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Dear Author,I adore my baby brother and I try not to meddle in his life but since our parents are halfway ‘round the world’, looking out for him is up to me and he is so unlucky in love, I can’t help it. Guys are always taking advantage of his kindness and generosity (okay, gullibility). Yesterday, I saw him in a restaurant with this man, and I’m beside myself. Shall I senDear Author,I adore my baby brother and I try not to meddle in his life but since our parents are halfway ‘round the world’, looking out for him is up to me and he is so unlucky in love, I can’t help it. Guys are always taking advantage of his kindness and generosity (okay, gullibility). Yesterday, I saw him in a restaurant with this man, and I’m beside myself. Shall I send champagne or a walker? What’s a big sis to do? Yeah, this guy doesn’t look like he’ll take his money but what about his heart?Photo Description: Photo 1: Guy in his mid-thirties, short blonde hair, displaying defined muscly torso, his thumbs hooked inside his skimpy black briefs. His eyes are hooded, his expression tough and dangerous.Photo 2: Guy in early twenties, dark complexion, open jacket, slim and well-toned, attractive, pouty, with dark, unkempt hair swept over his smouldering features.This story was written as a part of the M/M Romance Group's "Love’s Landscapes" event. Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice. Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story. This story may contain sexually explicit content and is intended for adult readers. It may contain content that is disagreeable or distressing to some readers. The M/M Romance Group strongly recommends that each reader review the General Information section before each story for story tags as well as for content warnings....

Title : Sugar and Sawdust
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Sugar and Sawdust Reviews

  • ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~
    2018-11-12 04:20

    ~2 to 3 stars~ This one's hard to rate. It's almost a farce, funny in parts, but with no real character or relationship development. I could have done without the meddlesome sister or her super awkward revelation at the end. The writing flowed nicely, however, and I always appreciate clean editing.Disclaimer: One of the MCs has a foot-long cock. Do with that what you will. It's a bit of a nuisance, really.

  • SheReadsALot
    2018-11-17 07:21

    Leaves a lasting impression, hmmm? *whispers* One of the MC's has got a foot long between their legs. Let's have a few seconds of silence together, shall we?Okay, I seriously dug this story. A pretty twink model who is not the sharpest tool in the shed (don't worry he has someone looking out for him) meets a possible love match in an older one night stand who has a past and a few surprises up his sleeve.Alec is older, sweet and different. And a great match for Jorje because I can see Jorje flitting about in the future and he needs a partner to help keep him grounded.There's a porn star MC, a big D and some family drama. I'd watch this story if it was a show. I liken this story as a not so good for you but fucking delicious snack.I have a weakness for cheese balls. Um, Baby probably won't readily share.I actually liked Jorje's sister. I saw it as her caring for her brother, who is not so good with money. Some may say she's invasive or hovering but I see it as love. (Can you tell I'm the eldest sister? Don't worry I'm not as bad Taylor...but I might have my moments.)Adorable, smexy story with an age gap lovers that I think will actually last for the long haul. They get each other. Loved the title. :DThanks to the author and the team for the story.

  • Katrina Passick Lumsden
    2018-11-06 00:03

    Bizarre. That's how I'd describe this one. Could have done without the sister's revelation at the end. That was just too creepy, even for me.I mean gross.

  • Vivian
    2018-10-18 07:13

    Lighthearted and sweet.A bit cheesy and pandering to giant dongs and ditzy twinks, but the twist at the end made me go--really?

  • Alona
    2018-10-22 01:17


  • Emma Sea
    2018-10-23 05:03

    Cute and appropriately sweet. Great picture prompts for this story, and McGowan definitely made them come alive.

  • A.M. Leibowitz
    2018-11-10 07:18

    I had a Bad Book Experience which needed to be replaced with a Good Book Experience, so I read this. And I'm not actually sure what I think except that it was darn near perfect for a fluffy, funny, and slightly filthy short story.At first, the set-up reads like an above-average romantic comedy. All the tropes are in there: Pretty and very, ahem, experienced young guy? Check. Meddlesome sister? Check. Older, very hot "straight" guy who's never had a boyfriend? Check. An exceptionally large appendage with its own plot...wait a sec. It pretty much stopped being typical right from the moment Alec's dong became practically another character in the story. Like the anatomically comical fish story ("it was THIS big!"), the other tropes are all bent to a degree as well, making the story a particularly clever one.I giggled, and then I laughed, and then eventually I was laughing so hard I actually cried. I truly cannot spoil the big reveal at the end (and no, it's not Alec's unit, which we get to see sooner than that). My exact reaction was, "Wait, did that really just happen? Oh. My. God." Which I believe I said out loud to my cat.Look, if you're going to write something that might be labeled MM romantic comedy, then it had better not only hit its marks in the funny department but also be something unique. This one is definitely in a category all on its own, much like Alec's yardstick.

  • Al
    2018-10-26 07:08

    Ten stars!!!!This story really touched me.First of all the humour. It had me howling! I was actually going to highlight my favourite lines but I can't work out the spoilers, so just don't read this if for some mad reason you haven't yet read this story:No way is a boyfriend of mine wearing crocs (hahahah)A clitoris that looks like the face of Jesus (snigger)He offered to help me fill the cream horns (oh go on then)The sex. No, the sex though!!! Bloody hell! The 'Making love' part actually made me cry. Just so beautiful. And the fact that sex is not always perfect, things don't always work, the realities of two male bodies, just made me want to cheer for the author!! Despite-No! Because of the 'knob issues', the sex is also EXTREMELY hot.This is a warm and lovely story which is well crafted, funny and sweet.Thank you to the author for her contributions!Woops, forgot. Also ...the sister!! Argh!!!!

  • Sheri
    2018-11-11 05:22

    Purrdy fashion models....okay.Porn stars packing a foot long wiener....okay.Siblings sharing the secrets of...not okay.Ehhhh, maybe 3 stars?

  • Camille
    2018-10-23 05:07

    DNF.Bored.This didn't work for me.I found the conversations awkward and the characterisation pointed / purposeful / contrived and without realism. The writing lacked fluidity.

  • Grammar*Kitten
    2018-11-09 01:15

    I'm just throwing this out there - I think Debbie McGowan might be a witch. At the very least, she's charmed. Because I went into this story with the idea that I was going to hate it. For that reason alone - and because the opposite happened - I'm giving it five stars. Why did I pick it up then, you ask? Because I love the author, and I had twenty minutes spare and knew it was a damn short book. End of story. Well, no. Start of story.I'm not a M/M 'Romance' type of girl. Lies - I like M/M Romance - I don't like the hegemonistic ideal of 'M/M Romance' where all these squealing fangirls are like 'ooh men fucking men, yay, cocks, BLOWJOBS AND ROPES OF CUM!' Nope. Not me. I like a proper romance, a sweet love story with a deeper meaning. And while I can tell from its delightfully farcical nature that Sugar and Sawdust was written to appease and please these types of people, I still loved it. Despite the fact that the author has tried to make the characters shallow and unrealistic - as per the 'spec' - their hidden depths shone through for me.Great writing - fantastic puns - and characters I wanted to loathe but ended up loving. So much so I'd kinda like to know how they're getting on now... hint hint.A great little read.

  • Debbie McGowan
    2018-10-28 06:20

    This is my story, so I'm going to use this review space to add a little blurb I put together, by means of announcing that Sugar and Sawdust is out today (and if you're reading this outside of GR, then you need to know this is a definite 18+ short story).This story is a work of fiction and the characters and events in it exist only in its pages and in the author’s imagination. Any similarity to real individuals is entirely coincidental.Jorje's sister worries about him. He's a successful model with a serious passion for fashion - a pretty boy, who looks a lot younger than his twenty-two years. And he's sweet and kind. Guys take advantage of him, playing him to get at his money, or just to be seen with him on their arm, which is why sister Taylor has taken over control of his finances, his grocery shopping, even his love life. So it's not looking good, when Jorje wakes up with no recollection of the night before, a whopping hangover and a ton of missed calls from Taylor...and a mystery guy in the bed.

  • Amy Spector
    2018-10-19 23:07

    I really like the voice of this story. But then again, that seems to be a pattern for me when reading Debbie McGowan.This story has a wonderful flow, made me laugh and was rather touching in its way.Everyone has past baggage that tints their view of the world and how the world view them.(view spoiler)[Jorje has been used in the past and is now viewed as this frail thing that needs to be take care of, by his family. (hide spoiler)]Everyone has their own cross-to-bear.(view spoiler)[Alec's just happens to be a foot long knob. (It is official, knob is now a favorite word.) (hide spoiler)]Love, love their story.Two favorite line...(view spoiler)["Got a massive knob? Yeah.""No way is a boyfriend of mine wearing Crocs." (hide spoiler)]

  • K
    2018-10-30 01:20

    Probably just shy of 3.5 starscontemporary story of the start of a relationship between Jorje, a young fashion model, and Alec, an older carpenter/porn star, who meet when Alec rescues Jorje when he passes out after his drink has been spiked. Set only over the course of one day, the pair get to know each oher and Jorje gets a shock when his sister, who spots him with Alec, realises where she knows him from. A well written story but it just felt a bit flat, that and the whole wanking whilst making breakfast *shudder* well, no, not in the kitchen, just no...

  • Wendy Ann
    2018-10-27 00:02

    Oh my gosh, I have too many funny sayings running through my head after reading this one – things like the Subway foot long commercials and the classic “is that a snake in your pants or are you just happy to see me” kinds of stuff. I definitely appreciated the humor, but was a little squicked out about the whole sister having “met” the boyfriend prior to Jorje. Interesting take on the picture prompt. Thanks for this addition to the LLE!

  • Amber
    2018-11-15 23:16

    Cute story about a young model and an older porn star. I can't say this was really very realistic but it was a fun fantasy read that was sweet and cute. I really liked the twist in the end since I would have never guessed about Taylor. It also was a great way to incorporate the prompt into the story.

  • Melanie~~
    2018-11-01 05:19

    [NOTE: I rate most writing event stories (free reads) 4 or 5 stars because of my appreciation of the author's participation and gift.]Full of sugary goodness. I liked that the big guy with the monstrously big dick was the insecure one.

  • Donna
    2018-11-17 00:13

    I really liked this story but it gets put on my shelf because I get a strange sense of ick. I know that sounds bad, but I promise it's not. But masturbating while making breakfast is both hot and unhygienic. And there's a slight issue with the sister that squigged me out but still, good story. I'm probably better off just shutting up yeah?

  • Bitchie
    2018-11-01 04:13

    This was cute, in a totally unrealistic farcical kind of way.(view spoiler)[ I've seen people in porn take foot long dildos(and worse!), couldn't the guy work his way up to taking Alec's schlong? (hide spoiler)]

  • Adrianamae, Marco's fan
    2018-10-29 02:11

    2.5 see Dani's reviewI kept looking at the picture for the prompt. The older man is seriously ripped, but those briefs are not hiding a foot-long c*ck. And our sweet, younger bottom didn't get to bottom. *pouting*

  • Shayla Mist
    2018-11-08 06:16

    Thank you, Debbie, for the opportunity to beta this wonderful story! It was fun, cute and refreshing. A must read :D

  • Dena
    2018-11-06 07:24


  • Claire
    2018-10-24 04:29

    This sophisticated short story is a delight.Thank you Debbie McGowan.

  • Averin
    2018-11-07 23:25

    This was so cute and funny with a twist. I adore older/younger MC stories.

  • Kristan
    2018-11-03 05:28

    This was an interesting story, with a lot of promise: model meets porn star/carpenter and they attempt a relationship. But here's where I feel that the story being so short stunted the plot. There were so many questions I wanted answered (view spoiler)[ Why was Alex in porn? He seemed pretty ambivalent to it, why not do gay porn? Why was Taylor in the industry? (hide spoiler)]. I feel that if this were expanded, the relationship could be rooted out more and it would be nice to have some of these questions answered.I wanted a little more from this story. (view spoiler)[I wanted Jorje to actually tell Alex he was upset because Taylor had him first, I wanted them to have to deal with Alex being in porn and the jealously/ circumstances surrounding that, instead of Alex just saying "I think I'm going to quit" Would it have been that easy to quit?(hide spoiler)]There were times when the POV bounced between the two MCs and it became a little confusing to determine who was "speaking". There was also one POV from Taylor, Jorje's sister, that was distracting and unnecessary.Aside from all this, it was definitely interesting, with good writing and Jorje's character was so endearing. I really liked his charm, patience and determination in having a relationship with Alex. How certain things were more than enough for him was very sweet.Thanks to the author for their time and participation in this event.

  • CrazyMoo
    2018-11-06 06:05

    5 porntabulous StarsAuthor:Debbie McGowanBook: Sugar And SawdustSeries: N/A Rating: 4.5Date Read: 01/09/14Review:Thank you to the author for this book.Jonny Sawdust!!!Loved the writing style of this author and book. It’s very current and quick to read. Humour was dry and quirky. Loved the story of Jorje and Alec, although, I wished it was a longer. The jumping through POV’s was a little confusing at times but not totally off-putting. That’s the only downside besides how long it was that I have about this book.I definitely will not forget Jorje or Alec or Debbie McGowan in a hurry. I can’t decide which one between the two:

  • Jeanne 'Divinae'
    2018-11-03 06:03

    This story is about a male model who has had poor luck with men. He wakes up one morning in bed with a hottie. He is confused of how he got there and throughout the story his previous nights activities unfold and he remembers. Well, Mr. McHotty, has a couple of mysteries up his sleeve. Even though there is an age gap, they decide to go out and see where it leads. I think overall this was a very cute story, even if Alec’s giant size.

  • Laura Susan Johnson
    2018-10-27 03:04

    I love stories like fall in love with unlikely heroes and you come to know the humanity in those who are branded by society as "undesirables". Boogie Nights came to mind at times, a film populated by "throwaways" who were branded as such simply because of the profession they were involved in. I will try to write a great review later on as I recover from a period of idiopathic "mutism".

  • Manuela
    2018-11-13 04:06

    Just when I "befriended" a porn star on fb I come across this story. It is sweet, funny and has the right soppyness for a quick afternoon read. I always wondered what kind of person becomes a porn star and why. Obvisiously there is no box for them either as they come in all shapes and variations and their reasons for being in the industry is manifold.

  • V
    2018-10-27 03:26

    Sorry but this for me was awful.(view spoiler)[Just to cut the story short, Jorje met Alex a porn star who happens to be a foot long knob (rolling my eyes) who made porn movies with women. Dear Jorje's sister also made porn movies and what do you know, she did a porn movie with Alex because she is the only one who can take him. (hide spoiler)]Charming indeed. I have being sarcastic....