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The story of the first Illeniel wizard continues. Tyrion’s life among the She’Har had become quiet, but the sins of his youth have returned to haunt him. The Mordan wardens have discovered one of his children, and the other groves are racing to find and claim the rest of his illegitimate offspring. Unable to stand by and watch as his children are used as pawns against oneThe story of the first Illeniel wizard continues. Tyrion’s life among the She’Har had become quiet, but the sins of his youth have returned to haunt him. The Mordan wardens have discovered one of his children, and the other groves are racing to find and claim the rest of his illegitimate offspring. Unable to stand by and watch as his children are used as pawns against one another, Tyrion makes a hard choice, one that will set him against everyone and everything he cares for. Others’ love had made his children strong, but his hate would make them powerful....

Title : The Silent Tempest
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The Silent Tempest Reviews

  • Reiji
    2019-03-14 07:26

    yes so far I'm one of the only 2 people to give this book a 1 star.Why, because I did not like it. Most of my dislike was based on subjective things related to characters. Spoilers aheadDanielHaving taken a 10 year break from fighting (presumably doing nothing but eating grapes and frolicking in the trees)he is even more full of rage and self loathing. He is 35 years old +- and he still acts like he did in the past but now he communicates in nothing but grunts and growls for which Alex Wyndham gave him a jaw locked town guard's voice. I guess it helps to show he is far from civilization since tree elves apparently have no civilization.Daniel backs down from every verbal confrontation till it's time for him to activate his special world destroying powers (because even in the kingdom of wizards his line is special, in 1000s of years he is the only one to etc ,etc ,etc) which he does 3 or 4 times, which makes it less effective/suspenseful(There's only so many times you can tease destruction before reader stops falling for it)with all the power and years to do something he apparently still could not free his kids from Mordon, for some reason he gave up on it fast.LillyNo, I won't even try to spell it. She went from a person to a robot. In the first book she was naive and carrying person who had her own personality but here she is like a robot or a team dog with characters going "oh look at Lilly trying to joke, she thinks she is people" she spends most of the book removed from the story.It was not how others of her kind behaved and I tried to excuse it with her age but she seemed better than this in the first book. KatherineFirst of many to fall into the "you expected anyone to be a decent person, f you" hole that this book dug. Remember how in the last book she was loyal and bit psychotic, ideal girlfriend material, etc well now it's time for "realism" in the last book she may have told Daniel she loved him but was unwilling to cheat on her husband but in this books it turns out she was cheating on her husband with another woman(The story does not make excuses like saying it does not count with another woman or something like that, so it's not just my interpretation of events it's how it went down) she pulls the "you don't get to judge me" anyways. She abandons her son and goes to live into the hellish woods with danny and his 16 kids then she goes on to complain that everything is as bad as Daniel has been saying for years.She is supposedly meant to be the sane one in the world gone mad but in the end she just ends up being annoying. I'm not even sure if that is her role since they have a fight about how she does not want to be the emotional support for the kids so Daniel can more freely rage at them, their bickering got annoying fast.Seth and Danny's dadSeth turned into a wife beating drunk. Danny's dad is a regular drunk who thinks his son should have never been born.16 kidsWe only get to know 4-5. They go from hating danny to loving him instantly, some have their reasons but it was too universal for me(There is only 1 black sheep out of them all). After their first fights danny gives them his super armor so they stop being in danger but trees start escalating the difficulty, putting up 6 vs 2 with the 6 having magic swords to counter the armor. Then trees attack the house but danny threatens to blow up the world.StorytellerHe is back and spends most a lot of time recapping the first book, it comes of inorganic since in universe it has not been that long since he started telling the story. I have not read mageborn but I feel like a lot of stuff is happening because it was mentioned in passing in those books and now all the pieces must be made to fit. We could have used more exposition about that instead of endless hints that good trees can see the future.At the end of the last book he said he would tell us about how danny got to know his kids and trained them in combat and that is all this book was about, that and nothing more.TreesWe don't know anything about them.The way Lilly acted made me wonder about what they do all day since they have no music, are very bad at arena fighting(it's a competition yet non of the sides seem to put even the basic preparations into achieving victory, unless it's to cheat against danny)also precogs are allowed to place bets.We hear about their complex art but see non of it, danny seems to have given up on studying spell weaving(nor does he seem to have learned anything new in 10 years) near the end we find out that groves are like separate species (for some reason) and that is it. Old trainer who used to be all "watch your tongue dog" is apparently now good guy full of remorse and he only tried to destroy danny's music instrument for his own good.Final thoughtsIt was really hard to tell what character changes were inconsistencies and what were natural changes born from passage of time and regardless of the nature of those changes it left me watching strangers who wore the skin of characters I got to know in the previous book, more like some mockery than a real sequel. Its also possible that later books will fill out information gaps but this particular books felt like a lot of wheel spinning mixed with a half written lifetime drama

  • Anders Nordesjö
    2019-03-15 07:27

    I was disappointed in this book. Im not gonna say it was bad because it wasnt but it was lacking. The series went from being fresh and interesting in the first book to just a standard fantasy with his anger flared and the love he cant forget. It gets old real fast and despite the author telling us otherwise in his introduction, the story's basically about a standard hero with a few skellies and hard time in his baggage. 10 years has passed since we saw Tyrion last time, meaning he is around 30. Apparently, during this time he did not once speak to his warden/love/owner w/e because there is literally no development. The first conversation with Lyra is one that I'd imagine they would have the first few minutes into their relationship, perhaps a couple of days into it. Not ten years later! Also there is a change of pace. The first book covered a couple of years while this one barely covers one? Even less I think. Im not sure this is bad, but it irks me a little that the change is so drastic.I want to mention the kids but... Please, it's as common in fantasy as carpe diem is on walls! It is also very common among livestock, racehorses etc. Nobody was surprised by this particular turn of events.There was one thing I did like more about this book thou. The "I" person, the father, the one who spreads wisdom randomly throughout the first book is practically gone. I did very much enjoy the storyteller perspective inPatrick Rothfuss books but Kvothe wasnt some father teaching his kid life lessons, quite the opposite. Same goes forEdward M. Knights Dagan.I'd like to place one star but that's just not fair. It is a more than decent book, perhaps a 4 if it wasn't for the disappointment. So 3 stars

  • Ojo
    2019-03-15 07:47

    I finished this in triple-quick time! I don't remember reading a book this quickly. I was expecting it to take at least a week, given my busy schedule and my relatively low reading speed of late. The only book I remember to have invoked strong emotions in me is Faith of the Fallen. The Silent Tempest did more than just that. It made me sit and think, really think. The story isn't particularly plot based. It's more focused on the characters. Characters that accurately reflect human behaviour: our fears, flaws, love, hate and great range of emotions. The humans in the story stand in stark contrast to the She'Har, who are as inhuman in their feelings as they are in their actions. The story highlights the Law of Sowing and Reaping, how one's actions can make or mar one in the future, how a man's experiences can shape his life... There's just so much to learn from this. The writing style invokes a lot of passion for the characters, both the protagonists and antagonists. 'The Silent Tempest' is a highly suitable name for this magnificent piece of writing. A bit sad to see that the final instalment of the series won't be out till next year.

  • Sarz
    2019-02-28 00:41

    Michael's writing continues to mature, and I enjoyed this book so much I immediately re-read it. Apart from developing Tyrion's character into a more realistic and conflicted person, the characterisation of his children is very good. There's a real sense of them as different people. Underlying the main plot is a very clever secondary narrative, which deals with the aftermath and consequences of colonisation, showing that even when the colonisers realise how horrifically they have behaved, this cannot erase the damage done or the hatred they have engendered in the colonised. I can't wait for the next installment!

  • P.
    2019-03-17 07:50

    The Silent Tempest is a wonderful addition to Manning's world. In this series we find out the hidden reasons that dominate so much of his other books. It is not an easy read, content, although the writing is gentle and in places very beautiful. Learning more about the events that led to the Blacksmith's son is the reason these books exist, but they are not history tomes, nor supplements. They stand fully alone as very good stories in their own right. They add greater depth and emotion to the already deep world.A book well worth your time, and your tears.

  • Michele
    2019-03-22 01:52

    Couldn't put it down.I was thinking about this book during my work day. Seriously how good is a book when you obsess about how soon you'll be able to pick it up again? The answer is really GOOD!

  • Jay Collins
    2019-03-09 04:45

    3.5 Stars

  • Miles
    2019-03-25 01:51

    I'm giving this book a 4.5 it was great but just it was a little to short and just slightly not as good as book 1.

  • Gautam Surath
    2019-03-17 04:50

    As with most books its tough to maintain the pace and narrative when you move from the main protagonist to add multiple new people into the plot. In this case, its the offspring and Kate who come back into the picture. And its handled pretty well all things considered. But now we are primarily reading to know the ending rather than the tale really being gripping. All in all still recommended.

  • Briquelle
    2019-03-04 02:49

    This book really could’ve been five stars. The only reason why is because I’m not necessarily in love with any of the characters. The main character I admired in the first book wore off on me. Although he is very loyal, he’s a bit too rough for me. Daniel has a mini harem going on and I think “Illy” is preggers too. Obviously his brood is his army and I can’t wait to read the next book. Bravo!

  • Rorschach Ror
    2019-02-26 01:52

    Dark, tragic. Nobody likeable. Just the way I like it.

  • Summers
    2019-03-10 02:33

    Mixed feeling about this book. It was gut wrenching, the situation with danials kids.though I no longer feel sympathy for him. A lot of things were forced on him, but not all things. We got a number of him female victims; 27 women he raped. 27 he used his mind control powers on, an many he impregnated, shattering their lives; one even killed herself; Danial is strong though so nobody can truly punish him, in the end he just brushes past it, with the help of Kate.Kate, her character was supposed the typical feisty, but sweet, never giver up on her man type, while also being quick to chew him out when he does wrong, but in the end she is just a love sick girl who will not forgive or forget but still accept his crimes. Leaving an understandably jealous seth and her child for a violent man, a rapist because "tragedy's happen" in kates words.Punishment= harem of women, who will deal with his BS, a gaggle of superpower kids that he abused; and villagers who accept him because he will kill them otherwise and for money.OK no that is the cons. At the other side of the coin this story is about power, suffering and the will to live. Characters who have to fight to death say they will never kill and stay true only to die for their efforts or kill anyways, a lose lose situation. People with power can commit cruelty because who will stop them? In the case of the sheha while taking evil action, they dont understand their evil but they have power so who will stop them? Danial is a monster no matter his past, plenty have people have been through what he has but he has power so no matter who he assaults or betray's no one will stop him; and that was probably behind kate's thinking. Its not like she can punish him in any other way accept to hurt him emotionally, and she is aware that once that line is crossed she has nothing over him. In this world it is better to get in bed with a monster than a weakling; her husband was a nice guy but he can't to anything when SHTF.

  • Erich
    2019-02-28 05:31

    The story itself was enjoyable with a few annoyances that did take me out of my immersion in it. I listened to the Audiobook, and did not read the book itself.Slight spoilers ahead.What ruined my immersion the most was the level self-loathing the main character has. This trait was shown in The Mountain's Rise, but it was not nearly so prominent and it felt more like a method to emphasize the changes that Daniel had gone through as a result of the cruel treatment from his masters. In The Silent Tempest Tyrion's loathing of himself is a central feature throughout the story, and it is really difficult to feel for a character when he is consistently talking about how he hates what he is for 80% of the novel.The second aspect of the book that bothered me was how it would switch perspectives within the same chapter. At one point in the book we get to hear the thoughts of three different characters from their own perspective within a few paragraphs of each other. It was so jarring for me that I caught myself focusing on whose perspective I was in now that I missed bits of the story and had to go back and listen to the part again. This may be an issue with the audiobook, but it feels like it's picked up directly from the lines of the book. Other than those issues, it was a good book. Well written story and great characters throughout. A worthy sequel to The Mountain's Rise.

  • Stephen Tamatoa
    2019-03-14 00:32

    The second book of the Illeniel loses a little of that raw edge and desperation that made the first so great. It gains more of the emotional turmoil; that am I a bad guy or am i just doing what i must, which marred the first. Don't get me wrong emotional impact is a must in a gripping read but someone spending 40? years figuring out he isn't to blame for making the best of the conditions his masters impose on him is a little tiresome.It's still a good book. There is plenty of action, although its a little less immersive as it doesn't really happen directly to our protagonist and when it does he is now so over powered as to make most challenges more a matter of tasks than life or death page turners.Overall it retains enough of the first book to be worth reading but moves far enough towards Michael's other work, over powered with supporting cast interchangible and underdeveloped, to be a little disappointing too.I will probably read the third but unless the quality reverses direction then that would be my last.

  • Joseph Vanucchi
    2019-03-25 01:49

    Nice flowThis is a five star book for me. I really like the structure and flow. Kind of short chapters, and third person narrative(which I usually don't like that much) made this series very addictive. For me, a movie with subtitles makes me take a lot more in, because I have to read it and can't zone out; this book for me was like a movie with subtitles. Glad that's cleared up. I still don't see the terrible, seemingly irredeemable traits in any characters that some other reviewers have mentioned- sure, no one is a saint but I think this is supposed to be a shout out to the whole nature vs nurture thing. When Tyrion gets nutty, I get chills like when Rand Al'Thor used to lose control and kill everything. I like that. Highly recommended. I guess now I get to check out all of this author's other works. Yay! (I know this was rambling,etc.,but it's 7am and I've been reading for 4 hours).

  • Connie Fogg-Bouchard
    2019-03-23 05:41

    reaping the harvestTyrion's children are in danger from the groves. his unparalleled success in the arena has shown them that there are better ways to get excellent barratti. as Tyrion races to Colne to gather his brood, he is fully aware that life with him will be a horror. but perhaps as slaves of the Illeniel grove and with his training, a few might survive.Michael continues to relate the history of the house of Illeniel with all it's pain and love. characters are easily accessible, locations are readily imaginable and the emotions are so close to the surface that you can touch them. read on...

  • Aaron G Wright
    2019-03-02 03:27

    Great Story I'm not gonna wax and wane on about the merits of this well told tale, there are plenty of others who will write a dissertation for you. What I am gonna say is I wish I could have read this series before the Mageborn series. I have absolutely loved everything about these first two books and anxiously await the final book in 2016. If you are a newcomer to Michael Manning then you are lucky and have so many hours of great reading ahead of you. Me, I think I'll go back and re-read the last two Mageborn books for joy and clarification. Keep'm coming Mr Manning and we'll keep reading'm.

  • Test.tomb
    2019-02-26 07:39

    Michael just outdid himself on this one. Tyrion is a total badass. The story is beautifully written and flows smoothly. Although it ends in a cliffhanger( considering we already know how the future will play out)it just want one to be directly transported to 2016 when the next part in the series is expected.Ps: pleasantly surprised by this work because thornbear made me believe that the authors quality was decreasing.

  • M.L.S. Weech
    2019-03-03 06:32

    Listened to the audio version. Couldn't put it down.Overall: This whole series is one of the best I’ve read in 2017. This particular book was a brilliant second act with equal parts tragedy and triumph. It’s dark, but touching. It’s exciting, but tragic. Those who love dark fantasy should check out all of Manning’s work.Full review on my blog at:

  • Dean Martin
    2019-03-05 02:34

    Bloody Brilliant book! fantastic!!I honestly couldn't put this down. My Priorities in the world had suddenly changed until i had got this book finished.I only wish it was longer and that the next book was available.

  • Sa'id Cortijo
    2019-03-23 05:50

    loving the story and the book so far. on of my favorite books. sometimes the characters can seem a bit simple, but the story is so fun and interesting that i don't really mind that minor flaw. let's get this book 3 going Mike.

  • Tammy Miller
    2019-03-24 05:24

    I love this series... read Marylebone 1-5 Thornbury and then embers of millennial 1-2. Now I have to wait an e entire year for the next book. Love this series. Couldn't put it down!

  • Daniel W Gard
    2019-03-02 23:33

    Long wait startsWell I finished Book 2. This story really is good, however, the wait for the next installment will drive me crazy. If you liked the Mageborn book get these and learn a lot more.

  • Mnoraznan
    2019-03-01 23:45

    a gripping narrative that keep the page turning till the end.

    2019-03-02 05:29

    Solid second bookSlow start, but finished strong. Looking forward to book 3. I have enjoyed all the books by Manning to this point

  • Mohamed Saber
    2019-03-21 03:32

    wow, just wow second book was amazing but tbh the fist is deffo my fav

  • Daniel
    2019-03-01 05:43

    Great easy readEnjoyed the story, thought that the ending, where the other groves attacked, was really sudden and confused me for a moment. All in all though great story.

  • Lori Salsbury
    2019-03-13 00:34

    As typical with Michael G. Manning, this book does not disappoint. It pulls you right in, then refuses to let you go. It's going to be a MISERABLY long wait for the next book.

  • Marc Taylor
    2019-02-22 05:44

    HOLY COW do I love this series. I couldn't stop listening and found excuses to get in an extra 5-10 minutes as much as possible! My only complaint is that the third book is not out yet!

  • Benjamin guzman
    2019-03-04 06:36

    Good follow up to mountain rising. Love the booksI enjoyed the mountain rising better. Its really good book no the less.Must read for fantasy readers. Have fun