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Some things aren't meant to be broken, and therefore can't be mended - ever. I was one of those things. Whatever had been shattered in the incident would never be whole again.Amber struggles with the memories of a cruel attack that destroyed her life years ago. Realizing that she’s close to ending it all – something she promised her family to never try again – she moves inSome things aren't meant to be broken, and therefore can't be mended - ever. I was one of those things. Whatever had been shattered in the incident would never be whole again.Amber struggles with the memories of a cruel attack that destroyed her life years ago. Realizing that she’s close to ending it all – something she promised her family to never try again – she moves in with her brother Brian and his friend Zachary to start a new life, and maybe even college. But how can she possibly live a normal life, when even a hug from her brother sends her into a panic attack? While Brian pulls back, Zach seems determined to make her feel relaxed in his presence, and soon her longing to be near him is stronger than her fear. But how can someone like Zach, someone who can have any girl, want someone like her? Someone broken.When Zach spots Amber for the very first time, he can’t believe she is the same girl his friend Brian described as broken. Suddenly, Zach wants to give up his womanizing ways and help Amber live again – show her that closeness can be something wonderful. But her brother Brian isn’t the only one who’s worried about the bond that’s growing between Amber and Zach. Even Zach knows that there’s more at stake than the fury of a scorned woman. Amber isn’t like all the girls Zach discarded after a night together – if he messes up, that could break her for good. But Zach can’t stay away from Amber. Can Zach help her heal? Or will he be the one to push her over the edge?...

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Not Meant To Be Broken Reviews

  • Katie
    2019-02-16 20:15

    4 starsAlthough I LOVED Amber and all of the other characters in the book...the hero pissed me off. I felt the same thing while reading another book by the same author: Bound By Honor. Poor Amber. Seriously. She survived a horrible rape and suffered severe psychological damage as a result. We meet her in the beginning, barely able to shake hands with someone without having a panic attack and flashbacks of her attack. She moves in with her brother Brian and his roommate Zach. She starts to develop feelings for Zach and he really seemed like he wanted to help her through this. But then...dum dum dum...something happens and I literally felt like I wanted to add the book to my DNF shelf. That, or throw my kindle out of a window. UGH! I WAS LOVING THE BOOK UP UNTIL THAT POINT! and not only does the thing that pissed me off happen once, but it happens AGAIN! Spoiler ahead- as well as massive amounts of curising: (view spoiler)[fucking cheating. I can't handle it in books anymore than I can handle it in real life. He was being SOO sweet to Amber and all it took was for him to have a slight change of heart and he's immediately fucking another girl...under the same roof...knowing full well she could hear them. And what does Amber do? NOTHING! SHE DOES NOTHING AND ENDS UP MAKING OUT WITH HIM IN THE NEXT CHAPTER! And guess what? They end up breaking up for other reasons later and in the book- so what does he do? You guessed it! Same girl, different location. Yeah, he stops it, but that's not the point. You want more for the heroine than some guy who can't keep his dick in his pants whenever shit gets too heavy. Yeah...i'm still heated over it obvious? (hide spoiler)]Now that I am calmed down, I really did like this book. Amber and her recovery is what kept me reading...["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Alice
    2019-01-20 20:50

    Firstly, I don't think this book is terrible, but I gave it 1 star because of a few critical problems that lost it two stars. I really wanted to like this book because I quite enjoyed a different book, Bound By Honour Bound By Honor, by the same author and figured her other stuff would be just as entertaining.However, this book let me down in a few ways.The most prominent issue that I dealt with in this book was slut-shaming. Which I found rather ironic as this book was, at it's core, an anti-rape message wrapped in a love story. But I was flabbergasted why even main characters we're expected to like and care for, like the brother character or love interest, brand every woman in the book who enjoys or has frequent sex as a 'slut' or 'skank'. In fact, there are two female characters in the book who are previous sexual partners for the two main males, and who enjoy and practice (safe, by the way) sex with other people, and they are BOTH portrayed as "Bitches". Mean, catty and jealous creatures that can barely string a sentence together because they're too busy having sex. They are degraded by, mainly the love interest, and disrespected. Because, obviously, women who enjoy sex are terrible people and therefore don't deserve respect....wait.This is ABSOLUTELY unacceptable behaviour. Slut-shaming is a social behaviour that LEADS TO RAPE, because when you start believing that one group of individuals doesn't deserve respect, you start behaving like that group doesn't deserve respect, and that's how rape happens.THEN to reinforce this running theme of women's morality being tied to their sexual appetites, there's is only two women in the ENTIRE novel that are treated with anything resembling courtesy, and that's Amber and Raegen. The two girls in steady, monogamous relationships with only one guy. Not in a relationship but still having sex? You're a bitchy skank, you're a slut, you're a jealous monster, you're good for nothing but sex. In a relationship, and preferably made your boyfriend wait before having sex with him (like both characters did)? You're loving and gentle and good. This ran through the entire books, starting from chapter two, where the author states that all women in dance clubs that are 'scantily clad' are 'skanks'. Then, I cannot tell you how many times this book not only suggested that rape victims are "broken" things that need a man to repair them, but downright said it. The word "broken" referring to the main character is said so many times I almost put the book down. It saddens me that anyone could think of a trauma victim like that. I am actually having trouble understanding how this book and the one I read before this came from the same author. I really did enjoy Bound by Honour...So there. This would have been 3 stars but:one star lost for slut-shaming and absolutely UNACCEPTABLE portrayal of star lost for victim bashing =1 star :( What a pity.

  • Linda Sims
    2019-01-28 17:08

    SPOILERS FOLLOW..............I've just discovered this author I have read two books by her and loved them, so I looked forward to reading this story. The heroine Amber is so damaged its a little too much IMO. It's painful to read her reactions to everyone and everything around her. She's been through something terrible 3 years before, and has been living in her bedroom ever since. Her father and her brother are at their wits end not knowing how to help her. She eventually agrees to move out of her hometown to move in with her brother and his flatmate Zac. I had to laugh at that for such a traumatised girl it seemed the worst idea ever to move her in with two college guys. College guys who are constantly partying.I'm sorry but I disliked this story a lot, after everything she's been through, to end up with her brother's friend and flatmate Zac who treats her like crap and she constantly takes him back just felt unrealistic to me. As far as I'm concerned once the hero has been with the heroine I don't want to read about him with other women.

  • Raj
    2019-01-29 15:56

    I really liked this novel.A slow build up for sure to actual sex between the main characters which was in context with the theme of a brutal rape but once the heroine hits her stride than all bets are off.The hero was a man-whore with a heart of gold though one fact irritated me through out this book as is in many new adult books is the hero gets the slightest bit out of sorts & he is off to the bars.Are they all a bunch of alpha alcoholics secretly?Its time authors bring on the AA,maybe that would bring a touch of reality into these books.Really do these heroines find all this drunkenness a turn on & why is the problem never highlighted and addressed?

  • Eliza
    2019-01-19 16:53

  • Brittni
    2019-01-20 15:49

    One of my favorite tropes in romance is when something traumatic happens to the heroine and the hero helps her overcome all/majority of her issues. And that's exactly why I liked this book. (view spoiler)[But again the author had to put the cheating in there. He was being so sweet the BAM he turns around and fucks the bitch Brittany, WHILE THE HEROINE IS IN THE HOUSE!AND HE ALMOST DOES IT AGAIN LATER ON IN THE BOOK. The fact that he couldn't go through with it doesn't matter because he had started with the intention of following through. (hide spoiler)] For that reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5.

  • Deetimes
    2019-02-05 18:05

    Amber and Zach were a memorable couple. He helped her deal with so much but she did the same for him. By the way if you don't like some of the triggers mentioned in my tags... walk away!

  • M A R I G O L D
    2019-01-26 22:14

    Serious subject matter but waaaaaay too dramatic for me. Characters were juvenile and emotionally stunted. Wasn't my vibe.

  • Melisa Regueira
    2019-02-19 21:46

    4.5 estrellas!!! Me gustó mucho. Quizás un poquito más de intensidad en el final, pero me gustó.

  • Dini Annav
    2019-01-23 21:54

    It was touching. Will there be another book related to it? There's still some questionable things left, like about Zach's parents, Brian's relationship with Lauren, glimpse of the trip to Africa and Zach's career, Amber's going to college (or not), and also the forgotten Olivia. Or will there be a next book of this series about Brian?

  • Renee
    2019-02-06 17:01

    This book was a solid 4-star rating for me. Easy to read, semi likable characters, good pacing, etc. This book didn't change my life or give it new meaning. Not that I expected it but im always looking for those books that blow me away and leave me spellbound while I'm reading. What it DID do was entertain me for a few hours- and for that I'm appreciative. Be warned- there are lots of typos which normally I can overlook pretty easily. In this case one of the typos was a little awkward and more distracting than usual. Amber is a survivor from a horrific gang-rape (correct terminology? I don't believe the assailants were literally in a gang. But there were three of them which I believe renders the term accurate. Forgive me if I'm incorrect.) and assault. Therefore when the typo was "back and force" instead of "back and forth" during a sex scene I cringed.

  • Princes Abejo
    2019-01-25 21:00

    I thought this story would be depressing but surprisingly its not. I think this is my favourite among Cora Reilly stories! This book reminds me love is ever patience, and love is sacrifice. Two thumbs up for Cora for sharing Amber and Zack with us.

  • Camila
    2019-01-31 22:54

    This book was really sweet. Amber was traumatized by something that happened 3 years ago and I felt really sorry for her. Zach was so adorable! He was handsome, sweet and a gentleman. I really enjoyed this book because I thought it was going to be really depressing but it`s not!

  • Janeth Rueda
    2019-02-13 17:56

    Otra historia donde la protagonista es víctima de violación pero cuando conoce al mujeriego indicado soluciona todos sus problemas.

  • Jessica Soewono
    2019-01-27 17:13

    It's kinda sucks that amber left him for a while. But then again.. it's still a beautiful story😍

  • -'ˏ paloma ˎ'-
    2019-01-21 16:52

    eu amei AMEI ESSE LIVRO DEMAIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!amber e zach eu amo muito vcs nenéns

  • Rocío
    2019-02-11 16:56

    Una historia cruda pero floja.

  • Donna Fernandez
    2019-01-22 19:02

    WowI was so excited to start reading this and once I started, I couldn't stop. Amber feels she's broken and Zach isn't sure if he can love. I love the characters, storyline and it's definitely a page turner.

  • Juuliimarino
    2019-02-04 20:03

    Ñe. Era predecible, pero necesitaba leer un libro distinto, en lugar de releer bastantes de mis favoritos como fui haciendo últimamente.

  • Amira
    2019-02-06 22:59

    It wasn't a bad read per se, but it wasn't my kind of book. I don't generally enjoy books where the protagonist heavily relies on characters instead of themselves to grow as a character/hit that character arc.I prefer her Born by Blood series -- it's written much better and a lot more intriguing, a series I remember thoroughly enjoying.

  • ~Victoria~
    2019-01-23 20:57

    Title: Not Meant To Be BrokenAuthor: Cora ReillySeries: StandaloneHEA: (view spoiler)[Yes. (hide spoiler)]Rating: 3.25 Stars“Closeness was pure torture for me. It made my skin crawl. People scared me. Sometimes I wondered if it would always be like that.”I stumbled upon Not Meant To Be Broken accidentally and unexpectedly, and even though I was currently reading two other books, they were put aside, because the blurb drew me in instantly. The plot of the book was good but it reminded me a lot of another book that was quite similar and was one of my all time favorites, so I couldn't stop myself from not comparing them a bit, and so I found the whole book a bit boring, however I enjoyed it nonetheless.Amber was a quiet and reserved character, and with valid reasons, after what she went through, whilst Zach was the complete opposite. And even so, he was so very gentle and patient with her, I couldn't not like him. They were great together.“Maybe Zach was a mistake, but he was a mistake I wanted to make. It would be my choice.”Not Meant To Be Brokenwas pretty good, even though I would have preferred some more action, because it became monotonous at times. Since this wasn't my first Cora's book, I can say she is an amazing writer despite how I rated this book, and I'll be reading even more works of hers in the future.

  • Romance Between The Sheets
    2019-01-23 18:54

    This was one enjoyable and easy read, it was so emotional and thought provoking and I read this in one day as I could not put it down. I was with Amber every step of the way in her journey to repairing her tortured soul, she was lucky to find a soul mate in Zach and I think she too showed him how to be a better person and take a chance on following your dreams.This story moved quickly which is good however I would have loved to know more about her brother and his girlfriend. I also found her brother a character I did not like as much perhaps because he really was quite restrictive on her recovery and what he thought was the best for her. The story did surround Zach and Amber most of the time with the brother flitting in and out so perhaps that is why I did not connect with him so much.I loved how Amber was independent and stubborn in some ways and I suppose chose her destiny in trying to continue to look forward and not backwards. I also found her sexual awaking quite erotic in parts I suppose also in part down to Zach and his hotness. Some of their scenes were really romantic & thoughtful but then others were intense & hot up against the shower wall and you could feel the sexual tension and Amber's inner torment as you turned each page.Young Adult romance with a happy ever after.

  • Gloria Herrera for As You Wish Reviews
    2019-02-04 18:06

    Some things are not meant to be broken, because if they are, there is no way to fix, patch or make them whole again. This is how Amber felt. Like a fine porcelain vase that cannot be glued back together after being smashed, she is going through life displaced in pieces; unable to rejoin life.After a horrific attack by three heartless men when she was only sixteen years old and left for dead, the struggle to continue a normal life has escaped her. At times, she hoped those men had killed her rather than continue living feeling tainted and incomplete.This is such a powerful story of re-awakening and coming of age. Amber is both a courageous and intelligent girl searching to put herself back together and survive. Her introduction to Zach opens her to a new beginning. Living under the same roof as her brother's roommate and best friend provides her the proof that not all men are to be feared. Zach's patient and caring self allows her to slowly open up again.With some many young women being raped today in our world, this is a timely story from the victim's point of view of what it takes to survive such an attack. It is also a love story of two souls that need each other to become whole. The strength of such a union can be felt in these pages, as our author shares some lovely scenes between these two lovers.

  • Hanna Marl
    2019-02-15 23:00

    Bueno.Este libro comenzó de una manera muy intensa, y mostrando la realidad de una mujer que ha sido abusada, es un libro que engancha desde el primer momento en el que lo lees. Pero con el paso de los capítulos fue perdiendo fuerza, en si me gustó generalmente hablando, pero siento que apresuraron mucho las cosas ya para la mitad del libro... Desde el inicio del noviazgo de Amber con Zach todo se va muy rápido, es como si pasara de estar sufriendo un trauma a totalmente normal en menos de 5 capítulos. No siguió yendo a terapia después de iniciar su relación con Zach. No ahondaron en la relación autodestructiva que tienen los padres de él. La relación de Amber y su hermano quedó al aire. Fue como terminar el libro por que había que terminarlo. En fin, de comienzo fue muy muy bueno, pero las cosas se fueron poniendo cada vez mas flojas. ¿Si lo recomiendo? ¡Claro! Ampliamente, solo no tengan muchas expectativas ya para el final del libro.

    2019-02-07 18:11

    Pobre Amber! en serio que a ésta protagonista si le fue mal :SRealmente sufrió cosas horribles pero admiré su fuerza, sus ganas de seguir adelante y dejar atrás su pasado. Me encantó cómo se fue dando la relación entre los personajes y como siempre, o al menos al principio, fueron muy directos con sus sentimientos. También me gustó que estuvo narrado por los dos. Los personajes secundarios estuvieron bien pero siento que faltó profundizar más algunos temas que no se resolvieron o por ejemplo en la relación con su hermano. La historia pudo haber dado para más. A 5 páginas de terminar el libro realmente me estaba imaginando una segunda parte pero no fue así, el final lo sentí muy apresurado y no contamoscon un epílogo, lo cual lo hizo bajar puntos en mi opinión.Aún así lo recomiendo, es una historia bonita.

  • Lily Avelon
    2019-02-05 00:14

    Better than I expected. I started this book this morning and I finished it this evening all in one sitting. Though there is an almost 'cheating' scene involved, but this time, I didn't get bothered by it too much. (view spoiler)[ The most definitely cheating scene when he bang the other woman while in the same house as Amber, I don't count it as cheating as they didn't get together yet. But that depends on technicality.(hide spoiler)]All in all, this book was what I was searching at the moment and hence the four stars I bestow upon it. The only reason why it got a four and not five was because it was a bit short for me. And the transition where Amber went between the meek to brave, was a bit unexplored and short. And the character development was not much per say.Other than that, a superb read.

  • Woodline
    2019-02-19 16:07

    Where do I start with this one?I didn't love this book but I didn't hate it either. There were a few times I wanted to stop reading. That's why I had to give it only two stars. Reason #1: All the shut shaming!! This book basically called any woman who enjoyed sex a "Shut", "Whore" etc. Which is bs. Reason #2: Calling the heroine broken in almost every chapter. I understand she was raped but she was a strong individual who was learning to live with her past not BROKEN. Last reason: The hero. God he was a headache. He had a lot of issues but he just could not keep it in his pants. And he was always going to the bar. He was a mess. All in all the writing was great, a slow build up to the romance but it was an alright read.

  • Stefanie
    2019-01-22 21:57

    After reading all the mixed reviews, I decided to give this book a chance and I was presently surprised with how well it was written. Giving the topic I thought it would be more depressing than it was, nut surprisingly it wasn't. Amber is this 19yr old girl who has basically given up on life and is just going through the motions after she was brutally gang raped by 3 guys when she was 16. She decides she needs a fresh start in life and goes to live with her brother and his bestfriend to escape the scrutiny of a small town and her father. This story is about learning to accept your past and survival, and with the help of Zach (her brother's bestfriend) she is able to overcome those obstacles.

  • sofia requena
    2019-02-17 19:06

    Al principio me fue gustando mas de lo que me gustaria admitir, despues me di cuenta que su contenido podria vsriar de ls restos de los libros que he leído. Pero... Ya en las ultimas paginas ¡por dios! QUE LIBRO MÁS CLICHÉ.¿POR QUE TODO DEBE SER PERFECTK Y TERMINAR BIEN?Pd: de verdad me hubiera gustado que ella tuvieran feelings more deeper que los que ya tiene. Sería fántastico que estuviera paranoica con el toque de las personas o.... que hubiera aprendida a tolerar el toque mediante sensaciones pero no...!

  • Sonal
    2019-02-11 22:50

    A good read. The story revolves around Amber who was brutally raped, beaten and left to die three years ago. Twice she has tried to kill herself. Her dad and brother are very worried about her. She has been hiding at home, afraid of people and even not being able to be close to her family. What Amber gone through was completely heartbreaking. I liked her resilience and her strength to come out of her darkness. Brian on the other hand pissed me off many times. His constant thinking about sex and not taking relationships seriously was a complete turn off.