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In this electrifying thriller by New York Times bestseller Linda Castillo, Kate Burkholder must uncover a family's long-hidden past to solve a brutal murderWhen a tornado tears through Painters Mill and unearths human remains, Chief of Police Kate Burkholder finds herself tasked with the responsibility of identifying the bones--and notifying the family. Evidence quickly emIn this electrifying thriller by New York Times bestseller Linda Castillo, Kate Burkholder must uncover a family's long-hidden past to solve a brutal murderWhen a tornado tears through Painters Mill and unearths human remains, Chief of Police Kate Burkholder finds herself tasked with the responsibility of identifying the bones--and notifying the family. Evidence quickly emerges that the death was no accident and Kate finds herself plunged into a thirty year old case that takes her deep into the Amish community to which she once belonged.Meanwhile, turmoil of an emotional and personal nature strikes at the very heart of Kate's budding relationship with state agent John Tomasetti. A reality that strains their fragile new love to the breaking point and threatens the refuge they've built for themselves--and their future.Under siege from an unknown assailant--and her own personal demons--Kate digs deep into the case only to discover proof of an unimaginable atrocity, a plethora of family secrets and the lengths to which people will go to protect their own....

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After the Storm Reviews

  • Kaceey
    2019-02-19 19:28

    What I love most about this series is the highly unusual mix of Amish culture with a very good murder mystery. A great taste of both. Kate Burkholder is the Chief of Police in a small Ohio town surrounded by Amish communities. Born Amish, she left her family, religion and lifestyle to live among the English. As Chief of Police she is frequently called back to the Amish community for various reasons. (for a loving, peaceful community, there sure is a crazy amount of crime!). "The Amish have all the same weaknesses as the rest of us, including the capacity for violence." This time a tornado hits the small Amish town of Painters Mill. In the aftermath of the storm, human bones are discovered under the ruins of an old barn. It is up to Kate and her team to identify the remains that may have been hidden for over 30 years. Could this be foul play? Or just run of the mill forensics? "A life based on deceit secrets and sin"On the personal side... Can Kate and her love interest John Tomasetti's relationship overcome the most threatening of times?A great addition to the series. A little gruesome at times but overall definitely 4+*!

  • Diane S ☔
    2019-01-31 18:52

    The book starts with a tornado and a big storm, will it be a direct hit or a near miss? A trailer park is hit and all but destroyed, very strange since a trailer park near my sons house in our state, Illinois, was hit by a tornado a few weeks back and almost totally destroyed. Found this coincidence chilling. There are other mysteries out there featuring the Amish but I love this one. The character of Katie, who is the sheriff and a member of the Amish at one time. She left the church but her family all still belong and Katie is still trying to gain some acceptance back, a struggle that is ongoing. The storm reveals bones under the floor of an old barn and solving this case will cost her more than she bargained. Well written series, with a closer look at the Amish, who manage to live almost totally off the grid and thrive. Good characters with just the right amount of mystery and the personal to keep the story interesting. Suspenseful, the tension in the book seldom lets up. All the ingredients necessary to create an enduring series.ARC from NetGalley.

  • Liz
    2019-02-13 21:38

    A decent police procedural with the biggest mystery being what will happen between Kate and Tomasetti. The ending on this book was not as strong as usual, in that one story line sort of trailed off and wasn’t fully resolved. Once again, there are some extremely graphic scenes that could bother some readers. I listened to this book and the narrator did an excellent job.

  • Brenda
    2019-02-10 19:26

    Tension builds quickly in this book with a tornado on the ground and headed Kate's way. In the aftermath, there are more storms brewing in Kate's life, both professionally and personally. The Kesters are out for blood and money, a human skeleton is found, someone wants Kate dead, and then there's Tomasetti.This was a great addition to the Kate Burkholder series, and I enjoyed it a whole lot more than the last book. Most of us have only seen pictures of the devastation left in the wake of a tornado. Castillo describes it very well. There was more animosity toward Kate from the Amish community, and this book had characters from the Mennonite community as well. Kate's dogged determination to identify the skeleton leads to a disastrous conclusion. Well written and evenly paced. I am eager for the next book!I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.

  • Brenda
    2019-01-26 14:51

    The tornado that hit Painters Mill and the surrounding area was one of the biggest in a long time – Chief of Police Kate Burkholder knew there were likely to be fatalities. The trailer park was particularly hard hit – the small Painters Mill police department was stretched to its limits. But when the call came in to Kate that a group of Boy Scouts who were cleaning up at an Amish property out of town had unearthed a human skull, she had no idea the direction the discovery would take her. The evidence pointed toward the human remains being around thirty years old – a cold case that would prove every bit as difficult as Kate originally suspected. As Kate worked with her small team to identify the remains, her fledgling relationship with state agent John Tomasetti also came under pressure. Living together for the past seven months, Kate had felt secure in their love for one another – but were there problems in her personal world? When Kate was attacked by persons unknown, Tomasetti was quietly frantic – but the entire police department was on alert. The danger was moving closer; the pressure building and tensions were rising. And when Kate unearthed a horror on an unimaginable scale she found herself in even more danger. The secrets and lies which spanned decades were slowly coming to the surface – would Kate survive unscathed?I absolutely loved this latest instalment in the Kate Burkholder series! Linda Castillo is now firmly up there with my favourite authors. An intricate plot that has an extremely fast pace, lots of tension and heart racing moments; plus the characters are great! I really enjoy catching up with them all in each book. I have no hesitation in highly recommending After the Storm, but for the purpose of meeting the characters and growing with them, I would recommend starting at the beginning of the series.

  • Anne Goldschrift
    2019-02-10 21:45

    Wäre der Fall zumindest noch ein klitzekleines bisschen spektakulärer bzw. die Aufklärung spannender gewesen, hätte es sogar ein 5* Buch werden können. Aber nichtsdestotrotz war es wieder ein wahres Lesevergnügen und viel zu schnell vorbei :((( Wann kommt endlich Band 8?? :)

  • Barbara
    2019-01-21 15:30

    A ferocious tornado rips through Painters Mill, Ohio causing damage and fatalities. Two consequences of the tornado are especially relevant to Chief of Police Kate Burkholder. First, Kate rescues a baby from a crumpled trailer. The baby later dies and the parents blame Kate. Second, the bones of a man who disappeared decades ago are found among the ruins of an old barn on an Amish farm. Kate - who was raised Amish but left the fold long ago - investigates with her detectives.Though it takes the police some time to identify the dead man the reader can guess who it is pretty quickly from the book's prolog where a man is pushed into a pen of hogs and eaten.Meanwhile, Kate is now living with her boyfriend, investigator John Tomasetti, from whom she's hiding a secret. To add to Kate's problems, someone is trying to kill her - and Kate suspects it's the baby's meth-head father. He's elusive, though, and the police can't track him down.The investigation into the dead man requires Kate to question several Amish families, who are less than cooperative. Nevertheless, Kate is able to put together a number of clues, connect the dots, and get on track to solve the crime. This isn't all smooth sailing because Kate tends to be reckless and keeps putting herself in dangerous situations - a bad idea when someone is trying to kill you. The plot is well-crafted and the book's characters - including the various suspects, Kate's detectives, the police dispatchers, Kate's family, the baby's parents, and more - add interest to the story. I also liked the peeks into the Amish community, including aspects of their lifestyle and beliefs. I enjoyed the book and recommend it highly to mystery fans.You can follow my reviews at https://reviewsbybarbsaffer.blogspot....

  • Carla Johnson-Hicks
    2019-02-11 15:42

    This is the seventh book in the Kate Burkholder series, but the first that I read. All I can say is that I need to go back and start this series from the beginning. I really enjoyed this book. Kate is the police chief in the little town of Painters Mill, Ohio. She was raised in an Amish community but left the community to go to college and become a police officer. She speaks Pennsylvania Dutch so is able to speak and understand the Amish when they are involved in an investigation.The book starts with a tornado that is heading towards Painters Mill and on track to hit the local trailer park. There is nothing anyone can do but hope for the best. When Kate and John Thomasetti (her live in companion) head to the trailer park they find a woman and baby in a trailer. The get them out, but this starts a chain of unfortunate events. Also as a result of the tornado, some old bones are unearthed at an abandoned farm. Kate sets out to identify the bones and again, sparks another tragic set of events to unfold.This was a well written story and I assume the rest of the series is as well. I like the way she tells about the Amish community and how they live as well as how it feels to be an outsider. The characters are very real, with emotions that you would expect from anyone. They are not over the top, yet they are not afraid to show their feelings. I really enjoyed the mystery and suspense. I thought I knew who the culprits were, and I was right, but the story was more about how Katie is able to prove it. It was suspenseful and the tension in the book seldom lets up. The way the two story lines were put together was well done and made for a great book. All the ingredients necessary to create an enduring series. The publisher generously provided me with a copy of this book via Netgalley.

  • Jeannie
    2019-02-12 14:42

    I love this series! Each book gets better. This book had a lot more detail about Amish life which I think is interesting. I love the relationship between Kate and Tomasetti. Plenty of suspence to kept me reading late into the night with this book also. I am getting attached to the characters. I hope their story continues.

  • Jean
    2019-02-12 16:28

    After the Storm, the title of Linda Castillo’s seventh Kate Burkholder mystery thriller, may be somewhat of a misnomer. This captivating caper is beset with one tempest after another.The trouble begins when Painters Mill’s police chief Kate Burkholder brings BCI Agent John Tomasetti to an Amish family gathering at her brother Jacob’s farm. Because Kate left the Amish soon after her Rumspringa and is “living in sin” with Tomasetti, her family sharply disapproves of her choices. The tension is broken by a call from Rupert “Glock” Maddox, one of the Painters Mill P.D.’s four police officers, keeping Kate abreast of a tornado warning. There is little time. Soon all hell breaks loose.In the aftermath of the destruction, Burkholder and Tomasetti race to a mobile home court and rescue an injured mother and her unconscious baby. The next day, a Boy Scout, whose troop is assisting with cleanup at an old farm, discovers a human skull. From there, Kate’s life gets even more tumultuous.Despite my reservations about a number of aspects in Castillo’s books, her writing sucks me in because the author makes me care about Kate and the people around her. Does Kate take too many chances, as Tomasetti frequently rebukes her? Of course she does. And naturally, while she never comes out unscathed, she survives. Does she often care too much? Certainly. Tomasetti and her loyal police cohorts love and respect her for that. I continue to wonder how many murders this community of Painters Mill can realistically have, but I think that Castillo gets around that by dishing up 30-year-old unsolved disappearances and the long-hidden secrets of the survivors. In this novel, several characters question the plausibility of an Amish person being involved in a terrible crime because the Amish are known to be peaceful, non-violent, religious folk. As Kate points out, they can also be judgmental, rigid, stubborn, loyal – and very human.Even though it may be repetitious to hear about Kate’s Amish upbringing, this time around I did not find it irritating. Maybe it was the addition of the Mennonite character as one of the main mysteries that piqued my interest. This added a third dimension to the plot, rather than the usual Amish/English relationships. Also fascinating was the unique and horrifying manner of death, and we actually see it through the eyes of a child in the prologue. Was it accidental, or was it murder? The party or parties involved didn’t take much guesswork, except that it was fascinating to watch who was lying and whom they were protecting.Kate and Tomasetti have their own personal turmoil to weather as well. The outcome is predictable but unsettling. I have to say that the volleying back and forth between the two throughout this novel was one of the things I liked, although I would perhaps like to know more of what goes on in Tomasetti’s head.As always, each member of the supporting cast of police officers all has great potential, and I wish that Ms. Castillo would take time to develop them more. They are devoted cops and public servants, each with wonderful little personality quirks. One of my favorite scenes is on page 226 when Burkholder and Skidmore (“Skid”) go out to talk to an Amish farmer who is castrating calves. Kate asks Skid, who grew up in the city, if he wants to wait outside, and he replies, “As long as Kaufman keeps his tools to himself, I should be okay.”This is not the perfect storm. There are some details that got missed in the editing phase, and for those who want to figure out a couple of mysteries, the puzzle is not all that challenging. There is, however, a lot of action and suspense, and I didn’t want to put this book down. Tirades, assaults, ambushes, and inner unrest – Kate goes through her own F5 tornado in After the Storm. Does she land on her feet? I’ll be waiting to find out when book eight comes out! 4-1/2 stars

  • S.W. Hubbard
    2019-02-11 14:51

    I really wanted to love this book. Many mystery fans whose opinions I respect love Linda Castillo, and I had never read her work. After reading a glowing review of After the Storm, I decided to take the plunge. The novel starts with an exciting Prologue in which a young girl witnesses a gruesome crime. Then it continues with a sort of Prologue Part II, written from another point of view, in which the entire motivation for the crime becomes quite apparent. Then, once I knew the motivation and met the cast of suspects, it was totally obvious who the killer must be. Unfortunately, the detective, Police Chief Kate Burkholder, did NOT have the benefit of reading the Prologue, so she spends half the book bungling along asking, "But why...??" when we as readers know exactly why. It's never a good thing for the reader to be two steps ahead of the sleuth. The author could have totally avoided this problem by leaving out the second bit of Prologue. Nevertheless, I kept reading because the characters are interesting and I thought there might be a twist coming. No such luck. The book ends as I predicted, and several loose ends are never tied up, including why the body was moved to the place where it was discovered when there were literally acres and acres of better places to dispose of it. Disappointing. Sigh.

  • JuliaOrlando
    2019-01-23 18:48

    This is the 7th installment of the authors "Kate Burkholder" seriesKate Burkholder is Chief of Police of small town Painters Mill OH. After a tornado rips through the town, human bones are found in the clean up of an old barn that was destroyed in the storm. In trying to identify the remains, Kate finds evidence that points to foul play as possible cause of death. She finds herself becoming becomes embroiled in a 30 year old case with suspects in the Amish community where she once belonged.In addition to trying to solve this case, Kate is also dealing with her own personal issues with her relationship with a state officer, a law suite against the town, the PD and herself and also finds herself under attack from an unknown assailant.I enjoy this series and look forward to the next book. I like how the author writes about her relationship with the Amish community, which she grew up in but left when she was a teenager.

  • Patrizia
    2019-02-05 20:40

    3.5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ wie immer gut aber umgehauen hat es mich nicht gerade

  • Lyndsay
    2019-01-22 21:46

    Quick, enjoyable read. Although Kate's recklessness is now detracting from the story rather than enhancing it. And when is she going to start calling Tomasetti by his first name?

  • Robin
    2019-02-04 20:32

    When a tornado rips through the small town of Painters Mill, a skeleton is unearthed. Police Chief Kate Burkholder must ascertain the identity of the man and piece together what exactly caused his death. As evidence is gathered, Kate discovers that the death was not an accident. While investigating the case, someone takes a shot at her. With someone trying to kill her, Kate has a thirty-year-old murder on her hands that she needs to solve.This is another solid addition to the Kate Burkholder series. I thought it was very easy to figure out who the victim was and exactly what happened to him. But watching Kate and her deputies piece together the facts was fun. In addition to the mystery, this story also features potential problems between Kate and her lover, John Tomasetti. I wasn't thrilled with the resolution to that story. I'm looking to see where Kate and John go from here. My rating: 4 Stars.

  • ShoSho
    2019-02-02 15:46

    I liked the mystery and murder investigation. What I didn't like was (view spoiler)[ the personal stuff that happened to Kate. It was very unrealistic! Not happy with how it went down! (hide spoiler)]

  • Char29
    2019-02-19 15:44

    Another very good book by this author, a bit graphic but murders can be that. I love the Kate B and Tomasedy characters.

  • Steffi
    2019-01-20 17:50

    Die Fälle der Kate Burkholder Reihe haben mir bisher immer gut gefallen, bei "Grausame Nacht" hat mir leider etwas gefehlt.Der aktuelle Fall hat seine Wurzeln tief in der Vergangenheit, was ja oft interessant ist, aber hier hat mir leider etwas gefehlt. Ich bin nie so richtig in der Geschichte angekommen und so richtig Spannung kam bei dem Fall nicht auf. Außerdem hatte ich das Gefühl, dass der Fall selbst nicht im Fokus der Geschichte stand, sondern es hier mehr um Privates ging. Generell bin ich kein Fan davon, wenn zu viel Privates bei einem Krimi im Fokus steht, und auch in diesem Buch hat es mich irgendwie gestört. Dazu kommt, dass ich noch nie ein großer Fan von Tomasetti war und auch hier hat er sich leider des öfteren nicht von seiner besten Seite gezeigt.Die Auflösung konnte mich zwar am Ende nochmal überraschen, aber so richtig mitgefiebert habe ich bei diesem Fall dieses Mal leider nicht.

  • Wendy
    2019-01-24 21:42

    Loved this 7th book in the Kate Burkholder series!!!

  • Maggie61
    2019-01-24 15:48

    One of my favourite Linda Castillo's novels to date. A solid 4 1/2. It doesn't have a lot of surprises but it's a good grilling mystery/thriller with a touch of heartbreak.

  • Pamela
    2019-02-13 20:39

    For the first time, in what I believe is an amazing series, where every installment is brilliant, thoroughly engaging and intriguing, and worthy of ten stars, “After the Storm” was a huge disappointment. I thought the story was lacklustre, boring and mundane. I can’t believe I’m using these words to describe this novel written by Linda Castillo. I don’t know what happened. The mystery was anything but thrilling or engaging. If anything, it was predictable. You had a great story of a young man who’s murdered, and an act of violence witnessed by a young girl. Surprisingly, very little is written about the victim. And the witness? We’re introduced to her briefly thirty years after the murder. I would’ve thought she’d have a larger presence. (view spoiler)[Then there’s the subplot about Chief Kate being sued by a couple for the death of their infant daughter. It felt like the author threw in this subplot to either fill the pages, or give a reason to introduce Kate’s pregnancy, or both. (hide spoiler)] Whatever the reason, it was a letdown as the subplot was wrapped up too quickly. Kate never got an opportunity to face her accusers. Then Kate is shot at on more than one occasion. It’s questioned whether it’s the couple suing her or the person(s) who murdered the young man. No matter, the subplots were weak and poorly executed. (view spoiler)[As for Kate’s pregnancy? It was so predictable how it was going to end. (hide spoiler)] I can’t believe what a disappointment this novel was. Since it’s the only one in the series to disappoint me, I can honestly say I’m looking forward to the next installment. I hope it’s much better than what I just read. In the meantime, the three-star rating stands.

  • Lesa
    2019-01-21 19:51

    It takes a tornado to uncover the past and reveal raw emotions in Linda Castillo's strongest entry yet in her Kate Burkholder series. After the Storm is a gritty, intricately plotted story, that begins with a catastrophe that leads to turmoil.Painters Mill Police Chief Kate Burkholder and her lover, John Tomasetti, are caught out in the tornado that hits the small Ohio town, but they manage to beat the storm. However, the tornado destroys a trailer park and part of another development. It's at the trailer park, though, that Kate faces the decision that will haunt her. Does she move a four-month-old baby who is crushed in a trailer, although her injuries could be worse if she moves her, or does she try and stay, risking everyone's safety, knowing she and Tomasetti smell gas?The decision about the baby is only one of the problems Burkholder faces as police chief. A troop of Boy Scouts uncover a human skull and bones while cleaning up a farm site after the tornado. As she pieces together the clues about a missing person from over ten years earlier, Kate realizes this wasn't a natural death. Someone in Painters Mill has a secret they've been hiding for years, and the identification of the body may stir up trouble in the Amish farming community.Castillo's books are outstanding, not just because of the crime drama, but also because of the relationships in the book. Burkholder's trust and faith in her team in the police department is essential in the development of the procedural aspects of this series, the careful development of investigations and cases. As police chief, she has a difficult time dealing with the Amish community. They don't trust authority, and they don't trust a woman who was once part of their community, and chose to leave.In the course of this series, Kate and Tomasetti have been awkwardly navigating their relationship. Both damaged characters have tragedy in their past, but they've managed to forge stronger bonds, trying to build a life together. But, Painters Mill isn't the only thing turned upside down in this story. Kate and Tomasetti have their own issues, and Kate's career and the dangers she face threaten their shaky partnership.Personally and professionally all hell breaks loose in After the Storm. It's an intense, powerful drama. As I said, it's Linda Castillo's strongest entry yet in this series set amidst Ohio's Amish community.

  • Anne OK
    2019-01-25 20:35

    After a tornado blows through the community of Painters Mill, boy scouts doing clean up work stumble upon skeletal human remains. And thus, in the newest installment in the Kate Burkholder series, our lady chief of police is off and running to solve the next whodunit. And it's a good one filled with both Amish and English townspeople as suspects. And, of course, there's the personal interactions of the two lifestyles that live side by side in the little town of Painters Mill that gives this one even more depth. I truly love this series and its backdrop in Amish country where each installment comes with a lesson in the aspects of Amish life that are fascinating and well-researched. The books have an authentic feel to them, and as a reader you realize and admire all the hard work and preparation that has gone into the details by this author.Kate Burkholder leads the pack as the Chief of Police in the small town, and once again she proves that she is brave and courageous as she works steadily to right the wrongs. Alongside her is her live-in boyfriend John Tomasetti, an Ohio BCI agent, who is somewhat of an enigma. Readers will find that things are progressing between these two in what now appears to be several steps forward until BAM, we find ourselves facing some backward steps as well. There is plenty of suspense in this chilling thriller. Porky the Pig has taken on a whole new face and it ain't cute! Castillo writes complex and heart-stopping action. Her characters are smart, tough and full of dark secrets. As a suspense addict, I am in awe of her mesmerizing plots that keep me on the edge-of-my-seat from start to finish. Although my enjoyment of this story wasn't lessened any by the occurrences, a bit of a shocking surprise came along with this latest addition. There were several inconsistencies within the timeline regarding ages for the characters that didn't balance in the storyline when flipping from past to present day. I've never noted this type of problem or any other in one of Castillo's perfectly crafted books, and it caused me pause to wonder if maybe she hadn't changed editors. As it always ends, I'm left yearning for more and anticipating my next visit to Painters Mill and another round of suspenseful entertainment.

  • Charlene
    2019-02-18 18:53

    Maybe 3.5 stars, but rounding down.I was pleasantly surprised that there was a sufficient time in the beginning of the present-time part of the story devoted to the oncoming tornado, its arrival, law enforcement and others' efforts to coordinate warnings and then cleanup after the storm. A very poignant part of the rescue operation involved Kate Burkholder being the first responder at the trailer park after the storm and her involvement with a four-month-old baby; the subsequent difficulties with the baby's parents was one strand of this story that rang true for me.I was not as taken with the prologue, which give the reader almost all the details of the events of thirty years before, when the nine-year-old girl witnesses something most unpleasant. As another reviewer wrote, this gave the reader everything but the who behind the event, and most readers probably come close to knowing that by inference also. A few red herrings, but I was thrown off only for minor detours, sad to say.The third part of the book, which tells more of Kate's continuing relationship with John Tomasetti, was a disappointment for me. It was entirely too angsty, and I didn't like the writing choices that Linda Castillo made here. If I were reading a Romantic Suspense book, I would say the heroine made some TSTL choices, over and over again.Finally, there were some editing &/or writing errors [and a few major inconsistencies] that should not have been in a final printed copy of a book with such wide readership. I have rated these last two books in the series with three stars, and I hope that future books will raise the standard to what we loyal readers have come to expect.

  • Lauren
    2019-02-20 16:35

    After the Storm4 StarsWhen human remains are discovered in the aftermath of a devastating tornado, Painter’s Mill police chief, Kate Burkholder soon learns that the death is not accidental and finds herself enmeshed in a 30 year old case that has surprising links to the Amish community.Series note: This is book #7 and should be read in order to fully appreciate the character backgrounds and relationship developments.Unlike most of the previous installments, which are compelling who-dun-its, this book is more like an episode of Colombo with the motive and culprits obvious from the start. Instead, the twists and turns of the investigation revolve around how the crime was committed (and Castillo does not spare the grisly details) and who played what role in its commission. While numerous reviewers have highlighted their dislike of this type of mystery, for me it is entertaining to see how the detective follows the clues and works it all out.That said, the true highlights of the book are the developments in Kate and John’s relationship as they face a life altering decision that may ultimately destroy their newfound love and happiness.All in all, a well-written mystery with wonderful primary and secondary characters. Kathleen McInerney’s narration is superb as always and I look forward to listening to the next book when it comes out next month.

  • Linda
    2019-01-31 17:32

    Good I'm going to start reading the series. a modern day Nancy Drew

  • Pat
    2019-02-05 19:48

    Linda Castillo is nothing if not consistent. Another excellent outing for Kate Burkholder that kicks off with a tornado heading towards her patch.Kate is occupied with the aftermath of the storm when bones are found at an abandoned farm. The bones have been there for around 25 years but as it becomes clear that foul play was involved she must also investigate this death. Then a change in circumstances in her personal life throws up danger signals for her relationship with Tomasetti. All in all Kate has her hands full and overflowing in this tale. The sad death of the person whose bones were found is indicative of the lengths some people will go to to protect their secrets and their way of life.The storm was well depicted and the fear engineered was palpable. Kate's relationship with the Amish community is a long-running and beautifully portrayed aspect of this series. On to the next eventually.

  • Stephen
    2019-01-24 18:52

    Kate Burkholder will find herself in the middle of a 30 year old murder, after a skull and bones are uncovered after a violent tornado sweeps through the area occupied by Painters Mill, Ohio. And I find myself back in the territory of one my favorite authors, Linda Castillo. Although Kate left her Amish community many years before, she still has ties to her family and still speaks the language. She and her significant other,State Agent, John Tomasetti, are caught up in the middle of the damaged area trying to rescue people and assess the extensive damage. Then it is reported that a skull and some bones have been found by some Boy Scouts helping in the clean up after the storm. Now Kate has to try to ID the body and determine if this was an accident or a murder. Castillo will make sure you stay alert as there are 3 story lines to follow. ...the identity of the bones found, which may be a 30 year old murder, the death of a baby that Kate tried to rescue at the end of the tornado, and the personal relationship with John which is complicating Kate's life.Castillo at her best...enjoy !!

  • Kristina
    2019-02-07 18:41

    The criminal drama in each of these books always finds me reading with my mouth agape in surprise saying, daaaaaang! This one is no exception. Suffice it to say, I never, ever want to own a pig. Ever. There's a bit more personal interaction between Kate and Tomasetti which I really enjoyed. As much as I devour the mystery and crime drama, I appreciate and sink into the interpersonal relationships which are so well written in this series. Watching Kate and Tomasetti's individual and shared growth is as rewarding as the solving of these cases. :D This series is just absolutely fantastic. It's still going strong, and I look forward to many more in the future.

  • Donna
    2019-02-20 18:33

    This book was my least favorite in this series so far. It just seemed "unreal". I still love Kate and Tomasetti. They have a unique relationship that I seem to always be pulled in to. The story, on the other hand, felt so wound up. It almost seemed like pinball because it bounced around .... A LOT. I just couldn't believe the things that were happening. I could go on and on about that, but I won't.