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Maia wants to be free. Free from the social obligations, free from the money, free from the control that her privileged upbringing has taken from her life. And at college, she wants to be unseen, unheard, unnoticed. Jackson's life has been less than perfect since his high school girlfriend took the back door out of his life, permanently. After years of subscribing to an exMaia wants to be free. Free from the social obligations, free from the money, free from the control that her privileged upbringing has taken from her life. And at college, she wants to be unseen, unheard, unnoticed. Jackson's life has been less than perfect since his high school girlfriend took the back door out of his life, permanently. After years of subscribing to an existence of less than gentlemanly behaviour, he decides to man up and go to college, promising to be done with random hook ups and female drama. They had it all worked out, each one had a plan. At least they did...until they met. Together they run from everything; from life, from happiness, from each other. They are two people both so scared; of heartbreak, of repeating past mistakes, of trusting someone else. Two people simply scared of beautiful......

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Scared of Beautiful Reviews

  • Roksana
    2019-05-14 10:06

    DNF at 82%WARNING SPOILERS***** I generally wanted to like this book and it was 3 or 4 stars and then it went down hill after 82% and sadly dropped to 1 star after that!I am disgusted that about 82% I was subjected to the explicit sex scene with OW that the Hero was having sex with in a bar and thinking of heroine whilst performing the act? WTH is this? It came from nowhere and I was shocked that after what he put Mia through, he still betrayed her like that! Yes, they broke up, but he REALLY LOVED HER SO MUCH AND WANTED HER LIKE HIS OWN BREATH! So excuse me butWHY THEN HE JUST CASUALLY HAD SEX WITH A "VERY SMOKING HOT BANTERDER" (HIS WORDS) WHILST STILL CARRYING MIA IN HIS HEART? You just don't do that with someone when you are so in love with someone else and after such short period of time! That is so contradictory and so disloyal on his part! Put it kindly I felt betrayed by the author to put that stunt at 82% when the reader is expected to have them reconcile and finally get back together..but not having another explicit scene with OW! That just took away from the romance and gave nothing of value to the love story between Hero and heroine! In the end I felt duplicity over the fact he did not even told Mia about sleeping with the bartender and is that suppose to make me happy? And don't star on HEA? I felt none of that! The only thing I felt was deception, manipulation and big disappointment that the author put that shit on the readers head at 82% and then wrap up everything in a neat pretty bow...Mhmmmm NO!but I am afraid I don't believe in that naive, unrealistic pretty portrayal of them in the end!

  • Paige
    2019-04-30 11:40

    4 "Moving Forward" StarsWhat a roller coaster ride of emotions. This book was full of so many different twists that just as soon as I thought I had everything figured out, I was proven wrong. Kept on the edge of my seat, Jacqueline penned a new adult story that left me reeling but in the end, smiling Jackson is a reformed manwhore drug user and peddler. Determine to move on from his heartbreak, he finally feels ready to make changes to his life. When he starts at university, he meets one person that he is immediately drawn to: Maia. Maia has lived a hard life that no one would ever know about since she's from a wealthy family. Keeping her life hidden is the only way she knows to try and get past it. But there's just something about Jackson. Even when her roommate and his best friend warns her off, she can't stay away. And neither can Jackson. As they spend time together, their plans are upended when they can't stop from depending on each other. Life isn't easy for either of them though and it becomes obvious that both have secrets from their pasts that they don't feel comfortable sharing until it becomes impossible not to. But when the going gets tough, Maia does what she always does, she runs. Over the course of the next year, Maia and Jackson face hurdle after hurdle trying to stave off heartbreak and deception and make it to their own happy ending. I was enthralled during this story. No matter what twist and turns popped up, I couldn't put down my Kindle. I have to be honest and admit that for me, some of the plot twists came too quickly, were wrapped up too easily, and there were too many, but in the end, I was able to look past that because the story itself was so engrossing. I felt for Jackson and Maia and Jacqueline did a fantastic job of bringing them to life and making me care about them. ARC provided to A is for Alpha B is for Books for honest review.

  • Maya
    2019-05-20 07:56

    Self note: a detailed sex scene at 82% of the story is not OK!

  • Deserie williams
    2019-05-01 06:03

    self note: not safe for me! H has detail sex with other woman after breaking up with h(its been a few weeks) but I still consider that nasty!!!! Not for me!

  • Gi's Spot Reviews
    2019-05-08 13:08

    Just disgusting...Self note:

  • beth myrick
    2019-05-05 10:46

    I was sent a copy for an honest review.While I liked the premise or maybe promise of the story, the delivery was not there.The characters were pretty much on the weak and immature side. Their thoughts, actions, choices left a lot to be desired which caused me to disconnect. I get it's NA, but the behavior of the characters brought it down to more YA. The conflict was predictable before it began, and there's not just one conflict. The whole book is one drama after another until the romance disappears and soap opera ensues. Every character introduced brought a new round of drama. I would have liked these characters to find each other, fall for each other, and save each other since that seems to be the underlying theme of the storyline. Since the measure of time that they actually spent together lasted a minute, I never connected with the love let alone the saving each other from their less than happy past. There was a lot that could have been done to this book to make the story of a great love more enjoyable and acceptable beginning with the characters. If I can't find myself liking or wanting to know the characters if the were real, then I'm not going to root for them in the book. This cancels out the whole goal of presenting this romance. I'm supposed to read about these two, become immersed in their lives during the time it takes me to read this book, feel their chemistry, fall in love with them individually as well as together, and cheer for their HEA. Sadly, I lost the connection and ended up really not caring about their ending.The amount of drama written ended up being way too much. It's not a long enough book to have this much angst. It ended up losing focus on the romance. As a result we get protagonist who spends so little time together I was surprised they remember each other. After ALL the rounds of drama come to an end we get another minute of them together before the great epilogue provided HEA. I never made the reconnection. I never had the ahhh moment I should get when I know everything is going to be fine.The first person POV would have worked if there hard of been so much inner monologue. There really was a lack of meaningful dialogue. It came in spurts and ended way too soon, and unfortunately these were the parts I liked the best. I would read more by this writer because I do see talent.

  • aNneMarLi - Chatterbooks Book Blog
    2019-05-14 09:08

    3.5 Stars!!!Scared of Beautiful by Jacqueline Abrahams is an easy read about a heroine and a hero 'who wanted out". Maia, who lived in a privileged life with wealth and money and then there's Jackson who had a dirty past...both came with a baggage. Two souls who keeps running and looking for a way out of even love for each other...I hate to say that I'm gonna rate this as a "Three Point Five Star Read" because this book really has a potential. In fact, I myself enjoyed reading the book and there were even moments I silently laughed because of their silliness. What actually piqued my interest is the title and the blurb thus I immediately signed up for an ARC. Because well, I'm a sucker for this kind of plot where rich girl meets reformed manwhore/slut...fall in love..drama..secrets and revelations.etc..etc.. I even appreciate that it was written in both POV's, that way, the readers wont keep on guessing the other's thoughts or ideas. And oh, the incorporation of that line from Edgar Allan Poe's Annabel Lee really did it for me. Isn't it the sweetest when someone recite to you such a wonderful verse..* Sigh..But our love it was stronger by far than love of those who were older than we-Of many far wiser than we-And neither the angels in heaven above,Nor the demons down under the sea,can eve dissever my soul from the soulOf the beautiful Annabel Lee.However, as much as I love the book, there were points that is just difficult for me to 'comprehend" or maybe difficult for me to "accept". Maybe because some scenes were just too rushed or just fade away and there was too much drama thus I can't seem to find a connection. The chemistry of both the leads were there at first but then nearing 80% of the book just seems "okay"..just merely leads which even leads me to have an interest on one of the secondary character instead. totality, this book is not a bad read. I enjoyed it. This even made me want to read the next book in the series because I'm excited what's in store for us by the author. * E-copy given in exchange for an honest review*

  • Trisha
    2019-05-11 04:55

    I received a copy of this book in exchange of an honest reviewHonestly, I feel bad for giving this book a low rating. The blurb seemed to be promising. I even liked the beginning of this book, but as the story goes on I started disliking the story. I liked that they tried to be friends because in some books, they start dating right away which is annoying for me.I hate the heroine in this book. I don't know why she runs away but wants to keep the guy so she decides that they could be friends with benefits because love is messy. (That's what I understood) The story was too short, and while it was nearing the end, it became fast paced and so many things were happening that I was asking myself, "When will this finally end?". There was too much drama too - unnecessary drama. I was very disappointed with this book.

  • Aimee
    2019-05-08 08:54

    Maia comes from a privileged upbringing in NYC, but has had a very rough life with an abusive father that she is trying desperately to cut ties with. Her relationship with her mom is also rough because she sees her as being weak for taking the abuse all of her life.Jackson comes to college after going through a hard time of his own. His long time girlfriend Shana takes off and he spends so much time trying to figure out where she went and why she left him that he ends up putting his life on hold. College is about him starting over.I had a hard time liking this story as much as I thought I would. Maia and Jackson both have so much baggage and drama in their life that they have a really hard time trusting each other. It was just drama all over the place and got to just be too much for me. Maia takes Jackson home with her and he witnesses her crazy father be abusive to her and her mom and that happens really early on in their relationship. Then Maia goes home with Jackson when he sees Shana and Daniella for the first time and she also meets Jackson's parents and his "friends" from when he was growing up. That was also a lot for her to take in, and it was like no big deal to her. After all that drama, Maia freaks out over something that should have been so easy to explain, that she cuts off everything with Jackson. It just seemed a bit ridiculous to me that she would trust him after finding out about Shana, but wouldn't after a dumb decision in a bar. The back and forth of them wanting to be together, but not being together, and the tension just got to be too much for me. The ending all happened way too fast for me and didn't feel like it was enough for all the pieces to fall into place. *Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*

  • Brenna
    2019-05-18 09:09

    I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review.I enjoyed the fact that this book was written from both characters' points of view allowing insight into both of them. There was also an interesting dynamic of rich girl/boy from the wrong side of the tracks, both of whom have baggage. I think there was good character development; I feel like I know who Maia and Jackson are as people, what their strengths are, and what their fears are.In terms of being a romance, I found this story to be "okay". I hate to say that in a review when I am sure the author put her heart and soul into writing it, but that is my honest feeling.Romance novels are my favorite genre. I love it when my heart goes pitter patter right along with the character's, but that just didn't happen to me with this story. There was nothing particularly romantic in the story, other than the fact we see that Maia & Jackson love each other and have to overcome difficulties to be with each other.I also really like it when the male character is someone I could picture loving, and I didn't find that with Jackson. The fact he had a drunken sexual encounter in a bar towards the end of the book actually made me dislike him. I realize Jackson & Maia weren't together, and that he was angry and reverting to his old ways, but that just made him untrustworthy and unlikable. While I was glad the book had such a happy ending, I wasn't ecstatic like I would be if I really like the guy in it. Overall, I found it a good story but not memorable in terms of the romance.

  • Keep Calm Novel On
    2019-05-04 10:00

    I received a copy of the eBook from Goodreads Never too Old for Y. A. & N. A. Books Read for Review group in exchange for an honest review.Scared of Beautiful by Jacqueline Abrahams is written from two distinct points of view—Maia and Jackson’s—this allows the reader to understand their inner thoughts and how their individual past experiences have affected them. The author shows the reader their convincing personalities via their actions, thoughts and well-written dialogue. It is clear that they have fears and trust issues that they must overcome in order to more forward. The backdrop of their challenging pasts creates unexpected and dangerous twists and turns. The author weaves the various obstacles effortlessly making it a most entertaining read. As well, the chemistry is undeniable. Maia and Jackson’s journey is a page-turner.

  • Selena Lang
    2019-04-27 05:40

    I didn't really like this book. The story could have been good, but they were "in love" in under 5 days...which I find ridiculous. No one can be so in love they couldn't live without the other person in under 5 days. Just not realistic. They hardly had any conversations..what they had was instant lust...not love in my opinion. They didn't even know each other by then. And the heroine drove me nuts. I can't love him...I have to ignore my feelings. Ugh. What BS. Although she was could she be in love so quick. And the dramatics with her family and his "turning criminal" was more like ho hum its solved now..move on. It did not really effect much in the story it was too quick to be resolved to really cause any bumps or angst. Guess I just didn't like this one.

  • Stephanie Thompson
    2019-04-29 10:55

    I'm not sure about this book. I kind of liked it, but I really didn't. The problem with this genre is that many of the books just seem the exact same. The characters kind of pissed me off too, everything just happened so quickly, and then it felt like nothing happened. I wish I could say better things about this book, but I'm not even sure I'd recommend it to others. I also had a hard time getting through it, just seems like another new adult romance book.

  • Danni
    2019-05-13 11:50

    I'm in between a 3.5/4 I actually loved the book I just hated the whole I want to be with but can't thing Maia had going. I do wish that we got more from Jackson and Daniella storyline. On to the next book in the series I hope to hear from Jackson and Maia after reading the epilogue I dying to know what life is like for them.

  • Theresa Alberts
    2019-05-11 12:04

    Scared of Beautiful by Jacqueline Abrahams is a story of two people trying to rid themselves of a painful past and move toward a future that is nothing like what they came from. Maia and Jackson are from two completely different worlds, Maia a Manhattan socialite who wants nothing to do with the life of privledge that she grew up in and Jackson, a hard working guy from the South who wants better than working in a garage yearning for more. They meet while attending Brown University through Maia's roommate Jade, and although neither one is looking for a relationship nor do either of them really want one, they are drawn to each other in a way that neither can deny. Their story was heartbreaking at times, and uplifting during others all the while drawing the reader further and further into the plot with each page turned. This was a 4 star read for me and I would highly recommend it to others! This book is a must read for the romantic at heart."He has this way of making me feel completely comfortable around him. No one in my life has ever made me feel this at ease by just being there."Maia is a girl of privledge who despises where she came from, never visiting her home and you find her ignoring phone call after phone call from her mother. Her father sends her check every month that she never cashes but instead throws in a drawer because she doesn't want his money, nor does she need it with her six-figure trust fund from her grandparents. Her father has been absent and abusive to her mother for as long as she can remember, yet her mother stays with him and Maia doesn't seem to understand why. She no longer has sympathy for her mother, who has left her father several times but always goes back to the life of money and power that she left behind. Maia seems to ignore the money that she has, not wanting to be like her mother. She has a brand new BMW parked in the school lot that she never drives, preferring to walk or take the bus where she needs to go. She received the money from her father that she again doesn't take because she can't be bought like other people from her social circle in Manhatten.Jackson is a hard working guy, who studied to get a scholarship to Brown and enrolled to try and move on with his life. The love of his life up and left without a word four years ago after going in one day for an abortion, and he struggled every day with not knowing why. Just before coming to Brown he found Jana and possibly the daughter he didn't know he had, but after trying to make contact he was cut off again. Trying to put the past behind him, the drugs, drinking, woman and thug friends, Jackson yearns to start over at Brown where he vies to a loner with only Jade and maybe Maia as his friends.Jackson and Maia begin to hang out and become close. Maia really leans on Jackson when she asks for his help when moving her mother out of her father's apartment and to Brooklyn to her Aunt Megs. Jackson sees the other side of Maia that she tried to carefully hide, the side with the money and how the people that she knows behave because of the status that they think it gives them. Jackson continually wonders if he will ever be good enough for Maia, but her feelings run so deep for him how could he not be?"No I'm lying because I love you and I need you. But I can't need you. And I definitely can't tell you that I need you."Maia goes to Atlanta with Jackson to meet Jana and his daughter, although every bone in her body is questioning getting involved in this drama. She has enough of her own, she doesn't know if she can take on someone else's. But because she loves him, she goes and she allows him the time that he needs to meet his daughter and try to become a part of her life. It is while in Atlanta that Jackson goes out with some old friends and goes to his old ways of drugs and booze but this time without the women. A complete misunderstanding which was put into motion by his "friend" causes Maia to leave Jackson and tell him that they can't be together."I hate not being with you, hate that this is awkward, we're wasting time on this talking shit, and I'm slightly relieved that you were jealous this morning."As Maia struggles with whether or not she can give her trust back to Jackson, he gets involved in a very shady situation that leads him to trouble with the law. Jade calls Maia and begs her to help Jackson because he is too good to go down this road, and he was only doing what he did to protect them. Maia uses her money to hire a lawyer and plans to fly down to Atlanta to be with him and help him however she can, when her father shows up and beats her mother in front of her eyes putting her in the hospital fighting for her life. Jackson is devastated that Maia didn't come, but he was unaware of the reasons why; reasons that he discovers later.I loved that this book didn't have the happily ever after that I was expecting. That it was real and I was able to relate to each of the characters and how they were feeling. Everyone needs to pick up this book and read it!

  • Merrie
    2019-05-07 13:07

    I received this book in exchange for an honest review.This book tells the story of Maia and Jackson and is told through both POV's.First let's give a basic rundown. Maia attends Brown University and is roommates with Jade. While Maia is from a privileged background, her life has been anything but easy. She is from a home that from the outside looking in, looks perfect. But peel it back and it's full of abuse. Her father is not the patriarch he is supposed to be and her mother, after years of abuse, is really a shell of a woman, who has come to depend on Maia a little too much. Because of this, Maia somewhat resents her mother and, from what I can tell, has lost respect for her.Jackson is best friends with Jade and they are both from Georgia. He hasn't made too many right choices in his life, but is now on the straight and narrow and is finally getting his opportunity to go to college. He is instantly attracted to Maia, but with his past hanging over him, Jade is quick to warn Maia of his "tendencies".This book was good, just not "can't put it down fantastic". The beginning of the book presents Maia in a very "hard" way. You know that her life has been rough and because of her father, her mistrust in men is genuinely warranted. She is attracted to Jackson that much she acknowledges while also telling herself to not get too close. From Jackson's perspective, he is pretty forthcoming about what he wants from Maia, and it is not just sex. He admits to a shady past, but also claiming to have left it where it belongs: the past. Let me give just a small background on Jackson. While in high school, Jackson and Jade were best friends with Shana. Shana and Jackson were in a relationship that resulted in a pregnancy. I promise I'm not spoiling anything, this is in the very beginning of the book. Shana left (as in, just up and left) with Jackson thinking that she terminated the pregnancy. Well, she didn't. This is the main incident that has defined Jackson's past up until he is at Brown. First, the book was kinda unnecessarily wordy. It's not that this was a horrible thing, I just think that it took away from the story and from captivating you the reader. Personally some of it wasn't necessary in order to get where the character was coming from.The relationship between Jackson and Maia picks up very quickly, which is shocking considering where Maia's head is and the exterior that she has built. She did a lot of things that seemed a bit out of character for her. At one point, before even a relationship is established, she allows Jackson to help move her mom out from living with her dad. Up until that point, she is a pretty private person. And that one visit alone, exposes her entire past. So, I enjoy drama in a book, I think that it is necessary to keep the reader's attention. However, I don't like it when an author throws it in all at once. When Jackson helps Maia move her mother, we got to witness her abusive father and the ex-boyfriend who is now hooking up the ex-BFF. That's a lot of baggage coming at anyone, but especially someone who is trying to hide her past.Real quick about Jackson's past. I can say too much without spoiling. But, I personally think the past presented in the book, the one that literally has a head on collision with his future, was overkill. His character traits from the beginning, did not indicate what was going to happen. I guess I just felt as if the author was putting too much baggage on these two characters. Even taking half of it away would have made it a good read. On a side note, I really thought more was going to develop with the ex-boyfriend and the ex-BFF, not really disappointed that it didn't, just surprised.So, I'm sure you're wondering "why 4 stars?" Well, I did enjoy the characters and aside from Jackson's "shady" past, I really did enjoy him. He was very vulnerable when he needed to be and I think the author did show the love that Jackson and Maia had for one another and made it believable. For Maia, I think her character development from start to finish was well done. She was able to trust, in spite of her father and being able to see her understand her mother and with that show her the respect that she deserved was very inspiring. Also, the story line is good. Rich girl, middle class boy, fall in love, despite all the obstacles in their way. I just thought that some of the "filler" was unnecessary, but that doesn't mean you won't LOVE IT!All in all, not a bad read. It sparked my interest enough that I will continue the series.

  • Katherine Paschal
    2019-05-23 12:59

    Maia left behind her dysfunctional parents to attend Brown college, giving herself a new start she so desperately wants. Jackson is leaving behind his past lifestyle of man-whoring, drinking and apathy, hoping for a chance to be a different person. The two of them are forced together by a mutual friend and sparks instantly fly. Unfortunately, their own personal baggage may destroy their tentative relationship before it can even really begin.This was a love story about two very different people, with different backgrounds and personalities, who share one thing. Baggage. Tons and tons of emotional baggage from before the story started. This book was an emotional rollercoaster, where you want things to work out, but something else is piled in the way. Seriously, if it wasn’t one thing it was another, I was afraid of where the story was going to take me next. I found this to be an interesting read, but I am not completely sure if I liked it or not.What I really enjoyed were the characters and the character development. The book alternated point of view from Jackson and Maia between chapters, making them both main characters. Jackson and Maia seemed like real people that I would want to know, with flaws and personality and hopes. I rooted for them individually, maybe not for them necessarily as a couple though. I liked Maia’s ability to see and come to terms with her own flaws and want to fix them. I also appreciated her go with the flow in tough situations, backbone, and complete generosity. I liked that Jackson was willing to go over the moon for Maia and wanted to be a better man for her. Unfortunately he let his past hold him down repeatedly. They each had a lot of potential shine through and I enjoyed them as people.What drove me insane about the book was the plot. Which is kind of a big thing in a story. Some aspects were just so over the top that I could not buy it as real life. Maia knows Jackson for 3 days, when she helps her mother leave her father, get abused, learn about her real lineage, and run into her slimy ex boyfriend and best friend. And then, the next day she has a new roommate who happens to be her arch enemy, buys an apartment, finds out that Jackson has a daughter and flies home with him to confront his past. Maybe this could have been spread out throughout the book instead of cramming it all in the beginning. I kept thinking to myself “ok, what crisis will show up next”, and I was never disappointed because something came every time. I felt like the whole parents and daughter problems resolved so quickly and were almost never mentioned again even though they were a huge deal (or at least they would be to me) and the issues seemed to shape so much of the character’s personality and life choices to just brush it off. Also, some things just didn’t match up, like Maia having no one and being a loner, to her missing Jade who was her best friend 3 days later. Also, she didn’t really like Jackson, and then bam! They are dating and she loves him. She was going to break up with him, sees a girl in his room and decides she is hurt and not break up with him. What? I feel like things were a little too jumbled and inconsistent for me to be in love with the story. I see that the story had potential and I really liked the characters as people, but I found the book as a whole to just be ok. I would read more from this author in the future because there were things I did enjoy.I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

  • Reviews from the Heart (Kimberly Anne)
    2019-05-01 09:54

    This is a very well written and touching love story full of good feels that left me wanting more! Maia is looking for a fresh start when she starts at Brown University and is hoping more than anything to leave her past far behind. She comes from a wealthy and successful family and has learned the hard way that money and success definitely aren’t everything and that problems and dark secrets plaque wealthy families as well. I immediately felt a connection with Maia’s character and found myself wanting something good to happen for her. I was a bit apprehensive when she first met Jackson since he’s a former player and has been through his share of women and emotionless sexual encounters. I strongly felt that Maia deserved so much more than that and was leery about what Jackson’s true intentions were. In his defense he does seem like he regrets his former ways and he is nothing but a gentleman when spending time with her. This went a long way in helping to redeem his character in my eyes and I found myself hoping for the best for both of them right from the start. There are some pretty serious obstacles thrown in the way of Jackson and Maia’s chances of a happy relationship. Both of them have very significant baggage coming into this that made it seem impossible that they could ever be able to be happy together. These aren’t simple or easily handled issues either and I found this added a level of complexity and suspense to this story that made it more enjoyable to read. I liked how the author included these issues and how it made this story more realistic in nature since the reality is that most relationships do have their fair share of difficult issues to work through and lots of people bring baggage from their past into their current relationships. I must admit that I felt a lot of respect and admiration for Maia since she took all of the shocks she was faced with and dealt with them with an inner strength that I believe came from the events that she had been forced to deal with from her own dark past. Maia is a perfect living example of the belief that whatever doesn’t kill you ends up making you stronger and I enjoy a strong female character. Jackson isn’t a weakling either and I felt that he was a perfect fit for Maia. The two have a chemistry together that is seriously intense! At one point Jackson is placed in a very unfortunate situation where he feels he has no choices left up to him and puts himself in a life threatening situation that had me screaming at him and calling him a creative assortment of names and I absolutely hated reading this part. I didn’t see any coming back from this and my heart broke for what I thought would most likely happen to him. I won’t give anything away here, but I will say that this part of the book left me breathless and flipping the pages as fast as humanly possible to find out what was going to happen next! I love this book and I love this author! I highly recommend reading this to anyone and I plan on reading much more from this author in the future!

  • ♥Jamie
    2019-04-27 07:45

    3.5 Stars! Scared of Beautiful is book one in the Scared series. It's an emotional story of two broken people finding where they fit in the world, and with who.Summary:Jackson Jones' life hasn't been the best since his heart was shattered by his high school girlfriend. After spending most of that time spiraling down a dangerous and hopeless path, he's finally pulling himself back together and moving on. He's been accepted to Brown University, wher his best friend goes, and he's focusing on staying out of the environment he was almost sucked completely into. Because he's sworn off random one night stands, women aren't really a priority for him, especially since he's just found his ex and the secret she kept. Maia wants to be free of the life she's been living. Attending Brown was her escape. Despite coming from a privileged background, control over her own life was always taken, and now she wants it back. To do that, she wants to stay invisible. Both Jackson and Maia have plans, but everyone knows the old adage about the best laid plans. Everything changes after they meet. Sparks fly and the need to be with each other is too great to ignore. But Jackson and Maia are both scared. Scared of happiness, heartbreak, dependency, life. Can two people scared of the beauty in life, stop running long enough to see what's right in front of them? When each of their pasts come back to cause trouble, are the feelings they share enough to hold them together?I liked this book very much. Maia was an okay heroine for me. I liked her personality and my heart broke for what she went through, but her constant running was a bit annoying. Granted she had her issues, and they were solid reasons, but every little thing, she was gone. I hated that she didn't fight for her or Jackson more. Jackson was amazing. Start to finish, I loved him. He was so broken and lost, but he worked his way out. His intense feelings were sweet, and I was cheering him the whole time. The story line was believable and kept me reading, but I had a few problems. I didn't like the lack of time Daniella got. This was a major reason for Jackson's downward spiral, so I feel that relationship wasn't as fully developed as it could have been. Secondly, the issue with Maia's dad was kind of left without a definite ending. Obviously, I think it's clear what would happen, but I think that should have been included. Finally, I felt the ending was rushed. The work they did to be together seemed like it was skipped over when that was a big point in the story. I did like the sweet ending, but I wanted to see the journey to get there or at least a glimpse of it. Over all, a good read with likeable characters. I want to read on, but am nervous to take on Blake, who I didn't like much. I will be looking for book in future by this author. <3

  • Barb
    2019-04-26 04:50

    *****Recieved a copy of this book for a fair and honest review***** For me this book was a 4**** read. I loved the concept of the book but there were a few parts that were over the top. I really do like Jacqueline Abrahams writing and hope to read more from her.Maia was brought up in a life of luxury and riches. The type of life people could only dream of. Little do people know the price this life comes with. Wanting to get away from her affluent Manhattan family she decides to go to school in Boston just far enough away to be on her own and away from her family. The only person that knows the most about her home life is her roommate Jade. Limited to knowing she has a BMW that she never drives, walking everywhere and that she really doesn't go out and socialize. Maia's secrets run deep. Returning to her room one day expecting to see Jade, she is surprised to see a very nice looking stranger. She immediately has her guard up and tells him that Jade isn't there and he should leave. Jackson is this handsome stranger and Jade's bestfriend from home. He has decided to finally go to school after taking some time off to earn money and take care of somethings from his past. He has a loving and supportive family, but there are somethings from his past he can't seem to get aways from. He is intrigued by Maia after their first encounter and whould like to get to know her better. His first impression is that she hates him and his goal is to make her fall for him.The first time Maia agrees to go out for coffee with Jackson there is an insta-connection. Things seem to be going well and he is one of the first people she feels that she has made a connection with. She opens up to him emotionally even though Jade warns her, as well as, Jackson that they should stay away from one another. As they continue to grow closer throughout the book they share each others hidden past secrets. Unfortunately, those secrets resurface and both are faced with dire decisions and the consequences that come with them.I loved watching their connection grow. Some of the things that happen because of Jackson making a bad decision one night sends things spiralling out of control. I think Maia over reacts and makes her self physically and emotionally unavailable. Even though things happen to both of them we are left with a HEA. I felt that the ending was a little rushed and some of the time lines didn't match up. Overall, I did enjoy this book and would definately recommend reading it. I really would like to read more of Jackson and Maia!

  • Theresa Jarosick
    2019-04-29 08:39

    I was given a free copy for a honest review. Scared of Beautiful tells the story of both Maia and Jackson as they attempt to escape their pasts...their heartbreaks...their fears – and find each other in the process. Maia comes from a life of fortune – an upper class New Yorker who wants nothing more than to be the exact opposite of how she was raised. That life; while lavish and privileged, was not her. Behind all the so called perfection of that lifestyle Maia witnessed some cruel and hurtful things. Getting accepted into Brown was her way of an escape – from her family and life. Jackson comes from a life of hard work and determination. After his girlfriend left him unexpectedly he slept around in hopes of numbing the pain of his broken heart. Over time he decides to work hard to make something for himself. He gets accepted to Brown and it is there he meets Maia. The attraction is almost instant. Although Maia has trust issues when it comes to men, she is drawn to Jackson. Together they're both scared of what lies ahead – of trusting one another. Scared of going off track of how their lives should be and how they should live them._________________________________________Overall I enjoyed the plot and flow of the story. I felt the characters were well developed and enjoyed the interaction between bot Maia and Jackson. I especially loved Jade; Maia's roomate and Jackson's childhood friend. Even through there were a handful of secondary characters in the story it was clear they were an important part in the development and the author did a great job of not overpowering their presence while telling the story of Maia's and Jackson's relationship.I really enjoyed the dual POV and felt the author did an amazing job weaving both characters pasts into the story. The emotional connection between both characters was beautifully written and I would recommend this title to fellow NA readers.

  • Christina
    2019-05-22 09:48

    Complimentary copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.Maia has lived a life of privilege in which money has never been a concern. Unfortunately that life has come at the price of having to live with a father who abuses her mother and really wants to have little to do with her. She’s left her parents Manhattan home, with money of her own due to an inheritance from her grandparents. For all intents and purposes, she is an independent woman, able to live a life free of the things that have restrained her for so long.Jackson comes from the other side of the tracks, having grown up in the tough neighborhoods of Atlanta. He is friends with some unsavory characters that just don’t seem to understand that his acceptance to Brown is a chance at a new life. Jackson shows up at Brown though with a large chip on his shoulder, and until he meets Maia, and takes up the challenge of pursuing her, he is a tad insufferable. He comes from an environment where it is definitely a matter of “bros before hoes”, but will Maia ever understand that and know where she fits in in Jackson’s world?While this is a storyline we have seen time and time again, Ms. Abrahams puts a different spin on it, making the storyline fresh and engaging. The secrets that both Maia and Jackson are keeping make for some interesting plot turns that will keep you interested. Scared of Beautiful is an emotional journey of finding oneself and finding love along the way. Despite their differences, mostly socio-economic, Jackson and Maia are able to shrug off the societal mores that are expected of them. This is a quick, easy read that fans of NA romance will love. I didn’t have a whole lot of connection to the characters, probably because it felt a little rushed and there seemed to be a lot of secondary characters involved, however I did enjoy the story. This was definitely a four star read and I look forward to the next installment in this series!

  • Leslee Anderson
    2019-05-24 06:01

    Received for an honest reviewHonestly I really like the story!! I love the whole boy from wrong side of the tracks meets girl from the right side the tracks, fall in love, and then there is drama. And most of the time I really like Jackson, Maia, and Jade. Jade is wonderful. Who doesn't love the beautiful friend that is so strong and loyal, even when she wants to kick your butt. Maia was such a contradiction. I had whiplash from her mood swings and her running. She ran when things got tough and when things were too emotional. I get it. She had enough crap from her jerk of a father, nasty ex boyfriends, and a mother she doesn't respect but really I felt like she was extremely judgmental sometimes. Honestly, I think she was more realistic than most of us would want to admit. She was wishy washy but aren't we all when we are young. She was immature but I thinks that's kinda what makes her work in the long run. I truly believe when she stops running, stands there and breathes she will discover that hurt and frustration is what makes life so beautiful. Jackson was sexy has heck but he was sorta whipped. It's not necessarily a bad thing but at the end of the day it didn't always make sense to me. I said not always because there were times I understood his pain, saddness, and fear. I was glad when he was able to lay down his cards. When he spoke it was eloquent and beautiful but saying that doesn't mean I always thought it worked. Please understand that while I have some minor issues with the story I still loved it and would recommend it to anyone. You understand that the pain and drama these people are going through can emulate life. People are crazy and do stupid things and that is what is happening with these two. They are struggling to understand life, love, and consequences.

  • Salisa
    2019-05-03 11:53

    I received a copy of this book for an honest review. When i first saw the book, i was fell in love with the cover. LOVED IT! The name of the book has a deep meaning. It was a very strange set of phrases, for me. That was until i read the whole book. It made sense and is perfect for the book.The book's main leads are a rich girl, Maia who's family is less than perfect. She wants to be free of her past. The past that has made her wary of men. When she sees and meets Jackson she starts falling for him. But even Jackson has a past. So, when their past collides with their present they learn to trust each other, let go, love, forgive and heal. I liked this book a lot you know. I am sure a lot of readers would love it too. I loved how the author kept me entertained, didn't get bored. I loved how the characters were developed and had their own role in the book. I suppose if even one character had to be deleted from this book it would be a little incomplete. However, towards the ending when both their pasts collided. Maia's attitude or i guess some of the action was a lot annoying. I really don't know how to say this without revealing that much. I expected her to at least trust her friends that much to be able to call her friend and tell her about the situation that has risen. Her moment of understanding and healing came too late in the book. I guess it's understandable as she has been hurt so much by friends and men especially. I would really recommend this book to a lot of readers. I am sure they would enjoy the emotional connection that i felt through this book.

  • Naye
    2019-05-14 06:54

    I received and ARC for my honest review.Maia is from a privileged life abused life and she wants out! Jackson is from the South and has waited for the one thing that left him heart broken and shattered. He wants out as well.These two broken hearted people meet at Brown University because of a mutual friend. They are just trying to start over with their lives and focus on themselves and school for once. Maia fight the attraction for a while and Jackson has no clue whats going on because once again this is not what they had in mind when they left home.Maia doesn't trust anyone especially men. Jackson used to be a love 'em leave 'em kind of guy because of the one that got away..They fell in love really fast!That much I must say was a downer I mean yes they told each other about their past but where is the rest?They both have ugly pasts that unexpectedly came into their present making them fight for each other and their future..I left a lot out because I did not want to spoil the story.. but I really did enjoy reading this book, it did leave a lot of questions for me but maybe if I read it again my question will be answered, some I am sure won't but (like did he ever see Daniella or talk to her after she left? What happened to the company?? has Maia graduated? it just seems like alot was skipped over anyways... I really enjoyed the ending a bit more than the beginning lol.. I never read a book by this author and I can't wait to read more by her. I would recommend this book to my friendsI like these characters so much that if book 2 is about them I will definitely read it!! thank you so much for trusting me to read!!

  • Wednesday Stanley
    2019-04-28 12:58

    This was the second book that I have read by this author. I thought that Maia was a likable character. She comes from a life of privilege in which money has never been a concern. Unfortunately that life has come at the price of having to live with a father who abuses her mother and really wants to have little to do with her. She’s left her parents Manhattan home, with money of her own due to an inheritance from her grandparents. I think she is a independent woman, able to live a life free of the things that have restrained her for so long.We get to see Jackson again in this story, it starts off a year after we left him in Infinite Fear. Where he seems to have turned his life around. He is friends with some unsavory characters that just don’t seem to understand that his acceptance to Brown is a chance at a new life. He does show up at Brown though with a large chip on his shoulder.While I have seen this storyline time and time again, I think that the author Jacqueline Abrahams puts a different spin on it, making the storyline fresh and engaging. The secrets that both Maia and Jackson are keeping make for some interesting plot turns that will keep you interested.I found that Scared of Beautiful is an emotional journey of finding oneself and finding love along the way. Despite their differences, mostly socio-economic, Jackson and Maia are able to shrug off the societal mores that are expected of them. This is a quick, easy read that fans of New Adult. I would give this story 4 Out of 5 Stars and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading the New Adult genre. Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from Love Between the Sheets

  • Carmen
    2019-05-09 06:54

    Oh wow Oh wow I just just don't know what to say about this book.... really wish there was something but nothing comes

  • Kara
    2019-05-15 06:41

    Review posted at: 4 starsFrom the start (which blends with the ending of Infinite Fear), I fell in love with Maia, her attitude and personality are fresh and witty. She gives it how she sees it, yet remains protective of herself in a respectful manner. I was excited to see a different Jackson in Scared of Beautiful than we saw in Infinite Fear: more goal-oriented and focused. Jacqueline's writing had me sitting on pins and needles wondering when shit was going to hit the fan because it all seemed 'too good'. Maia was raised by an abusive father so she's spent the majority of her life encouraging her mom to leave him an supporting these efforts. Connecting the dots of this situation of Maia as a fixer/protector blends with ways she was there/tried to be there for Jackson. Jacqueline hooked me into this story. Character build up was just the needed amounts to form a bond, yet also left room for discovery and questions when certain choices were made...because we don't want to be able to guess how the character will react/respond. There were several grammatical errors that I tried to ignore. I was pleased with Jackson and Maia's journey and appreciate the lack of a cliffhanger. Give this a try and find your next book crush!

  • Zoë Ann
    2019-05-10 12:53

    *I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*This is one rollercoaster ride of a book. There were so many complications to Jackson and Maia’s otherwise perfect romance and I loved it. It kept me on my toes and I read it in one sitting. (Being awake till 2 am is not a good way to go into an English exam...)The multiple POV’s was perfect – there were so many complications to their romance throughout the book that it really needed both sides. Both characters were quite different, complicated and scarred. They both had a past they wanted to get away from but Jackson’s was catching up to him and ensnaring Maia in it with him.Jackson was far from a perfect guy, or boyfriend but I loved him because it was so obvious just how hard he was trying – trying to be for Maia.I though Maia a little weak at times, especially near the end when she tried to walk away from Jackson despite how much they both needed and loved each other – although I have to admit I don’t really blame her.I liked the end and epilogue; it gives clarity to us readers about how the relationship is to end up and gave a small insight into the characters for the next book. I know that it’s probably too soon for me to judge but I’m not so sure about Blake, he seems a little... shady. Guess I'll just have to read the next book and find out!

  • Jenny
    2019-05-08 09:01

    I am starting with a big thank you to Jacqueline Abrahams who gave me this book in exchange for an honest review. Scared of beautiful was very easy read. If you will be looking for an entertaining and fast moving story - this is the book for you. It is a new adult romance so you should also expect some steamy scenes. This story is about Maia and Jackson, both of whom are trying to pretend so hard that they are ok where they are, but failing miserably. Each of them has some past and nobody's perfect, so the story shows us how hard it is sometimes to let go. There is a awesome best friend, of course. There is an ex-friend turned @$$hole. There are plenty of parents/money/relationships problems. However, it was what I liked most about this book is that most of problems were quite realistic. It was easy to imagine it happening to anyone at anytime. What I didn't like was that some scenes seemed a bit underdeveloped to me. The description went on and on and when I was anxiously waiting for culmination, nothing happened, so I felt like I was left hanging. That is where this story lost a star in my opinion. I recommend this book to all college romance lovers.