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Lake Wales, Central Florida. 10 years ago, a political fundraiser became a bloodbath when a hooded assassin carried out a savage public execution. Three men were massacred, casting a dark shadow over the Sunshine State. A decade on, history is threatening to repeat itself. The widow of one victim, herself now running for Governor, has received an anonymous threat - a newspLake Wales, Central Florida. 10 years ago, a political fundraiser became a bloodbath when a hooded assassin carried out a savage public execution. Three men were massacred, casting a dark shadow over the Sunshine State. A decade on, history is threatening to repeat itself. The widow of one victim, herself now running for Governor, has received an anonymous threat - a newspaper clipping from that fateful day, along with the chilling words 'I'm back.' Florida detective Cab Bolton agrees to investigate the threat against this candidate, Diane Fairmont: an attractive politician who has a complicated history with Cab's mother, Hollywood actress Tarla Bolton - and with Cab himself. But by doing so, Cab is entering dangerous waters....

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Season of Fear Reviews

  • Brian Freeman
    2018-10-25 09:52

    SEASON OF FEAR: The Return of Cab BoltonHere's some background you may enjoy on my latest thriller SEASON OF FEAR. For more information (including an excerpt), you can visit my web page: first met Cab Bolton in my sixth novel THE BONE HOUSE — which was also my first novel not to feature Duluth police lieutenant Jonathan Stride. I originally envisioned THE BONE HOUSE as a stand-alone, but readers soon demanded to see more of this quirky Florida detective. Well, after the pure stand-alone SPILLED BLOOD (which won the 2013 Thriller Award for Best Hardcover Novel) and the new Jonathan Stride novel THE COLD NOWHERE, Cab Bolton is finally back in an all-new thriller SEASON OF FEAR.So how does Cab Bolton differ from the intense, introspective Jonathan Stride?“Sarcasm doesn’t suit you,” Cab Bolton’s mother tells him.“And yet I stick with it,” he replies. Cab isn’t your typical cop.  For one thing, he doesn’t look much like a cop.  Imagine a young Peter O’Toole (or maybe Neil Patrick Harris?)…absolutely amazing blue eyes, spiky blonde hair, skin so perfect you want to know what moisturizer he uses.  He’s crazy-tall and wouldn’t be caught dead in anything but an expensive suit.  He’s got money, thanks to his Hollywood mother, so he’s a cop not because he HAS to be but because he WANTS to be.  He enjoys the game. The challenge.  He’s clever, and he’s good at it. However, Cab may as well wear a sign that says:  Does not play well with others.  He hates authority.  He doesn’t like rules. He’s still figuring out what he wants to do with his life. And for most of his 35 years, he’s been playing a game of hopscotch, jumping from place to place.  Other cops call him Catch-a-Cab Bolton, because he always has one foot out of town. He loves women (okay, he has that in common with Stride), but he doesn’t trust them.  He’s been betrayed by women before, and he grew up with a mother who didn’t know the meaning of commitment herself.  So his relationship with his girlfriend Lala is on-again, off-again. There are fireworks in bed and fireworks when they argue. Don’t make bets on a long-term affair for them.His other relationship — with his actress mother Tarla — is just as problematic. He lived on the other side of the world from her for years, but now she’s back in his life and trying to control it. Tarla made Cab who he is, and he’s not entirely sure he likes that. She also keeps secrets from him — like not telling him who his father was or why he has the odd name Cab. So when people ask, he just makes up stories.  One thing about Cab…he’s genuinely charming.  Handsome. Funny.  Sharp.  He banters with friends and enemies alike. He’s secure about who he is and who he’s not.  He takes life seriously and himself not at all.  Which makes him impossible not to like.SEASON OF FEAR also takes me to a new setting in hot, humid central Florida. Most of my earlier books (except the Vegas-based STRIPPED) have taken place in the American Midwest, with its dirt roads, bitter winters, and dark forests. I love the drama of those settings, and I like to give readers a “you are there” feel, where they are dropped into the middle of every scene and can taste, touch, feel, and smell it happening all around them.However, Florida weather is typically so darn nice that writers just seem to have fun with it. Many of the great Florida writers are satirists (think Hiaasen) who deliciously profile the offbeat, Jimmy Buffett-meets-Lindsay Lohan attitude of Miami and the Keys. Me, I wanted to see if I could export my love of dark settings to a place called the Sunshine State. Needless to say, some really bad weather is headed for the coast.Cab is a Florida detective, but will he stay that way? Don’t count on it. You can’t separate Jonathan Stride from his hometown of Duluth, but Cab doesn’t have the same roots. He doesn’t have a hometown at all, and chances are, he’ll show up in other settings going forward. Some readers are already asking: Will Jonathan Stride ever meet Cab Bolton? Will they — like Harry Bosch and Mickey Haller — turn out to have some secret family connection that bridges my two series?No, I don’t think so.Cab and Stride are opposites of each other in many ways. Stride is the emotional hero — driven by his relationships, passionate (sometimes too passionate) about the victims he’s trying to help. Cab isn’t comfortable with emotions. He doesn’t like to go there, because usually, he doesn’t like what he sees. And if Stride always seems tangled in a web of women, Cab is a loner at heart. I think Cab and Stride would be oil and water if I put them together in a book.Then again, I’ve learned to never say never.

  • Jean
    2018-11-04 08:01

    To paraphrase Senator Lloyd Bentsen’s famous line: Cab Bolton, you’re no Jonathan Stride. I am an avid fan of Freeman’s Stride series, but after reading The Bone House, in which his unconventional detective, Cab Bolton, was introduced, I was underwhelmed. He seemed too perfect and yet, too shallow and one-dimensional. However, it will take more than one average work to discourage me, so I was ready to give Cab another chance.Season of Fear begins ten years in the past at a political fundraiser when a masked killer shoots down a gubernatorial candidate and two other men. Now his widow, Diane Fairmont, is running for governor of Florida, and Cab is hired by someone within her third-party organization, the Common Way Party, to investigate a threat against Diane.Freeman, of course, intended his new crime-solver to be much, much different from his well known protagonist, Duluth police detective Jonathan Stride. Cab doesn’t look like a detective. He is tall. Very tall. Gel-spiked blond hair, a stud in one ear, dazzling blue eyes. He has movie-star good looks, which he inherited from his mother, Hollywood actress, Tarla Bolton. He takes himself lightly, but he takes his work seriously. Very seriously – except that he doesn’t stay in one place very long – hence the nickname “Catch-a- Cab Bolton”. His mother loves that he is back in Florida close to her, but theirs is a strange relationship. They interface with quick one-liners, sarcasm, and wit rather than really communicating with actual feelings.This is really what I have found missing in the Cab Bolton books, especially when comparing them to Jonathan Stride, who is so passionate. For at least half of the book, the tone felt almost noir –filled with darkness, cynicism, mistrust, and ambiguity. Each political camp has spies. Peach Piper is a 22-year-old woman who works for Ms. Fairmont’s campaign. Her older brother, Lyle, was Birch Fairmont’s right-hand man and was killed in the attack that killed the candidate. She gets caught up in an investigation of her own after her boyfriend Justin, who also worked for Diane, is murdered. Who is working for whom? Was it really an assassination, or was it murder? Could someone have had a personal motive for killing Birch Fairmont? And is Diane really in danger, or is it just a ploy by her own campaign to get sympathy votes? Peach – and Cab – would do well to remember: Trust no one.Trust no one. Cab’s mother is Diane’s best friend. But even best friends have secrets. So do mothers and sons. Brothers and sisters, too, to say nothing of political allies and foes. Even the weather cannot be trusted. As the story meanders on, with suggestions of this guy or that woman being dangerous or untrustworthy or sneaky, Mother Nature threatens to pack a punch too. The weather is sticky, steamy, and sweat-inducing. Then, on July 4, Chayla hits with a vengeance. Chayla almost becomes another character in this turbulent tale of political lies, deceit, and murder. The tropical storm knocks out power, slows traffic, and closes business. It casts an eerie darkness over an already treacherous situation.Trust no one. There are so many folks in this novel who could potentially be up to no good that I really only trusted Cab, Tarla, and Peach. Even Lala, the policewoman/lady friend of Cab who befriends Peach is hiding something, isn’t she? Peach – her brother Deacon calls her “Fruity” – she’s a peachy keen character. She’s quirky, solitary, very intelligent, a master of disguises, and she is a young woman who desperately wants someone to love and trust. She has lost her parents, a brother, and her would-be boyfriend, yet she is very determined to get to the truth. Tarla, the movie star mother of Cab, seems to be vain, concerned only with her image and controlling her son’s life. There is much more to this woman, however, and bits of the loyal, caring Tarla begin to surface in this book. I hope we see more development of Tarla in future books.Then there is Cab. The sarcasm and witty remarks get old very quickly. Fortunately, for at least half of the novel, the development of the plot and the other characters provide some distraction from the superficiality of Bolton. Without spoiling anything, Cab has an“aha” moment, and I believe even he is surprised by the depth of his human emotions. Cab Bolton can’t – cannot- can NOT – be allowed to be just another pretty face ever again. Thank you, Mr. Freeman, for that revelation. In that instant, I began to see Cab Bolton as a person, not a caricature. I felt that was an excellent piece of writing, and I felt it deserved another star. The setup, while not painfully slow, does take some time, since there are quite a few characters and elements to this plot. At times, there was a too much detail and innuendo in the descriptions of female characters, and the banter between Cab and others caused me to do some eye-rolling, but for the most part, there were so many possible suspects that I trusted no one and had to keep reading along, hoping that the good part would be really worth it.“The good part.” Wow. The many good parts – plural – just kept coming. A few discoveries were big surprises. Other things I had figured out, although not always in full detail. If you read Season of Fear and feel like things are dragging, stick with it. I think you will be glad you did. I am happy to say that I am truly interested to see how Cab Bolton develops over time. I am also pleased that we may be seeing more of Peach Piper in the future as well. 4 stars

  • Liz Barnsley
    2018-10-21 09:12

    I have been a quiet yet avid fan of Brian Freeman for many years now ever since I picked up a copy of “Immoral” featuring main protagonist Jonathon Stride rather randomly one day. Since then I have read all the novels, although this is the first I’ve read since reviewing seriously. They are all excellent crime thrillers, with exquisite psychological suspense mashed together with terrifically twisty mystery stories and Season Of Fear is no different.This is the second of the authors new series featuring Cab Bolton – the first book “The Bone House” originally being intended to be a standalone, the character has been brought back due to popular demand. Unsurprisingly as he’s rather cool. And tall. I like that he is tall…In this instalment, a huge storm is about to hit Florida and a storm of a different kind is about to hit an ongoing political campaign – ten years ago Diane watched in horror as her husband was gunned down in a savage attack during a political fundraiser. Now she herself is in the race for Governer and history may be about to repeat itself. Cab Bolton agrees to look into the possibility of a threat and finds himself caught up in political shenanigans and facing real danger from an unknown source..Fast paced without compromising character development, once again Mr Freeman has delivered a most terrific twisty tale that will keep you on your toes, introduced some new characters that I hope to see again and managed a great build up of tension and anticipation – the approaching tropical storm as an analogy for everything else works really well, the closer the hurricane the nearer Cab gets to the truth and you will be with him all the way.As always there is a terrific supporting cast – Peach was a particular favourite of mine and I have a love/hate relationship with Cab’s movie star mother Tarla. The interaction and ongoing relationships Cab has are compelling and I am extremely pleased that there is obviously more to come.The political intrigue is well drawn and riveting, the mystery behind who was responsible for the carnage ten years ago and who may be responsible for current issues is highly imaginative, with some great misdirection and clever little red herrings dotted about the timeline, it is a multi layered tale where anything could happen and this makes for fascinating reading.Season of Fear could easily be read as a standalone, but I would recommend you start at the beginning both with this and with the Stride series. This is some great crime fiction right here and I would highly recommend both this and all the other books for fans of crime, mystery and psychological thrillers.Happy Reading Folks!

  • Brenda
    2018-11-15 09:06

    Sad to say I'm not going to finish this book. I struggled to get to page 129. It just didn't grab me and pull me in, and I didn't feel connected to the story or the characters.

  • Donna
    2018-10-26 07:02

    I did the audio on this. I always feel differently when I do audios verses reading. This book had too many people in it for it to be a great audio. There were so many groups of people, and each member had their role to play. It was hard to keep track of them all when the voices were so very similar. The reader had a pleasant enough voice, he just couldn't alter it to reflect not only the personalities, but even the women sounded just like the men.Now with that out there, there was still so much to like about this author and the book. I liked that it was 3rd person. It worked because everyone had a voice...(even though it was the same actual voice). I also liked the story. It had some interesting turns. I think that is what he did so well. It was a little slow at times and some times the dialog stalled. The author was trying to reveal pertinent clues but it was sandwiched between unnecessary dialog (ie: greetings, small talk, etc.). There are other ways to drop clues that does not include dialog.I will read more by this author. I liked this enough to want to see what else he has put out there.

  • Rob1109
    2018-11-08 05:49

    I’m shocked to be writing this review. This had all the markings of a novel I should have liked. It didn’t. I recently discovered Mr. Freeman when, a few months ago, I picked up ‘The Bone House.’ That novel hooked me from page one. I hate to resort to clichés but it was a ‘page turner.’ I loved the story, the plot twists and turns, the author’s writing style and especially the character development. Although it was only the first book I’ve read by him, I felt confident Mr. Freeman would become one of my favorite authors. When I learned that the detective in that story, Cab Bolton, would appear again in ‘Season of Fear,’ I was thrilled.This is a link to my review of 'The Bone House.' You can see how much I enjoyed it. enjoy Mr. Freeman’s writing style. I do like his protagonist Cab Bolton and enjoy the interaction between Cab and his mother. This book is based around a political campaign and I will say I am an avid follower of politics. I was sure this would be a five star book. I sat down with ‘Season of Fear’ with much anticipation and high expectations. The first chapter was great. And then? Nothing. The novel went nowhere and fell flat. I will say that it takes a LOT for me to stop reading a book I start. But after about 110 pages, roughly 25% of the book, I was lost, confused and didn’t care. I have no problem following a book with many characters but, in my opinion, Season of Fear, went over-the-top. It’s one thing to introduce a lot of characters. But when the author gives detailed backstory on each and every one of them, it’s hard to determine who is important and who is not, who is relevant in the story and who is unimportant. Birch Fairmont, Diane Fairmont, Tarla Bolton, Drew, Lyle Piper, Caprice Dean, Walter Fleming, Brent Reed, Ogden Bush, Ramona Cortes, Peach Piper, Deacon: These 13 characters were all introduced in just the first 21 pages!!! To me, that’s a bit much. I also will say this. I am a male and perhaps I’m old-fashioned. But if I was female I’d be offended and almost affronted by the way the author refers to women. Why is it that EVERY SINGLE WOMAN in this novel was described physically—with special attention paid to her “cleavage” and “well-rounded breasts?” I mean, come on already. Whereas in ‘The Bone House’ I liked Cab Bolton very much but in this novel he was annoying and…well, kind of sleazy. Cab’s had one past love, an old girlfriend who was killed in Spain. In this book he is involved with Lala, a stunning exotic Cuban (with large breasts, mind you.) Cab goes 4 days without talking to Lala—four days! And is already openly flirting with another woman. I was very disappointed in this book, especially considering how much I enjoyed ‘The Bone House.’ I probably will try one more book by Mr. Freeman hoping for 2 out of 3—but it wont be for a while.

  • Book Addict Shaun
    2018-10-25 07:51

    I am a huge fan of Brian Freeman from his Jonathan Stride series of novels. When asked if I would like to review this book, the second in the Cab Bolton series it wasn't really a question that needed answering. Freeman is one of the best writers in the business and knows how to tell a damn good story so I knew I was in for a treat. I haven't read The Bone House which is the first Bolton book but this one can easily be read as a standalone.The first thing that stood out to me is this book is very different from the Stride books and I have to admit at first it took me a long time to get into it. I picked it up and put it down more than once, I think that's more to do with me reading SO many books lately more than anything. That said though once the story got going it really got going and I was hooked. It's not the quickest book to read but well worth the time invested. The book opens ten years ago to the murder of politician Birch Fairmont and his colleague Lyle Piper by a lone gunman. We are also introduced to the characters of Caprice Dean, Lyle's partner, Diane Fairmont, wife of Birch and finally the mother of our main character Cab Bolton, Tarla.Then coming back to the present day we are introduced to more characters and at first it was a little overwhelming but after a while I was comfortable in the story. There's so many different threads to the story it's impossible to cover them all without giving anything away. Cab Bolton starts looking into past events and realises everyone has something to hide. The supposed shooter is behind bars, but Cab begins to suspect there may be more to it. I'm going to liken it to a jigsaw puzzle except when I put the pieces together and compared it with the picture on the box I couldn't have been more wrong. Freeman definitely keeps the reader on their toes.A storm brews both in Florida and on the page as I got sucked in to one of the more gripping mysteries I've read in the past few months with the biggest twist at the end! I tend to avoid reading about politicians in the press and I've not read all that much about them in fiction but that didn't effect my enjoyment of this novel. The plotting is excellent and it's a very gripping thriller that rattles along at just the right pace. The writing is top notch, very descriptive - the standard you expect from Brian Freeman and the characters well crafted and believable. My favourites being Cab, his mother and Peach. I will definitely be looking to read The Bone House in the near future.

  • Beth
    2018-11-09 08:01

    I'm a big Brian Freeman fan--his Jonathan Stride series is terrific. But this was good, but I wasn't too crazy about the cast of characters...or the political background, for that matter. It was a dandy murder mystery--there were a number of murders and plenty of unsavory suspects (a few surprising ones as well), but the political dirty tricks, chicanery, opposition research, and seriously flawed gubernatorial candidates made that part of the story unpleasant and way too much like real life. The main character, Cab Bolton, debuted in an earlier book that I haven't read, and he was smart and handsome and capable, but I just didn't find him particularly appealing. If someone DOES like political machinations mixed up in with the murders, they would probably like this just fine. I'll stick with Freeman's other hero.

  • Eadie
    2018-11-05 11:55

    I've read The Bone House and enjoyed the character of Cab Bolton so I was glad to see that Freeman had written another book featuring this character and I'm happy to say that this one does not disappoint. The characters are well-developed and the plot had many twists and turns that kept me interested until the very end. There is lots of mystery, political corruption, family issues all happening as a hurricane is approaching. The story was well paced and the ending was very surprising. I now look forward to reading his Jonathan Stride series and I recommend this series to those who enjoy a very engaging mystery read.

  • Tim
    2018-11-09 10:47

    Torn between 1 and 2 stars on this. Decided to give the benefit of much doubt as 2 may be too high. 2 of 10 stars

  • Francesca
    2018-11-14 06:15

    - 4 meno -I thriller a sfondo politico non sono tra i miei preferiti, anzi di solito li evito proprio. Freeman è, però, uno scrittore che apprezzo e non volevo perdere una sua opera. Nonostante l'argomento di fondo il libro scorre, incuriosisce, tiene sulle spine. I colpi di scena non mancano, fino alla fine.

  • Karl Jorgenson
    2018-10-31 07:54

    Freeman once again creates a cast of characters where everybody is flawed. No, that's what the experts recommend. He piles the flaws on until everybody is completely dysfunctional, usually from rape, incest, suicide, murder, or a combination of these.I had read a third of the book before I realized who the good guys were. Why? Because there aren't any good guys, at least not that I care about.It's a typical Freeman plot. A killer has come back, ten years later, to kill again. This time the killings are wrapped up in politics, a simple way to add a bunch of potential motives. As usual, the cops are simpletons. When a nice guy is killed while investigating the ten-year-ago murders, they dismiss his death as drug related because he had a brick of Coke in his apartment and ten grand in cash. Never mind that he doesn't do drugs; never mind that none of his friends do drugs or are aware of him selling; never mind that he doesn't own a gun or that his cell phone doesn't have calls from drug users, etc.So a couple of dysfunctional members of dysfunctional families go poking around for reasons that don't make a lot of sense, and the killer keeps knocking off witnesses and others to slow them down.What Freeman reminds me of more than anything is Perry Mason, so I suppose Gardner, if the TV series was true to the author. You have ten or twelve weirdos with assorted psychological problems, all with motives to kill some or all of the victims. So we bounce around and learn nothing, except that each of them is a sicko in some way, until the very end, where suddenly the killer and his motive are revealed. The difference being that Perry Mason is a good guy, and normally has a client who is a good person. We don't know who did what, but we know the client is okay and we root for her/him. Freeman doesn't really give us a good guy, and he doesn't really give us a believable reason for the sort-of-good guys to unravel the story. Excepting, of course, that in a Freeman book the cops can't be bothered to look too hard at murders, so it's up to Freeman's characters to solve the deal. It makes the unending and pointless character investigations tedious and the final climax rather flat.He throws in a hurricane, I assume to give us an extra level of tension, but it's like a Minnesota storm, not a named monster. It rains a lot, waves crash on the shore, and people have to stay indoors if they don't want to get soaked. But it doesn't flood much, buildings aren't damaged, roads aren't blocked, and his description of the storm is minimal. For a much better hurricane-linked novel, read 'Condominium' by John MacDonald. Now there was a writer.

  • Susan
    2018-11-04 11:05

    This is the second thriller featuring Cab Bolton; the first being “The Bone House.” This sees Cab in Florida, where Diane Fairmont – his movie star mother’s best friend – is running for governor. Ten years ago it was Diane’s husband, Birch, who was standing as a candidate for the US Congress from the newly formed Common Way Party. Then, during a political speech, Birch Fairmont, his chief of staff Lyle Piper and two other bystanders were shot; both Birch and Lyle fatally. When Cab visits, he is approached by Caprice Dean, Lyle’s former fiancé, who states she is afraid that history will repeat itself and Diane may be assassinated. In this novel, Cab Bolton delves into the past and uncovers much that is murky, ruthless and unpleasant. Someone is in prison and are widely believed to have been responsible for the murders ten years ago, but as his investigation digs deeper, Cab begins to wonder whether the accepted story is correct. Meanwhile, Lyle’s younger brother and sister – Deacon and Peach Piper – also work for Diane’s campaign. Piper works undercover; spying and intelligence gathering on the Common Way’s enemies. Still damaged by the events so many years ago, Piper’s colleague and close friend Justin has recently been murdered and she wants to know why.Before long, Cab has the sense that virtually everyone he speaks to are covering up and lying about both the past and the present – but he is aware that Diane is certainly is danger. As he attempts to avoid the beautiful Caprice, deal with his mother Tarla and girlfriend Lala’s dislike of each other, and discover the truth, he uncovers events from a decade ago which are still having repercussions. As a storm is about to hit Florida, he has to try to stop events before anyone else is hurt. Yet, politics is a ruthless and vicious business, and covering up lies and scandals is second nature to those who have ambitions in government.This is a well plotted and fast moving thriller, with good characters. I especially liked Cab’s mother, the sly Tarla – always with a barbed comment aimed and ready to shoot – and Peach, who is trying to make sense of a world that has left her bereft more than once and who is so unsure of who to trust. I have missed the first Cab Bolton novel, but am looking forward to going back and reading it. Hopefully there will be far more in this series, as it was an interesting and exciting read. Lastly, I received a copy of this book from the publishers, via NetGalley, for review.

  • Cheryl M-M
    2018-11-16 12:11

    This is the second Cab Bolton thriller, the first is The Bone House.The assassination of a politician leaves a trail of unanswered questions ten years after the tragedy. Now the tables are turned and his wife is in the midst of a political campaign. There are threats against her life and those threats result in the past being dug up again.Who was the shooter? Was the wrong person blamed? It seems as if everyone is hiding some kind of secret. The real culprit is an unexpected surprise, but the viciousness that person shows is even more of a surprise.The book can be read as a standalone, however the characters are solid enough to make the reader want to discover more in the series.The whole Diane and Cab storyline seemed a wee bit forced and predictable. I am surprised his mother took it on board with such ease. The relationship between Cab and Tarla is a major focus of the story, which is pleasant but not overpowering. The mother with a large ego to go hand in hand with her fame and talent. Not an easy personality to deal with as a child or as an adult for that matter. Perhaps her flamboyant manner is why he turns to Diane in the first place.Peach is one of the more colourful characters, and her storyline takes the reader straight towards the solution. At first her problems and involvement seem almost trivial to both Cab and the reader, however this changes quickly as the pace of the book picks up.Freeman has managed to wrap a mystery within a crime and send the readers off in multiple wrong directions before bringing the story to a surprising conclusion.I received a copy of this book courtesy of Edelweiss.

  • Steve
    2018-10-21 10:14

    This is the first book I have read by Brian Freeman and I do hope it isn't the last. Although overall Season of Fear didn't wow me, it is an accomplished story with many exciting characters and plot twists. I found this to be a little bit of a slow burner and it wasn't until a fair way in that I found myself absorbed by the story. That said it picks up the pace and the last quarter of the book is very hard to put down. Once it gets moving it is the sort of novel that keeps you guessing and although the reader may pre-empt some elements there are so many twists, turns and changes of direction that it still manages to surprise and finishes in a really satisfying way.There are a couple of real stand out characters in this book, such as Peach and Cab Bolton himself (although again it took a while for me to warm to Cab), both of whom I hope to read more of in future.Season of Fear is an intriguing political thriller with a decent murder mystery at its core. It isn't a novel I am likely to return to (I will advise it to certain friends and family though) but I will keep an eye out for future releases from Brian Freeman as he clearly has a knack for intricate plot twists and quirky characters.

  • Darcy
    2018-10-27 12:01

    I found this one a bit boring to start, it was politics after all, and you knew everyone was lying. The thing was I had a hard time what everyone was lying about. I'm pretty good about guessing what is going on, but this one kept me off balance and not sure what was going on, which was a big reason I kept reading even when bored.I hated how the politico's kept saying that the ends justified the means, which is a load of crap! I felt sorry for Peach, she really lost so much in this book, but I sort of like where she is at the end. I think she if finally surrounded by people who really give a crap about her. Cab seems to be in an interesting spot. I liked the end, loved that he called a certain someone out. I have a hard time believing that either party will let things lie, there is too much at risk there.

  • LooKat23
    2018-11-06 09:05

    I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of this book from the publisher and I've got to say it didn't disappoint!I'd eagerly awaited the return of Cab Bolton and this book was everything I anticipated it would be and more. The characters were well written into the scheming world of politics, making it difficult to guess who done it amongst all the likely candidates... And I didn't! Prepare for a big twist at the end, just when you think you may have figured it out. I love Brian Freemans writing style, it's so descriptive, you feel you're right there in amongst the plot. The Floridian Cab Bolton series is a sharp contrast to the Stride series, set in the mid-west, but both wonderful series, which I highly recommend.

  • Tom Combs
    2018-11-05 05:15

    Complex, highly engaging characters, a gripping storyline, and a masterful job of revealing the power of setting and dramatic elements. A suspense-filled pleasure!A hurricane striking South Florida, politics, murder, romance and mystery advance the story with energy and speed.Multiple times a line (or lines) of prose caused me to pause and savor - some really great stuff - occurs for me with few authors (e.g. James Lee Burke whose gift I consider supernatural).The character development of Cab, Peach, Tarla, et al will have me quick to jump on their next episode. Outstanding.Brian does a particularly great job creating interesting and attractive women characters. A fun read!This is book #2 of the Cab Bolton series and I'm eager for the next.

  • Pam
    2018-11-01 10:47

    Ten years ago, a masked gunman opened fire at a political rally, killing three people, including a popular candidate for governor. Now, the candidate's wife, Diane, is taking up the mantel and running for governor herself. When a message is sent that the killer is back, hunky detective Cab Bolton is hired to find the killer before more people die. Political secrets, great characters, an impending hurricane, and a deliciously twisty plot create a terrific mystery/thriller.

  • Judy
    2018-10-30 07:51

    Very exciting book, could not put down.

  • Danielle Gonzalez
    2018-11-08 09:04

    This is the second Brian Freeman book I've read, and I'm now an addict. I love his writing! The man can tell a story and keep you in suspense. This is one of few books where I'm constantly having OMG moments. Many chapters end with an explosive jaw-dropping discovery. There is no way you can really figure out who is the murderer. The story starts with a shooting at a political rally. The candidate is assassinated. Flash forward 10 years later, and the candidate's surviving wife is now running for office. She receives a cryptic note indicating the killer is still alive and may be coming after her. This story takes place in Florida right before a summer hurricane is coming. The suspense builds as the weather gets worse and comes to a crashing ending when the storm is at it's worst. I liked the characters, and they all had interesting back stories. This book is a roller coaster that you will not be able to put down. I know I couldn't. I'm now an official fan of Brian Freeman.

  • Elizabeth Croston
    2018-10-25 09:14

    Brian Freeman is one of my current favorite crime / mystery writers. I love listening to his audio books and the man that reads them is great. This book started out slow, but halfway through it picked up and didn't disappoint. This one focuses a lot more on detective Cab Bolton than "The Bone House" did, which was the first in the Cab Bolton series. I wasn't able to figure out the plot and lots of twists and turns. I look forward to reading or listening to more of his books.

  • Myrna
    2018-11-11 06:13

    3.6/5 stars. The political aspect of this book did nothing for me. Maybe it's because I am Canadian, but I really struggled with the fictitious Common Way political party. I almost abandoned this book multiple times, but I stuck with it because I quite liked the first book in the series, and I hoped the other elements of the story would overtake the political ones. They did, and I am glad I persevered.

  • Albert Riehle
    2018-11-17 13:04

    My least favorite book by Brian Freeman. I just couldn't get into it. I'll admit, the twists in this one had me fooled and the final 50-75 pages were downhill and fun but everything leading up to it was like molasses. I want to like the protagonist but I don't. He's just sort of there. And his Mommy Issues are tedious after 2 books. This was almost a 2 star book for me. If I had it to do over, I'd skip it.

  • Cindy
    2018-11-12 09:05

    Strong 3, interesting & convoluted (thought I had it figured-oops!). Some sex, profanity. Well narrated. Good even if you don't remember Katrina or other hurricanes. Well narrated by one of my favorites.

  • Joy
    2018-11-03 13:14

    I loved this story and I really want there to be a book 3. Cab is awesome, while Lala isn't super she could be fleshed out a bit, and I really want to know what happens with Peach.The story had twists and turns and I had no idea how it as going to end.

  • Cassie
    2018-10-28 06:15

    L'inizio non mi ha coinvolto granchè, forse perchè non mi attirano troppo gli intrighi politici... ma siccome Freeman è Freeman, pian piano mi ha preso sempre più. E Cab Bolton è un personaggio che mi piace quasi quanto Stride!

  • Micky Cox
    2018-11-04 08:15

    This is the second in the Cab Bolton series and wow, it was better than the first and the first was good. Fantastic character development with an interestingly twisted plot that is multi-layered and yet clearly visible when you fit all the pieces together. I will be anxiously awaiting book #3!

  • Jerry King
    2018-10-25 05:03


  • Sharon Peterson
    2018-11-12 11:59

    I enjoy reading Brian Freeman books. This one, set in Florida with Hurricane Chaya moving in, was a fascinating read. I'm ready for more Cab Bolton books!