She explains the struggle to find a balance between protecting your kids and letting them make their own mistakes and learn how to do things on their own very well and with a good dash of humor. There are also some pretty funny chapters on yoga pants, "gifted" kids, parks and other places she hates, and making friends. While she's definitely on the snarky side I do love that it feels like she genuinely loves her kids and enjoys spending time with them. I always get a little squeamish when humor comes across as mean - especially involving children.There are a few flaws. At times it the writing feels a little forced and there's a feeling of repetitiveness throughout some of the chapters. Since this is such a quick read that didn't keep me from enjoying this book especially since that's a fairly common issue I have with most humor books.Full Review: http://iwishilivedinalibrary.blogspot...

  • Melissa Lindsey
    2019-03-21 12:09

    This was not a good choice for me. Had I known more about this author/comedian and her style of work, I would not have agreed to read and review this book. Fortunately it is a quick read and I was done in less than two days. It is not without its humor and even at times, good parenting advice. What I was hoping for in this book was lots of humor -- what I found instead was judgmental rants against other peoples' parenting styles. Even though there were many times I agreed with Stefanie's opinions, I was put off by her tone.And, while I am not opposed to a well used swear word, I continue to hold to the opinion (that I would like to try to back up with fact), that the f-word is not effective as an adjective when used excessively. There are far better ways to express frustration than to simply put the f-word in front of whatever a writer is irritated with. I recognize that the author was not going for a literary masterpiece here, but might I suggest spending some time with a thesaurus?

  • Ami
    2019-03-15 13:06

    I'm going to be honest, the first half of this book made me uncomfortable. The author gave out a lot of opinions (many of which I agreed with) but the whole exchange felt didactic and rant-like. It was not fun reading and I began making plans on abandoning this book.But the writing slowly evened out and the humorous self-deprecation began appearing in larger doses, which is such a necessary ingredient in a novel such as this. While the opinions were still present (in full force), added personal stories from the author tempered the whole concoction to a much more palatable and enjoyable combination.When you have a book full of such strong thoughts and opinions, there really needs to be that extra self-directed humor to keep the whole thing from feeling bitter. A little more of this and I would have given the book a higher rating.(I received an arc from Netgalley in exchange for my sincere review.)

  • Abbey
    2019-03-16 08:21

    Ahh...finally, a parenting book that I can relate to! Already I'm making a list of people I'd like to give copies of this book to. Requirement: sense of humor.But really. I would love to be friends with this broad because there are so many times when I look at the current trends in parenting and think "WTF?" And I love that she cuts right through them, sometimes even hitting into places where I haven't recognized yet that I've already drunk that Kool-Aid. Like parenting, the best tagline: give yourself permission to laugh.

  • Laura
    2019-03-17 10:21

    I'll preface my comments with 3 facts:-I'd never heard of the author, and never read her blog-and also, I picked this up on a whim, thinking it was about food-and, I don't have any children.That being said, I listened to the audiobook right through to the end. I really enjoyed her humorous conversational style. This book was pretty friggin' hilarious. What a breath of fresh air to contrast all those books that tell you what to think, eat, do.

  • Alicia
    2019-02-20 12:17

    I read this book while my 4 year old (who has a fractured foot and an ear infection) had the stomach bug while my husband was out of town for work. Books like this help you find the humor in parenting when you most need it. Hysterical and cathartic.

  • Katherine
    2019-03-16 07:27

    I reserve the 5 star for 'life changing' books. That's this one. Sure I love her dry sense of humor, but what I really love is that she give me as a mom a little space to breath and to say 'yes, I am a good Mom, and no I don't have to be perfect.' Thanks, Stefanie.

  • Linds
    2019-03-05 11:58

    Stephanie's podcast "For Crying Out Loud" is also hilarious.

  • Alycia
    2019-03-13 09:26

    Recently read "Nap time is the New Happy Hour" and was thoroughly entertained and laughed many times. When I saw that Wilder- Taylor, a blogger, entertainer, and mom was releasing a new book, I thought I was in for more mom-tainment."Gummy Bears Should Not Be Organic" is also an entertainment book whose target audience is mothers of young children. It is not a how to parenting book and should not be taken as such. The author takes her experiences and entertains the reader about current mom fads. However, this book missed the mark for Wilder-Taylor's usual wit. I felt it was a real struggle to finish this book, unlike a previous book I've read. I recommend this book to fans of the author, otherwise I suggest her backlist. Thank you to Gallery Books for providing me a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Chaitra
    2019-03-09 14:16

    There are mandatory volunteer hours at pre-school? FUCK! Why did no one bother to warn me of this before I had my baby? Honestly. I liked this book fine. I have a few of the same thoughts that Wilder-Taylor does: about judge-y, put-together moms; about the Internet giving us a million different directions for a simple problem, none of which actually work; about the loss of general laziness once your bundles of joy have arrived. But there was a big chunk of the book I could not relate to, as my baby is still a sheltered 17 month old as opposed to Wilder-Taylor's 6-10 year old kids. Thus the rating. Perhaps if I read it in a few years. Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for providing me with a copy of this book.

  • Taylor
    2019-03-12 07:27

    I received a free ARC from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. I may not be a mother, but I am an elementary special education teacher and I felt like I could relate to most of the topics in this book. Taylor had me laughing out loud. One part I really enjoyed was about packing to go to the playground, or even worse the zoo. You always forget something! I also thought her idea for a "dating" sites for moms was hilarious. I would totally respond to her ad! Her synopsis of popular children's books made me see the, in a different light. There were some parts of the book that dragged on, like what not to say to a twin mom, but for the most part I loved this book and highly recommend it!

  • Miranda Elaine
    2019-03-13 07:27

    I have in the past several years become a big fan of Stefanie Wilder-Taylor's books and her refreshing look into life as a modern parent. She seems to have a rare quality in that she can both take parenting very seriously while not too serious all at the same time. Gummi Bears Should Not Be Organic is the fourth book of hers that I have read and just like the three that I read before I enjoyed every minute of it! Stefanie is hilarious and fun and reading the whole book feels like I am chatting with my best friend over coffee about our kids. I read the entire book in one sitting and by the end I was googling her other titles to add to my TBR! Great book for anyone who likes to still have fun while being a parent and knows that not everything should be taken so seriously!

  • Melissa Lee-Tammeus
    2019-03-20 14:26

    Where was this chick when my big kid was a little kid? How did I miss this? I cannot rave enough about this mom of three girls who has no problem telling it like it is. I am not going to pretend to agree with everything she says, but I love the way she is unapologetic, and has no desire to be mom of the year, yet tries really hard to be the best mom she can be (maybe mom of the month? or day?). Her writing style, which is littered with lovely swear words (I so love this part about her) and facebook and pop culture references (I love this about her even more) makes her pretty much the most relevant mom writer of this time period. Kudos. I plan to go back and read all that I missed.

  • Rebekah Crain
    2019-03-10 06:11

    Funny stuff found here! This book was such a pleasurable mommy read, but beware the author does have a tendency to use some more colorfully crass language on occasion. But oh how I loved all the hilarious thoughts, opinions, and advice she shared. Being a parent is so much fun, but it can drive a person batsh!t crazy some days too. This book made me laugh because the author's insights so often lined up with my own feelings and were incredibly relatable. I need to go check out her previous books now. Thanks to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for allowing me this review opportunity.

  • Delilah
    2019-02-25 09:17

    This book a no-nonsense approach to deal with today's problems regarding nosy moms, screaming kids, the age of Huffington Post check lists and celebrities being the experts on parenting. I do not yet have children (although according to Stefanie I'm probably going to have twins because I'm "old"...... love it) and thoroughly enjoyed this book to the very end. I highly recommend to the young, the "old", and even the really old. I received an advanced copy of this title from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Kimberly
    2019-03-02 10:58

    I love this book. I first requested this book from NetGalley because the title made me smile and the smile did not disappear throughout. The author is a blogger that finds ease in finding the humor in her everyday life raising three daughters.It makes it easier to find the humor in a mother's everyday life. I was able to relate to the stories that she told as I caught myself laughing out loud every time I picked this book up.I was given this book by NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

  • Q2
    2019-03-19 10:24

    Love this lady! If a mom needs some snarky commiserating, Wilder-Taylor's books are just the thing. She's witty, acerbic, and totally relatable. This is full of hilarious anecdotes and a few soapbox speeches; it's easy to read, makes you laugh--what's not to like? I missed out on her other books so it looks like I have some back-reading to do.

  • Rebecca
    2019-03-17 08:22

    This parenting book is wonderfully short and irreverent, with plenty of situations that anyone who has even contemplated parenthood will find amusing and relate to. Great for anyone who is exasperated with books on parenting styles and advice and is just looking for someone who understands! Advance copy provided by NetGalley.

  • Kitty
    2019-03-04 13:05

    My favorite part? It's when she talks about the reality of how it mean it is to expect your child to share. I mean, if you bought a new dress and someone came over and told you that you had to let your friend borrow it, there's no way that would fly!