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Simone is a woman on a mission: Stop being boring, and fall in love. That's easier said than done with no prospects on the table... or under the table... or near the table. Her luck changes when fellow neighborhood business owner Roman Taylor walks through the door of her flower shop. Roman is single, successful, and sexy — everything Simone is looking for to embark on a wSimone is a woman on a mission: Stop being boring, and fall in love. That's easier said than done with no prospects on the table... or under the table... or near the table. Her luck changes when fellow neighborhood business owner Roman Taylor walks through the door of her flower shop. Roman is single, successful, and sexy — everything Simone is looking for to embark on a whirlwind summer romance with the potential to spark an everlasting love. But things are never as "perfect" as they seem, and Simone — and Roman — have to decide if they're willing to risk their hearts when things get a little messy in their pursuit of a crazy little thing called love....

Title : A Crazy Little Thing Called Love
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ISBN : 23269794
Format Type : Kindle Edition
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A Crazy Little Thing Called Love Reviews

  • Layeshia
    2018-10-27 15:42

    Looking for love This is Roman and Simone's love story. Simone was looking for love but I didn't have a man. And walks Roman every woman's dream. He sexy he's smart he has his own business and he also has a daughter, previous relationship. And oh yeah baby mama. The question is can Simone overlook the baby and especially the baby mama. I loved the characters and their relationships. Although at times I was screaming at my kindle!

  • Love Belvin
    2018-10-26 23:15

    "He smelled like coffee."Daaaaaaaang!! I must admit, never in my two decades-plus of living (blank stare) have I ever been captivated by the first line of a book. I actually smelled roasted coffee beans! Who does that? Christina C. Jones.She's evolving as a writer. With each project, I feel/empathize with her characters even more. Leah here in "A Crazy Little Thing Called Love" is an example of that. I didn't hate her - I didn't like her antics, but I couldn't hate her. This is because Jones carefully articulated her deficiencies and made her human. Simone never fought against love, which is refreshing in romance. She wanted it, but stood her ground until it was safe to share her heart. I got that!Roman... -> insert dreamy eyes <- All I can say is, I'm still smelling coffee.Good stuff, CCJ!

  • Deloris
    2018-11-17 18:19

    APB Perspective Reviews : He smelled like coffee has got to be one of the best openings of a book I have read in a very long time and the story that went along with the opening line was a really good one! Roman was one sexy man but there was so much comedy in this story too, another favorite line from this book " Roman has a monster in his pants," you have to read the rest because I died laughing when I read it ,and I want you to be surprised. This was a wonderful book to read and I read it fast because I wanted to see what happens next, but I was not bored for one moment reading this book. I would describe this book as a new age sweet love story , kinda like Neo-soul/sweet but with two sugars . That means just enough of sweetness to make you swoon . I liked the fact that the secondary characters in this book, I wanted to know them better and I can not wait to see what happens in their stories.

  • Daisa
    2018-10-18 21:18

    Rating: 4.5Ya’ll cute!I always say that to characters when they’re being annoyingly adorable in the books that I’m reading because I’m crazy and talk to fictional characters…I need help! Lol.Simone and Roman were cute, this story was cute, their relationship was cute. It was just cute. I’m starting to think 'cute' is Christina C Jones’ superpowers. She just knows how to write good stories with awesome characters in relationships that make you envious if you aren’t in a relationship of your own and jealous if you are because I can PROMISE you, it’s nothing like what the characters’ relationship is like.Following the trend of Black Excellence that Christina loves to follow and that I have NO problem reading EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Simone owns her own flower shop “Posh Petals” that she started on her own, runs on her own and has developed, grown and garnered success from, on her own. Right across the street is Romans Coffee Shop “Urban Grind” which is the typical place for coffee connoisseurs by day and a nice hang out spot by night. Thanks to Romans friend being a major jackass and forgetting his wifes birthday, Roman and Simone cross paths and are thrown on a journey toward this Crazy Little Thing Called Love. (That was cheesy, I know, but ask me if I care!)With a set-up like that, you would expect this book to be all rainbows and sunshine, chocolate chips and candy canes, Ben and Jerrys…you get where I’m going with this. But trust me…this book wouldn’t be receiving the rating it has if that were the case because that's BORING/ The stars have aligned for Simone and Roman to have a whirlwind romance filled with passion and happiness but everyone has baggage. "A Crazy Little Thing Called Love" follows Roman and Simone on their journey as they try and figure out what they mean to one another and if their feelings for each other can trump the baggage they just can't seem to shake.I'm going to go a little off book here...I love that Christina’s books always feel real. Too many times, you read romance novels (new adult or just contemporary) and the stories seem so far fetched or out of reach that you can’t really LOSE yourself in the story. A Crazy Thing Called Love is a realistic and believable book. It’s a book that will having you stopping and thinking about what you would do if you were in some of the situations the characters end up in because the story is authentic enough that you COULD ask yourself these questions. Realistic enough that many people reading this story might have been or ARE in the very same position as them.I think it's a testament to how great of an author Christina is because I feel like the majority of us read books to escape. To get away from reality and this baffling thing we call life. But to write a story that is realistic, that has the ability to stress you out because it is so easy to relate or put yourself in the characters shoes, but STILL make it fun and entertaining to read, that’s not easy to do. Yet time and time again, Christina does it and in a way that makes it seem effortless.I know I’m supposed to be reviewing the book and I am instead gushing about how awesome of an author Christina is…but to be honest, there’s only so many times I can rave about her books being good. The book is good, READ IT….I just want to give a little insight into WHY I enjoy her books so much. It’s not just that the characters are bomb, are always professional and always have just the right amount of swag. It’s not just that Roman is the kind of man every woman would kill to have and that every man should strive to be. (I can’t say why without spoiling a plot point) It’s not just that Simone comes off as a real girl with real problems that everyday women face. It’s because Christina consistently tells the stories of characters you can’t help but to love in a way that doesn’t feel contrived or over the top. Reading about these successful, mature, cool, Black business owners doesn’t feel like an exception, a rarity or surprise. It feels normal and like just another story because it IS normal and we need more of that.To be honest, It’s a little bit funny that I decided this was the book that I was going to go all fan girl and rave about Christina on because this is my least favorite book out of the eight that I’ve read so far. With that being said, it was STILL good. I still enjoyed it, devoured it and I will definitely read the rest of the books in this series. Even at her worst, Christina slays…. And I don’t even feel right using that word!Recommendation: I think what I’m going to say is pretty obvious at this point. Just pick up one of her books and read it. You won’t regret it I PROMISE you.

  • Candi
    2018-10-28 21:32

    good read This was a quick easy read. Enjoyed the main characters Roman and Simone's developing relationship and the obstacles they faced (though Simone is better than me because i would have said hasta la vista). This is a contemporary romance so be prepared for a lot of vivid and descriptive sex scenes. I had to scroll through at least 3-5 pages to get back to the storyline. I'm not a fan of that so I did deduct a star for that but other than that it was a great read for my day at the beach.

  • Mary
    2018-10-21 22:39

    Christina has done it again. This story had me from the first page. If you love a sweet romantic story with just a little bit of drama, you will love this one.

  • The CurvyJones
    2018-10-22 17:27

    From time to time I troll social media to see what good books my favorites are talking about. You know the drill. If you're a book lover, you always have your ear to the ground for what other people like and are reading... what's new, what's coming. I even have an addiction to NetGalley and Edelweiss because if a super awesome book is coming out soon, I want it. NOW.It was during one of my stalk...err discovery sessions that I read about Christina Jones ( I'm always on the hunt for great writers of black romance so I hit her site, read about her books and set out to grab some of her work.Crazy Little Thing Called Love is book one in the Serendipitous Love series (also in this series: Didn't Mean to Love You and Fall in Love Again). The most recent book in the series was just released last month, but I'm odd about series. I don't like coming into one in the middle if I can help it. So, if I have time, I roll back to the beginning and get to know the characters from the start.Crazy Little Thing is set in a fictional neighborhood that is the envy of my heart: cozy little shops in a downtown enclave owned by African Americans that are mere steps from each other. All of the owners are tightly knit and watch out for each other, help each other out. Home is but a few steps away in what I imagine to be eclectic and interesting buildings. Simone runs a successful flower shop, a dream made possible by a loan from her generous friend India, who at the outset is mysteriously absent. Next door is a chocolatier, Vivienne. Down the street is a tattoo artist and across the street is Carter, the handsome, sexy barber. Simone, though, only has eyes for Ramone, owner of Urban Grind, a coffee shop by day and an intimate, soulful club by night.When the two meet, it is quite by accident. Roman and a friend happen into the flower shop on the hunt for an 'I'm sorry I forgot your birthday' bouquet. Roman was distractingly gorgeous and smelled strongly like coffee. He leaves with his friend, but hours later he comes back and invites her to stop into Urban Grind sometime.And there begins a lovely romance.Jones takes her time winding her readers through this sweet romance tinged with espresso beans and lilies. Roman and Simone move quickly from just flirting to 'much more than friends'... more quickly than either of them are prepared for, but Simone's motto for the year is to not be boring. Her budding romance with Roman is anything but boring. I haven't read a book where steam rises from the pages in quite a while. The sensuality is palpable, even moreso the growing affection between the two of them, from the soft jabs to the loving declarations.This relationship, however, has extra pieces. Like Roman's daughter, who Simone doesn't learn about until she's well into like with him. And Zahra's mother... who lives with Roman and who takes this relationship from sweet and carefree to 'what the hell am I doing, dating a man who lives with his child and her mother?' Simone is now dating a man with a child... is she ready for this experience? And what about Leah, the child's mother? Does she still want Roman or is the situation as platonic as they both insist?A quiet influence throughout the story is India, Simone's oldest, best friend. Simone shares everything with India-- her hurts and fears, her joy, her pain. Her new love Roman and the issues they encounter during their relationship. A heartbreaking loss, a few near-love affair ending incidences... India gets it all, but never responds. Not that Simone expects her to. India is in a coma, the result of a seizure while giving birth to her now two year old daughter. Waiting for her to wake up has been a daily pain that Simone has endured. Loving Roman helps to take the edge off, but when India's condition worsens, Simone needs his comfort and strength more than ever.Roman doesn't know how to tell this woman that he's deeply in love with that the night she lost her best friend, he was being seduced by his ex, the mother of his child.A friend of mine once said, "Yes, romance is predictable. A meets B, A and B live happily ever after-- that's a given. What happens between the meeting and the happily ever after... that's the story." Crazy Little Thing isn't just about A and B and the happy ending. Its not only about two obviously good looking, sexy people falling in love.It's also about entrepreneurs putting the most into their work and come into their own success. It is about respect of fellow human beings, dedication to relationships and sticking through a tough time with a person that you love because you love them. It's also about growing up and out and realizing when a relationship doesn't work anymore and when you really need to let go... and not having hard feelings about the other party moving on as well.Crazy Little Thing is a full tour through a relationship's ups and downs, trials and joys. I was only sad that this book ended for a moment, because then I remembered I have two more books set in this enviable world. I'm ready to jump back in!

  • Msfontan
    2018-11-04 16:24

    Love may indeed be a crazy thing but in this story crazy is a good thing. Once again Ms. Jones has developed another good story. The dialogue in this book seemed different to me from her past books but in a very good way. The writing was emotional, humorous and clever. The leads Simone and Roman's chemistry was believable and while things moved quickly between them their connection made sense. I felt as if I had been in this story, that I recognized these people and knew them. I found myself smiling a lot regarding Roman; you could feel his sexiness and his honesty. He is one of the good ones without a doubt. Simone was quick witted and no nonsense, she would be your ride or die chick for sure.I am not big on unnecessary drama and when conflict comes up in a story I need it to make sense to me. The storyline in Crazy did just that. I got it, understood it and could accept it. There were a couple things that made me pause and question "would someone not know this or that" but in the end I didn't matter because I was entertained.I do wish that Ms. Jones had utilized the secondary characters more in the one though. They were interesting and funny. Like Eddie, OMG! I wanted to know more about these people which I am sure was the authors intent. Knowing Ms. Jones I am sure there is more to come. This is probably my favorite book by Ms. Jones so far. She is a very good writer and every new story seems to bring something different. I can't wait to see where her next literary journey takes us.

  • Elle1986
    2018-10-19 19:20

    Short and sweet... I loved it.. I truly enjoyed this book. It gave the "feels" that I was looking for at the time. Now... I STRONGLY disliked the situation with Leah and the way it was handled. I don't think there is one woman who read this book and was like "Oh we understand the leah thing". I can respect and appreciate his handling of his responsibilities which is just one of the reason why I enjoyed his character but regardless of the "lack of time to talk" I felt like if you had 5-10 mins to flirt you had time to let simone know of your situation so that she would be able to decide for herself if it was something she could handle ( Yes this is a book I know I know but hell if I can fuss about it even if it did make the book more interesting hehe) All in all really really enjoyed Roman and Simone. Roman was refreshing honest which again made me fall a little more for his character. Simone was a mix of weak and strong.. She gave just enough of both to keep me content with her character. Signing off very simple this time... Sweet read.

  • Deena
    2018-10-29 15:43

    Christina C. Jones is amazing. She keeps cranking out books with story lines that are realistic and characters who are relatable. I have yet to be disappointed by any of her stories.Every story that I read by this author is my favorite, but here's why I liked this one: even though Roman had a baby mama, Mrs. Jones didn't go with stereotypes, with either Roman or Leah. Roman and Leah were committed to co-parenting their daughter; he was an involved, present dad and did whatever was necessary to make sure that Leah was good, because he understood what that meant for Zahra. I loved that. Leah was messy as hell and tried to come between Roman and Simone, but not for the usual reasons. I didn't agree with her actions, but I got her and understood her motivation.Loved Simone and the entire cast of characters in the book. Get your life and read this book! I'm off now to read about Carter and Vivienne!

  • Wilki J
    2018-11-18 16:44

    Simone has lived most of her life tending to books and work which left little room for, men. Now that her budding business is off the ground, she is looking to fall in love. Only problem is..with who? A delectable scent leads her to Roman and a friendship blooms. But when circumstances are hard to come by will Simone get the sweetest taste..or the worst brew?This book grabbed my attention from the first line. I found the plot to flow effortlessly and it became a fast read for me. The way Jones infuses real life situations into her plot makes for good drama and I really didn't know how it would all pan out in the end. From their discriptions to personalities, the characters were real and very well developed. I enjoyed the quirky antics of Simone and Roman as they interacted with each other. Though short, the conclusion gave me everything I needed and filled in all the blanks I may have had which are all good features of a standalone.

  • Jessica Terry
    2018-11-09 18:42

    I was drawn to this book because as far as the thing about being boring and having no prospects, I thought Simone and I were kindred spirits. And the more I kept reading, the more I found myself sucked into it for more reasons. Roman was at the top of the list; I loved this character. He was a non-stereotypical example of a man who went for his and didn't give up on the woman he wanted. I honestly thought at some point he'd do something shady; I was waiting on it. But I was pleasantly surprised. And Simone, at times she was a tad irritating but overall I dug her character, too. And the story was a good example that sometimes two people are just compatible and you know doesn't take forever to realize someone could be the one for you. I know one thing...I wanna live on their street with all the young entrepreneurs and handsome men. lol

  • Ang
    2018-11-15 23:14

    I loved everything about this story. From the opening words to the concluding words. There's not many books I have read that at the end I desire to read again. But this book I'd read over again.I enjoyed this book because it wasn't your typical storyline. Roman wasn't a playboy. The issues that came up in the story happen in real life. And it dealt with the real feelings people experience in these situations.Roman and Simone's love story was endearing. I enjoyed reading about how it developed and what they endeavored to do to maintain it. There will be moments in the story that you will laugh, and there will be moments when you will feel sad. Most of all you will feel the love these two had for each other and that makes for a good story. The author did a superb job in my opinion.I feel that this book is a must read. You will not be disappointed.

  • a. chigozie
    2018-10-28 18:28

    I haven't read a romance novel in a really long time, at least one that I liked and related to. From the start I felt somewhat connect to Simone. A lot of things she would say sounded like my thoughts and comments. I loved the way she wove music into the story, especially since a lot of the songs were my jams ( AVANT). Although I didn't like the final song they did together, Keri Hilson? lmaoo that was the only part i didn't like. Everything seemed too perfect though. I guess thats the serendipitous part of the title. But reading this made me realize why I don't (but should) read romance novels more often: they make me feel like a kid reading all of the details and I start squirming with excitement as the relationships progress. Too bad it's never like that in real life. Anyway, loved it and can't wait to read more.

  • Dee Cherry
    2018-10-24 23:37

    I thought this modern day romance was an excellent read that centered around 2 people who were ready for love. I loved the setting of the the book which was centered around a positive group of young entrepreneurs in the AA community. Although the characters had minor background issues, the focus of the storyline was placed upon their current lifestyle & their growth as maturing individuals. Simone & Roman's relationship was greatly detailed & their feelings leaped through the pages as I read. Although at times I wondered myself if they should remain as a couple, Christina Jones writing style convinced me they were definitely made for each other, & I found myself rooting for them to become a couple that lasted. Recommended to all!

  • MidnightAce
    2018-10-25 15:20

    AN APB PERSPECTIVE REVIEWThis book catches your attention with the headliner...."He smelled like coffee". With Simone and Roman I enjoyed finding out how a man smelling like coffee and falling in love would unfold. The chemistry between the two are there from the beginning, but the getting to know each other is not an easy stroll in the park. I liked how the author included the supporting characters as a block of entrepreneurs, who supported one another professionally and personally, which seemed more of a family.A great weekend read, check out how the smell of coffee can be the start of a great love.

  • Nana Prah
    2018-11-12 20:29

    A lovely contemporary romance that added a definitive African American flare to it, such as a small bit of slang, style and a wonderful amount of success. The book was filled with successful small business owners, which I loved.Can we say drama? But not in the typical way you might think. Through the well written characters Ms. Jones had us fall in love, get angry, say “Oh, no he didn’t” ( a few times), want to weep for the tragedy that occurs, and then sigh a the happily ever ending. Simone and Ramon have a tumultuous relationship, but it all works out in the end.

  • Taylor
    2018-10-27 16:30

    He smelled like coffee. Man, what a way to describe someone. In this book we are introduced to Simone and Roman. Roman, is the owner of a coffee shop. He meets Simone, the owner of a flower shop, when out shopping with a friend. He had Simone at hello. The two hit it off immediately. One would think they had the perfect relationship. They had a some issues that made for a good read. I really enjoyed reading this book and I would recommend it to others. I will continue reading this series. On to read book 2.

  • Ladyamelia
    2018-11-18 21:41

    I have never been so excited to review a book. I LOVED this story! It had everything that I love about the romance genre mixed into one book! I really like the way the relationship between Simone and Roman played out. Their chemistry was leaping off the pages - especially the scene where she couldn't get her apartment door open, whew! ;-)And the writing was so on point. It was fluid - almost poetic. Simone and Roman were both witty and likeable - many of their scenes had me laughing out loud. The dialogue was SO realistic. Giving this one 5 stars!!

  • Deirdre Davis
    2018-11-17 20:36

    Love is a little crazy!If I could give this book more than 5 stars I would! I absolutely love to read the grown and sexy! Roman & Simone were on to something good when he walked into her flower shop smelling like coffee!! Christina Jones had me from the opening lines. Of course the love got a little crazy with the cast of characters but the couple prevailed through all the bumps and tears. Loved this couple! Queuing up my next book by Ms. Jones!

  • Reshemah
    2018-10-26 21:43

    Once again this is another 5 star banger from Christina C Jones. Roman and Simone's story was off the charts hot. There were several emotions in this book and Mrs. Jones made you feel every one of them along with her characters. I was ready for Simone to kick Leah's butt in this book and I was screaming at Roman to get a clue. I continue to enjoy the books that this very talented author puts out and I am ready for the next one.

  • Cheryl Henson
    2018-11-16 19:28

    An APB Perspective ReviewA Crazy Thing Called Love was my first novel by Christina C. Jones and I must admit I loved it. Half the time the relationship between Roman and Simone had me laughing so hard I was crying and the other half I was deeply touched.The message is to love life fully and enjoy every day by doing good things with joy for those we love. Reading this book has taught me to not be afraid to just go with it... Do what feels right. Do what's tugging on my soul.

  • Victoria
    2018-10-21 20:37

    AN APB PERSPECTIVE REVIEW....This was another great read from Ms. Jones. You are hooked from the first line.... I Really loved Simone and Roman story. I felt like Its not a book I'm reading but a friends life that I'm an active participant. It is a feel good book that you will go read over and over again. Well written and you will not be disappointed.

  • Jos-renee Marks
    2018-11-11 17:37

    AAAWWW....I so enjoyed reading Roman & Simoe's love story but don't get it twisted it's full of drama especially when you have a sneaky baby mama on the prowl. Love doesn't come easy and you truly have to work for it if you want to keep it!!!

  • Texas Diva
    2018-11-16 18:15

    A crazy little thing called the real thingSimone and Roman meet and the attraction is strong and intense and irrational and scary and HOT! I love how real this story was. Christina Jones hit home with this. It has love and drama. This is a recommend read.

  • Jeanine F. Boirard
    2018-11-06 16:39

    LoveWhat refreshing tale, this story was simple and perfect. very relatable, love in all its true essence and simplicity. I would recommend this book as a Sunday afternoon read. looking forward to reading future books by this author.

    2018-10-28 21:18

    Perfect love storyI ran across the sequel and went to find the first and glad I did hope this love story continues with all its ups and downs ins and outs. I recommended this to Tracey HAMPTON

  • Paulette L. Jones
    2018-10-19 15:21

    This is was such a good read...I am a re-reader through and through and every time i do i find something else i love about good characters. Simone and Roman did that for me. I think i have read this book at least five times now but I am still completely in love. Thanks for the great read.

  • Kimberly A. Cintron
    2018-11-17 23:37

    Loved It!I loved this book. A very pure love story. Beautiful characters. Wonderful dialogue. Even made me laugh a few times. I'll buy this author's work again. It was well worth the price.

  • Yvonne Bailey
    2018-11-16 22:16

    Roman and Simone had me at hello! I loved the chemistry that thaws two shares from day one and felt as if I were apart of their world.