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Soulshaping is the inspiring memoir of an archetypal "male warrior"–a trial lawyer–who struggled to find his heart and a more authentic, soulful path. Rivetingly personal and profoundly universal, this book is for anyone who has heard a whisper of something truer calling out to them amid the distractions of modern life. Jeff Brown’s dramatic and often funny story takes reaSoulshaping is the inspiring memoir of an archetypal "male warrior"–a trial lawyer–who struggled to find his heart and a more authentic, soulful path. Rivetingly personal and profoundly universal, this book is for anyone who has heard a whisper of something truer calling out to them amid the distractions of modern life. Jeff Brown’s dramatic and often funny story takes readers through remarkably human experiences–emotional, physical, and economic–as he vividly recounts his troubled childhood, his success in apprenticing with Canada’s top criminal lawyer, and his ultimate decision to leave the law and begin an inner journey to discover his soul’s purpose. A work of courageous self-creation, Soulshaping reminds us that we are all truly connected, that our seemingly isolated struggles are actually part of the shared human challenge to live a life that is heart-centered and soul-driven.Both down-to-earth and magically mystical, Soulshaping will meet you where you live–and where you long to live.From the Trade Paperback edition....

Title : Soulshaping: Adventures in Self-Creation
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Soulshaping: Adventures in Self-Creation Reviews

  • Michael
    2018-11-02 17:30

    So many self help books have engaged my mind, but I had a hard time actually transforming as a result of their words... What is wonderful about Soulshaping is that you are actually inspired to stop reading, and DO SOMETHING about your life. This guy went through so much and he still found his way home. That really inspired me. And the language and way he writes is so human and heartfelt- he writes for all of us. The only self help book that actually changed my way of living my life. Oprah would love it. It is all heart and soul.

  • Paul
    2018-11-05 17:33

    What haven't I learned from this book? Soulshaping is the real deal, a gritty look at the reality of fully inhabiting your life. It may be the only soul-help book I have read that brings spirituality and psychology together in a grounded framework. I love the way Jeff shows us how to shed our emotional debris and ego armor, while at the same time transforming all of it into the lessons we need. Nothing gets lost or misplaced- everything is grist for the soul mill! For me, Soulshaping represents the next step in the spiritual transformation of western culture, a perfect blend of Eastern Mysticism and Emotional Healing. Brilliant and perfectly down to earth at the same time. You just feel like he wrote your own story, and put your confusion into a more hopeful perspective.

  • Marika
    2018-11-02 11:25

    Very accomplished, Jeff Brown was a classmate and friend of mine in undergrad studies at McMaster University. He has brought into light a priceless healing tool for many, and attests to all that our souls have had a billion years of knowing to prepare and guide us in this life and beyond. He has presented concepts in a universally inclusive manner. I can relate to his self-described "seminal moment", seeing himself for the first time, beyond time, as a voice from within whispered what he seemed to have always known, that he was so much more than the sum of his experiences, and the driven successful criminal lawyer he had become . . . something so much more . . . something divine!

  • Karen
    2018-11-01 15:42

    I have read everything in self-help, but this book shifted my perspective like nothing had before. Jeff doesn't pretend to know something that we don't know. He just calls out to our own knowing, reminding us of our own inherent wisdom and capacity for change. His writing inspired me to stop pretending that I was making progress, and to actually live the journey full force. No other book did that. When you read it, you feel like he is writing your own story- so many strands in it were similar to me and to friends who have read it. I recommend this book wholeheartedly to anyone who is struggling with their career direction, soul-identity, emotional issues, where to walk next. Fantastic!

  • Belinda
    2018-10-29 11:41

    The story of a brilliant lawyer who goes on a spiritual journey?Well, it's pretty clear that Jeff thinks he's brilliant. He makes up words (corny words) and spills his guts, but it's painful rather than insightful or poetic or helpful.What an awful book.

  • Joy Ayscue
    2018-10-25 13:29

    another author that walks the talk! Jeff's personal story which is full of inspiration and insight, tools and help that will empower you to get in touch with your true, authentic self.

  • Deanne Reyes
    2018-11-15 12:48

    Awesome book about real transformation worts and all....I've got it on my kindle but had to buy a couple of paperback copies to share.....totally recommend it!

  • Trevor
    2018-10-31 16:29

    I discovered Jeff Brown through Facebook and was really impressed by the groundedness of his spiritual perspective. Spirituality can seem to defy common sense at times and I've noticed in my work as a therapist that some clients can get attached to 'magical' ideas that offer no helpful guidance for living. Jeff does a good job of cutting through a lot of new age silliness while still giving a valuable template for living authentically.I especially the focus on spiritual bypass. I've heard this idea before but Jeff breaks it down more concretely. Connected strongly to this was the idea that one cannot dodge one's emotional pain. It needs to be addressed directly.That said, it was not a perfect book from my perspective. His own journey was highly idiosyncratic and I could not personally accept the universality of some of his assertions. I also disliked the words he created. He had a good purpose for this but I eventually found the overall effect cheesy and irritating. Maybe I'm just curmudgeonly.Overall, I found this a worthy read.

  • Michele Chamberlain
    2018-11-08 17:47

    I have had the pleasure of writing with Jeff Browns influences and support. This book is the real deal.

  • Imane Shybat
    2018-11-17 15:27

    Following the news about #chapelhillshooting I remembered that paragraph where Jeff Brown described his dream: “On September 8, 2001, I had a dream. An Arabic pilot hijacked an American Airlines jet and crash-landed it on my street, just missing my house”.I enjoyed reading the book so much!! It was one of the books I felt it was definitely sent by the universe to teach me what I just needed, in the right moment.However, my heart ached when I reached this paragraph!! In your Soulshaping Journey and as a soulshaping ambassador you could have deleted it though it might be true (and you can swear it was)! But again I understand you are still a walker in the Soulshaping Journey as I do, and part of the journey and maybe an essential success point: To see everyone as God (as you said in the book) with no religion/background/race/gender.....a LABEL/PREJUDGEMENTS/...etc. I guess it would take us AGES to really say I succeeded in my soulshaping Journey! It takes a lot of effort and energy (especially nowadays) to reach the goal: a soulshaped with love, wisdom, freedom and faith!As a Soulshaping passionate walking this Journey, I see with the eye of my heart beauty in the midst of thorns. Therefore, I would recommend this book to everyone. Wonderfully written and has a noble message. It is a beautiful guide to soulshaping, to enhance intrinsic motivation and to inspire nations to make their dreams/passion a reality lived and sensed. Thank you!

  • michelle lise
    2018-11-02 18:40

    I actually had to put this book down about halfway through. I found it difficult to get into, and I have read several books with similar subject matter. I never seemed very interested in continuing to read this, and found myself reading comic books instead. The story line of Jeff Brown's life intrigued me in many ways. I was excited to read this ever since I had picked it up. I guess you could say that I had pretty high expectations, seeing as this book holds a very high rating here on GoodReads. With that being said, I really liked the part about "befriending your confusion". I found that helpful to apply to my life. Since reading that section, my mind took it a step further and thought about, as well as practiced, "befriending my pain" on numerous occasions. I hope to scoop up this book sometime in the future and do my best to get through the rest of it.

  • Dulcinea Contreras
    2018-10-20 10:46

    ""Soulshaping" is a direct expression of a powerful individual radiating their inner divine strength, while fully revealing wholeheartedly the human side of his earthly undertakings, allowing readers to uniquely capture meaningful wisdom, inspiration, a renewed sense of empowerment, and hope! Jeff Brown is a true pioneer with his endless dedication, commitment, and balanced expression that promotes authenticity and long-lived self-transformation. Cheers to you Jeff for your powerful service to humanity, I am deeply humbled to support your life mission!!"

  • Isaac
    2018-11-02 14:36

    I currently am a huge fan of Jeff Brown as I feel he really gets personal growth and is able to cut through a lot of the chaff that has expanded through the personal growth industry. In this book he chronicles his own path to growth and his internal battles with ego, practical monetary concerns versus his focus on his soul growth.I feel like he is a soul brother and I agree with 95% of his outlook and approach to life regarding personal growth.

  • Niklas Spitz
    2018-10-22 14:23

    Inspirational account of a SNAG's* struggle towards personal integrity and growth.Ironically, whilst the author spoke quite personally to me in this work, ultimately I found myself skipping through 3/4's of it feeling that it was a little repetitive and twee.Caveat: I was in a bad mood when reading this book, but if it doesn't grab one by the cojones after a fair trial, like music and film, I'm inclined to toss it aside.* SNAG - Sensitive New Age Guy

  • ORA Collections
    2018-11-13 15:32

    If I had enough money to purchase this book for everyone I know and give it as a gift I would. I think I will start one friend at a time! It is that good. To quote the author "Soul gifts come in unexpected packages", and this book is one of those special 'soul gifts' provided for us along our journey. Thank you Jeff!

  • Lafemme Traverse-Hains
    2018-10-18 13:23

    This book made me realize that i have to listen more to my inner voice....There were things going on in my life that i was ignoring, that i didn't want to confront. After reading this i knew i had to confront them...its wasn't easy but i did and i now feel better about where my life is heading. Great book!!!!

  • Muna
    2018-10-23 14:30

    Very interesting book about a very interesting journey, and an important subject, soul connection and realisation.Enjoyed reading it specially the part about Rachel, felt like true magic, but this time was real !

  • Wendi Kali
    2018-10-28 11:43

    I had a hard time getting into this book. Perhaps it's all about timing and I'm not ready to read it? Just don't know.

  • Michelle
    2018-10-21 11:21

    Refreshing. Loved the eastern meets western insight to spiritual practice and awareness. Much needed.

  • Molly Brown
    2018-10-20 15:33

    Phenomenal read. Highly recommend it if you're interested in the inner journey. He's authentic and its peppered with timeless wisdom. Definitely read it!

  • Rob
    2018-10-28 13:39

    An enjoyable and worthwhile read.

  • Synolve Craft
    2018-11-08 16:42

    I'm still reading...will get back to you....

  • Darcy Bellows-Mascorro
    2018-11-13 13:34

    I agree no guru's or hypocrite's, no spiritual bypassing, no skipping the material work here on earth this life is about balancing Mind Body Soul. Great book!

  • Tina
    2018-11-14 14:41

    He has a gift with words but felt like he repeated himself a lot.

  • Kerry Olohan
    2018-10-20 14:41

    A pretty good read on moving yourself toward soulful living. Airie at times, but well written.

  • Mo Issa
    2018-11-02 18:45

    I have read many books about the inner journey.This is one of the best and i want everyone i know who is going through this joureny to read it.As Jeff brown says;"our journey is sole to soul"

  • Carla
    2018-10-20 16:27

    amazing book about a man's spiritual journey with all the ups and downs of self-creation.

  • Charlotte
    2018-10-21 11:29

    Parts of the book were inspired reading but the self absorbed parts seemed egotistical and I skipped them when he went into too much detail. I like his brief facebooks posts very much.