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Hired by billionaire Lou Atlas to search for answers about his dead nephew on St. Barths, the swankiest island in the Caribbean, Buck Reilly's dream trip goes sideways when his former business partner, fresh out of jail, returns with a vengeance. Buck is quickly eyeballs deep in complications—a race for hidden gold, the beautiful granddaughter of one of St. Barths' most faHired by billionaire Lou Atlas to search for answers about his dead nephew on St. Barths, the swankiest island in the Caribbean, Buck Reilly's dream trip goes sideways when his former business partner, fresh out of jail, returns with a vengeance. Buck is quickly eyeballs deep in complications—a race for hidden gold, the beautiful granddaughter of one of St. Barths' most famous swashbucklers, perversely ruthless treasure hunters, an alluring maritime historian, and demons from his past. The heat jumps off the page as romance, double-cross, revenge and the FBI closing in keep readers riveted to see how Buck can escape this latest adventure. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!...

Title : Second Chance Gold
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ISBN : 9780985442262
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 375 Pages
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Second Chance Gold Reviews

  • Tom Long
    2018-11-13 10:48

    Cunningham is becoming one of my favorite authors. Second Chance Gold is the best yet in the series and I've enjoyed them all. My favorite part? In the afterword where he promised he was already working on the next one. I'm glad that Betty isn't dead and that there is a chance that she and Buck might be reunited in the future. Personally, I think they were meant to fly off into the sunset together. Check off St. Barth's as another locale for one of Buck's tropical adventures. And here I thought I would never be able to afford to go there.

  • Satrajit Sanyal
    2018-10-22 12:00

    With Reilly’s past misgivings from his former business, eAntiquity, nothing is simple, and every twist and turn has this flying, salty-soul facing a skeleton from his former life as a rock-star-treasure-hunter.This tail spins from shore to shore, and as you would expect from Cunningham’s books, you get the stunning detail and character development that has you picturing it all in your mind.Shady treasure seekers from the Dominican Republic, famous French explorers, adversaries Buck thought he had left in Cuba, colorful locals, sunny shores, rum drinks and beautiful women... Romance and more treasure! What more could you ask for in an adventure novel.... Airplanes? Yes, Second Chance Gold is chock full of floating airplanes and history.Besides the death defying heroics of Buck Reilly and the solid supporting cast, there is even more to keep your attention. I know I’m taking a risk of sounding cliché, but you will laugh, you will cry, you will shout out loud!This adventure will have you living the life of the rich and famous and enjoying the simple life of the poor and happy. It will have you thinking about becoming a pilot and planning a trip to the islands.Many series begin to go to hell after the first few installments, but the Buck Reilly series simply continues to grab your imagination and keeps getting better!

  • Jeff Benham
    2018-11-14 14:42

    Adventure just seems to follow Buck around. This time he is hired to find out what happened a seemingly recluse nephew of a billionaire associate of Harry's. Another exciting trip to the Caribbean and Buck soon suspects his employer has an ulterior motive. It seems Reilly's old business partner, freshly out of jail, is also there looking for gold. He is teamed up with Buck's adversary, Gunner and both of them refuse to believe Buck is not trying to beat them to their find. They are not the only ones looking for the gold and the person Buck is hired to find supposedly died in a jet ski accident. Plenty of action to go around!

  • Arthur
    2018-11-18 18:41

    Second Chance Gold ( Buck Reilly series #4)Buck gets called to New York to meet billionaire Lou Atlas where he's contracted to go on a hunt for Lou's missing grandson, Jerry Atlas, whose been missing and presumed dead off the island of St Bartholomew. All Buck has to do is confirm Jerry's death or find him alive. His opposition, his ex-partner, Jack Meadows newly free from prison, Gunner, and the Dominicans, all in search of the treasure from the wreck of the Conquistador. Once again, Buck in jumping from the pan, back into the fire. How it all comes out, you'll find out as you turn the pages.

  • Chaplain Stanleigh Chapin
    2018-11-07 15:58

    Another Buck Reilly adventureNot near enough sea plane activity and flying action, as in the previous stories, which was the main catalyst for me.

  • Nicole
    2018-11-17 14:51

    I received this book a few months ago as part of the Goodreads First Read program and I am just now getting around to it.This was a very fast read for me. Honestly, I'm not sure if it was part of a series (I feel like it may be though) however, it can definitely stand on its own without leaving the reader feeling as though they are missing information. While at times it was slightly predictable, it definitely is a fun story that I didn't find myself bored with. The characters are engaging and the story is easy to follow. All in all, I definitely enjoyed this one!

  • Travis Bister
    2018-10-19 16:42

    Love this seriesEntertaining, action, drama, all rolled in one. Need to go to the keys again now :) the old planes are a cool touch.

  • Ginney Etherton
    2018-11-11 15:43

    Island-hopping is fun to read about. I'm not a good flyer and haven't been to many islands (but would love to) so I enjoy escaping with Cunningham's excellent action/adventure stories. This one is as good as the first three. It can stand alone as a good read, but keeps the long story arc credible.My only negative criticism is allowing protagonist Buck to throw exclamatory statements into the narrative occasionally. Addressing the reader with, "What was that?" or "What the hell?" takes this reader out of the story.

  • Eleanor Jethro
    2018-11-14 18:41

    I received this book free form Goodreads Firstreads.At first this book was very slow going for me. But as I got further into it it started moving faster. The interaction between the characters was very well done. The story line was good. At times I was able to predict what was going to happen next. I would recommend this book to mystery lovers and treasure seekers as wellVery well done

  • Al
    2018-10-24 19:01

    Cunningham does it again! Another brilliant Buck Reilly Caribbean adventure, perfect for reading on the beach down in the Islands; this time for me on Grace Bay in the Turks & Caicos. These are non-stop, hard to put down salty adventures, with great cameo's, including some "quality time" with Bankie Banx in this one. Looking forward to the next one!

  • Betty
    2018-11-18 10:52

    Whew! Second Chances are goodI thoroughly enjoyed Second Chance Gold. The depiction of the islands was so good I heard the waves bouncing off the rocks. Waiting for number 5 and hoping Buck and Nicole stay together in the next adventure. Hopefully Truck is in it too.

  • Erniemcavoy
    2018-10-23 16:03

    Buck did it again. This might be the best yet. Enjoyed it very much. When you find a good author the books just don't come fast enough. But will wait for the quality and research that are put into Buck's adventures.Can't wait

  • Joe Sopcich
    2018-10-21 13:55

    really enjoyed the seriesI have really enjoyed the Buck Reilly series, and cannot wait for the next installment. I am so hooked, that I am now looking for another author that has a similar protagonist.

  • Paul
    2018-11-10 17:53

    another great Buck Reilly adventure

  • Tony Flood
    2018-10-27 10:44

    This Reilly adventure took me to all the places I dream to go one day. But I hope not to have the gunfire and hoodlums chasing me. will take the girl..:)

  • Gene Kerr
    2018-11-07 19:00

    Good reading, Adventure mysteryThis was one of those that when you start reading you don't want to lay it aside until you are finished.