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One horrendous encounter with bikers left Ash shattered. Arriving in Gully’s Fall in search of a new life, she didn’t count on falling for the hunky, motorbike-riding fireman who rescued her when her car broke down.Scott’s drawn to the rubenesque beauty, his desire for her steadily growing to an erotic burn. Can he discover the cause of her wariness and convince her to givOne horrendous encounter with bikers left Ash shattered. Arriving in Gully’s Fall in search of a new life, she didn’t count on falling for the hunky, motorbike-riding fireman who rescued her when her car broke down.Scott’s drawn to the rubenesque beauty, his desire for her steadily growing to an erotic burn. Can he discover the cause of her wariness and convince her to give him a chance?...

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Burn for You Reviews

  • Stacey is Sassy
    2018-11-06 01:43

    The Firie had the hots for the BBW.***3.5 Stars***I'm going to be brutally honest, Burn For You didn't completely work for me. BBW storylines are a bit hit and miss. On the one hand it's nice to see a woman get a happy ever after irrelevant of her size, on the other, it doesn't need to be harped on about. Great that he finds her voluptuous curves a turn on, but her wide hips, big breasts and curved belly don't need to be described every time he sees her. I'm also over the negative self esteem. We get it, but her size shouldn't be her first and last thought when meeting new people. Her confidence only increased when she was in a relationship, which kind of made me sad. It would have been better if her confidence increased on her own merits in getting a job and making new friends. Just my thoughts.Thank goodness the author included an Aussie slang dictionary at the start of this story. I'm an Aussie and even I struggled with some of the words. This is real country living. Where everyone knows and looks out for each other. The town pub is the go to place for a beer and to have a quick bite to eat. Best to be on your best behaviour though because more than likely the coppers are sitting at the next table. I loved the familiarity of the characters, cars and landscape. Most Aussies have had a hot pie with tomato sauce that burns your mouth but tastes too good to wait for it to cool. I'm also a big fan of a pumpkin scone and cuppa for afternoon tea. For the most part, the dialogue was accurate for a small country town. It's just not how EVERY Aussie talks.This was a really sweet love story. Ash has left the city after surviving a horrific incident. She's travelling across the country by herself to find some peace and hopefully happiness. Her car brakes down outside Gully's Fall and four bikers stop to offer assistance. At first she is petrified of the big men, then she finds out they are made up of a police officer, an ambo and two firies. This puts her at ease and she accepts their help. One of the firemen is Scott and he likes what he sees in the buxom Ash.I loved the characters, storyline and feelings in Burn For You. There is plenty of smutty talk and a couple of intimate scenes where we get to see Scott and Ash connect. I did enjoy this story and would be interested in heading back to Gully's Fall to see the gang again.To buy Burn For You from Amazon -

  • Sheryl
    2018-10-19 00:31

    I know you had "issues" writing this story, Angela Verdenius, but I for one, LOVED THE HECK 'OUTTA IT!!! CAN'T WAIT to read about the other guys... ESPECIALLY Ryder's story (assuming you're writing one???!!!) YOU HAVE TOO!!! He is DE-FREAKIN'-LISH!!!

  • Barbara➰
    2018-11-09 07:24

    ****4.25 stars****Ash has had a very traumatic experience a year ago (view spoiler)[ She was gang raped(hide spoiler)]. She left her home to get away and find herself. She breaks down on the side of the road in Gully Falls and Scott and his friends find her, thus begins their relationship.Scott was the most amazing hero. He was so patient and understanding with Ash. He took his time to woo her and help her get over her anxieties and fears. He was magnificent. I would have given this 5 stars just for him alone.Ash was very scared and nervous of men in general especially bikies (guys on motorcycles). It took a while for her to be comfortable with Scott, understandably so. She was tough though, and wasn’t going to let her past ruin her future. She pushed herself beyond what was comfortable so that she could grow and continue to experience life in spite of her horrible past.So, here’s why 4 stars instead of 5…first, the author is from Australia therefore, her wording was slightly different. I had to take some time to look up some of the words she used to see what she was talking about, things like bikies, ute, gaol etc. It took away from my reading experience. This is no fault of the author since that is her way of speaking but it did bring my enjoyment down a little. Again, no fault of hers, it was just me.Secondly, I wish there weren’t so many references to Ash’s weight, her rounded thighs, her plump thighs, her soft thighs, her lush thighs, her rounded arms, her rounded belly…you get it, I got it. I did not need to be reminded every time Scott touched her. I’m glad her weight did not bother him and he found her perfect. That is what I like in my romances. I just did not need the reminder every time.Overall, this was a very sweet romance. It took a while for Ash and Scott to get together but under the circumstances I understand why. Once they are together, they are beautiful and HOT!

  • Shireen Hakani
    2018-11-02 23:38

    3.25 StarsLoved the town and people.

  • Dr. Bronwyn Ph.D of Smutology
    2018-11-06 07:45

    Man I love this author. The fact she's an Aussie writer is just icing on the cake!Her characters are just so lovable, relatable with the right degree of kookiness (yes kookiness!)I will say I didn't think Ash would have been quite so quick to accept intimacy but am willing to be optimistic and just say Scott was the right guy to help her heal. I just can't wait until the next one!!

  • Ivy Deluca
    2018-11-16 00:23

    Ash has decided to travel across Australia, in search of some peace from a traumatic attack. She’s working hard to move on, but she’s still fragile and very leery of men in general and bikers in particular. So when she meets Scott on the side of the road when her car breaks down, she’s less than comfortable. Slowly, Ash decides to figure out if she’s ready to stop roaming and start living again.The Good and the OkThis is a bit more angsty of a tale than Ms. Verdenius’ usual, and I quite liked it. Ash has been through alot and her fears are genuinely believable. I actively rooted for her to overcome her fears. She is a BBW heroine, but it wasn’t the focal point and I thought it worked very well. That being said, if you’ve read a Verdenius book before, it’s not that far off the tried and true formula. Which means other than Ash’s past trauma, the setup is very similar to her earlier BBW books.The Bottom LineAn enjoyable read with a very likeable heroine.

  • Nanci **Warning**IWasASailor⚓️MyMouthisDirty
    2018-11-02 06:49

    This was a quick read and super cute. Ash leaves her big city after a very bad experience, and winds up in Gully's Fall when her car breaks down. Scott is one of the towns beloved heroes and falls for Ash fast. Ash's story was sad and I truly felt for her but I loved that her character wasn't trying to stay in the past and woe. She was there to fight and start a new life. Her and Scott's relationship is cute. He's understanding and patient and treats her good. I love that the drama of the story didn't involve them as a couple. There is no up and down. Break up to make up. All characters were funny and enjoyable. I hope they all get a story! Especially Ash's friends. I know Dee has hers in book 3but I would love to have Del's as well. It was a good read. Totally laughed.

  •  B.E.Love
    2018-11-04 05:48

    This was a pretty good book but I had a hard time getting into the story and connecting with the characters. I will say there is some great funny scenes in this book that had me laughing out loud. Not sure what I was hoping for but this book was just lacking something for me, and I can't even point out what that something was.After a brutal attack Ash leaves her home and wanders till her cars breaks down, with a broken phone Ash isn't sure what to do. Then four saviors come in the worst form possible brining up old wound. Scott and his friends were out one day riding their motorcycles and saw a car broke down on the side of the rode and pulled off the help. What they found was a terrified woman. Helping her and getting her to the car shop Scott can't help but be attracted to this woman who obviously has been through something ugly in the past.Not wanting to let her go Scott helps get her a job and a reason to stick around hoping that time will get his foot in the door and able to break down Ash'a walls. Even though Ash should be terrified she finds herself wanting Scott more and more, and staying in town brings her face to face with Scott often till Scott is something Ash can't deny. As Scott and Ash begin a relationship the past makes it difficult for Ash to trust and Scott will have to find a way to keep the woman he has fallen in love with . As they seem to have found their way an arson plans may rip the happiness that Scott and Ash have found in each other.

  • Janey
    2018-10-24 07:44

    A new series by Ms V!, Gully's meet four of the very hot inhabitants, Scott, Simon, Ryder and Kirk, all Hot and all ride motorbikes in there spare time...yum! This story is about fireman Scott and Ash, they meet when she brakes down, not the most friendliness of meetings but Ash's hesitancy is understandable. Ash ends up staying in Gully's fall for a while and slowly becomes part of the community and makes friends with its inhabitants with cousins Dee and Dell taking her under their wing. It's a sweet story and Scott is perfect as the dashing, heroic knight in shining armour coming to sweep and save Ash. Ash is so brave taking a chance again and Scott was her perfect match. Loved the bickering between Ryder and Dee and the ribbing between the guys too. I'm hoping her best friend Elise and her brother Moz get more of a mention in future stories I like the sound of them. I don't know who's up next but I'm looking forward to reading their stories.

  • Emily
    2018-11-16 00:30

    Ash has decided to leave her past behind and travel across Australia trying to find herself again after a brutal attack left her reeling. In an unexpected way, she meets Scott, a firefighter in town who is also a biker. Ash's haunted past has to do with bikers and Scott picks up on her skittishness. Scott though realizes from the beginning that Ash will be a special part of his life and he makes a plan to get close to her while going as slow as she needs to accept him. Can Ash move past her fears and find a strength she didn't know she had with Scott?This was a wonderfully haunting story. Ash is stronger than she realizes and Scott sees it. Scott I absolutely adored the way he wears his heart on his sleeve with Ash. Had several entertaining side characters that I would love to see books from. Highly entertaining series.

  • Db
    2018-10-20 05:34

    Another absolute winner for the BBW romance genre. I think there are a handful of authors who actually make the cut for full length BBW books. this author is stands out as my favourite!Enjoyed the emotional aspect while still enjoying all the fun and laughter that is brought across.As always, I love a bit of view we get into the culture/country! Makes it enjoyable!BBW, amazing heroes, fun and full of life through the words of these great novels. What more is needed???

  • Caroline Yamashita
    2018-10-27 05:46

    Ah que livro fofo!Adoro os livros da Angela Verdenius, pelo menos os que já li!Trata-se de uma temática interessante, e sempre trabalha bastante a auto estima das meninas plus size.Sem contar que os mocinhos dessa autora são HOMENS lindos, musculosos, duros... mas com as mocinhas são aqueles caras românticos, apaixonados, que as defendem de tudo e de todos!Adorei!

  • Nance
    2018-11-16 02:23

    Review to be written soon...

  • Alisa
    2018-11-12 06:29

    This was so well written. I loved the whole cast of characters and I can NOT wait for Ryder's story. Or Kirk's. Or Simon's... LMAO.

  • Mspraise50
    2018-11-17 03:21

    I absolutely loved Ash and Scott's story. Ash has been through something traumatic. Scott sees her and wants to be with her. But he has to break through to her. He does that by being, caring, kind, understanding, loving and firm with her. I absolutely loved this story about a curvy woman. I am looking forward to reading the other books in this series. I have had the books on my kindle for ages and I am only now getting around to reading them.This is not an interracial romance but definitely still worth a read.

  • Mephala
    2018-11-07 02:42

    I usually enjoy reading Angela Verdenius's books, but this one... I just couldn't get into. Maybe after reading "The Goodbye Girl" Scott seemed too similar to Nick? Someone mentioned that the main hero was too perfect, and I think there is some truth in that. The book, and the story, would gain a lot if not only Ash, but also her man had some edge. I'm sad to admit, that there were moments where this one bored me. And moments where I felt a little uncomfortable. The book deals with very heavy and difficult subject of sexual abuse. I'm aware that every person deals with such tragedy on his or her own; each behavior is different, but there were a few scenes where Scott's, let's call it - alpha male behaviour, in the context of Ash's past seemed... wrong? I felt uncomfortable reading those scenes.I'm still a huge Angela Verdenius fan and I look forward to reading more of her books, but as for now "Burn for You" is my least favourite of them all.

  • Anna D.
    2018-11-05 01:38

    A great start to a series. We’re introduced to the town’s most eligible bachelors and local heroes – Firefighters Scott and Simon, Cop Kirk, and Paramedic Ryder. These guys are perfect..great looking, hardworking, kind, funny and all have the makings for a perfect husband – even Ryder who has the reputation of being a player. They may talk tough but they are just good men to the core.Ash is a little damage after surviving what I would deem as one of the worst things that can happen to a woman. Scott is a wonderful man for Ash - to help her heal, to make her feel safe, and to help her open up to the possibility of loving a man again. The whole story was sweet and tender and AV delivered it like she always does – including the charms of a small town (gossip, humor, and steam!) I look forward to the rest of the books in this series.

  • Syl
    2018-10-29 06:26

    It was ok, although this author writes all her BBW novels with a stencil full of Diet Coke, stray cats, Milo, iced coffee or chocolate and EVERY SINGLE HOT MAN in those towns she writes about is madly in love with an "luscious", "apple cheek", "rubenesque", "over-blown hour glass figure" woman and (yes, I know it's a BBW novel) it's so unreal it's annoying. Some slight touch of reality would be nice, and also, some new elements and likes regarding, e.g. food and animals. Even if they're enjoyable quick reads, having characters liking, eating and having THE EXACT SAME THINGS is really annoying.I'll read the last one of this series, without expecting anything new.This was goo, though, Angela.

  • Amanda Sheila
    2018-10-26 00:40

    I LOVED IT! Though I wish Angela would slow down a little a bit about the (view spoiler)[ rape confession thing because I'd love to read the quiet confession instead of eavesdropping like that,(hide spoiler)] but overall I enjoyed this book so much. Scott's such a dang sweet guy. I want him for myself! LOL. So far, I've read all of Angela's BBW books and I enjoyed all of them. There's no problem with the style of writing because even though Englush's not my first language, I understand just fine.Look forward to read Ryder and Dee's story, I hope it's next!

  • Clare
    2018-11-14 06:22

    Rereading this book I saw so much more in it than before. This is such a hard subject to deal with and Angela does a wonderful job here helping Ash. Scott was amazing and I have always loved Ryder and Dee even their little moments

  • Vampress Bathory
    2018-11-13 23:45

    I loved everything about this book, the plot, the characters, especially the hero and the heroine! The hero is going on my alpha, sweet, hot, sexy men list!!! Oh and I can't wait for Ryder's story!!!!!

  • Leonor
    2018-10-18 03:37

    I love this author!!

  • Candice
    2018-11-05 03:22

    Eh. This was good, but not the best. I think I also have a thing for BBW. Maybe I think of BBW as more "plus" and not a size 10 or whatever. Oh well.

  • CC
    2018-10-28 02:51

    Pretty good. But a little slow to really get going.

  • Silke
    2018-11-07 23:51

    A great start in a new series! Laughter, emotions, hot guys ... and cats!

  •  ~*~Princess Nhya~*~
    2018-11-07 02:40

    Decent intro & at times, hilarious opening to this series.

  • Books and Spoons
    2018-11-04 06:34

    Originally published at Verdenius writes the best BBW (Big Beautiful Women) books I've read. And don't let her Australian dialect scare you, there's a dictionary to all Aussie impressions at the beginning, but with all her books that I've read, I only used it twice.Her books are the once I re-read again and again, because the characters are so likeable, real, appealing, charismatic, genial, enjoyable... The stories are sweet, funny, and engaging, and you stay up until wee hours of the morning to finish the stories.In this book readers are introduced to new small town with its winsome characters.Ash happens to the town by accident, on her search to take a control of her life again, after a terrible experience she went through a year ago. She feels lost to herself, her independence gone, and she wonders if she is able to feel, be close to someone ever again.Scott is the town 'catch', handsome, friendly, considerate firefighter. He falls for Ash and is willing to do anything to win her, to gain her trust, to let him love her and accept intimacy again.Scott's patience, restraint, and protectiveness is commendable and sweet, and slowly he's winning Ash over, breaking down her walls.The stories of the town folks, the mystery of pyromaniac in the small town, the romance, the group of friends ~ just so enjoyable, lovely story, five spoons and looking forward for more stories from this town! And I want to mention, that all her BBW books are excellent, highly recommended!!

  • ⚜️Trea
    2018-10-21 02:41

    Having read other works by this author, I went into it thinking I knew what to expect and ended up only partially right. Despite the difficulty I had understanding some of the lingo used, this was still an interesting story.Scott was such a great character! I loved how patient he was with Ashley, how caring. His emotions moved into love a little too quickly for my tastes, but I could understand how Ash would bring that out in him.Ashley was a bit of a conundrum for me. Everyone kept saying how brave she was for driving cross country like she had, but she did some pretty stupid things along that trip, stuff that could get her right back into the situation she was fleeing from! However, I did like her spunkiness at times.I could really imagine the town of Gully's Fall in my mind, so the setting description was beautifully done. The secondary characters were people that I grew to care about as well, hoping that they each would get their own books as well. However, there is one pretty major complaint I have with this book. I realize that it is set in Australia and that the language there has different sayings that are common to it, but this book was peppered with it and there was no context given, no glossary at the back to be able to translate it and understand the meaning behind the word used. It really detracted from my enjoyment of the book!All things considered, I give this 3.5 stars, but just can't justify a 4 star rating due to the language barrier.

  • Kimberly Walter
    2018-11-09 23:44

    Angela Verdenius has done it again, a very good intriguing book. She brings us readers a book filled with humor, passion, friends, family and a very series topic. Ash's life was turned upside down a year ago by some brutal bikers. Now she is on the road in search of a new life, because couldn't stay longer where everyone looked at different after the brutal attack. Ash gets stranded on the side of the road with no cell phone that got broken in the last town. She didn't things could get worse until four men ride up on motorcycles to help her out. She almost has an panic attack but is calmed down a little bit when she finds out the men are firemen, police and ambo men. After they help get her car started and onto the auto shop to get the car fixed, she is anxious to stay far away from them. But fate has a way of stepping in. Scott one of the firemen who stopped to help Ash on the side of the road, is drawn to her. They keep running into each other. Scott slowly starts to draw Ash out so he can get to know her. But he wants more then that. When Ash lets Scott all the way in and trusts him, things burn hot between them, in a very good way. Burn for You was another fantastic read by Angela. I absolutely loved it. I really looking forward to Kirk, Ryder and Simon's books. I can't wait. Keep up the great writing. You freaking ROCK!!! :D

  • Didapho
    2018-11-17 05:26

    I keep reading these Verdenius' romance books even though I know they are the same thing with slightly more different back stories and copy-pasted characters. I always hope that this one will be better, because they have potential. I know that what makes me tick doesn't necessarily apply to others, but that's my problem I guess.What I would like is to have some character growth with the male lead! All that perfect perfectines is nauseating! Would it kill the author to write something more realistic, ergo create a male character who'd actually be likable? So that it wouldn't feel like the female lead is getting harassed by a sex crazed robot?That's the other thing. Must be a cultural difference, but I find it weird how much the male characters touch the female leads in the books, even when they are complete strangers. The thought of having some man I just met putting his hand on the small of my back, which is uncomfortably close to my ass, is very odd. A strange man, mind you, in a casual every day life situation. That would suit more in a night club. And the way the guys are always charging at the heroines, restraining them etc. Suf-fo-ca-ting-! Is that supposed to be hot? Not my thing, yeah. But, okay, "Burn for You" had some edge. And I know it's meant to be brainless romance, not high literature. But... Still hoping...