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GIVE THIS FULL-LENGTH NOVEL A TRY! Now available for free on Kindle Unlimited! Totaling over 112,000 words, this is no 5000-word, $3 rip-off, or 35,000 word $7.99 rip off - to buy, it's only $5.99.In the near future, pretty, young Natalie Adams has finished college, left her boyfriend, and moved 650 miles to the outskirts of a big new city to begin her career and a new lifGIVE THIS FULL-LENGTH NOVEL A TRY! Now available for free on Kindle Unlimited! Totaling over 112,000 words, this is no 5000-word, $3 rip-off, or 35,000 word $7.99 rip off - to buy, it's only $5.99.In the near future, pretty, young Natalie Adams has finished college, left her boyfriend, and moved 650 miles to the outskirts of a big new city to begin her career and a new life. As it happens, the new life is nothing like what she’d expected. The slightly careless 22-year-old has gotten herself into trouble with the law in her new exurb hometown of River’s Edge. Now she faces a punishment beyond anything she expected or considered fair: the temporary but lengthy loss of her sight. That changes not only her life, career, and financial future, but her perception of who and what she is. As time goes on, Natalie finds love in the arms of the woman who is helping her cope with being blind. As her limitations become apparent, she’s pressured into a career as an exotic dancer that she never would have chosen. Can the charming young woman survive the physical, social, and mental changes she’s forced to endure? Will her sense of self remain intact as she negotiates the darkened environment of her new reality? Will she be forced to change so dramatically that Natalie will forever disappear, to be replaced by a less innocent, more cynical, worldly, experienced, hard, and driven young woman? Does the sexuality of the world that she’s attempting to navigate overwhelm her? Publisher’s Summary: Eighteen Months is erotic drama at its gut-wrenching best. It takes the reader on a journey from the highest emotional peaks to the deepest valleys. This is a tale of endangered innocence within an erotic mix that few stories can match. Once again, Ms. Napoli has put the reader squarely within the mind of the heroine so that we know her every thought, feel her every experience and see what she sees … or doesn’t see. Eighteen Months is a full-length, plot-driven erotic novel built around fetishes and threatened virtue, along with titillating hetero and bisexuality. Though not a BDSM novel in the traditional sense, Eighteen Months thrusts the heroine into a world where she seems enveloped by a BDSM mist which moves into all facets of her life. The dramatic ending gives the story an element of erotic horror that the reader will not soon forget. This is an adult contemporary fantasy novel of well-over 100,000 words. It contains fetish erotica including blindness, smoking, hair, addiction, body modification, sensory deprivation, and submission along with riveting heterosexuality and tasteful bisexuality, and nonconsensual sex acts. It goes without saying that Eighteen Months is an adult story containing open discussions and scenes of intense sexuality, erotica and sexual relations. Parts of Eighteen Months may be too intense for some readers....

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Eighteen Months Reviews

  • J. Ellyne
    2018-11-08 12:14

    Let me begin by saying you really should read this book. It is gripping, fascinating, horrifying, spellbinding. I rate it 5 stars because it's as good as anything else I read this year and better than most. The only book I read this year that matches it is 11/22/63 by Stephen King and the two novels are similar in many ways. The plots are different but they both sweep you away into another world, worlds that contain horror and sweetness in almost equal measure. That's a tricky balance, isn't it? Too much horror and it's just gratuitous gore. Too much sweetness and it's cloying. But the main thing is, the novel should tell a dream-story. We dream to give our brain a vacation. It goes off to wild, crazy, silly, scary worlds to take a break from humdrum reality. Novels do the same thing for us with the additional advantage that because we are awake we can think about the world we have been swept into. Giulia Napoli is a master story teller. She draws us into the world she has made for us and we go, sometimes reluctantly, but always with no choice. We must turn the pages, faster and faster, sitting on the edge of our seat.And then there are the sex scenes, mmm hot hot hot! The protagonist, Alie, is bisexual so she has sex with both men and women. Some books have too much sex in them and they are just porn with a thin plot to hold them together. Some don't have enough for my taste. Sex is pretty much the most important part of life so leaving it out of a novel is a disservice to readers. We want to know all about what our characters are up to when they go to bed with their lovers. Giulia Napoli strikes just the right balance. You will never have to wait long for the next sex scene and yet the intriguing plot remains the main thrust of the book. Explicit? Oh, yes. Pornographic? No, this is good literature. Arousing? I don't think many readers will be able to get through the sex scenes without a climax or two. The main character, Alie, is a female, so you would think I would identify with her and I did, at first. But then I read the sex scene between her and her female lover, Rina. Wow! It was twice as hot as Alie's sex scenes with men and they were plenty hot too! I started to identify more with Rina and Alie became my lover. How delicious that was. It allowed me to dislike or disapprove of Alie while at the same time loving her just like Rina did. I advise you not to read the Alie/Rina sex scenes anyplace where there are others around. You will want to touch yourself; you won't be able to help it. Finally, I note that some very excellent books, like this one, have a little gem in them, a paragraph or maybe just a sentence, that is the most important part of the book. Giulia Napoli's book is about how it feels to be blind and here I share with you the gem:She wrote, "It were as though the switch that had shut off my sight had then illuminated something extra." She's describing why Alie's sex with Rina was so much more arousing than any she had before being blind. Suddenly, with this superb sentence, the entire reason for the premise of blindness makes perfect sense to me. After all, many of us close our eyes at some point during sex, in order to focus more on all the senses other than sight, especially, touch, smell, and taste. I wish you all many wonderfully erotic dreams after reading this book.

  • Poison
    2018-10-20 16:15

    I finished this book last week, but didn't want to review it right away, as it was really heavy, and I wanted to spend some time processing it.This book is hard hitting, and I'm going to try to avoid spoiling anything. The heroine starts off as a regular lass, and goes through a journey of difficult and arduous choices and decisions, and is really quite likable. At least, she is for me. She makes a number of interesting choices, and she never strikes me as TSTL or ridiculous, she does the best she can with what she has.Her love interest is also really good. I like both of them quite a bit. I wish certain things went down differently than they did, but, they were intriguing. The entire book was intriguing.Lets talk in broad strokes, about the plot. Its obviously a what-if type of fantasy, in a similar world to ours that has some subtle differences, and the plot is really interesting, and really hard hitting, as I said above. When I finished this novel, I felt like someone had repeatedly hit me in the stomach. I won't lie, I also cried during one scene in the book, and I may have called the author a "mean, mean person."The characters were great, the plot was excellent, and a lot of the ideas were hot. I wavered a lot on rating this book, it fell somewhere around 4.5, but a week later, I still feel that pain in my belly, so I'm calling it a 5.This book was excellent.**Copy provided by the publisher in return for an honest review**

  • Kyra
    2018-10-31 11:31

    This book rips your guts out, and I enjoyed every moment of it. I was totally pulled into the lead character, Alie. The author does a masterful job of sticking you in Alie's head, or maybe sticking her into your head, until you can’t help but identify with everything she’s experiencing. I think that’s why it’s such an emotional roller-coaster. There is a HEA – of the sort Ms. Napoli does – always with caveats and dramatically changed characters.I loved this book but, I’ll admit, it made me nervous, anxious, and sometimes devastated. At other times, I was overjoyed at the unexpected strength of Alie, and so many of the other interesting characters. I think it’s because the author has an uncanny way of sneaking up on you by getting you emotionally attached to her story and the people in it. Then she slams you with a plot, (of course something has to happen) and flays your emotions right in front of you.I suspect that some readers, looking for a light, uplifting story with a traditional plot, will try “Eighteen Months” and hate it. It’s anything but light. But it’s sexy and rough and happy and sad and so, so clever. If you can take it, you’re in for a treat. If you’re looking for a walk in the park, pass on this one.I found this book to be quite a turn on, from near the beginning to all the way through. Fans of fetish erotica would have a hard time finding a better story than this one. Well- written and edited, it’s also satisfyingly long at almost 400 pages, especially compared to a lot of 15 – 50 page crap that’s out there at higher prices.

  • Addicted to Books
    2018-10-26 12:11

    I loved this book ! Giulia is a wonderful writer !Review Coming up!

  • Erin
    2018-11-15 16:08

    *** I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review***Originality-5 starsWriting Style-5 starsBDSM Level-2 starsOverall-4 StarsWelcome to your new town......and meet the local police too! How horrible would it be to show up for your new job, in a new town, knowing noone and you get in trouble with the police TWICE within 24 hours? Well thats nothing compared to the punishment she receives for having two minor traffic violations. Although in this town, these are anything but minor. This town is filled with handicap people and our leading lady committed two violations against them. I won't tell what the punishment is but it isn't long into the story when you find out.This story is sooooo high on the originality scale for me I would have loved to give it 6 stars in that category!!! I was so pulled in and just did not want to stop reading, until we got to the Grand Cayman Islands. The story still remains original. This I cannot deny but strange and original are very close and to me this was teetering on just strange. I would have much rather to see the story go another direction but once I was past the "strangeness" of it I still enjoyed it. This was categorized as BDSM and I want to make sure everyone understands......there really is not ANY BDSM aspects, as far as I am concerned, in this book.The writing is fantastic. I love that it is not too simplistic as it would become boring. Also it is not too overwhelming with the working that you tend to want to go to sleep. The author finds just the right amount of both to make this an amazing read.I do have a complaint for this book though. There is piercing that happens in this book and although some explanation is needed, I think it went way too far. She describes the piercing repeatedly and it becomes very trying to get through. There was a lot of description during the book as far as what the "blind" are missing without sight. But this becomes trying as well because most that are reading this book know what it is like to see. We dont need to be told those things. At least not this much. And just one other thing which is probably nit picky.......when Alie and Rina trade places....the I/me/Alie/Rina confusion was just too much. It was very distracting and doesn't need to be that complicated.This is an awesome read and I recommend you get your copy now!!! I really enjoyed the entire experience.

  • Tanager Leigh
    2018-10-20 18:13

    I highly recommend Eighteen Months by Guilia Napoli. This is an erotic body modification novel that propels the reader along a roller coaster of thrills and twists from beginning to end. The characterizations pull you in and you feel the highs and lows they experience. Meanwhile the prose is easy, almost conversational, and it cradles you through more challenging transitions.It is utterly true that I am biased. I was blessed to be a beta reader - a sounding board for the author. None the less, I believe that this is a unique tale that would complement any twisted, BDSM lover’s bookshelf.In a slightly futuristic world, college grad, Natalie, has cut all ties and moved to the midwest to pursue an opportunity in her new profession. Upon arrival, a couple of innocuous run-ins with the law add up to serious trouble and Natalie finds herself sentenced to experience at least three months blind. Luckily, she is taken in by her case worker and together they are propelled along a course that tickles a number of fetishes including haircuts, tattoos, smoking, erotic piercings, body enhancements, and a fine swath of sensual F/f sex.Yes. Readers may find some of the content of this book challenging. I did. I discovered, however, that the author skillfully used touches of sci-fi and fantasy to clip free potentially heavy subjects from the reins of mundane allowing her characters the freedom to drift less tethered into realms that pleasantly push and prod the reader’s imagination.Body modification is often a staple of BDSM erotica. It is frequently used as a form of bondage, though unlike the iron and steel of chains, these shackles are much more ephemeral, perhaps locking a victim into a particular cultural stereotype. Indeed, Ms. Napoli has discarded the heavy metal entirely and relies solely on modifications to restrict our heroine which, I feel, makes this such a unique and compelling tome.The few body modification novels that one may find are often very objectifying. Certainly, that is the point often, although the result of pure objectification can lead to a cold and dissatisfying place. Ms Napoli, however, paints her story upon a canvas of love which makes this tale more of an examination of acceptance of what we are and what we are not. It is a celebration of the struggles and survival of the human spirit.I give this book five stars and recommend it to any erotica reader interested in a fun, challenging, unique compelling BDSM tale.

  • Neglected2much
    2018-11-08 12:11

    This book really captured me emotionally, and I'm not a particularly emotional person. It was a bit disturbing in places, if that's the right word, and very involving--if you make it through the first 30% or so (which has almost no erotic content). It has some flaws with repetition--especially the part where the author dwells endlessly on cigarettes. It also didn't seem quite ready to commit to a dystopian setting, but yet wasn't sufficiently realistic to seem set in the here and now real world. In the end, I might almost describe it as an erotic tragedy except for the....well, no spoilers.I would have given it 5 stars if not for some of the issues. I just didn't feel "it was amazing" was quite right. Regardless of the flaws, however, I really, really liked it--total page turner for me. I felt immersed in Alie's sightless world, and there were many creative elements mixed into the plot.Was it hot? There were quite a number of really hot scenes. If your looking for something different yet erotic, this is a great choice.UPDATE: After reading a number of lower quality books, I decided to go with 5 stars on this book despite my initial rating. Comparison should count for something.

  • Nancy
    2018-10-22 16:29

    I couldn't even finish this book. I like twisted, weird stuff, but I don't even know what to say about this one. Just wrong.. sorry.

  • Hope
    2018-10-22 14:19

    I will first give my thanks to the author and publisher for providing a copy for review.Which is why I put this book on my 'back-burner' shelf with a certain amount of guilt. Written in a style I'm not too keen on - I'm sure there's a proper name for it but I don't know it, maybe conversational? The style has the main character narrating the story as though speaking to the reader - that's always annoyed me for some reason. I was also fairly immediately put off by the main character's behavior...she seems disrespectful and immature to a troubling extent, given the premis of the book I can only hope she is meant to grow and get over this, but in my current frame of mind I need to set this book aside for a while.

  • Annemarie
    2018-10-27 15:07

    this cover. hmmm

  • Giulia Napoli
    2018-11-05 18:21