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The Hair Mavens are back! Women are flocking to the newly remodeled Hair Mavens Salon. But the salon isn’t the only thing that has changed—two more mavens arrive and create chaos for the ladies, and if that weren’t enough Katya is about to bring on something new that will change all their lives. KATYA: The former mousey Kathy has transformed into the beautiful Katya. She’sThe Hair Mavens are back! Women are flocking to the newly remodeled Hair Mavens Salon. But the salon isn’t the only thing that has changed—two more mavens arrive and create chaos for the ladies, and if that weren’t enough Katya is about to bring on something new that will change all their lives. KATYA: The former mousey Kathy has transformed into the beautiful Katya. She’s striving to leave her timidity behind especially when she learns of a new program that trains hairdressers how to spot victims of domestic violence and abuse. Unfortunately, her secret may endanger them all. SHIRA: Shira is yanked in so many directions she barely has enough time for Jesse. When he has a crisis of faith, she wonders if they will survive as a couple.BEULAH: The heart of the Hair Mavens—is struggling with depression and she’s too overwhelmed to ask for help, not even from her handsome son, Tom. HARRIET: Harriet’s predictable life threatens to change when God opens a door to an unexpected possibility, and she’s not sure she’s ready to walk through. THE NEW MAVENS: Linda and Daye join the hair mavens and bring secrets, heartache and amazing style. Will their secrets destroy their chances of fitting in? The mavens realize how much they need one another when a life-threatening situation arises. Will they learn the lesson before it’s too late?...

Title : Cut It Out!
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ISBN : 9781503076334
Format Type : Paperback
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Cut It Out! Reviews

  • Cathy Gohlke
    2019-03-19 04:13

    Friends help friends, even when it hurts, even when it’s scary. That’s the message of Terri Gillespie’s delightful new book, CUT IT OUT, second in The Hair Mavens series. Gillespie’s sharp and witty dialogue shines in her return characters as well as in the layered lives of complex characters new to this series. She draws domestic violence from the closet, lacing a serious subject with love and even humor, placing it all in a setting every woman knows and can relate to. Well done, Ms. Gillespie! I can't wait for the next book!!

  • Laura A. Grace
    2019-03-22 04:14

    I really enjoyed this story of what could be said as healing and definitely a happy ending. It was another fun adventure for me as I joined the Mavens, despite that there was a very serious situation in this one.It was great to hear more of Kathy/Katya’s perspective and learn more of her story. I also liked the two new Mavens as well, but will admit it took me longer to warm up to Linda until I heard her story. It was amazing to see the changes in Shira since becoming a Christian and even Harriet. The thing I loved most about “Cut It Out!” is how Terri encourages women to reach out to other women in their community. She mentions that God places us in a variety of mission fields (such as a hair salon) and that no matter where that mission field is, any woman can reach out and help others as that is how God made us.This is another must read for women fiction lovers with humor and heart woven throughout its pages. “Cut It Out!” isn’t quite as funny as the first one since there is a much more serious undertone, but it only adds to the overall story. These six hair Mavens will capture a reader’s heart with their love for one another and the true meaning of a sister friendship.*(I did receive this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts expressed are my own and I was not required to write a positive review.)*

  • Ruth
    2019-03-20 02:16

    This is my second go–round with the Mavens. While I did find the first book a little difficult to get into (probably because of too many distractions in life!) I had no trouble whatsoever with Cut It Out. It pretty much began right where book 1 left off. The new Hair Mavens Salon is about to open and everything is falling into place…almost. A receptionist is suddenly needed. The salon manager Shira hired doesn’t seem to be getting along with the other mavens. Katya, who has come out of her shell, is insistent on the salon getting involved in some silly organization, and Shira just does not have time for that! Then there’s Jesse. *Sigh* One of the things I loved most about this story is the camaraderie amongst the women. So needed, yet so lacking, in our society today. This is definitely a great read, especially if you’ve already read She Does Good Hair. If you haven’t, you need to.

  • Marsha Johnston
    2019-02-22 03:12

    This book takes you on one exciting and adventurous journey in the day to day lives of the Hair Mavens. They are such a heartwarming group of gals that they have become like friends. You don't want to put it down once you have picked it up...and when you close the last page, you'll be wondering when #3 will be coming out so you can continue the journey!

  • Carrie Turansky
    2019-02-19 07:57

    The Hair Mavens are back! Cut it Out!, Book 2 in the Hair Maven Series, brings all our favorite stylists from book one back together again. They're learning and growning together in friendshihp and faith and finding out what it means to reach out to each other and their clients with love and caring. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll cheer for these inspiring ladies as they take on new adventures to make a difference in their world. These characters are so well written they feel like real friends. I was sorry to turn the last page. I highly recommend this encouraging novel.

  • Andy Peloquin
    2019-02-19 03:19

    When I was given this book by the author, I was not looking forward to reading it. It's not in my preferred genre, and was fairly "female-centric" for my tastes. But when I cracked it open, I found I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected. There is the occasional typo and grammar mistake, and the story moves at a fairly slow pace--though I guess that's normal for the genre. It places a lot of emphasis on the religious side of things, but in a way that irked me rather than made it seem part of the story. One thing I found is that the book uses terms and words that is very industry-specific. The author clearly has experience in the field of beauty salons and hair care, and writes as if everyone understands the jargon and terms. Not the case, at least for me.The ending left me a bit disappointed, as there was no real build-up or climax. It reminded me of serial novels, with a sort of episodic feel rather than being a self-contained story. The darkness in Katya's story was a bit "in your face", but it was a good addition to the plot.That being said, the writing is fairly tight, the mistakes are minimal, and the characters are easy to relate to. The personalities were well-developed, though there are a few things that are too stereotypically "girly". All in all, a pretty solid read if you are a woman who likes to read stories centered around the problems women face in the modern world.

  • Marietta (Mari) Taylor
    2019-03-21 05:20

    Great!After reading Book 1, I just had to know how the Mavens would rebound. I was surprised at the addition of new Mavens. But oh, did they bring a wonderful dimension to the already eclectic group.I was happy to see the development of Katya/Kathy/Mouse. Finally learning her story and seeing how she begins to move past it was nice, especially when there is clearly more to be told.I liked the way Ms. Gillespie handled subjects of grief, domestic violence, guilt and forgiveness. And it was wonderful to see how all these things affected their relationships with others and with each other. I am really looking forward to Book 3 (which I hope is in the works).

  • Robin
    2019-03-06 00:18

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. My expectations were high after reading the first book in this series and my expectations were met. This is a great continuation and exploration of the lives of the hair mavens and of those they love. I eagerly await future publications from Terri Gillespie.!

  • Jessica
    2019-02-27 07:57

    This was a great book. I liked both of them.

  • Terri Gillespie
    2019-02-19 06:06