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This is an alternate cover edition for B00FLYG1QM What’s a girl to do when she learns she’s the key to breaking a centuries-old family curse? Become dangerously intimate with a jaw-dropping vision of male hotness hiding a secret agenda of his own. Nothing could be simpler. Or is it? When primary school teacher, Laura Dantonville, learns of her family's dark ancestral legacThis is an alternate cover edition for B00FLYG1QM What’s a girl to do when she learns she’s the key to breaking a centuries-old family curse? Become dangerously intimate with a jaw-dropping vision of male hotness hiding a secret agenda of his own. Nothing could be simpler. Or is it? When primary school teacher, Laura Dantonville, learns of her family's dark ancestral legacy, she’s propelled into a secret underworld ruled by magic, mystery and murder, and stalked by vampire clans who would do anything to possess her. For her protection, she’s assigned a guardian not knowing that part of her role in ending the ancient curse that has plagued her family for centuries, involves having a child with him.And she has one day to make a decision.With only five years left of servitude to his sire, Alec Munro reluctantly accepts to act as Laura’s guardian or risk remaining in slavery forever. But can he maintain a platonic relationship between them when something far more intimate is required to end his sire’s family curse? With time running out, Laura must decide to either accept Alec or allow her vampire-hating detective boyfriend to end the legacy his way – by eliminating the undead side of her family.After all, they’re not human are they?Being unable to age is just the beginning....

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Bloodgifted Reviews

  • Tracy Ehlers
    2019-03-10 00:36

    The vampire genre has always been a favourite and Ms Lacoba's BLOODGIFTED did not disappoint, I was hooked from the ancient curse, to present day Sydney (yay Australia gets a vampire story...) This book has wonderful characters that come to life, a complex and detailed storyline with a mixture of fact, fiction, history, romance, fantasy and humour that kept me captivated, I did not want to put it down... I especially liked the short chapters that took turns telling the story from different perspectives...Can't wait to read the next book in this series and hope that there will be many more to come... A thrilling read that's added to my favourites list.. Five out of five ... Highly recommended...

  • Nook Books and More Blog
    2019-03-11 06:33

    This book is an exceptional read that is beyond the normal vampire read. I'm partial to this genre and it's hard to find that will not give the same pattern you see in the average vampire read. Laura Dantonville is an exceptional woman about to turn fifty. At her birthday party she discovers her true self and the secret of her youthfulness. Revelations abound and by the end of the day everything she new to be true is in fact a lie. Her life begins a roller coaster of adventure!Alec is the vampire destined to protect Laura in exchange for the gift she bestows upon him. He has protected her mother for the last fifty years,after all, so why should this be different right? There meeting does not go so well though at first. The plot is twisty and every conclusion throws up another question ensuring you keep turning the pages and dropping your jaw. Laura seems to mature and grow well into her different world and has a backbone. I like that about her. I wish to see more of it. Bloodgifted is very well written with descriptive detail that allows you to visualize scenes with impeccable depths. I was extremely amazed by this because often the author tends to get to wordy on the description and lose the reader in to much detail. Tima has learned a great balance of detail but given you the adventure and excitement that keeps you on edge. Well done Tima you really knocked it out of the ball park yet again!!! I will be reading this entire series!

  • Denise Always Awry
    2019-02-24 05:46

    Review can also be found on my blog.Oh boy. I disliked this book so strongly. I downloaded the ‘preview’ from Amazon, and man the prologue was amazing. It was so well written, and interesting that I am just shocked and appalled by the rest of the book. It quickly went downhill, pretty much about the time that Laura and Alec met and pretty much fell in instalove with each other. I had quite a lot of problems with this book, that I will be discussing, but I want to start with Laura. In the first few chapters, she seems likes a well put together, if not slightly immature, woman, intelligent, kind, caring, etc. Then she meets Alec and boom, she becomes an moron. I am not exaggerating and she drove me nuts for two thirds of the book.One of the biggest problems I had with this book was the editing, it definitely needed to go through another round, there were things that were in the book that made no sense and it felt like they weren’t caught in the editing process. One of those things was this part “I’d wondered at the familiarity I felt toward him, and why my Aunt Judy appeared at all my birthdays and not at those of my other siblings.” this is after Laura finds she was adopted and who her real parents are. As far as we know, and she knows she is an only child so the mention of siblings is odd and should have been caught in editing. There were a few other instances like this one that were in the book but this one stood out the most and really bothered me.Another thing that could have been fixed in editing or with a critique partner is the aging issue that, in my opinion, Lacoba handled poorly. Laura is half vampire, but she also has an extended lifespan due to the curse that is on her family. So in the aging issue Lacoba is really inconsistent with how she handles it. At the start, Laura mentions it is her 50th birthday but she looks 25, so she is aging at half the rate of a normal human being. She mentions the problems she has with people not believing her age, but we really never see any consequences of this, because she doesn’t get a fake ID, and is handing people one that says she is 50 on it. I’m sorry but in real life, if someone handed me or anyone else with an ID that said they were twice the age they appeared there’s a good chance it would require some sort of investigation. The only indication we have that she had issues is when she was wanting to travel overseas. She’d have trouble in stores, with cops, etc etc.Still on the aging issue, if she is aging at half the rate of humans, as evidenced by the model Lacoba has given us, how did her parents get away with staying in one house? Did their neighbors not notice that their daughter was still an infant/baby? Also, in the entire 50 years they lived in that house, no one noticed that she wasn’t aging normally? This is just odd and makes NO sense. And if she aged ‘normal’ as a child, when did that start slowly? (I don’t think this is the case as I’ll point out in my next part.)Laura mentions that when she was 39 she tried to get her own apartment but the realtor did not believe that she was old enough to be getting her own place, indicating she looked in her late teens but still a minor. So she shows her ID, gets the place. But when we are told she went on a trip to Italy with some friends at 18, she had no problems (none mentioned, she was always big on mentioning her problems at other times), and we are led to believe that she looks 18, because she had no problems getting over there but she also had a relationship with a man who was a bit older than her. So are you seeing the inconsistencies in Lacoba’s dealings with Laura’s aging? By calculations, Laura should have LOOKED 9 when she was 18, and would not have been able to travel on her own. Lacoba did a poor, poor job developing this plot point and it really takes away from the book.My next issue was Laura, like I said at first she felt like a reasonably well developed character that faded fast. Laura was incredibly childish and immature for someone who has lived 50 years. Then at other times she seems incredibly mature. The flipflopping in her character really bothered me. When she found out that she was adopted she was pretty much like ‘oh okay, that’s cool, you (the people who raised her) will always be mom and dad to me’. Then within a day, not even that, she was calling her real parents ‘mother’ and ‘papa’. And sorry but after finding out you were adopted after 50 years, I find it hard to believe that anyone would immediately start calling their birth parents ‘mother’ and ‘papa’ let alone being all calm and cool about it. That’s a long time to have the people in your life who supposedly love you, lie to you, no matter what their reasons are for it. In my opinion, it shows how little they think of Laura and her intelligence that she was not told earlier.Isn’t her serpent ring supposed to warn of danger? How is it Jean keeps getting close to her without it doing something?My last real big issue with this book, and when I really was just done with this book, was after Laura was assaulted by Jean, the second time, he was about to rape her and was talking about killing her. Hours after that, she had not even dealt with the attack, she’s having sex with Alec. And that’s just a big no to me. Someone mentioned that some women cope with sexual assault like that, and it’s empowering to ‘take back’ their sexuality or something along those lines but this instance did not feel like it was like that. It really felt like the author used sexual assault to bring her characters closer together, they’ve only known each other a week, and been dating for a day. This was just poor writing and poor story development on the author’s part.By the time I finally reached the end of the book I was glad it was over, it was painful to force myself to finish this book, which irritates me because that prologue was so promising, if only she had written Marcus’s story instead. I wish Lacoba had focused less on the romance between Laura and Alec and more on her world building, plot, and character development, I found all three lacking.

  • Fiona Chapman
    2019-02-28 07:34

    Laura Dantonville is a content, well-balanced woman living in modern-day Sydney with an unusual gift - she ages more slowly than any other normal human being. Her birthday marks a coming-of-age where she learns that she is descended from a line of vampires, her blood giving a vampire the ability to walk in the day-light. Enter her guardian, Alec Monroe, a vampire chosen to protect her from the others of their kind who must also feed from Laura to keep up his exceptional strength. Laura struggles at first to accept this new information, which the author portrays very well. When the protagonist does eventually accept her destiny, her eyes are opened to a whole different world she'd never believed possible, where passion, conspiracy and danger lurk around every corner. The story moves with excellent pace, with some humour thrown in for good measure, while a passionate relationship with a healthy dose of conflict develops between the heroine and her modern-day hero. The world which Ms Lacoba has created is amazingly vast, with a wealth of information and explanation, using her knowledgeable background of Ancient Roman history. Very well written story for the first part of the Dantonville Legacy and I look forward to reading more from this author, having already sampled the first chapter of the next book.

  • Kayti Raet
    2019-03-09 23:49

    Laura Dantonville knows her family possesses a gene that makes them age much slower than the average Australian but it isn't until her 50th birthday that she's told of her true heritage. She is part vampire and her family has been placed under a curse since the time of the Romans. Now that she has turned fifty Laura has the key to break that curse but she's also the target of every rogue vampire in the city as her blood gives them the ability to walk in the sunlight.To keep her safe she's assigned a guardian, the handsome Alec, who because of his own ancestors also has a part to play in breaking the curse.But there are forces, both human and vampire, determined to keep them apart and perpetuate the cursed legacy.I haven't read any paranormal or vampire novels in a while but Bloodgifted by Tima Maria Lacoba made me remember everything that I love about the genre. Laura is a sweet but resilient character, she also has a very sarcastic wit which when coupled with Alec's own makes for some great banter and adds to the growing chemistry between the two.I really liked the vampire lore in Bloodgifted, it was very unique and constructed in a way that made perfect sense. I’d love to see how Lacoba builds upon it in the future books.I'll end by saying Alec is quite the hunk *fans self* and I can't wait to read more about Laura and Alec's adventures in the next book!

  • Claudia
    2019-03-17 03:35

    I've read the first few chapters on your Bloodgifted blog and I loved it. Being a Sydney girl, I loved reading about a story that happens in places I live near. It has hooked me and I can't wait to read the rest of it! What a refreshing take on the genre.

  • Claudia
    2019-03-02 03:55

    The first three chapters, which are available on the writer's blog, are very well written. I cannot wait until the book is released in August.

  • Tanya Vought
    2019-02-26 06:27

    What an interesting read! There are twists and turns you don't expect and more! You will devour this book in all one sitting!Laura has been dating a man a few months. She lives and breathes teaching but all that changes on her birthday. That's when she meets Alec and he's to be her protector.Alec has been friends with Laura's father. This situation he's in- is not one he wishes to be apart of. However, Laura is unlike any woman he's met!Laura's whole life is turned around in a moment. She tries to be rational and tells her boyfriend about the events but he doesn't truly get it. She's become smitten with Alec, even when she has her bf. I loved watching her and seeing her interact with everyone. I love her personality and the way she truly got Alec!!Alec he's a major contradiction. He's sexy, possessive and loving. You will fall for him for sure... is all I can say about him!!!! Then the others in this story... woah!! You will fall for them, feel for them and despise them all throughout the book! If you love paranormal books with twists and turns you will absolutely love this book! You will be amazed and gripped to each page until the end and the END..OMG! I loved loved it and it was shocking and with little insight for the next book!! I can't freaking wait for book 2!!! 5 stars from me!!!

  • Lilo Abernathy
    2019-03-14 01:54

    A deftly woven tale of myth, legend, action, and romance.Bloodgifted starts out with a prologue that takes us back to 263 AD when the battle between two warring parties, the Pictish and the Romans, culminates in a curse, thus creating the first vampires and the bloodgifted.Author Tima Maria Lacoba spins an exciting tale of romance and intrigue as her heroine, Laura, comes into her bloodgift and the vampire race grapples at a chance to shift the power. This story is an exciting recount of the struggle between two factions of vampires, those who want to maintain order and integrate with human society and those who see humans only as food to be devoured. Trapped in the middle, Laura struggles to survive the violent power-plays between these volatile factions, who both consider her the winner’s prize. To spice things up further, Laura must deal with the rivalry between her current boyfriend Matt, a tenacious detective, and the irresistible Alec, a vampire from the new underworld she is just discovering. But there is more! An obsessive stalker is on the loose . . .If you love action packed urban fantasy or paranormal romance, and have a taste for history, myth, and legends, you should definitely try this story.Lilo Abernathy, Author

  • Susan Gittoes
    2019-03-15 01:35

    This book is amazing moves at a good place with wonderful characters who come to life on the pages. I was completely hooked from page 1 and can't wait for the next book in the series to be released. As a fan of Twilight and Vampire Academy this book easily is a match in both plot and characters. Highly recommended.

  • Angela
    2019-03-24 07:53

    Enjoyed reading this book. Love the concept, characters and the fact that it is set in my city! The vampire genre has finally got a story set in Sydney, with plenty of recognisable landmarks and new beginnings. Really looking forward to the next instalment, so please keep writing Tima!

  • Olivia
    2019-03-25 07:31

    This novel was brilliantly easy to read. The initial chapter set in Roman times was a greatly different kickstart and truly began to set up for a very complicated and detailed storyline. Although this book was massively long (the length of two maybe, according to my kindle) I just could not put it down. The writing style was fabulous and hooked me in from the beginning and I loved the difference in Laura’s chapters to Alec’s chapters. It really showed the difference in their chronological ages. The characters were fantastically loveable, particularly the lovely Alec. The novel was in topic similar to Twilight, yet better written with a truly gripping storyline and even more intense love story. I am truly hoping that this book gets published and there will be a sequel as the ending certainly paved the way in terms of intrigue an leaving the audience wanting more.

  • Louise White
    2019-03-19 04:45

    I was hooked on Tima Maria Lacoba's Bloodgifted from the outset with its excellent historical prologue.A refreshingly different take on Vampires, this book brimmed with action, adventure and romance, making it an exciting and entertaining read.I couldn't turn the pages fast enough, I was so invested in the lives of Laura and Alec. Having read an excerpt from Bloodpledge,the continuation of The Dantonville Legacy, I am looking forward to reading the next in the series from this very talented Australian author.

  • Kissie Harris
    2019-03-15 01:53

    I Absolutely loved this story. I was captivated from the start. It was nice to read a vampire novel not set in Europe or America for a change-Yay Australia! The character development was strong. The story line intriguing. Attention to detail is so important, good job on that. It flowed pretty well. I could visualize the story like a movie, which kept me thoroughly engaged. I couldn't wait to get back to it and finished it pretty quickly. Ms. Lacoba is a gifted writer. She knocked this out the park! On my way to book#2.

  • Debbie Johansson
    2019-03-02 01:54

    The first book in this paranormal romance series by debut author Tima Maria Lacoba is well written and puts a unique slant on the traditional vampire novel. I really enjoyed the ancient curse, which hooked me in from the very beginning. I find it a pleasant change to see a vampire novel set in my own backyard - Sydney, Australia, thus making Laura's blood highly prized amongst vampires. It would appear that in an effort to lift the curse, the future for both Laura and Alec could become very interesting.

  • Karen Payne
    2019-03-21 00:37

    Loved this book. Australian vampires for once. The characters unfold beautifully & are easy to identify with. Set in and around Sydney, with a lot of history, just as good if not better than the other vampire saga's about, looking forward to book number 2

  • Heather
    2019-03-22 03:55

    Laura's life isn't exactly normal. Though she's 50 years old, she's barely aged a day since her early twenties. It's a genetic flaw, she's told, but on her birthday, her Aunt tells her the truth. She's bloodgifted, and heavily desired by vampires. Coming-of-age means she needs a guardian for protection, to claim her and ward off all others. That guardian is Alec.Elsewhere in her life, Laura is seeing Matt, who has been with her for a few months, and is getting serious. Unable to keep a secret from him, she tells him the truth and the detective in him can't just accept it.Bloodgifted has some plotpoints that hat tip The Mortal Instruments, and in a lesser sense Twilight. The older guy in a young man's body doesn't seem quite as odd seeing as - for once - the female has the same affliction.But, where it heavily improves on those series is that vampires are actually - you know - vampires. They're monsters, not glamourised. The characters have their human elements, but thrive on human blood, fry in sunlight and actually have fangs, when occasion calls for it.The issue, personally, is in the writing. Some setting could have done with fleshing out - it's very character focussed, and it's also very exclamation mark heavy. The curse levied at the start of the book is met with, "The bitch cursed us!", and it seems a little misplaced.But the odd exclamation mark standing out can't take away from a refreshing vampire book that doesn't sugar coat them or skew with their history in horror. They attack humans, they have serious bloodlust - they are vampires. Hallelujah!As things were wrapping up, the ending seemed like it was going to be too convenient, an unexpected clean slate. Naive, I say, because now I'm sitting here both kicking myself for thinking a writer would tie up a book like that, and wondering what the hell is going to happen now?

  • Jane Hunt
    2019-03-20 06:32

    Jane Hunt Writer First StepsJane Hunt Writer Book Reviews Google+Jane Hunt Writer Book Reviews FacebookLaura Dantonville is an exceptional woman about to turn fifty she looks and behaves like a woman half her age. At her birthday party she discovers her true self and the secret of her youthfulness. Revelations abound and by the end of the day everything she believed to be true is in fact an elaborate facade to protect her.Alec is the vampire destined to protect Laura in exchange for the gift she bestows upon him. He has protected her mother for the last fifty years so why should this be different?Bloodgifted is written in the 1st person from Laura and Alec's point of views. This subjective style allows the reader to be a fly on the wall and experience Laura's confusion and devastation when she discovers her true self. Alec is sexy and alpha but glimpsing his innermost thoughts reveals his kindness and unexpected attraction to Laura.The plot is twisty and every conclusion throws up another question ensuring you keep turning the pages. I loved the apparent ordinariness of the heroine and the existence of a paranormal world operating in secret in mainstream human society.Bloodgifted shares many qualities of the L. J Smith young adult series Nightworld which I loved. An enthralling mix of history, mystery, paranormal, romance and suspense I can't wait to read the next chapter in the story.Tima Maria Lacoba

  • Runningrabbit
    2019-03-21 01:53

    Sexual Quotient: Pretty safe for the unsuspecting commuter with a nice bit of slap and tickle for good measure.Soundtrack: Torn Unlimited series I truly enjoyed this one which manages to create an original vampire tale.This first novel sets the mood, filling out the character for our lady of the hour who, surprise surprise, carries her unusual genetic condition in the innocuous form as a school teacher. What appears to be missing in this persona is how this is going to be handled in the long-term.The stunning fabulous looks of vampire kind is one of the few stereotypes used in this book. The other frequently or perhaps overused theme is our heroine sporting, yep you guessed it: red/copper hued hair. It may be to set apart the 'uniqueness' of a main character but loses it's oomph factor from its frequent application in every second book.There's a fair amount of errors that require editing out, and that would be my main complaint. So many novels seem to have this affliction which is sad when I consider it to be such an easy hurdle to overcome. Ironic isn't it that the occupation of the character is a school teacher...

  • Lorraine Carey
    2019-03-18 01:49

    If you’re looking for high quality Vamp Romance then you’ve come to the right place. This novel follows the Novella Laura’s Locket. Laura Dantonville was young and innocent years ago when she fell for a handsome stranger while vacationing in Italy only to have him mysteriously disappear. Many years later she will come to find out this mystery man holds a very dark secret and will threaten her life! Laura learns of a family curse and is thrown into the world of the vampire realm. She finds out she is one of the ‘Ingenii’ which are of noble blood and keep some of the highest ranking vampires alive by offering themselves to them. One of those high ranking vamps, Alec Munro a sexy, hunky vamp is given the honor to guard her and happens to fall in love with her. And this vamp is one hot lover! Things really heat up when others try to possess her. Author Tima Maria Lacoba throws in one surprise after the next keeping the reader on the edge of your seat! This novel flowed so smoothly and was written so well. I can hardly wait to read Bloodpledge, the next book in the series.

  • Samantha March
    2019-03-18 02:28

    Tima Maria Lacoba is on tour now with CLP Blog Tours and BloodgiftedI don’t often read this genre – preferring chick lit or women’s fiction – but reading this book made me wonder why I don’t add more to my pile. It is fascinating to me to be able to read someone’s imagination. To see what a different world looks like to them, to watch them create characters and storylines and the smallest, intricate details and mesh them together to create such an enticing plot. I was hooked from the beginning, and found myself picking up this story when I really should have been working on something else. I just couldn’t get it off my mind! My only problem was it seemed pretty long, but it was a great story regardless and made me want to keep reading. I will definitely be looking forward to the next one in this series!4.5 stars

  • Sweets Books
    2019-02-27 06:27

    It was good even had me laughing out loud several times! Laura was easy to relate to, and she surprised me by acting more like a woman in her mid 30's than being 50! I got how she was confused by everything , I mean her world was upturned over a period of a weekend basically! I didn't really understand her relationship with Matt, I mean I got their was a mutual attraction but past that he seemed more about controlling and possessing her then anything else!Alec was just a dream guy but one that refuses to acknowledge it to anyone! You can tell from the beginning when he and Laura first meet they have a chemistry that is very hard to miss! But when he finally figured it out for himself he went for it and didn't let anything or anyone stop him from achieving it.I can't wait to see what happens in book 2! I definitely recommend!Till next time ~ Sweets Books

  • Sarina Langer
    2019-02-27 00:42

    Laura has never aged like everyone else, and on her 50th birthday her aunt reveals why. I don't want to spoil anything, but there's a curse in her family and she's their first chance of lifting it since it was cast. Doing that is simple; all she needs to do is have a child with her vampire protector whom she has only just met. Her human boyfriend isn't too impressed when she fills him in. So, as you can see, there's a lot of conflict right there!"It's dangerous to tempt evil, Laura, and I don't recommend you do it often."I found it slow to start with but it got interesting pretty quickly. The only thing I wasn't too fond off was the love triangle but - again without wanting to spoil anything - that fortunately took care of itself. I don't like how it was resolved - I hate how Alec chose to deal with it - and there's still a chance it'll return in future books, so I'll stay wary.The story follows two POVs - Laura, half-human half-vampire, and Alec, vampire. Both are affected by the curse, and both are necessary to solve it. While Laura is suspicious of her new life, she warms to it quickly, but naturally there's more going on than that. There are bad people after her, and vampires as well as humans take the role of villain in this book. Laura doesn't know who to trust, and soon questions even Alec, who has vowed in front of a lot of dangerous vampires to protect her.I'm looking forward to seeing how the characters are going to develop in the sequels. While some ends were tied up more than a few others unravelled, and there are plenty of chances for thing to go horribly wrong at some point. If you're looking for an urban paranormal fantasy with the occasional steamy scene and sardistic villains, look no further!

  • D.E.
    2019-03-05 03:34

    Bloodgifted tells the story of Laura and Alec. Laura Dantonville is a simple primary school teacher, but she has a rare genetic mutation. This mutation is linked to a family secret that propels her into a dark underworld with her true family. Alec Munro is a vampire but he’s also Laura’s guardian. He doesn’t want to be, but his sire Lucien Lebrettan has promised the end of his servitude if he’ll take on the job. It’s not only his job to protect Laura but Lucien wants Alec to father a child with her in order to end a centuries-old curse. Other vampires, however, will do anything and everything to prevent the ending of the curse. In my pursuit to broaden my mind and reading pleasure, I accepted the chance to read Bloodgifted. I’ve never been a fan of vampire novels, but this book not only changed my mind, but may have made me a fan – assuming other vampire novels are written as well as this one. I love that the story is not just about vampires and the various ways to kill them and/or sex them up. The vampires just don’t exist but there is an interesting historical background (including a curse), which is an integral part of the story. This story has all the elements, which make a novel enjoyable – there is romance, danger, violence, sex, jealousy and it’s all weaved into a believable and fascinating story. All of the characters were interesting and multi-dimensional. Laura’s development as a character throughout the novel, although not always believable, was well-written and flowed well with the other elements of the story. Despite my enjoyment of the novel, I did find some things a bit difficult to swallow. Laura’s acceptance of her unique heritage is too quick to be realistic. She accepts family secrets with barely a qualm. She is also quick to forgive both Luc and Alec for their ‘betrayals’. I also thought the novel was a bit predictable, but I’ll forgive the writer as this did not detract from the enjoyment of reading whatsoever.I’m looking forward to the next novel in the series. I usually don’t like series, but in this case, I’ll make an exception. Especially as this novel, Bloodgifted, can be read as a stand alone. I recommend this book to paranormal lovers looking to get their history geek on.

  • Step Into Fiction
    2019-03-09 23:27

    Covers always get me when I am looking into reading new books. I could tell right away this book would be paranormal, but the whole snake ring thing on the front threw me off. However it plays a great big part in this story. Just my little tidbit about the cover.I liked the blurb for this story and knew it would be a good read for me. The reason to be that I didn't give it a full 5/5 stars is it started off very slow, at least to me. It took me a bit to get into the story. There was a line that a character had said that really took me out of the story, but AFTER that, I really really got into the story. It feels like I'm being nit picky and I'm not trying to be, because even with those 2 things, I still continued to read, which means this story is awesome!Read full review at Step Into FictionReview completed by: Ashley

  • Nana Prah
    2019-02-28 03:51

    Vampires are in my self-proclaimed category of “horribly cool,” especially when they are more humanistic in nature than evil. Ms. Lacoba has done a fabulous job of portraying the goodness and earnestness of vampires. Of course she made sure the reader saw just how evil they could be, too.The love story between Laura and Alec turned out to be highly enjoyable. Resistance and tension between the two evolved into acceptance and love. Their passion took on a life of its own.One thing I didn’t appreciate was some of the repetition in the novel. It was written in the first person from both the hero and heroine’s perspective, so we got deep into the POV, but it also caused a duplication of the beginning of a few scenes.Whether you're a vampire story newbie, like me, or you devour them as your genre, you'll enjoy this book.

  • Nikki Barrett
    2019-03-08 03:50

    Aren't birthdays supposed to be joyful and filled with fun? How about learning your history and what's next in line for you? Yeah, that's a mouthful for Laura. She's already 'cursed' and no one else seems to understand the difficulty of it. So now add a few more things on top of that....and there you go.Bloodgifted is a fast paced read filled with excellent world building that had me intrigued from the start. I loved the characters, the plot and the pace of this story, it definitely kept me turning the pages. I appreciate a good new world building that's a bit different from the others, and this one definitely had that twist. i'm anxious for more! Great mix of paranormal, suspense, romance, and so much more in between!

  • Tracey
    2019-03-09 05:48

    A very enjoyable read and an original take on a vampire story. It put me in mind of Lynsay Sands in the way that humans unknowingly interact with each vamps.At first I thought the pace was a little slow but believe me when the pace picks up it gallops along in this action packed debut novel. Laura Dantonville has her world turned on it's head when she discovers her family secrets and finds out her precious blood can shape the future of the vampires she never knew existed. Alec is given the role of her protector and discovers that her life is more at risk than anyone realised. Can he save her and protect their only chance of breaking the curse?Lots of unexpected twists to capture your attention and a hook to make me eager to read book 2!

  • Nicole
    2019-03-07 05:46

    I love vampire books but lately they all seem to be so similar. This one is very different and being set in Australia made a great read even better. This nook has a beautiful cover. The author did an amazing job on her debut novel. The characters are compelling grabbing your attention from page one. I will be reading the next one in this series. I'll also, be on the lookout for anything by this author. Great work!!! I absolutely LOVED it!!!

  • Cj Mackenzie
    2019-02-28 00:28

    I have received this book in exchange of an honest review.I’m not always a big fan of stories about vampires but I did enjoy this book. It is very well-written and creative.I think the author did a great job with the characters, who are complex and interesting, and with the development of the plot. If you like romance, vampires, action and much more I think you will enjoy this book.