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The Saga Continues....Camus Scorpio, the vicious criminal overlord, who for years tormented the good merchants of Rome, is dead. His ruthless army of thugs and bloodthirsty killers wiped out by the avenging force of Tullus the Leopard King, the Leopardess Celestra, and their Troupe. But the victory is a costly one. Anna, Tullus’ lover, is dead, and her departure serves asThe Saga Continues....Camus Scorpio, the vicious criminal overlord, who for years tormented the good merchants of Rome, is dead. His ruthless army of thugs and bloodthirsty killers wiped out by the avenging force of Tullus the Leopard King, the Leopardess Celestra, and their Troupe. But the victory is a costly one. Anna, Tullus’ lover, is dead, and her departure serves as an open wound to all her friends in the Troupe. Needing time to collect himself and continue developing his magical abilities, Tullus decides to seek out the wisdom of a reclusive wizard named Hradack, also known as the Leopard Master and a product of the Age of Paladins. In Rome Eliana becomes involved in political intrigue and finds herself caught up in a conspiracy involving a persecuted race called the Dryads. Decimus, now a prominent Centurion in the Praetorian Guard, is assigned to a new Roman Legion in Switzerland, where he faces the biggest challenge of his military career. As Tullus’ power in Elemence grows, he foresees a hideous plot by an unknown enemy called Serpentus, who has kidnapped his Troupe friends and is holding them hostage on the island of Capri. Unbeknownst to Tullus, Serpentus seeks revenge against the Leopard King and Celestra, and has armed himself with arcane powers. Under the tutelage of a fanatical cleric, Serpentus harbors plans of destroying the Leopard King and Celestra before embarking on a destructive path of conquest....

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The Leopard Stratagem Reviews

  • ScottHitchcock
    2019-01-17 10:46

    Historical Fiction/Fantasy series based in early AD with some real life big names like Caligula, Drusilla, Claudius, etc. I didn't like this as much as book one. I still liked the story's overall path. I still liked the writing style. The problems were that the characters didn't grow or give a wider sense of empathy or who they were. Secondly and more distracting was that scenes which could have been great were tied up in a sentence or two in too simplistic a manner. One example a character has to get up to convince a group with no reason to trust her to do exactly that. She starts talking and twice a member of the crowd heckles her with hard questions. The third time she say you'll simply have to trust me, you have no other choice and exits the stage. Her friends tell her what an excellent job she did. I wouldn't except that from a YA series. This happens again and again when a demon is recruiting for the enemy giving supposedly hardened and cynical men little to no concrete reasons to join the cause. If you're going to present these scenes you can't just brush over them. The devil is in the details. I may still give book #3 a read when it comes out even though this one was disappointing.

  • Kyle
    2018-12-24 07:02

    Unfortunately, I was disappointed in The Leopard Stratagem. I liked the first book in the series and was actually looking forward to seeing where this second one went. I figured the book’s hero, Tullus Acilius Ulixes, would learn more about the magic gift he has. This happened as I had expected. I also figure the villain, Norbanus Forticus, would play a role in the second book. Again that happened just like I thought it would. Tullus’ love interest (I don’t even remember her name now, that’s how uninteresting she was) tries to have a role in the plot but never seems to accomplish anything. The plot gets interesting then stalls and I felt like I had to push through too much detail or unrelated story lines. A perfect example of this is anything to do with Tullus’ old military teacher. That whole story line has absolutely no impact on the plot at all. It just ends up being a distraction. By the end of the book I found myself wondering why I bothered. If that was it, I’d give it 3 stars as being an okay book. But the regular occurring grammar errors became just too annoying. I’m guessing T.A. Uner is self published and I have to give him props for the huge accomplishment. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to proof an entire book. Much less a book you wrote yourself but there has to be some way of weeding out most of the grammar errors. In the end I just did not like it, so only two stars.

  • Pearl Angeli
    2019-01-24 10:35

    "Life isn't always about answers. Sometimes the questions themselves can Enlighten us." I was given an Advance Reading Copy of this book free from the author, T.A. Uner in exchange for an honest review.This sequel is another masterpiece from the talented author T.A. Uner. I truly found myself compelled and drawn with this book-- The Leopard Stratagem, the second installment of the Leopard King Saga. What happened during the first book (The Leopard Vanguard) was intense but I found out that this book is way better when it comes to the plotline and action scenes.In this book, Tullus' character improves a lot. He becomes stronger and much more determined to learn about the many things he can possibly do with his magic. Through the guidance of Hradack, the master of the Elemence, he was able to make himself better along with Celestra.This book is hands down cleverly thought-out. I love the pacing and the originality the author crafted. However, I had a single issue. Most of the male characters seem to lack a bit of consistency and uniqueness. I think their personalities also weren't clearly defined. Added the fact that majority of their names ended up with letter us and ius so yeah, sometimes my mind was messed with the names, too.But overall, this book is amazing and it kept me interested the whole time. And ugh, the cliffhanger ending, man! But it's okay. I'm used to that kind of ending. Lol. :DMy Rating for this Book: 4 StarsBook review also posted on my blog:

  • Laura W
    2018-12-26 09:41

    Thank you to the author, T.A. Uner, for gifting me with a copy of The Leopard Stratagem in exchange for an honest review!Where to start? Let's start with the structure. I really liked how the author structured the paragraphs. Multiple POV's are necessary for the reader to keep up with everything going on. Realizing that, the author had a section in each chapter for each POV so you can see everything that's happening as well as seeing how all of the plot lines are slowly coming together. I found that to actually be the most fascinating part of this book: the way the threads are slowly being pulled together.The different POV's are so integral to the story and I could always tell the difference between them. Each character has a distinct voice that comes through the writing.I also really like how the author integrated Elemence into the Roman setting. I do wish that some of the information pertaining to the Air Paladins was more clear. For some reason, I had problems visualizing these people and their powers. Did they actually fly through the air? Did they just fight with Elemence or did they use enhanced combat techniques? How evenly matched are they with their enemies? Perhaps those questions will be answered in the next book.Celestra continues to be my favorite character. I just love cats in general and she's so loyal to Tullus but also to herself. And a strong warrior to boot!The Final Verdict:A very nice sequel that starts to pull the storylines together perfectly. I really loved how Elemence continued to be incorporated into the Roman setting. I also really liked all of the different POV's.4 starsQuotes:"'All this killing...for money,' he scoffed before Aurumax rose towards the sky and guided Tullus and Celestra away from the smoking battle grounds.""'Weapons don't kill people. People kill people.' Hradack sighed. 'You are only a King in name, Tullus. You still have much to learn along your Soultrail,'"“Life isn't always about answers... sometimes the questions themselves can enlighten us.” “Learning from history helps us avoid repeating its mistakes.” “Never say never. You never know when never may come.”

  • Shilpa bagla
    2018-12-24 03:00

    **** I received a free digital edition in exchange of an honest review**** The first part of this book was quite good but the second part turned out to be even better. The plotline was developed more systematically than in the first book. The story also flowed at a smoother pace. The story is vividly described as is the case with all of Uners' books. This book tells the story of Tullus and Celestra's journey after the death of Anna and his character evolving as the Leopard King. Tullus's character has been developed more and is shown stronger than he was in the previous book. The antagonist also has been portrayed very strongly. The story is quite fast paced so that it keeps the interest of the readers and doesn't make you feel bored. For paranormal and fantasy lover's this book is quite a wonderful read and I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a fantasy story.

  • Krissys
    2019-01-19 05:34

    The Leopard Stratagem (Leopard King Saga #2)by T.A. UnerCamus Scorpio, the vicious criminal overlord, who for years tormented the good merchants of Rome, is dead. His ruthless army of thugs and bloodthirsty killers wiped out by the avenging force of Tullus the Leopard King, the Leopardess Celestra, and their Troupe.But the victory is a costly one. Anna, Tullus’ lover, is dead, and her departure serves as an open wound to all her friends in the Troupe. Needing time to collect himself and continue developing his magical abilities, Tullus decides to seek out the wisdom of a reclusive wizard named Hradack, also known as the Leopard Master and a product of the Age of Paladins.In Rome Eliana becomes involved in political intrigue and finds herself caught up in a conspiracy involving a persecuted race called the Dryads.Decimus, now a prominent Centurion in the Praetorian Guard, is assigned to a new Roman Legion in Switzerland, where he faces the biggest challenge of his military career.As Tullus’ power in Elemence grows, he foresees a hideous plot by an unknown enemy called Serpentus, who has kidnapped his Troupe friends and is holding them hostage on the island of Capri.Unbeknownst to Tullus, Serpentus seeks revenge against the Leopard King and Celestra, and has armed himself with arcane powers. Under the tutelage of a fanatical cleric, Serpentus harbors plans of destroying the Leopard King and Celestra before embarking on a destructive path of conquest.My Review: Take a minute to really check out the cover work on the LK saga books. I am not typically a reader that is convinced by the cover art to read a book because there's more to a book than great cover art but TA has some really great art for his books they're beautiful. I have read a few of TA's books in the past and I've always been impressed with the work he's done. The Leopard Stratagem continues where Vanguard left off but this time the stakes are higher. I really enjoyed the character dynamic because regardless of whether its a main character or a secondary character everyone has something special they put into the mix. The fantasy/history is brilliant because it treads a multi genre line that skirts between sci fi, horror and suspense and the Leopard Saga can appeal to both YA, NA and Adult readers alike. Uner writes stories that are lush with vivid imagery and plot twists to keep everyone entertained. Stratagem maintains the thread of inner strength, a surrounding of those that want to help you rise and those that want to see you fall. A fun read. My Rating: 4 StarsReviewed By:Krissy's Bookshelf Reviews I received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review from the author.

  • Ora
    2019-01-10 09:35

    This is the second book in The Leopard King Saga. As with the first book, this one was well written and thought out. Even though Caligula plays a small role in the story, however very important to the overall ARC, I love how Mr. Uner portrayed him. He used his own imagination for the reasons for Caligula’s paranoia and did a remarkable job. With war, there is always two sides of it. In this book we learn the about the Air Paladins along with the Serpents’ Cult reasons. For me it seems very cut and dry with good and evil. They Serpent’s Cult thrive on negative emotions while the Air Paladins free themselves of them when casting spells.Tullus and Celestra continue their journey to find the Leopard Master. I really love Tullus and Celestra’s relationship. There was a lot of growth for both of them with their powers and as individuals. I don’t think Tullus realized how much he depended on Celestra for emotional support until he lost it.I’m really disappointed with Norbanus. I had hoped he would seek redemption and let go of his anger. Unfortunately revenge was more important to him. With his childhood, along with his sense of entitlement it shouldn’t have surprised me, however I still had hoped he would change his life around. From the beginning Norbanus and Tullus’s lives were intertwined. I don’t think either of them realized how much until the end of this book. I didn’t realize it until Norbanus met Serpentsong. Decisions both of them made put them one step closer to their destiny. It seems only one will survive at this point. I don’t’ know what will happen between them. Whatever it is, it will be an epic battle between good and evil.

  • Majanka
    2019-01-03 07:46

    Book Review originally published here:’s no secret that I lliked the first book in this series, The Leopard Vanguard. I said so much in my review a couple of days ago. However, The Leopard Stratagem goes above and beyond its predecessor. We learn more about the world of Tullus the Leopard King, some sort of alternative version of Rome, there’s plenty of character development, even the writing has improved.When we meet Tullus again, he’s on a search to become stronger in his magical abilities, and to overcome his grief of what happened at the end of the first book. While training his power in Elemence, he stumbles upon a plot by an enemy called Serpentus who is holding his Troupe friends hostage, and who wants to destroy Tullus and Celestra. It’s up to Tullus to once again find the strength within himself to fight and save his friends.We learn more about Elemence, something which I thought was lacking from the previous book, but it’s certainly made up for here. As the book progresses, Tullus grows in strength, not just in terms of his control of Elemence, but also he grows into a stronger, more capable person. It leaves the route open for more character development in the next book, and I already look forward to that.The book once again manages to combine an engaging plot and characters with impressive historical details, ending up with a riveting story that will appeal to all fans of historical fantasy.

  • Julien Fabre
    2019-01-16 02:52

    The follow up to the excellent start of the leopard king saga doesn't disappoint! It is filled with new characters, as well as returning ones, each with its own background and set of skills. This is definitely becoming an epic story, with enough parallel plots to keep you interested without feeling lost.The book does a good job unveiling more details about the Serpent Wars without giving you too much at once, which makes you feel exactly like some of the characters that are learning about it at the same time as you. The use of Elemence is much more present in this book, as the characters' ability to use it evolves chapter after chapter.Personally i am really looking forward to discover how the story unfolds, and see if some of my suspicions are confirmed. If you enjoyed the first book, you will definitely have a blast with this one too. If you haven't read The Leopard Vanguard, read it first, the story of this one relies heavily on the first one.

  • Magda Kossakowska
    2019-01-13 08:52

    Thank you T.A. for sending me improved copy. This part was better then the first one:-) There so much waiting for next adventure of Leopard King (really 2016 come on:-)).

  • Domika
    2019-01-18 06:00

    CZ/ENJeště jednou děkuji autorovi za e-bookPo prvním dílu, který skončil opravdu napínavě, jsem se rozhodla pokračovat ve čtení dál. Druhý díl - The Leopard Stratagem navazuje přesně tam, kde první díl skončil. I když se jedná o pokračování, je druhý díl úplně jiný než první a je to poznat hned na začátku.Autor se vyhýbá zbytečnému předlouhému vysvětlování a hodí vás přímo do děje. Na rozdíl od prvního dílu, kde bylo více politiky, se zde dozvíme mnohem více o magii a jejím užití. Tullus zde více používá svá kouzla, která se naučil od svého nového učitele Hradacka.Kromě Tulluse se magii učí i Serpentus - starý/nový Tullusův nepřítel. I on zjistil, že má Dar, avšak používá ho jinak než Tullus. Přidá se k Hadímu kultu, který používá vztek a nenávist jako zdroj moci. Právě Hadí kult byl odvěkým nepřítelem Vzdušných Paladinů a Dryád. Všichni opět nabírají síly a snaží se použít Dveře vedoucí do démonského světa Kaotiky. Kdo nakonec zvítězí? Podaří se Tullusovi dveře zničit dříve, než je Serpentus otevře a vypustí na svět zlo?"Together, we can destroy this Door and rid the world of its evil forever."Jak už jsem říkala, úvod je poněkud rychlejší než v prvním díle. Opět se autor věnuje všem postavám. Každou chvíli se střídají pohledy, ze kterých sledujeme vývoj celého příběhu. Autor čtenáře dokáže dokonale napnout, protože v ten nejdramatičtější okamžik se změní úhel pohledu a vy vůbec nevíte, co se stalo. A právě takové střídání pohledů vás nutí číst knížku dál a dál, abyste zjistili, co se stalo. Nehledě na to, že všechny pohledy jednotlivých postav jsou provázány a jednotlivá rozhodnutí jedné postavy ovlivňují další.Na střídání úhlů pohledů je nejlepší to, že se dokonale seznámíte s každým hrdinou. Všem vidíte přímo do hlavy a znáte jejich názor na celou věc. Víte tedy i ten nejďábelštější plán hlavního záporáka a i to, že mu hlavní hrdina leze přímo do pasti!“You speak in riddles Hradack; I was raised as a soldier, not a philosopher.” Co se týče postav, seznámíte se zde hlavně se záporáky. Hadí kult totiž znovu nabírá síly a verbuje nové nestvůry, které pod podmínkou odměny loví našeho hlavního hrdinu Tulluse. Ze všech záporáků jsem si nejvíc oblíbila hlavně Serpentuse a Afaau. Líbil se mi jeho styl mluvení. Jelikož patří k Hadímu kultu, autor přidal do jeho řeči syčení typické pro tyto plazy. Afaa tedy často syčí a všechny slova zakončuje sss. I takovýto detail se mi velmi líbil a dávám za něj autorovi palec nahoru.Naproti tomu Tullus nám tak nějak trošku zhloupnul. Některá jeho rozhodnutí byla nesmyslná a občas jsem nad ním kroutila hlavou. Také mě mrzelo, že se autor věnoval více záporákům jak Tullusovi, avšak pro tento díl byl (podle mého názoru) Hadí kult důležitější než samotný Tullus. Dozvěděli jsme se totiž o něm opravdu vše - historii, schopnosti členů kultu a vše, co čtenáři potřebují vědět.Nesmím zapomenout i na Elianu, která je díl od dílu tvrdohlavější. Snad se jí její tvrdohlavost, nebojácnost a smysl pro spravedlnost nevymstí. Eliana se totiž rozhodla pokračovat v boji proti císaři. Hledá spojence, kde se dá a společně s Dryádami plánuje zničit Caligulu, který terorizuje všechny své poddané.Autorův styl psaní mi vyhovuje. Kniha obsahuje spoustu zajímavých myšlenek i citátů. Některé z nich jsem si zvýraznila, abych se s vámi o ně mohla podělit. Rozhovory jednotlivých postav mají hloubku, žádná z postav neřeší hlouposti a nedělají ukvapená rozhodnutí. Postavy svými názory, chováním a činy ovlivňují ostatní. Hlavně Tullus ovlivňuje mladičkého nezkušeného Caltuse, který chce jít v Tullusových šlépějích. Stejně jako Tullus i Eliana motivuje ostatní a snaží se chránit bezbranné a slabé.“The first rule of sword fighting is…don’t get killed!”Knihu nemůžu jinak než doporučit. Podle mě je druhý díl o hodně lepší než první. Stejného názoru jsou i ostatní čtenáři GR. Už se moc těším na třetí díl, který má navíc ještě vyšší hodnocení než druhý! Jsem moc ráda, že jsem si tento díl přečetla. Pokud stále váháte, zda si knihu přečíst nebo ne, přikazuji vám ANO! Přečtěte si ji! Určitě neuděláte chybu!“My grandfather says that we do not choose our destiny. It is chosen for us.”5/5___________________________________________________After the first book, which ended very excitingly, I've deciced to continue reading. The second book - The Leopard Stratagem starts right where the first book ended. Even though it's a sequel, the second book differs from the first one, and you can find it out right at the beggining.The author is avoiding unnecessary long explanations and throw you into the story. In contrast with the first book, where you find more politics, you learn much more about magic and its use in this book. Tullus uses more of his magic he had learn from his new teacher Hradack.Apart from Tullus, Serpentus - old/new Tullus's enemy, learns magic too. He finds out that he has the Gift too, but he uses it in a different way. Serpentus joins the Serpent Eye, who uses anger and hate as sourcec of their power. Just The Serpent Eye was and old-age enemy of the Air Paladins and Dryads. All of them again gain their powers and try to use the Door leading into the demon world Kaotika. Who will win this war? Can Tullus destroy the Door before Serpentus opens it and unleashes the evil to the world?"Together, we can destroy this Door and rid the world of its evil forever."As I said, the beginning is faster than in the first book. The author describes all of the characters. The points of view are changing. The author can perceftly tense the reader, because in the most dramatic moment he just changes the point of view and you don't know what the hell is happening. These changes force you to read further and further and find out what's happened. In addition, all of the perspectives of the characters are intertwined and individual decisions of one character affect the others.The best thing on the alternating points of view is that it's perfectly amiliar with every hero. You can see right inside their heads and you know their opinions on the whole thing. You know the most evil villain's plan and also that the main character is going into a trap!“You speak in riddles Hradack; I was raised as a soldier, not a philosopher.” As of the characters, you can acquaint yourself mostly with bad guys. The Serpent Eye is once again gaining strength and recuiting new monsters that hunt (for reward) our hero Tullus. Of all three bad guys I most love Serpentus and Afaa. I liked Afaa's style of speaking. Since it belongs to the Serpent Eye, the author added into his speech typical hiss of these reptiles. Afaa is often hissing and most of the words end with sss. I liked such a detail very much and I give the author thumbs up.In contrast, Tullus somehow became more dumb. Some of his decisions were unreasonable, and sometimes I just disagreed with him. I was also disappointed that the author spent more time with the bad guys than with Tullus. We learnd about them really everything - history, ability and everything the reader needs to know.I mustn't forgot Eliana who is more and more stubborn. I hope that her stubbornness, fearlessness and sense for justice don't get her in troubles. Eliana has decided to continue the fight against the emperor. Looking for allies, and together with Dryads, she plans to destroy Caligula, who terrorizes all his people.The author's writing style suits me very well. The book contains a lot of interesting ideas and quotes. I have highlighted some of them and put them in the review, so I can show you them. The speeches of the characters have depth, none of the characters act stupid and do hasty decisions. Characters with their opinions, behaviour and actions affect the others. Tullus mainly affects the younger inexperienced Caltus who wants to be like Tullus. As well as Tullus and Eliana motivate others and seek for protection for the weak and defenseless.“The first rule of sword fighting is…don’t get killed!”I can only recommend this book. According to me, the second book is better. I'm looking forward to reading the third part, which in addition has an even higher rating than the first and the second ones. I'm so glad that I've read this. If you are still hesitating, whether you should read this book or not, I highly recommend you this book! Read it!“My grandfather says that we do not choose our destiny. It is chosen for us.”5/5

  • Dianne
    2019-01-23 08:34

    Prepare to re-enter the world of ancient Rome, where excess is a way of life, power and wealth are flaunted and politics make strange bedfellows. The champion of the masses has become the target of vicious bounty hunters with spells and powers beyond those of mere mortals. Tullus is the Leopard King and his incantra, the Leopardess, Celestra is his other half, both filled and strengthened by the magic they share. The Leopard King Saga continues with Tome Two, The Leopard Stratagem as T. A. Uner casts his own spell over the world he has created and the inhabitants he has brought to larger than life existence.As this tome begins, once again T. A. Uner displays his gift for fantasy by alternating the focus on pivotal events and characters, giving each enough spotlight time to truly demonstrate the vastness of both this world and the events taking place simultaneously. Intrigue, evil villains, true heroes and those with a cause to champion bravely step forward, with the Leopard King and Celestra never far from their thoughts. As the bounty on their heads brings the dregs of the earth out from their lairs, Tullus and Celestra must fight for every inch of freedom they strive to gain. The glory of being the one to take down a living legend and the riches promised makes for unsavory alliances, ungodly beasts and some of the most tension-filled battles imaginable.Together, they are a formidable team, but there are those who wish to separate them for their own evil plans. Will they succeed? Have the Leopard King and his Leopardess been backed into a corner they cannot escape from together?The most wicked of them all has a personal vendetta raging against the Leopard King, Serpentus will have his revenge, or so he thinks, but not if the Wolf Lord or Croctus Reptilius have their way.Be prepared to lose yourself into this madly wicked melange of adventure and strife as good versus evil wage battle after battle and the crazed Caligula names himself a god of the world he is losing control over. Chaotic as the world that these characters live in seems, each event is like the spoke on a wheel and they all lead to the heart of this tale, the Leopard King. Some heroes are just that big and T. A. Uner knows how to bring them to life.A last note: I am particularly impressed that T. A. Uner does not leave his readers in the dark regarding the spells used in this tale. Without slowing down the action with lengthy “info” dumps, he has included an entire glossary of terms, and what each spell does. I would highly recommend referring to this font of information either prior to reading or after, and you will discover how each named spell actually acted and how their name relates to what they do. As I read each one, I was reminded of where the spell was used, almost like watching the highlights of the best epic ever told!I received this ARC edition from T. A. Uner in exchange for my honest review.Saga: Leopard King - Tome 2Publication Date: September 23, 2014Publisher: T. A. UnerGenre: Epic Historical Fiction/FantasyPrint Length: 407 pagesAvailable from: Amazon

  • Julia
    2019-01-18 06:56

    And the adventure continues where now it isn't only Ancient Rome suffering corruption but the possible extinction of the known world is brought to life. Return back to the world introduced in "Leopard Vanguard" where magic continues to grow stronger, enemies return to try their new strengths and where new characters join an exquisite dance with older ones. T.A. Uner has done it again in bringing Ancient Rome back to you while stretching out its borders into wild lands and abandoned monuments. Characters from these little known areas are welcomed into the famous standing cast to bring new life, depth and even more troubles into a complicated storyline as is. There isn't much to say that hasn't been said in the first review of the series for there is a little bit for everyone and then some. Battle scenes, emotional scenes, words of wisdom and seeing where your morals stand. There is hope, confusion, hate, love and just being there for each other. And the worst/best thing is the mystery behind it. When I finished the first book I had no idea where it was going or the path it would take to end, which drove me nuts. And even though I must confess I have been a nuisance in trying to pry details from the author he won't budge a word or say anything but I have at least two suspicions I am keeping to myself. In the meantime he better hurry up with the next book lol. Anyway there was one part that I must mention to be truthful about my review while I have already discussed it with the author. I can agree with him on some of his points while having reached those same conclusions before he made mention of them. What has probably rubbed me wrong so far is the usage of Croctus, Sawtooth and Stone Ram. In a sense I probably should have read the second book before reading the intermediary stories for the way I saw those characters didn't match very much what I saw in the book so that part I could say disappointed me but it also explains how they ended up being adversaries instead of potential allies. Again this is my own opinion and I strongly encourage any fans to read these books as they will then make their own decisions for that is the best hope we have on making the book ours. Again T.A. Uner I salute you for another wonderful book.... **Received this book for free in exchange for a review**

  • Eustacia Tan
    2019-01-09 03:43

    And, we're now at book two of the Leopard King series - The Leopard Stratagem. I'm going to come clean and tell you right from the start, I liked this book a lot better than the first one. Why?Well mainly because there's a lot more magic. I mean, I like reading about political intrigue and all that, but magical creatures and humans? I'm just waiting for the Griffins in book three now. They have to show up, right? On the good-guy side, we have Tullus and Celestra, who are learning how to use their powers. Well, Tullus is learning. On the bad-guy side, we have the Serpentus. While you won't recognise his name, but he's one of the villains from book one.And as you can guess from the above description, this is a good vs bad story. There are people who practice evil magic (Serpentus and his demon), trying to call up demons to this world. Then, there are people like Tullus and the circus troupe, who are trying to stop them. Tullus is training, and the circus troupe are trying to destroy the door to Katoika (check sp), the demon world, under the guidance of a new character, a potion mistress. The two groups meet in the end as Serpentus makes his move and forcus Tullus and Celestra to go back and fight.You might be wondering, where is Eliana in all of this? Well, she's in Caligula's palace, trying to overthrow the crazy king. To be very honest, I found her even more annoying than in the first book. But, I was very diverted by the magical parts of the story that it seemed to me that she played a very small role.I would say that book two of the series is different from book one. Book one reminded me a lot of Game of Thrones, a lot of political intrigue and scheming. Book two is much more like a traditional fantasy novel, with magic and battles and werewolves. Yes, werewolves are in this novel. And talking snakes. And a few other magical creatures.Definitely recommended to fans of fantasy.Disclaimer: I got a free copy of this book as part of the Enchanted Books Blog Tour in exchange for a free and honest review.This review was first posted at Inside the mind of a Bibliophile

  • R.C. Bean
    2019-01-19 09:02

    I was provided with a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest revew. The Leopard Stratagem is the second book in the Leopard King saga by TA Uner. This volume takes us further through the tale of Tullus, the Leopard King who has successfully conquered Scorpio. Tullus needs some time for emotional recuperation to overcome the grief of losing his beloved, owing to which he heads off to Elemence, whose master is Hradack. The latter's wisdom proves enlightening for Tullus as he braces himself for battling a fresh onslaught of enemies, who are all eager to overthrow him and Celestra. I loved the first volume in this saga and the second one proves even better. The characterisation of the protagonist, Tullus, particularly has been handled remarkably well. Tullus has evolved mentally as a much better person, ruler and fighter and it shows through. The negative characters are also etched well - be it the hideos Serpentus or the vicious Scorpio in the first volume, the author had highlghted the venom in the characters pretty well, making them loathsome, exactly as how they should be. The pace of the book is easy and smooth. Given the fact that this book deals with a number of characters and turning points, pace was an important element to ensure the reader doesn't feel dazed, and it has been done just right. I would definitely recommend this book to lovers of paranormal adventure and action, but I suggest that readers read The Leopard Vanguard first before picking this up, in order to truly relish the characterisation of the protagonist. My Rating for this Book: 4.5 StarsReview Links

  • Billy Dominguez
    2019-01-13 08:57

    A solid sequel to The Leopard Vanguard. The first 180-200 pages I thought were just excellent! Tullus continued on his journey of learning Elemence with Hadrack. The history of the Air Paladins was great (I kind of want a novel based on them). The magic and fantasy scenes were great and I was happy to see more magic incorporated into this book since I felt it lacking a bit in the first. Afaa is this awesome wicked snake charmer and is probably my favorite introduced character so far. Close to the mid point of the novel a whole slew of new characters backing Serpentus each get introduced, past characters all get brought back into the story (along with their plotting), plus the situation with the Dryads, then so many characters end up plotting against Tullus. At this point Tullus as a focal character gets placed in the background and the magic and elements that I loved in the first part get lost. The last 1/3 of the novel comes off as repetitive chasing and battling that it begins to get a bit dull. I did prefer this a bit more than the first so a solid 4 star rating because there where strong scenes and characters throughout the novel.

  • Morgan Duplechin
    2019-01-02 02:34

    **I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review**Wow! There aren't many series where the second book is better than the first but that is definitely the case with this book. There was so much action and drama going on that your never bored. I really liked how the author switched from character to character without focusing on one specific character. You get more of a feel for what's going on and you get triple the action. I'm so glad I got to read novellas that go in between the first and second books. Having novellas focusing on some of the characters you see in this book gives you more of an idea of the thoughts behind the actions of some of the characters. My only complaint about this book is that it could be a tad predictable.

  • Hasan Mustafa
    2019-01-17 07:00

    I have had this book for over 10 days now, and due to real world responsibilities I didn't really have time to read it until now. I am glad that I finally got around to it. I was planning on only starting the book today, instead I was left with no choice but to finish it in one go. This has been an awesome experience so far, and I started this book with high expectations after enjoying the first 'tome' immensely. The story continues from where it left off and has a little bit of everything. The little insights into Celestra's mind was something I really enjoyed a lot.The series has been really good so far and I am looking forward to reading more from T.A Uner. Keep up the good work!

  • Zipporah Aniko
    2019-01-04 08:53

    WOW!This book left me reeling!It's got something for just about every reader; adventure and mystery, magic and the paranormal, more than enough war, battles and scuffles to sate a reader's blood-thirst, surprises and suspense, as well as history and a bit of romance. It would seem like a lot of genres, but everything falls so perfectly in place, there are absolutely no dull moments.The book's got real characters with real problems, some driven to the point of desperation, and basically an engrossing story. It also answers a number of questions I had after reading the previous books, while leaving me with more that have definitely hyped me up for the next book.

  • Corey
    2019-01-11 06:00

    The tales of Tullus and Celestra are continued!The storyline keeps getting more complicated and more interesting with this installment. Many new characters introduced, and some new things happening with the other characters too. It gets really interesting!Overall I feel this series is a really great addition to the fantasy genre, and it has some more interesting bits to it because its based in our own histories, our own myths and legends. The Roman connection especially adds alot of flavor that you dont otherwise get with a fantasy story.I cant wait to read more on this series in future! Don't keep us waiting too long, Mr. Uner!

  • Bobbi
    2018-12-31 10:43

    If you are looking for a bit of history with blood and gore, a smidgen of romance with some fantasy thrown in, and a lot of adventure then this is the book for you. This is a long read but worth it. Tullus, Eliana, Decimus, and Artia are forces to reckon with all in there own different ways. Serpentus is evil through and through. Evil is all around them. There is love and loss and revenge. Truly can't wait for the next book in this series.I received this book from the author for an honest review.

  • Mrs. Kyle
    2019-01-04 05:39

    While the first book took me on a journey where I met some great personas, won some enemy's and made some loyal friends; the second book has more action and lot's of more magic. You get to understand how it all started, but the more knowledge, the more risks. The adventure keeps you learning and wondering, wary of who's a friend or foe, but optimistic and faithful to the goodness, because good will always be stronger.

  • Arran Douglas
    2019-01-17 05:01

    Another great book by T.A. Uner. I wholeheartedly enjoyed this book.Tullus is back in another amazing tale where he battles with Serpentus. Tullus has help from Hradack, Masego, Vulcan and Gansu. Serpentus has help from assassins, bounty hunters and warriors. And Decimus is back with a new area to help protect the empire. This story had great plot twists and story lines. I literally love this book and once I got into it I didn't put it down.

  • Dwayne Keller
    2019-01-18 04:58

    The story of the ex-Roman guard continues. Learn of his trainings, and adventures (you might even learn some history) as he continues his quest. And the story isn't over. There is another volume to come.

  • Camly Nguyen
    2018-12-26 06:40

    *Received this ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review*This review will be posted (soon) as #34 at: www.bookbloggerz.weebly.comTullus is trying to find Hadrack, a master in Elementia, to help him have a greater understanding on the magic that he possesses. Meanwhile, darker forces are stirring and Serpentus a.k.a Norbanus, a young tribune in exile, is recruited to lead a reproduction of the ancient Serpent Cult that was once the enemies of the Air Paladin. Having so much dark power, Norbanus corrupts the mind of His Godship Caligula and orders him to have all the Dryads killed. Eliana is doing all in her power to stop the killings even if it means that she’s putting her life in danger. But Norbanus isn’t your average enemy; he has armed himself with very powerful people. Under the tutelage of a fanatical cleric, Serpentus embarks on a destructive path for dark power and concocts a deadly plan to destroy the Leopard King and his companion Celestra.It has come to my attention that Uner’s female characters are usually my favorite. Eliana is such a brave girl and I’m very proud of her for standing up to her father and to the ideas that she believes in. I also really loved the fact that Tullus’s POV appeared at the very beginning then disappeared for a while then reappeared again towards the middle. It made his part seem very realistic because it’s impossible to get proper training in a couple of days. It takes months and it shows when you read the book. As usual, Uner’s rich vocabulary makes the Leopard Stratagem quite a delightful read. On the other hand, I also felt like this book was filled with coincidences.(view spoiler)[(ex: Anna has a twin that we never heard of that comes to the rescue, Norbanus suddenly has magic powers and just happens to want to seek revenge on the Leopard King, Sharkus’ nemesis randomly appears at the worst time possible when he could’ve attacked a decade ago…) (hide spoiler)] It just ruined the credibility of the potentially good book. There was also a part halfway throughout the book where random characters from Uner’s novellas join in and were very out of place. I found myself speed reading all of their parts because I was just not interested. That being said, the cliffhanger has been answered by another cliffhanger (arrrgggg!!!) and some typo mistakes still remain. (Update: I've been notified by the author that this issue has been resolved in the new edition of the book)My verdict is that the Leopard Stratagem is a decent book but needs more CONNECTION. So more Eliana and Tullus. Preferably together. Add a couple of kids. Yeah. Create something intimate. As cheesy as it might seem, steamy scenes create connections between the characters and the reader(e.g. Outlander, Fall of Giants) Yes, yes, I know that life isn't all about rainbows and butterflies but a little excitement doesn't hurt a fly. Just don't overdo it, but don't underdo it either.

  • Meka♥books
    2019-01-11 10:50

    4.5 stars. This is another brilliantly written book by T.A. Uner that will leave you wanting more. The Leopard Stratagem incorporates villains from books 1.1 – 1.3. Although all books are stand alone reads, I would recommend reading the series in order to have a well rounded understanding of the characters. I was familiar with all previous characters with the exception of Stone Ram from book 1.3. Could I follow the parts with Stone Ram, of course; but like I said, for a better understanding of the characters read the series in order.The Leopard Stratagem is packed with villains, making the fight scenes & betrayal off the charts. Duplicity is at an all time high in this book and might even be unexpected by some which makes the read more exciting. Because TLS has many characters, at times I felt a bit overwhelmed and didn’t feel the cohesiveness of the story. For me, this was rectified later in the story. Everything came together quite nicely and flowed without effort. Compared to The Leopard Vanguard, this time around magic, spells, and portions are prevalent throughout which I was happy about. New characters like Artia & Afaa prove to be either alleys or foes for Tullus and Celestra. I always enjoy the research and rich history the author places in these series. The Leopard Stratagem was no different. I liked how the author included the use of Swastika while educating the reader both during and after the book of its ancient origins and meaning of “good.”There were no major grammatical or spelling errors. The only drawback to reading these series and it is a preference for me and has nothing to do with the story or the author’s writing but I wish the x-ray feature was available for my Kindle. There are a lot of times I forget to highlight/bookmark a page while reading and wish I could just look up a specific character for reference.The Leopard Stratagem is a fantastic read by a great author. If you’re interested in reading a sci fi/fantasy novel that has historical information, and a lot of action, pick this book up. It will not disappoint. ***I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review***

  • Kristen Cansler
    2019-01-13 03:02

    The Leopard Stratagem is another brilliant book by T.A. Uner. I was instantly drawn into this world again. There is the perfect blend of new elements while still recognizing the first book to make this second book a delightful follow-up to The Leopard Vanguard.There are so many layers to The Leopard Stratagem. The more you read of this book, the more you get involved in the tangled web that T.A. Uner has weaved. Pacing is perfect and keeps you absorbed in the story as it unfolds.Villains are abound in this book leaving the reader with plenty of conflicts to witness. T.A. Uner does the fantasy genre justice with the rich details and thoughts paid attention to these scenes. With the inclusion of new characters, the cast builds its ranks. But it isn't done in a way that screams info dump. Everything moves very fluidly and organically.T.A. Uner never disappoints and he hammers this point home with The Leopard Stratagem. It's the perfect read if you love getting lost in a fantasy world that's so well planned out. I cannot wait for the next book in this series. You won't be disappointed if you pick up any of T.A. Uner's work! **I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review with no compensation.

  • Carl
    2019-01-08 06:01

    Have followed the story of The Leopard King from his first novel which I said was a mixture of Spartacus and Harry Potter. This novel is more the latter, more magical battles and less Rome.I suppose this is a natural progression of the story. At first I thought it a little slower than usual but that was just a build up to the best bit..which is the introduction of the characters from the smaller prequel stories. Stone Ram, Bloody Ripper and my favourite Kill Zombies. It is then the story takes on new life and all the threads are pulled together.While I am not the biggest fan of magic stories the action and characterisation pulled it along nicely.These stories are easy to read and simple enough to understand.Although set in Roman times, sometimes there is a contemporary feel to the writing mixing the old and the modern. The use of Latin twixt chapters is a great little treat and this story boasts an appendix of all the spells used in the series.Long live Sawtooth!

  • SofiaRaftopoulou
    2018-12-27 10:04

    Wow! The sequel of The Leopard Vanguard was even better! The plot flows like water and the action scenes are just great! Tullus, the protagonist, becomes stronger and more mature and is determined to learn as much as he cans about magic. The book gives you thrills every so often and you just can't put it down and go to sleep! You get absorbed by the little details, the wild scenes and of course the new characters! Overall, it's a magnificent follow up to the Leopard Vanguard!

  • T.A. Uner
    2019-01-08 07:57

    ORIGINALLY POSTED ON 9/23/14: Thanks to everyone who's read and reviewed The Leopard Vanguard, Tome One. I hope you will all enjoy this second Tome as well.