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Love is an hour's shower and letting someone else's tears wash yours away. Love is that element of your destiny that comes to you to embrace you in its grasp when you have nowhere to go. Love is not a because. Its a no-matter-what. For what reason does Love need, And since when does Love choose to die? But reason suffers fallen state, And reason learns to lie. Reason playsLove is an hour's shower and letting someone else's tears wash yours away. Love is that element of your destiny that comes to you to embrace you in its grasp when you have nowhere to go. Love is not a because. Its a no-matter-what. For what reason does Love need, And since when does Love choose to die? But reason suffers fallen state, And reason learns to lie. Reason plays such a smallish part, For reason breaks and bends. With love was the world created, And with love shall it end....

Title : Love Bytes: 20 Tales of love
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ISBN : 9789384180799
Format Type : Paperback
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Love Bytes: 20 Tales of love Reviews

  • Shreya Kishore
    2018-11-13 20:40

    I have been thinking of writing this review for a while, so I thought I will finally do it now. I have to say that this was a first for me. I usually do not read Indian anthalogies, but this one intrigued me. My first impression was that I loved the cover art and the design of lovebirds inside the book. It was beautiful and different. I am one of those people who judge a book by its cover. And the cover was one of the reasons I read it. So, I am doing a story by story breakdown kind of review.1. Just Another Painting Now, this story is by the guest author. It was pretty cliche and predictable kind of story. But what really matters is that it pulled you in. You couldn't stop till you got to the end. It was pretty nice and left you with a smile.2. Eternal LoveI liked the writing style of this story. It used flashbacks and present day scenerios very well. It was also unexpected. When I read the first lines, I was expecting something completely different than what I got. But I liked what I got. 3. The Silhouette of Love This one had an urbane setting and I guess it was a realatable story for the working people today. Again, it made good use of flashbacks. This was one of the stories that I really liked. 4.The Obsessed Love'Vague' is the word that comes to mind when I read this story. It was sad and made me think. Is it important that good love stories must be tragedies? If they are not tragedies, then they are considered fluff. But what is the central line? It was full of romance, no doubt, but not my cup of tea. 5.Room No.43 Honestly, its one of my favorites. Its simple and cute. Its also relatable. Or maybe not. But then, it makes you happy. And I think that's the most important thing that matters. 6. Romantic Calculations The story of a nerd who was so busy pursuing studies that he didn't see something that was right in front of his eyes. And I liked the competitive spirit. Again, it was a cute story. 7. Love Changed my Life For one, this was short and simple. I really liked the way in which the author gave us a complete story- a good insight into the background, the main story and a nice little what happened after. Everything was tied together with a tidy bow. 8.Enchanted This was one of the stories which could be developed into a full blown novel. It had all the elements for it, the oblivious MC, betrayal, romance, tragedy. Another one of my favorites. 9. The Secret Lettter Okay, so this one reminds me of my favorite dialogue from Ram-Leela,Bada badtameez, besharam, khudgarz hota hai par pyaar toh aisa hi hota hai (It is insulting, blatant and selfish, but that's how love is.)A tale of selfish love. What you don't know can't hurt you. That's the belief that was conveyed through this story. By the end of it, I totally hated two of the MC's. But they were right in their own way. This was one of the stories which you wish would end differently, but you know that the original ending is the only way it could have gone down.<10. The Hard Choice The title makes it obvious, it is about difficult choices. Sometimes the heart wants thingsthat are not really good for it. What we want and what we need are two different things. And the protagnist has to choose between what is correct for her and what her heart wants to do. A story which is grounded in reality. No fluff here. 11. A text AwayLove comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes you love a person and you now it will never work. But the heart will go on. This story is all about love, which doesn't necessarily end in a relationship. Its love nevertheless. It reminded me of love between friends ( more like bffs). 12. Destiny It IsLove is never an easy journey nor is it common.Yeh ishq nahi aasaan, bus itna samajh lijiye, Ki aag ka daariyaan hai, aur doob kar jaana hai. ( This love is not easy, just know that it is like a sea of fire and you have to cross it. My translation doesn't do it full justice but its the best I could do.) My favorite part of the story was the Sher-e-shayari. Really, that part was the most heart touching. The rest of the story was nice, if not a bit dragged out. 13. Dream: That Took Me to HeavenThe story started out okay, it actually took me back to my school days. Teasing friends about their crushes was something I think most teenagers do. Even the love story was cute. It was the later part which did not go down well with me. I think the topic of assault was treated insensitively. The protagnist was too judgemental and even though he admitted his mistake later, I didn't like this develepment at all. I think the ending was apt, I wouldn't have accepted it any other way. 14. Love- That Never Came My wayUnrequited love or the one that got away. This one was all about that. The best way to describe it would be like a reunion tale. It was okay. 15. Finally, I got PublishedThis was an emotional, heart- wrenching story. It was about first love. It was about loss. I really liked this story. Though, I was confused at some parts and some loose ends were not tied up. But it still ended up on my favorite list. 16. Will You Marry Me?I can't really make up my mind about this story. I didn't exactly like it nor did I hate it. I just thought it didn't enough plot or emotional substance to qualify as romance. 17. A Sweet and Spicy Tale'A girl and a boy can never be friends'. This story was written just to prove that age old concept wrong. We live in the twentieth century and we know that platonic friendship is not an alien concept. It was a pretty good story and for me the love between the best friends was the limelight. An Ode to friendship. 18. Love is Eternal, just follow your heartAnother story which had an innocent start and went on to tackle some heavy issues like acid attack. My only complaint is that I think a short story cannot really express such tragedies completely. I feel like there are missing parts. But I guess, that was the different element in the story.19. Always and ForeverI don't know why but I could totally see the story play out like a movie in my head. I am taking a wild guess here and I think the story was based on the same campus, where I currently study. I felt as if I knew the characters and there is this pull when you can put a picture to the names of places. It was a beautiful story.20. The BlanketThis was the shortest story in the book. But, it was perfect as the last story. It was vague, you could fill the gaps with your own imagination. On the whole, I loved the book because it made me laugh, cry and brought out emotions. For me, the most important part of a book is a connection. But I think this book could have been much better, if it was edited some more. It had one of those common flaws in Indian books where the writer thinks in reional language and writes in English. It messes stuff up. There were some grammatical errors, not really noticeable but I am really particular about such stuff. Overall, I think some better editing could have doen wonders for this book, but it is definitely worth a read.

  • Renuka Singh
    2018-10-20 15:34

    Actually its a 4.5:The books looks romantic and it's all about love....and that was one of the major reason I bought this book.And this book is full of love, indeed. One of the best love tales in short stories.Though I don't know this author- Priyank.... but this book lukd lik a forced attempt to popularize the author and I hv never heard of his book too and neither my fiends. But then I thought he may be gud and hell I waz wrong.. his story "just another painting" was monotonous and boring. It was predictable and now I'm glad that I hv not read his "best seller book". One of the worst story of the book.But then most of them were really really good....especially- a text away, silhouette of love, will you marry me? an dream..... and the other stories were good too... :)Dream by pavitr was damn good and what I believe the highlight of the book was "silhouette of love" it was amazing and different....I wanted his story to go on and on but then sadly it was ended... I like this book and I love Mayank kashyap. <3 U rock man! and Pavitr you are good too..hats-off...A must read book..... Go grab it.

  • Mayank Kashyap
    2018-11-01 17:00

  • Divya Ramnath Bandodkar
    2018-10-27 19:55

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    2018-10-18 19:02

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    2018-10-25 22:59