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Title : Late Bloomer: 20 Hilarious Gems by the Master of Laughter
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ISBN : 9781500365332
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Late Bloomer: 20 Hilarious Gems by the Master of Laughter Reviews

  • Grady Miller
    2019-03-03 12:13

    I have a very soft spot for "Late Bloomer." This collection of zany essays and Hollywood-centric nonsense marks the place in my life when I met comedy or comedy met me. And it has been an amazing, magical journey, opening doors I would never imagined, and offering healing laughter — for myself and others. This all started with a random job offer to write for something the producers described as "Simpson's in Spanish." The job didn't pan out, but I had found something that captivated me, devising sketches around the lives of cartoon characters. And in my native English I began writing what I call cartoons with words.My story "The Silence of the Muse," the saga of a hapless poet and a lifetime of rejection slips was in internet sensation in the fall of 2004. The morning it came out, I ran into the bedroom and told my still-sleeping wife, "They know about me in Sweden, in Brazil and Minnesota." She yawned and went back to sleep.My humor column in the Canyon-News was soon off and running. Though not everyone knew it was humor. My first fan mail was from an outraged environmentalist from West Hollywood who didn't realize that my advocacy of a "single garbage can for everything" was a mockery of the city's byzantine recycling system. I was later pleased to learn that the sanitation department in the city hall had my article pinned on the wall.That piece, "The Garbageman Cometh" somehow got misplaced, but you'll find plenty in these pages to ruffle your feathers and tickle your funnybone.— Romance smolders between Reagan and Thatcher,— Bob Hope entertains the troops in Iraq,— An overstuffed Hollywood chair tells all— Pet horoscopes— Modern man's search for a parking place— A cheat sheet on making is big in Hollywood... And much more."A wryly observed satire of Hollywood mores," wrote TV comedy writer Stu Silverman. "Like DeToqueville on laughing gas, it's a gas-guzzler of a comedy, as rollicking a ride as the 405."T.C. Boyle raved, well he didn't rave, exactly, as critics are supposed to do. He spoke rather gently and said, "Too much shtick."And I replied, "I shall continue to speak softly and carry a big shtick."

  • Thad Austin
    2019-02-23 06:21

    Grady Miller’s Late Bloomer emerges from the Greater Los Angeles literary sprawl with the brash defiance of Angelyne at first light rising over La Brea and Fountain Avenues. Miller works his way into your confidences with the slippery flourish of a prestidigitarian. But Miller’s confidence game coaxes its readers down new Angelino alleyways on a tour of West Hollywood’s tragically proud indigenous population. Although Grady Miller possesses a recognizably unique style of prose, his poetry is not unlike the satire of David Sidaris. Yet the Desert Storm-dyed camo rainbow connection between Sidaris and Miller bridges more in a laconic freedom to illustrate what most would prefer to gloss over or turn away from wholesale. In Beverly Hills 2054, Miller treats us to a “peak” into the future of an upscale Hollywood restaurant, Ivy, which has risen from the ashes of a 1995 closure as a Pep Boy’s Auto parts store. Manny, Moe and Jack provide sacred ground for the likes of “President Schwarzenegger” and Paris Hilton who once reigned as SoCal royalty over cob salads and cigars. In a chapter entitled American Classics Revisited, Wife of former Vice President Dick Cheney reviews selections of books such as Death of a Salesman, Charlotte’s Web, and Animal Farm in which Mrs. Cheney shares all that is wrong and un-American about our most treasured literary works. Miller is merciless in his beneficence as he tenderly flays the underbelly of his beloved land of a thousand and three stars. No one is immune or grandfathered against Miller’s white-hot poker. Neither the sacred nor the profane, nor the phat are safe for that matter.If you’re in the mood for biting social commentary of the highest order or simply running a bit low on your recommended daily allowance of puns and pratfalls, Late Bloomer is just the ticket.

  • Jennifer
    2019-03-07 09:08

    I'm not used to reading satirical articles. There were many that I chuckled about and I thought that all of them were well written, just not something I would normally read.

  • Maria Hall
    2019-02-24 06:20

    If you need a laugh, enjoy a giggle, or want to entertain yourself or another, simply dip into Miller's crazy collection of comedic sketches and start reading - preferably aloud for full effect. There you will find the big brash American world, the one I know only from TV, dissected and ridiculed in a new and crazy way. I love nutty humour that leaves me in fits of laughter, making my tummy muscles ache. Miller's clever, arty and precocious. I look forward to reading more of his work.

  • S.R. Mallery
    2019-02-21 12:04

    ***** Funny and Oh, So Smart!!Welcome to Grady Miller’s world and his wonderfully offbeat book, “Late Bloomer,” where razor sharp cynicism, insightful musings, and Kafkaesque comedy is elevated to a high art form. Where his delightful short articles introduce you to various unique themes, such as what can happen to a writer when he keeps getting rejections; or, how about waking up in the morning as a chair that has housed some of the most famous Hollywood celebrities’ backsides? Then there’s Ronald Reagan’s true love (not Nancy), parking issues in Los Angeles, the real re-establishment of Iraq, a skeptical look at gurus, a how to instruction manual on the art of lying, a finish-the-story-and-pass-it-along piece, just to name a few. Funny, most certainly unique, this wonderful cornucopia of slightly off-kilter observations on different societal idiosyncrasies will tickle your funny bone and your brain. Most recommended for those who like to laugh...and to think.