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"We turn rust into gold. We make it fast and loud . . ."Richard Rawlings' road to the top has been full of dangerous twists and hilarious turns, with a few precipitous cliffs in between. From getting shot defending his beloved 1965 Mustang fastback from carjackers, to blowing out of town Fear and Loathing style in his youth, to eventually founding Gas Monkey Garage and sta"We turn rust into gold. We make it fast and loud . . ."Richard Rawlings' road to the top has been full of dangerous twists and hilarious turns, with a few precipitous cliffs in between. From getting shot defending his beloved 1965 Mustang fastback from carjackers, to blowing out of town Fear and Loathing style in his youth, to eventually founding Gas Monkey Garage and starring in Discovery's hit automotive-restoration series Fast N' Loud, Rawlings has got some stories to tell.With never-before-seen photos of his childhood and shots from fan-favorite episodes, Rawlings pushes into high gear, sharing the story of his rise to success, his show, and the automotive know-how that has made him famous.He begins with his own story—including how he went from being flat broke to having a seat at the table with some of history's most iconic car guys. Rawlings then heads into Fast N' Loud, the series, sharing new details on everything from the toughest builds to run-ins with his most die-hard fans, along with travel and auto shop anecdotes featuring Aaron Kaufman and the rest of the Gas Monkey gang. He finishes with a handy guide for classic and antique car enthusiasts that includes insider tricks of the trade. Want to start flipping cars for profit yourself? The secrets of Rawlings' success are all here.So get ready to rev up with Rawlings and the crew of Gas Monkey Garage. Because, as Rawlings says, "If we're gonna have fun, it better have a motor!"...

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Fast N' Loud: Blood, Sweat and Beers Reviews

  • Stefan Percy
    2019-05-03 17:48

    Great book! Quick read, and very interesting. Richard Rawlings has a passion and drive to succeed that is amazing. Everything he has accomplished in life, he has worked extremely hard to achieve. Also helps to have family and friends that stand behind you no matter what the circumstances.I love his Fast N' Loud show and him and his team of Gas Monkeys are very entertaining to watch... and oh so talented.So, the book is divided in to three parts...Part 1: His life growing up and what he did and accomplished before Gas Monkey Garage and Fast N' Loud.Part 2: His struggles getting Gas Monkey Garage and the Fast N' Loud television show off the ground and rolling like the well oiled machine it is now.Part 3: Richard's tip, tricks and advice for getting yourself into the car flipping scene, whether just as a hobby or as a profession.Plus, there is a photo section to finish the book off.Richard Rawlings has lead a roller-coaster of a life and has some amazing stories to tell throughout this book... Some funny, some serious, and some down right dangerous. He's not afraid to tell the stories, warts and all. He also goes into a little background on a few of the employees he has at Gas Monkey Garage.I highly recommend this book. As I said, it is entertaining, and quite a quick read. Even if you are not a fan of Richard Rawlings, the book has some great stories, and who knows, your perception of this crazy guy just might change. So, in the words of Richard Rawlings himself... Go and Get You Some of That! Whooo!

  • Derek
    2019-05-17 15:04

    As a huge Gas Monkey/Fast N' Loud fan, I had to read this book and it did not disappoint! It read much differently than any other autobiography I've read before. It was in your face and to the point which is why I couldn't put it down and read it cover to cover in a day!! I learned much more about Richard Rawlings and the Gas Monkey Crew than I did just watching the show! It peaked my interest even further about the show and the company!

  • Kayo
    2019-05-24 15:50

    I thought from watching the show that Richard was an arrogant unlikeable guy. However reading this book cover to cover, I actually admirehim. He is a hard worker, and altho Im sure arrogant to a point, he is very likable.Loved the behind the scenes look at his shop, and how he got where he is today.Really enjoyed this book!

  • Sherry Coley
    2019-05-05 17:42

    An Awesome RideA well laid out book with the different parts. I enjoyed the ups and downs of Richard Rawlings beginnings and the story of how Gas Monkey came to be. I would definitely read another book he writes.

  • Sarah
    2019-04-30 20:06

    Good book! I've always been fascinated by this mans drive. And this book gives you a lot of insight into it. Love it when you can "hear" the authors voice when reading an autobiography.

  • Bart Andersen
    2019-04-27 13:43

    I thought It was a very informative behind-the-scenes look at how the "Gas Monkey" brand and "Fast "N" Loud series came to be. I also Admired Richard Rawlings work ethic, When there was work to be done, he never "Let the Grass Grow under his feet."To Close my review, If your a Gear head or dyed-in-the-wool car enthusiast and want a good insightful read, I would quoting Richard Rawlings "Get you Some of that."

  • Jacob Lazo
    2019-05-19 20:41

    I have always been a Gas Monkey fan ever since the first episode aired on the Discovery Channel. Cars have always been an interest of mine and while I was watching the show pondered how Richard Rawlings started Gas Monkey Garage. Fast N’ Loud: Blood, Sweat, and Beers by Richard Rawlings reveals the story of how Gas Monkey came to be what it is today. Soon after I started reading, I quickly learned Richard creates the Gas Monkey Empire without a college degree. He proves that anything is possible with: hard work, dedication, and a will to pursuit your passion. Richard achieves his dream, and many others can just like he did, if they put their minds to it. The major message Richard is getting across is to not let anyone tell you what to do. Many times throughout the book, the reader gets a feel for how other people laughed at Richards’s ideas before he started Gas Monkey. Richard, knowing that failing would result in him losing money, went with his gut and took a chance on Gas Monkey. That risk he took changed his life and now he is a very wealthy self-made entrepreneur. I encourage others to read this book, especially if you want to start your own company, because Richard does a fantastic job at explaining how to be your own boss. The tips he teaches the reader can help other make the right decisions when starting a company from the ground up. Anyone can become a wealthy entrepreneur, and with Richards help from this book, they sky is the limit on what you can do.

  • Dean
    2019-04-26 15:03

    interesting read

  • Paul Ingrey
    2019-05-20 19:42

    Great read and insight, hard work and some business acumen does pay off - but through all of that he loves what he does. If you follow the show, read the book!

  • Lynnie
    2019-05-11 12:43

    A great quick read. His voice comes through the words and provides insight the real RR and how he worked his way. If he needs another beer assistant, I'm in. Let 'er rip, 'tater chip!

  • Kirsti
    2019-05-02 15:40

    I'm the first person to admit, I am not a car girl. In no way shape or form am I a 'Gas Monkey'. I have however, seen almost every episode of this show, most of them more than once. Why? Because my boyfriend loves watching the Turbo channel through Discovery, and we even pay extra for it. Fast N' Loud and Street Outlaws are pretty much his two favorite things in the world to watch. So of course, when my mum realized she was going to be stopping over n Dallas for a 9 hour wait, she went out to the Gas Monkey Garage, and the Bar and Grill too, just to bring back some momentos. This book was one of them.This book is very TV Richard. It's a quick read, but it's quirky and funny. There isn't so much of a personal feel though, although at times it did veer in that direction. What I got was what I expected however, and that was all about the cars. I admit, reading was far more enjoyable than watching an episode! (But hey, you share things with those you love. Bowie watches Harry Potter with me, and so what if he thinks the snake is called Zucchini, he still watched it! :P) I loved the photos, and all the little facts I will now be able to tell Bowie about, because although he loves GMG, reading bores him. We also have a lovely new book to display with the car books I buy for him to look at, haha. If you're a fan of this series, then the book is definitely a must have. You'll get a glimpse into how GMG came into being, and maybe what they want from the future. Four stars.

  • Peter Goutis
    2019-05-10 13:59

    I went into this book thinking that it was going to be mostly pointless, with maybe a cool story or two in it. I was totally prepared to give it 2.5-3 stars. I had other books to read, and I don't even know what prompted me to start this one.But it surprised me. While the writing was often corny, Richard's story is pretty inspiring. He accomplished more by the time he was in his mid-twenties, than I have in my mid-thirties. He's a born hustler. None of his money or fame came from "knowing the right people." He mapped out his plan and worked his ass off to make it happen. Reading stuff like this really makes you want to stop settling - which I know I'm currently doing.

  • Kevin Findley
    2019-05-20 17:38

    Imagine PT Barnum bought and sold cars for a living. That's not an insult though; Richard Rawlings turned a childhood dream into a business and then built an empire on top of that. If that's not the American Dream, then what is? Everybody who likes these types of stories or just wants to read about guys who drink beer and build cars should get a copy of this book, open a brew and settle back for a fun afternoon. It's worth your time and you should read it today if you can.

  • Brendan
    2019-05-10 21:02

    A nice energetic read. I've watched the TV series which led me to the book. The book is split up into three sections: Biography, TV Show and Flipping tips.I found it really interesting to see Richard's empire rise from various set backs and ventures. The book is kept short and concise which makes it a fast and easy read.I would recommend for fans of the show and people who just like to see how businesses are built.

  • Allie
    2019-04-25 18:07

    I am normally not very into reading biographies of any sort, but I do love the show, Fast N' Loud, so I decided to read the book. Richard's life is surprisingly interesting and inspiring. There is a lot more to him that meets the eye, and the book delves into that. A very good biography, coming from someone who doesn't like reading them.

  • John
    2019-05-04 15:42

    A fun book that fans of the show will certainly enjoy. It looks at RR's "humble" beginnings to a successful life built largely through his hard work and determination. Focusing largely on the Gas Monkey Garage that is the focus of his show, it delivers an enjoyable, fast-paced, easy-to-read book full of fan candy.

  • David R. McConnell
    2019-04-24 20:01

    Worth the price of admission.I didn't give the book a high rating because it's a literary masterpiece, because it isn't. What it is, is an entertaining and quick read about someone I appreciate. I had low expectations going into it, so you can say that it was better than anticipated. I like the man and what he's done. That's the best reason I can see for buying the book.

  • Denise
    2019-05-09 12:37

    I love the show and the book reads like the show, it's easy to "hear" Richard's voice thru out the whole book. I really hopes he writes another book to cover those areas that he said "would take a whole other book"

  • Phino DeLeon
    2019-04-24 18:02

    Interesting look into what made the GMG brand what it is today. Lots of neat stories into Richard's history, and some in site into the rest of the "characters" on the show.I was hoping for maybe a little more "bio", and less "how to". But, I enjoyed it none the less.

  • Gary
    2019-04-23 15:49

    Great book. If you like the show, you'll like the book, Richard writes just like he speaks and that's a good thing and this book is unexpectedly inspirational too. Recommended for gear heads, especially hot rod fans.

  • Jason Gould
    2019-05-06 13:58

    Richard Rawlings approach to business is infectious. I enjoyed reading about Richards life and helped better to where his drive for success comes from.

  • Drake Logsdon
    2019-04-25 20:38

    Great read, lots of insight!I absolutely love the stories Richard tells in this book! If you are a fan of GMG you need to read this book!

  • Mike Capanda
    2019-05-19 20:07

    What a great story of the American Dream. Richard is a very smart man . He knows his stuff. The book even gives u tips for those who want to flip cars ! Great book

  • Joseph Kersey
    2019-05-01 20:58

    Excellent read real down to earth guyHad his ups and downs and now has made well worth a read very inspiring and learnt a few things to

  • Matt Zoelle
    2019-05-14 18:02

    A Great ReadIf you like the show, you will like the book. Great insight into the making of the man and the brand.

  • brent rose
    2019-04-26 19:39

    awesomegreat story! something for every aspect of Richard's life. He seems like he could be anyone's friend. review is over...

  • mike douglas
    2019-05-01 18:57

    Great book!!!Big fan of the show, so this book was a good inside look., on how things all started. Couldn't put the book down!!!

  • Shannon
    2019-05-12 20:04

    As a fan from watching Richard on Bullrun & Fast N' Loud, I had to read this book. Totally worth it! Very entertaining with some helpful how-to tips. "Get you some of that"

  • Richard Day
    2019-04-25 20:53

    Great little bookGood read, I quickly became a fan of the show and Richard after I saw them on the motorcycle contest.

  • kev webster
    2019-05-13 15:49

    Fun readI liked the honesty and the fact it wasn't all about the TV show And he really did graft his ass off