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Rie Warren gives readers a bad boy bachelor and a tattooed vixen in this hot new release from her steamy southern series.New York Times bestselling paranormal author, Nicky—Nick—Love is anything but successful in love. For years he’s lost himself in his writing career, but now he’s ready to get back to his rebel-boy roots. While restoring a motorcycle at Stone’s Auto ServiRie Warren gives readers a bad boy bachelor and a tattooed vixen in this hot new release from her steamy southern series.New York Times bestselling paranormal author, Nicky—Nick—Love is anything but successful in love. For years he’s lost himself in his writing career, but now he’s ready to get back to his rebel-boy roots. While restoring a motorcycle at Stone’s Auto Service, he meets the Wildcat of his dreams. She’s a shock to the system for the romance writer who doesn’t remember a damn thing about wooing a woman.Cool-as-ice, Catarina “Wildcat” Steele is utterly untouchable until Nicky ignites a spark she can’t control. Their electric attraction explodes as Nicky pursues her, but he comes bearing the baggage of a family tragedy he’s hidden from everyone. He knows love has no guarantees.Their passionate romance falls apart when Nicky discovers Cat’s secret rivals his own. The truth about her past reopens Nicky’s raw wounds and awakens a ghost he never laid to rest. He doesn’t know how to have Cat, and now he can’t trust her. Will they be torn apart . . . or tamed by love?...

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Love: In the Fast Lane Reviews

  • Carissa
    2019-06-16 07:01

    As much as this was an enjoyable enough read, the bloodie up and down, back and forth, gave me serious whiplash. I started to get annoyed with Cat and Nick.

  • 1-Click Addict Support Group
    2019-06-20 03:09

    Nicky Love is a paranormal romance writer who has continued to strikeout in his own life—for a romance writer he has no clue how to date or romance a woman.Catarina “Wildcat” Steele is cold as her namesake—but Nick somehow manages to warm her up. Sparks fly and love isn’t easy. Can these two misfits at love drop their guards and allow themselves to succumb to their feelings?I loved everything about this book! Nick has MET HIS MATCH with Cat...Paranormal romance writer, Nicky Love, doesn't "do" relationships and neither does Catarina "Wildcat" Steele. Love their playful banter, smokin' hot sex scenes, add in the crazy background characters introduced in Stone, At Your Service and this equals one fabulous book that's definitely panties optional! ~ Missy, 5 huge, laughing stars

  • Kim
    2019-06-13 04:40

    4 to 4.5 starsWe met Nick Loveland aka paranormal romance writer Nicky Love in Stone, At Your Service when he convinced his best friend Josh to pose as his boyfriend at a romance writer's convention to keep the female fans away. But that was all blown to hell when Josh fell in love with LeeLee and ruined their impersonation of the perfect gay couple. But seeing his best friend find love makes Nicky realize he might be ready to find his own perfect match. But the only woman that that excites him is Catarina Steele. The woman who acts like she loathes them and slapped him at their last meeting.Maybe that's why Wildcat called to me. She was untouchable, unreachable. There was little chance she'd let me close enough to steal her heart, let alone make a dent in mine. Safe. I laughed to myself. No matter how unattainable the woman was, she'd never be safe, not for me. Not from me. Nicky is a good guy that takes care of his Mimi and is a great friend. He has been a player in the past and does a better job of writing about wooing women than actually doing it. He was taken in by his Mimi and unofficially adopted by Josh's family as a teen, but there is a lot in his past that he has not even shared with his best friend. And even though he has tried to avoid his past, it will not stay buried forever. Cat has big, huge walls up and a hidden traumatic past as well. She strives for control in her life and does not let people in. She is buttoned up, prickly, and stand-offish. She has a fear of intimacy and trust issues. Her two bulky MC club brothers also add an extra layer of protection.For some reason, Cat mesmerized me. It wasn't just her looks. It wasn't just her 'tude. There was something hidden inside of her--locked away--that called to me. Against my better judgment, which was bad at best. I needed to find out what made her tick, instead of the fact that I just plain ticked her off. Nicky is so infatuated with the Ice Princess that he can make melt that he will not be deterred. Their interactions are confusing, volatile, and inconsistent, but they make each other feel alive. They have serious sexual tension and chemistry, but there is a lot of back and forth. And even once they can't fight the pull anymore, it does not mean they are done fighting. "You get to me and I don't want to be got at.""I like getting under your skin."Both of these strong-willed individuals have demons that haunt them. They are dealing with loss, guilt, self loathing, and fear of getting too close. They both not only have to face their pasts, but trust enough to open up and share them. And then be strong enough to handle the fall out. But both of their back stories have some similar elements that make dealing with them more challenging. There was a lot of fight or flight situations. But these characters personalities were so intense that it made sense that they reacted strongly and often had to take time to regroup and realize what they had to lose. But all along they are sharing pieces of themselves with each other, but not all at once. But when secrets hit too close to home, will they bring them together or rip them apart for good?The gang from Stone, At Your Service is back. Josh and LeeLee are preparing for their wedding. JJ, the Moms and Grandmas, The Hens, the wild, nosy guys at the garage, and even the crazy stalker Pandora are all accounted for. They are still feeling the repercussions of Josh and Nicky's gay charade at the convention. We also got more with Cat's biker brothers, Brodie and Boomer Steele and meet the female cop Ashe Kingston who is entangled with them. We will see more of them in Steele Into Your Heart. This installment was told in Nicky's unfiltered, country bad boy point of view. Like the first book, it is raw, funny, and a bit outrageous at times. But I felt like this one had more emotional baggage and turmoil and it kept you guessing as to what they were hiding. The guys in this series are alpha, dirty talking, foul mouthed, and unapologetic. The women are sassy, feisty, and don't back down easily either. I have enjoyed the small town atmosphere camaraderie of the characters as they act like an extended family.I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review.

  • Christi Snow
    2019-05-23 08:46

    My Review:In-your-face, unrepentant, lay it all out there...these Carolina Bad Boys are absolutely not going to be for everyone. They're rough, they're crude, they're rude...but at their hearts they love their women like no other. I loved the first book (Stone: At Your Service) so much, but a lot of that was because it was set at a romance writer's convention. I wasn't sure I would like this one as much when it got away from that setting, but I did. These books and characters are irreverent and completely different from any other heroes out there in the romance world. Honestly, I think Rie Warren has probably hit the nail on the head with how her guys act in its representation of guys as a whole and how they act and talk when women aren't around. Regardless, it makes for an enjoyable book...simply in the fact that it's such a different style than 99.9% of the books out there. The book is told entirely from Nicky's pov. While he may be a romance writer in his professional life, he's a guy's guy in his every day life. Throughout this book, he is trying to get Cat Steele to give him a chance. Cat doesn't do relationships after some bad choices a few years back. Honestly, she doesn't feel like she deserves happiness like that with someone...esp. someone like Nicky who has his own ghosts from his past haunting him. He doesn't need her ghosts too. But this is the first time in forever that Nicky can remember ever being this interested in a woman. For the first time, he can see a future relationship with someone...a kind of forever style of relationship and he's not willing to give up on that idea.In the middle of all this is Josh Stone and his boys at the shop always giving Nicky a hard time. There are Cat's two protective older brothers who don't trust Nicky to take care of their sister and not break her heart. She's had enough pain in her life. She doesn't need anymore heartbreak and they are determined to keep that from happening. This book is about friendship and forgiveness and learning how to move on from past mistakes. Yes, it's irreverent and the characters are loud and rambunctious, but I loved it. Nicky takes care of the people in his life. He has his tribe of souls that he would do anything for and you have to love a guy like that. No, this book is not going to be for everyone, but I LOVED IT. I fell in love with Nicky right alongside Cat (actually, I think I fell in love with him first, but...ya know, fictional character and all that...and honestly, Rie probably has dibs on both him and Josh. Maybe she'd share them on off-nights...)I highly recommend you check out the sample on Amazon (or Rie probably has excerpts on her website) because I have a feeling that you'll fall in love with these guys too. Now bring on the Steele boys!!I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

  • Philomena Callan Cheekypee
    2019-06-05 07:41

    This is the second book in the Carolina Bad Boys Series. I loved book one & was really looking forward to reading this story. Nicky Love is a successful paranormal author. We first met him in book one. When he meets Catarina he knows she's the one and he tries his hardest to prove it to get. But can he break down the walls she built to protect herself. Great story told from the male point of view. Loved that we got to read more about the characters we met in book one. Great story.

  • Nstefa
    2019-05-25 05:06

    4.5 stars!!! Gotta love Nicky love but is love really that easy definitely not!!! I love the characters and Nicky was definitely the book I wanted to read .... It was quite awesome!!!!

  • Klaire
    2019-06-01 10:47

    Well, holy hell!! I loved Josh Stone from the first Carolina Bad Boys but Nicky Loveland is quite something else! This big hunk of a man with his big hunk of a dog will capture your heart. I was extremely lucky to win a copy of an ARC for this book from Rie herself (yep, I'm a fan)and I did the whole squeeling and stuff when it arrived on my kindle. I do love this series and we are only into book two. She hasn't asked for a review but here it is.....Nicky Love, paranormal romance writer, big man with a soft heart for those that he loves (namely the Stone family and his Mimi) is literally whacked in the face by the woman that is Catarina Steele. And from there we are taken on an Indian Chief of a ride by these two enthralling characters. Did I mention that the Indian Chief is one of my favourite bikes? The fixing of the chief runs tandem with the fixing of each other, I love that Rie does that in her books. There's always a parallel running that fits metaphorically. It's beautiful!So onto our characters....definitely hiding both scars and secrets Cat and Nicky embark on a stand offish, love/hate relationship which ends up being as explosive as their tempers. There's no lulls in their relationship as they slowly let each other in and peel back each others masks. It's deep and at times it's dark as both characters secrets are ones that rip people to pieces. How they over come them are painful but worth it. You don't wait the whole book for some of the secrets, some are aired fairly early on, and this I felt was quite clever. You can just get on and catch the ride that is Nicky and Cat. There are more to come though.Rie keeps the continuation of Josh's stroy through out and oh my word i absolutely loved that. His story did not consume or overwhelm Nick's but it was ever present. And again....the bromance is off the charts. We add into the mix Cat's two biker brothers and they help to show Nick's strengths as we go further into the story. I did ask myself if Rie was going to dive into a biker book with her Carolina series, as there is definitely a story or two in there (I can't spoil I'm afraid)The one emotion I got through this book, which surprised me i have to admit, was one of sadness. Behind the smiles and the banter it rolls off Nicky so forcefully at times that you catch your breath. I found it quite sad at times and just wanted to climb into the pages and hug Nick. Hot scene alert....hell, there's too many to count but there is one in particular that you may want to hold onto your seat for, it's a wild ride and very steamy! There's laughter in here, as always with Rie, but the tailor scene had me doubled over and tears streaming down my face. Got to love an Italian tailor no? Gosh...this book had it all for me.So, whoever said that Rie Warren didn't get a guy's POV is talking absolute pants I tell you....pants!! of the best M POV writers I have had the pleasure of reading. Passionate, raw, sexy, hilarious....oh Rie, nailed it again honey!! HUGE 5 Stars for Love :)

  • Stefanie Kral
    2019-06-05 04:48

    ✯✯5 Wild, Hot Stars!!✯✯Where do I even start?? I fell in love with Nicky Love inStone, At Your Servicewhich was the first book in the series. In that book Nicky who's a paranormal erotic romance author. He has a very big, crazy & stalker fans. He came up with plan. Everybody thought he was gay. And, it worked until people kept questioning where his boyfriend was. Enter his best friend Josh Stone. They went to a convention and Josh fell head over heals in love with LeeLee. Now, with his cover has been blown, Nicky bought a new motorcycle and has been restoring it in Josh's garage. That's where he meets Catarina Steele. She's his "Wildcat" After their first conversation when she slapped him. Catarina is feisty and very closed off to everyone, except her 2 brothers. Her brothers Brodie & Boomer are high up in their MC and are very, very protective of their sister and with a very good reason.Josh & LeeLee are preparing for their wedding. Nicky of course is Josh's best man. Ever since his best friend fell in love and it's in his face 24/7 he realizes he wants that. His Mimi, his dog, Josh and his son JJ & Josh's mom along his the guys at the garage are his family and he loves them. But, he's definitely missing that something more.The more time Cat & Nicky spend together their chemistry and connection just keep getting hotter & stronger that they stop fighting. You'd hope it would just go from there. Except both of them have their secrets. Only Cat's brothers know her secrets. As for Nicky nonody except his Mimi knows his. Not even Josh knows. Both Nicky & Cat have become so closed off because of their secrets. Cat doesn't trust many people. Nicky has become filled with guilt.That neither one of them know how to be in a relationship. It becomes doomed from the start. They have to find a way to say their secrets outloud and hope the other one doesn't run for the hills.I absolutely loved this story!! The relationship Nicky & Josh have is really the best. They still joke and go back & forth. Joke about everything. Constantly try to out due the other one. And, still be serious and be there for each other. The guys from the garage are still funny as before and still up to their old antics. The hens and everyone else from the convention are still big in this book. Their twitter conversations between them, Nicky & LeeLee had me hysterical. And, watching Cat grow and open up was great to watch!! Plus, the hotness level... OMG!!! Was off the charts. These 2 definitely had it and them some. My kindle smoked 1/2 the time I was reading it.I am so looking for toRidethe novella that comes out next. Then, Cat's brother Brodie's bookSteel, Into Your Heartcomes in April. And, I am counting down the days to get my hands on them bad boys!!

  • Twin Sisters Rockin' Book Reviews
    2019-05-31 07:57

    Overall Rating: 4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆When you mix a good ole’ boy with a take no prisoners gal what you have is a truly amazing story. This is the second book in Rie Warren’s, Carolina Bad Boy series. Love like this never hurt so good, is a perfect description of Nicky and Catarina’s story.Nicky Love is a bestselling author that writes steamy hot paranormal books. He is a very successful author with a great fan base. His fans can be a problem for him, since he is a good-looking hot unattached male. He had tried to convince his fans that he was gay, by using his best friend as prop, but that did not work out. His best friend had found his true love and once again Nicky feels like he is on the outside looking in! He wants that for himself that one love meant just for him. When he meets that woman, Nicky is determined to woo and win the beautiful Catarina. But his “Wildcat” may not agree with his plan. Can Nicky break down her walls? Will he win her over to his side? Catarina Steele has secrets. She has lived with those secrets for a long time and never shared them with anyone. Only her brothers know about her past and they hold it close, protecting her. When she meets Nicholas Loveland, Cat knows it will be hard to remain unmoved and apart from him. Cat has an image to maintain and He is the one that can destroy the walls that she has erected around her heart. The attraction that sizzles between them is more than she can withstand. Will she be able to share her secrets with Nicky? Can he erase her demons with his love? Or will he destroy the control that she has used to stay in control of her life?The love that Cat and Nicky experience is tumultuous and will not be denied. It will either save them or destroy them. Read this moving love story and you will be hooked on the Carolina Bad Boys series! Hero: Nicholas Loveland 4.5 starsHeroine: Catarina “Wildcat” Steele 4.5 starsPlot: 4.5 starsSteam Level: 4.5 starsCliffhanger: NoWould I recommend this book: Yes! This book is hilarious at times and heart-wrenching at others. It a beautiful love story about to souls that find each other and are made complete. It is filled with hope, love and really hot sex! This is a must read!Would I recommend this author: Yes! Each book that I have read by this author makes me want the next one! She is a phenomenal writer that does not disappoint her readers. Love, In the Fast LaneRie Warren***Received an ARC of this book from the Author in exchange for an honest review***

  • Jacque
    2019-06-01 03:45

    I read the first book in the Carolina Bad Boys series and really enjoyed it. So when the second came out I said heck yeah I wanted to read it. I was ready. I knew what to expect. No cheesy but great fun. And what I got blew me away. How in the world author Rie Warren did it I don't know but...Love, In the Fast Line was freaking awesome!!!!Nicky was not what I expected. From the first book I was expecting him to be more bookish, prim, almost dowdy. Holy hawtness Batman! He is certainly not any of those. He's more like a Haagen Daaz bar - so yummy, so delish, you just want to enjoy every mouth watering bite. As for Cat - biker, tats, 'tude, yep she's hot, too, and more woman than Nicky can handle. The sex between them is combustible! But it's not all hot roles in-between the sheets. Oh no, these to have deep buried secrets they've been holding on close to. Very close. As secrets are revealed and hearts are put on the line I found my self wavering between tears of sorrow and tears of laughter. Characters. That is what can make or break a story. The cast of characters in this series are absolutely some of my favorite. Raw, gritty, no holds bar, lots of snappy dialog but always with a close family feeling. You just KNOW they are friends. From the crazy HENS, to the Widows, even gay ex-mob Frankie, I never felt any of them were fake or to forced. I swear, if there where twenty books in this series, I would devour each and every book just to enjoy these characters.This is certainly not my first book by author Rie Warren, and it won't be my last. Her books grab me in and keep me hooked from cover to cover. If you are reading her works than you are gonna LOVE Love, In the Fast Line. If you're not, you really should. I'm running out now to tell all my friends then need to read this book. And you should to. Go. Now. Get Love, In the Fast Line!I received this book from the JeepDiva for the express purposes of an honest review. The opinions and rating of this review are solely mine and in no way was I compensated.Stars– 5, Flames – 3

  • Salem Archer
    2019-06-20 07:50

    This is the second book I’ve read by Rie Warren, and it’s fair to say I’ve become a big fan. This book, like the first in the series, has a solid and well-thought-out plot, which would be something in itself, but that’s not all that has me hooked on this author’s writing. There is a simple beauty in Ms. Warren’s phrasing. It’s lyrical, but not pretentious. And, her use of dialect is delightful. I can easily hear her characters speaking in southernisms, but it’s not too over the top to be believable. I love that her characters feel authentic. Heck, I think I’ve even met a few of them. There is a slightly darker feel to this book when compared with the first, mainly because both the hero and heroine are dealing with tragedy and personal demons, but the added complexity makes for two very rich and interesting characters. Further, I like the chemistry between Nick and Cat. It’s passionate, sometimes explosive, and always interesting. They are a perfect match, and I love them together. This book is well balanced with enough angst and heat to satisfy along with some nice comedic moments to lighten the mood. Love is a great read; it’s five stars from me. Now, I’m ready to move on to the next book in the series, and I will most definitely be purchasing more of Ms. Warren’s books in the future.

  • Angie
    2019-06-03 09:50

    ~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Review Team~This is the second book in the Carolina Bad Boys series, to get the full effect I suggest you read the books in order. In this book we see all our favorites from book one and meet some new ones. This is Nicky’s story. I liked Nick in the first book but now I full out love him! Nicky has his secrets even his closest friend Josh doesn’t know about. Catarina Steele is cold as ice and no one can break through her walls. The first meeting between the two starts off with a slap across the face, that should tell you how well things go from there. Nicky and Cat get to know each other and when the secrets are revealed will they be able to work things out? It was a great story with some angst, lust and hot sex. I can’t wait to read the next book!Characters: The characters were well written and believable. Sex: holy hell was it hotReligious: noWould I recommend to others: yesMore than one book in the series: yesGenre: RomanceWould I read more by this author: yes~Wicked Reads Review Team~

  • Mary
    2019-05-31 11:00

    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.Nicholas Loveland aka Nicky Love is a paranormal erotic romance writer whose own lovelife is non-existent. He's living vicariously through his best friend Josh, watching him with LeeLee and JJ, Josh's son with his crazy ex-wife.Seeing Catarina Steele at Josh's garage, he sets his sights on her, only to be turned down flat, which only intrigues him further. Unfortunately for him, some of his more zealous fans seek him out which causes Nick more headaches than he cares to admit to.When Cat finally agrees to give relationship a go, Nick is a happy man. Until a painful memories from his past threaten his future. When Cat finds out the secret that Nick has been hiding, she runs far and fast. Can Nick and Cat overcome the secrets that threaten to tear them apart. Only time and understanding will tell.Lots of characters from the first book make appearances in Nick's story.

  • Tehteh
    2019-06-12 05:55

    Love, In The Fast Lane pretty much picks up and continues what start in Stone, At Your Service. After meeting, and being left with unpredictable Catarina Steele's mark on his skin, Nicky can't get her off his mind. With a fiery temper, and a very close-off exterior, Cat hides a lot of secrets, and she's definitely not looking for anyone to share them with. Lucky for her, Nicky has secrets of his own, and he's not looking forward to get tangled with someone else again. The problem? Staying away is much easier said than done, especoially as they both have business to attend to at Josh Stone's.I must confess I enjoyed Love more than I did Stone. On one side, Cat and Nicky's chemistry is more my style - cat and mouse (no pun intended), lots of teasing, lots of fighting... you get my drift - on the other, the story is much grittier, as both chracters have much darker and complicated backstories than Josh and LeeLee did. It's a darker, heavier book overall, with not as many comic relief moments - though it does have some good ones - but for some reason or other, that's what I'm into at the moment. As for the ending, because I do have to mention it, I'd have preferred the original plan, but can't complain either. Love, In the Fast Lane is out Dec 11.

  • Erica
    2019-05-26 05:07

    Love in the Fast Lane picks up shortly after Stone, atYour Service ends. Stone and Leelee are starting their life together and Nick is working on his next series.Nick sees Cat and that's all it takes, one look and he has to have her.Nick and Cat have ups and downs, secrets, deep buried pain that won't allow them to fully live their lives, it holds them back and they both keep it bottled up not asking anyone for help or to listen.If I lusted after Josh Stone from book one, I'm in love with Nick after this one!!We got alot of Nick in book one but we get inside his head this time, not just the occasional thought about Stone's sex life, you get to know him from the inside out-his hopes, fears, secrets, everything right from the source.And Cat. This girl is a holy terror, a complete pain in the ass, an ice queen and so worth the wait! She's morethan she appears to be, the scars and secrets she hides are exposed to Nick and he has to decide if she's worththe risk. I don't want to give anything away, just know this story is much deeper than Stone and Leelee's. I loved every minute of this book, even when I wanted to slap some characters silly I knew something hilarious or sweet or unbelievably sexy was just a page turn away.

  • Terisia
    2019-06-06 11:02

    If you like hot Hot HOT realistic romance, fly straight to your favorite book vendor and buy this book NOW!Rie Warren is an amazing writer. All the characters in this book, from Nick and Cat through Frankie the Italian Stallion, are developed nicely - when you read their scenes, you will picture them, believe me. The storyline is great. The lovin' is frequent and intense. There is an HEA, (it's terrific) and let us not forget the humor that will have you laughing out loud at times.If you've read any of Rie's other books, you will love this one. If you haven't read any others, jump right in - this is the second book in the series, but certainly stands alone with no problem. Be prepared to get hooked on Rie's works - you can probably tell I certainly am!(I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.)

  • Sirenda
    2019-06-16 06:43

    Rie continues to wow us with her Carolina Bad Boys series. In this book we have erotica/ fantasy writer Nicky Love, newly out of the closet, or is it back in? Well recently not fake gay and Cat Steele bad girl extraordinaire. To say their courtship is tumultuous is to call a Hurricane an afternoon storm. Bad goes to worse, deep dark secrets haunt both parties, and forgiveness of oneself is hard to come by, letting go of the past and accepting each other as they are is even harder. I found myself rooting for both of them, and wanting to sucker punch both of them and tell them to get their head out of the sand.. ahem well maybe not that nicely ;) I also loved the way that she incorporated Leelee and Josh's story into this book as well. I can't wait to see what the next book brings.

  • Jenn
    2019-06-20 08:51

    I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest opinion.Well, she's done it again! She's made a lifetime reader of her books of me.In Stone: At Your Service, we met Wicky. Excuse me, Nick Love. We also meet Catarina, his 'wildcat'.I loved reading this book. I love the characters. The story flowed well. And the way she writes her sex scenes. OMG! I love them!Overall, this book was a fantastic read. I highly recommend this series to any who loves to laugh and enjoys steamy sex scenes.I'm looking forward to Steele's book.

  • Kathy
    2019-06-16 08:10

    I was so very lucky to get an ARC from Rie Warren. I wasn't asked to leave a review, and since I'm not good at writing reviews, and I don't want to spoil this for anyone, I won't say much, but this book is definitely a must read. I loved the mix of hot bad boys, hotness and humor. Cat and Nick's story will grab your heart. I also loved the friendship between Josh and Nick. If you haven't read the first book in this series, "Stone: At Your Service", go grab it and read it so you'll be ready for this one when it goes live!

  • Julie
    2019-06-13 04:00

    Paranormal Romance writer Nick Love has had no luck in his own love life, dating and true romance is something he hasn't a clue about.Meet Catrina "Wildcat" Steele, a woman who's tough as nails and untouchable, will Nick be able to break through her ice, to show her feelings. Will they ever be able to get together and really start a relationship.I loved this story. They both avoided relationships, but meeting each other changed their thinking. Lots of crazy banter and sexy love action, plus great secondary character's. A fantastic read, I highly recommend it!

  • Nicky
    2019-06-02 05:43

    Loved this second instalment. Nick is wonderful and so devoted to his grandmother. When he meets Cat, he falls hard for her and she gives him a run for his money. Another great instalment to this series.

  • Steph McVicker
    2019-06-17 06:57

    After the slap heard 'round the world in Stone, At Your Service, the follow up book in the Carolina Bad Boys series featuring Nicky Love is one not to be consumed in public. Enjoy this bad boy with a locked door and bottle of wine! Without the gay cover story keeping the fangirls from bestselling paranormal author Nicky Love, he's constantly being stalked by crazy. But Nicky sees none of them; he's got a serious hard-on for Catarina Steele, whose buttoned up exterior makes him want to discover the bad girl underneath, but who steers completely clear of this Carolina Bad Boy. Cat is a witchy woman who has completely seduced him by her mysterious and aloof personality, and when he gets to know the inked up and pierced woman underneath the stiff exterior, he falls even harder. But if Nicky's demons run deep, Cat's are positively subterranean. As Nicky peels away her layers, will he be able to handle what is at the core of his Wildcat? LOVE, IN THE FAST LANE is the much anticipated second book in the Carolina Bad Boys series by the uber talented Ms. Warren. I'm half convinced she is actually a he, since these stories are crazy hot told entirely from the male point of view. It was refreshing that Nicky and Cat didn't get together right away, that their relationship took LOADS of work and even more heartache before they could finally find peace together and within themselves. Cat pulled herself out of the gutter, something that haunts her every day, and Nicky's poor little rich boy past wasn't exactly the epitome of perfection. While the subject matter was very serious, it wasn't presented as such very often. In fact, I found the writing to delve into the trashy rather than sexy...or funny like it came off in the first book. In places, it kind of put me off, and even though the sex scenes were excruciatingly erotic, they left me feeling dirty at times instead of aroused. That said, the storyline was really excellent, and overall the book was terrific. I adored the inclusion of the characters we fell in lust with in the first book too, and can't wait to read Cat's hot MC bad boy brothers' story next!

  • Amie Morgado- We Stole Your Book Boyfriend
    2019-05-25 06:50

    I had been looking forward to Nick's story and I was not disappointed at all !! Again I enjoyed this story in the male POV !! I just love being in a mans head it is refreshing and I just love seeing all sides of them !! We met Nick in book 1 , he is Josh's BFF and a paranormal writer. Josh had pretended to be his lover at the author convention in book 1 and the humor from that carried over into this story and I loved it !! I found myself laughing outloud a lot !! Rie is great at writing details so you get to know the characters , especially the main characters and although I love that I felt myself trying to rush into Nick and Cat's moments because they had this build up of sexual tension since the slap in book1 !! But since I do appreciate a longer story and details to make those connections you want as a reader I took my time and enjoyed getting to know Nick , his family and his past. he is a great guy and damn he is an alpha animal !! This story gives you the sexual tension ten fold and it seems like it will never happen but when it does HOT DAMN !! Nick is phenomenal and he and Cat are on FIRE !! ALL THE TIME. I loved it. There is quite a bit of Josh and LeeLee in this story which was great as well. I enjoyed being a part of their big moments and seeing their happiness and enjoying the fun they all had. Again there were a lot of laughs in this story but there was also some pretty heavy stuff too. Nick has suffered a huge loss and never opened up to anyone about until Cat. despite the amount of trust he put in her she didn't give her whole self to him and when she finally did it may be too late for them. Her secrets shocked nick and turned him into a man I didn't like very much at all. I didn't give up on him and thankfully he redeemed himself and you can read to find out if there was an HEA !! I have to mention there were some pretty phenomenal things being said during some speeches and i just felt so much emotion in their words , these guys are great about being open and honest. I will say we get a nice lead into the book and a sneak peek at a bit of it too !! Looking forward to more by Rie and enjoying the series so far !!

  • Rachel
    2019-06-18 04:59

    4-4.5 starsNick Love has more secrets and pain in his past than his public face shows. From his attempt at passing himself off as a gay author, to his easy hook-ups, Nick generally seems like the life of the party, a happy guy. But behind what he shows those around him, he is hiding some pretty dark secrets, even from his best friend Stone.Catarina Steele is buttoned up, closed off, but only when she’s dealing with Nick. Every once in a while she shows Nick a glimpse of a wildcat behind her prim and proper persona, and those tiny glimpses are enough to have him intrigued (and the rest of the guys at Stone’s garage razzing him big-time). The pain that follows both characters threatens the light easy connection they find and I was quickly hooked into these characters: finding out what they were hiding, what they would do when the secrets came out, and how they would recover from the truth. I loved both the early parts of the book where Nick is doing his best to get Cat to notice him, and later when they both started showing vulnerability. Their hang ups and secrets drove a lot of the drama throughout the book, but I was continually rooting for them, that they would be able to sort out the darkness and move beyond their pasts. The Hens and Widows, Nick’s writing friends and their spouses, were present during parts of the story and brought with them humor and an over the top aspect that was a nice break from the darker issues of the book.Love in the Fast Lane was both surprising and exactly what I was looking for from this second book in the Carolina Bad Boys series from Rie Warren. It was exactly what I was hoping for in that it was a quickly paced story with characters that drew me in and made me want to root for them. It was also surprising because where Stone was funny and leaned towards slapstick, Love is darker and filled with the pain of the characters’ pasts. I was gifted a copy in exchange for an honest review.

  • Book Junky Girls
    2019-06-04 06:53

    The fantastic slap from book one. That's the moment we knew Nick was a gonner and if you were like me you couldn't wait to see his book.Being a paranormal romance author Nicky Love should know something about romance since he writes about it, right? Not! He has spent his life enjoying one night stands with whatever girl caught his attention at the moment. When he meets Catarina and her Wildcat personality he sees more than a quick hop in bed. But commitment wasn't something he thought he could ever do with the secrets he has hidden in his past.Cat is a mystery at every turn, and the more he knows the more he wants her. But when all secrets are laid bare will they still want each other or will they go their own ways?Told solely from Nickys perspective, something I really enjoyed, we get to see more of him and who he really is compaired to the personality we saw from Joshs perspective in book 1. He's a smart ass, with a hint of sweetie blended in and I enjoyed seeing both sides of him. He's also allot more Alpha male than I first thought and what a fun surprise that was!I loved getting to see more of Leelee and Josh's HEA as well throughout the book with their wedding, and am excited to see more of all of them in future books!

  • Ruthie Taylor
    2019-06-01 08:10

    "I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads."Please read Stone first, you would be missing huge chunks of important details, as well as a great read.Once again in their home environment, Stone returns to running his garage, loving his woman and his son. But we follow Nicky, the now no longer pretending to be gay to fend off amorous fans, and he is writing a new series. Whilst at Stone's he meets Catarina Steele - and his life is thrown into as much chaos as Stone's! Again, a fabulous story about family, and pasts that haunt and distort reality. These two damaged souls have to work hard to get to where we want them to be, and the journey is full of miscues. However once again, this is a book full of hope and longing and as hot, as hot can be. I loved that Josh and Nicky's kiss from book 1 had to be mentioned and the teasing continue! Cannot wait until ...April 2015 - really Ms Warren, can you not have a Marjorie that makes the schedule a bit shorter, I'm in need of another fix!

  • Isabelle Morebooksthanlivros
    2019-06-06 06:45

    Nick Love is a big contradiction. He could be pegged as a geek, but is far from it. One at a bike shop he meets the woman of his dreams, he almost goes up in flames. The problem is their secrets may burn them out. Will love conquer it all?Wow! Since this is my first read by the author, I wasn’t expecting to love this small town. I’m a character lover, and Ms. Warren knows how to create characters. They become your best friends. They are real! You get this feeling not only from the main characters but by almost the entire town. I’ve felt their pain and their sorrow. I’ve laughed with them.Oh, let’s not forget that chemistry between the couple that is amazing. They are combustible! The passionate scenes are great but they do not overpower the plot. They are dirty talking, and fun!Love In The Fast Lane is a fast-paced, fun, intense novel that I would recommend to anyone ready to get down and dirty!You MAY read this book because you have read the first installment; you SHOULD read this book because you love kinky romances; but you MUST read this book if you want to fall in love with a community and become part of their group of friends!

  • Robin Parrish
    2019-06-19 02:42

    I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review.I read through this book like my life depended on it. No joke. Nicky Love is as hot as the books he writes. As a reader, I adored this book because it is a hint into a writer's world. Cat and Nicky, good LORD the chemistry and UST between these two, was almost palatable as I was turning the pages!Another great thing about this story, this is book 2 in a series. And Ms. Warren did not forget to include all the characters that I loved from Stone's at your Service. I am not talking about a brief mention here or there, but totally involving all the characters in major plot lines. This means the emotional attachment we felt for the characters in the first book just continues to get deeper in this book. The real beauty is the growth of the characters only makes you love the first book more!Rie Warren please hurry up and write the next one!!!

  • Gemma Brocato
    2019-06-21 06:54

    Oh, golly, she's done it again. Love, In The Fast Lane is one of those books that grab you from the first word and captivates you through the entire story. When I first met Nicky Love in Stone, At Your Service (Book #1) I fell in lust with him. He's witty and charming and a steadfast friend. I saw a different side of him in the book. He's tender, loving, still reeling from the pain of his brother's death. He meets Catarina Steele at his friend, Josh Stone's garage and is smitten. I loved reading the unfolding of their love story, which starts hot and heats up to incendiary as the story advances. Rie Warren captures the male POV like a rock star and builds the story to the point where even though it's three in the morning, no way was I going to put it down before I finished. Only have two words for this book. Absolutely Incredible.I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Joanne Wadsworth
    2019-05-26 07:41

    Bad boys have never been so good.Love: In The Fast Lane, is an erotic contemporary romance which sees NYT bestselling paranormal author, Nick Love, returning to his rebel-boy roots. When he meets Catarina while restoring a motorcycle at his mate’s shop, he decides it’s time this Wildcat was his. Only to make her purr for him, he has to break down the walls she’s built to protect herself, as well as allow his own to tumble down. Baggage and raw wounds hurt, but can truth and trust eventually bring two people together?Talk about a hot romance with a fabulous cast and a riveting storyline. If you want a sexy and real read, then grab a copy of Love and sink your teeth into this story. Expect plenty of playful banter and of course smokin’ hot sex scenes. Rie Warren knows how to deliver.5 Stars