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Everything up until now was chance and fate, but now it’s decided. Dawn has earned her spot on the board, and she and the Surfer are going to explore the universe together. And the universe holds many wonders — including Planet Prime, the most perfect planet in the universe; a lone lighthouse, floating in the void at the edge of all space and time; and an unlikely planet wEverything up until now was chance and fate, but now it’s decided. Dawn has earned her spot on the board, and she and the Surfer are going to explore the universe together. And the universe holds many wonders — including Planet Prime, the most perfect planet in the universe; a lone lighthouse, floating in the void at the edge of all space and time; and an unlikely planet with a population of 666 billion beings…each from a different race! But can they survive the threats of Warrior One, the Greatest Monster in the Galaxy, and a very strange spacefaring family? And witness the Silver Surfer’s soul laid bare in a cosmic clash unlike any you have ever seen! It’s a cosmic tale of triumph and tragedy as the Surfer takes on his former master: Galactus! Collecting SILVER SURFER (2014) #6-10....

Title : Silver Surfer, Vol. 2: Worlds Apart
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ISBN : 9780785188797
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 120 Pages
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Silver Surfer, Vol. 2: Worlds Apart Reviews

  • Dan Schwent
    2019-01-26 18:57

    The Silver Surfer and Earth girl Dawn Greenwood soar the spaceways, encountering Planet Prime, space hillbillies, and the graveyard of worlds. What will the Surfer do when Dawn finds out about his past with Galactus, with a hungry Galactus on the prowl?The Doctor Who-flavored adventures of The Silver Surfer and Dawn Greenwood continue. The Surfer takes Dawn out for the greatest ice cream in the universe, reminisces about instances when he had to save Dawn from peril, and accidentally leads Galactus to a planet full of the survivors of worlds he lead the planet devourer to during his centuries of servitude.It's not as dire as it sounds, though. It's actually pretty funny at times and has some charming moments. Allred and Slott did a good job conveying the emotion when Dawn found out about the Surfer's past and his role in Galactus consuming trillions of innocent lives. The ending was pretty great and left me chomping at the bit for the next volume. I'm eager to see where Slott and Allred take the Surfer and Dawn from here. Any gripes? Not a damn one unless a craving for more Silver Surfer the way Galactus craves planets is a gripe. Dan Slott and Michael Allred continue to make the Silver Surfer a character I'm dying to read more about. Four out of five stars.

  • Jan Philipzig
    2019-02-07 21:09

    Cosmic, iconic, humane, playful, silly, sweet - I love it! Early on, I was a bit concerned about the rather homely and lighthearted tone of this relaunch: it felt inappropriate for somebody as alienated and brooding as the Silver Surfer, more like friendly-neighborhood-Spider-Man material. In this second volume, though, things fall into place nicely, and the result is a highly enjoyable story line that strikes a wonderful balance between human and cosmic concerns - a balance between the physical and the philosophical, the mundane and the extraordinary, humor and drama. I am hooked!

  • Sam Quixote
    2019-02-12 22:05

    Yaaaayyyy, the purple-hatted one returns! It had to happen, you can’t have a Silver Surfer series without an appearance from Galactus before long, even if the Surfer is no longer his herald. So in this second volume, Norrin and Dawn fall in love (of course) but without him telling her of his past as the guy who led the Devourer of Worlds to claim untold numbers of lives/planets - and women always find these things out, Norrin! Before Galactus appears though are a couple of short stories. The first is about Planet Prime where all the inhabitants are one of everything - one soldier, one ice-cream maker, one construction worker, etc. - but they’re super-amazing at what they do which is why they only need one. The Surfer battles a new character called Warrior One aaaand… the story’s pretty meh. The second is more interesting as Norrin and Dawn reach the edge of the universe - and travel beyond. It’s a fun flashback issue as we see the many brief adventures the two have been on that we’ve missed so far in the series, but more importantly it shows them slowly falling in love through these moments, convincingly too! We also see Dawn changing Norrin for the better - the Surfer comes off as more than a bit arrogant, phasing Toomie (his board, named after his catchphrase “To me, my board” = Toomie. Cute, eh?), not realising the board doesn’t like it. Yup, the board is sentient, a bit like the magic carpet in the Disney’s Aladdin. I love how we see Toomie’s emotions too using the reflections of the person like a magic mirror as it can’t speak or has any other features to express itself. She teaches Norrin about respect for others, something he’s forgotten since gaining the Power Cosmic and become god-like - great character development. Up until Galactus’ appearance Dan Slott and Mike and Laura Allred’s series has been more upbeat and fun that the Silver Surfer has usually been - the original was much more tragic and depressing. With Galactus’ return, the tone slips a bit into the classic style, which is fine even if the characters’ reactions feels a bit unfair. Norrin only did what he did as the herald because he had to do it - to save his world, to draw Galactus away from more populated worlds to less, etc. It was a thankless task and one helluva burden (hence the unrelentingly miserable tone when he was herald) so it’s a little rough on Norrin. But so begins the Surfer’s redemption as he goes up against his old master in an effort to save billions of lives, and that’s kinda great - the series has drifted a bit since it started (appropriate as it may be, given that that’s what Norrin and Dawn are doing!), but now it’s got a strong direction to move in. Plus I just liked seeing Galactus again - destructive though he may be, he’s a great character and that hat can’t be beat! I love Mike Allred’s art and the book looks amazing (that cover!) but there are some black and white pages included at the back which shows just how massive a contribution his wife Laura’s colouring brings to the table. Mike’s artwork is great but there’s a lot of blank white space which gets filled in with Laura’s enormously imaginative and eye-catching work that brings the pages to life and give it an urgent vibrancy. If you see these uncoloured Mike Allred pages and compare them to the finished article, you’ll see how important Laura’s colours are to the impact of the artwork on the reader. Stunning work once again, guys! The Planet Prime story didn’t grab me and the resolution of the Galactus one was a bit hard to swallow but mostly I really liked this second volume. Slott and the Allreds make a fine storytelling team for the continued successful relaunch of one of Marvel’s most iconic characters. Wonderful art, charming stories, and Galactus - what more could a Silver Surfer fan ask for?

  • Cheese
    2019-02-17 14:01

    Fantastic volume. This series is wonderful. It really needs an omnibus!

  • Keith
    2019-02-17 20:16

    When I read the first volume of this over the winter, I thought it was so beautiful and perfect that I didn't want to spoil it by rereading it or reading more. I just needed it to be what it was the first time I read it, which was (it seemed) the most perfect superhero comic I had ever read.Which is, of course, impossible, because Astonishing X-Menexists and All-Star Superman exists and Batman: Year One and oh, I dunno, Watchmen/Top 10/Promethea? I mean, a lotta lotta books exist that are more significant, artful, epic, and earth-shattering than the current run on Silver-fucking-Surfer.But I just read the second volume of the series last night at around one in the morning, and OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. I. LOVE. THIS. BOOK.And I think I figured out what it is, my dudes. Silver Surfer is not, seriously, a superhero comic. It is--being true--a romance comic with superheroes (and aliens, and five-moon-eclipses).And honestly, does anyone even write romance comics anymore? I mean, has anyone written a romance comic since, like, the 50s?(Maybe Strangers in Paradise. Maybe.)(And no, not Saga, you fucking sheep.)The point is, I think I love Silver Surfer because it is a really sappy romance comic, and that seems like kind of an anarchic act to me, in the modern comic landscape. Dan Slott has admitted that SS is literally just Doctor Who in space, and I think if we're being specific, it's Who season two, the Tennant-Rose season, which is the best season, meaning the season that will make me weep, even if the Doctor-Donna season is smarter and more fun and the second Capaldi season is so fucking metal.The Surfer and Dawn, in love, in space. THIS BOOK, FOREVER.

  • Max
    2019-02-20 19:19

    Practically perfect Doctor Who stories, with a great companion-Doctor relationship—the early Davies era with fewer Slitheen. Oh, wait. This is a Silver Surfer comic? No worries. Argument still stands.

  • Robert
    2019-01-21 16:06

    OK, maybe I didn't luuuurve this volume as much as I did vol. 1, but I did enjoy it a lot, particularly the return of Big Man G (if you don't know who I mean, big hint: his fave colour is definitely magenta), and the conclusion sets things up nicely for a new, wagon-train to the stars-esque arc for The Surfer, Dawn, and good ole Toomie.

  • Scott (GrilledCheeseSamurai)
    2019-02-12 18:19

    Whimsical and fun!Two words I never really thought I would use while describing a Silver Surfer comic.This one was just as fun for me as the first volume. Dawn and the Surfer are exploring the cosmos together along with, yes, Toomie.I fucking love that Dawn named the board Toomie. As in...when the Surfer calls out for his board, "TO ME."Get it? 'Toomie.'Nevermind.I enjoyed the 2nd half of this volume better. Don't get me wrong, the first half had some fun issues - there was one issue where pretty much every page was a double spread and total eye-candy, but the 2nd half of the story had GALACTUS!Yeah, baby!Motherfuckin devourer of worlds!Aaaaanyways, Dawn, and the Surfer realize just how different they are and have some tough decisions ahead of them, I think. I really enjoyed how the book ends and sets us up nicely for what I believe is the last book in the series. Although I think Slott and Allred are up for a new Surfer series when Secret Wars comes to a close?I book. Don't expect anything hard hitting and gritty here - but if you are looking for a fun little space romp - its hard to go wrong with this one!(probably a 3.5 but I rounded up on account of...awesomeness).

  • Sesana
    2019-01-24 13:56

    I think this might be the end of the series, and that's sad. I really like the semi-campy, semi-serious tone of the book. The art was always gorgeous (yay Allred!). And the last issue puts the Surfer in an interesting new role. But I don't think this will survive the coming Marvel shakeup, and that's a shame.

  • Peter Derk
    2019-02-07 14:15

    This volume ends on such a high note!Okay, a quick rundown for those who are total noobs. Once upon a time there was this planet called Zenn-La. It was awesome despite having a name that sounded like what someone with a huge Bob Marley tapestry would call his apartment. Everything was really cool until Galactus showed up.Galactus is this elemental force, basically. He doesn't actually have a form, he just appears however your brain interprets what it's seeing, which for 90% of the universe means interpreting this elemental force as a dude with a purple getup and giant purple hat.Galactus eats planets. That's what he does. He eats the entire planet, everyone dies, and oftentimes this means the extinction of an entire species. Norrin Radd, despite having the name that someone who lives in Bob Marley tapestry apartment would have, says, "Galactus, hold the phone. I'll cut you a deal. If you leave Zenn-La alone, I'll be your herald." For those unfamiliar with intergalactic heraldry, that means he'll sort of be like Galactus' hype man. He comes out, warms up the crowd, and then Galactus comes in and brings down the roof. Or eats the planet. Whatever.It works for Galactus because he's like, "Well, it IS pretty draining to just walk around space until I find a planet. Alright, deal!"So then Norrin Radd gets a bit of the Power Cosmic, he turns from what looks like a King and I version of Yul Brynner into a chrome space dude, and he takes off and looks for planets for Galactus to eat.For centuries, he does this. Until he comes upon Earth where he finds the inhabitants to be really rad and he doesn't want them to all die. Depending on whether or not you consider the second Fantastic Four movie to be canon (I suggest you do not), this may also be influenced because Jessica Alba looks like a former lover of Norrin Radd. Which means aliens look like Jessica Alba. Could be a lot worse.The Surfer rebels, fights Galactus, and holds him off long enough that Reed Richards invents the Ultimate Nullifier, a little button that, if he pushes it, existence will be wiped out, including Galactus. Mutually-assured nullification at its best. Galactus, faced with this button, says, "Alright, fuck this shit" and then he curses the Surfer to be trapped on Earth for a while.Fast-forward a few years and we're in the book I'm reviewing now.Here's what's kinda stupid about the Silver Surfer story. Everyone blames him for bringing Galactus to their planet. If the Surfer came and Galactus followed, then that sonofabitch Surfer must pay!Which SORTA makes sense. But on the other hand, Galactus is an elemental force that eats planets. He would be eating planets regardless. It's possible he wouldn't have eaten a given planet if the Surfer hadn't brought him there. But that also means that a DIFFERENT planet was spared. So it kinda evens out, assuming that the Surfer isn't bringing Galactus exclusively to planets because, I don't know, he's some kind of space racist or something and he brings Galactus to planets where he thinks the people belong on the back of the space bus. If you catch my space drift.But everyone just gets pissed off at the Surfer for bringing Galactus around. Which seems a little unfair to me.However, at the end of this volume, I think we get an idea of the scale of what he did, and, for the very first time, we get the beginning of a redemptive story for the Surfer. It's a very effective, touching idea, that someone could possibly atone for the death of trillions of people from countless planets.

  • Shannon Appelcline
    2019-02-17 15:02

    This comic continues to be fun, funny, and generally delightful in a way that most comics aren't, though the new volume isn't quite as good as the previous one. That's primarily because the shorts (6-7) that start off this volume make it a little shallower than volume one; they're enjoyable, but they're also one-note. Fortunately, things start to pick up with the three-issue Galactus arc (8-10) that ends the volume. The last issue in particular really knocks it out of the park because it both goes to the core of the relationship between Dawn and the Surfer and also sets up a great dynamic for the next volume.So, still an enjoyable read, but not quite four and a half stars, while the first volume soared above five.

  • Paul
    2019-02-17 14:19

    I am in love with this book! The first volume was an adorable, quirky romp through space and this second volume, while not completely abandoning the quirkiness by any means, ups the stakes as Norrin and Dawn (sigh... Yes... and 'Toomie') find themselves facing up to Galactus himself with the fate of a world hanging in the balance! Dawn and Norrin come to startling realisations about how they feel about each other... but those revelations may not be entirely compatible! (Marvel should hire me to write their promo' blurbs.)

  • Javier Muñoz
    2019-01-28 14:02

    El duo Slott/Allred le quita toda la seriedad y la nostalgia a un personaje que nunca ha estado para muchas alegrías, creo que tras un proceso de adaptación las nuevas aventuras de estela plateada terminan por ser muy agradables, el primer tomo quizás me impactó demasiado para disfrutarlo plenamente, pero una vez acostumbrado al nuevo estilo el tono ligero, ingenuo y alegre de esta serie te contagia. En este tomo hay varias historias cortas, destacan una en la que Dawn se pierde en una zona oscura del espacio y estela recuerda algunas aventuras que pasó con ella mientras la busca (8 ó 9 historias distintas en una sola grapa, todo lo contrario del decompressive storytelling) y otra en la que Dawn se entera del pasado de estela plateada como heraldo de galactus, con la aparición del mismísimo devorador de mundos.Esto son palomitas, diversión y espectáculo visual en estado puro.

  • Ma'Belle
    2019-02-18 19:59

    This volume continues the Doctor Who-esque pairing of a human female companion traveling the cosmos with an alien with plot-convenient powers and weaknesses. Both volumes regularly touch on issues of consent in a very approachable way, and I hope this theme is explored more directly. Basically, Norrin Radd, aka the Silver Surfer, a former herald of Galactus the World-Eater, is deeply ashamed of his past role leading to the destruction of countless worlds and lives. He is also oblivious to concepts like *asking* before using his power to perform unannounced surgery on a friend, or changing her clothes. He gets irritated by the Earth-girl's basic needs for bathroom stops and food. But, like The Doctor, he is attached to the je ne sais quois [pas] quality and feeling that comes with an honest, strong-without-superpowers, charming companion. This dynamic leads to some wonderful conversations amidst various silly adventures.The ending of this story was not something I saw coming, and I still feel a bit torn and disappointed about how it went down. **Spoiler ahead**So several times we encounter planets who are doing everything they can to NOT be visible or found by Silver Surfer, because his presence is associated throughout the universe with heralding unstoppable planet-cide. Even though he's no longer *trying* to lead Galactus anywhere, that famous, giant, pink & purple "Force of Nature" eventually comes to and tries consuming Newhaven, a planet occupied by thousands of sole survivors of other planets already decimated by Galactus. We literally get to see Galactus follow the traces of the Power Cosmic, leading him to Newhaven. Shouldn't Silver Surfer know this is how it works? So why would he think it's a good idea to follow all those people who have lost everything multiple times over, acting as "their herald?!" If he tries being the escort or protector to anybody, it basically reveals them to Galactus even without trying to. Whatever. Rant done. This was still a great comic book.

  • Aaron
    2019-01-29 16:03

    Oh man, I enjoyed this so much more than the first volume! With all of Dawn's cliche origin story out of the way, we're finally free to sit back and watch Slott & Allred come up with imaginative, emotionally-resonant adventures for her and the Silver Surfer. I found this volume much more creative and fulfilling than the last, and it's really made me look forward to the next one. It's funny, touching, creative, beautifully drawn. I loved it!To me, the most satisfying part of this story is the 3-issue arc at the end, in which Silver Surfer has to deal with both Galactus and his dark past as his herald. It's been a lingering issue in the series since its inception, and Dawn's never quite grasped the seriousness of Surfer's past sins. Slott does an excellent job of exploring the weight of this without ever losing the lightheartedness at the series' core. It's no small feat, and I applaud he and Allred's ability to pull it off. Highly recommended!

  • Dan
    2019-02-16 14:13

    The Silver Surfer, Norrin Radd, and Dawn Greenwood continue their adventures through the universe in this second volume. First up, the Surfer takes Dawn to try the best ice cream in the universe on a planet that strives for perfection. Each job has one person who is perfect at it, from street dancer to warrior. But this leads to Norrin fighting Warrior One, the perfect warrior. It looks like even the power cosmic might not be enough to fight him but thankfully Dawn is on hand with a brilliant idea. The whole concept of this is absolutely wonderful. Next the Surfer and Dawn past what appears to be the edge of the universe. But when Dawn vanishes the Surfer must summon all his strength to find her. We get loads of snapshots of other adventures the pair has which are all great. This story is all about their growing relationship which is well portrayed through the story frame. The bulk of the volume deals with the Surfer's past. Upon visiting Newhaven, a place in inhabited by survivors of Galactus, Dawn learns about Norrin's time as a Herald of Galactus. She is shocked and shuns the Surfer, realizing she barely knew him at all. But then Galactus finds the Surfer's trail and the poor inhabitants of Newhaven, along with Dawn, are in great peril. Will the Surfer be able to save the planet? I thought this volume was absolutely superb, perhaps even better than the first. There's two wonderful issues of the pair's adventures and their relationship grows ever closer until BAM and they are ripped apart by the Surfer's past. It's brutal but excellent story-telling. You can still see Slott's new series Doctor Who inspiration within these pages and it does everything right that Doctor Who does right. At the centre of it is a great character tale but alongside that there's heaps of mythology, here Marvel cosmic mythos, and some brilliant and unique sci-fi stories. It really is superb! I must also mention the artwork from Michael Allred because it's the best of any comic book I've ever read. Allred gives real detail in Dawn, making her seem like a real person. Yet he can still create loads of aliens, and I mean loads here, and give us beautiful pages of planets and space stuff. It's remarkable! My absolute favorite comic book. The Slott/Allred combo works wonderfully and I hope this comic continues for many years to come.

  • Tomás
    2019-01-30 22:00

    Este tomo es tan divertido como el primero. Dawn y Silver Surfer siguen dando vueltas por toda la galaxia y las situaciones resultan en puro divertimento del mejor.El número en el cual los dos viajan hacia "la nada" está escrito de manera genial, sobre todo por esas pequeñas historias que recuerda Silver mientras trata de rescatar a Dawn de ser absorbida por la nada misma. Inevitablemente Galactus también tenía que hacer aparición y lo hace en todo su asqueroso esplendor, aunque el final del tomo te deja con ganas de más y aún no se cuando llegará el próximo tomo.Mike Allred es un dibujante de la re puta madre. Su estilo popero queda perfecto para este comic y los colores de Laura Allred embellecen más todo el asunto.

  • Blindzider
    2019-01-27 16:21

    3.5 StarsSimilar to the first volume, this book is so fresh and different from other Marvel books it's really enjoyable. It has a light, wacky tone, yet still has some serious themes (redemption, for example). This volume also progresses the growing relationship between the Surfer and Dawn as well as an interesting confrontation with Galactus. It's not a hard-hitting, good vs. evil, action book, but it's a warm, charming adventure that's fun to read.

  • Chad
    2019-02-17 18:16

    Basically Madman in space, which is a great thing! Mike Allred's art is timeless. I love the little Easter eggs he throws into his art as well. Like the homage to the classic Nighthawks painting. Or the page devoted to the old Hostess fruit pie ads that appeared in Marvel comics back in the 70's.

  • David
    2019-02-18 20:19

    It's Dan Slott and Mike Allred!!! Why the fuck aren't you reading this ALREADY?

  • K.T. Katzmann
    2019-01-30 18:51

    We've all wondered it; how do you tell the girl you like that you’re complicit in the deaths of billions?This volume begins with the Surfer, his Earthly love interest, and his board on a tourist jaunt through space. I mention the board because Slott has made it a character in its own right, communicating by showing a silent reflection of whoever's talking. I don't recall this ever being done before; between this and "silvering down," Slott's adding a lot of great ideas to the Surfer's mythology.And then, after a few adventures, the Silver finds a planetary society composed entirely of Galactus survivors. He begs then to understand that he is no longer tied to his master, that his presence does not imply the advent of Galactus.Then Galactus shows up.It's a great little story because it breaks the Galactus mold. Usually, the Big G's presence is dealt with by a small group of heroes while everyone wonders about the whole "floating rocks" thing. The addition of an entire society that's in on the threat and has different perspectives is wonderful; there's a moment where their solution is so brilliant, I had to put down the book and smile.And, of course, Dawn learns what "Herald" really means.This one really shakes up the status quo, and I look forward to Vol. 3.

  • Joni
    2019-01-23 22:10

    Otro tomo en la misma linea que el anterior donde la historia es mínima, apenas una excusa para mantener un hilo conductor y lucirse en los dibujos, el color, los diálogos y el humor ligero. Es un cómic que se lee con una sonrisa, transmite un sentimiento cálido, acá no hay nada del nuevo cómic adulto, sí el ritmo de narración. Continua la odisea con este nuevo personaje Dawn Greenwood que le quita seriedad al plot, siendo igual de un disfrute para quienes pretendan relajarse un rato y disfrutar de las cualidades mencionadas al principio. Al final aparece Galactus y ni semejante entidad es capaz de darle algo más de peso a la trama. Maravillosamente naíf. Punto aparte para Slott, del que nunca leí nada pero acá parece ausente, esto es un cómic 100% Allred family.

  • Edward Davies
    2019-02-13 19:19

    Norrin and Dawn continue their journey together, and Norrin's revelation that he loves her might have come too late as Dawn discovers the multiple deaths he has been responsible for in his life. There is still a lot of humour in this, and there's the added bonus of giving the Surfer's board it's own personality, but the serious repercussions in issues 9 & 10 could mean a darker turn for the next volume.

  • Kristen
    2019-01-30 13:56

    I enjoyed reading this volume as much as the first. It's such a fun, Doctor Who-like series that has a lot of humor, heart, and really fantastic poppy artwork. Even with Slott's humor and quirky superhero storytelling, however, the tragic character of the Silver Surfer comes through by the end.

  • Hector Ibarraran
    2019-02-18 18:53

    This is probably one of the best versions of Silver Surfer ever written. It was the first book to emotionally understand the devastation left by Galactus. It was great to read a comic that feels incredible familiar and new at the same time.

  • Joseph
    2019-01-22 19:05

    Another fun volume of Silver Surfer goodness from Dan Slott and Mike & Laura Allred. This is a pure joy to read and a template for what comics should be. In some ways, it's an updated version of what Silver Age DC stories would be if they were written now, and that's a good thing!

  • Francisco Silva
    2019-02-10 17:55

    Ay, este segundo volumen se dedica a construir en sólo cinco números la relación de Norrin Radd y Dawn. Y no solo se queda ahí, sino que además ahonda en aventuras sumamente divertidas (que es de lo que suponía podía tratar un cómic sobre viajeros en el universo) para luego dejar caer la 'Espada de Damocles' que colgaba sobre la cabeza de Silver Surfer -al tener este un pasado tan escabroso como heraldo- ,consiguiendo un tremendo punto de inflexión para la serie.Es precisamente, esa mezcla entre maravillarse con lo divertido que puede ser el espacio exterior y el dolor mismo que produce el pasado sobre los personajes, con lo que me quedo al final. Los tintes dramáticos que ocasiona una entidad del tamaño argumental de Galactus es tremenda (sobretodo para la historia).El volumen anterior prometía más de lo que concretaba , no obstante este segundo volumen hilvana una historia que es sumamente sencilla pero demasiado entretenida para pasarla por alto.

  • Mark Ampersand
    2019-02-09 15:18

    I really enjoyed the first volume of Slott and Allred(s) Silver Surfer. It was good, pulpy fun. Bright, colourful and full of personality.The second volume started off a little slow for my liking - the 'done in one' stories didn't feel like they had any real risk or danger, and just as things got interesting, the stories (as good as they were) would end and move on. This changes towards the end of the book where good ol' Galactus shows up. I've not read any Silver Surfer outside of these books so this is really my first exposure to this side of the Marvel Universe, and it's pretty rad (pun intended).I'll be powering onto the third volume for sure.

  • Bill Williams
    2019-02-09 15:51

    The Silver Surfer and Dawn Greenwood, the Earth girl who's along for a ride on the board, continue to search the universe for adventure and the perfect ice cream. Their travels send them to a perfect planet, a planet that keeps alive the memory of long dead races and finally, Galactus. Imagine a super heroic version of Doctor Who with gorgeous art and you have this version of the Silver Surfer.

  • Wombo Combo
    2019-02-09 18:54

    I didn't enjoy this volume as much as the first because I didn't find it as funny, but if you're looking for a fun science fantasy book with great art, this is worth a read. Some interesting things happen, and I look forward to seeing how they are handled in the next volume. Though I didn't like this one as much, it's still a fantastic read.