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Magic and mystery collide in this thrilling conclusion to the new urban fantasy series by House of Comarre author Kristen Painter. Tourists are disappearing at an alarming rate. While Augustine and his lieutenants attempt to find them, Harlow and the evil spirit possessing her remain Augustine's true focus. Freeing her from the spirit's grasp is all he can think about, espMagic and mystery collide in this thrilling conclusion to the new urban fantasy series by House of Comarre author Kristen Painter. Tourists are disappearing at an alarming rate. While Augustine and his lieutenants attempt to find them, Harlow and the evil spirit possessing her remain Augustine's true focus. Freeing her from the spirit's grasp is all he can think about, especially with no real solution on the horizon.Then he discovers the tourists are disappearing because the witches are stealing souls to cast a dangerous chaos spell. Before he can stop them, Harlow becomes their victim. Now he must race the clock to set her free and end the witches' machinations before the chaos spell strips every fae in New Orleans of their power and bring fae rule to an end....

Title : Garden of Dreams and Desires
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Format Type : Paperback
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Garden of Dreams and Desires Reviews

  • Carmel (Rabid Reads)
    2019-02-11 16:37

    Reviewed by: Rabid Reads.I don’t know if it was the writing, Kristen Painter’s personal style, the characters, or what, but I’ve come to the conclusion that this trilogy just wasn’t my thing. CITY OF ETERNAL NIGHT showed the most promise out of all of the books (except for the ending); however this finale felt more like the author was going down a checklist than delivering Harlow & Augustine’s story in all its messy glory. Boy gets the girl: Check. Deal with the senator: Check. Usurp the prime: Check. Exorcise evil twin: Check. It was all business, and not enough Urban Fantasy.GARDENS OF DREAMS AND DESIRES was a busy novel that could have easily been split up into two installments, and probably should have been. There were too many threads that needed to be settled, and too few pages to do it in which in turn forced Painter to get down to brass tacks, and to cut back on some of the aspects that first drew me to this series such as her geeky plugs, and Fae mischief. I found no info on the author’s website with regards to being dropped by her publisher, so I have to assume that this is the tale she intended to tell.Harlow was starting to mature as a character, only to have her evil twin sister hijack her body in the last chapters of the previous book which by the way is a spoiler; however it’s mentioned in the blurb, so I saw no reason to tiptoe around it. I was still pissed at the heroine for making such a amateurish mistake in COEN, and wasn’t thrilled about her being eighty-sixed by Ava Mae. That was only the case until the 36% mark, but writing the lead female protagonist out of CRESCENT CITY’s conclusion was just bad form in my opinion.There were several elements that were left up in the air, and others that were far too cleanly resolved. Is Olivia forever stuck on the Fae plane that’s home to the Claustrum? Giselle’s been dealt with, but what about Ian? Lally’s true purpose is now known by many, shouldn’t there be consequences, or at the very least questions raised? Harlow & Augustine’s HEA was rather mediocre, and elicited a that’s it? reaction from me as opposed to the fulfilled happy feeling that readers have come to expect from a final installment in a trilogy.GARDENS OF DREAMS AND DESIRES was in all probability a case of it’s not you, it’s me; however if not, blargh sums it up nicely.

  • Douglas Meeks
    2019-01-24 15:19

    I loved this book, kinda made up for the frustration I felt at the end of the last book. Harlow and Augustine made an awesome couple and the romantic parts of this novel were never really in question.The fact that she leads readers along making them think that things are about to wrap up and suddenly your realize (as I did) that you have about half the book left, this can't be good. That means something bad is gonna happen and it does :)This story had a bit of Fae political strategy (means high level cerebral type scenarios instead of kicking the living crap out of the offending party) and it was enjoyable BUT I really did feel cheated out of a lot of well deserved revenge at the end of the book. I could tell you more but I don't do spoilers ... ever (at least not on purpose)A couple of things ARE polished off and a bit of revenge among the Fae but some humans get off easier than I thought they should but this does not really subtract too much from the story for anyone except revenge junkies like me :)The story keeps you so hyped up on things that when she has to drop down a notch to tell you how the characters are gonna get from Point A to Point B you want to skip right over it and get to the "good parts" of the action again. Usually when I want to scan parts of a book it is because they are boring but in this case it was because the action was not moving fast enough and I did not care if I had no idea how they did things (actually I would have because when things happened I would have been like"where did they get that" or "where did these guys come from") so if you get that urge try to suppress it, there are good things hidden in the details.Bottom Line: This series has made me dislike characters who I later learned to love, made me scream with frustration because I wanted the whole story NOW (yes I am spoiled that way) but ended wonderfully BUT I never make excuses for the fact that I LOVE a great revenge story. I felt slighted in that respect with this tale and since this IS the last book, my inner Revenge Junkie is screaming FOUL. I don't want justice, I want revenge and Kristen Painter gave me justice! LOL so 4 Stars it is and highly recommended for the whole trilogy which you can get all at one time now and can avoid the frustration parts I spoke of and read them back to back.

  • Natalie
    2019-02-07 14:34

    The final book in the Crescent City trilogy, readers familiar with Kristen Painter's work and new readers alike will definitely enjoy this book. To those following the series already, Garden picks up where we left off with our beloved heroine in a rather sticky situation. With Augie focused on the events surrounding Harlow and Ava Mae, nefarious schemes abound in the background with the witches and voodoo communities both crawling out of the shadows. I believe Painter has commented on other reviews that the CC series was originally intended to have more books, hence why some of the resolutions may appear to come quickly. However, the book itself doesn't feel rushed and I found myself constantly checking how many pages I had left as I kept fearing how things were going to end! Even with reading other KP works, there were plenty of twists and surprises in Garden that threw me and left me surprised to read.I feel that things were wrapped up nicely, though there are some unanswered questions that I can't help wanting resolved after getting attached to the characters. Honestly, being such a fan of the House of Commarre series I didn't expect to get as attached to Augustine and Harlow as I was to Mal and Chrys, but the fae and all their lovable secondary characters found their way into my heart.

  • Melanie
    2019-01-28 14:17

    I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of this from the publisher.Well the wait is finally over and the thrilling conclusion to the Crescent City series is here and it was totally worth the wait.After that pesky little cliffhanger at the end of book 2 I couldn't wait to see where things were going to go and all in all I was a happy girl.Kristen has an amazing ability to take what you think should happen and then throw you a total curve ball. There were several moments where I literally could not believe she did what she did but it worked perfectly. I mean who doesn't love a book that can make you gasp!!! The secondary characters (as I find is so often the case with Kristen's books) are so well developed that the whole world just feels real and I get sucked in every time! Although yes it is primarily about the Fae, for me in this series it is how the witches are represented and how their characters have developed that really hooked me. I love them! Helllllooooo Ian!!! (Probably not the most popular opinion there.....)My only complaint? That this is the end of another series! I was sad when the HOC series ended though and then we got this so BRING ON THE NEXT ADVENTURES!!! I will be waiting :D A must read, easy 5 out of 5 stars from me! V""V

  • Vikki Love
    2019-02-07 17:41

    I loved Garden of Dreams & Desires.Even though it was a perfect ending to the series, it makes me sad that this is the end of Augustine and Harlow. Maybe there could be a story for Dulcinea?I love all of Kristen's books.For readers that have read the House of Comarré books, when we where first introduced to Augie he seemed self-centred and flaky and I loved the way this series has shown us his true self, how he has had to grow up and how much of a kick-ass alpha male he actually is.I loved how Harlow progressed through the series and she really came into her own in this book, she is one serious bad-ass.As I may have already mentioned, I love Kristen's books, and this one was no exception. The way she writes. How she sucks you into her world, how easy it is to connect to the characters, she keeps you on the edge to the bitter end with suspense, twists and turns and so much sexual tension it leaves you smouldering.I devoured Garden of Dreams & Desires in a few hours and wished I had taken my time as I didn't want it to end.

  • Tyler Babcock
    2019-02-14 19:22

    he's back and better than ever. Augustine the guardian hero of the haven city has return to save the day once again. will he be able to save the love of his life and the entire city?

  • Gladys Gonzales Atwell
    2019-02-20 18:18

    ****Excellent ~ Review to follow****

  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    2019-02-15 16:43

    3 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum this isn’t exactly what I had in mind for an ending, I have to say Garden of Dreams & Desires concludes the Crescent City trilogy nicely. What’s great is that this novel boasts its own story arc but still manages to resolve everything from the previous two installments, tying up any and all loose ends. That being said, there’s obviously a lot to pack into a little more than 300 pages or so, and I felt like I was being powered through the story at a breakneck pace.We last left Harlow in a bit of a quandary. At the end of City of Eternal Night, she does something insanely stupid and ends up resurrecting the soul of her dead twin Ava Mae, using the magic of a lightning tree. Of course, with nowhere else for Ava Mae to go, her spirit immediately hitches a ride in Harlow’s body and takes over. Once again for the first half of the book, we have Augustine scrambling to do everything he can to help Harlow out of a problem of her own making.Meanwhile, tourists have been disappearing in New Orleans, including the son of a prominent and bigoted senator who believes the Fae and Othernaturals are the ones responsible for the kidnappings. As Guardian of the city, Augustine has his hands full with the investigation into the missing tourists, trying to find the real kidnappers before the senator imposes sanctions on his people. But since he has fallen deeply for Harlow, he therefore decides to make her predicament his first priority, even though the fate of the entire supernatural population could be at stake. Oh the things we do for love.Maybe it was the pacing, but something about this didn’t quite sit right with me. If you can’t tell already, my relationship with Harlow’s character has been a long and tumultuous journey. I disliked her strongly in the first book, but started to warm towards her in the second only to watch her naiveté strike her down again. Perhaps she and I were just never meant to be. There were some major improvements to her character in here, but the book’s pacing was just so fast that it felt like she was transformed overnight. I couldn’t understand anyone’s affection for her, let alone how Augustine could fall in love with her.I enjoyed seeing how the story wrapped up, but the speed at which it happened diminished the experience somewhat. Harlow didn’t get enough time to develop properly, and neither did Senator Pellimento, the new baddie introduced in this book now that Branzino has been taken care of. Pellimento was sort of a paint-by-numbers villainess, her reasons for coming down hard on the Fae not very well explained other than the fact she hates them and is unwilling to consider the possibility that anyone else could be responsible for her son’s disappearance. In the end, it was the witches. That’s not really a spoiler since it’s mentioned right there in the book description, plus ultimately there was no mystery just because there was absolutely no room left in the story to set one up. The conclusion also tied things up too neatly and a little too quickly, casually taking care of the witches and Ava Mae in one fell swoop so that Augustine and Harlow can have their happy ending. Don’t get me wrong; I think the two of them are a good match and I’m glad things worked out for them, but wow, those last few chapters just blew right by.If I have to hazard a guess as to why it feels so rushed, I would say it’s because in our interview with Kristen Painter, she revealed that she originally intended Crescent City to be a five book series, not three. Indeed, with all that happened in this book, it could easily have been two or even three installments. That could explain why the most important threads were tied up but some major questions are still left open, such as what will happen to Olivia and the consequences now of so many people knowing about the dangers of the lightning tree.Garden of Dreams & Desires was a good read with thrills that will leave you exhilarated – and not least because it is so fast-paced that you won’t even have a chance to catch a breath. It’s a hectic novel which could have been better paced, but I also understand the challenge of having to work under certain restrictions and the author’s choices if that was the case. On a whole, I thought this series was very enjoyable. The first book was good and the second book was even better; City of Eternal Night was my favorite of the three books. Crescent City is a fascinating Fae-centric urban fantasy trilogy set in a very unique and vibrant portrayal of New Orleans, certainly worth checking out if that sounds like your cup of tea.

  • Shelley
    2019-02-13 18:16

    **I received this book for free from (Hachette/Orbit) via (NetGalley) in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!! This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review***Genre* Urban Fantasy*Rating* 3.5*MY Thoughts*Garden of Dreams and Desires brings the Crescent City trilogy to a close. Kristen Painter has created a world where 40 years from now, othernaturals have come out into the open, and live among humans. In New Orleans, Fae Guardian Augustine (Augie) Robelias watches over the city that has become a major tourist destination for those humans intrigued by the othernaturals which includes a variety of fae, witches, and voodoo practitioners.Full Review Posting @ Gizmos Reviews on Friday, April 3, 2015.*Recvd via NetGalley 03/23/2015* Expected publication: April 7th 2015 by Orbit

  • Leslie Wolf
    2019-02-12 22:27

    I was so excited to get an early copy of this book!!! The twists and turns in this book were amazing!Who doesn't want to read more about a sexy fae? Augustine is desperate to save the women he loves and Harlow is desperately trying to hold on to herself and fight for the love of Augustine. It's a race against time for Augustine and Harlow to figure out just what the witches are up to and Harlow's sort of dead twin sister! Lots of twists and turns in this final book of the Crescent Series. I'm sad to see this series end. It was a beautiful creation of how New Orleans can be such a dark, and magical place. This is a must read series for any Urban Fantasy Lover!

  • Maja (The Nocturnal Library)
    2019-01-22 20:41

    It is so hard to say goodbye to favorites, worlds and characters we’ve grown to love and admire. Garden of Dreams and Desires is a worthy conclusion to a beloved trilogy, despite being far from perfect. Painter continues in her usual style, with multiple perspectives and several plotlines, but she pushes it a bit farther in this book, unintentionally alienating us from our two heroes. Being familiar with her work, I always expect wonderful, nuanced villains from Kristen Painter, but she’s really outdone herself with Giselle. I’m rarely truly afraid of what a villain might do and how it might affect the heroes, but Painter achieves this easily. What I didn’t expect, though, were so many chapters from her point of view. It seemed as though she was the true protagonist of this book and I constantly wished for more time with Augustine and Harlow. Augustine and Harlow don’t spend much time together, but they persistently fight for each other. Harlow’s battle happens mostly inside her body, where she struggles for dominance with the spirit of her dead sister, Ava Mae. Buried so deep beneath Ava Mae’s consciousness, Harlow can do very little to save herself, and the internal battle becomes life-changing. Once she gains the upper hand, Harlow is a changed woman, which is good considering how annoying her condescension had been in the past. She is finally ready to accept her fae heritage, which makes her a formidable opponent and a true partner to Augie. The plot in this final book is very focused and well executed, with only a few minor secondary plotlines meant to relieve some of the pressure. Augustine and Harlow fight the battle of their lives against the witches. They unite with other paranormals against a common enemy, but even then their future is uncertain. They also have to defend the lightning tree without revealing its existence to the others, which is extremely hard to do. With the help of several trusted friends and Augustine’s lieutenants, they make plans and do what they can for the city of New Orleans.I’m very sad to say goodbye to this series. I feel as though this world had so much more to give, but Painter seems to have moved on to paranormal romance, which is a pity. Nevertheless, House of Comarre and Crescent City are memorable series and I will undoubtedly reread them at some point.

  • Stephenee
    2019-02-18 14:32

    * I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. *Author Kristen Painter wows and amazes me again with this book! Just when you think she can't top the previous book, she does and she does it in a huge way!! My first thought after reading this book was - This is the last book in the series?!?!? It can't be!!! I NEED more! I am not ready for my friends Harlow, Olivia, Auggie and Lally to leave me! I fell in love with the characters, the location of New Orleans and the storyline of this book! I feel like I am losing my friends and while I loved this book I am sad to see it end! This book was non-stop action with twists, turns, loops and curves that keeps the readers on the edge of their seats! Just when you think you have it figured it, the author throws another twist in and leaves the reader with their mouthes wide open, jaw on the floor with awe, amazement and disbelief. I found myself shaking my head, yelling, being angry and wondering what the author was going to do next! I was amazed at how the author was able to take such giant leaps with this book and yet end it in such a way that the readers questions are answered and the reader feels a sense of closure!This series has been one of my favorites so far this year and it is one that is going to be hard to beat by other authors. Kristin Painter weaves an amazing story that has the reader feeling like they are a part of the book right along with the characters. If you haven't read anything by Kristin Painter, I would start here! Everything about this book will leave the reader wanting more and more. Do yourself a favor and add this to your TBR list - you won't be sorry at all!! Enjoy this and all of her others as they are all amazing reads!

  • Ashleigh Smith
    2019-01-31 21:42

    I received this book for free in exchange for an honest reviewI absolutely love all of Kristen Painters books to date and this is by far my favourite series. I am totally sad it has come to an end now but it is such a great series that I recommend everyone to read.Very well written and it was so easy to fall into the story and just lose yourself amongst the pages. I love the characters so much. I'm definitely missing them now that their story has been told!

  • Danielle
    2019-02-11 21:27

    I was lucky to receive an ARC of this book and I have to admit that I plowed right through it. Readers of the previous two books in the series will be pleased with how all the elements tied together. There were some surprises along the way that made this a quick, enjoyable read. If you're looking for a fun series with unique, colorful characters, then this is for you.

  • Kathy Davie
    2019-02-19 14:17

    Third and last in the Crescent City arcanepunk fantasy series and revolving around Augustine Robelais, the fae Guardian of New Orleans in 2068.My TakeIt's a lesson in why betrayal doesn't work, why politicians are the scum of the earth…and that your karma will catch up with you. Bwa-ha-ha… Now, helping others is a whole 'nother thing.I had thought Garden of Dreams & Desires was third-person subjective (from Augustine's point-of-view), but I suspect it's more third-person omniscient since we do get a glimpse into the heads of some of the other characters. Now and again. It's a surface-ness that is consistent with how shallow the story is. Shallow you may ask, as you want to scream with frustration at the power-mad moves made by the bad guys in this? But Painter has made them so stupidly bad with so little finesse that…yeah…shallow.My biggest problem(s) with Garden of Dreams & Desires is that it was all too easy. Pellimento's power within the city makes no sense. Augustine's mother. Prime Loudreux's situation. What? Was Painter in a hurry to tidy everything up?Yes, I enjoyed settling in to how everyone ends up, but it's almost as if Painter had a checklist with a quick sense of how the characters were supposed to end up, which made it unsatisfying.The StoryDetective Grantham gives Augustine the heads-up about tourists disappearing in New Orleans, and Senator Pellimento is the only reason Augie gives it any thought.His biggest concern is Harlow, and the evil twin who possesses her.Until Harlow is kidnapped and Augustine discovers where all those souls are going and the threat it poses to all the fae.The CharactersAugustine Robelais is shadeux/smokesinger fae and Guardian for the city of New Orleans. His mother despises him and lives in the Ursuline Convent.Harlow Goodwin has finally accepted those fae abilities she's been using. The preening, self-absorbed Ava Mae is her dead twin, possessing Harlow. And she has her own agenda. Tulalie "Lally" Hughes is both housekeeper and best friend to Olivia — and keeper of the lightning tree. Olivia Goodwin was their mother, haerbinger fae, and a movie star, now trapped on the fae planes. Joseph Branzino was Harlow and Ava Mae's nasty father.The Elektos is……the ruling council for the fae in New Orleans with the Codex their law book. The Pelcrum in Lafayette Cemetery Number One is their headquarters. The council includes Fenton Welch, liaison to the Guardian; Yanna Quinn, an ignus fae; and, Salander Meer, a saboteur fae. Cylo Greaves, an ethos fae, has a thing for Star Alliance; Dulcinea is a mix of fae and varcolai; and, Sydra, part saboteur fae, are Augustine's lieutenants. Rat and Guz are a couple of goblin fae who help out on an as-needed basis. Dr. Carlson is a fae medic.Hugo Loudreux is the Prime, leader of the Elektos, and he despises Augustine. Blu is his bodyguard and Augie's half-sister. Rue is the daughter Harlow rescued.Beatrice is the pregnant widow of the last Guardian. Nekai is a weaver fae. Renny is a gator shifter, Dulcinea's sometime boyfriend, and a bartender at Belle's. The Claustrum is a horrible fae prison on the fae plane.Detective Jeremiah "J.J." Grantham works often with Augustine. Mawmaw is J.J.'s great-great-grandmother and Lally's grandniece, Queen Jewelia Grantham, a voodoo mambo.Giselle Vincent, a crystal-empowered witch, is the new high priestess of the witches of New Orleans, the Coven of Thirteen…now that she's killed her father, Evander. Zara Vincent is her sister, a green witch who gains her power from plants. Ian Dufrene is a witch who uses pain as his source of power, so it makes sense that he's a tattoo artist with his own shop, the House of Pain.Trent is the latest foreman Giselle hired to redo her father's house.Father Rufus Ogun is the leading voodoo practitioner in New Orleans.Robbie Pellimento is the spoiled son of the rabidly bigoted Senator Irene Pellimento who will do anything to destroy the fae. Sutter is the unprincipled head of her security guard. Nguyen is in charge of the cinematography.The ruina vox was the chaos spell, the Vincents' mother died trying to use, to destroy the fae. Varcolai are animal shifters.The Cover and TitleThe cover is a fantasy all itself with its blue waters and the purple haze rising up to a lilac veil over the full moon that is centered between the gateposts of a wrought iron gate. Purple flowered vines rise up the sides, framing the red-haired Giselle, as she drops into those waters.The title is Giselle's plans for her sister's Garden of Dreams & Desires.

  • Amanda Masters
    2019-02-08 20:22

    I was given this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.Wow! Kristen does it again with her captivating storytelling and and her amazing and wonderful characters! I couldn't put the book down for the story was breathtaking as Kristens stories tend to be. After reading the first two books I was on pins and needles waiting this one to see what was to happen next! Harlow and Augustine are such a wonderful and powerful couple and I love to see them work problems out together. Much like Kristen's Chrysabelle and Malkolm from her House of Comarré series, Augustine and Harlow play off each others strengths, lean on each other when needed and of course kick some serious butt for each other when needed...lolI really loved the way that Kristen ended this one and I can't wait to see what she comes up with next, as I have learned from reading her books over the years and with working with her on her street team, her imagination is incredible and her talent and heart is limitless. if you haven't read any of Kristen's books you are missing out big time! go out and get yourself a copy today!

  • Amanda
    2019-01-29 21:17

    Once again you're immersed in the world of New Orleans where all supernatural creatures exist and the Fae are the ones who look after the city and all its inhabitants. The despicable witches want all the power to themselves and are tired of being under the Fae's thumb. So they plot and scheme. Its once again up to Auggie and his team to stop disaster from happening.This book made me have the feels, I literally spent all the book hating Giselle and Ava Mae with a passion. I still love Auggie even though you feel for all he has to go through.I especially like the way Harlow's character has developed, as if you read my other reviews I couldn't stand her in book one. She's a lot more mature and kickassery in this one and I'm happy for it.Its really great to hear about different types of Fae and supernatural in this series, makes for a refreshing read.I'm not sure if this is the end here but if not sign me up for book four!!!

  • Literati Literature Lovers
    2019-01-21 14:32

    4.25 Stars Painter wraps up this story arc wonderfully. As always Painter is an urban fantasy writer that is more about the world building, story plot and relationships of the characters, than explicit sexual content. The eluded to passion is mild in content. Painter can sizzle more with a well written kiss than some author do with full on sex scenes. Full review to come closer to release.

  • Dark Faerie Tales
    2019-01-21 14:25

    Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick & Dirty: Augustine needs to figure out how to help Harlow while also dealing with a crazy senator who wants him dead as well as a group of witches who want the same thing. Life is never easy . . .Opening Sentence: One witch to rule them all.The Review:Harlow has a problem. Her dead twin sister has taken possession of her body and refuses to give it up. Augustine is doing everything he can to figure out how to help Harlow, but he also has a lot on his plate, what with the witches trying to take control of the city away from the fae. On top of that, an otherworlder-hating senator’s son is now missing, and she blames the fae, Augustine in particular. To say things are hectic is really putting it mildly. Will Augustine be able to handle everything on his plate and save Harlow in the process?Man, this review may seriously sound like a tale of two books. When I was making my way through the first half, it was slow. I wasn’t enjoying myself even though I had liked the previous two books. I really just wanted it to be over. Then, the second half hit, and it was like a completely different book. The pace picked up significantly. One action-packed plotline would get wrapped up, and all of a sudden, something else incredible and tension-inducing was happening. There was never a point where I thought, “Oh, I can put the book down now and just read some more tomorrow.” I wanted to stay up and find out what was going to happen. It was incredible. I wish the first half had been like that.Kristen Painter really deserves some praise when it comes to how she writes her villains because I just cannot stand them. And I mean that as a compliment! Painter has done her job so well that I just can’t wait for the various villains to receive their comeuppance. The one bad thing about this is that when said villains have chapters from their points of view, it makes it a little hard to read. I wanted to read those chapters as quickly as possible because I wanted to get out of their heads, Giselle in particular.As far as Harlow and Augustine go, they’re great. As a couple, they’re adorable, and I loved getting to see them interact throughout this book. I love how Harlow has now embraced her fae side. She’s come quite a long way from where she was in book one! Augustine has many opportunities in this installment to show just how tough he is, and how great of a leader/protector he is. And each of those instances just made me love him more.All in all, I ended up being very satisfied with this final installment in the series. While a whole lot was happening in the latter half, it all flowed very naturally from one plot point to the other; it never felt contrived. In fact, I really wish I could spend some more time in this world Painter has created. I’ll definitely be looking into more of her work!Notable Scene:“Look, as much as I want to break the fae’s grip on us, I don’t want you casting this spell if it could . . . hurt you.” A rare ache of emotion filled Giselle’s gut. “I can’t lose you, too, Zara.”“You won’t. I’m more powerful than Mother, especially thanks to Ian’s ink work. And while I’ll be casting the spell, there will be three of us controlling it.” She paused for a moment, hefting the candle.“I think I know a way to test it. Won’t take me long.”“That would be great. Then we can go back to filling the well with souls and preparing to cast the rulna vox.”“About that.” Zara set the candle down. “That’s not exactly the spell we’re going to cast.”That was news. “What have you been working on all this time then?”“The information in the grimoires Mother left me was for something . . . stronger. From her notes, it seems the spell she cast was meant to be more of a test run. The one she was practicing for, and the one we’re going to cast, is the rulna vox totem.““Which is what?”“The rulna vox was meant to temporarily disrupt all fae magic throughout the city.”“Right. For about twenty-four hours. Just long enough for us to cast a few more spells that would destroy the fae strongholds and take out a few of their key people. What’s the new spell do?”Zara’s eyes took on an usually brittle light. “The rulna vox totem won’t just work for twenty-four hours. It will destroy the power of any fae on Orleans Parish soil for good.”FTC Advisory: Hachette/Orbit provided me with a copy of Garden of Dreams and Desires. No goody bags, sponsorships, “material connections,” or bribes were exchanged for my review.

  • Nadia
    2019-02-06 21:19

    "May fate fight with you." This was my favorite quote and should be the official chant of this book. Soon after receiving this book, I found that people were reading it in in a day or two, and thought wow, am I behind. But once I opened the first page up, I got it, this book is the type that keeps the page turning. It is the last of three books that take place in New Orleans and tells the story of the power struggle between the Fae and Witches for power over the city. Add some shape-shifters, vampires, humans and voodoo (I did say New Orleans after all) and you have magic and chaos. Lets talk about the big white elephant in the story, Harlow. Our main female character was disliked by many readers, including me throughout the first two books. I have determined that had to do with the fact, at least personally, that she was the opposite of Chrysabelle (House of Commarre Series) she wasn't kick-ass, tough, or in your face with her awesomeness. But this book shows that sometimes strength is just hidden and needs to be found. Kristen Painter writes great female heroines that are witty, smart, beautiful and badass. Harlow was none of these until this last book. I have never been so happy to be proven wrong. Lots of things happen in this book and to hint at any of it would be to give parts away, which I hate when reviews do, so I will refrain. This book was the best of three and while all my questions are not answered I was ok with that. The important questions were answered, such as: Do Augustine and Harlow figure it out and get their HEA? Do Harlow and her mom resolve their issues? Is Lally still awesome? Do the witches succeed? Is all voodoo bad? Is Fenton really that cool? Can Augie get any hotter? Who will control the city? and these are just a few. I will be honest and state I hated the whole Ave Mae addition and even more the blending of their stories, I had a hard time suspending disbelief with that part of the story. But there were so many other parts to really enjoy like the fighting, the witches brewing double toil and trouble, and the love story. This is why I could not give it five stars, but it was a very strong four. Please give this series a try, the end makes up for the whole lot of it. I received this ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review, no compensation was involved.

  • All Things Urban Fantasy
    2019-02-19 16:19

    Review courtesy of All Things Urban Fantasy.Not realizing until I picked up THE GARDEN OF DREAMS AND DESIRES that it was the final book in the Crescent City Trilogy, I was mildly disappointed to be done with the world. While I felt like THE GARDEN OF DREAMS AND DESIRES did a good job of wrapping up a lot of the unsolved questions in the trilogy, I still wish there could be more books in this fun and action-packed series.THE GARDEN OF DREAMS AND DESIRES deals mostly with Harlow trying to get her body back from her evil twin who is inhabiting it, and with the witches plot against the fae. While the book could almost have had just one of those mysteries as the central plot, it didn't feel too crowded with both. The way they were tied together was done very well, and while we didn't get as much time with some characters as we previously did, the rest of the characters acted in expected ways and didn't do anything weird simply for the plot's sake. It was all clearly plotted out very well.Part of my disappointment is that there wasn't ever much screen time with Augustine and Harlow together, and though it is easy to tell there is a relationship blossoming between them, the reader doesn't get to see much of it, just the very beginning stages. I wouldn't have minded a little more romance between the two, even though I recognize that it is hard, when Harlow wasn't the main "spirit" in her body for most of the book.All in all, I really enjoyed the Crescent City Trilogy. Painter kept up the action throughout, there were great characters, and mysteries to keep the readers guessing at every turn. Plus, I very much appreciate that the loose ends were tied up at the end of this installment, instead of leaving things open. This is a perfect trilogy for somebody not looking to invest in a ten book long series, but still wants the world development and action, just in a smaller package. If you haven't had a chance to, now that it's finished, it's a perfect time to start reading!Sexual content: Kissing, implied sex

  • Crittermom
    2019-01-25 15:16

    The Garden of Dreams and Desires brings the trilogy begun in House of the Rising Sun to a thrilling and satisfying conclusion.Augustine is settled in his role of Guardian, but he cannot rest. Ava Mae, Harlow's dead twin, has taken control of Harlow's body leaving her a prisoner in her own body. Eager to find a way to remove Ava Mae, Augustine agrees to help Detective Grantham, in exchange for his grandmother, Voodoo Queen Jewelia's assistance.Tourists have been going missing in New Orleans and amongst the number is Senator Pellimento's son. If he isn't found, and quickly, the senator will move heaven and earth to enact revenge against the othernaturals.Giselle relishes her role as the new high priestess of the crescent city coven. Ian and Zara stand by her side as her plans to wrest control of New Orleans from the fae come closer to fruition.Beset by challenges, in a city on the brink of war, Augustine must find a way to restore the balance and save the woman he loves.The Garden of Dreams and Desires is an exciting and fast paced urban fantasy with a touch of romance. The characters readers have come to know through House of the Rising Sun and City of Eternal Night return with a flourish. As this is the final book of the trilogy, emphasis is on action rather than character development. Loose ends are finally tied up, and villains get their just deserts. While there is always the possibility for more Crescent City novels, Garden of Dreams and Desires is a concluding novel that will satisfy fans of the series.Readers new to the series should pick up the previous two novels before reading Garden of Dreams and Desires.If you enjoy a fast paced, action-oriented urban fantasy with interesting main characters, and villains who are not two dimensional, you will enjoy Kristen Painter's Crescent City trilogy, particularly Garden of Dreams and Desires.I received a copy of Garden of Dreams and Desires from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.The Garden of Dreams and Desires is available for pre-order and will be released on April 7, 2015--Crittermom

  • DavidVise
    2019-02-15 15:28

    I've been a fan of Kristen Painter's books for a few years now and was waiting for this latest release with great anticipation having really enjoyed the previous two books in the Crescent City series....And overall this was a fast paced and thoroughly engaging final installment.The pace seems faster than the last book (no bad thing), the plot thicker and the characters more developed. I love Kristen's writing style and the way it has matured over the years. With this series I particularly like the way she has imagined the politics and culture of a human/fae/witch society in futuristic New Orleans, and I for one hope she revisits these characters and setting at some point in the future!My one gripe however is I found the ending quite disappointing. After a big build up the showdown with the main baddies seemed an anticlimax and far too quickly and easily resolved. I also felt there was a lack of closure on things in general considering this is the last book in the series.However overall this Crescent City trilogy has been an entertaining and enjoyable journey with much to commend it, and I am glad to have been along for the ride, although I wish it had been a five book series like House of Comarre rather than a trilogy!What I would really like to see next is a Crescent City/House of Comarre crossover series that features and combines characters from both this series and the House of Comarre series....

  • Barb
    2019-02-20 18:17

    Upon finishing this book my most prevalent feeling is that I'm really sad this series is ending. Everything wrapped up nicely with this one, but there is so much potential still. We got the kick ass Harlow I've suspected was in there from the beginning, one who embraces her Fae side and accepts her role in the Fae NOLA world. It's great to see. Augustine was as fantastic as we've come to expect, although he is rescued more in this book than being the rescuer. But it's refreshing to see a hero truly part of the team, and Harlow leads a rescue showing how far she's come and how perfectly matched our couple is. I loved this series from the start, completely captivated by Augustine and knowing that Harlow was a spoiled brat whose entire world was sure to change. These books have never disappointed, keeping me entertained and surprised throughout. I wish there were more books coming in this series, but this was certainly a satisfying ending with all of the loose ends neatly tied.

  • Talk Supe
    2019-02-06 20:22

    All good, just not the fantasy, and series ender, I was expecting. I love the world building, the dystopic element is light and creative. The pace is fast & the novel was an easy read. That said, there wasn't enough tension, and though it wasn't predictable, I wasnt surprised by the turn of events either. This lacked oomph IMO.

  • Jessica (a GREAT read)
    2019-02-03 20:17

    I received this ARC from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review, I was in no way compensated for this review.Kristen Painter closes the book on the Crescent City trilogy with Garden of Dreams and Desires. I truly enjoyed seeing the story arc come to a complete close. We thought things were wrapped up for the most part with City of Eternal Night, but we were oh so wrong. For in fact, Ava Mae's spirit had taken possession over Harlow.It's weird, I wouldn't call it a pet peeve, because it in no way is, but what drives me crazy and filled with fear is having someone impersonate another character. I've read it before, and it terrifies me, because usually, everyone believes said person is really herself, but you know, isn't! And luckily, Augustine pretty much learned this by the end of City of Eternal Night, but it was still that nagging fear driving me as I read, regardless! But I love it! Especially since I knew by the end of this, Harlow would be in control of her body again, because a series should end on a happy note!Let's disregard those that haven't because, yeah, some don't end 100% happily.Anyway, though Ava Mae is controlling her sister's body, Harlow is still in her body with her. Confusing, much? Basically two souls are inhabiting the same body. Harlow is determined to get her sister out, and Ava Mae fears that she may not be strong enough to maintain the body that she believes is so rightfully hers. Ava Mae is what you would call batshit crazy, but those make the best kinds of villains! I did feel for Ava Mae earlier in the series, but after her actions in the second installment I was all for calling off with her head...after she's evicted from Harlow's body!In between time trying to figure out how to give Harlow back her control over her body, Augustine is trying to figure out why tourists are suddenly going missing from NOLA. And naturally, the witches are behind it all. These sisters are pretty batshit in their own right too. Though Giselle is by far the most crazy. They want to rid the city of fae and give power back to the witches.Then there's still the senator to deal with as well. She makes a big ol mess of things just as we think a resolution is in the horizons. I kind of forgot about her character since I read City of Eternal Night soooo very long ago as an early copy. There have been a lot of books after that! But I was able to recall most details fairly quickly, or enough that I was able to fully enjoy this story! And this was quite the story too!Sadly, no one from the House of Comarre made an appearance this go around, at least none of the major players that I can remember. It's been even longer since I read that series! But I did enjoy this spinoff! Harlow was an incredible heroine and I liked that she had to grow into her heroine role. She wasn't set out to be the heroine in book one. She was kind of bitchy in some ways. But that becomes part of the enjoyment of a series, watching characters grow!Garden of Dreams and Desires was a fantastic read and a thrilling end to the series. While this chapter closes the book on Harlow and Augustine, I feel content in where things end. I almost feel like this could be a Happily Ever After for NOLA, but who knows what Kristen might cook up next! I'll definitely be reading it though!Overall Rating 4.5/5 starsGarden of Dreams and Desires releases April 7, 2015

  • Margaret
    2019-01-31 16:34

    A few days have passed since the end of City of Eternal Night and Augustine’s main objective remains freeing Harlow from possession by her dead twin Ava Mae. But his Guardian duties are threatening to interfere as tourists start disappearing and the NOPD needs his help. One of the missing is the son of a senator with strong anti-othernatural views who can make life miserable for the Fae. Meanwhile, new coven leader Giselle and her sister are working on a chaos spell that would allow them to take over the city.The story in Garden of Dreams and Desires is both too much and too little. I feel like this could have been two books that got combined. It has three major villains, and a few minor ones, each of whose plots could have been developed more. Nothing really grabbed my interest in any of their stories and most of them didn’t really get what they deserved. It felt kind of like a to do list: 1. Defeat Ava Mae 2. Defeat witches, etc.I knew that Harlow would get free of her sister. (I don’t think that’s really a spoiler. It happens fairly early on.) And I knew more or less how that would happen, so there were no surprises there. I did like that she really came into her own afterward. She gains confidence and fully participates in, even sometimes leading, the investigation. And she gets show off her computer skills and her new found Fae powers. This is the heroine I wanted her to be all along.I also like Augustine’s lieutenants and the rest of the supporting cast so I was happy to see them get a good amount of time on the page. But I wish they had more to do - more action and more banter. I don’t know if I would have cared about Cy and Dulcinea if I hadn’t met them in the previous books.I loved the earlier books in the series so I’m kind of disappointed with this ending. Olivia’s end in particular is less than satisfying. It does feel open-ended enough that Painter could return to this world, so maybe novellas about the secondary characters could round out the story some day. I’m glad that I know how it all ends. I just wish there had been some surprises along the way.This review was originally published at Vampire Book Club and was based on copy provided by the publisher.

  • Lauren
    2019-02-06 18:16

    [image error]With the release of this book, the Crescent City series has come to an end. I’m honestly not sure how I feel about this series ending. I’ll admit I stumbled across this series on netgalley and I have been a stalker ever since. Painter’s unique PNR tale has enthralled me with every book. Harlow and Augustine have become some of my favorite characters. After the cliffhanger in Book 2, I was a little nervous to start Garden Of Dreams and Desires because I honestly wasn’t sure how Painter would wrap up the story and how Harlow would ever be the same again.I won’t be giving a detailed review for this book as I want to preserve some of the mystery and plot twists for new readers to this series. However, I will say that Kristen Painter has taken the Crescent City world to new heights with the final book. Harlow and Augustine’s story ends in such an epic way that will be left in complete shock that this the last book. I’m not ready to move on from these characters in the least bit. This book is filled with non-stop action packed with twist and turns that will leave you head spinning. If you’ve never had a chance to read this series then I suggest this move immediately onto your TBR pile. You won’t be disappointed!

  • Carrie Baumbach
    2019-02-02 22:19

    I'm pretty sure this is the last book in the Crescent City series, so I'm gonna go ahead and give it an overall rating... 4.5/5.With that said...I'm glad that all the cliffhangers from the previous books were solved, but things seemed to be on fast forward. While I loved the story, some parts left me wondering if I had accidentally skipped a page. I feel like getting rid of Ava Mae should have been more time consuming than just a *poof* into a piece of the lightning tree, as well as Giselle just being handed off to NOPD. I'd like to have seen the fit she must have thrown and Auggie being publicly cleared... Just assuming it all happened isn't as satisfying, kind of like deleted scenes on DVDs. Overall I'm glad that Harlow and Auggie finally got together and are steadily growing more into their roles; Harlow with harnessing her true potential of being fae and Auggie realizing how much good he could do being Guardian.

  • Christal
    2019-02-09 17:30