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Nina Garnet works as a part-time diver for the Hawaii police. She’s also a mermaid, and she does what she can to keep that part of her life from getting out any more than it already has.It’s only been a few weeks since Nina helped save supernaturals everywhere. Since then the only interesting things to happen are her receiving a few packages from her stalker. Life has pretNina Garnet works as a part-time diver for the Hawaii police. She’s also a mermaid, and she does what she can to keep that part of her life from getting out any more than it already has.It’s only been a few weeks since Nina helped save supernaturals everywhere. Since then the only interesting things to happen are her receiving a few packages from her stalker. Life has pretty much gone back to normal.Now boats are being found abandoned, the people on board turning up floating in the ocean, dead. The only cause of death is exhaustion and there aren’t any clues as to why they left their boats to swim to their deaths.The police are keeping the events under wraps so they don’t incite a panic. Nina suspects something supernatural is going on. She risks exposing herself to even more people in order to find out what that is and hopefully stop it....

Title : The Hand That Rocked The Boat (Nina Garnet book 2)
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The Hand That Rocked The Boat (Nina Garnet book 2) Reviews

  • Richard
    2019-03-17 04:51

    We start with a mystery: boats washing up empty, their missing crew pulled from the water a day or two later not just dead, but the bodies strangely dried out, almost as if mummified; in one case, horrifyingly, the victim seems to have swum himself to death. Our heroine meanwhile, sent in to help retrieve one of these, has worries of her own: there's a stalker; also a new police captain who has suddenly appeared on the scene (and there's definitely something not right about him either).    The Hand That Rocked The Boat is a sequel, and you do need to have read Horseshoes and Hand Grenades first. If you have though, you'll already know that we're on Hawaii here—and that, while Nina Garnet may be a woman on dry land (running a diver's shop and working part-time for the local police investigating wrecks, locating bodies and so on) in the water she's also a shape-shifting mermaid. And if you enjoyed the first book there's a good chance you'll like this one too; for one thing, we get a wider view of the world of the supes (beings with supernatural abilities). Above all though, again it's Nina herself who steals the show—I mean, how can you not like a heroine who may have weird superpowers and be dating an FBI agent, but also loves libraries? Nina is the extraordinary and the ordinary all rolled into one, and I think that's exactly what makes her such a likeable lead character: she has supernatural mermaid powers (and some extremely strange friends!) but is very much the girl-next-door too.

  • Christina McMullen
    2019-02-27 02:14

    I'd picked this up quite a while ago, intending to read it while Horseshoes and Hand Grenades was still fresh in my mind, but life has a way of taking these plans and laughing as it smashing them into dust. As such I was worried that I'd be lost, now more than a year after the first book. I needn't have worried. One of the nice things that I noticed right off was how Lyles feeds us just enough to trigger our memories of what happened in the first book without coming right out and writing a wall of 'previously, in the crazy adventures of Nina...' And crazy they are! Once again I found myself wondering when the poor mermaid ever caught a break. The plot of this story gets even more intricate than the last with sub-arcs shooting off in many directions. There's also a whole host of new supes including the fae and of all creatures, gods! Again, just like the first, this was a fun adventure with Nina and my goodness, it certainly doesn't look like it's going to end soon. AA must read for fans of supernatural fantasy with a twist.

  • Aria von Dimple
    2019-03-20 08:03

    I stopped a school of fish to ask them if they had noticed anything strange lately. Then I had to laugh when they said I was the only strange thing around. I received a free copy of this book from Shut Up & Read group for an honest review. And therefore, I will not sugar coat it. Because "honest" means honest even if you are an indie / unpublished author. "The Hand that Rocked the Boat" is a second book of Nina Garnet series and I have not read the first book. The only reason I decided I'd give it a go was because of mermaids. I don't think I've even encountered a paranormal UF book which had mermaids in it and after reading the synopsis I thought to myself "Why not?" And while I don't regret my decision because it sure was an interesting ride, I still think the idea behind the book was better than the book itself. Let me explain a bit further. Mrs. Lyles writing style is very similar to some other unpublished / indie authors (Like Lynn Vroman), meaning it puts very much emphasis on dialogue and on movement. It's very "I do, you go, he runs, they see". . It seems it's written in a bit of hurry and would need some focus. And it decides for you what you have to think of the situation."That's not normal," I said eloquently. Winston exchanged a look with the coroner and then said "Duh." As several cops nearby started laughing. "I realize it was obvious but what else could I say?" I defended.See what I mean? Also, that's not the only time unnecessary explanations are incorporated. "We spent the next few hours, with them on them boat keeping track of me while I swam in the water, fruitlessly searching. I say fruitlessly because I had been at it for hours and found nothing. "I'm sorry but is that explanation really necessary? What do you think "fruitless" means? That you have no oranges?And it seems that Mrs. Lyles has a special soft spot for The Overly Theatrical. For example:"Caleb and I have decided -." At that I groaned and he shot me a dirty look before he went on. "We've decided to provide you with bodyguards." I had just taken a big gulp of my water, so when he said that I was so surprised that it spewed across the table and landed everywhere. The people in the table next to ours started clapping and I could feel the attention of everyone in the place. and His voice had risen with every word he spoke so that by the time he finished he was yelling very loudly at me. Not to mention that he had gotten up and was standing on my side of the table towering over me. It feels to unnaturally theatrical and the wording in the sentences seems a bit . . . stiff. Unfortunately, those examples were not the only ones that made me feel like one of us had watched several too many over-exaggerated comedies. The writing didn't really have the natural flow to it, it seemed to bit forced. And I don't mean to sound bitter. I just would've appreciated if "The Hand that Rocked the Boat" didn't try so hard. As I've said before, the story itself wasn't bad. Yes, it was a mash-up of Hawaiian culture, shapeshifter folklore and something remotely resembling anime characters and it seemed bit confusing at times. The characters were bit dumb but likeable in a way (I think the "dumb" part is justified because the writing over-simplified them). But overall, I appreciate the effort and I do see the potential in it. Although, when they introduced people who are actually dragons, I was bit baffled. Thankfully, I wasn't the only one who thought this was pretty crazy turn of events. Captain Bower was a fire dragon. "Oh, shit." which was followed after several chapters by: And that was crazy because everyone knows there is no such thing as dragons.I've always though dragons are separate entities who don't look like humans and are not some special type of humans. But fortunately, my confused brain was saved by a memory of an anime called Fairy Tail where something similar-ish occurred. Well, not really, but I had to find some logic in it so my brain could process it.There were some other things that made me frown a bit too. Like It felt odd to hear her talking with my voice both because it used to be my voice and because she was supposed to be dead.Here's my problem with it: people usually DON'T know what their own voice sounds like beucause the voice we hear and what other hear are a bit different. I've heard my own voice several times and almost every time, I'm like, who's That? Yes, maybe nowadays, when you make lots of videos and Vines of yourself you could recognize your own voice. But I'm still a bit skeptical about it. And then they wanted to find a dying animal: "/--/ If we were to find a dying wolf, and then wait to do the ritual until the very end, Yara could heal the wolf's body and the original host would have died naturally. It's just a matter of timing it right /--/" How do you just happen to find a dying wolf? Yes, the situation is explained later, but how is it really possible to find a wolf that's dying of old age? That's some leap of faith, I'm telling you. As you can see, I have mixed feelings about it. Yes, there are couple of things wrong with it and I do think need some supervising but I do think that it "The Hand that Rocked the Boat" has potential. The story much better than some of the other paranormal UF books I've read. And because it was my first book about modern mermaids ("The Little Mermaid" doesn't really count, does it) it was rather interesting read.

  • E.J.
    2019-03-06 03:51

    I received a free pdf of this book in exchange for an honest review through the Shut Up & Read group here on Goodreads.Not a bad book; could be a good book with some editing.I accepted this book because the description referred to the heroine as being a mermaid shifter and I thought that was very clever. I read a lot of paranormal fantasy and had never come across a mermaid one. I still maintain that the idea is clever. I felt I had to deduct a star for the execution as well as one for the many grammar, punctuation and word choice errors (aka quite instead of quiet, consistently did it all the time, fruitlessly searched and came up with nothing ). I know there are people who think it is petty to get tied up over such errors and I don't over the occasional typo but when it happens repeatedly I find it very distracting. If I have to stop reading to figure out what you meant that pulls me out of the story.Pros: Clever concept, ended with a lot of actionCons: Slow start, needs editing, a lot of characters without much build up to themWhen I started reading this book, I felt like I was missing something. I looked further into the book and found out it is the second in a series. Ah. That explains it. I assume all of those seemingly extra characters were actually part of the plot of the first book and had I read it, I would have known who they were. The problem was I hadn't read the first one. This book seemed to assume that I had. In fact, I was on chapter eight before the word mermaid was even mentioned. I put this book down about 25% of the way in and went and read other reviews on it. They assured me it got better and they were right it did. But I guess I'm not as nice as them because they said to hang in there past the slow start and editing errors. They both still gave it five stars and I just can't see my way to doing that.Final decision: Go and read book one and see what you think. If you like it, then give this one a try as well.

  • John Hundley
    2019-03-12 06:07

    The Hand That Rocked the Boat, the second offering by Ms. Lyles in the Nina Garnet series, retains the charmingly simple style and fast pace that attracted me to the first book. As any good second-in-a-series book should, it reveals and expands the heroine’s history and world and provides plenty of right-now action while hinting at an impending larger confrontation with the past she is running from.Nina still operates a dive shop on the big island of Hawaii and works with the local police to recover dead bodies from the surrounding waters. Her mermaid identity has now become the worst kept secret on the island, as far as the supernatural community that lives there goes. But worse, her exploits are now beginning to draw attention from far and wide. While trying to help a skeptical police force solve a string of inexplicable drowning murders she finds herself fending off kidnapping dragons, identity-stealing witches, and soul-devouring gods, as well.I had the privilege of beta reading this book, and I’m delighted to say that many of the editing flaws that appeared in the original edition of the first book are not present in the second. There are some quirks in the writing style that could become annoying if you thought about them for long, but the action moves so fast I didn’t have the time. I couldn’t put the book down, and after having had a second dose of Nina, I’ve become addicted. I’m eagerly awaiting my next fix in book three. Five stars, Amanda Lyles!

  • Sharon
    2019-02-23 05:20

    I received this book in exchange for a review.Nina, the mermaid, is back. She still has her dive shop and works part-time with the police as a diver. Boats are found abandoned. Later the people are found dead. Nina meets Winston's new boss. She feels there is something strange about him. She doesn't realize that he is a dragon sent for her. She needs to handle her problem with him and determine what is happening to the people from the boats.I enjoyed the second book in this series. It does set it up for the next book in the series. The book could use a little editing. There are places were the wrong words are used. I was always able to determine what is should be. I can't wait to read the next book in the series!

  • Goldie Chaney
    2019-03-06 04:02

    The follow up to this new series was awesome! Hawaii was definitely featured more prominently in this one than the first one and it was done beautifully. It made me want to move to Hawaii and spend all my time in that library. (I looked it up and the library featured in the book isn't real though)The story was fast paced and engrossing. Nina met some new people and had some very difficult times and the ending set up the next book nicely!