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Mail-order bride Millie Donovan was looking forward to meeting Sam Larson, a Kansas homesteader, who she is sure, from reading his heartfelt letters, will provide her with the love and safety she wants and needs. Millie arrives on the train, not realizing that her husband-to-be was killed in an accident, until Clear Creek’s town marshal informs her of the situation. Town MMail-order bride Millie Donovan was looking forward to meeting Sam Larson, a Kansas homesteader, who she is sure, from reading his heartfelt letters, will provide her with the love and safety she wants and needs. Millie arrives on the train, not realizing that her husband-to-be was killed in an accident, until Clear Creek’s town marshal informs her of the situation. Town Marshal Adam Wilerson never plans to marry due to his dangerous job. After reading letters found at his friend’s home following his untimely death which were sent from his friend’s mail-order bride, he can’t help thinking of the woman, and believes he may be in love with her himself. But instead of sending Millie on the train back to her former home, he finds himself welcoming her—and her two-year-old charge—into his house, and into his heart. When danger threatens, Millie faces it head–on to protect the people she loves, including the town marshal. Can Adam keep the peace in town—and his house—or will the man following Millie cause an uproar that will endanger them both, and ruin their chance of a life together?...

Title : Millie Marries a Marshal
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Millie Marries a Marshal Reviews

  • Kathy
    2019-03-22 05:37

    Millie comes west as a mail-order bride, but the man she came to marry died. Adam the Marshall meets her at the train station. But he didn't know she had a son. He takes her to the hotel after telling her the news. She however has no money so as soon as he leaves so does she. After he tells his family that she also recently lost her sister too. They tell him he has to make sure she and the child are ok. He finds them sleeping in his own abandoned chicken house. He lets them sleep in his jail for the night. His mother and sister show up early the next morning and before he knows it she is his housekeeper and living in his house. But something isn't quite right. Is the boy really hers? Why are they so skinny?

  • Diane Bleyer
    2019-03-06 07:59

    Mollie Marries a MarshalI wanted to like this story, but it seems all my time was reading about all the characters in this book and in the future books in the series. Where was the story? I quit reading at 50%.

  • Priya
    2019-03-24 05:39

    I understand that a 1-star review is harsh, but this book has no romance. NO ROMANCE, in a romance novel. There is no chemistry described, and no kiss, just nothing. Complete waste of time. I also love western/historical romance, and this just had no charm.

  • Dee/ bookworm
    2019-03-23 04:59

    Good, clean romance. Starts right off from where the first stops.

  • Nati
    2019-02-27 00:57

    A sweet story about ve, friendships and what really matters in life: family sticking together. Millie gets to Clear Creek as a mail-bride order just to find out herfuture husbandhas died. Adam, Clear Creek's Marshall is the one to inform her about the decease. But Millie is in trouble and Adam's family and all the town help her out. Can she really find love in this little town? Is Adam ready to face a relationship? You will love the story

  • Nancy Hammons
    2019-03-23 05:32

    This was a fairly good story, it touched on domestic abuse and how it affects children. I like the hero, Adam and the way he dealt with his life being turned upside down. I like Millie as well, she may not have been Tate's mother, but she was a good one.

  • Anne Butler
    2019-03-12 00:59

    Great bookLoved this book and the entire series .This talked a sensitive subject with great care and with out blame.I liked that I already knew a lot of the characters and could just dive in.

  • Phylis Collins
    2019-03-06 04:00

    OutstandingMillie Marries a Marshal by Linda Hubalek is an outstanding read. Loved the characters, makes you feel like that's a place I want to be. Totally enjoyed this awesome story. Thanks

  • Lorri French
    2019-03-04 02:56

    I loved it another clean enjoyable story I liked this one even more then first book in the series. I couldn't put it down as it was so good . I look forward to reading book 3 and so on . I highly recommend it .

  • Jeanne Miller
    2019-03-02 00:59

    It was a fast paced read. I enjoyed the story and the characters. I am now reading the next in the series.

  • D.
    2019-03-09 01:42

    I do not usually read historical fiction but I couldn't put this story down and then was sad when it was done. great twists and turns!

  • Mercedes
    2019-03-19 07:44

    Sweet romanceA beautiful Irish lass, running from.... with a spunky toddler, to become a mail order bride., only to find her fiance to have died...the lawman who tells her ... A secret.... what happened next? You'll have to read this sweet romance.

  • Beverly McCall
    2019-03-03 01:53

    Linda Hubalek has written a very charming mail-order bride tale. We meet our two protagonists at the train station in Clear Creek, Kansas. Millie Donovan is a strong, beautiful and determined young woman who is a casualty of the Irish Potato famine. She, with her family, migrated to Chicago. Life in the new world has brought heartache and tragedy to this young woman. To escape these hard times, she becomes a mail-order bride for Sam Larson. Marshal Adam Wilerson, a friend of Sam Larson, has the daunting task of informing Ms. Donovan that her fiancé has died. The quandary that the marshal finds him in is that he does not know what Ms. Donovan looks like or the exact day of her arrival. He keeps watch and is intrigued by a mysterious young woman with a young child. Suspecting that this woman might be the mail-order bride, the marshal approaches her with the sad news. The marshal is curious about her and assumes that this strange pair is mother and child. His heart goes out to them. The marshal is strangely attracted to this young woman who arouses a strong need in him to protect her. What lays ahead for these two? Will Millie return to Chicago? What has happened to this woman? Why does he feel he needs to protect her? To find out these answers, you must read this book. I thought this story was well written. Ms. Hubalek developed strong, complicated characters. As she tells this romantic tale, the past lives of the two protagonists are revealed. In her plot line, Ms. Hubalek, generates tension and suspense as she reveals the underlying motivation for Ms. Donovan’s flight to Kansas. Additionally, I appreciated how Ms. Hubalek interjected humor into her plot line, thereby, endearing these two characters to the reader.

  • Bigedsgirl1
    2019-03-25 01:43

    This is my first read by Linda K. Hubalek and I was immediately caught up in the desperate plight of Millie and her nephew Tate. They arrive in a small Kansas town for sanctuary with Millie's promised groom, only to be told by his friend that her groom has recently died. The friend, Adam, is the town Marshal; he reluctantly takes on responsibility for the two, at his mother and sisters' insistence. From then on there is never a dull moment for any of the unforgettable characters that populate this exciting, sometimes funny, heartwarming story. This is book 2 of a series, but there is no cliffhanger, so it can be read as a standalone. I look forward to reading the rest of the series, starting with book one, Rania Ropes a Rancher.

  • Patty Nobles
    2019-03-04 02:00

    In Linda Hubalek’s second installment of her Brides of Grit series, “Millie Marries a Marshal,” the writer is taken back to Clear Creek Kansas in 1872. Adam Wilerson is the town marshal and he is facing a conundrum with trying to figure out how to help a mail-order bride that is headed to his town, but the man she was to marry has died. Millie Donovan had been communicating with her intended and has no idea that she is to be left destitute and alone with a small child. The first meeting between Millie and Adam is a disaster, but with the help of Adam’s mother Cate they work together to protect the love that grows between them. Ms. Hubalek has created likable characters that seamlessly move from one novel to the next in this fast-paced romantic tale.

  • Carol Mcgrath
    2019-02-23 02:46

    A good storyMillie shows up in town to meet her future husband. She has young child in tow. The only pro l is her future husband died. When the Marshall gave her the bad news he dropped her off at the local hotel. His family was not happy with him. He went looking for her and found her in a hay loft in the stable. Adam, the Marshall, found out she had no money and the hotel was full. He had no choice but to bring her home to his house. She became his housekeeper. Eventually everyone found out who she really was and who the child was. The child was her sister's son. Her brother-in-law came looking for her. Did he take the child away from her? You have to read the story to find out if he get the child s and if she finds love with. Adam.

  • Joann Maggio
    2019-03-14 04:46

    Millie's Marries a Marshall ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️(Brides with Grit #2) By Linda K. HubalekMillie's parent flee Ireland during the Potato Famine to settle in the Irish area of Chicago Conleys Patch. However, things don't turn out well for the family and the house they live is perishes in the great Chicago Fire.Millie decides to be a mail order bride and she finds a fine gentlemen named Sam. As she begins her journey to Ellsworth, Kansas unbeknownst to her her future husband dies from a fall from his horse.This story is packed with many detours and mysteries. This was a fully packed novella which the author crafted masterfully. I enjoyed this story. Once I started it I could not put it down.

  • Cheril Thompson
    2019-02-22 01:46

    Inspiring and heart wrenching storyI enjoyed the inspiration that women, family & friends should stand together. I've always put family first as the characters do in this book. I grew up not far from where the setting of this book takes place which puts it in a special place in my heart. Book gives meaning to family values & shows strength of small town living. The book keeps your attention where you don't want to put the book down until you figure out what's coming next.

  • Will Decker
    2019-03-19 02:38

    This book took me by surprise. I expected a tongue in cheek, sappy romance with no real substance. What Hubalek delivered is so much more. Characters that act and speak like real people. A small town atmosphere that can only be written by someone that has lived it. Although I prefer an edgier cut to my romance, I can't find any serious fault with this story. A nice quick read.

  • Deb Diem
    2019-03-18 04:40

    Millie Marries A Marshal was my first read by Linda Hubalek. I enjoyed this book from cover to cover. Millie Marries A Marshal is a well written, quick moving book. Ms Hubalek has delivered lovable characters, drama, suspense, action and humor in this fun read. I look forward to reading more from Linda Hubalek in the future. Millie Marries A Marshal is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.

  • Sandy
    2019-03-21 03:35

    Good seriesLoving all the books in this series. Can not wait to read Noah's story. They are well-written and have just enough adventure to keep them interesting while being a great love story.

  • Jacqueline Driggers
    2019-03-03 07:35

    A good enough book. A pleasant read. I did appreciate that there were no sex scenes. But I am extremely tired of authors who use the epilogue to pimp their next book! It's meant to tie up loose ends of the current book, or provide additional conclusion to the current book.

  • Tressia Avellar
    2019-03-23 03:50

    This was the first book I've read written by this author, it was a free download through Amazon. It moved along great, was a sweet read and kept me entertained the whole way through the book. I look forward to reading more of the series.

  • Jeene Hobbs
    2019-03-23 07:37

    Meddling families strike againI found this to be an interesting twist in a mail order bride story mixed with an interesting family if characters. Well crafted with some lighthearted moments considering the circumstances. My first time reading this author, I think.

  • Christina
    2019-03-09 02:52

    I had just finished a book about a serial killer and wanted a sweet light read. I got this book for free. It is a cute, clean, and light hearted romance. A good book if you don't want to think too hard.

  • Jillana
    2019-03-25 05:38

    good clean story. like characters.

  • Pam Williams
    2019-02-22 07:43

    Interesting This was an interesting book. It held my attention. Maybe not an award-winning book, but I liked it. Enjoy it.

  • Nellie
    2019-03-20 04:30

    Sweet, clean, fun. Western novella.

  • Rbette1299
    2019-03-03 02:42

    Story too short. Story boring. No romance, none at all. No depth at all. Not worth reading even if free.

  • Carol and Gary Curtis
    2019-02-28 07:46

    Nice easy to read story. Interesting plot and characters. Part of a series. Worth the time.