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Everyone needs a safe space. For Lizzie Warner, that space has always been in front of the camera on her hit show, or on stage before a sold out concert arena. Since before she can remember, she’s been a star, but that may be about to change. She’s nineteen. Her show has been cancelled and now she’s going to play the lead in a new prime time drama series, but is the worldEveryone needs a safe space. For Lizzie Warner, that space has always been in front of the camera on her hit show, or on stage before a sold out concert arena. Since before she can remember, she’s been a star, but that may be about to change. She’s nineteen. Her show has been cancelled and now she’s going to play the lead in a new prime time drama series, but is the world ready to take her seriously, or will she be typecast as the cute tween queen forever? Her network has decided to be aggressive and has invested millions of dollars in an ad campaign for her show, money she’s not sure she can earn back. Her co-star can’t stand her, and the writing for the show turns out to be poor at best. The only reason Lizzie didn’t walk away from the job offer to begin with is because she’s broke, the victim of a decade of bad money management. Then there’s Devon, the personal trainer at her gym. Arrogant and abrasive, he’s the last guy she should ever find attractive, but she has a hopeless crush on him anyway, and he doesn’t seem entirely disinterested either. In fact, sometimes he’s downright sweet to her. If only he weren’t an untamable bad boy who uses and dumps women like they’re nothing. Though Lizzie’s friends warn her to stay away, he’s the only person who can create what she needs: a safe space. But is there any way she can break him of his years' long habit of being a user?...

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A Safe Space Reviews

  • LolaReviewer
    2018-10-29 03:10

    A Safe Space was one very good New Adult contemporary romance story. I had such poor luck with those ones these last few weeks (and years), so I’m more than relieved to have found something worth reading.Lizzie is an actress and a singer, acting for as long as she can remember, starting out as Veronica in a TV show for kids. Now, the nineteen-year-old that she is has her own TV show.Although, her life isn’t perfect; she barely afforded to pay her debts, her mom doesn’t care about her and her TV show is going downhill. Plus, she doesn’t have many friends or a boyfriend at all.Lizzie was a very beautiful main character with whom I could sympathize very easily. She’s a calm, sweet girl that only wants to help people and be a good person. The kind of character you wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to, especially not for her to be heart-broken…Of course, there are many other characters in the story; her roommate, Kyra, who is very protective toward her and a very good friend, her best friend (yet didn’t feel like one), Zach, a despicable co-star in her TV show, a love interest that she can’t keep fighting hiding her emotions toward it from, and some more…Devon is the type of man you know you shouldn’t approach. He’s not a bad guy…but he is a grand player. Surprisingly, from the start, I had a good feeling about him and he never annoyed me with his not-very-funny commentaries. Except, as the story approached is 60%, I started being really confused and sick at how everything between him and Lizzie was starting to be quite complicated.From the blurb, I was expecting more of a celebrity world in the story but Lizzie really felt to me like a very normal person, too normal perhaps. At first there were a lot of scenes in which she acts for her show and those were absolutely captivating. BUT, then it all went down and the drama started so things got serious and the fun I had seeing the filming world kind of faded.I liked every character, even the annoying Kevin (every book needs a villain, right? *winks*), except for Chloe, Lizzie’s assistant. I didn’t’ like that she did many things on her own without asking Lizzie. She acted as she had many rights and I often was like Lizzie, say something!!It absolutely felt like a slow-paced story to me, even though I read some reviewers said otherwise. There was something about it (probably the layout of the chapters...or because it’s a good story) that made you want to continue reading though and know what happens next so I didn’t mind it being slow.The romance was sweet at first but then became very repetitive and I even got to feel like kicking Devon out of the picture. He broke her heart what…3 times? I actually stopped counting because the drama became too heavy and I just wanted a verdict. Are they going to be a couple for real or not? At least I got my answer + a prologue (YES) in the end so I’m happy now. A very beautiful ending I must say.For the first time, ladies and gentlemen, I recommend you a New Adult book. It was a cute, even though very dramatic, story in which there are many characters I think you should get to know for they will warm your heart.PS. This is a clean New Adult story that can be read as a standalone.PPS. The cover too sexy so not really representing very adequately what the story contains, in my opinion, but it sure is very pretty!Copy provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • E.M. Tippetts
    2018-10-17 07:11

    Okay, I'll post sales links as they go live. So far we've got:Amazon: did my best to make it a 5 star, at least - otherwise it wouldn't be on its way to print as I write this.This book centers around Lizzie (Kyra Armjo's roommate) and Devon, so although it is in the Fairytale universe, it doesn't have too much overlap. I had every intention of writing Fairytale 3 when this story took hold of me and wouldn't let go.I hope you love Lizzie and Devon as much as I do! And that you find their story a fun ride.

  • ~Kate~
    2018-11-14 03:09

    I had joined Emily's mailing list a while ago now so when there was an email asking if anyone want to review this book I jumped at the chance as I have enjoyed all her books that I have read and this one sounded just as good...I must say out of all of her book covers this one has to be my favourite. I love the use of colour (which ties in with the story) and I also love the patterns down the side as they really do add something extra to make the book stand out to me.As soon as I started this book I was addicted to it I just didn't want to stop reading it and when I had to put it down I just kept thinking about what was happening and what was going to happen next. There was times when I was thinking that this was going to be five star rating but there was just a couple of things that made me go for the four star rating. I felt that the romance side of the story wasn't very believable at the beginning as it felt like the love came a bit out of the blue but towards the end I started to see where it was coming from I also didn't feel like there was any real chemistry coming from the both of them it seemed a bit one sided for the most part. I loved that this wasn't just about romance but it was about the celebrity world and as well as illnesses which isn't always portrayed in books. I absolutely adored the ending as it was so sweet and it was a few years later which as you will know from other reviews that's a huge plus for me.For me I felt like Lizzie was a bit too perfect as she didn't seem to have any faults and she was always thinking of other people before herself and she was so sweet. I really did feel sorry for her as even though she was this famous child star in the past she still found it hard to get anywhere plus I felt like a lot of people walked all over her and she just let them. I really liked Devon at the beginning but there was times when I found him to be a bit of a jerk but in the end we do find out why he acted the way he did so I was able to like him again.Overall I found this to be a sweet book that was very much an addicting read even if there was things that happened that I didn't like.

  • Lauren at Live Read and Breathe Reviews
    2018-11-17 06:54

    3 Safe Stars!!!!Source: eARC for Honest Review from Author and WS PublicityGenre: NA ContemporaryStand alone yet its still kind of a spin off.My A Safe Space Review ... Hmmmmm. Child Star trying to find her way show business as an adult and a gorgeous personal trainer.  Sounds good!E.M. Tippets has a knack for creating and capturing the real awkwardness of interactions between people in her writing.   There were so many elements that I liked about this book but sadly something about Lizzie was lost on me.  Her naivety came across as more superficial than immature and naive.  However with Lizzie at the end of the day she is just a girl who is lonely wants to be loved and love in return.Devon started as the bully with the school yard crush turn to douchebag turn to sweetheart.  The reason why they know each other is the heart of the story even if Devon was a tad bit stalkerish.  I have loved Kyra in the past couple books she has been in but with this book with her I was left wanting more from her.    In the end Kyra is a great friend and roommate and Devon does make up for his bullying douchebag ways with a humbling tail between the legs moment which at least gives him a chance to right his wrongs.Cute story about loss, first loves and second chances.  Sometimes with E.M. Tippetts books the first time reading them I like them but the true magic comes the second time you read it. I have a feeling the A Safe Space falls into this category however, I only got a chance to read it once.For more reviews, visit Live Read and BreatheLike us on Facebook Live Read and Breathe FacebookFollow along with Twitter Live Read and Breathe Twitter

  • Emerald
    2018-11-02 07:05

    Finally! A romance/ chick lit book that is heartwarming, tear jerking and has substance! The story pulls you in immediately and grips you to the end. This is a story about a famous former child actress who feels lost and alone in the world now that she is an adult. Lizzie Warner is trying her best to find her way in life and in love. She is a sweet ingenue, despite having worked in show biz. Lizzie is also helplessly attracted to Devon, the gorgeous personal trainer at her gym, who is a commitment phobe lady killer. But, things are not always what they seem in this book and the storyline is about more than just romance. With the help of her roommate and friend Kyra (from "Break It Up"), and Devon, Lizzie learns a lot about friendship, love, heartbreak, and what family should mean and be. With a few twists and surprises, "A Safe Place" delivers a fun, entertaining, informative, and quick read (I finished reading it in 2 days, with only being able to steal snatches of time here and there). I highly recommend reading "A Safe Space", as well as anything else E.M. Tippetts has written!

  • Jhed Parico
    2018-11-11 04:55

    Full review can be seen on my blog, When Books Defy Gravity. A very short Q&A is found on the said link above. :DIt's very uncommon that I treat a book with so much gratitude and respect. I mean big big respect. I do respect books written by various authors, it's their sweat and blood. They've put so much of themselves in it. But this one's got a special piece of my heart. It's very empowering and just really really emotional that the pain was just too much to handle. And let's add up that it was a very clean New Adult book. Though the story, the plot, of how the guy meets the girl, is now a very common scenario in the history of all the stories, I am still very proud that I got to read it. It was such an amazing ride of a roller coaster. I, myself, didn't know what to feel while reading the book. I love the development and maturity of the characters (I'd get on this one later), most especially, I loved how involved these children with diseases are. Without them, I am very sure, this story would be stale and not be this kind of amazing story. It softens the heart whenever I read about these special people. Jumping to the characters. Say, first off, our star, Lizzie. She was an epitome of pure strength and hope. I would see so much potential in her, if she'd be a real human being. You will love her strength, her independence. Although, sometimes, I'd get this massive headaches for her actions that doesn't seem appropriate for a girl like her. She's not very much acquainted with her mom and she doesn't know her dad—which puts her to a massive breakdown that I myself, declared was too much to even handle. I must admit, I was crying. If I were in her shoes, I would not know what to do. But I admire her so much. I wish I could have her strength, her willingness to save those sick children. She might be full of flaws, but she has good intentions. God bless her heart.And Devon. Devon, Devon. Devon the main reason for everything. The solution to the long hunting question in Lizzie's head. It wasn't a surprise to me, though, that we was the answer. I'd already thought about that, trust me. I was even imagining Kit Harrington playing this part (I'm sorry, I was so invested at this photo of Kit that he just snapped in my line of imagination. My definition of Devon doesn't even match the very description in this book. I will enlighten you with the image below.)I liked how his character improved and matured, although it's a bit over the top improvement. He began being so so attached, that at first his reasons were a low blow until he really began explaining himself to Lizzie. PS. This part contains spoilers so if you have not read the book yet, better skip this part. PLEASE DON'T READ IT. JUST READ THE BOOK IT IS UH-MAY-ZING.(view spoiler)[When I begin talking about those two, chemistry always enters and centers my attention. At first, they were all cute and ‘lets-be-friends’ kind of relationship. I like how it was so real, how sweet it was during the first parts. I kept on saying “Devon, don't even ruin this crap you two have, please. Just please.” And then they kiss and those kisses just melted my heart and knees. I knew the heartbreak was coming. It was overwhelming really. Devon leaving for Montana totally ruined everything. When he left, amazing things happened to Lizzie's career. She lands a contract with recording, voicing as one of the characters for a video game, lands lead role in a movie and every little things. Then he comes back, ‘knock, knock’ on her door with a rose in hand. I mean, come on. This part ruined it for me. It's a shame though. I really liked the book and the pink sweater and glittery pens. And Mackenzie—although, bits of her were shown. Then he gets so overly attached. Whyyy? He's like stalker-ish or something. I know parts of it was because he loved her but I know the author can do more than this. It was a bit awkward and a little bit forced and it was just not working for me. But you know what? I still imagine him being portrayed by Kit Harrington so I never stopped reading. At the end of the rain, there's always a silver lining. So they got together again. Voila. I still love the story, though. It's so hard to explain.PPS. Devon's mother really creeped me out. Good part there. (hide spoiler)]PPPS. Safe to read the following now...Overall, A Safe Space was a venture to the world of celebrities, and enjoying ride of a roller coaster romance. This is the first book I have read in the series and that kind of bothers me. I would love to read the other three books as much as possible. Anyway, I love the book, despite its flaws. I sobbed. It was beautiful and just really really amazing, especially those beautiful children. I recommend this one especially to those people who are in the midst of problems. It is never too late to hope and expect for a better outcome. Emily wrote a very touching, heart-warming story of a famous girl who can have every physical thing she want but not the very physical thing she wants the most. To give love and be loved in return.xx["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Nayab
    2018-11-16 06:55

    This review can also be read on theyabookshelfWhat I loved:• The storyline – it was sweet & simple but full of emotional angst where need be.• The Characters – Devon and Lizzie where perfect! The way they played off each other- Lizzie’s innocence (at least when it came to real life-relationships) and Devon’s player persona, but the best part? He wasn’t as much of a player as first implied in the blurb – I’m a firm believer that good guys need to make a comeback (too much of one thing is never good & can become uninteresting)… I just – I ADORED it & them. That is all.• The insights into how showbiz/TV shows work - As an avid watcher of (way too much) television, for me to be able to get a behind the scenes look at how things work with filming/auditions etc. was awesome!• The dialogue – was so quotable! If I had my way I’d share every single quote that I loved with you guys but for now I’ll share just the one:(visit website to see screenshot - won't let me upload here for some reason)• The ending – In keeping with the entire tone of the book the ending was sweet yet simply beautiful. It left me with a smile on my face & as cheesy as it’ll probably sound, warmth in my heart.What could have been improved upon:• The pacing – when I think of things that needed improving this is the first thing that comes to mind for me. Some parts, especially towards the end, got noticeably slow. Maybe if a few scenes had been compressed a little more instead of spanning quite so many pages – and more detail added to said scenes it wouldn’t have felt as slow.• Not enough scenes between the main characters – At least it felt that way to me, but then again maybe that was due to the pacing (as mentioned above)?• Extra/unnecessary paragraphs – There were only one or two instances of this but they were enough to mar my enjoyment a little.A Safe Space is one of those books that I had been looking forward to ever since the author revealed the cover & the synopsis for it. There’s no doubt in my mind that it was worth the wait and the read, despite the… issues that stopped me from enjoying the book as much as I wanted to.

  • Shayna Varadeaux
    2018-11-16 06:10

    Where to begin?? Well I want to say that I sat down and read a little bit of this book until life sort of got in my way. I picked it up the day after and didn't put it down until I got to the end. I absolutely LOVED this book! E.M. Tippetts portrayal of a young starlet transitioning from child star to an adult actress and singer was really a great dose of a hard stage in life for those who go through it. I adored how she wrote it with all it's harsh truths reminding us that fame and fortune doesn't bring happiness. I really got that part of the plot.I really like the whole plot and storyline it was both intriguing and engaging. The whole Hollywood vibe is something I really love too. I think that the MC, Lizzie is a great leading lady both in her acting in the book and as the MC of the story. I like the dynamic and banter that gets going right away between the characters bringing you right into their lives that are going full swing. I love the progression the book made. I really enjoyed reading the vulnerability of Lizzie's character and the overall just, being, of her counterpart in the read, Devon.I am pretty eager to see what E.M. Tippetts has picked for her dream cast in this one! Devon is easily a swoon worthy masterpiece and I am certain that Lizzie is stunning.I love the whole child star thing too it is an interesting dynamic to consider. Don't even get me started on wayward mothers!I was definitely kept entertained by this read as I eagerly gobbled up every morsel of verbal yumminess it brought. And may I just say Ms. Tippetts I am in dire need of a Pie Pop thanks to you!I laughed, cried, swooned and definitely worried through this book and was lost in the story easily. I love the entire plot with all it's amazing twists and love that it all gets a wrap in the end. I love my cliffhangers but this was a refreshing break from the suspense. Things, to my surprise, did not unfold the way I imagined but it was utterly brilliant!I would highly recommend this as a Contemporary Romance for both YA & NA lovers alike!

  • Bobbie
    2018-10-22 00:03

    I wasn't totally won over by the blurb for this book, but I've read and really loved a couple of Tippetts' other books books (Castles on the Sand/Love in Darkness), so I decided to give it a go, and I'm so glad I did. A Safe Space is very different from the Shattered Castles books, but completely lovable in its own way, and I really want to read all the other books in this series now. I should have known, after reading the Shattered Castles books, that A Safe Space wouldn't be the vacuous, fluffy romance that I was concerned it might be. A hope you can forgive me for my concerns - it is about a film star and a personal trainer, after all. But no-one's life is as simple as it might seem on the surface, and that's exactly what we learn in A Safe Space, alongside Lizzy and Devon. To a lot of people, Devon included, Lizzy is Veronica - the character she made her name with as a child star. But that's not who she is any more. She's grown up in the limelight, with a life that is the opposite to normal. Now she's trying to make her way as an adult, and it's not straight-forward in any way. Devon is a player. A night with him is a one-time thing, and he won't let you down gently. Lizzy knows full-well that he is not a good person to be around. But when he starts talking to her as a friend, she begins to see something else beneath that play-boy exterior. Tippetts creates some interesting twists in the lives of her characters, which elevate her books way above the standard NA fare. The characters themselves are fully-developed, well-rounded, real as you like and the kind of people I want to know. She sets a scene with style and grace, and isn't afraid to use your emotions for effect. There's a depth to her writing that makes me want more. Thanks to Netgalley/EM Tippetts/Victory Editing for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review.

  • Aimee (Getting Your Read On)
    2018-10-26 23:57

    I was looking forward to getting to this book on my review schedule. I have to admit that I devoured this book in one day. It just sucked me in and gave me a great story of young love. What I really loved was that I was expecting a great but fluffy sort of romance but I got something deeper to go along with the fluff.Lizzie has grown up in the acting world. She’s been on her own for a long time and now that she has reached the age of nineteen, she is struggling with the transition from child actor to adult actor. It’s somewhat of a bumpy ride for her but Lizzie is determined and she is willing to work hard for her place in the world. Lizzie is an easy character to like. She is kind and has a gentle goodness about her. She thinks about others and isn’t so wrapped up in herself that she can’t see past her own needs.Devon is the typical gorgeous bad boy that every girl wants to tame. Or get a piece of. He is known as a player, a one night stand kind of man. Plus, he’s a jerk. Definitely not the kind of guy a sweet girl like Lizzie wants to get caught up in. But, of course, it is inevitable. She falls for him. Of course she does. It's sort of a cat and mouse game between Lizzie and Devon. Lizzie loves easily and quickly. She gives her whole heart because that's the kind of girl she is. But, she also hurts easily. It's two people struggling through the bummer things life has thrown at them and trying to find a safe space to land. I connected with the characters, I felt for them and wanted them to succeed. I enjoyed the interactions between Lizzie and Devon. The dialogue and the sizzle- it was good stuff.Content: There are some passionate kissing scenes. Lizzie is an actress and she has some scenes that are sexual in nature. Devon is a player and his sexual conquests are many although only referred to and not described.

  • Jacob Proffitt
    2018-11-13 06:49

    This one wasn't quite as good as the others, but I'm still keeping it at five stars. That's something of a close call, as the final conflict dragged on a bit longer than I thought it should and I wasn't completely convinced of Devon as a worthwhile risk. Still, that's a pretty small niggle in a wonderful read.And yes, this one made me cry, too (so I guess I'm still a soft touch). Lizzie is just so kind and her struggles with loneliness while making a transition to adult actress where she knows all the rules have changed, but isn't quite sure what they've changed to were almost heartbreaking. And here's the magic that Tippetts pulls off best: she manages to make Lizzie's work with sick kids seem completely natural as an integral part of her character where you can see and, more importantly, understand, how that work mattered to her and gave her the charge she needed to manage an otherwise overwhelming professional life.I liked, too, her professionalism in performing for a show she thought was going in the wrong direction and how she stuck to her contractual agreements not just out of obligation, or even personal honor, but rather that she continues because she is keenly aware of those who rely on her professionalism for their own support—all those who serve to make her job work from cameraman to wardrobe to simple page. All of whom would lose out if she decides to be difficult or walk away.So yeah, not as good as the others, but still well worth reading.

  • Shannon Daniel
    2018-11-09 06:12

    A Safe Space – E.M. Tippetts3.5 Star ReviewSo I tried really hard to give this a four star rating but I just couldn’t do it. I love the characters in book, Lizzie, Devon, Kyra, and even Zach. I know this is a spinoff of another series but I just couldn’t make any connections. Not with any of them. This was the story of a former child actress trying to make it in Hollywood as an adult. That is a hard mold to break because most them aren’t able to do it. There is a tie in to cancers and charity work that Lizzie set up and that’s a wonderful thing to write about because it’s not talked about all too often. Lizzie does meet Devon and falls for him but does he think he’s good enough for Ms. Hollywood? There’s a lot of back and forth between them and some great banter. There is also drama and heartbreak. Is it possible for a normal everyday blue collar worker to carry on a relationship with a celebrity? Can he fit into her world? Can they make it work?This was probably a great book for a younger girl to read but for the almost 40 year old it was a little too bubble gum for me. It was a busy book for me; Lizzie was always on the go and there was always something going on. I think a younger audience will truly love this book and I truly hope they do read it!Book provided by Wordsmith Publicity in exchange for honest review.

  • Catherine
    2018-11-15 07:54

    Thanks to Netgalley for a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. This novel took a while for me to get into and really enjoy. At the beginning of the novel, I didn't really like Lizzie, and by the end, I still wasn't sold on her, but she didn't annoy me. It wasn't her narration that annoyed me, so much as the way she was painted to be. She was made out to be some saint because she was a celebrity that did some charity work. I mean, it's great that someone would do what they could to help people, and use their position to do it, but I just thought people gushed about her too much, if that makes sense? I found Devon to be a little bit too hot and cold. Once the reasons behind this were revealed, I just didn't believe them, or feel they were good enough for the way that he treated her. They had some very sweet moments, but he had some moments where he treated her badly for no reason. Though not always that realistic, I generally enjoyed reading this book. The characters were entertaining enough, as was the romance and the predictable 'reveal' towards the end of the novel. I thought the ending was overly cheesy, but overall I did enjoy it and if you want a light, enjoyable contemporary romance, then this is for you.

  • Jessi
    2018-11-04 05:59

    This ARC was provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.This book blew me out of the water. It has been a long time since I have read a YA book that I enjoyed and knowing how great of an author or E.M. Tippetts for such a long time I just had to read this book. I was a little hesitant since I haven't read this genre in the past couple of months but I'm glad I took the chance. I would have definitely been shooting myself if I had missed this book. This is the story of Lizzie and Devon. Lizzie is just coming off a hit teen show and going through the transitional phase into adult television and more serious rolls. Along the way she meets Devon, the sexy playboy personal trainer who just can't seem to stay away from her. Through a series of events we learn that the past and present always meet and sometimes falling in love is pure fate. At one point in this book I was looking at my Kindle crying my eyes out wondering how the author can come back from this. I hated Devon and wanted Lizzie just to move on. Luckily I kept on reading because boy did Devon redeem himself in more than one way. Let me just say that whether you are a fan of NA or YA this is a book for everyone. Don't miss your chance to read a book by such a talented author.

  • Britt
    2018-11-08 01:57

    I requested this book on NetGalley and was lucky and got accepted. Having never read any of Tippett's previous books, I was worried that I wouldn't be caught up on the character's lives before I started reading. Luckily, you don't need to read the previous books to be able to keep up with this. You have Lizzie Warner, former Nickelodeon child star who is trying to make her mark as a serious actress and singer. She has two best friends, Kyra and Zach, and an estranged mother who lives in Australia.Then we have Devon, Lizzie and Kyra's personal trainer, who is kind of a jerk, but you see slowly has a soft side. Lizzie starts to have feelings for Devon, and their relationship is so flip-flopped through out this book. Lizzie lives for charity work with her sick fans and is constantly trying to seek help and treatment for the patients. A major plot twist forms and you'll be constantly back and forth with romance, friendship and loyalty. I did like this book and I loved the characters. Tippett's really put thought into the plot and you can tell that there was a reason for everything written. As I said previously, this was my firstbook by Tippetts but it definitely won't be my last.

  • Bèbè ✦ RANT✦
    2018-10-20 03:55

    *ARC copy received from the author in exchange for an honest review*A Safe Place is definitely one of the stories about people who are not your typical crowd. Lizzie Warner is a big time actress who is starting a new series. After spending thousands of dollars on advertising, her network is really pushing it to get more views but keeps coming up unsuccessfully. Then there's also Devon. Oh Devon... Super hot, broken, bad. Pretty much the perfection of Alpha male. After Lizzie finds out that they have more history than she realized, her child fame comes rushing back and one thing that she did and thought it was worth it, might not be true after all. Balancing relationships, career, working out is hard and she will need to decide what's more important. Even though A Safe Place is the 4th book in the series, it can be read as stand-alone since it's more focused on Lizzie and Devon. I can say that I liked the book and really liked the flow of it. The only thing that turned me off a little bit was that there wasn't a lot of conflict. By the time second half of the book rolled around, I was used to Lizzie's crazy schedule and weird life so it wasn't a big deal. But I do love the writing and can't wait to read more of the author's work!

  • Caryn Jack
    2018-11-06 03:04

    (I received this book from NetGalley for an honest review)4.5 StarsThis book is basically about a former child star who's trying to resuscitate her dying acting/singing career. She has no real family or any life of her own.This book was AMAZING!! I absolutely loved it. I have never read anything by this author before and I was expecting something that was an easy and shallow read. I was very wrong. I ended up reading until all hours of the night.Ok, so good things first. This book was really psychological. I love how it dives into the world of an actor and explains how films and series are made. I also really liked the characters. Usually the main character will do something stupid and I get the urge to throw the book against the wall but this wasn't like that. Yes, Lizzie can be silly but she was so lovable you cant hold it against her. Really really loved this book.The only thing I found bad was that at first it felt like I had to slog through. It wasn't that it was boring. It just felt like an information overload at first but it could just be E.M. Tippetts' style.Go out and grab a copy!

  • Angie
    2018-11-12 08:05

    I love E.M Tippetts writing. I have been a long time fan and was excited to read her newest release. I was not disappointed. A Safe Space is more than a romance between two people. It is a progression of two people discovering themselves and falling for each other in the process. Lizzie was a child actor who is trying to find her place in the world after growing out of that role and becoming an adult. It was very refreshing to read about someone making this transition and not carrying a lot of baggage. I feel as though Lizzie, while young, was so much more mature than her nineteen years. Denton is this older guy who saw Lizzie as this untouchable, this person who was unattainable for someone like himself. Together they had to decide if giving someone all of yourself is worth the risk of losing yourself if it ends. My only complaint is that I felt the last chapter was a little rushed. I'm glad Lizzie came to her senses, but I felt the situation at that point was taken lightly and then everything was forgiven and all was right with the world. Steam level is light.

  • Caroline
    2018-11-12 04:04

    When I received this book I didn't realise it was the 4th in a series I have never read before but luckily it makes no difference as this can be read as a standalone. (Although I wish I had read Kyra's story in the previous book, I will have to check that out.)I was immediately drawn to this book because of the fame side of things, I love the whole world of TV, music and film and in this book we meet Lizzie who is a former children's TV star who had her own show and did concerts as her character Veronica. (I couldn't help but think of Miley Cyrus/Hannah Monatana.) However the show has now been cancelled and Lizzie is trying to make a success of her career away from Veronica.Of course this being a love story means in the main it focuses on her up and down relationship with hunky fitness instructor Devon but we also see her struggling to become a TV star with a new series called Clues. I loved all this side of the book. After thoroughly enjoying this I am going to make sure I check out the rest of the books in the series.

  • Lucinda
    2018-11-01 01:10

    4 1/2 stars. Didn't expect to get teary eyed in this one part. A story about finding your family when you have none (or they don't want you).Really liked Devon's development, and Lizzie is a strong character despite her flaws. Highly recommend. It's a clean NA romance.

  • Maura
    2018-10-22 03:57

    Originalrezension: The emotional life of booksEnglish review down below! Meine Meinung:Bisher habe ich von der Autorin „Nicht mein Märchen“ und „Prinzessin in Not“ gelesen. Beide Bücher haben mir damals wirklich sehr gut gefallen und zählen bis heute zu meinen Lieblingsbüchern. Folglich war die Messlatte für „A Safe Space“ sehr hoch – etwas zu hoch, wie ich gestehen muss, dennoch hat mir das Buch wirklich sehr, sehr gut gefallen. Aber von vorne:Zunächst ist anzumerken, dass, obwohl das Buch offiziell zu der Reihe „Someone Else's Fairytale“ als 2,75. Teil gehört, kann man es auch, ohne dass man die vorherigen Bände gelesen zu haben, lesen. Denn die Story hat an sich nichts – oder nur ganz, ganz wenig – mit Teil 1 und 2 der Reihe zu tun. Der Schreibstil der Autorin lässt sich sehr flüssig und leicht lesen. Er ist der Geschichte angepasst, nicht zu abgehoben, sondern relativ schlicht gehalten. Eben wie bei den meisten Contemporary Büchern. Deshalb übrigens auch gut zu lesen für jemanden, der vorher nur sehr wenig Englisch gelesen hat. Die Protagonistin Lizzie Warner ist mir auf Anhieb sympathisch gewesen. Obwohl sie ein Teenie-Star ist bzw. war, ist sie nicht abgehoben (im Gegensatz zu derjenigen, an die sie mich immer wieder erinnert hat: Miley Cyrus). Sie engagiert sich für ihre Fans, die in Notlagen geraten sind (z.B. an Krebs erkranken). Manchmal ist dies jedoch etwas zu viel und unrealistisch geworden, da Lizzie in der Beziehung einfach zu perfekt und zu wenig wie ein Superstar oder auch nur ein Mensch ist. Mal im Ernst, welcher 12-jährige Teenie-Star ist denn fähig, eine Aktion zu starten, bei der Knochenmarkspender gesucht werden? Abgesehen davon hat sie wie jeder Mensch auch mit Problemen zu kämpfen.Denn ihre Karriere geht gerade mehr oder weniger den Bach herunter. Sie muss Dinge tun, die sie eigentlich nicht machen will. Sie fällt hin, richtet sich wieder auf und fällt wieder. Ich finde es wirklich gut, dass das Showbusiness nicht als Glitzer und Glamour Welt dargestellt wird, sondern als hartes Geschäft, in dem man kämpfen muss, um an der Spitze zu bleiben. Was ich jedoch etwas seltsam finde, ist, dass Lizzie, obwohl sie ja eigentlich richtig berühmt ist, nur selten bzw. eigentlich nie in dem Buch von Fans auf irgendeine Art und Weise belagert wird. Ab und an erkennt sie dann doch mal jemand, der ist meist aber schon so alt, dass er nur nach einem Autogramm für seine Tochter fragt.Schön sind hingegen die sich langsam entwickelnden Beziehungen (nicht nur die Liebesgeschichte!). So zum Beispiel bei ihrem Co-Star. Ihre Beziehung wandelt sich im Buch auch, auf eine ganz langsame und nicht übertriebene Art und Weise. Ein Problem hatte ich hingegen mit der Länge der Szenen, die oft zu kurz sind und zu abrupt enden. So fühlt man sich gerade einmal in die neue Situation hinein und dann – wie aus dem Nichts – ist sie schon wieder vorbei. Das stört teilweise sehr im Lesefluss, da das Ganze dann ziemlich abgehackt wirkt. Auch das Ende kommt zu plötzlich und es passiert dann auch einfach zu viel, wofür die Autorin sich besser noch die ein oder andere Seite mehr Zeit genommen hätte. (Das sage ich jetzt nicht nur, weil ich gerne mehr von dem Buch gehabt hätte.) Es kommt mir sehr unrealistisch und gekünstelt vor, so wie es endet. Gefühlt erschlug mich auch die Handlung. Denn was am Ende passiert, ist zwar nur logisch und konsequent, dennoch kommt es einfach viel zu abrupt. Mein Fazit: Abschließend lässt sich sagen, dass ich „A Safe Space“ wirklich nur empfehlen kann. Auch wenn es nicht vollkommen perfekt ist, fühlt man sich vollkommen wohl beim Lesen und fiebert mit der Protagonistin mit. Ich werde die Reihe definitiv weiter verfolgen, denn die Autorin E.M. Tippetts schreibt meiner Meinung nach wirklich ausnahmslos großartige Contemporary Bücher!English Review:I've read from E.M. Tippetts “Someone Else's Fairytale” and “Nobody's Damsel” before and I really loved those two books – or rather still love them. So I had really high expectations for “A Safe Space”. They weren't completely fulfilled, nonetheless the book is still amazing. But from the beginning:Even though the book is the 2.75 part of the “Someone Else's Fairytale” series there is actually no real connection to those two books before. E.M. Tippetts' writing stile is pretty good. It's fast paced and it suits perfectly to the story. The protagonist Lizzie is likeable. Yes, she is a teen star, but she is still not divorced from the reality. She knows what's happening around her and wants to help – for example – children with cancers. But sometimes especially this is a bit unrealistic, because Lizzie is at some moments just too perfect. Nonetheless I think it's really good, that she is in other parts of her life not so perfect. She has to struggle with problems like everyone else. Her career is not as good as it was once and her show doesn’t get the ratings it needs. The author shows also a quite realistic picture of the showbiz, not the glittery one for little children.Very nice is also the relationships between the characters (and I do not only mean the love interest). For example Lizzie's co-star. He changes his behavior quite slowly in the book and also not completely, why it's really reasonable.Unfortunately there were also two things I didn't enjoy that much.At first the pretty short – actually too short – scenes. Often they ended so abruptly, that you didn't even realize at first that they were over. And sometimes they are so short that you can not even get into the scenes. The second aspect is the ending. It was just too much at once. A few more pages would have been really good. Even though everything that happened was reasonable, it came just too fast to be realistic. All in all I just can say: Read this book and read this series! It makes so much fun reading them. They are so well written that I can truthfully say E.M. Tippetts is one of my favourite contemporary authors! Of course not everything in her books is perfect, but that would just be boring!

  • Habibah
    2018-10-21 07:59

    This one so far is my favorite of the entire series! I love all of them but this was just the love story I needed for the week! I even cried and no book has made me cry in a very long time!

  • Z
    2018-10-31 07:50

    Let me preface this review by telling you I have a love-hate relationship with NetGalley. I request loads of books on there and I love reading them, but most of the time, they are not the guaranteed 5-star rated novels I’ve come to expect with recommendations I usually get from the book blog and booktube communities. It is sometimes really hard to write a not-so-glowing review of a novel and it makes me feel awful! I’m not a hard-to-please reader, but I do often have minor issues with books I review. Let’s get started with the review for A Safe Space by E. M. Tippets now. A Safe Space is a little misleading. It opens with a girl who describes her safe space – a place that makes her perform well in her acting job and makes her feel better. However, the title seems a little off when you look at the girly pink cover (which is pretty, but has nothing to do with the story). I wish the author had gone in one direction, not dabbled in a few. Either write a fitting story about safe places, or go for a super girly, witty, feel good story about an actress finding her first love. Because this way, the book was just a mash-up of different ideas, which did not exactly work for me.What bothered me most was the fact that the story was just … bland. The characters did not stand out and I honestly felt no chemistry between the main love interests. Lizzie herself was boring, indecisive at times and way too grown up at others. Her friend, Kyra, was a complete bitch and I hated her so much! This is strange as she is supposed to be a character who stands by Lizzie’s side, but all I wanted to do was slap her silly. The characters are actually really important to me in a story, so that fact alone made me regret picking up this book. But that is not the only issue I had …But let’s continue with something positive. The premise was cute, sad and sweet at the same time – sometimes, that kind of thing is right up my alley. Unfortunately, it felt very very bland, it was just written as if the author was stating facts instead of telling a story. I felt an utter disconnect from the story, the characters and the plot line. Unfortunately, this book was not for me. I found it to be lacking in some areas I really wanted to be great, though I do think the series has some potentional – it’s just not for me, I guess. I would have preferred if the focus was on something, instead of shifting here and there. I tried adding some quotes, but I don’t really like any of them that much … here’s a taste of the writing, though.“I wish there was a way to tell him that, in his presence, I feel like glass, and every kind word and smile from him starts a new crack spreading through me, so I wonder if there will be anything left when he figures out that he doesn’t want a relationship.”All that being said, I also just realized A Safe Space is the fourth book in a series of standalone novels with interconnecting characters. I’ve checked out the descriptions of the other novels on Goodreads and to be honest, I didn’t connect with any of the other characters, and I’m not too fussed about finding out their story – sorry about that! I don’t think I’ll be reading the rest of this series, but this was a quick, satisfying pick-me-up of a read nonetheless.Stay tuned for the launch of my book blog, Bookterflies, coming in December! You can keep up on Facebook as well as Twitter.Check out A Safe Space on Amazon! A Safe Space (Someone Else's Fairytale Book 4)

  • Katherine Paschal
    2018-10-26 03:15

    Elizabeth was a successful child star who has nothing left now and is trying to transition to an adult actress at 19. She struggles with having no money, having no family or friends, and feeling worthless. She connects to one person, the womanizing personal trainer at the gym she religiously attends. Through Devon she feels that she has found a safe space. But Devon has secrets he does not want Lizzy to uncover and keeps her at arm’s length. Lizzy finds her life spiraling out of control and does not know where to turn.I loved this book. Seriously, I had no expectations and was not really sure what I was getting myself involved in, but I really liked this story. Don’t get me wrong, this was a hard book to read at times because Lizzy really has had it rough. I guess this would be classified as NA, but it felt more like Lizzy was learning more about herself and her life than just a romance. The love interest was in the entire book, but more as a background figure who played a small role here and there, the romance coming to a head like the last fourth of the story. I was completely wrapped up in this book and found myself thinking about it when I was not reading. I felt haunted by the horrors of her life, even though she is considered a rich and famous Hollywood princess.I found myself wanting to hug Lizzy. Repeatedly. She may not have met the formal description of child abuse, but she was certainly abused. Her mother saw her as an asset and emancipated her at 16 not really wanting contact anymore, she never attended formal school and missed out on normal social interactions, she had breast augmentation at 14 to help her career, her handlers made poor choices about her finances leaving her with nothing, and her only good memories deal with visiting dying children in hospitals. Someone get me a tissue. The author did such a fantastic job of characterization that I felt all this sadness, despair and heartbreak right along with her. At every instance Lizzy feels rejection, be it professionally or personally. And when she finally put herself out there, she did not get much of anything back. I rooted hard for Lizzy, and yes she may have something special by the end of the story, but she really had to work for it. Sometimes I would forget that she is only 19 years old, that she completely missed little quirks about life since she never had a chance at normal. Her relationship with Devon takes the cake for being complicated. She grew up in lavishness and fame and Devon was from a poor family, yet they have so much in common. I knew there was something fishy about him but could not put my finger on it, so I was just as shocked as Lizzy when she found out who he was. His story is just as terrible as Lizzy’s, the two are so damaged they could fix each other in ways others could not. I just wanted to yell at him to grab her and never let her go, but alas I was ignored.I was so involved in this story, more so than any other book I have read in a while. I will gladly read more from this author and I desperately need to get my hands on book 1 in this series since I guess this is number 4 (it read as a complete story with new characters so it didn’t really matter). I loved this book and can’t wait to devour more from this author.I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

  • Cheyenne
    2018-11-12 06:02

    I want to say thanks to Victory Editing and NetGalley for letting me have this book in exchange for an honest review. The thing that drew me in was the cover of the book and I don't judge a book by its cover. A cover is a way to catch the readers attention and it really caught my attention. Also this book was classified as New Adult and Young Adult on NetGalley. I think they did an excellent way of judging this book. As first I didn't really think it would be New Adult but it is and that's one of the major things I loved about it. Another thing is this the fourth book in Someone Else's Fairytale and each book is about someone different and to me you don't really have to read the other three books to get this one because it makes sense on its own. It could be a stand alone on its own. Wish is hard to come across of. I didn't really not like this book I couldn't really find anything wrong with it that caught my attention. I love how this book is quick pace book that doesn't slow down at all it keeps going and its fun to read its not boring at all.So the main character of the book is name Lizzie and she is a former child star. Her show got canceled and now she is on a new show call Clue. She wants to do this show because A she is going broke and B she wants to mature her image. Most people still see her as Veronica from her previous t.v show. This book too me is all about growing up and making that change from being a kid to adult. Lizzie struggles with this because she doesn't know what she really wants. The book opens up to her, Kyra, and Devon. Devon is a personal trainer at a gym and he has a hard really hard life. Kyra I didn't really get her role in this book as much as I thought. I know she warned her to stay clear away from Devon. Maybe she was trying to be an over seer of her. Like some guardian basically she is one of Lizzie's only friend. Lizzie's show Clue has wasn't getting enough views as they hoped it would. They decide to take a different appeal to the show. Lizzie does a lot of growing up in this and I think that is really good.I didn't really dislike any character nor did I have a favorite character. Each of the character is well developed and I think that the way the author did is really good. Lizzie wasn't one of those annoying character at all. She was half-way a really good character. I think one of things Lizzie is that she is dependent on others and she is trying to change that through out the whole book. I think she sees herself needing to be for some of the things like normal kids or teens learned. She is kind of hard relate to her because she is a famous actress when most of us aren't , but at the same time she is because we can all say that we went through some transitions where we think on our own. All the other character is hard to describe them because we seem them as she sees them. I couldn't split my ideas on the other characters because I saw them as she sees them and most of the time that is hard to for a reader. Overall this a great book and I would recommend this book to anyone. This is a really good book to read in between books. I really enjoyed it. It kinda reminded me of a John Green type of book, but without the emotion.

  • Megan
    2018-11-07 00:10

    I had a little trouble rating this book. There were many negatives and positives to it and it was hard to decide. So anyways, I hope you enjoy! THE WRITING:The toughest decision to make about this book is whether the writing is okay or if it needed some touching-up. Everything was a bit stiff and non-flowy in a couple of paragraphs. While reading a book, I love to dive into the world and really get a feel for the characters, but with stiff writing it snaps me into reality and leaves me a little disappointed. So the writing was a bit stiff and choppy, and my advice to the author is to stretch everything out, try not to hurry into the next event so soon. I'm always telling my friends this when they write in a group project with me. Stretching everything will help your words flow easier, but just make sure you don't stretch the writing so much that you end up boring the reader to death. THE IDEA:With the beginning, I had no idea how this was going to go since I honestly didn't know what was going on and what everyone's deal was. But as the story progressed, I finally understood. By the end, the only word for the emotion I felt was heartwarming. The story and characters were cute, intriguing, and relatable in a way. It was so touching and incredible for what the main character did in her fame ( no spoilers hehe ). That special "thing" was most definitely what I loved about this book. THE CHARACTERS:The main character was okay, but I felt like she was still a stranger to me at the end of the book. The reader doesn't get to know anything from her childhood at all, and I wanted to know about it! I was curious! Also, the main character constantly describes ( as you can see from the synopsis... ) that Devon is a hopeless bad boy who "uses and dumps women like they're nothing". That is most definitely not the case. He's really not your common "bad boy" was approached multiple times throughout the book that women came up to him and asked him on a date but he refused because he didn't date. And that was it. Not a word about him "using women". None. So I really don't get why he's labeled a bad boy. Overall, I give Safe Space 3 stars. I did enjoy the story, but several aspects bothered me. I just might read the rest of the books in the Someone Else's Fairytale series, but I haven't officially decided to or not. *Thank you to Netgalley and Victory Editing for supplying me with this book to read and review*Want more? Make sure to check out my blog, Books of Fascination!

  • Maia
    2018-11-08 03:08

    "You do not need to have read any of these books before A Safe Space. Each book has a standalone story in it, so they can be read in any order."Upon requesting this title, I had no idea that this was a part of a series. A spinoff, to be exact. And although they had said that it could be read separately, even if you haven't read any other novel in the series, I still feel like I'm missing something.Anyway, I think it's safe to say that I liked this novel more than I thought I would. I plunged into this without so much of anything. I just pointed my finger on a galley I am yet to read and started without anything else.I thought it started off a little confusing--probably because it's part of a series I hadn't known of until now (shame on me)--well, except for the fact that Lizzie has a crush on her friend's gym instructor. It was as if we've just been thrown into the world and left to comprehend with however that world works. Lizzie, the main character, is an actress, which is something we all can't relate to, so I suppose it's understandable, but I learned get the hang of it as the story goes on. “If attraction were a logical process life would be so much easier, but it isn’t. At all.”I had a sort of love-hate relationship with the novel? I thought the pacing was slow and that sometimes you literally have to wait for something to happen, on the other hand, the chapters are kept short and interesting, so you get to guess what's to happen next and flip the pages until you're done.This novel is funny. More than twice or thrice, I would find myself stifling a laugh because of something from this novel. Tippetts' writing is (for the lack of better word) smooth and easy to read. The author uses simple, everyday words, but she finds a way to weave them together to keep you entertained and not once bored with the novel.I wasn't too fond of the romance, though. I found it rather... slow and abrupt--both at the same time. I'm obviously not making any sense here, but I'll try my best to explain my point. I thought Lizzie was too desperate and Devon was too... stupid? I mean, I liked them, at the beginning. But things went downhill when the novel started to focus on the romance itself. I found it quite hard to read and very frustrating at times that I sometimes wanted to hurl it out the door or something. But it managed to work its way back into my liking during the last chapters--not completely, but enough for me to give it four stars.A Safe Place is a funny, relaxing, and interesting read. It's written in absolute perfection that would keep you wanting for more--a novel that would make you want to read it again right after you finish.

  • Gemma Weir
    2018-10-21 00:03

    Check out more of my reviews on my blog www.gemmareadstoomuchforittomenormal....A Safe Space is book #4 in the Someone Else’s Fairytale Series but is a standalone and the first book I have read by this author. I was given a review copy by the publisher in exchange for an honest review so here goes...I was sold this book as a New Adult story which it most definitely isn’t!!! In fact it is incredibly YA.To be honest this book is very juvenile, the story and writing style are incredibly naive and young.I liked Lizzie but she was a very young 19yr old, we are led to believe that working in showbuisness makes people grow up quickly but with Lizzie it is the other extreme. She is ridiculously sheltered and naive to the point that she could just as easily have been 12 or 13.I felt really sorry for the poor girl she was lonely and clueless and just really, really sad!!!I haven’t read the previous books in the series so I’m going to assume that they would explain why Kyra was so jaded and generally unpleasant???Poor Devon I liked him a lot and to be honest I felt really sorry for him!!!So the bloke sleeps around a bit, it is bit dodgy but he seems to be fairly honest with the women he sees and never gives them any indication that he is looking for anything long term!!!But in this book he is villianised and Kyra basically suggests that he would be dangerous for Lizzie to be around alone!!!He’s a man whore not a rapist!!!!!Now here’s where it gets really weird!!! It turns out that Devon is the older brother of a terminally ill girl Lizzie connected with when she was very ill in hospital. Devon is basically a bit obsessed with Lizzie and the character she used to play on a children’s TV show and kinda stalks her.Lizzie falls for Devon hook, line & sinker really without him encouraging her at all!!!Lizzie declaring her love for Devon was just downright uncomfortable to the point where I cringed just reading it!!!Poor Devon when he finally decides that Lizzie is ‘the one’ is totally tortured by Lizzie & Kyra.This book I’m sorry to say is just plain weird!!! It reads like it was written by someone with absolutely no life experience. I’m not feeling it at all 2 stars

  • Paloma Virella
    2018-10-20 04:50

    I want to thank Emily Tippetts for having that giveaway because of it i got to read this amazing book! When I found out that I won A Safe Space I went crazy because when I read what it was about it , it made my heart get all smushy because I just love it when books have a bad boy and he changes for one girl. Let me start off by saying that I love Lizzie, her character personality is just phenomenal, I love that she never gave up on her career, always tried her best no matter what the situation was. I hated her mom so much… like how could she not see everything her daughter was doing for her, because she loved her and yet she treated her like she was a child. I never truly understood show business and all the sacrifices and difficulties it included until I read this book, it showed me what actors and actresses have to deal with every single day, I applaud to them. Now lets talk about Devon, every time that he talked it killed me, and each time he asked Lizzie if she was happy or cared for her warmed my heart so much. Never in a million years did I expect the plot twist that this book contains, like I never even thought about it so it took me by surprise but in a good way. Overall I loved the book, it was so heart warming because its not only about love but also the struggles that people go through every day of their lives, especially the lives of people who are a part of show business. I fell in love with Lizzie and Devon relationship in every possible way, his devotion to prove her that he can change and will change for her makes you feel all smushy inside. Also that relationship aren't only physical but emotional too, thats what I loved more about their relationship because from the very beginning they cared about each other than getting involved physically.

  • Zoe and the Edge
    2018-10-28 02:54

    This is Devon. He is only a part-time friend. Ten minute from now he’ll be a jerk once more.So this is a little juvenile for me but I can't resist a love-hate romance where the guy is sending out all the clues as subtly as he can but the girl is just not getting it. Devon's not a whipped puppy, but his balance is pretty good. He's crazy in love with Lizzie and it's darn satisfying. After a while, though, it gets cruel, because Lizzie just toys with him. I know she's just being self-preserving, but poor Devon! The author does rub it in, rather comically how every other day, Devon is explaning his no-strings-attached policy to his one night stands right in front of Lizzie. Devon - “No one who ever really got to know me would be interested.”“That’s not true,” I say.“How would you know?”“I’ve seen people stupider than you have relationships.”I guess what's interesting is that Kyra (from the previous book and Lizzie's BFF), actually thinks Devon is dangerous. When the whole story comes out it is actually really quite powerful. “Don’t spoil it.”“Oh, sorry.”“That is a precious piece of my childhood that I’ll never get back.”“You would have been twenty-four when that aired.”The ending kind of gets sappy and weird shit goes down but how can you not love Lizzie?But that night I told him I loved him was the most humiliating experience of my life, and given my career, that is really saying something.And that ending! Gaah! I think that's the first time I got so close to crying at a (view spoiler)[proposal (hide spoiler)] scene.