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Tyler really needs the advertised nursing job after the recent break-up left him with nothing more than a bag of clothes and his car. To his surprise, the child he thought he would be caring for turns out to be a fully-grown, angry, young man who appears to be busy feeling sorry for himself. Jason is more than fed up at his mother’s attempts to coddle him while he is fightTyler really needs the advertised nursing job after the recent break-up left him with nothing more than a bag of clothes and his car. To his surprise, the child he thought he would be caring for turns out to be a fully-grown, angry, young man who appears to be busy feeling sorry for himself. Jason is more than fed up at his mother’s attempts to coddle him while he is fighting his own demons. When the new nurse appears, he tries to send him packing straight away. He doesn't need or want anyone's help. The two strike a deal to help them with their situation, working together to try and piece back their broken lives and find a way to move forward. Overcoming their differences and finding common ground isn't easy at first, but Tyler is convinced he can prove to Jason that there is so much more to look forward to. A little trust and honesty can go a long way into helping both of them heal and show that sometimes it takes just a gentle push to make big things happen. ...

Title : Pushed
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ISBN : 23251872
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Pushed Reviews

  • Justin
    2018-11-22 06:02

    3.5 - 4 starsVery enjoyable hurt-comfort book. The writing flowed nicely and this is not the angst fest I feared it would be. There was enough plot though that it wasn't boring. The ending felt a little abrupt but the HFN was there and satisfying. Will definitely be looking for more from this author.

  • A Girl Has No Name
    2018-11-16 00:59

    I read Trusting Trent by E.M. Leya a while ago and I really loved the book and the author's writing style. I thus was very excited to read Pushed and I have to say that I liked this one too; not as much as Trusting Trent - but it was still a very interessting read. After a nasty break-up with his ex, Tyler takes on a nursing job in a calm town far away from his ex. He was expecting to be the nurse of a young boy and is quite surprised when he finds out that he is going to take care of Jason, a withdrawn ex military man suffering from depression. Jason has lost his two legs in a car crash and people suspect that he has tried to kill himself. What starts as an arrangement between the two of them - Tayler needing the job in order to make some money after losing nearly everything over the break-up and Jason wanting his mother off his back - the two man quickly build up a very interessting friendship. I liked the dynamics between these two and the writing was good. Enough plot to make this hurt-comfort story very interessting! 4 stars! I will definitly keep looking for books by this author!

  • Karissa
    2018-11-19 23:08

    Jason returned from the combat zone without a scratch, physically at least, only to end up in a car crash that costs him both legs.Adding to that shock of having to re-learn to walk and take care of him on his own is the fact that almost everybody thinks he tried to kill himself.Tyler needs a fresh start after a bad breakup and the job offer is too good to miss. Unfortunately, the "kid" he thought he would be working with is Jason.The two strike up a friendship despite the rocky start, courtesy of Jason's dislike of everything his mom trying to force on him. What I like most on the story is that they work through the issues at hand without going into a situation where Jason feels treated like a baby, but they also manage to work on their other baggage.All in all, a great story.

  • Otterpuss
    2018-11-14 05:53

    A sweet little story. I liked both Jason and Tyler and the writing flowed smoothly. I would have preferred more background information on both characters and the story felt a little rushed at times, especially the ending. But overall an enjoyable read.

  • Elizabeth
    2018-11-26 01:51

    I really liked this book. The characters were believable and the premise is one anyone can relate to. Whatever your circumstances we all go through things that make us want to give up. We all need someone to push us sometimes. The love story was sweet. Good read.

  • Amber Fueston
    2018-11-22 01:02

    Very sweet and very good story. Not much in the way of conflict but still very interesting. If you are in the mood for a feel good book then this one is for you!

  • Christina Wade - BFD Book Blog
    2018-11-19 05:08

    Novellas are typically not my favorite type of read because I’m usually left wanting more. That’s not the case with this book. Ms. Leya did a great job of writing a complete story in a short package. Jason is struggling with life. He is suffering from PTSD, not only from being in the military but losing the love of his life and his life altering accident. He hasn’t completely given up the will to live but he is depressed. His fear of failure is stopping him from doing much of anything. Enter Tyler. He is also struggling with life and this job is his last ditch effort to try to get his life back on track. He’s a bit depressed after a failed relationship. He’s never lived outside California and the Texas town is quite a change for him. His tough love approach to Jason’s recovery is exactly what Jason needs to kick start him into action. Their chemistry is slow to build and they keep their attraction for each other hidden afraid to ruin their new nurse/patient relationship. The slow build makes their coupling even sweeter and as they get to know each other their love appears to be genuine. The writing was good as always with Ms. Leya. The secondary characters appear very briefly but are good just the same. Overall, another great E.M. story!

  • Lorraine
    2018-11-12 06:53

    E. M. Leya is a new author for me and based in this book I will certainly be looking for others.A real "feel-good" story, it features Tyler and Jason who meet when Jason's Mum employs Tyler to be a nurse for her son. Jason is a double amputee after a car crash, and is also struggling with his grief and depression after serving in Afghanistan. Jason is understandably in a bad shape, depressed that all his life's dreams have been smashed away from him, he is beginning to fade out of life itself, but Tyler won't let him. Scarred himself by a bad breakup, Tyler has moved as far away from his old life as he can, but needs the security of a live-in job to help him get back on his feet.The gradual build up of trust into friendship and then on into more is beautiful. I was drawn into the story by both MCs and by the end I was so pleased they found their HEA, although I didn't want the story to finish. My only gripe was that I would have loved an epilogue maybe set about a year later to see how they were doing.4.75 stars rounded up.

  • Oaken
    2018-11-19 01:03

    Nice characters, nice setting but the whole setup is unbelievable. Who would but their double amputee adult son on the third floor of a house? There was much redundancy where the characters repeat the same information several times within a few pages which is just annoying. I lost count of how many times Tyler described exactly how he was going to adjust the socks in order to fit the prothetics properly. Again and again and again.

  • Kelly Romero
    2018-11-18 05:49

    Tyler and Jason are lovable characters, yes even Jason in the beginning too. He has been through so much physically and mentally and Tyler shows up at the perfect time and although not easy, helps Jason return to the land of living so to speak. I cried reading this book and recommend it to everyone.

  • Lisa Cullinan
    2018-11-20 05:13

    What a great quick read this was! I was completely taken in by Tyler and Jason's story. I love how Emma wrote a story with one of the MC's being an amputee and all the emotions and insecurities that follow suit. Talk about turning something bad into something great!!! Their story was heart wrenching but real. And in the end, love is love ... Just beautiful ...❤️

  • Ivana
    2018-11-22 02:01

    Brilliant!! Being a novella it was short but it was a complete story full of detail. I do wish there was more of them together, I loved them. You won't be disappointed, highly recommended for a quick read.

  • Toby
    2018-11-29 22:49

    I spent one of my lazy Sundays and read this book. I enjoyed this book. I am disabled myself, and have gone through a lot of the struggles the character Jason had. I would recommend this book, due to the honesty of the way the characters were written.

  • Rachel
    2018-11-23 23:53

    A really good book. Both MCs had depth of character and there was real connection and emotions between them. There was a good storyline.Wish there was more to the ending it was rather an abrupt ending.

  • Skye Blue ☆*~゚ლ(´ڡ`ლ)~*☆
    2018-11-23 05:19

    I liked the story, and the dynamics between the characters.I wish we had a little more of their background stories. They were their, they were just brief.I loved that a friendship built, before taking it to a romantic level.It did drag a bit towards the end...but it was a very enjoyable read.

  • Denise Koopman
    2018-11-30 04:53

    What a pleasure this book. It was rather good. I told my boss about this book. Awesome....

  • Elaine
    2018-12-10 05:11

    A good story, I enjoyed it.

  • Rachel
    2018-11-10 03:12

    Enjoyed this story. Jason's perseverance is inspiring

  • Natalie
    2018-12-01 06:50

    I remember reading this through KU when I had it. I don't remember it well but I don't remember disliking it, so I'll give it a three.

  • Leaundra
    2018-11-15 03:08

    I really enjoyed both MC's. They both got their second chances with each other. Very sweet.